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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  January 20, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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running. >> democrats may think hillary clinton is too big to fail. >> what you hear from hrc and pro choice groups is that fear exactly. >> i have to leave it there. we will be back tomorrow. "with all due respect" starts right now. >> sometimes it is too cold to do a cold open. today we cover four candidates and one candidate spouse. we will have hot and fresh poll numbers for you. but before we unpack that showcase show down it is time for bubba, the big dog, bill clinton was back in new hampshire today telling stories, blasting republicans for negative politics and talking about eating at duncan donuts, a
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day called a good old fashioned clinton classic. >> i know we are in a hard fight and running against neighbors. every presidential year the american people are like a great composer. the words are always the same but rearranged like notes. they write a new melody. and then they decide who they want to sing it. you can give my remarks a loud discount but i hope you give it the performance plus up because i did pretty well when i was president. the only time in 50 years when everybody grew together. my mother said if you don't want somebody to know something you probably shouldn't do it. who do the republicans blame? they blame in no particular order muslims, mexicans, president obama, some guy got a cold in indonesia where he was born if he wasn't born in africa
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so it is his fault or they blame hillary. they have a proven strategy that they have worked for more than a year to distract, divide and demonize. in our party there are two candidates in a hard fought battle which they have different approaches to try to tackle the same thing. >> so bill clinton is back in the finest form he has been in for quite some time. for hillary clinton not a moment too soon because this state's political community is still reeling from the poll that had bernie sanders over hillary clinton 60 to 33 here. does bill clinton have the old bill clinton back? >> a little concerned for him because he has the little like chip out of his forehead, you get to a certain age you bump into stuff. i thought he looked good today.
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i saw about half of that event. he was calm and cool and collected and reminiscing as we said in the script talked about duncan donuts. i think the question with him is he is one of the greater artists at negative campaigning in a soft way. the question is when he feels he has to go further. >> he took sanders on the earlier event. he is gearing up and the overshadowing her and the down sides of bill clinton they need him now because he can make the case very effectively. i think we will see him particularly here and iowa a lot. i think it is good for hillary clinton and her team which needed some sense of pushback and some sense that they have a plan to stop sanders' momentum. we talk about indiscriminate flailing yesterday and all hands on deck quality. there is no doubt that we are going to see a lot of them.
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we see it an awful lot. this state so close to his heart. this is where he will want to win. >> he was rusty in the earlier times i saw him. he was taking on the rust today, shedding it and looking more like the bill clinton we know. there must be an equal and opposite dark side. that consisted of a slew of attacks of bernie sanders including claire mccaskill unleashed an epithet that we heard from david brock. it begins with a capital s. >> do you think a self declared socialist can win the presidency? >> i think it would be absolutely impossible for a self-declared socialist to win a state like missouri. you is to win states like missouri and states like ohio, states like pennsylvania. it is very hard, i think, for
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most americans to see how socialism would cure the problems that we are facing right now. there is a lot of work we have to do but we need to bring the country together, not nominate people that sit on the opposite ends of the spectrum because people are angry and want blow everything up. >> that is hitting bernie sanders from the center calling him a socialist. sanders also got clobbered from the left by the likes of coats who went after him for opposing reparations for slavery and by campaign staffers including the chief strategist. which of the various attacks have a chance of actually working in. >> i think they are in danger of having surrogates do this. we have seen in the past sometimes she goes beyond her brief. there are lots of clinton surrogates out there. this has to be done by bill clinton and hillary clinton. until she is all in on calling
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him a socialist or unelectable or too left whatever it is i don't think they can do it for her. >> the people who support hillary clinton care about electability. the people who support bernie sanders and people inclined to support bernie sanders have worries about sanders whether he can get stuff done that he wants to get done. they are thinking about purity. i think a lot of these arguments will fall on deaf ears among sanders supporters. >> we are here at the event chris christie is having this evening. you will see people filtering in behind us. i believe that the campaign as you said is testing things out feeling their way through this. even though she is imperfect surrogate it is helpful when they see their people out trying to push back because until the last few days i think they felt a little isolated like they are the only ones trying to stop the momentum. >> they have various skills.
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she most of the time is very good. they have a lot of people who will see a lot of surrogates out there. i think it is effectiveness argument. bernie sanders can't get done what he is promising. >> if you covered the light side and the dark side it is probably time to switch and talk about the empire striking back or at least striking back. that is bernie sanders. today sanders defended his socialist candidate on andrea mitchell's program. the campaign put out an ad that pits their candidate against big oil. sanders talked to rachel madow. senator sanders said this provocative thing. >> i would love to have the endorsement of every progressive organization in america. we are proud to have received the endorsement of
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we have received the endorsement of democracy for america, grass roots organizations. what we are doing in this campaign and it just blows my mind every day because i see it clearly, we are taking on not only wall street and economic establishment but the political establishment. i have friends and supporters in the human rights fund, in planned parenthood. hillary clinton has been around there for a very long time and some of these groups are part of the establishment. >> hillary clinton responded to bernie sanders very controversial or at least ear catching statements on twitter. she wrote, really senator sanders how can you say groups like p pact are part of the establishment you are taking on? how well is bernie sanders defending himself in counter attacking now that the clinton machine is moving to engage him? >> not so well in that instance
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last night. to be clear planned parenthood are part of the liberal establishment. he is right in describing them that way. he doesn't want to call himself opponents of those groups because they are popular. he is working out how he will find the right precise ways to making counter attacks. >> at the level of criticism the clintons are inflicting upon him and negative campaigning up until the last 48 hours i was surprised and impressed. they are now turning it up. the heat is getting a lot higher. it is going to get higher. we are going to see can he elevate his game again. last night's answer i find it provocative and interesting but probably not perfect pitch. >> i was talking to tad devine. i have done the senate races and congressional race and he has been hit before and he knows how to fight back. i said you are a smart man but
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he has seen nothing in any race ever like the fury of the clintons unleashed. >> adviser john kasich made the same point saying he has been through campaigns in ohio. not the same. coming up, we are going to drill baby drill down on sarah palin's appearances with donald trump and much more from new hampshire including a new poll out minutes ago after this. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. make healthy saychoices.ten but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ... from food alone.
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we have numbers from a new poll in new hampshire. here are the results of the republican race. donald trump at the top as always at 34. ted cruz number two at 14%. jeb bush and marco rubio each at 13%. the rest of the republican candidates are living on single digit boulevard. up here today in new hampshire the granite state mark and i fanned out and hit an array of campaign events that would be
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bush, kasich and chris christie. we are all over the place today. spent a lot of time in concord where we saw a lot of these guys. what on the basis of this day have you learned that you did not know before we arrived? >> i saw john kasich and jeb bush at an event and they are both good. they are both doing very well. they are both on message and very comfortable, as good as i have seen them all year. that is good news for trump really and for cruz because i know you saw christie and thought he was very good. as long as establishment candidates are doing well it creates grid lock. trump is up 2 from december. kasich is all the way lost a point down to six. other polling showed him doing better than this. this will be a bit of a setback. bush at 10 tied with rubio. i think that what you are seeing up here is all of them and talking to their staffs, as well. they are so aware of the calendar.
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establishment candidates iowa matters but this matters more. they are so aware, less than three weeks to go. you can start to feeling they are excited and a little tight. kasich and bush were not tight. they are feeling pretty good about where they are. >> i saw three of those guys, christie, kasich and rubio give a speech before new hampshire state house before the new hampshire legislature. christie killed compared to the other two. that tells you something about christie. his performance skills are really good. he had the crowd laughing. i saw rubio at an event earlier in the morning and of those four marco rubio performed the most weakly. i thought he was not particularly good, not horrible and not very strong. ted cruz in second place could shock everyone, come in second here and this kasich news not good for john kasich and the numbers are not as good. >> rubio has been to fewer events. there is something about being
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on the ground and talking to voters that may be hurting him. i still believe that you talk to these campaigns you talk to one campaign and they will dismiss two of the other three. this is a jump ball. any of those guys can end up as star. >> last night campaign reporters across the country got their cat nip in mega doses. an endorsement speech in support of donald trump in iowa. today after jeb bush finished his speech here in new hampshire i asked him about palin's pick. >> disappointed? >> i admire her commitment to the disabled. i love her passion for love of family and the fact that she has been actively involved. i love her pro life stance. i wasn't expecting her endorsement. if someone is looking for a committed conservative consistently so that is active
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on their beliefs across the spectrum of conservative policy i'm their guy. donald trump isn't a conservative. that is laughable. >> today palin was supposed to campaign with trump in iowa and oklahoma. she missed the iowa event but showed up in oklahoma. in her remarks she addressed the arrest of her son on domestic violence charges and said it was president obama's fault because he was dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. we have seen reaction, talk radio. we heard what jeb bush thought about it. how is the palin endorsement playing for trump? >> i thought it was okay day for donald trump but really good day for sarah palin. this has not had much impact in new hampshire. we have not heard a lot of talk. it has not resonated far. i think her performance last night even conservatives if you
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look at the reaction among conservatives last night they were sort of mocking her for what seemed to be a completely borderline unhinged performance. a lot of her supporters were embarrassed by what she did. >> in new hampshire and nationally that poll showing sanders with a huge lead. no one thinks his lead is 30 points. that took the edge off. i will say and even some of trump's enemies acknowledge this. in iowa this endorsement does matter and trump is glad to have it. we see reports glen beck will come out for cruz. i will continue to say cruz has other endorsements. but this performance took a little bit of heat off because it drew attention away from the fact of the endorsement and more towards her performance. >> we have four guests on the show starting with guy cecil.
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3:21 pm
are the two or three areas you think his record or anything else deserves more scrutiny? >> i think the normal course of any presidential campaign lends itself to taking a look at the front runner which has been hillary clinton and if others begin to make a move the media and others begins to look at their record. bernie is beginning to see that sort of scrutiny of his record. the reality is that the reason why hillary clinton's record has been scrutinized much more is because the republicans have spent over $5 million attacking hillary clinton because they want bernie sanders in the general election next year. for me the fundamental question is who can get things done for every day people that are struggling to make ends meet. i think hillary clinton not only has experience to do that but has a strong vision of where she wants to take the country and the skills to do it. >> so do you want to point the media and/or voters to areas of
3:22 pm
that and say please take a look at the areas we think that is information voters should have? >> i think you can look at recent events to see what the primary difference is between hillary clinton and bernie sanders are. i will give you a couple of examples. i think it is telling that the mayor of flint, michigan decided to make an endorsement of hillary clinton after she decided to get engaged and staff on the ground, make a compelling argument for federal engagement despite destruction of the governor and strific that senator saners called for resignation of the governor. and on middle class taxes, i don't believe that these types of policy disagreements should be off the table. i think it is okay to discuss them. that is what democrats are all about having an open and honest debate. what i take issue with is in recent days the personal nature of some of senator sanders
3:23 pm
attacks on hillary clinton despite the fact that he promised a campaign as a different type of candidate. >> what personal attacks do you take issue with? >> i think there have been a couple of different things. over the course of time he has questioned her motives around her speeches. i think when you look at the last couple of days what i take issue with is the methodology that the establishment people separated from what is happening in the country. i don't think trayvon martin's mother is part of the establishment. i doen who is now an american citizen, part of the establishment. i think there are a lot of well intentioned people that have a view of the country that are strongly supporting hillary on the ground in many states. that is why she is leading today in 49 of 50 states in the country. >> guy, let me ask you three questions real quick.
3:24 pm
do you think it is a personal attack for senator sanders to point out the amount of money that hillary clinton has collected in speeches? >> i think when it comes to motivation it becomes a personal attack, sure. >> is there anything you think about senator sanders either his record or the stance on issues? anything you know that disqualified for him to be the democratic nominee? >> certainly not. i think there are two fundamental questions for every democrat. who has the capacity to get things done for the american people? who has the experience and the vision and the actual plan to make it happen? who is the most electable as we move into the fall. on both of those counts i think hillary is the superior choice. >> you think senator sanders is qualified to be the democratic nominee? >> i worked with senator sanders before.
3:25 pm
when i was the political director of dscc and senator sanders was seeking establishment support when he and i travelled together to martha's vineyard to raise money for democratic candidates i have respect for senator sanders. i believe we have a fundamentally different view of where the country should head. i think i have a different view in terms of who can get it done. this is not to demean senator sanders who i think is a good person and has a vision for the country. >> you are not working for the campaign. you are working for the superpack but you are in touch with lots of people in the clinton corbett. in 2008 when senator clinton was facing a comparable situation with barack obama things in the clinton world got tense. what is the mood like in your colleagues? are people confident or worried? >> as you pointed out i don't coordinate with the campaign. i'm a little jealous of people who get to be on the ground in new hampshire where i spent a
3:26 pm
lot of time over the last few winters. but i think people understand that this is going to be a competitive race, that the clinton campaign has a plan that john and robby and others have laid out a compelling strategy to win and we are winning in 49 of 50 states with a significant staff and a plan going forward into the late state. i don't get the sense that people are panicked. i think they have a plan to put in place and they will implement that across the country. >> let me ask you one more question about senator sanders. do you think it is problematic that he calls himself a democratic socialist? if so what is wrong with being a socialist? >> i know it is the popular question. my issue is not with the fact that he describes himself as a socialist. it's that i describe myself as a democrat and that on the issues that matter to me around middle class taxes, gun safety, around
3:27 pm
who can get things done for working people i simply believe that hillary is better. other people can reach a different conclusion. to get into whether or not a socialist can win that is just one of several electability problems that senator sanders faces. you don't have to ask me. there is no question i am happy to admit that i am not an unbiassed purveyor of this. i am a strong supporter of hillary clinton. just ask the republicans. the communications director of republican national committee was defending bernie sanders and attacking hillary clinton during our debate. >> guy -- sorry, we have to cut you off because we have to go to break. up close and personal with bernie sanders. even "turkey jerks." [turkey] gobble.
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past sunday we sat down with bernie sanders on his own turf for the premiere. we got to show you part of that conversation. this piece took place in des moines, iowa. we will show you the rest of it right now. >> this is a hard thing to do. when you think about the period of time from when you started to now what is the most satisfying aspect and the thing you like least about the process? >> what has been extraordinary is looking up in some cases in 25,000, 28,000 people, a lot of young people, a lot of working class people, who love this country and want to see real change. that is moving. just tonight we had 1,600 people out. wonderful people. mostly working class people who know there is something wrong in this country. what gets me -- what gets me a little bit nervous is people are
3:32 pm
asking a lot of me. sometimes you get nervous, can you do -- it's can you deliver what people need and what people want. the last thing i want to do is disappoint people. i think i may have told you and other folks when i began what was scaryiest for me is i didn't want to take the data of progressive ideas and go out there and not do well so that i have people saying nobody believes in medicare for all. nobody wants to raise the minimum wage. nobody wants to take on the billionaire class. we have now established beyond any question of a doubt these are not fringe ideas. that was my fear. i think we have overcome that fear. you are asking what is most difficult. i have been in the house for 16 years and i represented vermont
3:33 pm
in the senate for nine years. virtually every weekend i would go home. i never, ever stay in washington, d.c. so i would go home every weekend and be with my wife and my kids and with my grandchildren and go around the state. i love vermont and have done more town meetings in vermont than any public official in the history of the state of vermont. i love it. i love doing it. truth is that for the last eight or nine months i have not been home very often. there is kind of an emptiness tr. there is something wrong. it's something is missing because i'm supposed to be back in vermont. i'm not doing it now. i don't see my family as much as i would like to. that is kind of difficult. >> the other question i talked about is about your decision to run. i know it is a joint decision you guys made it. tell me the story from your point of view. >> you run for the president of the united states especially
3:34 pm
given my politics and my willingness to take on big money interest we knew there would be ugly things happening and will continue to happen. one really sad state of affairs with regard to american politics is that people say you are running for president you are crazy. why would you want to do that? it's a good question. we got a great family. we have a good life. i love being a united states senator. why do you want to run all over the country? why do you know every right wing nut in the world will be taking attacks against you and your family? why do you want to do that? and the honest answer and it is what i will tell you privately and what i say publically is i have seven grandchildren and four kids. my dad came to this country with nothing at the age of 17. and i want to make sure that i will do everything i can to leave my kids and grandchildren a country that is working well
3:35 pm
for them and for the people in this country. >> she said she was -- she kept saying can we start a nonprofit or do something else. you got to the point where you had decided that the presidency or running for president was the best way to advance the ideas. you got to that point where you were ready to do this before she did. >> we were having breakfast at denny's and this fellow came up to who was a veteran. and he thanked me very much. i guess our aufsh hoffice had h him out and he urged me to run for president. of course, my wife starts crying. she said you got to do it. and she saw that if somebody like this fellow put his life on the line for the country and we helped him he wanted me to run for president she saw in him i think a lot of other people. >> history will record that if
3:36 pm
you become the president of united states the decision was made at a booth in a denny's. >> i wouldn't say that is the whole decision but jane was very ambivalent. she is very smart. she was very ambivalent for a lot of sane reasons. but i think that was the moment that turned her around and having her support to go forward made it possible for me to go forward. >> you have taken to being very critical of donald trump. when we first started talking about your presidential race you would say i don't want this to be about politics, i'm not going to attack hillary clinton personally. we were trying to bait you in you would say no. >> you are not the only one. every media outlet trying to bait me into attacking hillary clinton. i will tell you why.
3:37 pm
it's not the initial thought that you may have he will be the republican nominee and i try to attack him. you don't hear me attacking ted cruz who is very conservative guy or marco rubio and these other guys. i'm attacking him because i consider him to be a very dangerous human being who is doing enormous harm to this country. this is not just a political thing. he is trying to divide us up. he is opening the door to the kind of bigotry and racism that i thought we had closed years ago. and i have to say -- you are right, i don't like to make personal attacks. i have never run a negative ad in my life. i believe he is a pathological liar. every politician in the world including myself we stretch things and make things look -- but this guy tells the american people i saw on television thousands of muslim people
3:38 pm
celebrating the destruction of the twin touwers. it was never on tv. he goes around saying it. and you can't allow people to lie in that blatant a way. he goes on and on and on. i have to call him out on those things. >> let me ask you those questions just about trump. one thing is true. 2015 was in our presidential politics was a year for outsiders. are you cognizant of the notion that some people are saying bernie sanders or donald trump one or the other? >> absolutely, we talked to some guy who is a republican leader and said a lot of my friends are supporting trump and others are supporting you. the difference between trump and myself is he is a critic of i
3:39 pm
guess he defines political correctness which means he feels free to call people from mexico rapists and criminals and drug dealers. he feels free to make outrageous statements about muslims celebrating on a roof top. he feels free to say that climate change is a hoax created by the chinese. that is probably a new one. i never heard that one before. people respond to that outside of the box. but i think the difference, the fundamental difference between him and me is i don't go around talking about my opponents sweating too much or not being attractive or whatever the dumb things that he says. what we are trying to do is say these are the problems. this is the cause of the problems. this is where we think we can solve the problems. it's a very different approach than trump. what a lot of media and
3:40 pm
establishment folks who sit around and talk to each other don't know because they make a lot of money and they are hanging around cocktail parties and all -- >> not having blueberry pancakes at denny's. >> people in this country are hurting and they have a reason to be angry. i know it boils some media when i talk about the fact that you have the average male worker today making $700 less than he did 41 years ago despite an explosion of technology. husbands and wives struggling. they have a reason to be angry. we are trying to say let's get angry at the right people. don't get angry at your latino friends or muslims. get angry at the people who cause the problem. i think a lot of folks in the establishment, in the media, in congress don't understand the anger. i have, as i have said to you,
3:41 pm
done many hundreds of town meetings in the state of vermont. i talk to people all the time. i sense the anger and i know that anger. >> last question. i know you miss your grand kids. you are not spending enough time with your grand kids. give me the monster. >> beautiful. enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro. if you have high blood pressure many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms
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the old saying behind every candidate is a superpack and behind some is just one person. in the case of ted cruz and one is a guy named robert mercer. our colleague has a huge story about mr. mercer full of secrets, whispers we thought it would be easier than trying to describe it ourselves. we will let zach tell you about the story. the man spending millions of dollars to get ted cruz selected. >> robert mercer is a computer programmer and helps run one of the largest and most secret hedge funds in the country, renaissance technologies. since about 2010 mercer has given more than $32 million to support conservative candidates for office including $11 million to a group supporting ted cruz.
3:45 pm
mercer is the biggest single donor. he is very rich. he has the owl's nest and owned a succession of yachts called sea owl, one of which had a medical room handled remotely by a doctor on shore. things you might have heard of like heritage foundation. he has given things we might not have heard about. he has given money to a guy named art robinson who is a congressional candidate. robinson has a research lab on a sheep ranch where he is collecting thousands of samples of human urine to revolutionize diagnostic medicine. mercer funded and attended conferences organized by a group called doctors for disaster prepare udness, a forum for fringe science ideas like hiv
3:46 pm
doesn't cause aids. then the jackson hole summit. mercer was the main financial backer to this conference that happened in wyoming that advocated for a return to the gold standard. which brings us to ted cruz. when mercer plumped down $11 million behind ted cruz last april it looked like a long shot. now he is near the top of the polls. it is hard to know how much cruz has been influenced but he has highlighted one of the pet issues, the return of the gold standard. >> we had a gold standard. and enjoyed booming economic growth and lower inflation than we have had with the fed now. we need to get back to sound money which helps in particular working men and women. >> our thanks. you can read the story right now on
3:47 pm
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we sat down with jane newton small author of broad influence, how waeomen are changing how america works. we thought we would ask what is the difference between hillary clinton's campaign in 2008 and her campaign today? >> i think she is running differently. last time around she really ran as a man. all of her advisers felt she had to prove she was tough enough to be commander in chief and wasn't so emotional that she could have her finger on the button at that time of the month and wasn't going to start crying at the drop of a hat. this is the same test any woman running for executive office has to go through and a toughness test that most men don't have to face. you have to prove you are tough enough while not being too tough
3:51 pm
and being like the b word. and you have to be likable enough that people want to have a beer with you. this time around it is really striking. she certainly experienced enough, polls show that she is ready and capable and people don't think she needs to prove her toughness this time around so she is running quite nakedly as a woman. she is the first woman to run as a woman for president. so it is really interesting to see all of her audiences are mostly female. being a grand mother and she isn't talking about being tough and campaigning with generals and talking about the military so much although she does mention these things, too. she is very softer in her appearance and very unabashed in her appeal to female voters. >> is the ability to run that way peculiar because she had been secretary of state and run before and established or is she a trailblazer and if another woman ran she would be able to
3:52 pm
follow through that path and not emphasize national security as much? >> if you look at chief executives or executives of any state or the same thing applies to governors or mayors where they have to head national guard divisions the same phenomenon happens when they run their first race they prove they are tough enough usually after that it is the same thing where they are considered experienced enough they don't have to prove their toughness. any other woman run frg president after hillary and you see this with carly fiorina, she had to prove she is tough enough. you will notice as she has gotten name recognition and more and more proven her chops more she has started to appeal to women and become more feminine. her opening statement was cording the female vote. that was the first time she made that pitch. up until that point she was running more as a man.
3:53 pm
>> no doubt that women in congress have made great strides in terms of numbers and influence. where do we stand now in terms of women in congress as compared to five to ten years ago? >> we are about 20%, just less than 20% in the senate and the house. about 19.4% i believe in the house. and this is the highest number we have seen. we have more than 100 women serving in congress, the largest number of women ever in the history of that institution. certainly not so much this session but last session 113 session you felt their influence. the 20 women of the senate, they chaired more than half the committees and ended up producing 75% of the major legislation that past. they batted above their weight. you felt their strength almost i think for the first time you can see the difference the women made. >> one thing you write about is it is not a coincidence because of organizations generally.
3:54 pm
>> so i was covering the senate during the government shutdown when they got together to reopen the government when none of the men would talk to each other. i had a lot of interest in writing the book but the women were writing their own books. what interested me was it was the first time there were 20% women in the senate. they excised such a huge amount of power. i started looking in other areas like corporate boards when they reach 30% women they make change on navy ships between 20% and 25%. there is a huge body of research that shows whether it is a legislature or an appellate court, navy ship or police force women reach the critical mass they begin to change the flavor of the institution. they begin to change the way we do things. >> and where is america on female influence in government? >> not so great. so i think 60 other countries have had female heads of state
3:55 pm
and we rank about 75th in terms of females in the legislature? >> why do you think that is? >> parliamentary systems are different than direct democracies. if we had parliamentary system nancy pelosi would have been the head. >> they don't have the same network and cultural things women are maybe not as aggressive at asking for money. hillary clinton is a great funder, where do women on the senate sand as fundraisers compared to male counter parts in. >> the women are phenomenal fundraisers. they do as well if not better than male counter parts. nancy pelosi raised moerb money than anybody else. where you see the problems is women in the house especially freshman women just entering politics have a much harder time. you talk to like elizabeth warren for the book and she talks about how hard it is.
3:56 pm
women are good at raising money for causes and things outside of themselves. they are really bad at advocating for themselves and saying invest in me, it is about me. that is a striking thing that they have to learn how to do when dialing for dollars. >> our thanks to jane newton small. broad influence, how women are changing the way america works. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code
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here which means the day is almost over. >> donald trump ahead and the fact that the establish candidates are all almost all doing really well makes it much more likely that trump will have a big win here sgmpt all i say ted cruz because so many people don't expect him to be -- if ted cruz can finish second here he can turn this into a two man race. we are live 24/7 on
4:00 pm you can listen to us on the radio. thanks for watching we will be back here tomorrow night with an interview with ohio governor and a few more tricks and surprises. coming up "hardball" with chris matthews. politics gone wild. let's play "hardball." i have been watching politics since i was a 6 year old asking my dad about generalizen hower. that was 1952, the year the political power was thrown out the window. it's when a small group led by another war hero decided they were not going down to


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