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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

4:00 pm you can listen to us on the radio. thanks for watching we will be back here tomorrow night with an interview with ohio governor and a few more tricks and surprises. coming up "hardball" with chris matthews. politics gone wild. let's play "hardball." i have been watching politics since i was a 6 year old asking my dad about generalizen hower. that was 1952, the year the political power was thrown out the window. it's when a small group led by another war hero decided they were not going down to defeat the same old losing candidates.
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we saw another shakeup in american politics eight years later when a young war hero from massachusetts broke the old rules and got elected even though he was young, catholic. i wish i could say we were in for the same kind of excitement in 2016, the kind of excitement that leads to positive change and a period of united government. what we are seeing is something different that are coming to power of a new order like ike in '52, kennedy in '60, barack obama in 2008. i don't think so. what i see is not a movement forward in our politics to some period of united action, what i see happening in this early stage of our presidential selection process is not something that follows in the tracks of our successful political history, getting together after the election and moving forward as a country. what i see is not something that comes from our history but what
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comes from the crappy useless politics seen in the u.s. congress. the bills that don't get past, the budgets that never get approved and the immigration problem, infrastructure that rots under us from the water systems to bridges to the old public school buildings. what we have seen on capitol hill, that single digit approved congress, the bad approval ratings, the treatment of public records as criminal rap sheets this moved like a tsunami into our presidential politics. the noise, the personal insults, the hatred, speeches that sell not results but resolution but more anger. this is just in politics on the congressional level for years now. it just doesn't jump at us on television like the newly infected presidential kind. today we see trump dump on cruz. cruz a hated man in congress is
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winning support among haters who send people like him to the congress. bernie sanders runs on will with idealism and another level of argument and opposition to the existing traffic jam of anger on capitol hill. my question is how selection will add to or subtract from the disaster we face in a congress unable to act, a government does not solve problems, only keeps a tally as the problems accumulate. it is bad. and the politics of this presidential election seem to be not a solution to the problem but only as a symptom of the mess that is seeped out of the congress into the light and noise of a presidential campaign. could it be this entire process in which we are now engaged could lead to a crash of egos and interests that makes the congress of the united states suddenly appear not so bad? nbc's hallie jackson is in concord, new hampshire at a trump rally.
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sarah palin took on the republican establishment. >> even today the gop machine, they are attacking their own front runner and his base of dynamic, diverse very patriotic supporters. they are attacking you because they can't afford for the status quo to go otherwise the aggressive train stops and they can't keep slurping from it. the gop machine all of a sudden are saying we are not red enough. we are not conservative enough. and i say what do they know about conservatism. they are telling us we need to just chill. i say they are stomping on our neck and telling us just chill. it is time to drill, baby drill down on what is going on and hold them accountable. >> that was done near an oil
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patch so drill baby drill makes sense but what did that statement mean? what is her role going to be besides a couple votes in iowa? is this a one state stand? >> reporter: i don't think so, chris. if you are going to look at sarah palin's impact on where to help donald trump i think she will hold sway with deserve grass root in the south. i think right now in the short term her biggest asset is helping to continue to drive earned media coverage for donald trump. look what happened today. he gets a lot of attention. he is back in the headlines and so is she. both of them helping out each other here. >> she served half a term as governor of alaska and walked away from a job she had taken an oath to serve. you walk away from a job with no clear reason for doing it. >> to be the vice presidential
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nominee. >> she did this afterwards. i'm not sure she helped the ticket. and i just wonder what does she add besides sparkle for a couple of weeks? >> but it is a key couple of weeks. playing devil's advocate here but we are just away from iowa, is that enough? and latest poll trump leads the field at 36% nationally near his top. 19 points higher than cruz who is not making it nationally. in a brand new poll trump has support of nearly half the republican voters. he leads the field by 32 at 48. that is beyond the ceiling people have put on him. he leads in georgia by ten
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points and nevada by 13 points. these are margins, in south carolina by 14. in maryland by 17 and in a brand new poll from new hampshire today in this new poll trump is up by 20 in that one. this is closer in wyoming where trump is up by two. so you have a sense whether she is going to go back in and campaign a lot in iowa the next week and a half? >> look at what she has done so far? she is within 24 hours of endorsing him. been out on the campaign trail. her superpack is asking supporters to raise money so palin can travel and do some of this surrogacy for donald trump. so it would be a misfire for him not to deploy her out on the campaign trail over the next couple of weeks. she talked about his standing in new hampshire. palin may not sway some of those men and women. donald trump is still up by about 20 points in the new poll
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over the second place candidate ted cruz. >> thank you. on the "today" show donald trump was asked if he would consider sarah palin as a running mate. this is got you journalism if there ever was any. >> would you consider her as your running mate? >> i don't think that it would be something she would want to do. she has been through that. >> to the question, would you consider it? >> i haven't discussed anything with her about what she would do. she is somebody i really like and respect. she could play a position. >> you wouldn't rule her out as vp? >> i don't this can she would have to do it. i would have to win before i start thinking about that. there are a lot of good people in the republican party. certainly there would be a role somewhere on the administration if she wanted. i'm not sure that she does want that. there would be a role. >> savannah had a way to ask that question.
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>> thank you and republican strategist. let me ask you this. i think -- do you agree with me. i will be tougher. i think a lot of people in the suburbs, people that do think and read the papers and keep up with things, sophisticated people who see themselves as middle of the road republicans who would vote republican against hillary in some cases, in most cases, think of trump as a smarter guy than he puts on. they think he has clownish qualities. when you get back to business and he has been in brksz he is serious as hell guy who is a grownup. the language used by her yesterday suggests she can use the same language as he but nobody believes she is a person of accomplishment or achievement like trump is or a person of deep down ability like he is because they think they talk the same way, appeal to the same audience in some cases but sarah
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palin is no donald trump. is there a danger in putting her out there as a surrogate? >> as a surrogate she is going to do exactly what she needs to do. there is always a risk when you take on a surrogate or you take on someone who will speak a message for you and you want to make sure they are consistent with what you are trying to advance. she has a huge support in iowa. behind all of that support and class background and regional support and i understand the whole appeal, the way she takes on the establishment. peel it all off, is she the person you want to see in the white house as president? >> in the white house doing what? >> being president or vice president? >> you are saying -- >> would you see her in the white house as president? >> clearly i want to see donald trump as president. >> under any circumstances would you want to see sarah palin as
4:11 pm
president? >> as president? i want to see donald trump as president. i have no opinion. >> that's a gotcha. >> i'm asking you. >> he didn't announce her as vice presidential running mate but as a surrogate. none have to go through a vet like pr president but have to accomplish what you want them to accomplish. she is going to help him win iowa. >> it wouldn't be on the table for her as vp? >> i don't believe so. >> this is a problem. i consider you a civilian, not a political person. there is a reasonable reaction. what are you crazy? basically her reaction? of course she can't be president. that is a problem. >> i have never said that m.
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>> i think the bigger problem is saying crazy things which she did yesterday. it was like not even a political speech. sarah palin is not this big asset. she is a huge liability. >> it didn't make sense. she is not that great of a surrogate. she dragged mccain down. >> a cabinet post you trust her in? >> no. >> nothing. >> not transportation, nothing. >> what is the role to be played by sarah palin? you are a great surrogate. what is her plan for the next couple of weeks? what do you see her doing? helping him win iowa? >> she will help win iowa and go in with great momentum into new
4:13 pm
hampshire. she brings the grass roots and the tea party and enthusiasm. you want to see him roll into iowa with the excitement and enthusiasm that he needs to win. and the media covers everything that she says. he calls it poetry. i call it politically savvy. >> you think he should bring her to new hampshire? >> she will be a disaster in new hampshire. >> i said rolling into new hampshire. i didn't say tiake him with her >> i think she is going to be sequestered in places like oklahoma and iowa. >> a lot of things they won in 2008. the key states are the ones they lost. >> let me tell you the states
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that matter in america. ohio, virginia, colorado and sometimes pennsylvania. those are the states that decide our presidential elections. thank you. you are a delightful guest and have spoken such truth to us. coming up, a tale of two inturgants showing bernie sanders out with a big lead in new hampshire. can the democratic establishment do the bernie with the republicans are trying to do to trump? can they stop their outsider from winning? and the big story, the water horror out in flint, michigan. the governor apologized and said he will fix it. today president obama travelled to michigan. should he do more? marco rubio's allies are cutting down ted cruz. they are playing the canada card. >> what is canadian about ted cruz? his tax plan. cruz wants a value added tax like they have in canada and
4:15 pm
european socialist countries. we have more of the latest and the greatest campaign ads with the "hardball" round table. i love ads especially the nasty ones. the round table telling us. this is "hardball," place for politics. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there?
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well, if i were secretary clinton and i had seen the campaign as inevitable i would be -- >> i would be nervous. hillary clinton's chance to become the first woman president is somewhat in danger as bernie sanders surges. a new poll shows sanders leading clinton by 27 points among democratic primary voters. she won the primary against barack obama. the numbers have national democrats panicking and sounding alarm bills about the possibility of the self described socialist. senator claire mccaskill said the republicans won't touch him because they can't wait to run an ad with hammer and sickle. jay nixon said we like our politicians in the mainstream
4:20 pm
and he is not. it would be a melt down all the way down the ballot. jacamar cell says candidates in purple states would face serious problems with him on top of the ticket. the clintons know the heart of political comeback and bill clinton was back in new hampshire making the case for his wife. here he is. >> this has turned into an interesting election and took longer than i thought. i'm just telling you you can discount what i say, but you have been good to me. you have been good to our family. i trust you. and three weeks is an eternity in politics. and new hampshire it is an eternity. >> kasie hunt and the former governor of pennsylvania. i want to start with you on reporting. what is this word panic? can we say that?
4:21 pm
this guy is a socialist, he will kill us? it is more to poison the well, i would say. >> i'm not sure it is a panic attack but definitely sound thug larm. i think it sends the signal that the clintons are in a place that they didn't use to be and they are taking a risk by going this route. if they anger too many supporters a lot of whom are very excited and the clinton supporters saying he is a socialist they risk alienating people and potentially causing more of a problem for themselves. it is clear they have decided that risk is worth it which is definitely a change over the course of the last couple of weeks. >> like in a basketball game you have to foul the other side to get the ball back. if you don't get the ball back by fouling you lose. you spoke to senator mccaskill about her comments earlier today. let's watch that.
4:22 pm
>> one of my colleagues said the republican attack machine has chainsaws for hands. and i think the point i was trying to make is bernie has not felt those chainsaws and they would come out with avengeance. >> do you think a self declared socialist could win the presidency? >> i can only think for my state. i think it would be absolutely impossible. you have to win states like missouri, states like indiana, like ohio, pennsylvania. it is very hard, i think, for most americans to see how socialism would cure the problems that we are facing right now. >> did you get a lead on her that she would say this or were you just good at reporting and she adjust came out with this. it is interesting that people speaking out are both from missouri which is a tough state for democrats, of course. >> it always has been. i think that we have been more used to republicans sounding the alarm in places where they need
4:23 pm
to win. that has been the trend in the latest presidential elections. it wasn't that long ago that the flip side was true and democrats were afraid of the liberal label and there are echoes of that here. after the comments were made to the "new york times" it seemed as though this was the argument she was trying to make. she went hard after it. she has been one of the most aggressive so far. i think it is interesting to see if she keeps this lineup or back lash against this attack against bernie sanders and some of these people who are being noisy start to back off. >> congratulations on getting an interview. i don't know how you did that. that was impressive. thank you very much. you are a pro. let me go to governor. you have been to a lot of these races. the feeling seems to be this weird slippage to the left and seems like it is happen like sand out of an hour glass. and i don't know how you stop sand from coming out of an hour
4:24 pm
glass. what do you do if you are hillary or bill clinton helping her? >> no panic and no jitters. the poll in new hampshire that you cited is an outliar. all the rest of the polls have it within seven and three points. there was a poll in iowa last week that had hillary up 21 points. everybody discredited that poll because it was an outliar. we also know that new hampshireites make up their minds a couple of days after iowa votes. after barack obama won in iowa the next poll he was up 20 points in new hampshire and he wound up losing by four points to hillary. i don't think there is reason for panic. if you look at the numbers you quoted florida. if you look at the numbers in florida and south carolina and novemb nevada and places like that secretary clinton is showing no significant slippage. you have two very liberal states that happen to come first.
4:25 pm
i agree with kasie, panic and attacks on bernie sanders comes with risks. bernie sanders performed a service for the nation and brought the issues front and center and will stay front and center through november. i think we should appreciate what bernie has done. >> suppose one of your successful races for governor of pennsylvania and you go in and announced a week before the election i have to admit this i never told this to anybody but i'm a socialist? what would happen? what would have happened? >> i would have picked up about 20 votes and lost about 10,000. >> that is what i thought. thank you. >> simple as that. socialism and bernie is going to explain it, he is a democratic socialist. that will be the effort. will it be successful? i doubt it. ooeng we are a nation that these
4:26 pm
days as you said liberal is considered a bad label in a presidential election. socialist, my gosh. >> i think you are right. thank you so much. and thank you for seizing the wisdom. up next michigan governor rick snyder says he is sorry and he will fix the flint water crisis. doesn't even look good. his apology a little too late? this is "hardball," place for politics. 3w4r
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4:29 pm
3w4r57. to you the people of flint, i say tonight as i have before i am sorry and i will fix it. no citizen of this great state should have endured this kind of catastrophe. government failed you. federal, state and local leaders by breaking the trust you placed in us. i'm sorry most of all that i let
4:30 pm
you down. you deserve better. you deserve accountability. you deserve to know that the buck stops here with me. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was michigan governor rick snyder apologizing for the water crisis in flint michigan where the water system contaminated with lead. tonight residents still can't drink water from their home taps. president obama went to detroit today to talk up the auto industry and did not visit flint but acknowledged the crisis there in his remarks. >> i have very proud of what i have done as president, but the only job more important to me is the job of father. and i know that if i was a parent up there i would be
4:31 pm
beside myself that my kids' health could be at risk. >> joining me now is u.s. congressman who represents flint and is central to another important news story, the release of former u.s. marine who was held for 3 1/2 years. congratulations and thank you for your service. let me ask you about this situation. explain how water you drink out of a fountain, drink for breakfast and make orange juice with it, you drink it as a meal, how this could get lead in it. >> a state appointed emergency manager made the switch from the lake huron water source to save a few dollars to the flint river which is beyond comprehension. that river water is 19 times more corrosive than lake water and the lead pipes including lead service lines that are privately owned went for months
4:32 pm
with untreated river water corroding the lead which, of course, caused lead to go into the home distribution systems and kids and others were drinking that. it could have been handled by treating the river water with corrosion control but not even that was done. $140 a day is all it would have cost even if they wanted to use river water to treat it for corrosion control. it was a failure. i do see that the governor has acknowledged it. i want him to make it right. apologizing is fine. he needs to make it right. >> who knew about it at the time? who knew and when did they know it and why didn't they yell? i am only hearing rachel mad ow is doing great reporting on this. she has been on other stories. why weren't the people screaming at the city council level? why weren't they screaming at the mayor's level? why weren't citizens saying you are poisoning the kids and us?
4:33 pm
>> they did yell. they did yell. it was a local story for a long time until we knew there was lead in the water which was sometime over the summer it was simply a matter of poor quality water. i wrote to the governor in september asking him to seek federal help for this. there are a lot of people raising the question but the state was entirely in control of the city of flint and they were making all the decisions and obviously they really blew it. in this case there are serious consequences for that. >> do you think an apology for the governor is enough? >> no. it's not nearly enough. he needs to make it right and get nutritional help, educational support, lots of opportunities for these kids need to be paid for by the state because kids can potentially overcome lead exposure but need a lot of help to do it. it is not just a matter of
4:34 pm
fixing the pipes and fixing the water, they have to help the kids. >> joining me now is political analyst and global editor of "huffington post." the two gop front runners donald trump and ted cruz can't agree on an approach to flint's water crisis. trump is talking about building walls. he seems stumped here. cruz goes after the politicians but doesn't offer an answer to fix the problem. >> well, it's a shame what is happening in flint, michigan. a thing like that shouldn't happen. they have a difficult problem and i know the governor has a difficult time going. i shouldn't be commenting on flipt. >> what happened in flint, michigan is an absolute travesty. it is a failure at every level of government, failure of city, county and state officials. and the men and women of michigan have been betrayed. >> there is a common theme. those are interesting rhetorical
4:35 pm
devices, doesn't want to talk. and the other guy does his usual angry rant. one guy is oblivious and ignorant and the other is purposely antagonistic. >> and the word betrayal in there. >> in the sense of doom. i think it summarizes the political situation in the country and the conversation as a whole. the sense of community and the role of government in the community in basic things has been hollowed out in this country by debt, by politics, by disengagement, by disdain. there is no greater symbol of it than flint. i grew up in pittsburgh. i knew that story, as well. and the commitment of the governor and the state was not there in the details and the reason why is many communities in michigan have gone bankrupt. they don't have the tax base and they don't have the full
4:36 pm
financial support of the state. so the state sends people in to oversee and cut costs to try to reach a bottom line without real feel for the local community and the communities. >> and cost cutting doesn't get you to greatness. both trump and cruz -- trump wants to abolish the epa. cruz claims to want to get rid of every program in the epa. that is their attitude and their antagonism to government is what flint is all about. >> trump should act more like the builder and less like the showman. thank you for a great introduction to that. still ahead, kentucky senator and presidential candidate rand paul will be here. and later ad wars. with days to go before iowa and new hampshire we have the best ads and really rough 2016 race. watching "hardball" right now, the place for politics. soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be,
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here is what is happening. midwest and east coast are bracing for a powerful winter storm that could dump three feet of snow in some areas. a blizzard watch declared for washington, d.c. and baltimore. president obama travelled to detroit where he toured the north american international auto show and checked out a new car. and a volatile day for stocks. the dow slid more than 560 points before gaining background to close down 249 points. now back to "hardball." in a speech yesterday endorsing donald trump sarah palin offered words of praise for one of his rivals. let's listen. >> let me say something really
4:41 pm
positive about one of those individuals, rand paul. i'm going to tell you about that libitarian streak in him that is healthy. you only go to war if you are determined to win the war. and you quit footing the bill for these nations who are oil rich we're paying for. some of their squirmishes have been going on for centuries where they are fighting each other and calling jihad on each other's heads forever and ever. let him duke it out and let all of us sort it out. >> i'm joined by senator rand paul. what did you make of that endorsement of you on your views on war. >> she endorsed me in my senate race. i think it is because she has a little bit of a libertarian streak. sometimes donald trump does, too.
4:42 pm
he says he was opposed to the iraq war and so was i. the difference is that i think now his view of the middle east is that we are going to go in like ted cruz, we are going to make the sand glow and bomb the hell out of them. i have a different approach. i think we may end up creating more terrorists than you kill if you do bombing. i don't think that is really the answer. >> not to ask you to explain sarah palin. maybe you are stuck with her now. she said she wants to use her phrase she is into kicking isis's ass. that sounds pretty hawkish. >> there is the rub is how you are planning on doing that. i don't think ground troops is a good idea and i think ultimate victory will come from sunni muslims. we can win and defeat ice skps push them out but if you leave 1,000 soldiers there or 5,000
4:43 pm
soldiers there to patrol ultimately there becomes the back current of muslims plan bombs. they will accept a victory and an important victory for islam. need to come together and say that isis does not represent our religion and really that is when the big victory over this ideology will come. >> let me ask you about palin's role. that's not your job. where do you think libertarianism will end up whether you win or lose? >> i think libertarianism is a growing influence. when you talk about if you want to say in general whether or not regime change is a good idea we have a good niche that opposes many leaders in both parties. hillary clinton and rubio have a similar foreign policy and they want to topple gadhafi.
4:44 pm
the libertarianism point of view is regime change made us less safe. there is an overlap with another school that i call foreign policy realism. i think they represented some of the more realistic foreign policy. i feel like i have a lot in common with them. >> i'm with you. thank you senator rand paul in kentucky. "hardball" is back after this. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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4:49 pm
circus of the campaign trail are tv ads. the rubio camp is out to brand ted cruz as some kind of canadian socialist. carl rove is taking a page from the bernie sanders play book and ted cr a mean duck gumbo. i'm joined by the round table. we begin with the big fight on the left and hillary clinton's message to primary voters that it is time to get real about this race. the clinton campan is out with a new ad portraying her as battle tested for the job. >> the person who lives here has to solve problems as big as the world and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job every day. and now the first lady who helped get health care for 8 million kids, the senator who helped a city rise again, the secretary of state who stood up for america iand stared down
4:50 pm
hostile leaders around the world is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job. >> what is that ad intended to impressive. the trouble is, don't we all know that already? so if you're trying to persuade people not to come before you, wouldn't it make more sense to address some of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities? i think this ad is true and it's not like it's a terrible ad, but i think it's perplexing strategically. >> i think they must have research that shows there are a lot of people or enough people who want to vote for bernie to send a message, but still like her. and they're trying to pull a few back to her. >> it's hard to do that in february. it's easier to do that in october. >> but they've got to get it done, because this is very close. >> bernie sanders is getting an assist from an unlikely ally. maybe not a wanted ally. karl rove of all people. rove's group, american crossroads, has hit the airwaves in iowa with an attack on hillary clinton that place directly to bernie's anti wall
4:51 pm
street bona fides. let's watch this ad. >> ever wonder how hillary clinton can afford so many ads? chances are, they were paid for with wall street cash. hillary clinton has gotten 54 times more money from wall street interests than from all of iowa. hillary rewarded wall street with the $700 billion bailout. then wall street made her a multimillionaire. >> i represented wall street. >> you sure did, hillary. does iowa really want wall street in the white house? >> well that was an unpleasant ad. we should note the multiple layers of irony in there. karl rove was a senior adviser to president bush who signed the wall street bailout. got it? and received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from investment bankers. what are they up to here? they're trying to build up burr knee, because they think bernie is an easier opponent, right? >> this is what conspiracy theorists call a false flag
4:52 pm
operation here. they want to pump upper knee. >> false flag, i love it. >> they want to pump up bernie to undercut hillary. i don't know how well karl rove and the rest of his group are at communicating with people on the left. i think we've seen -- >> they're bashing themselves in order to get the right candidate to run against. >> the reply ad from her doesn't answer any of that. it just says why is karl rove interfering, messing with our primary. >> that's all you've got to say. >> the same reason claire mccaskill -- trying to pick your opponent. with a new ad from marco rubio super pac and the canadian flag. let's watch. >> what's canadian about ted cruz? his tax plan. cruz wants a value added tax, like they have in canada, and european socialist countries. obama and pelosi say they're open to it.
4:53 pm
president reagan hated it. conservatives called the cruz scheme a liberal's dream because it makes it so easy to raise taxes. ted cruz, wrong on taxes. >> well, that's todd harris' work, probably. that's great stuff. but why is rubio going after cruz? i thought he was in that bantamweight division, trying to win the establishment battle? >> that's true. but give me a little humor in an ad. >> i just love it. >> love connecting two completely unrelated things, the cruz tax plan, with the fact that he was born in canada. >> do you know the beautiful thing about that -- >> he's on the maple leaf. >> the announcer says canada, but the word on the screen is france. the republicans hate france. he probably eats freedom fries. >> how does it show france? >> just in the words. at the moment, he says canada -- big word that republicans see is france. >> okay. >> people who think canada is still part of france. >> who needs sarah palin? ted cruz has an endorsement of "duck dynasty's" phil robertson.
4:54 pm
here we go. >> my qualifications for president of the united states are rather narrow. is he or she godly. does he or she love us. can he or she do the job. and finally, would they kill a duck and put 'em in a pot and make 'em a good duck gumbo? i've looked at the candidates. ted cruz is my man. i'm voting for him. [ quacking ] [ gunshots ] >> you know, that's a duck call, but i tell you, i am so alien from that. these three are going to tell me something i don't know. when we come back. thanks for watching "hardball." some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions
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we're back with a round table. clarence, you first. >> well, bernie sanders has been getting hit by the black lives matter folks, and now he's being criticized for posing a racial reparations and favoring class view. he was criticized heavily by to him tom hasse coates and expects other people will be following. hillary clinton hasn't addressed it directly, she probably has the same position. >> socialism and reparations. there's a winner. susan page. >> martin o'malley could matter in iowa. >> by the way, i do believe it's relationshipration, if he could figure out what it would be. >> martin mally could matter in the iowa caucuses.
4:59 pm
he's not going to reach 15% anywhere. that means his small number of supporters, 5% of the iowa electorate are up for grabs. and you have a close race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, which you may have, those supporters and where they go could make a difference. >> ej. >> in the book, i tell the story -- >> name of the book. >> "why the right went wrong." thank you. and in the bock, i tell the story of this remarkable controversial video that the goldwater campaign made back in 1964, and it showed rioters and african-americans, law-breakers everywhere, contrasted with comforting scenes of boys reading the pledge of allegiance and the constitution. it was a take your country back ad 50 years ago. it was so controversial, they ended up pulling it, but they showed it around the country, and it could run today as a donald trump ad, and it prefigured hundreds of republican ads for the next 50 years. >> we'll be back more on the book later.
5:00 pm
ejdion. thank you. that's it for "hardball." thanks for being with us tonight. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >> tonight on "all in." >> right-winging. our religions! >> it has happened again! >> wow! wow! >> trump-palin take two. >> we're not going to chill. in fact, it's time to drill, baby, drill, down! and hold these folks accountable. >> tonight, ted cruz gets his own high-profile backup in the brewing republican civil war. then, team hillary goes there on socialism. >> it is very hard, i think, for most americans to see how socialism would cure the problems that we are facing right now. plus, nate silver with forecasts for post palin-trump and the surging sanders, and the controversy over senatorer


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