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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  January 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. right now on msnbc, a new poll out just this morning shows ted cruz and donald trump deadlocked in iowa. and now cruz's latest strategy is to paint trump as the so-called establishment candidate. also developing now, the mayor of washington, d.c., just apologized after less than an inch of snow brought that city to a standstill. what will happen this weekend if the blizzard forecast actually comes true? plus, the governor of michigan releases hundreds of pages of e-mails surrounding flint's water crisis, dating back from 2014. well, now there are new calls to release more e-mails that go further back. we'll look at the role of the emergency manager that was put in place by the state.
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with the latest on the campaign trail. with 11 days to go until the first votes, ted cruz is rolling out a new line of attacks against donald trump after bob dole signaled he would prefer trump, cruz is now painting donald trump as the establishment candidate. >> right now the washington establishment is abandoning marco rubio. they've made the assessment that marco can't win this race. and the washington establishment is rushing over to support donald trump. we're seeing that happen every day, and mr. trump is welcoming the support of the washington establishment. and mr. trump's pitch to the washington establishment is he's a deal maker. >> and trump is not letting up on cruz. he's continuing to hammer him over his financial history, now even accusing him of being, quote, worse than hillary.
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>> goldman sachs owns him. remember that, folks. they own him. and what he did was wrong. because he didn't want you to know that he's dealing with banks. then he said with the loans, oh, i didn't know that. smart guy. he doesn't know that? yeah. that's worse than hillary when you think about it. >> now, donald trump will be in las vegas today after spending part of yesterday on the trail with sarah palin. now, her appearance at his rally in oklahoma is raising a lot of eyebrows after she linked her son's domestic violence arrest to ptsd and president obama. >> my son, like so many others, they come back a bit different. they come back hardened. they come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is that their fellow soldiers and airmen and every other member of the military so sacrificially have given to this country. it starts from the top.
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the question, though, that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through? >> and donald trump is defending palin's remarks, saying it was his suggestion. nbc's katy tur joins me live from las vegas where trump will hold a rally this afternoon. it's interesting, sarah palin did not show up in iowa. she was in oklahoma where she made the comments about her son's domestic violence arrest. you have some wondering if donald trump's secret weapon may be, in fact, more of a problem if he's now focused on explaining comments that she made in day one of her being on the trail with him. >> reporter: it should come as no surprise that sarah palin is drumming up controversy. that's what she's been doing now for the last eight years. it's no surprise that she's going to come out and say something that a lot of people are going to think is just not tactful in any way, and she's getting a lot of heat for this comment right now, linking her son's ptsd to president obama.
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wall rieckhoff of the veterans of iraq and afghanistan is saying that this is just ridiculo ridiculous. you can't politicize something that's a serious issue. you have other veterans coming out saying how dare she make it look like we're ticking time bombs. she is definitely getting a lot of heat for this. this is precisely what she and donald trump and frankly what a lot of other republicans have been doing now for the past six, seven months. they have been demonizing -- the ones on the trail at least -- demonizing president obama in any way they can, and they're going to take every opportunity they can to do this. this is the sort of thing that does appeal to the very conservative base, when i've talked to them out on the road, on the trail. and i've asked them if they've agreed with absolutely anything that president obama has done in the last seven years, anything that at all that they like. the vast majority say they do not believe that he has done anything good. that he's taken this country in the wrong direction. during the state of the union, i asked if there was anything that he could say that would change their minds about president
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obama. and the overwhelming response was resign. so this should come as no surprise that they're trying to hit him and paint him as -- paint him in a negative light in any way they can. >> but i think some are surprised, looking at that rally yesterday, and some of the post-interviews with people who attended, a few of them willing to say that they were there for trump, but they were not fans of sarah palin. and when you think about tulsa, oklahoma, a few years ago, that would have been fertilefans of . >> reporter: certainly it's really interesting. we haven't done a lot of polling on sarah palin's appeal in the recent years. in the last polling that we did or anyone really did on sarah palin's favorability was back in 2013. and that was -- she was still doing pretty well out there with the republican base. now, remember, she's been up and down a lot in the past eight years. she was a contributor for fox news for a while, but she lost that gig. now she works at oan network. she does still have a base of people and 6 million followers
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on social media. about 6 million followers on social media who say they really like her and they trust her and believe in her. but we were getting some people even at the endorsement rally in iowa that told us that they didn't really know that she would make a difference, that she's lost her luster, that she's had her time, that they're really coming out to see donald trump. so how this plays is going to be really interesting. it might come off as a better endorsement on paper than in real life. >> which when you look at the new polls, as i mentioned, showing that cruz and trump are deadlocked, you have now this factor of bob dole. in a new interview with "the new york times," he said the gop would suffer cataclysmic and wholesale loss ies if cruz is t nominee. as i mentioned, ted cruz now turning that into an argument of donald trump being the establishment candidate. >> reporter: yeah, which is really interesting because i don't think anybody could really argue before ted cruz started arguing that donald trump was in any way the establishment candidate. but i think this is a really good example of everybody you meet on the way up, you meet on
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the way back down. and ted cruz has made no friends in congress. he's not well liked by anybody out there. so when it comes to a battle between him and donald trump, i think the establishment is starting to see that trump is the lesser evil right now. so they're going to start backing him in a way that they're not necessarily going to back ted cruz. remember donald trump is a builder. he has had to deal with politicians his entire career. he's had to figure out ways to get things done. and so even though there is a lot of dislike of donald trump within the establishment, dislike of his politics, dislike of his rhetoric, dislike of the way he's been going about things, there is a sense that he does, at some level, understand how government works. and he will be somebody that will get in and get jobs done. but make no mistake, bob dole is not a fan of donald trump either. he is in the squarely in the jeb bush camp. and a lot of other establishment figures are squarely in other camps as well. so donald trump is now looking inevitable. it's like the stages of grief. first there was anger. then there was disbelief.
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and now there's acceptance. >> that's what we keep hearing. thank you very much, katy. let's turn the wheel now to the democratic race. hillary clinton making several stops in iowa today, looking to avoid a two-state sweep by bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire. the two candidates making a final push ahead of the iowa caucuses, each releasing new ads this week across that state. >> the first lady who helped get health care for 8 million kids. the senator who helped a city rise again. the secretary of state who stood up for america and stared down hostile leaders around the world is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job. ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ counting on the new jersey turnpike ♪ ♪ they've all come to root for america ♪ >> now, the clinton campaign is
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also going all in on its new strategy, painting sanders as an unelectable socialist with no chance in a general election. a view voiced by powerful clinton surrogates like missouri senator claire mccaskill. >> i think it would be absolutely impossible for a self-declared socialist to win in a state like missouri. and you've got to win states like missouri if you're going to win the presidency. states like indiana, states like ohio, states like pennsylvania. >> while clinton blitzes iowa today, bernie sanders will be in new hampshire. a recent poll has him with a 27-point lead, raising the possibility of that sweep that's been discussed. let me bring in my colleague, andrea mitchell. she's in iowa with the clinton campaign. andrea, let's talk about the socialist strategy, labeling bernie sanders with the title that he's embraced. how is this possibly going to be effective for clinton? >> reporter: well, it could backfire in iowa. it could be effective later when they get to the march 1st
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primaries, the super tuesday primaries. but in iowa, according to a "des moines register" poll among likely democratic caucusgoers, 43% of those people describe themselves as socialists. only 38% describe themselves as capitalists. so iowa is, on the democratic side, a much more liberal state. it's the state that catapulted in that first iowa caucus, jimmy carter into the white house. and that's, you know, what they're up against here. she's got to get past iowa and new hampshire to get to south carolina and to keep on going. and her front-runner status is really being challenged, at least if all of these polls are accurate. for you, both campaigns, tamron, are telling me that they really don't believe that 27-point lead in new hampshire. but we also know that iowa heavily influences the results in iowa, heavily influences what happens in new hampshire. sometimes new hampshire decides, well, we're going to show those people in iowa that we can make our own choices. but there are times when that
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iowa effect will certainly influence south carolina and all of the primaries to come. and there's also a report that bill clinton, on a recent conference call with campaign leaders, was very exercised that bernie sanders has more paid staffers and is better organized in the march 1st super tuesday primary states than even hillary clinton for all of her advanced time and her money and organization and front-runner status. now, we're here at simpson college in iowa, small college. this is going to be a small gathering. but it is part of her attempt to make inroads with younger voters who are certainly right now in bernie sanders' camp. >> andrea mitchell live for us in iowa. thank you very much, andrea. i know you'll have much more in your hour after this. meanwhile, this saturday, iowa's influential newspaper "the des moines register" will issue endorsements in both races. now, those endorsements will come just over a week before the caucuses, february 1st. you know that by now. joining me now is political
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columnist kathy obradovich. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i know you don't participate in the endorsement process, but you can talk about the influence of your paper. i want to talk about the relationship between your paper and donald trump and even yourself after a pretty highly reported awkward moment where donald trump wanted you to be removed from a rally. >> yeah. so donald trump got upset with "the des moines register" endorsement -- or not an endorsement, but an anti-endorsement from the editorial board back in july after donald trump's much publicized spat about john mccain and talking about political -- or prisoners of war. and "the register" editorial board said at that point that he should drop out of the race. well, the donald trump campaign then said that "the des moines register" reporters should drop out of his campaign events.
8:13 am
and he did not -- his campaign didn't issue credentials for us to cover those. he wasn't actually kicking us out, and we've been covering those events as members of the public. you know, it's been fine. and i've interviewed donald trump one on one since then. but, you know, it's probably safe to say that this editorial board, i'm not going to make many predictions, but i can predict they're probably not going to endorse donald trump. >> it would be incredible to say someone should drop out of the race and then a few months later go back and endorse that individual. as we know, the rules have been thrown out the window with this campaign. looking back, though, in 2008 the paper endorsed john mccain and hillary clinton, although mike huckabee, barack obama went on to win. 2012, the paper endorsed mitt romney, senator rick santorum, of course, won the caucuses by a slim margin there. let's talk about the record. we say it's influential. when you look at winners and losers, does "the register" still carry the clout with these voters who seem so different and so passionate as it relates to
8:14 am
the outsider these days? >> you know, i think that endorsements are influential only sometimes. so, for example, i think in 2004, "the des moines register" endorsed john mccain before the caucuses. and in fact, he did very well. maybe even a little better than expected. and there have been times, i think, when "the register's" endorsement has generated a lot of discussion. but perhaps wasn't necessarily with the people who were going to vote for that candidate. for example, the mitt romney endorsement in the general election in 2012, you know, that was highly controversial. it was a lot of discussion about that endorsement. but didn't necessarily win the -- it didn't at all win the state for mitt romney. >> right. >> so, you know, i think that this is more about, you know, generating discussion, giving readers, you know, something of an idea where "the register's"
8:15 am
editorial board -- and this is, you know, five people, you know, thinking after in-depth interviews with these candidates. >> with that said, is the headline here, it is probably a safe bet to say that "the des moines register" will not endorse donald trump? >> that is my prediction. it's probably the only one i'm willing to make. >> all right. thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it, kathie. thank you. >> thank you. developing news now, blizzard watches are posted along the east coast as the region prepares for a major snowstorm. how will d.c. handle what could be one of its worst storms ever after less than an inch crippled that city? and we have new comments now from the mayor of washington, d.c., apologizing for what happens yesterday. and we'll help you understand all that satellite/radar stuff you're looking at. newly released e-mails from the michigan governor's office saw how flint's contaminated water was not their problem. this as there are calls for more e-mails to be released. to truly feel healthy on the outside
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develop beiing for you, washington, d.c., mayor just issued an apology to city residents. it follows last night's unexpected storm that dumped about an inch of snow on the city, resulting in scores of accidents, long delays on the roads, and just an overall mess. >> i want to say first and foremost to the residents of the district of columbia that we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference in last evening's commute. we should have been out earlier with more resources. >> and now washington is preparing for nearly two-foot
8:20 am
insta snowfall starting tomorrow. luke russert is standing by near capitol hill. actually, i don't know where you are. a salt barn, i'm told now. what we know is political careers from d.c. to chicago have been ruined over not handling snow properly. >> reporter: that is true, tamron. i will say, though, there is a long and sad history here being a lifelong resident of the city, not being able to handle snow well. and that really is emblematic of the region, in general. last night, horrific commutes. people who would ordinarily take a half hour to get from work to d.c. and maryland and virginia, five, six, seven hours are what we heard. mayor bowser apologizing for that, as you mentioned, also declaring a state of emergency ahead of the blizzard that's supposed to hit on saturday. and you have to understand, this is a city that's about the northernmost city that has a
8:21 am
southern efficiency and mindset. so people here don't really know how to do the snow. don't know how to deal with it. i would argue the trucks aren't necessarily the most equipped or operated to deal with it. so what's going to happen ahead of saturday? if you can stay home, absolutely stay home. this has the potential to be an historic blifrtd here in washington, d.c. number two, though, high winds are expected. when you have high winds, power can go out. and that could be a problem. there are going to be extra power crews on the road, but that's where the big worry is from the officials i just spoke to is we all know the snowstorm's going to hit. stay off the roads. what happens if there are thousands and thousands without power? they think they can handle it, but you never know till it happens, tamron. >> thank you, luke. let's bring in rafael miranda who helps us know what's expected to happen. nbc station here, of course, in new york is where you're based. but some 80 million people, rafi, could be impacted by this. >> that's right, tamron. and every computer model run that we get, it becomes more and more likely that d.c., the mid-atlantic and even the south
8:22 am
will be crippled by this storm as we head into the weekend. let's explain why. now, just the very beginning of the storm here, already showing good signs of energy. a severe weather threat, heavy rain and thunderstorms across the south, tracking these storms moving into northern louisiana. no snow here. these are your blockbuster snow totals. these totals around two feet from d.c., making it a once once-in-a-lifetime snow for you. three feet in the mountains of virginia and baltimore. hue about if you head up i-95 into philadelphia? well, they were talking about a foot or more in philly. notice the sharp cutoff around new york city. now we're down to seven inches. this looks like the bull's-eye will be well south and west of new york city. suburbs north of new york city and the hudson valley may get nothing at all. and probably not going to get much in boston. we have a blizzard watch in effect for d.c. and also new york city. blizzard not just about the snow, it's about the winds and the visibility. and this is what you need. three hours of the winds
8:23 am
sustained, 35 miles per hour or greater. and the visibility down to a quarter of a mile. one last component of the storm we haven't talked a whole lot about, the ice threat. yeah, significant ice accumulations expected in the carolinas, over an inch in some spots. that could mean downed trees and power lines. residents in the carolinas should get ready to be without power for days, if not weeks. >> some rough times potentially ahead. thank you. coming up, the governor of michigan releases e-mails surrounding flint's water crisis. an aide to the governor called the situation a, quote, political football. plus, how flint is becoming a big issue in the 2016 race. developing now as well, we are keeping an eye on wall street. the dow is up now 147 points as oil prices rise today. about 3%. we'll continue to monitor the up-and-down markets and bring you any developments. we'll be right back. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition...
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we continue with new details about the flint water crisis from michigan governor rick snyder's newly released e-mails. officials thought the lead c contamination thought it was not their problem. a pediatrician reported high levels of lead in children. after that they wrote some in flint were, quote, trying to turn it into a political football and trying to shift responsibility to the state. that staffer then said, quote, the real responsibility rests with the county and city. nbc's reporter joins me now from flint. just for perspective again, these e-mails released recognize when the crisis began, not the early stages of when the emergency manager was put in place and the key decision of changing the water supply was made. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. these e-mails show when the governor's office got involved. and there are about 200 pages'
8:28 am
worth of documents released. there are two e-mails in particular that i'd like to call attention to. the first is from a state health officials who writes, epidemiologists continue to review the data in quotes provided by a hurley hospital physician that showed an increase in lead activity following the change in water supply. hurley conducted their analysis in a much different way than we do at the department. hurley used two partial years of data. of course, that turned out to be exactly correct. there's a missed opportunity there. and then there's a second e-mail where the governor looks after children in flint potentially affected by the lead crisis. he writes, she claims that two flint children were in critical condition over lead. her source was reverend bullock. i said i wasn't aware of that and all of the identified children were being tracked by public health officials. please check on the status of those children with higher levels of lead. the tragedy there, tamron, is that it was two children then that were being looked after. yesterday the governor acknowledged that more than 100
8:29 am
children have been poisoned by lead in this city, and the count continues to go up. >> and to date, tony, how many people have been fired? >> reporter: so far, there have been two people fired. there was the head of the michigan department of environmental quality and a spokesperson from that department who uttered the now-famous lines last summer, "anyone worried about lead in flint can relax." >> and when we're looking at this quote from the aide who says that this is a political football, i don't think it surprises people that often political creatures do just what they are, they resort to politics on issues of controversy. but let's talk about transparency here. after governor snyder's apology in the state of the state, he has said that there would be transparen transparency, what's been the reaction to the requests of the e-mails in 2013 specifically, again going back to when the key decision was made knowing the potential that this corrosive water could cause problems in flint and other parts? >> reporter: that's right. we don't know if there was a
8:30 am
discussion when to switch to the flint river water source happened, if people discussed whether or not it would create corrosion problems. the department of environmental quality has acknowledged in these e-mails that we reviewed that they made a mistake. there's an e-mail from the head of the department to the governor himself saying we made an error. we should have applied these chemicals. we could have prevented it and we didn't and of course that person has lost their job. >> tony, thank you very much. "time" magazine is putting the flint story on its new cover. the title "the poisoning of an american city." the crisis now playing out, of course, in the presidential race with hillary clinton bringing it up in the debate over the weekend. with many now weighing in since the democratic candidates first brought it up. for you, president obama spoke about the crisis while visiting detroit yesterday. here's what he said. >> if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kid's health could be at risk. >> msnbc political correspondent and host steve kornacki is here
8:31 am
with more on the politics as it relates to 2016. and that moment at the end of the debate when hillary clinton asked is there anything else you want to talk about? she had her moment. they've all been asked about the crisis and have given intriguing answers. >> yeah, it's interesting to watch this play out on both sides. on the democratic side, you mentioned hillary clinton bringing this up in the debate. and the clinton campaign seems to see this as an opportunity to show what they see as hillary clinton's leadership strengths over bernie sanders. so bernie sanders has said he wants the governor of michigan, rick snyder, the republican to go. hillary clinton, by contrast, she sent a couple of her aides out to flint to see what they could do. she called on the governor specifically to seek federal aid, something he hadn't done. something he did after she made that call. now bill clinton's out on the campaign trail for hillary clinton basically saying, contrast bernie sanders and hillary clinton in that response, and you'll see leadership. >> the first thing she did when she heard about it was contact the mayor, asked to send somebody there, send somebody to see him, said what can we do to
8:32 am
help? she said, we need a high-profile person doing an interview saying we need all the money. so she did. and they got the money. when her opponent was asked to comment on it, look, he generally cared about it. just like she did. his heart was in the right place. he was outraged. who wouldn't be? but he said, the governor should resign. what she always thinks about first is, what can i do to make it better? >> so that's that contrast here. and we've been seeing the clinton campaign is making with bernie sanders, basically saying his intentions are good, but you have to think practically, too. they see this as an opportunity to show that. >> so ben carson was the first gop candidate to weigh in. he blamed local and federal agencies involved here. as far as the other gop candidates, who's come out strong, if we're looking at quote, unquote, leadership here? >> really, it's striking. we haven't heard much. rubio basically said this is not an issue that's the focus of his campaign. donald trump didn't want to
8:33 am
touch it. ted cruz did express his general sense of outrage and disgust over the situation. blamed leaders from the municipal, county, state level. he blamed everybody for it basically. but there is a former bush speechwriter making a little bit of news this morning, george w. bush speechwriter with an op-ed basically saying this is a blown opportunity for the republican party. matt latimer says i've heard again and again from republican leaders to their commitment to the minorities and the poor. that chance has arrived in a big way. unfortunately, tamron, my party is not taking it. >> very interesting. thanks, steve. and the number of people joining the civil lawsuits filed in the case, that's growing as well. ari melber, our legal correspondent, has been keeping an eye on these lawsuits, and that's always part of the natural progression of a situation like this, especially, ari, in this case where it's lead exposure and there could be long-term damage to those children, somewhere around 8,000 is the number of kids potentially affected. >> exactly. when you look at a civil suit like this, a lot of times the question is what can you prove? there is a new civil class action here. we can show you some of the
8:34 am
claims. they say that these individual families have been exposed to extreme toxicity, causing serious and dire injury and health hazards. they say the defendants here, these michigan government agencies regularly assure the flint water users that the water was safe. we know that's true initially. and they say many of these assurances were known to be false when uttered. that, of course, an issue of debate. i also want to show you high levels of lead and copper in their bloodstreams, brains, bones and other organs, these folks claim. skin lesions and hair loss. seizures, depression, chronic anxiety, tamron. now, those are claims that have to be proven in court. but what is different from a lot of other class actions is here you've had a voluminous public record. now, the e-mails, debates. a lot that would go towards their claims. >> and as i understand it, the governor's office has said it's not received these lawsuits, and it would be inappropriate to discuss the pending litigation. but when you look at it, we just spoke with a mother who's pregnant. she has three children already. their bloodwork has gone out. it's not been returned.
8:35 am
these lawsuits, i would imagine, would just continue for a very long period of time as people start to notice or get medical proof of what could potentially be going wrong here. >> it's a great point, right? because part of what happens when you might sustain some kind of injury or if you get sick in any normal context, you might not know, was it from the water? was it from the walls? was it from something else? >> she's pregnant, and in this case, this woman is pregnant. so you've got to go through the pregnancy and be able to test the baby from there. >> just to be clear for viewers, when we hear the term class action, all that means is there's a class, a group. that group can grow. so marty house and our legal unit was speaking to the lawyers about this. they said they have in this new suit about 50 people, but they said, tamron, they expect that number to increase for the reasons you referenced, that other people can join that class. >> i don't want to put you on the spot, and this is something i'm sure we'll delve into, but is this comparable to -- i know there have been lead poisoning issues, baltimore, california in the past, is there anything comparable right now that we can look at and compare to what
8:36 am
we're seeing they' ining here? >> the examples that come to mind are more corporate when you have the car companies that say, well, we acknowledge and we even pulled this car for this problem. that's an admission that will often then swell the class. in a city context, though, harder to think of a recent example, and this is a case that i don't think is going to be tossed any time. >> we were talking with tony, the governor released e-mails from 2014 to 2015. rachel maddow, our colleague here and several others have said what about the e-mails in 2013? that's when the decision was made to allow the city to go under the control of a state-appointed emergency manager. olivia stern is looking into that critical point because this is about, at least what we know so far, saving around $100 per day at the time. but flint is not alone, a city in financial crisis like detroit in these what are deemed extreme measures according to the governor needed to be taken. >> right, that is one of the things that is just so sad about this. and to a large extent it looks
8:37 am
like multiple times people were tried to save money and instead they ended up with this huge crisis. tamr tamron, in the six years that governor perry has been governor -- excuse me, governor rick snyder has been governor, there have been five different towns and cities in michigan that have come under this kind of emergency management. they are flint, allen park, hamtramck and lincoln park. none of these are currently under managers. the state's treasury department, we spoke to them earlier, that most locals are in a receiver period or in a consent agreement with the state. so versions of the emergency manager law in michigan do actually go back more than 25 years. they've been used by both democrats and republicans. they say that the state is authorized to intervene in units of local government that experience financial emergencies. such as this. so essentially, an emergency manager comes in after the state finds that local officials are failing to take the necessary steps to prevent a financial emergency. so how is that determination made?
8:38 am
well, the michigan treasury department says on its website there are nine steps that happen for an emergency manager put in place. there is an official review of finances, review teams that report to the governor. written notices may also be sent. once that decision is made, the manager has a good deal of authority. among other things, the emergency manager can work to modify, terminate or renegotiate contracts with school districts and can terminate collective bargaining agreements. now, of course, all of this is meant to help the finances of a local town or city. in the case of flint, the decision made in part to save money by switching the water source for the city is now going to cost an unnoticeable sum. tamron? >> well, it is interesting because i think a lot of people, to your point, the emergency manager, the ability to appoint one, has been around. there were some who predicted that there would be complicated problems that would arise. no one predicted obviously the poisoning potentially of an entire community. with that said, is there a way for the governor to go back
8:39 am
now -- and i don't know if the proper word is to reverse this -- but how do you remedy this now that this problem has come up? you also have the issue of the detroit schools with the teachers there. it seems that the emergency managers have created bigger problems than before. >> it certainly seems so. and obviously, anybody impacted by the lead poisoning doesn't think there's anything you can do to remedy this. in sense, nobody has their head clearly around how big this crisis is. and that's also reflected in the fact that there's no good estimate on how much this is actually going to cost to clean up. yes, maybe it's going to cost $1 billion to completely replace the pipes, depending on the damage, but how could you possibly even begin to estimate the potential damage to the health of all the children and people afflicted? >> olivia, thank you very much. well, coming up, senator ted cruz now says the so-called gop establishment is unifying behind donald trump. will voters in iowa buy that argument? is cruz the outsider now and trump the insider? up next, i'll talk with one of the future belongs to the fast.
8:40 am
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welcome back. today marks the final day of ted cruz's bus trip through new hampshire. it's there where he rolled out his new line of attacks against donald trump, painting him as the establishment candidate. this as a new poll out this morning finds donald trump is now just a point ahead of ted cruz in iowa at 26%. and nationally, trump is still holding a steady lead over the texas senator. and joining me now from -- joining me now is former new hampshire senator, republican bob smith, a surrogate for the campaign. senator, thank you so much for your time. >> my pleasure. good morning, tamron. >> let me ask you, do you believe that ted cruz will win in iowa? >> well, he's certainly in the hunt, and he's right there, as all the polls show. and yes, we're very confident that we can win there, and we're very confident we can win everywhere. we're playing to win, and that's the name of the game.
8:44 am
that's what it's all about. not to come in second or third but to win. >> let's talk about this strategy now of painting donald trump as the establishment candidate here after the bob dole nonendorsement of trump but absolutely a distancing of the party from ted cruz in addition to now you have sarah palin going behind donald trump and offering up her support, you have a conflict here. on one end, the outsider world of sarah palin, the other end of bob dole, an establishment creature, and ted cruz is trying to paint donald trump as establishment. >> well, i think, tamron, when you see the establishment people saying, as senator dole said and senator branstad and others have said, anybody but cruz, if i'm a conservative, i'm saying, who else but cruz? this is what the problem is. senator cruz is not painting anything on anybody. it's the establishment who are saying that donald trump is a
8:45 am
guy we can deal with. donald trump is a guy that's supported -- >> other than senator -- >> go ahead. >> -- other than bob dole, who in the establishment has said that donald trump is a part of their team? i know you cited the governor of iowa, hugely popular branstad, but he is not seen as an insider even though he's served for many years, people still in that state revere him and see him as a quote, unquote, straight shooter here. other than bob dole, who in the establishment has wrapped their arms around donald trump? >> well, i think you're seeing people who are moving toward mr. trump. look, the point is, it's the record that matters. trump, on the issue of eminent domain, if you're a conservative voter out there in iowa, you know, you can't grow corn in a parking lot. i was raised on a farm, and i've never been able to do that. he is in favor of private business takings. taking your property. he can do that. he favors that. he's never changed his position on it. and he's also -- he also favored
8:46 am
the big business t.a.r.p. bailouts and the stimulus package. this is who donald trump is. no one's painting him. that's what he is. and so if you're a conservative voter, you need to think, am i going to be okay here? am i sure? where you've got a conservative candidate like cruz who's consistently been conservative, said things he was going to do and did them, and this is what we need right now. we need a visionary conservative leader. and that's what cruz is. and we have a very important decision to make, not only in iowa but also in new hampshire and everywhere else. so i think conservatives need to take a hard look here. >> what do you say to those within your party, some of them, many of them, i should say, anonymous sources who have talked about ted cruz not being well liked, some have gone on record like john mccain, for example, who have said that part of ted cruz's problem is that he is a guy that no one likes in d.c.? >> well, you know, that's simply
8:47 am
not true. people in washington don't like him because they're going to fight to the death to protect the establishment and all the decisions. think about it. republicans, democrats, i served there for 12 years in the u.s. senate. i know how it works. i know what senator cruz is going through. i know about the personal attacks. and it's despicable because they're going to fight to the death to preserve what they have. that's what they need to do. and they're not going to give it up. and senator cruz wants to change america. if you're a conservative and you're -- or you're a voter, any voter, conservative or otherwise, if you're satisfying with continuing to pile more debt on your kids and to allow for illegal immigration and to allow isis to continue to attack us all over the world, if you favor all that stuff, then you shouldn't be for cruz because he's going to change it. and he's determined. he looked me right in the eye and said "i will," and i told him, "do you know what you're going to go through? do you know the attacks that you're going to get from the left and from the establishment? they're not going to die easily. think about the source of the attacks."
8:48 am
>> well, former new hampshire senator and ted cruz surrogate, bob smith, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> well, could i just say one quick thing, tamron? >> of course you can. >> all these other comments have been going on, senator cruz has spent five days on the ground in new hampshire on a bus tour, meeting thousands of people, not in one big rally, but in their homes, in their businesses, in their town halls, and that's what it's all about. and that's why we're going to win. >> and i know your focus is new hampshire. and i asked you about his odds in iowa based on obviously his evangelical support in the past. and it seems there from the reports and punditry out there that that is where the gop want to stop ted cruz, that they're looking at not new hampshire, they're hoping to clip him at the heels, clip him at the knees in iowa before he even gets to your home state. >> well, it's the idea that you have to stop somebody. why does the republican establishment want to stop anybody? let the voters make the choice.
8:49 am
conservative voters, we're only talking about issues that the republican party supposedly supports. platform issues. basic issues. you know, protecting our borders. reducing the debt. growth. flat tax, all the things, low taxes, all the things that we stand for as a party, that's all we're talking about, and we're getting criticized for that. but we look at the source of the criticism, and that's why senator cruz is going to win. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. coming, a new shipment of clean water arrives in flint this morning courtesy of share. up next, how celebrities are challenging each other now to help the people of flint. we'll be right back. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more.
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a follow-up to the story yesterday. we interviewed cher, the water that she donated, 100,000 bottles, set to reach the people of flint. cher is not alone. msnbc's cal perry joins me with other celebs who are stepping up. >> cher has been vital in this whole process in attracting attention. i know you spoke to her yesterday. it was a fantastic interview. chris rock as well, very political. this was on his instagram page. this has been -- this has gone viral. many, many hours ago. michael moore started this whole
8:57 am
thing and has been putting major pressure on the president who was in detroit yesterday. there's a thing going back and forth with 50 cent and meek mill about donating money. >> rappers to actors. some people are pitching in. thank you, cal. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months?
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just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" live from the trail today, battleground iowa. hillary clinton trying to stop bernie sanders from taking iowa only 11 days away from the caucuses. >> today, the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable. >> it's now time for iowans to really consider carefully who is prepared. >> you all ready for a radical idea on a cold iowa morning? >> you have been watching us cross iowa. >> in


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