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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" live from the trail today, battleground iowa. hillary clinton trying to stop bernie sanders from taking iowa only 11 days away from the caucuses. >> today, the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable. >> it's now time for iowans to really consider carefully who is prepared. >> you all ready for a radical idea on a cold iowa morning? >> you have been watching us cross iowa. >> in two weeks, the eyes of the
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world are on iowa. >> i do not want to see iowa go any direction other than blue. >> as sanders makes a play for the heartland in iowa with a striking new tv ad. the palin factor as sarah palin stumps for trump. she offends some veterans groups and keeps jabbing at president obama. >> he's going to be packing up the selfie sticks and packing up the teleprompters and the greek columns and all that hopy-changy stuff and he's going to head back to chicago. a new kind of capitol gridlock. one inch of snow creating a nine-hour traffic jam for some. how will washington deal with the big snowstorm that's coming?
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>> cars are abandoned and everything. wow. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell at simpson college in iowa, where hillary clinton is pushing her campaign into overdrive, trying to prevent bernie sanders from securing back-to-back victories in iowa and his neighboring new hampshire. joining me now here in iowa, "the washington post" national political reporter abby phillip and in new hampshire, covering bernie sanders, msnbc's kasie hunt. abby, we are expecting hillary clinton here at any moment. she is trying to reach out to younger people as well as other demographics here in iowa. she's had a real problem, though, attracting millenials and college students like those
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here today. >> yeah, absolutely. this is bernie sanders' sort of home base. he outstrips here quite a bit with young voters but she's covering all of her bases. that's what all of these stops are about. they are going in all possible places they could possibly be, college campuses, small towns, big towns. she'll be in iowa city later tonight with demi lovato, a big pop star. they are not leaving anything to chance. they are certainly not leaving even these voters up to bernie sanders. >> kasie hunt, today, bernie sanders out with a powerful new tv commercial aimed at iowa and great visuals and of course, the simon and garfunkle anthem "america." >> reporter: that's right. it's a powerful ad. for parents who grew up listening to that kind of thing and those of us who are exposed to it because their parents listened to it as they try to appeal to different age groups here. as you guys were just
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discussing, has a lot of advantages among young people. today he will try to shore up his standing with older people. he's got an event with seniors just a little ways away from where we are and then he will come here and talk to students. they of course are a big part of the energy behind him, and in iowa as well as here in new hampshire, i was talking to a couple of the students here trying to get a sense of what they thought about what was going on and it seemed to underscore the twin problems of having both the advantage and disadvantage of having young people on your side. the first of which was they all said actually our friends are really into bernie sanders, if they are into anybody, they think he's kind of a cool old guy as opposed to hillary clinton, who they didn't seem as interested in. on the flipside, not all of them were particularly engaged in politics and several of them have friends who were active in political campaigning and interested in voting for bernie and a lot of them said you know what, i like bernie sanders a lot, but i don't plan on voting.
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that of course is going to be his challenge both here in new hampshire and also in iowa as he tries to capitalize on support with these younger folks. >> in fact, to that point, that's what that ad is designed to do, it's designed to reach out to potential caucus goers and say it's all about you, you have power, this is your america, and to portray him as one of them. >> it's also very reminiscent of sort of hope and change. it's a kind of inspirational ad. it's a sort of thing that gives the clinton folks a little flashback of 2008, where barack obama was able to galvanize a lot of spirit and enthusiasm in this race. that's what bernie sanders and his team are tying to tap into. a lot of that is young voters, first time caucusers, people who aren't normally involved in the political process who, according to recent polling, are actually saying they intend to caucus for bernie sanders. we will see in 11 days whether that actually happens. that's where the organizational
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piece comes in. can bernie sanders mobilize their organization sufficiently to get people out of their homes on a freezing cold iowa night at 7:00 and caucus for him and stand up in a room and say i'm for this guy and i'm not changing my mind. >> abby phillip, kasie hunt and for the grandparents perhaps he's trying to reach out to, that advertisement is very reminiscent of it's morning in america, 1980, ronald reagan. thanks to both of you. get ready, everyone. those who are not in iowa and new hampshire know how to deal with snow. the entire east coast now is about to be hit by a massive storm. when we talk about snow, heavy snow expected in at least 15 states. as many as 80 million people could be affected before this is all over. washington, d.c.'s mayor announced a snow emergency starting tomorrow. starting tomorrow morning, in fact. sustained blizzard-like conditions are expected, including 20 inches of snow. unheard of in the nation's capital. speaking of 20 inches, d.c. is a
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town that couldn't even handle one inch. a one-inch clipper last night during rush hour causing a gridlock that lasted four nine hours in some parts of the city. i know i was in it. on roads that had been completely untreated. >> i want to say first and foremost to the residents of the district of columbia that we are very sorry for inadequate response. we should have been out earlier with more resources. >> joining me now from washington is nbc's luke russert and not far from there in alexandria, virginia, dylan dryer and in new york, meteorologist rafael miranda. dylan, let's talk about the conditions and what you're expecting in the washington, d.c. metro area. >> reporter: yeah, the conditions we are expecting here will deteriorate starting friday afternoon. that's where we are going to see the height of the storm begin to
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get closer. but it's friday night and saturday and it's a good thing it's a weekend storm because we need people off the roads, considering what we saw happen last night during the evening commute with just .7 inches of snow. i'm being told they are ready with the salt. we have 32,000 tons of salt ready to go. this is one of the biggest salt domes on the east coast and they have been filling up the trucks today, it's been very, very busy filling up these trucks. you can hear the noise behind me because they are going to pretreat the roads. once temperatures get to 35 degrees, they are going to put down liquid solution, then top that with salt. they are going to salt the roads again tomorrow before this storm ever hits. that's something they didn't get to do last night and they said they are going to be working around the clock but their biggest ask is for the folks in this area to stay off the roads once the heavy snow starts. these trucks can't drive through blizzard-like conditions and neither should you. this way you're not stuck on the
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side of the road while shethese guys are out very tired from working long hours. they want to keep the roads clear so that would be the big ask from them. >> dylan, you bostonians are used to it but let me tell you, washington is not used to figuring out how to stay off the roads or how to drive in snow. luke russert, the washington, d.c. officials have never figured this out. how to pretreat the roads so that what happened last night didn't happen. >> reporter: yeah, andrea, we are both sort of i would argue life-long residents now of washington, d.c. and we do a lot of things well in this city, but snow is certainly not one of them. sort of a constant state of ineptitude no matter who the mayor is. of course, we remember the blizzard of '96 where mayor barry said god brought us the snow and god will take it away with the sun because it will melt. well, we will do more preparedness now. the mayor apologizing to city residents for what happened last night. it was a horrible traffic jam.
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some people, their commute ordinarily takes 15, 20 minutes. it took five, six, seven hours last night. not even the most powerful person in the world was immune to this. president obama coming back from andrews air force base, normally a quick 20-minute trip, took him over an hour because of how bad the roads were and how congested and backed up they were. what are the preparations d.c. is taking? like dylan mentioned in virginia, a lot of salt. they did not do that yesterday. they will go out with salt trucks, their brine juice and beat juice, whatever the heck that will do, they think that will work on the road. they are basically saying look, saturday, please, please, please, please do not leave your house, do not get on the road, it will be a disaster. they are deploying more officers. a state of emergency has been declared. a homeland security event has been declared. do not leave. the other problem, high winds. the power company was out here today. they will put more people out for response calls but they are very worried about what the high winds could do to power
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situation in the city. keep an eye out for that. the snow, it gets bad, overall they can handle it. if the power goes out, that's the real problem. that's when people are in danger. that's what they are really worried about and trying to keep an eye on right now. >> i can just attest to the fact that a 15-minute drive to the airport last night lasted two hours. i came this close to missing the flight to iowa. it was a bad night indeed. thanks to luke and dylan and rafael miranda is in new york to take a big picture at the whole east coast. what are people expecting? what are you expecting up and down the coast? >> this storm is poised to paralyze life for so many in washington, d.c., baltimore, a once in a lifetime scenario for many. we are expecting over two feet of snow in the nation's capital as we have been saying. already turning dangerous. this is just stage one of the storm, now severe weather outbreak in the south. we have been tracking severe thunderstorm warnings and severe threat continues throughout the day along the gulf coast states. again, these are the numbers we are concerned about. two to three feet of snow,
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baltimore, washington, d.c. and areas west. now, you are wondering about cities north of there, philadelphia around a foot of snow. new york city, not as much. there is going to be a sharp cut-off on the northern edge of this storm. you can see the suburbs north of new york city, zero inches. it is going to be quite a difference. the exact track of the storm will be crucial over the next few days. let's time it out for you. this is tomorrow. friday evening, that's when you want to start to be off the roads in virginia. an ice storm rages in the carolinas watching out for power outages there. significant ice continues into early saturday. washington, d.c., the snow picks up in intensity and the worst weather continues right through the day on saturday. by saturday afternoon, we have blizzard conditions breaking out across the midatlantic. heavy snow from philadelphia down towards d.c., new york city finally getting in on the action by saturday afternoon. now, the coastal threats, those winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour, major coastal flooding expected all along the midatlantic and of course, just to add insult to injury, we have that full moon during high tide,
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high tide cycle during saturday. so a major coastal threat expecting life to come to a standstill especially for d.c., baltimore and areas north of there. but again, new york city looking like a bit more of a miss than a hit at this hour. andrea? >> dylan, in alexandria, virginia, what about the salt distribution? how complicated is it to anticipate that a storm is coming like the clipper that came through last night? >> reporter: you know, what happened with last night's clipper is it was really only less than an inch of snow, so you don't really prepare much for less than an inch of snow. but the ground was cold, it started off very lightly and that coated the ground in ice. there was no pretreatment on the roads. by that point the cars are on the road so crews can't get out. last night was just a case of being unprepared, because half an inch to an inch of snow isn't something to really prepare for. i almost think it's going to be easier with this storm as big as it is, because you're not
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dealing with the ice, you have some traction because of the snow on the roads, and everyone knows it's coming. so they are preparing for it well ahead of time. >> thanks to dylan, rafael and luke russert in washington, alexandria and new york. up next, the undecided. 11 days to go to caucus day in iowa. the first voting of 2016. some people still making up their minds. one of them, a student here at simpson college joining me next. we are also waiting for hillary clinton, of course, to speak here in iowa. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. after a dvt blood clot.mind when i got out of the hospital what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again?
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are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. welcome back. hillary clinton expected any moment now here at simpson
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college in indianola, iowa. younger voters have been flocking to bernie sanders. joining me now is simpson university -- simpson college sophomore gabe shabilian who is still undecided. what are the push/pulls? what are you looking at to make up your mind? >> so the issues i'm looking at, why i'm undecided, is with bernie, i just want to know how feasible what he's trying to do for our country is, because what he wants to do is try to take down the establishment while being a part of it. i just don't know how feasible that will actually be. and he hasn't really said much like specific policy as hillary clinton has. so i would like the see some more specific policy from bernie and how he would try to take down the establishment. give me some concrete, like concrete policy, whereas -- >> what about her? what do you like about her and what would make you think twice about her? >> about hillary? >> yeah.
9:19 am
>> well, i have no doubt about hillary's experience. i think that she would be an amazing commander in chief. what i would like to know more from her is, a lot of the policies that she is introducing are policies that are tried and true and i'm wondering if that will really be what it takes to like help our country, especially looking into the future, if like doing what we have always done, like politics, like politics as usual is that what our country really needs or is what we need like bernie's introducing, kind of an overthrow of the establishment. >> if you had to summarize it, it's almost like your heart would be with bernie and what he wants to accomplish, your mind might be with the more pragmatic approach of hillary clinton. >> of hillary, yeah, definitely. because i feel like bernie's message has struck a chord with me. it's something i'm passionate about, something that i feel like a lot of americans are passionate about. you can see that reflected in polls leading up to the caucuses, but yeah, like i said, with hillary, she's just really
9:20 am
so much specific policy about what she's actually going to do and she has a lot of past experience to draw upon where she has gotten results. that's where the conflict is, really, like playing out for me. >> i want to play a little bit of them debating over some of these issues in our sunday night debate, get your reaction. >> okay. >> i don't take money from big banks. i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> i can take that, but he's criticized president obama for taking donations from wall street and president obama has led our country out of the great recession. >> you have received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> you're the only one on this stage that voted to deregulate the financial market in 2000. >> how important is the wall street connection to you, that
9:21 am
whole issue? >> it's something that i'm concerned about, because i want to know if hillary feels any sort of obligation to those that are giving her those speaking fees or donations to the clinton foundation. i'm not as concerned about it as i have seen other people on campus be. but it's definitely something i'm thinking about going into the caucuses. >> what are you going to do to reach a decision? how are you going to decide on caucus night or will you decide before, do you think? >> i think i'm probably definitely going to be decided on the night of the caucus, but i'll keep looking at how the candidates are talking about issues that i care about leading up until the caucus because there's still a week. i feel like there's a lot that could happen, a lot they could touch up upon that i may just not agree with leading up into the caucus ai will take that ino account. >> it must be so great to live in the first voting state and have that kind of decision making in your hand. >> i know. i think growing up i didn't really realize the kind of power that we had here in iowa, being able to be the first to vote,
9:22 am
the first to caucus. now that i have grown up, i have kind of come to appreciate it. yeah, i definitely feel a lot more -- a lot different about iowa. i feel like it's a lot more important to be here. >> sophomore here at simpson, studying history and ethicses and making the biggest decision an american can make, really, how you vote. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> great to see you. coming up next, the republicans on the road. we check in with our reporters on the campaign trail with donald trump in las vegas and ted cruz in new hampshire. that's all next. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. and feeling good, sort of.n and real,
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9:26 am
the whole donald trump phenomenon, we have seen trump versus cruz, but the establishment seems to be adjusting to donald trump, especially because donald trump seems to have toned it down a little bit. >> reporter: he has seemed to tone it down a little bit. we have seen him go back and forth between a toned down version of rhetoric and a really wild version of his rhetoric. i wouldn't say that he's not going to go out there in an extreme sense again, but i think what the establishment is seeing right now is just the lesser of two evils between donald trump and ted cruz. ted cruz, as we have been reporting and as everyone seems to know, has not made any friends in washington. he's not very well liked. he hasn't gotten anything passed. he famously stood on the senate floor and read "green eggs and ham" in order to block legislation. what they are seeing, if they have to choose between donald trump and ted cruz, they would like to choose donald trump, partially because donald trump, even though he's not a
9:27 am
politician, has kind of led a life within that realm. he is a builder, somebody who has had to make deals with politicians and someone who understands at least on some level how government works. i think they are starting to see him as somebody that they can work with if they need to. but i like to describe it as really the five stages of grief. you have denial, you have anger, you have bargaining, depression and now they have come to acceptance. donald trump just is starting to seem more like an inevitable candidate and the establishment seems to be accepting it now because there's really nothing else for them to do. >> hallie, we have been talking about this because you are there with ted cruz's campaign. one of those who hasn't quite reached the acceptance stage is the former republican candidate bob dole, former senate leader whom i covered in the senate, his campaign, and i interviewed him last month and he repeated some of these comments now to the "new york times." let me play a little of that for you. >> do you think donald trump could get the nomination?
9:28 am
>> i didn't think so a couple months ago, but his numbers are staying fairly steady. i think if he wants to be president or wants to be the nominee, he needs to tone down his rhetoric and he needs to get into the issues. >> could you support ted cruz if he ends up with the nomination? >> well, i might oversleep that day. >> just somehow not get to the polls? >> he used to make these speeches, remember president dole, remember president mccain? the inference was we were all a bunch of liberals and only he is a true conservative. and he uses the word conservative more than he ever uses the word republican. so it would be -- it would be difficult. >> hallie, that sort of says it all where the old line republicans are.
9:29 am
>> reporter: yeah. you know, based on some conversations that i have had over the last day or so, some republicans cautioning that it may be premature to describe the establishment as coalescing behind donald trump, but there does seem to be at least a growing sense that it is a real possibility and in fact, looking like a reality that he could be the republican nominee. so you look at that, then you look at ted cruz, what does it say about him. i think it speaks to the intense dislike of ted cruz among many in washington. this is something that ted cruz is fine with. he touts it on the campaign trail. he sort of embraces and celebrates the fact that people in washington simply don't like him. i would point out that despite the establishment distaste for ted cruz, when you look at his favorability ratings, he is actually in the republican field second only to marco rubio when you look at his percentage of favorability and unfavorability. >> then there is sarah palin. let's play a little bit of sarah palin on the campaign trail in tulsa, oklahoma yesterday with
9:30 am
donald trump, where she dealt with the difficult subject of her son's problems coming back from the war and his arrest on a domestic violence charge, and the way she linked it to ptsd and to barack obama. let's play that. >> our vets deserve a commander in chief who will let them do their job and go kick isis ass. our vets and you deserve a commander in chief who will respect what it is that our forces go through. my son, like so many others, they come back a bit different. they come back hardened. they come back wondering if there is that respect. it starts from the top. the question, though, that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder do you know what we go through, do you know what we are trained to do to secure america?
9:31 am
>> and that really got a lot of people upset, including the head of the iraq and afghanistan veterans, who said ptsd is a very serious problem, a complicated mental health injury. high pressure th i hope this doesn't become a chew toy in a political campaign. any blowback on the way she performed out there yesterday? >> reporter: no. the trump people aren't reacting negatively towards sarah palin. if they are behind closed doors they certainly wouldn't make it public. she is receiving a lot of blowback in the press and among veterans we have been able to speak to, a lot of them saying this is just not an issue that should be politicized. basically her linking domestic violence incident with ptsd and blaming it on president obama seems like a stretch to a lot of people out there, especially on social media, where this really took off. veterans, other veterans saying they didn't like the idea that they were ticking time bombs, that they were coming back from war and that all of them have this issue, this ptsd issue that
9:32 am
they are tick time bombs. but sarah palin has always said controversial things, always made news and made headlines for things that a lot of people have not liked. when it comes to president obama what the right has been doing for years now, what they have been doing on the campaign trail and what donald trump has been saying and what sarah palin has been saying is they have taken any opportunity to demonize president obama. for them to do this yesterday, for palin to do this yesterday in tulsa at the apparent urging of donald trump shouldn't come as a surprise. they want to take every opportunity they can to tear down the president in order to build themselves up. >> katy tur and hallie jackson, thanks to both of you. coming up next, folk hero. bernie sanders releases a powerful new ad trying to inspire iowa voters. we are waiting on hillary clinton coming here to speak in iowa, next. 73% of americans try...
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my bag ♪ ♪ counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all gone to look for america ♪ >> joining me for our daily fix, the "washington post" jonathan capehart and anne gearan and des moines register chief politics editor. jennifer, you have been talking with people. what's the reaction to this? >> it's the first ad people are saying i could watch this multiple times. i don't mind seeing this on my television screen. i have a couple different reactions to it. it's very emotional. it's very powerful. it reminds me that smile that bernie sanders gives at the end, that very satisfied, delighted smile reminds me of the very first time bernie sanders did an event in iowa. it was in ames, a liberal college town. he had very few people there and it was mostly older professor types. now he looks out at the audiences and was calling that day a year ago for a revolution. he looks out and sees that
9:38 am
revolution. the other thing this ad says to me is it says, it's kind of a join me. it flashes all the photos of donors and it really portrays bernie sanders as mainstream. it's almost sending the message he's not a fringe candidate. i know some of hillary's backers are trying to portray him as somebody a little bit off to the fringe. this ad really says look at all these people who are coming together for bernie, come join with us. >> as you can hear the introductions behind me, as hillary clinton arrives, anne, very quickly, that whole issue of an outsider as claire mccaskill was saying in red states like missouri, her state, people are not going to vote for someone who is a self-described socialist. according to the des moines -- the iowa poll, rather, among likely caucus goers here in iowa, 43% describe themselves as socialists. only 38% say that they are capitalists. what do you say to that? >> i think that this ad is
9:39 am
bernie sanders trying to make good on that very point that he's trying to say i'm not scary, i'm not some complete fringe outsider. yes, i'm calling for a revolution, yes i'm going against the grain, but you shouldn't be afraid of me. instead, you should join me. it's a very, very powerful message and it's eating straight at the thing that hillary clinton is most vulnerable on which is energy, enthusiasm. >> in fact, jonathan capehart, one of her ads, her newest ad talks about her experience, she has been secretary of state. that experience factor can backfire, especially with the college kids here. >> sure. there are people who are going to bernie sanders rallies and who are supporting the senator who don't think that the experience that hillary clinton has is something that they want in the white house. the only problem, though, i agree with -- i agree with what
9:40 am
anne said about senator sanders' ad. the only problem i saw it with my own eyes and have been seeing on twitter that yes, senator sanders is saying come join me, but the people seen in those eyes don't look like the broad coalition of the democratic party. i will be curious to see what the next ad senator sanders puts out that makes it clear, particularly to african-american voters, that his revolution is their revolution. >> in fact, jennifer, that is the problem down the road for him, going down to south carolina and on super tuesday states. >> right. here he has a real advantage with youth. in other places, he has a problem with minorities. in that ad, there are many minorities, he does embrace, i did notice, that was one thing that was interesting in that particular ad. >> anne, as you have seen hillary clinton on the campaign, it's clear there is real concern
9:41 am
about this bernie sanders surge. >> absolutely. the clinton answer to that so far has been two-fold. one is that she's the candidate with more experience, more preparation for the job, she has a breadth of experience certainly in national security realm but also on other things that he doesn't possess. that's been one point. and the other has been to try to suggest that he's a flash in the pan, that whatever this thing is that's happening won't last. they are now reckoning with the fact that neither of those things has either come true or appeared to close the deal for her. in fact, quite the opposite in iowa. so you see them tweaking the message a bit. i was interested just back on the ad for a moment, the day before the sanders ad came out, she had one which was all about electability and experience. >> here she is at the podium. let's listen. >> it is great being back here
9:42 am
at simpson. simpson college, a place that i have been before. in fact, somebody reminded me a few minutes ago i was here for the first time back in 1996 and -- yep. yep. some people remember that. and it's not only because i'm a methodist, but also because this is a great private college that has given so many opportunities for so many young people to go on and fulfill their dreams and so for me, this is an especially meaningful moment, and to all of you who are here, i'm excited to be with you. i feel energized. i know we are organized and we are ready to go to the caucus on february 1st. i want to thank darryl, who has
9:43 am
been a terrific organizer. i appreciate his kind remarks and i also appreciate that his inspiration is his niece, because at the end of the day, we all have to do more for those coming behind us. and i also want to thank all the precinct captains and organizers. i want to thank claire, claire gazer, michael kimmelman, the others who have been working so hard. i hope that you will be willing to work with them. how many people here have already made a phone call or knocked on a door? will you raise your hand? because i want to personally thank you and invite everybody else to come join with us to reach as many people as possible. and i also want to thank two of my supporters and two of your elected officials who are really inspirational to me. your attorney general, tom miller, your treasurer, mike fitzgerald.
9:44 am
it is great to have them on my team and to have the advice and counsel they're providing. i'm really grateful to all of you who have already decided you're going to come out and caucus for me. if you haven't, i hope you will and i hope before you leave today, you will fill out one of our blue commitment cards. if you are still trying to decide who to support, well, i'm glad you're here and i hope i can earn that support. between now and february 1st. we democrats have an important choice to make and i have a lot of respect for senator sanders, governor o'malley, and i think it's good we are having a spirited debate, because there is a lot at stake in this election. but let's not forget our differences on the democratic side pale compared to what we see on the other side, right?
9:45 am
i have never seen anything like it. and i bet some of you could join me in saying that. i mean, one party is becoming defined by paranoia, prejudice and greed. and i think we know which one that is. whereas the other is focused on creating good-paying jobs, holding wall street accountable, delivering for people and that's why i'm proud to be a democrat running for the presidency. now, i have had to listen to what the republicans say. that's part of the job. you know, sometimes it's like oh, my gosh, you know, you can't believe it. i do think the republican
9:46 am
candidates want americans to suffer from collective amnesia. well, i'm going to remind, starting here in iowa and moving across america, people of the facts that the economy does a whole lot better when we have a democrat in the white house. and just as i have been saying, i'm going to build on the progress we have made and help more families get ahead and stay ahead because when families are strong, america is strong. that is the fundamental building block for our strength and i want to make sure we never forget that. but for me, this is about a lot more than politics. i feel so blessed to have been born in this country, to loving parents who gave me a great
9:47 am
start in life. i went to wonderful public schools with teachers who inspired me. i had the opportunity to go to college, which my mother never had. america has given me so much and i feel passionately that it is our responsibility to make sure you and future generations have even greater chances to make the most out of your own lives. i know what it's like to be knocked down. i've had a few hard times in my own life, and i doubt there's anybody who hasn't had their share, but i learned from my mom and my faith that it's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up. and i can tell you, i've gotten back up time and time again because as long as there is work
9:48 am
to do and people to help, i'm not going to quit. and you know why i'm so determined? because of the people i've met. people have shared their hopes and their heartaches with me. there is something about running for president, particularly here in iowa, where you have the most intimate conversations with people you have just met. somebody holds out their hand or takes mine, we say hello and then they start to tell me about the problems that keep you up at night and the dreams that get you up in the morning, and i have such a sense of gratitude and honor that people are willing to talk to me. you know, i watch the republicans, what they say, and i don't know who they're talking to, because they never seem to reflect the concerns that people have shared with me.
9:49 am
i said the other day that maybe they just have hired a group of actors they take from event to event to event. but let me tell you what i've heard. i met a gentleman the other day in cedar rapids who told me that his prescription drug costs had tripled in the past year. then i met a mom at the same event who said her son has diabetes and even insulin is getting much more expensive. now, insulin is not some fancy new drug. it's been around a really long time. the only reason it is getting more expensive, plain and simple, is greed. companies that feel they can increase the price without any accountability. last month in waterloo, a worried husband named larry told me that his wife brenda spends thousands of dollars every year on medicine for arthritis and
9:50 am
osteoporosis and then they look on the news and they see hedge fund tycoons buying drug companies and raising prices by 4,000% overnight and they just want to scream. something is wrong when your paycheck has barely budged but corporate profits and ceo pay are at near record highs. something is wrong when you can do everything right and still not get ahead. like brandi from des moines who was laid off six years ago. she went back to school. she worked hard, she got her degree, and now she's a supervisor in a restaurant but she still only makes $9.50 an hour. that is not enough, especially when you're supporting kids. brandi needs a raise. larry and brenda need lower drug prices. people across iowa need more good jobs, help with their
9:51 am
student debt and a more secure retirement. these are some of the problems i'm focused on and i get up every day thinking about how we're going to really make a difference for people and families who need it. and that's what i've tried to do my whole life. i think it's a lot of that john wesley methodism. it really does both warm your heart and put you on a path. and starting with my first job, right out of law school for the children's defense fund, whether -- where i went door-to-door trying to find out why kid weren't in school. you know, it's hard to imagine especially in a state that was so smart to send tom harkin to the congress so many years that
9:52 am
we had problems getting kids with disabilities into schools and we had to make the case that every single child deserved an education. and then i worked with republicans and democrats in congress to create the children's health insurance program that now covers eight million kids, and i've worked throughout my career to try to find common ground with republicans, to make progress together. it's not easy, i know that. but it's absolutely necessary. we can't give up on our democracy, we can't give up on the hard work that is required to find that common ground, to get results to help people. i'll tell you, i'm not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in the real world. i care about -- i care about
9:53 am
making a real difference in your life. and that gets us to the choice that you have to make in this caucus. now, senator sanders and i share many of the same goals but we have different records and different ideas about how to drive progress. take health care, for example. i want us to defend and build on the progress we have made under president obama with the affordable care act. and as you can see -- >> hillary clinton continuing in her speech. she is beginning to draw the contrasts with senator sanders. jennifer jacobs, is there some risk in that given his popularity? >> oh, that's for sure. they are equally popular here. they really are. she has very high favorability ratings, so does he. she doesn't want to go too far in that. but she's also saying i'm tough, trust me, i'm the one who can get the things done, not just
9:54 am
imaginary things that are on paper. i'm the one that can get things done in the real world. i think that's going to be a strong message for iowa after this. >> jonathan, the sophomore whom i spoke to just earlier on the show, he said that he's torn, still undecided, torn between his heart which is with bernie, he loves his ideas, and his head which is with hillary, because he thinks she could get things accomplished. that sort of does capture the breakdown here. >> yeah, it certainly does. i saw your interview with him. the message the secretary is delivering, she's hammering away at the fact that for that student, it's your head that i want you to -- that i want to win out. i'm trying to get people of iowa and quite frankly, other democrats who might be watching, to remember that when you send someone to washington, you are sending them there to get things done. i thought her earlier message in the rally about getting up every day and being knocked down, she's been knocked down but she
9:55 am
learned from her mother that what's important is what you do when you get back up, she wants the voters of iowa to have her win the caucus but the message going forward is no matter what happens in iowa, she's going to fight for every vote against bernie sanders. >> anne gearan, in our final minute here, 30 seconds, this is the campaign we have been hearing since she launched that listening campaign that she is a fighter. >> right. her political biography has been crucial, central message for her throughout this campaign and now she's using it as a kind of closing argument in iowa. it's basically boiling down to yes, sanders and i agree on many things, his ideas may sound great on paper, he may be appealing to you in many ways, but my biography, my experience, shows that i not only get back up when i have been knocked down but i am an effective fighter and will keep doing it and this is not my first rodeo. we will see whether that head versus heart thing can work.
9:56 am
>> people are going to be deciding at the very last minute on caucus night which was what makes iowa so much fun. thank you all for being here. anne, jonathan, jennifer here in iowa with me. that does it for this special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from the campus of simpson college. remember, follow the show online on facebook and twitter. i'll be on "nightly news" tonight. thomas roberts is up next on msnbc. the biggest challenge for business today is not competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to investigate and fight cyber crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information, so we can track down the
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what the forecast is predicting for certain areas. as soon as we get this update from the weather officials, we will bring it to you. first, we have mayors of new york and washington, d.c. trying to demonstrate a command of response ahead of this monster storm. >> the bottom line here is new yorkers should be ready for a big storm this weekend. >> today, i'm declaring a state of emergency for the district of columbia. >> but there have already been questions about whether washington, d.c. can handle a storm of this magnitude because at the same news conference where you just heard the mayor putting in a state of emergency, she was also forced to apologize for not pretreating roads during a minor snowstorm that had already passed through. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference in last evening's commute. >> okay. it's notus


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