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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  January 22, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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anything picked up on intensity and going to hit us hard and pretty quick, so we have been planning for it and the good thing about storms is you get a little bit of planning time to get ahead of it. >> take a look at this. a live peek at the flight aware misery map. 3,000 flights already canceled today alone. many in places where the flakes haven't even started to fall yet. >> pretty much come to a halt. >> the person i was staying with told me you might better think about getting out before the storm hits or you'll be staying for awhile. that would have been a big problem because i'm a school teacher. i need to get back. >> my husband gets to do all the work and i get to come home to a shoveled driveway. >> our correspondents are in the path of the storm across the eastern seaboard. we also have a full forecast tracking this storm, plus what the states of emergency mean for the different states that returned it. first, i want to start with nbc's luke russert in washington, d.c. luke, i know capitol hill has already closed down, they are taking monday off as a
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precaution. the mayor had given a statement earlier saying there are life and death implications with this storm. so the question everybody is asking, when is d.c. going to see the worst of it? >> reporter: well, under the current projections, it's about 1:00 a.m. saturday morning when the heaviest snow is going to fall and that really is a blessing, because that's a time when not a lot of people should be out. the mayor really encouraging everybody to get off the streets by 3:00 p.m. now, as you can see behind me over here, you are starting to see what i will call the evacuation traffic out of the city. people who came to work this morning, albeit for a few hours, starting to leave. a little bit of a traffic bottleneck, though, because the march for life, the big pro-life demonstration that happens every year, that went on and has caused a few road closures. that's made motorists upset but overall, people have really gotten the message about this storm because of how much we talked about it on the media. the biggest storm in 100 years, possibly, up to two and a half feet.
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you just don't see that in washington, d.c. now, the mayor believes they are prepared. they have trucks that are at the ready, they have tons and tons of salt. i saw the salt yesterday, that's going to presalt the roads and the trucks will go out as soon as they possibly can. the big worry is power. there's a lot of trees in this city. the power goes out, that's when it becomes a real safety concern and they do not know when those repair workers could get on site because they can't go out until the plows have done their job. that's what they are keeping an eye on. as of right now, people are gotten the message and are getting out of here. >> luke russert in washington, d.c., thanks so much. we want to turn to sarah dallof live in charlotte, north carolina. how are things looking there? we know american airlines canceled most of their flights out of charlotte today. >> reporter: yeah, that's correct, thomas. charlotte really frozen in place. the entire state really this afternoon. we want to show an aerial view of the city from one of our drones, show you what people are
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dealing with. you mentioned the airport virtually shut down. so are city, county, government businesses. the majority of schools in this area. you can see a few more cars venturing out on to the wet roads as the day progresses. however, officials are cautioning people that a lot of their preparations, the salt, the brine they laid down, were washed away by overnight rains, making black ice a very real possibility as motorists we have talked to have learned. >> definitely slow down. it seems like your car's fine but the ice on the ground will make it very, very hard to slow down and actually stop once you start moving. >> reporter: so a lot of people encouraged to stay home today. their businesses shut down or they are being asked to telecommute. not the case for the carolina panthers who, believe it or not, held practice today out in the snow. their coach saying he hopes it helps give them an edge against
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the warm weather arizona cardinals on sunday. back to you. >> ice is super treacherous. in the next hour we will be speaking with the governor of north carolina. sarah, thank you very much. appreciate it. we will have the governor coming up. now we turn to our other colleague, kristen dahlgren at the airport. obviously there will be ripple effects across the country. what's happening in new york? >> reporter: hey, yeah, the system is so interconnected so even before a flake of snow has fallen here in new york we are seeing 75 flight cancellations for today here at laguardia airport, about 12% of operations. while a lot of people did get texts and e-mails at home to let them know their flights were canceled today, you can see the customer service lines growing behind me. one of those stranded passengers -- i'm so sorry about your flight. where are you troying to get to? >> trying to get to houston. george bush intercontinental
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airport. >> reporter: your flight was canceled? >> yes. >> reporter: how frustrated are you? >> you know, things happen. the weather, we can't control mother nature. we just have a lot of different options that we can do. we're just waiting it out right now to decide what else we can do about it. >> reporter: what have they told you about when they can get you out of here? >> well, possible tomorrow but maybe monday. >> reporter: not until monday. >> i'm sure it's going to be the same thing tomorrow because the storm is actually going to be here tomorrow -- i moean tonigh. >> reporter: what's your plan, sit and wait? >> no, i can bite the bullet of this or ge with another airline that maybe i can get out tonight. >> reporter: still a little bit of hope? >> well, the hope is if i'm ready to go home right now i have to make something else happen or sit and wait. i think that i'm ready to go home. >> reporter: i think a lot of people feel the same way. best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: there you have it. a lot of passengers in the same situation trying to get home.
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nationwide, about 3,000 flights canceled over the next two days. things really going to get worse as we go through the day today. >> you have an optimist on your hands there, trying to figure out a new route. >> reporter: got to stay positive. >> thank you. msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider is tracking the storm system and joins me now. how are these models pairing up with what you have been forecasting? >> pretty close. we are still not 100% there. we are waiting for another european model to come tonight. i want to show you the latest information. we are getting really close to pinpointing it perfectly. 29 million under a blizzard warning. that starts today and we are watching very closely for not only strong winds but blowing and drifting snow. want to take a look at the snow totals to calculate the latest numbers i was just mentioning. four to eight for nashville, lexington, kentucky, you are likely to see close to a foot or more. this is really where we are talking about the jackpot in terms of heavy snow. the heaviest snow amounts into the d.c./baltimore area as well
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as western virginia. the forecast could be 26 inches of snow. incredible snowfall rates, two to four inches per hour. that's just, wow, that is really going to be a record-breaking storm, no doubt about it. but here's where it gets interesting. as you head further to the north, philadelphia, your blizzard warning begins at 7:00 tonight. expect snow to begin as well but it will snow into the overnight period, 12 to 18 inches and into new york, some of the numbers have the totals now as high as 14 inches. that's the latest european model. we will have another run of that in the overnight period tonight. the range is still fairly widespread depending on the positioning of the storm. be prepared for six to 14 inches, six to 12 inches. i would say always be prepared for the higher amounts rather than the lower amounts but keep in mind, those gusts are going to be fierce. we are looking at the potential for widespread power outages for many, many people in the eastern part of the u.s. >> everybody needs to be prepared and be ready for this. i know we will be talking a little bit later in the hour about these storm models. thank you. we have officials up and down
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the eastern seaboard declaring states of emergency. msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber joins me now. explain what these declarations mean, because obviously, so many local and state officials can't be policing everybody. there is common sense that plays into this. >> yeah, legally it gives them extra powers and also allows them to call out the national guard should that be necessary. several states doing it. we have heard several officials talking about this. let's take a listen. >> i told the state government we would be shutting down today. our schools are closed. we are prepared for this. we have equipment. stay off the roads. >> i have declared a state of emergency in the district of columbia, which would give us tremendous authority to get ready for this storm. >> the national guard under general lusk has done an outstanding job. they mobilized 100 soldiers to work in catch teams to help locate also stranded motorists. >> you see that in maryland, virginia, d.c. as well as down in north carolina, obviously, a lot of officials coming to the
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same conclusion that they want to at least be ready for and have the capacity to deal with this blizzard. >> so a lot of people are talking about the cost of this storm. i want to go over now and check in with our business and tech correspondent olivia sterns who is following that. i know you have been trying to crunch the numbers on this so break it down for us about what this is going to cost dollars and cents. >> at least half a billion dollars. we reached out to a weather intelligence firm based in pennsylvania. their estimate is $585 million to $850 million depending on the timing of the storm, it actually occurs over the weekend so that means less economic impact. that's also based on the size of the population this is going to impact. actually more rural areas than urban areas except for washington, d.c. the baltimore/d.c. metro area is set to lose about $275 million in economic productivity. the new york city area set to lose about $70 million. again, these are calculations based on normal assumptions about economic activity in the
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month of january and the biggest losers are going to be retail, restaurants and entertainment. those are things that economists say are not rubber bands. they don't just bounce back when the weather improves. >> so for folks that are worried about being in trouble if they don't clean up, there's a potential for fines. >> there is, even if you are luke russert and in d.c., you have 24 hours after the snow has hit the ground to sweep the sidewalk in front of your house. otherwise you face a $25 fine. business owners face a $150 fine. >> okay. good information people need to know. thanks so much. want to go check in with our colleague cal perry over here as the editor of digital and video content. a lot of people online already talking about what it means to be stranded, the flight cancellations. there's a big ripple effect. >> lot of good stuff coming in. this from nasa, this is starting to trend now. look at the size of this storm. it's massive. it's deadly. people need to be very careful. two things really that people need to worry about. stay off the roads, number one. number two, power. we are already seeing pretty
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wide power outages. this is georgia, state of georgia now more than 2,000 customers out. 4,450 people without power in georgia and it's just wet. we haven't seen the beginning of the snow. it's just starting to fall in virginia. last thing i will show you, here's your misery map. these are the airports around the u.s. atlanta is in real trouble, miami is seeing delays, charlotte is shut down. for d.c. and new york, it's getting worse, especially if you are trying to head anywhere to the west which is obviously where people are trying to go. >> we saw some passengers trying to reroute flight plans to get out. at least they are being optimistic about it but not likely. thank you, sir. coming up next, as a quarter of the nation is under this deep freeze, the gop civil war is really heating up. a donald trump take-down from one of the nation's most conservative publications. plus trump and cruz sharpen their attacks on each other. a to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back
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one of the most venerated magazines in conservative politics is out with a special issue dedicated to taking down the gop front-runner, donald trump. the national review has gathered big names on the right from glenn beck to bill crystal for this issue and each has their own criticism of trump. 22 writers in all with comments like an unbalanced force, a crisis for conservatism, and the greatest charlatan of them all. trump called the national review a dying paper. he and ted cruz are taking swipes at each other with brand new campaign attack ads. >> eminent domain. means term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them. like trump. >> i take eminent domain as wonderful. >> i want immigration reform to pass and it allows those who are
10:16 am
here illegally to come out of the shadows. >> the amendment would have allowed undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. permanently and obtain legal status. how do you square that circle? >> actually, it wouldn't. >> nbc's katy tur is covering the back and forth between the two republican front-runners. we have ten days to go until iowa. how are they defining the painted attacks on each other? >> ted cruz is trying to paint donald trump as the establishment now which is, if you are donald trump, saying that that's completely laughable, how could i possibly be part of the establishment. but ted cruz as we saw in that ad that he's just released is trying to use eminent domain against him, saying donald trump has been a fan of using eminent domain. that is not a republican -- it's a republican bogeyman, essentially. they are not for it. they are not for the government coming in and taking private property. but trump is now trying to spin that, saying that without eminent domain you wouldn't have roads, you wouldn't have various
10:17 am
other bridges and other ways to get around. that's how ted cruz is trying to paint donald trump. donald trump is then trying to paint ted cruz as somebody who can't get along with everybody and is like obama because he has to use executive orders. ten days to go and it's getting nasty. they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other to see how they can take the other down. >> that will be down to day two, probably. we will see the kevitchen sink. we have jeb bush out with a new ad today that features his mom, barbara bush, former first lady, and takes a veiled swipe at donald trump. >> when push comes to shove, people are going to realize jeb has real solutions rather than talking about how popular they are, how great they are. >> so we also have a retweet on trump's account, someone published a photoshopped picture of jeb in front of trump tower holding a vote trump cardboard
10:18 am
sign. the most attention out of this is the twitter user, the handle white genocide tm. you contacted the trump campaign. >> this is not a very nice-looking twitter account at least, to put it mildly. it's a retweet that trump made from somebody whose twitter account seems to be filled with a lot of neo-nazi stuff as well as just hateful rhetoric that's within this user's twitter account. we contacted the campaign but they have not responded. they have done this sort of thing in the past and donald trump has said that retweets essentially aren't endorsements, he's got a lot going on and is not looking at every single person he happens to be retweeting. >> it telegraphs a little in the time line of when the barbara bush ad came out and this was one of his first tweets regarding jeb bush? >> yeah. definitely. >> people can figure the out for themselves. we will wait and see if the campaign gets back to you. thank you very much. up next, we are live in flint, michigan as the embattled
10:19 am
governor rick snyder now faces a potential congressional hearing over the city's toxic water crisis. check out should the governor resign over this crisis? >> you have a handful of quote unquote, experts that were career civil service people that made terrible decisions in my view, and we have to live with the consequences with that. they work for me so i accept that responsibility and we are going to fix this problem. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. welcome back. this is a live look in new york city, where we are waiting to hear from mayor bill de blasio about the state of new york city as it is in prepare mode for what's coming. now, the expectations of the forecast put about ten inches to a foot of snow for the city. the whole i-95 corridor is really going to be in the bull's eye of this winter storm 2016.
10:23 am
we have got the different areas under states of emergency such as pennsylvania, north carolina, maryland, virginia, washington, d.c., tennessee and 21 counties in georgia. again, we are going to take you there to that live press conference from the mayor. also got word from the christie campaign, you probably have heard the governor was going to stay this weekend in new hampshire campaigning but sent out a tweet saying he was going to come back home, come back to the state of new jersey. meanwhile, msnbc exclusive now. governor of michigan, rick snyder, this morning taking responsibility but also deflecting blame about the problem with the toxic water in flint. he spoke to "morning joe" a few hours ago, saying that state and local leaders were misled by career civil servants. >> there were major failures here. if you look at it, it was people being much too technical, not having the culture of asking the common sense questions and then the tone of how things were done. so there are a number of failures there that these
10:24 am
people, this was a terrible tragedy. >> flint's mayor also took to the national air waves this morning telling "the view" she will look at all areas as to why this happened in her city. >> we're looking at this as race, as class and it cuts across the board, and i believe that that's actually why the local naacp state and national have all spoken out about this as well. >> the epa is stepping in, saying it's going to start sampling and analyzing lead levels. that comes on top of the resignation of the epa head in chicago, whose jurisdiction covered flint. there are new questions over whether a deadly outbreak of legionnaire's disease is related to the water crisis. msnbc has been all over this story. tony, let's talk about that order from the epa and what they are going to do in regard to testing and also, have we heard more from the governor in response to that? >> reporter: absolutely. the epa letter to the governor is really extraordinary. you heard on our air waivves th
10:25 am
governor accepting responsibility and putting the blame on his scientists and administrators. the epa has been called into question how come they weren't overseeing this process or able to intervene sooner. the regional administrator lost her job over that. now you have the national office of the epa writing a strongly worded letter to the governor describing imminent and substantial danger if they don't start testing for lead immediately and taking -- putting in the corrosion control that will keep the lead out of the water. they are not going to leave it to chance this time. they have given the governor one chance. the governor admitted his people mishandled it. the epa saying in this order you must work with our people. we are making sure this is done right this time. >> we are seeing the different sleds of water that are being distributed, bottled water, to residents there. there was a bit of confusion yesterday about how and if the governor will be called to congress to testify. explain the background here because it was just one democratic congressperson, correct? >> reporter: that's right.
10:26 am
so the headline said the governor has been called to testify before congress. that was just one congressperson saying she would like to have that happen. it is not confirmed yet. i do want to bring up the legionnaire's information. really staggering report from the state of michigan yesterday showing 87 cases of legionnaire's in this county over the last two years and ten of those cases were fatal. there's a question of is that related to the water switch. a lot of researchers think it is because of bacteria in the water. the governor is supposed to have a task force on it but it is yet to be launched. we reached out to his office for comment. we will let you know when we get it. >> tony, thank you. today's pulse question has to do with the governor of michigan. we have been asking you should rick snyder, the governor, resign over the water crisis there. we will take a look at how people are responding so far. right now, it stands at 89% say yes. 11% say no. the pulse is live, check it out, we will revisit the results later on. up next, the calm before the
10:27 am
storm. new york city mayor bill de blasio about to speak any minute now about the steps his administration is taking to prepare for the potential blizzard hitting new york city. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ so we are back with a live look at the first major blizzard of 2016 taking aim squarely at the eastern seaboard. here's what we know. 85 million people across at least 20 states are basing for what will likely be an historic winter storm. states of emergency have already been declared in pennsylvania, north carolina, virginia, maryland, tennessee, washington, d.c., 21 counties in georgia as well. almost 3,000 flights are canceled across the u.s. with charlotte's airport topping the list. at any moment, new york city's mayor bill de blasio will give an update on storm preparations. we will bring that to you live. first, our correspondents are tracking the storm along the east coast and here at msnbc headquarters.
10:31 am
raheema is live in the area of belmar along the jersey shore, an area really hit hard by sandy. talk about the preparations they are taking there from lessons learned. >> reporter: one of the things you see is this wall. as i walk out here a little bit, we widen our angle, you can see they have built a wall of sand here hoping this is going to protect the homes in this community because it's just a narrow strip of land and they don't think what they had before was enough to protect the homes from what they expect here is going to be the storm of water from the ocean flooding on to this beach and potentially on to their homes. they hope that this wall is going to hold and stop that from happening. in addition to that, they have done a lot of work in this area to protect themselves. many of the homes have been elevated above sea level. they have done -- taken precautions to try to prevent that there's nothing lying around that could go flying and cause some sort of damage. we also should tell you that earlier today, governor
10:32 am
christie, who has been campaigning in new hampshire, says he was not going to come back. he has now changed his opinion on that and is going to suspend his campaigning in new hampshire and return to the state. but listen to what some people here in new jersey said earlier today when they heard the governor was not coming back. >> personally i think it gets overblown. it's winter. we are getting some snow. it's what's supposed to happen in winter. >> i hope that belmar is safe, that they don't get too much devastation because some people are still building from sandy. >> reporter: so the governor again is coming back. he isn't osent out a tweet that want to make sure the people of my state feel safe and secure. i will be back because i'm able to do both things. the fact is, you are never not the governor. so he is going to be back here to make certain that he is monitoring it in person on his own turf how the storm affects
10:33 am
this state. >> raheema, thank you. msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider tracking the storm. what are you watching? >> well, it's really fascinating how widespread an area impacted by one storm. you have severe weather with storms in florida and of course, all the snow that will accumulate in the midatlantic and northeast. these numbers are just incredible. 26 inches, some of the models are saying, for baltimore and washington. remember, there is always fluctuation there. this is really when we call the jackpot in terms of the heaviest snow across the western part of virginia and major cities. on the high side, it's possible new york could see 14 inches of snow. expect somewhere in the vicinity of a foot. again, these numbers have been changing. we have another big model run that will happen in the overnight period. we will maybe adjust this one more time. i would say we are confident this is going to be a substantial snowfall for this region. i also want to mention the ice. if you have ever been through an ice storm it's really one of the worst experiences. notice in the area here in pink, we have three quarters of an inch of ice for charlotte, north
10:34 am
carolina. this is actually described as crippling where we have major power outages and really severe disruption for people. it is likely that we will see power outages through sunday from washington into roanoke and charlotte. something else that we are tracking not only in terms of the risk of power outages, in the midatlantic, these winds. they are going to just be fierce all the way through the weekend, even into sunday. so we could see power outages in areas where we don't have the heaviest snow. these winds are gusting very, very high and with all that said, at the time of high tide, which we are expecting at various times all along the midatlantic coastline, this is when we could see some of the strongest understofloods, parti across the delmarva. if you live on the coastal area and are prone to flooding, this will likely trigger more of that. >> thanks so much. we will talk again shortly. i'm now in the newsroom with cal perry, the editor of digital content at msnbc.
10:35 am
you have been watching issues with people losing power. what are you seeing? >> major concern. the power company in and around d.c. was calling people yesterday saying be ready, you are going to lose power, be prepared to deal with it for a day or so. we are looking at north carolina. north carolina is in real trouble from a power perspective. almost 10,000 people are out of power right now. this is from duke energy which is the biggest power company here. it's really looking at charlotte and you are looking at live pictures of charlotte, where the outages are sort of spreading. this is where the storm has just passed through. this is the concern now for the greater d.c. area, is if it knocked out this much power in charlotte and we know the snow will be heavier in d.c., how bad is that going to be? >> pretty amazing. robocalls being used to warn folks. i got one from the pharmacy. >> i did, too. make sure you have enough medication. >> making sure people know there will be outages. we told people about mayor de blasio speaking about an update on new york city. we will take you there right now.
10:36 am
>> good afternoon, everyone. we are bracing here in new york city for the first big snowstorm of this winter and we expect snow to begin after midnight and to accumulate rapidly as the morning progresses. for this reason, starting at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, i'll be declaring a local winter weather emergency for new york city and that will stay in effect through the day saturday until the end of saturday, midnight saturday going into sunday. we will assess that condition as saturday progresses. we might choose to extend it depending on conditions. now, a winter weather emergency simply clarifies to the public that any unnecessary driving should be avoided unless it is urgent, stay off the roads. it's as simple as that. make your plans now to not be on the streets of this city tomorrow and i would say sunday
10:37 am
likely as well. get done what you have to get done today. if you have to go out, rely on mass transit, walk if you have to, but do not bring your vehicle out tomorrow. and any vehicle that is blocking a roadway tomorrow, that's making it impossible for our snow plows to get through, will be towed. to be clear, a winter weather emergency is different from a travel ban. we had the prospect last year of an extraordinarily large blizzard. at that point we instituted a travel ban which literally meant we would stop any vehicle, any non-emergency vehicle on the road. this is a different status. this is less intense but still very, very serious. we are saying clearly to the public stay off the roads tomorrow. if your vehicles are blocking the work of our snow plows, your vehicles will be towed. we want people to just limit travel tomorrow to absolutely urgent matters.
10:38 am
again, that local winter weather emergency will begin at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, saturday morning, will be in effect throughout the remainder of saturday. i want to assure my fellow new yorkers the city of new york is fully prepared, all of the agencies present here are doing a tremendous job in their preparations. they are very experienced at dealing with snowstorms. they are in a high level of coordination. we are constantly monitoring the weather forecasts. we have seen some intensifying of this storm as the forecasts have come in in recent hours and so we are constantly adjusting our operation to reflect the forecasts we are receiving and we are, of course, ready to upgrade our response even further. i have reminded you all in the past that storms can move more quickly or more slowly, they can be smaller or bigger than forecasted so we always plan for an even bigger storm and an even earlier storm. at this moment, we believe we
10:39 am
will see snow begin in earnest after midnight tonight, again, real accumulation starting by about 8:00 a.m. when we put that winter emergency into effect. let me thank all of the leaders, the administration who are here and all the agencies represented. you will hear from a couple of them in a moment. you will hear from others as we take questions. i of course want to thank our police commissioner bill bratton, our chief of department, jim o'neill are here. i want to thank our senior director for climate policy and programs, who is here to talk about the precautions we have taken against coastal flooding. our buildings commissioner, rick chandler, our fire commissioner and chief of department for fdny, jimmy leonard. i want to thank our first deputy commissioner of transportation, general manager of the housing authority, michael kelly, deputy commissioner for water and sewer operations, environmental protection, jim richards. first deputy parks commissioner,
10:40 am
liam cavanaugh. the deputy commissioner at the department of health. deputy chancellor department of education, elizabeth rose. jackie brave from the mayor's office and carlos torres, vice president for emergency management at con-ed who we have been working with very closely in these preparations. obviously we are paying close attention to the impact this storm could have on our electricity supply. national weather service has issued a blizzard watch which means we can expect heavy snow, strong winds, we are hearing winds of up to 55 miles per hour, and whiteout conditions. this is another good reason for everyone to stay off the roads. they will not only be snow-filled and slippery, there could be whiteout conditions, literally meaning a driver cannot see what's happening in front of them. so get what you need done today, stay off the roads. latest forecast, again, snow beginning after midnight, heaviest snow expected between 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and
10:41 am
midafternoon tomorrow. that could accumulate very, very rapidly. at this moment, we think it could continue to snow into sunday morning but that timeline of course could change. the expectation right now between 12 inches and 18 inches so you have seen that number go up in the course of today so we are predicting 12 inches to 18 inches in new york city. in addition to the blizzard watch, the national weather service has issued a coastal flood warning for staten island, brooklyn and southern queens and a coastal flood advisory for the bronx and northern queens. we will of course be in constant contact with the national weather service, who we regard as crucial allies in this fight, throughout the duration of this storm. sanitation department as always takes the lead in clearing our streets. they have done an extraordinary job over all the storms we have seen the last couple years,
10:42 am
particularly last time when the roads were cleared and they were able to do their work so well. i think one additional respect from so many new yorkers for the fine job they did. i want to thank all the men and women who work for all the agencies represented but particular thank you to the men and women of the sanitation department who will be the front line of this over the next few days. 2300 workers will be in two split shifts of 12 hours each at sanitation. 579 salt spreaders will be pre-deployed tonight and ready to go. we have by the way over 300,000 tons of salt ready so we have a very strong supply on hand. >> we are hearing from mayor bill de blasio of new york city about what steps, the measures that are going to be enacted to protect folks in and around new york city. so the mayor made a big distinction about what's going to take place tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., saying there is going to be a local winter weather emergency, saying this is not a travel ban but that
10:43 am
folks are highly encouraged to stay off the roads unless it's an emergency. i want to check in with msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. what are your models saying about the city, his predictions that he has, about between 12 to 18 inches? >> absolutely. he is preparing people on the high side, 18 inches. our computer model is now saying 14 inches but that's higher, that's a lot higher than it was just a couple days ago. so you don't want anyone to be caught off guard. notice the timing. even by tomorrow night, that storm is cranking. it's not past new york yet or philadelphia or long island. eventually the low moves away but we are not looking at a complete shutoff until sunday morning. so the blizzard warning that's in effect for new york city, that goes all the way from tomorrow morning to sunday at noon. so we are still under the risk f for blowing and drifting snow. look at the totals, 14 in new york. this may fluctuate. the latest numbers from the european model which historically has been quite reliable this winter, the last one kind of brought up the
10:44 am
numbers a little bit for the new york area and even into new jersey as well. less for boston. but keep in mind, we are getting another run in the overnight period tonight around 1:30 eastern time, so we will probably tweak this a little more. i would say be prepared for the snow on the high side and remember, the strong coastal winds through the weekend. thomas? >> bonnie, thanks. want to check in with business and tech correspondent olivia sterns and how technology is really playing a role in this. we know we will be hearing from bonnie a lot about how the models are changing but tell us about how folks are going to use this to get through the storm. >> this is cool. there are actually new apps this year that can really prove critical in helping people weather the storm. the first one is something called survival guide. it's free, available on the android store on itunes. it's actually based on the u.s. military survival guide. chapter 15, cold weather survival, lots of great tips including things you might not expect. for example, wear your clothing loose because tight clothing restricts blood flow and that could invite cold injury.
10:45 am
also some tips on how to avoid frostbite. for example, try to wrinkle your face a lot, wiggle your toes. this is real. people can download them now. don't wait until you don't have electricity. use your smartphone now. another one is winter survival kit. that is great because it actually has some gps location technology that will help you locate where you are if you are lost in a storm, and critically, it will tell emergency service providers where you are. >> when we were in france, you taught me some things, how to stay warm when we were out in the field. i haven't forgotten that. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. yes. thank you. plow service, we heard from the mayor there that if folks get their car stuck, they will be towed. it will be their fault. what information do you have -- >> this is pretty cool. the new way they are training the plow drivers is with virtual reality video games. the drivers are going into simulation pods to learn how to drive the plows because they are very expensive machines, plus it can be very stressful conditions and sort of blinding light when
10:46 am
you are driving through a snowstorm. they are using technology to train the drivers, plus they are using this thing called snow, poor luke russert, you can go on this website in live realtime, find out which streets have been plowed, click on the little camera icon on the screen and you can figure out whether or not your road, your crosswalk or corner has been plowed yet. >> great information. thanks so much. appreciate it. we know that major storms can make for hot politics. as we mentioned a few moments ago, information from new jersey governor chris christie and he tweeted that he's going to head home. he said specifically i'm sorry, new hampshire, but i got to go home. we got snow coming. this decision is coming one day after he said that he would stay in new hampshire to campaign as president. before christie announced his return, we spoke to new jersey residents who were mixed on what they thought the governor should do. >> i this i tnk the fact that governor christie is not here is a real problem because i don't think he's going to win the election for president so he
10:47 am
should be here taking care of the state that supported him in his election. >> i don't think the governor has much to do with this. it's just wintertime. >> so it is january and people can expect to see snow. let's talk about the delicate balance there really is between major storm events and politics. it's probably a great decision for christie to come back. he won't have to take the heat for staying in new hampshire. >> you would think he would have thought of this yesterday. instead he just shot himself in the foot. he's coming back anyway that he made himself look silly by insisting he's not. he actually sent out an e-mail a few minutes ago wanting to make sure everybody knows he's really on top of everything, he has a cabinet briefing in essex county, where newark is, with his cabinet to discuss the snow. he is going to have a press conference, press briefing to inform all the local press about what he and his administration are doing to protect new jersey residents from the snow. but honestly it was really a dumb mistake for him to think he could stay in new hampshire. he was only going to get questions from the press up there and from voters wondering why he wasn't going home to his
10:48 am
state. there were a couple other people who decided to troll chris christie a little. we first had mayor de blasio of new york who we just saw speaking to press earlier, when he was on cnn this morning, he kind of pushed at christie a little for his decision then not to come back. >> he needs to come back. look, a day or two ago it might have been a question mark. it's not a question mark anymore. obviously we are being warned that it could even be worse. we find this out with each storm. sometimes it's less than we expected, sometimes it's more. for any governor, it's time to come home. >> yeah. also, terry mcauliffe who of course is a big friend of hillary clinton and bill clinton, the governor of virginia, he was talking to andrea mitchell and said the same thing. >> people elected me to get things done, to be a problem solver, and to protect them, and i can't do that honestly but sitting where i am right now. i've got about 30 people sitting around the room looking at me now, representing all different parts of our law enforcement,
10:49 am
v-dot, who are instructing me, we're making decisions. i can't do that in another city or state on the telephone. i need to be here. >> i suspect we will see chris christie walking the beach tomorrow. >> it's all about command of a situation. so you make a great point about the fact that he probably could have seen this coming but he will be back in new jersey. he would rather stay in new hampshire. beth, thanks so much. up next, hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head-to-head in dueling campaign ads. why this race may sound a lot like 2008 even if it isn't. we will explain that after a break. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and
10:50 am
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tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are nursing. the most common side effects are nausea and an increase in liver enzymes. if you think you have ibs with diarrhea, talk to your doctor about new xifaxan. the question was, were the speeches a mistake. did it make sense to accept -- >> it doesn't matter whether you support that or not. the fact is that's in the past. just as bernie's socialism he claims is in the past. >> so that's clinton surrogate and new hampshire governor
10:53 am
jeanne sheahan today. they're talking about income inequality that defined the contest for them and bernie sanders made the not so subtle attack on hillary clinton and the gold man sax ties. >> i want to say a word on an issue secretary clinton and i disagree on. and that is, kind of the elephant in the room regarding the american economy and that is the incredible power of wall street. >> tomorrow both candidates head on to iowa where the caucuses there ten days away now and a new poll had sanders with an 8-point lead. however, the clinton campaign pushing back on the numbers. kristen welker joins me live from washington, d.c. kristen, explain what the clinton campaign saying about
10:54 am
this poll. >> reporter: the clinton campaign saying the poll is inaccurate and the sample size is too small and the sanders camp is questioning if it's accurate. they're agreeing it's a tight race in iowa. secretary clinton trying to win the state, drawing distinctions between the policies over a whole host of issues, particularly health care and foreign policy and she is making this closing argument, thomas, basically centered around her experience and her electability. and she just released a new campaign ad speaking to both points. take a look. >> the world a president has to grapple with, sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job and she's prepared for it like no other. a tireless secretary of state, standing up against the an i bus of women and girls. negotiating a cease fire in gaza. leading the diplomacy that keeps us out of war. >> reporter: it is like that ad of 2008 with the 3:00 a.m. phone
10:55 am
call. the question is, she made a very similar argument in 2008. will it work this time around? look. a lot of folks saying this race is different. senator sanders is a different candidate than barack obama. barack obama had the support of a lot of establishment, for example. senator sanders doesn't necessarily have that and they're obviously two very different figures. senator sanders, though, exciting a part of the obama coalition, young, independent, first-time voters. will they turn out when it's time to caucus? clinton campaign says it's built a robust ground operation that they think is still going to pull secretary clinton over the line when it's time to actually caucus. the question is, are they right about that? thomas? >> kristen, i can't help but notice the snow behind you starting to come down. this is a change. >> reporter: it's started. >> thank you. stay safe. watch "meet the press" this weekend. we have chuck todd interviews both hillary clinton and bernie sanders.
10:56 am
when we come back, more on this monster storm, the blizzard that's bearing down on the northeast from the south straight on up the coastline. live reports from north carolina to new york city. and the governor of michigan speaking to "morning joe" today about the crisis in flint. the toxic water. the pulse question today, should he resign over this issue? we're back after this. our cosmetics line was a hit.
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11:00 am
certainly, where transportation is concerned. with a look at where the storm is, its current position and where it is likely to go and how much snow it will dump away, let's start off this half hour's coverage with al roker. >> good to see you, my friend. as we look, there's a sever component to this. severe thunderstorms pushing through parts of central and southern florida. but to the north, we are seeing freezing rain and sleet work its way from charlotte on in to raleigh. but right now, the nation's capital, the snow is starting to fall. we have snow reported at dulles and national airports and as the day wears on, it's gong to get heavier and it's going to get thicker. looking at the western edge of the snow band, we are talking knoxville, 4 to 8 inches of snow. coming and. lexington, seeing 8 to 14 inches of snow and closer to the east coast that's where the real bull's eye is. washington, baltimore, looking
11:01 am
for 18 to 26 inches of snow. snowfall rates 2 to 4 inches per hour. philadelphia, your snow will start tonight. wind gusts 40 miles per hour. snowfall, 12 to 18 inches. new york city, we're looking at a little bit less but still with gusty winds over 50 miles per hour. blizzard-like conditions will exist. snowfall total 6 to 12 inches and parts of connecticut 2 to 4 inches. providence, 3 to 5 inches. not only do we have to worry about snow but also worried about ice accumulation. the bull's eye of this is right along the north carolina-virginia border. charlotte, you will be looking at some real tough stuff. south carolina i should say. almost an inch of ice for charlotte and so we have a wide swath of possibilities for power outages. between ice and wind from memphis to new york. possible. but the real danger area hazard,
11:02 am
kentucky. charlotte and fayetteville. most likely power outages will be occurring and, brian, winds that will be bringing down power lines and besides seeing wind gusts of over 50 to 60 miles per hour, we have also got astronomical high tides happening and that's why we have cotal flood watches and warnings and advisories through tomorrow morning and again tomorrow evening. we have got another high tide so that will be a big problem, as well. flooding, beach erosion, and then also dealing with snow, blizzard conditions, it is a mess. continues. we are going to, in fact, have a live coverage on nbc tomorrow. we'll be doing a mini roker-thon from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 bringing everybody the latest. brian? >> al, here in new york city the mayor went on radio and television and said that we're predicted to get 12 to 14, he used a figure that is more than
11:03 am
most of the forecasts we have been seeing. talk about these duelling models as you call them in your business. we haven't heard this much talk about european models since fashion week. >> exactly. >> european and american. and they differ as far as accumulation. >> they do. although, to me once we get up to 12 inches or 14 inches is that really going to make a big difference? probably not. but earlier on, the european model as did the american model kind of dprropped back the knowfall totals but now we'll see a better production and we could get up to 14 inches but i prefer to stay right now 8 to 12 and if we have to bump it up a little bit, we will. but again, once you get past 8, 9 inches of snow it doesn't make that big a difference. >> all right. thanks. of course, counting our blessings. this is falling for the big tourist centers and the big financial and population centers
11:04 am
over a saturday/sunday. there's a look at the white house. we have been talking about the snow arrival in washington for days, actually. and now, it is upon the district of columbia. luke russert is there. luke, federal employees have been sent home. people are supposed to get off the streets, starting an hour from now and the mayor is calling this a life and death event. >> reporter: she is, indeed, brian. it's a very serious storm. it could be the largest storm to hit washington in over 95 years. and because of the gravity of this storm, everybody is supposed to be off the roads by 3:00 p.m. now, federal workers were dismissed at noon. a lot of folks telecommuted today. and there was the march for life, that stayed on schedule. it did cause some road closures. i spoke to angry motorists saying we're trying to go home
11:05 am
and we have road closures. to give you an idea of how much snow will fall and how big the storm is, right behind me there at pennsylvania avenue or nearly see the capitol, right now the capitol can't be seen. it's completely white. all you really see is donald trump's new hotel. moving forward, the big worry, brian, here in washington is not necessarily people on the road. thankfully, it is a weekend. we are not going to have to deal with that. big worry of officials i have spoken to is the power. if the power goes out, a lot of trees here in d.c. a lot of communities built around parks. how long can they get that power restored? that will be dependent on how much plowing to get done and how efficient that plowing can get done. it is not always the easiest process here in washington for the plows. i have seen a few of them now out here salting the streets. that's the big worry. if they can get past that, folks have gotten the knowledge ahead of time to be prepared to bunker
11:06 am
down. people in the grocery store said we're prepared for monday, tuesday and wednesday if they have to. the dig-out could be difficult come sunday, brian. >> luke russert, thank you. the head of snow removal there warned people you could be talking about a week long event in washington. notoriously bad with storms like this considering a half inch snowfall crippled the evening rush two nights ago. let's check in on north carolina. sarah dallof is in charlotte. we have been saying you're going to get the storm down there you can handle. >> reporter: exactly, brian. and right now, charlotte and the state of north carolina frozen in place. we want to show you an aerial view of the city from our drone. it is a city covered right now in snow and ice. government offices, the majority of schools all closed. the airport mass flight cancelations. american airlines, in fact,
11:07 am
canceling all flights into and out of charlotte douglas international. we are seeing some more cars venturing out on to the road as the day goes by but officials warning people that the preparations they put in place before the storm, the salt, the brining of the roads, that all washed away during overnight rains making black ice a very real possibility. now, right now, 100 national guardsmen activated to rescue stranded drivers. checking cars on the side of the road making sure no one is trapped inside. many people just opting to stay inside but for some that wasn't an option. the carolina pan they recalls holding a snow day practice earlier this morning. the coach hoping it gives them an edge against the warm weather arizona cardinals, brian, come game day. >> thank you for that. we start off coverage with the storm in south carolina we're happy to welcome governor pat mccrory who had his hands full.
11:08 am
your state is so geographically diverse. i just looked. right now you have a thunderstorm under way in myrtle beach, and yet, as you go west across what is such a wide state, you have every conceivable form of precipitation falling right now. >> well, people don't realize how big our state is. first of all, it's about 500 miles from the beach to the mountains. the wilmington area, all the way to the mountains beyond asheville to tennessee and then 10 million people, we're the ninth most populous state in the united states and most people don't realize that. we're dealing, my team is dealing with about five major metropolitan areas and dealing with unique circumstances but our biggest issue is not the snow. it is the ice. whether it's raleigh-durham, whether it's greens, high point, charlotte or asheville, and fayetteville is another area we're worried about the ice and
11:09 am
sadly starting to see some fatalities ever since wednesday night we had the fifth fatality today. two fatalities today, in fact. on the roads. because what's happening is people coming in from virginia and i-95 and i-85 where there is a more snow and all roads look clear but they're driving far too fast on our highways. and these are causing some very serious accidents and having a lot of -- i think we have had almost 1,000 crashes in over 1,500 calls for service. we got about 25,000 power outages and that will mainly go up primarily in the west an asheville areas and that's where we have got the fingers crossed along the corridor from charlotte to greensboro, winston-salem, high point. it's the ice we're worried about. >> i was also thinking,
11:10 am
governor, about i-40 and of all the interstates that you have through your state, do you think we're looking at a situation where they will be shut down for a time? >> i will make that call as soon as the highway patrol recommends it. as you see, north carolina, i mean, we have three or four of the major highways. i-95, i-40, i-26 all intersecting in our state and i-40 is probably the one with the most difficulty keeping up. we have lanes open on each side and we had a major accident in hickory area in between charlotte and asheville where we had a loss of life and so -- and it's the secondary roads, too. more rural areas of the state that, you know, up in the mountains. going off one of those roads you're in deep trouble down in a ravine and we have had two fatalities because of that at this point in time. >> governor -- >> we're worried. >> let's talk about the fact that you are also hosting a nfl
11:11 am
playoff game. one of the great blessings being a football fan this weekend in the east is to hunker down and watch playoff football this weekend but you have the responsibility of welcoming all those players and fans in to your state an i guess we're hoping that any storm is over and the roads are clear by then. >> we are. we are looking at that very closely. plus we have a duke-nc charlotte game here in kra carolina and i glad the coach is practicing in the snow but there's probably fans that won't make it long distance because our airports are shutting down, also, including charlotte which is one of the largest airports in the united states. so, you know, we are going to ask people to be careful and hoping by sunday this will clear out. it's the next 10 to 15 hours that's really going to be the toughest point. sunday should be good.
11:12 am
we have great road maintenance crews. if i see a road that needs shut down, we'll put public safety first. >> governor pat mccrory, businessman, thank you so much for joining us by telephone this afternoon. we'll be thinking of you as north carolina gets through this massive storm. the governor mentioned charlotte douglas airport. rdw is another one in that state that have been shut down and are big transportation hubs. to the north we go. kristen dahlgren is at laguardia. the airlines are anxious to get the hardware, the aircraft, out of all the markets where the storm is heading. so, i'm hoping you're going to say that departures are going as scheduled. >> reporter: for now they are. although, we are already seeing about 79 cancelations here at
11:13 am
laguardia today and it might be they don't want to bring any aircraft in here and delays in places like you mentioned in charlotte and in raleigh-durham. it is a whole system-wide operation and when you see a chink in one of the airports it does trickle down. you can see the lines have been growing as we have gone through the day. people trying to change their flights, get rebooked and not having really any luck. some told you can get out of here tomorrow and there aren't going to be flights going into and out of laguardia here tomorrow and it is a difficult day. today, we have seen about 3,000 cancelations. nationwide. and then tomorrow you've got places like philadelphia, like all three new york area airports and like all of the washington area airports that are going to be completely shut down. no flights going into or out of those airports. so going to be a difficult few days. the airlines hope to get things back up and running by sunday
11:14 am
noon. but it's going to be really difficult because you have to get all those aircraft back into place. now, if you think airports are tough, the roads also tough today. we heard from north carolina governor there. and mayor deblasio addressing the issue a short time ago. here's what he had to say. >> make your plans now to not be on the streets of this city tomorrow and i would say sunday likely, as well. get done what you have to get done today. if you have to go out, rely on mass transit, walk if you have to but do not bring your vehicle out tomorrow. >> reporter: so you're probably hearing it a lot but this going to be a hunker down kind of next 24 to 48 hours, brian. >> kristen dahlgren at laguardia, an adventure even on a good day. kristen, thanks. just for folks who have loved ones who have travel plans, the snow has entered washington. it is moving up to the north. it's about to enter baltimore.
11:15 am
and then philadelphia falls. just after the dinner hour. and then new york tonight. new york is a huge, sprawling metropolitan area. so portions of new york won't get the snow until after folks have gone to bed. we'll be here covering all of it. thomas roberts has even more on this storm in our newsroom. thomas? >> brian, thanks so much. following angles about this storm and checking in with cal perry tracking the misery map. we know we just saw kristen dahlgren reporting in laguardia and sarah dallof from charlotte. >> charlotte is shut down. i want to give you a quick update. united airline flight 734 san francisco to chicago and slightly skidded off the runway. this according to united airlines. i have got a photo show you from inside the plane. they're getting the passengers off the plane now. no injuries. >> okay. >> landed safely. everybody is okay but gives you
11:16 am
an idea of the knock-on effect. chicago is now seeing more delays than it was before. atlanta where the storm has just passed over major delays. as you said, charlotte shut down and new york city affected and as you know from covering the storms, once the airports start shutting down, it is hard to get them back up. >> going to be a ripple effect. seeing that across the country. all right. thank you very much. we'll let you stay on top of that. i'm going to go over here and check in with olivia sterns covering the business and tech angles for us. i know there is a silver lining to all of this if we look at it from a different angle. >> all yearlong the stock market has been moving in the direction that oil has been moving and today we're actually seeing the price of oil surge because everybody's worried that the cold snap and the impebding storm means there's a lot more demand for oil to heat your home so what you're seeing is west texas intermediate, our american benchmark for the price of ill up more than 7% this day.
11:17 am
back above $30. down 16% since the start of the year. >> seeing a friday rally, correct? >> well -- >> ish? >> yes. seeing a rally. i don't know if it's because it's friday or things going on in the economy or the weather. but oil has been driving the markets and today oil is up because people are worried about the cold. >> whatever it is, we'll take it from wall street because we have had a tough run this week. we'll check in with ari melber. olivia, thank you. let's find out what we are learning about the states of emergency for different parts of the country. right? and how that's going to be a concern for folks not getting out of their houses. >> you remember how james mann said talking loud and saying nothing? from a news perspective, that's where we have with a lot of officials. not to down play there's the potential for major problems here. but so far today, we have a lot of announcements, we have states of emergency. wayn't to play for you north carolina governor pat mccrory
11:18 am
basically saying we're ready, doing everything we can. let's take a listen to that. >> we have already had the federal emergency management agency liaison here at the state of emergency management agency. >> we're ready. we'll do it if and when. and that's how it works with fema, with these things. everyone agrees far better to be ready than flat footed. that's what you have stachlt its of emergency declared. the feds ready to interlace. fema on stand by when requested. >> and talking about they can attribute five deaths in north carolina since wednesday. we had bill deblasio talking about expecting 12 to 18 inches potentially here for new york city. 85 million people affected. >> new york city and some of the other large cities, does it get to the point where you have the soy probables?
11:19 am
anyone tells you road and traffic risk is always there. that's there on slick roads. you don't need a snowstorm. nighttime driving. they hit your risk assessment. does mass transit or other things hit a problem? and because it's the weekend, a lot of folks work weekends, nighttime, other folks can stay home and tell you above and beyond the warnings we have public officials in every state saying, please if you don't need to be on the roads, if you don't need to be out, stay home. >> ari, thank you, sir. >> you got it. >> appreciate it. also showing you this. it is house speaker ryan's youtube channel. he has the camera out the window. the view of capitol hill as speaker ryan sees it and apparently up all weekend long. we started seeing the snow fall in d.c. just before the 2:00 p.m. hour and the frigid weather not cooling down presidential race. everybody trying to get to the white house.
11:20 am
but they've got to through i with and new hampshire first. we'll talk about donald trump and the heated war of words with a major conservative publication saying he's a menace and he says they've lost their way. we'll explain. enses have a suns. and an early morning mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside... to clear inside mode. transitions® signature™ adaptive lenses...
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11:23 am
i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ one of the most respected magazines in conservative politics out with a special issue today dedicated to taking down gop front-runner donald trump. national review gathered big names on the right from glenn beck to bill kristol and each has a criticism of trump. unbalanced force. a crisis for conservatism. a liberal wannabe strong man and the greatest charlatan of them all. trump responded in trump fashion. take a look. >> "national review" is a dying
11:24 am
paper. the circulation is way down. not very many people read it anymore. people don't think about the "national review." that's a dying paper. >> david french is a writer for the "national review" and joins me now. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> why take the step and why gather in such a loud force to try to stop the momentum of donald trump? >> well, you know, now's the time. i mean, we are days away from the voting starting. we gathered people across the conservative spectrum who have been fighting in the trenches for conservative values for years and years and years and i can tell you as someone who's done that for myself, not once in 21-plus years looking around and saying, wow, thank god donald trump is with us. he hasn't been with us. sometimes on the other side. so what we're trying to do is make an argument to gop voters that donald trump, whatever
11:25 am
his -- however he's appealing with the attack on the establishment, an attack that many of us agree with in many respects, is not the right guy. he's not been with you. and he won't be with you. >> what about reagan's 11thment, no one should speak ill of any other republican. is it your feeling he's not a republican? >> well, if you've been paying attention to the gop primaries for 30 year that is's a commandment observed primarily in the breach. i mean, just ask mitt romney. he was savaged for much of the primary campaign. elections are about choices and you make an argument about the choices and so we're making an argument that donald trump has not been with conservatives. he won't be with conservatives. and critically to his base many of whom are populous and he's not been with you, either. he won't be with you either. >> less than five hours before the 10:00 p.m. against trump all of it hit, i stayed up late to
11:26 am
click and read what people railroad going to say. you had a headline, roughly five hours before, a piece titled with the jihad against ted cruz, the establishment is playing a dangerous and petulent game. >> yes. >> do you feel that way about the game of the "national review" playing? it's already had consequence because the rnc disinvited the "national review" from the next debate. >> that was to be expected coming out against a candidate so strongly, that's an expected response. no, what i was talking about in that piece is there are people in the gop establishment who have not only come out strongly against cruz, they're even hinting they wouldn't support cruz in the general election. why? because he'd hurt their feelings with some of his comments in the past. that's what i said was petulent. that's childish. if cruz has hurt your feelings, well, talk about it with your spouse. meantime, we have more important issues at stake than your hurt
11:27 am
feelings. >> yeah. you talk about that, the dashed dreams of those and the hurt feelings. and the example from what happened the last time around with mitt romney. should be enough example how to learn for this time. david french, great to have you on. thank you for your time. >> thanks so much for having me. >> absolutely. so, as we were talking about in the last 35 minutes, we have seen in washington, d.c. the first flakes start to fall as part of the 2016 blizzard. and it's barrelling toward the i-95 corridor. we are live with a full report when we come back. skincare to the next level with roc® multi correxion® 5 in 1. proven to hydrate dryness, illuminate dullness, lift sagging, diminish the look of dark spots, and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. and smooth the appearance weinto a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better.
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what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. it is 2:30 p.m. in the eastern and watching from msnbc headquarters. the lower part of the screen is the capitol. as you can see almost white out conditions from the screen we have and then new york city,
11:31 am
times square there, where roughly 230 miles away expecting the storm to hit shortly. bonnie schneider has the latest on the forecast and checking in with dylan dreyer on the road. bonnie? >> we are watching where the storm is going and the snowfall totals because when you start getting closer and closer you get a better idea of what the forecast is. main thing i want everyone to know is be prepared far substantial snow in the areas we have been talking about. also, the threat for severe weather in terms of storm. dangerous storms in south florida right now. a severe thunderstorm watch and the wintry mix in north carolina and charlotte. have a real concern unfortunately going forward and looking for really just a torrential amount of ice for the charlotte area. putting weather source one in the screen here, we are looking at the potential for some very heavy snow through the mid-atlantic and in terms of snowfall totals, it is
11:32 am
interesting to note that the latest models have some of the numbers higher in terms of new york city where we could see a foot of snow from this storm system. so we are likely unfortunately to have to deal with some heavier snow in and around the new york area and nowhere near the area we are looking at right here zooming into this area in the mid-atlantic. the snow falling in washington, d.c. and it is moving into baltimore. we're expecting the snow to work into philadelphia tonight. remember, these cities i mentioned, philadelphia, d.c. and new york under blizzard warnings and the worst of it is not coming yet. the time to prepare is pretty much over in d.c. and you have some time in philly and new york. >> thank you so much. we'll talk again shortly. want to go to dylan driving between virginia and washington, d.c. and has been reporting from the field for us all day. how have conditions changed, dylan? so we're going to get her back in a second. we're having a technical difficulty.
11:33 am
she is on the road reporting live as she is seeing what traffic is like between washington, d.c. and virginia. we'll check back with her in a second. we go to remeia ellis. clear skies for you so far. >> reporter: it was this morning, thomas. we are getting the serious cloud cover. up here on the snow mound that goes as far as you can see all along the beach here, this is their first line of defense against what they will expect will be some surge of the water coming off of the ocean. with winds xekdsed expected up miles per hour at the height. they put this together hoping it prevents homes from being flooded terribly as they were during hurricane sandy back in 2012. many people have elevated their homes above sea level and folks around here tell me they're doing everything they can to be ready for the storm. take a listen.
11:34 am
no sound. sorry. we couldn't get that sound for you at this point, thomas. let me tell you what people said. some people hope it's not as bad as others predict and others say we haven't had any snow so far in the area and ready for what may come. in addition, whether they are or not, the state of new jersey already said they would like some mandatory evacuations in low-lying areas and other areas prone to flooding said it's optional. thomas? >> rehema ellis there in new jersey, thank you. for the look at the political im% of this storm, i'm joined by beth fuohy. it was a hot topic of governor christie staying in new hampshire and continue his campaign there and now he's
11:35 am
headed become to his home state. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, thomas. in fact, the campaign just released video shot in new hampshire earlier today telling people up there why he made the decision to return to new jersey. let's take a listen. >> i want to make sure that the people of my state feel safe and secure and know that despite the fact i've been on the phone, you know, seven over eight times in the past two days to get updates from the national weather service and to lay out the plans for how we'll deploy resources, make sure everybody knows what they're doing, they'll feel better if i'm there. >> that is a good way to put it i'd say, thomas. he's got to be there. he's the governor of the state and the state's facing a huge snow emergency. he made his name as somebody who can manage really, really crazy weather experiences like hurricane sandy in 2012. it would be silly on many levels
11:36 am
to not return for this. >> meanwhile he'll be open for cheap shots. >> right. it would be a wasted weekend of campaigning for him out there. >> politically smart on his part. beth, thank you. want to check in with olivia sterns and technology has a big role in modern-day storm coverage. that's for sure and folks at home how they can get by and get through. >> indeed, thomas. this year there's new cool technology and apps to everybody out there weather the storm. the first one we came across is survival guide. free. available right now on the apple itunes store and the android store. this is a survival guide based on u.s. military's survival guide. i will turn your attention to chapter 15. surviving cold winter snaerls and lots of helpful tips, including one that's a counter intuitive saying be sure to wear loose clothing. you don't want it too tight even
11:37 am
though you think it's making it warmer. it could restrict blood flow and invite cold injury. another app is winter survival kit, thomas. and this i like because it has some technology that actually can first of all say you're lost in a snowstorm, hiking, driving, this will help you. it has some gps identification software that will help you locate where you are. plus, it will send a signal to emergency service providers so that could really be a lifesaver. i also want to show you just quickly on the screen something called snow they have live streaming cameras to help you figure out whether or not the street around you is plowed. i highly recommend it right now. not a lot of lot snow yet. >> thank you so much. wanting to go to dylan drier traveling between virginia and d.c. what are you looking at condition-wise? >> those are the struggles with traveling with your actual
11:38 am
satellite is when you run over some sort of overpass or a tree you lose your signal but anyway we are now is turning the corner we are on 66th heading towards washington, d.c. we are in front royale right now and we are heading in the direction of the storm. we are in it right now. but the snow is still fairly light. you can see that there obviously are crews getting rid of the snow. they're salting, plowing, getting ahead of the storm because what we have already driven through just a few hours ago, that's the real, real heavy stuff causing troubles and especially once it moves into the bigger cities like washington, d.c. and baltimore and philadelphia and new york city. but notice how the snow is just sort of falling. it's not blowing. and that's what's going to change. it's going to strengthen and we're going to see wind gusts up near 60 miles per hour to reduce visibility and that's why we're looking at the potential of blizzard conditions because of
11:39 am
the reduced visibility. that's when it's next to impossible to drive with the whiteout conditions. it's salty, sandy, slushy but things are moving. keeping a slow pace and safe on the roads, this is manageable. then it's time for everybody to be off the roads. thomas? >> dylan dreyer on 66, thanks so much. we appreciate you and your crew out there. as you can imagine, air travel is really almost impossible in the northeast this weekend. thousands of flights have already been canceled. we have a look at what airports have been affected the most and the ripple effect across the country. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything.
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if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. so we're back now with a live look at the first major blizzard of 2016 taking aim on the eastern seaboard. here's what we know right now. 85 million people across at
11:43 am
least 20 states bracing for what will likely be a historic winter storm. states of emergency already declared for pennsylvania, north carolina, virginia, maryland, tennessee, washington, d.c. and over 20 counties in georgia. more than 3,000 flights canceled across the u.s. with charlotte airport topping the list. for more on the canceled flights ab t and the misery around the country, i want to speak with mary flannery. how's philadelphia doing with the ripple effect that a charlotte airport and laguardia airport can cause for you? >> well, right now, things are operating normally and we have no snowflakes but the airlines here at philadelphia international airport have canceled all flights for tomorrow for saturday. >> all right. so you are getting ahead of the curve canceling and what charlotte did with american today canceling all flights out of the charlotte. if folks do get stranded at philadelphia international, what are the best options?
11:44 am
>> well, we know that if people are stranded here at the airport overnight for some reason, we have our own hospitality program. we own 200 cots we can put out and airlines encourage to change reservations before tomorrow or after tomorrow and hoping most people have responded to that. >> all right. so we are going to let you get back to work but as you said you are in full operational mode right now. not seeing any snow there in philadelphia. >> right now. >> mary, thanks so much. we appreciate your time. we're following another developing story today and takes us to michigan where there is growing concern about the revelations about the toxic water that's been coming into the residents' homes in flint. the epa stepping in ready to test the water. why weren't they there before? we'll explain where they were a couple of years ago and how they're getting involved now under new leadership. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
11:45 am
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11:48 am
so we are staying on top of the tock ickes water crisis story in flint, michigan. on "morning joe" the governor apologetic and put the blame on civil servants for flint's crisis. >> what is so frustrating and makes you so angry about this situation is you have a handful of quote/unquote experts career civil servants who made terrible decisions in my view and they work for me so i accept the responsibility. we'll fix the problem. >> the epa is saying it will sample and analyzing lead levels and the agency issued an emergency order to take actions to protect public health. msnbc's tony dokoupil in flint covering the story. the governor hired a crisis p.r. firm to deal with this so talk about the p.r. firm getting involved and also the epa getting involved in a more
11:49 am
strict fashion. >> reporter: that's right, thomas. this is a health crisis but, of course, also a political crisis and the governor and the state of the state speech and then on our air zs wave airwaves hoping job and msnbc learned moments ago that the governor's office hired mercury llc which is a high-powered crisis communications shop out of the new york with an international reach. they are expert in what they call high-stakes public strategy and the governor's office confirmed the relationship and a vice president from mercury sent out an e-mail blast to reporters covering the story highlighting the favorable coverage for the governor, that would be coverage criticizing the epa and applauds the governor's transparency and spokesmanship on his own behalf. in terms of political messaging, the epa is working on a political strike back here facing criticism for not intervening sooner in flint and
11:50 am
gina mccarthy said to the govern you need to clean up the act by publishing water tests and working with our experts to make this transparent and number three put the kroecorrosion con in the water to get the lead out. thomas? >> all right. tony dokoupil reporting there in flint. a quick question about the fact that we have certain people, officials, looking to the connection of legionnaires outbreak. can you talk about that real quickly? >> reporter: yeah. real quickly and mention because flint rtesidents want to know about this. we asked the governor's office who's paying for the communications firm. the taxpayers or the governor's own pocket and promised to get back to us on that question. i think it matters to people. legionnaires is another mystery here. people are dying of it, related to the water. what is not clear, related to the flint river crisis an researchers looking into it.
11:51 am
we'll be sure to let you know when we know. >> mercury p.r. to handle lead in water -- anyway, doesn't seem to add up. thank you, tony. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> thank you. asking you to weigh in on the pulse question. should michigan's governor resign over the flint water crisis? now as you heard there's a p.r. firm in place to help stem the tide of that. take a look. 95% of you say, yes. 5% say no. the pulse is live. and we're going to talk about in the bottom of the hour the democratic race for the white house and some confusion in the latest polling. we have bernie sanders and hillary clinton in new hampshire at this hour about to head off to iowa where we're now just ten days away from the caucuses in the hawkeye state and a new poll today finds sanders maintaining the lead about nine points and however it does paint a more confusing picture. another poll finds clinton up by
11:52 am
29 points over sanders, yeah. 29-point difference here. kristen welker is live in washington, d.c. to read the tea leaves here. depends on who you prefer about what numbers that you want to believe. how are the candidates and the campaign spinning this? >> reporter: well, in terms of that cnn poll, thomas, both the clinton and sanders campaigns said that's probably a little off base although they both acknowledge that they're facing an incredibly tight race in iowa. and that's in part of secretary clinton step up the attacks against senator sanders trying to argue she has more experience and that she is the more ele electable candidate. >> the world a president has to grapple with, sometimes you can't even. that's the job. she's prepared for it like no other. a tireless secretary of state. standing up against the abuse of women and girls. negotiating a cease-fire in zba ga za.
11:53 am
leading the diplomacy that keeps us out of war. >> reporter: now, secretary clinton made a very similar argument, you may remember, thomas, back in 2008. it didn't work then and of course barack obama was a very different candidate. and he really pulled together a broad coalition of not only young voters but voters of color, women voters and senator sanders is exciting some of the younger voters and struggles looking at minority voters and he is trying to ramp up the outreach to that voting bloc. the clinton campaign says, look, they have an incredibly strong ground game. the question is can they turn it into caucus goers when the actual time comes? meanwhile, senator sanders sag that he's made more stops in iowa than secretary clinton. thms, if secretary clinton to lose iowa and new hampshire, it would be a major blow to her and would win the nomination and slow her momentum. thomas? >> south carolina remains her
11:54 am
firewall but that would be a kick in the gut momentum-wise to lose both of those states. we see the snow coming down and while it's very pretty behind you, apparently affecting the release of clinton state department e-mails. >> reporter: you're absolutely right now about that, thomas. we just got word from pete williams that the state department requested an extension in terms of releasing those state department e-mails. of course, they were requested to do so under the freedom of mfrgs act. initially set to have them all released by the end of the month and it could get pushed to next month if a judge accepts the request. that is ongoing problem for senator clinton. she wants this to be taken off of the table so that she can focus on the campaign but if the state department gets its way, this could be delayed by a month. in terms of weather, worth noting, coming down a lot harder than it was when i smoke to you
11:55 am
last hour and the storm's really kicking into a higher gear here. >> yeah. seeing it stick in different areas. coming to these e-mails and the calendar calculations, kristen, does it benefit the clinton campaign for the delay or is it something that she'd rather have out there before iowa, before new hampshire? >> reporter: well, i think she would like to have it out before iowa and new hampshire to wipe it off the table. so far there aren't been any major bombshells in the e-mails. if there is a bombshell in the final release, i guess you could argue it benefits her and comes right before supertuesday and you have the voting ongoing any way you look at it. bottom line, this continues to be an ongoing political problem for her. she was asked about it on the campaign trail by a voter the other day. and forced to respond to this issue. voters have questions about this and this is something she still has to contend with as a candidate. thomas? >> kristen welker reporting from the white house, thank you so much.
11:56 am
thank you for your time at home. i'll see you back here tomorrow actually. i'm helping without the snow coverage as we all watch what this impact of the snow is going to do along the eastern seaboard. you can see the three different shots right here. we have time square, the white house and dylan dreyer's shot. we have the latest on the forecast and the snow track. kate snow picks up the coverage right after this. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
11:57 am
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is your only guarantee that you're getting the worlds number one recommended photochromic lens. ask for it. and register your lens online today. i have a massive heart attack oright in my driveway.d the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. hi, everyone. i'm kate snow. apologies for the voice today. we're beginning with the potentially historic blizzard that has over 85 million people in the path. right now, the storm already causing a lot of problems from tennessee to north carolina. with thousands of people are without power already as we speak. our team standing by covering all the angles of the storm and beginning in the nation's capital in the bull's eye of the storm. up to two feet of snow expected
12:00 pm
there. luke russert joins me now live from washington, d.c. with more. luke, it's coming down. >> reporter: it is, kate. coming down, indeed. the most severe snow supposed to hit about 1:00 a.m. tonight and that is a blessing because it gives people a chance to get off the roads. this could be the most serious storm to hit washington, d.c., kate, since the 1920s. because of how big it is, possibility of two and a half feet, the mayor said everyone needs to be very cautious. take a listen. >> i want to be very clear with everybody. we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications and the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. we need the city's full cooperation. >> reporter: so you hear that, kate. the mayor wants everybody off the roads by 3:00 p.m. we,


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