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tv   Up  MSNBC  January 23, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ a good morning, i'm richard lui here in new york city. a winter storm emergency is now going into effect. a powerful nor'easter is barreling into the city, with the possibility of coastal flooding. expected snow totals dramatically revised overnight for new york city and surrounding areas, more on that
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in just a little bit. the national weather service calling this a potentially crippling winter storm. at least ten people so far have been killed on the roads, a dangerous day to be out driving. officials telling people to stay inside, more than 3,000 cars said to be stranded in kentucky. that's right, 3,000. this is happening on a 35-mile stretch of interstate 35 near the city of london. officials are saying that police and the national guard are moving cars one at a time and emergency management teams are still making their way to the stuck vehicles with food and water. joining us on the phone is ben schmidt who had been stranded sense about 2:00 p.m. yesterday. 18 hours have now passed. i understand, ben, thank you for joining us on the phone, that you are moving now? >> caller: that's correct, we started moving probably 30, 45 minutes ago. they opened one lane and it was -- conditions were pretty
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crystal clear from there. but a they're a legal dicey as we speak. >> when you say tidicey, what a you seeing? >> caller: you know, richard, what i'm not seeing is plows. the only plows i saw were on the southbound portion of 75 for 16 hours. so that's what i'm not seeing. >> no plows as of yet. and tell me about how much snow you see coming down if any at all right now. >> yeah, it's moderate, that's not all that much, but at its peak, we probably saw a foot during what that 18-hour stretch. >> you are our weather reporter because you were stuck there on 75 over so many hours. tell me about how over that period of 16, 17, 18 hours, how it was when things started, how it was midway and the last couple hours, how were the
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conditions? sfw sfwlk. >> caller: my cousin and i were traveling from kentucky to new york city. it was getting pretty bad out there, we unfortunately didn't watch much of the weather report going into it and we came to a stand still and had no idea what we were in for. and 18 hours later, we're barely moving again. >> holy hanna. how were you able, in terms of food, in terms of facilities, many in terms of staying connected, give me the background on how you were handling that throughout all this time? >> caller: yeah, for sure. luckily we stopped at a boj bojangles early in the morning, and i had a sand we have i saved so we split that between us. and there was a woman, there was
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some hoist beverage that she gave me for hydration, because my cousin and i were asking for that stuff and made it through. the unfortunate aspect was that in that time span, we probably saw three police officers, so the communication was pretty much nonexistent. if it weren't for twister and social media, we wouldn't have known what was in front of me, in terms of the timing. >> do you know where you sit in that 35-mile stretch, do you sit somewhere in the middle? towards the end of it? >> caller: i would say we were probably smack dab in the middle, so somewhere between exit 40 and exit 59, it's a 22-mile stretch that was closed and i would say we were probably smack dab in the middle of it. and 14 miles from the closest exit. >> do you know the maile marker
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you were at? >> that was asked of us, and we really didn't have one in front of us. and i can dcidn't want to get ot of the car because it was 29 degrees. >> were you feeling that you were in trouble to a great degree, amongst all of those cars, amongst all of those miles, someone that may have needed emergency help? did you see any of that around you? >> we had a half a tank of gas, so we were pretty sure in our situation, but i saw a toyota that had a 7-month-old in the car. at one time a cop came by and i think they viewed that as an emergency, i gather. and the lady behind me, she was driving by myself, a little old lady, i was concerned about
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those folks, but we were going to be fine but after a while, you get to be a little delirious. >> you've made a lot of good friends over this time, ones you probably didn't think you were going to. you're headed home now? family members know you're okay? >> caller: they do, i think they all had a long night. we didn't get any sleep and my mom, she didn't sleep. they know. i hope we're going to get home. but i'll tell you, having gone through that 22-mile stretch, i've not seen any of the carnage that i thought i would see. i have seen probably two vehicles on the side of the road, and i didn't see any jackknifed trucks, but i didn't see what the holdup was, i didn't see what i thought i would say. >> ben schmidt, you were stranded on i-75 for 16 to 18 hours, if it weren't for that
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s sus tinness from those a few people. >> bojangles and hoist, if it wouldn't have been for that. >> let's go to nbc meteorologist bill karins, you've with been tracking that storm all the way through the mid-atlantic? >> 14 inches of snow officially on the ground already. remember, they have onlied had 22 snowfalls in the city's history, that's the official measurement. now that's at 14 inches, that would already place it the ninth greatest snowfall in washington, d.c.'s history. so it's already an historic storm. how high it will get, we'll find out through to the day. high wind warnings, 30 plus million people, all day long
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today, we'll have a chance of some blizzard conditions, it will be ending tonight, when everybody wakes up tomorrow morning, we're completely done with it. we did extend blizzard warnings to coastal connecticut. we always wondered, where is it going to pivot? the storm is located just over the top of atlantic city. the storm is kind of now in a stall, and then starts to head out to the sea. where it stalls is where it's going to stay throughout the day. we thought it was philadelphia to d.c., but it's headed northward now, so new york city is going to get with about two feet of snow. what's on the ground, is six to eight inches, we'll easily see another foot on top of thamt we still have 50-mile-per-hour with gusts on the jersey coast. we have high tide, there's major storm surge going on, on top of the astronomical high tides, we have a full moon right now.
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in some cases, it's as high as it's been since hurricane sandy. obviously everybody's waking up, they want to clear their walk, clear their driveway, you've got gusty winds, the winds is -- it's a light, fluffy snow in many cases, as far as the timing of the storm goes, the heaviest band as we go throughout the morning and in through the early afternoon will stay over long island, coastal connecticut, new york to philadelphia, it are will snow on and off intermittently between new york and d.c. it's already historic in washington, d.c. and soon to be in other areas. >> more concern for the cold than the wind right now? >> the ice concerns are over with. that damage has all right been done in the carolinas, the last estimate is that between 200,000
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and 300,000 without power right now. the snow piling up in the mid-atlantic areas and now southern new england, are we going to lose power? usually nor'easters, we get a warmer, wetter snow, this is more of a cold snow, it's powdery, it blows off the trees more easily, so it typically is easier on the power outages. it's cold but it's a lot better to have power. >> as bill was just saying and discussing, here in new york city, we're expecting to see a possible two feet of snow. many new yorkers are currently hunkering down to weather the storm. adam, how does it look there? and it looks like you have a good amount of sideways snow. >> reporter: good morning, heavy, blinding snow, blizzard like conditions here in value
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park, but there are people jogging, believe it or not, people with their dogs, it's coming down about one to two inches an hour, it started early last night at 10:00, it's expected to last throughout the day, by the end of the day, we could see anywhere between one and two feet of snow, maybe even more, the mayor declaring a winter weather emergency, they're on high alert, they want people to stay indoors and off the roads so they can plow the streets. 16,000 miles of streets they have to plow. they have 2,400 salt spreaders and plows. they have 300,000 tons of salt at their disposal. now a big focus today, flooding, governor christie back in new jersey, focusinging on the coastline there. governor cuomo, who was just on msnbc a while ago, declaring a state of emergency, he will focus on long island, brooklyn, even here in manhattan. back here in central park, there are joggers, that group of joggers out here despite the
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snow and plenty of dog walkers out here as well. in a couple of hours, we'll see plenty of sledders as well. back to you, richard. >> despite all of the concerns that may be out there. appreciate that adam reese, talking about the snow. a live look here at the shore of belmar, new jersey, some townships have already ordered mandatory evacuations. high tide hitting new jersey a little over an hour ago. that's where rehema ellis is, we were losing connection when we were talking with you last hour? >> reporter: it is fierce out here, a i'm on a little corner of this building right now blocking the winds, i'm going to step out a little bit more so you can get a sense of the winds here. the governor has declared a state of the emergency and that's because we have got some real -- [ no audio ] . >> rehema ellis, as we were
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discussing, just last hour, we were in new jersey there in point pleasant, the winds so strong, once she pushed outside of that shield, pushing her sideways and that connection back and forth, so we will get back to her because that connection is going to be coming and going. let's go to philadelphia now, this is a live look at the conditions the region has already been hit with a half a foot of snow. here is a live look, all of the flights in and out of philadelphia international airport cancelled because of the winds, and we were seeing some flag poles in some earlier live shots, blowing around. you heard the report from rehema there, jacob, just north of you and how that wind was pushing her sideways, how is it there? >> reporter: we're getting hammered here, it is worse in philadelphia than we thought it was going to be. we were expecting 18 inches of
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snow, now we're expecting up to two feet of snow. the weather channel just said that we have already got 15 inches in some areas of philadelphia and pennsylvania. the wednesday have been sustained above 30 miles an hour. the visibility is below a fourth-mile. and the winds are supposed to just pick up throughout the day and into the noon midday time is when the winds will be worst here, but the snow will continue on in philadelphia. through tonight into midnight, the blizzard warning is in effect, still until tomorrow morning. so it's everything we thought it was going to be in philadelphia. and even worse, the snowplows are having difficulties going down the primary roads and then turninging around and looking and they're already felled with snow again, so they got to go back over them, so they're not even getting to the secondary roads. and as you heard before, the windchill is about 12 degrees, so it's just as miserable as we thought it would be. >> one of the things we watch, no doubt, is the type of snow,
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is it light and fluffy? the winds, how strong with the winds there? what are the conditionslike where you're standing? >> reporter: the winds are pretty strong, maybe 15 minutes ago, i was standing here for another shot and i was just about blown over because of those wind gusts. the local meteorologists are saying that the wind gusts are up to 40 miles an hour here and to the north of us. >> that's the latest are from philadelphia, we now head to the nation's capital, the white house, absolutely, can you see it? that's where the blizzard like conditions are expected throughout the day in washington, d.c. snow falling at a rate of two inches an hour, with wind gusts up to 30-mile-per-hour, producing near whiteout conditions. some areas around d.c. have been forecasted to receive as much as three feet of snow, that would be a record amount.
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nbc's luke russert is in washington, d.c. with the very latest. and luke, what are the conditions like where you're at? >> reporter: well, i'm in freedom plaza, richard, and that's downtown washington where about a year from now, there will be a presidential inauguration, the a new president will walk down and address that crowd. thankfully it's not this year, because we are having near report setting storms, the largest storm in over 95 years, going back to the 1920s. we expect when this is all over to get over 20 inches of snow, right now it's about 14, that already puts it in the top ten. the big worry for local officials here wasn't necessarily people on the roads. we had a terrific traffic snarl on wednesday night when an inch fell. that freaked everybody out. people got home yesterday,
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obviously it being saturday, a lot of people are staying in. we haven't seen a lot of cars on the roads with to the exception of a few plows and emergency personnel. the big story has been the power, a lot of washington built around trees, a lot of power lines, thankfully because this snow is light and fluffy, there have not been the type of power outages that officials expected and were really worried about because once the power goes out, there's a worry for the elderly, and folks who are stuck in their home for a couple of days. this snow is light and fluffy, but if it stays like this, they can avoid the massive power outages. i can tell you as a lifelong resident, we're not the best of digging out, but we'll take it with the power on more so than with it out. is. >> thanks, luke, we'll talk to you later in the show, no doubt. a live look now at charlotte, north carolina, which is not accustomed to dealing with this
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the one place are where it is colder than it is in the northeast, that's in space. this is a shot here from american astronaut, commander scott kelly, on twitter from the international space station where he is currently spending an entire year in space. not missing the snow from where he's at. this is an aerial video shot that we have taken from a drone of the winter conditions in charlotte, north carolina. forecasters warning the dangerous conditions not over yet. snow expected to continue all morning there. nearly 150,000 in north carolina are currently without power.
5:22 am
nbc's sarah daloff is there, and sarah, who's this affecting most, this 150,000? >> reporter: it's affecting more of the rural counties, the counties harder hit, a little bit more north of here and the problem is that the ice accumulated on tree branches, those tree branches leaning on the power lines or just snapping off and damaging those power lines. crews have been working around the clock to get power restored to those 150,000 homes here in north carolina. meanwhile here in charlotte, the snow is coming down, it is very light right now, it's going to be on and off as you mentioned throughout the morning, we're expecting it to stop around noon today. there is a picture from our drone live of downtown charlotte or uptown charlotte, rather, excuse me. it's showing a city just blanketed in snow and in ice, if you're looking at those roadways there, you are starting to see some traffic pick up as people wake up here on this saturday morning. but something to keep in mind, all those preparations, the
5:23 am
brining that crews laid down on the roads is all gone now. so ice is a possibility. those roads look clear, with but they're actually very, very slick. the panthers are scheduled to play on sunday, it's going to be a big game, and think didn't get to take a break yesterday, they had practice in the snow, in the ice. their coach saying he hopes it acclimates them and gives them an edge on sunday against the arizona cardinals, obviously ya used to a much warmer practice condition. the field is covered by a tarp, they're going to lift that tarp and give the field a chance to dry out. it's going to be cold and icy, but hopefully conditions will improve, like i said, snow expected to stop here in the afternoon and the airport is going to resume operations, that's going to be key for
5:24 am
people who have been trapped here. american airlines stopped all flights both into and out of charlotte douglas. they're going to try to get the people out, try to get things back to normal as crews continue to clear the streets and restore power, richard. >> here's a live look at washington, d.c., where nine inches of snow already down on the ground, it could be a record breaking blizzard for the nation's capital. two inches an hour, the latest on the storm's path, we'll get that for you. and hundreds of thousands of travelers all over the country, with 7,600 flights cancelled so far. we'll go live to laguardia airport, which is essentially a coast town.
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here's what we know, it happened in northern saskatchewan, they arrested a man outside the school. we'll give you more developments when we two get those. and through the northeast, that massive storm that we have been watching for you, it's crippling air travel, from virginia to martha's vineyard in massachusetts. kristen dahlgren, pictures so far this morning, cat. >> reporter: hey there, richard, take a look, if there's any question about whether anything is going in or out of laguardia today, this should give you your answer, a rare sight, virtually a ghost town here, take a look down this way and i can show you security shut down, they've got the gate down, so nothing going in or out right now and that means if you go a little farther this way, you can see all these
5:29 am
pe poor souls who didn't get the memo that the airport was closed. they're trying to figure out what they're doing, do they stay here the next couple of days, do they get a hotel. most have been told they're not getting out until tomorrow. or monday or tuesday. more than 4,100 flights cancelled nationwide today. so you've got the new york airports topping those lists, also the d.c. area airports, philadelphia, but it's a trickle down effect, so you evening have places like miami, ft. lauderdale, los angeles, they're seeing a lot of cancellations today, because they're either flights coming in or out of the east coast, or they weren't able to get the aircraft there that were supposed to be there, so it's a difficult situation around the entire country. >> that ripple effect that we talked about so often, one airport, this storm hitting so many different areas throughout the country. what are travelers telling you
5:30 am
today, i was in there yesterday night, and as you know, it was sunny towards sunset and today it's a totally different story. >> yesterday, there were flights getting out, there were many cancellations but really the airlines were trying to get the aircraft out of here. think of it, how difficult it is to dig out a car after a snow storm, imagine what digging out a plane would be like. so i just looked at the run ways a little while ago, there are no planes out there, they have got plows trying to get the snow out of the way so tomorrow they're able to open as quickly as possible. the airlines are telling us they hope by noon tomorrow they will be flying, but it takes a while to the get everything back into place, all these people that are stuck on their flights, so it's going to be a difficult few days. >> these are professionals and they're definitely used to the winter storms and our first big one for the season. live look now, philadelphia,
5:31 am
like a lot of cities in the mid-atlantic, under blizzard warnings, there's that flag pole i was telling you just wiggling in the wind. al roker will be here with the latest on the storm's track. you think you're doing all you can for your heart health, ...but 9 out of 10 americans... ...aren't getting enough important omega-3s. bayer pro ultra omega-3 can help, with two times the concentration of omega-3s than the leading brand. love your heart ... with bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. 11 states and washington, d.c. remain under a state of emergency. governor andrew cuomo, declaring a state of emergency just this morning. the powerful nor'easter has already pummelled much of the east coast and it's set to hit the new york city city area, and to the philadelphia area, with gale force winds and the possibility of coastal flooding. the snow totals revised overnight for new york and surrounding areas, the national weather service calling this a potentially crippling winter storm. that's what we know so far. let's go to nbc meteorologist
5:35 am
bill karins. bill, i guess it's a little bit more than what we had originally thought. any other surprises that you have seen. >> the biggest surprises have been in the new york city area, this trend went a little further to the north. yesterday we had the bad stuff in the carolinas, now we're focusing on the worst of the effects for the coastal areas, the high tide, we're expecting the storm surge look with the high tide to cause the worse damage along the coast, wave action, dune erosion, that's a shot of new york city there. let's take you to our coastal shot there. okay, we have a reporter in the shot. when she steps out of the way, we'll put it back up in a second. right now i'm seeing many tweets from coastal areas, people are saying they think the roofs are going to fall off their house. they haven't seen wind like this since sandy. gusts now in the
5:36 am
50-mile-per-hour range. these little red arrows, that's is highest wednesday, ocean city's been spared a elect. from cape may to wild wood, atlantic city, the storm shifted a little further north overnight so the highest winds were in the southern jersey delmarva area, now they're shifting northwards. so they'll get up towards areas of long island. at 11:00 a.m., this is where the center of the storm is going to be. you notice the wind gusts, 40, 50, even the 60-mile-per-hour range. when we see the wind gusts in the 50s and 60s, that's when we can get some downed power lines. instead of that harsh northeast winds that throws the water against the coast, piles it up, by the time we get to this evening's high tide, we start to deal with the northerly wind, we're going to plow the water out of the bays so a that high tide should not be as high as
5:37 am
the one we're dealing with right now. the worst coastalal threat is occurring now from new jersey southward right down through the delmarva. i mentioned the windchill is not fun either as far as the storm is concerned. that's more of an inconvenience, the windchills and for everyone who has to go out there and clear their snow and deal with the effects of their house. now we have a that picture of the bellmont shore areas. we have the water at its highest right now. you can see, there's not a lot of beach in that picture, there's usually a lot more beach than that. but it's not overtopping the dunes, they did a ton of work, they were out there with the front-end loaders and the bulldozer, building up the dunes they knew was going to be eroding, there is water in some of the typical flood prone areas. >> the wind we're reporting out of belmar, typical there?
5:38 am
are or are they quite high? >> typical for a nor'easter? >> i would say on average once a winter, with we get winds like this from a nor'easter type storm. history is not going to look at this storm and say, wow, those wednesday were historical. the snow is the historical part of the storm. we'll have more updates on that, central park just came in with six inches, reagan is at 14 inches and philadelphia is at 14 inches. >> that that snow you were showing us earlier an hour ago, you could see times square, now we don't know where it is. >> new york city is going to be pounded during the daylight hours today, this picture will look like this until at least 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. that's why new york could get a foot to a foot and a half on top of what we have already seen. >> bill was showing us that
5:39 am
picture of times square, and you could see times square, you could not an hour ago. in philadelphia, we're seeing nine inches of snow so far. all flights out of philadelphia international airport there have been cancelled as a result. jacob is live in philadelphia with more for us. and any word there and maybe they're even planning the hour at which they will be able to resume those flights, jacob? >> reporter: yeah, they're all day today, there are no flights in and out of philadelphia airport, so not until tomorrow, but that ripple effect goes until the middle of next week, because you book people on flights tomorrow, you start booking them on monday and that ripples on and on. i wish just ten minutes ago, you would have been here, car was stuck, so they had to push it out. we were expecting initially about a foot and a half, but now we're expecting about two feet.
5:40 am
you said nine inches, but there are reports that say we have gotten 15 inches so far. where i'm walking, there's about a foot, foot of and a half, and where i'm walking, there's two feet. that's what you're seeing, you're seeing big lumps like this along the road, because the wind, the 30-mile-per-hour sustained wind is just nonstop since overnight. and so that's a big problem for the snowplows, they're not even able to get clear, the primary roads, they're not even able to start on the secondary roads, they're telling everybody to just stay indoors, don't even try to get out and drive. so far we have seen mostly that. it is blizzard conditions, i can hardly see a quarter mile in front of me and that sustained wind has been above 30-mile-per-hour with gusts in the 40s and 50s. >> i've been out in storms like that, it's tough to talk, and that cold wind in your face at
5:41 am
the moment, i hope it does cool down -- actual warm up and that snow does slow down. we'll be back from rockefeller plaza with more snow, we can see it coming down and folks still out there this morning, we'll be right back. tting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms
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make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. breaking news this morning, we continue to watch that storm coming up through the northeast. >> the wildwood area is where we're starting to see some of the flooding areas, this is the video from north wild wood, this isn't so uncommon when you get strong nor'easters, but a lot of these areas, the water will go down the streets, and after hurricane sandy went down, a lot of those streets have been raised in recent years, so there's not a lot of water in homes, but people are being told to stay off the road because of conditions like this.
5:45 am
this is bedford, pennsylvania, this a facebook video that people have just sent in. people have been stranded on the highway since 8:00 p.m. last night because of the snow. state police are reporting a few of the tractor trailers jackknifed on the hill, they can't get up the hill. one thing this area, this stretch is famous for, there's about 25 miles between exits, in this portion of the turnpike, one of the longest stretches in our county tremendous betwebetw got some of the tractor trailers out of the way, but then they had some following them and they got stuck too. there's been people in their cars for more than eight hours, windchills are 12 and at some point, people are going to run out of gas and run of the of heat. this is an area a that could still pick up another one to two feet of snow, how do you get in and rest u that many people, if they're going to be struck there for a good portion of the day. this is what they were afraid of. when you hear about these stories, you know you have
5:46 am
people trapped, they still have their cell phones, they can call this and can they can tell us their stories, but how do you get all these people off the roads? if it's a hilly situationlike this, you get a tow truck out, you get one or two vehicles, but it's not like these people have chains on their vehicles in other parts of the country where they have chains on their tires going through the mountain passes, even as they're clearing the vehicles, because of the additional snow, the cars can't get through where they're supposed to be. this is an ugly situation right now, we mentioned kentucky earlier, a similar scene, this one may even be worse, because of how rural it is, and there's really no way to get these vehicles out, you can't just back them up. >> we can't -- as you know, bill, we have been covering the
5:47 am
area in kentucky where there was 35 miles of cars lined up. >> and that snow in kentucky stopped about 10 hours ago. and people are still stranded there. this is why everyone was saying, stay off the roads, stay off the roads, don't even risk getting trapped. your vehicle may be fine, but maybe the vehicle that's a mile ahead of you may not be fine and then you can't do anything. >> well said, bill karins, we'll be talking about new jersey, which bill was showing us a second ago, about how the winds, the snow, governor chris christie is in new jersey where the storm has dumped up to a foot of snow. the area left thousands without power, he made the decision to leave the new hampshire campaign trail midday yesterday in light of all this. take a look at what he said. >> i want to make sure that the people of my state feel safe and
5:48 am
secure and know that despite the fact that i've been on the phone seven or eight times in the past two days to get updates from the national weather service and lay out plans about how we're going to deploy resources, talked to the national guard, talked to the department of environmental protection, making sure everybody knows what they're doing. they'll feel better if i'm there. so i'm going to go back this afternoon. you're going to be the last event that i do today. i'm going to go back this afternoon. >> that after mounting calls for the new jersey governor to head home. >> i think he needs to come back, a day or two ago, it might have been a question mark, it's not a question mark anymore. obviously we're being warned that it could even be worse. >> joining me now the michael tobeman aid to governor george pataki. how is he going to help those
5:49 am
people in his state that need help? >> if sandy is any -- >> that's where he made his name, people say. >> he will do a very good job and he has been very portionful in prior storms to tell people to stay at home so you don't have situations like you do in pennsylvania. all poll teitics is local. local politics is i've got a state to worry about. they're not senators, they need to manage these things. so he needs to come home. >> you've got a democratic mayor saying he's not doing a good job, is that political? >> everything is political especially in an election year. when you're the in higher office, you're judged about getting services an getting things done. the irony of having our tall new york city mayor criticize christie is that it feels like 100 years ago that the brooklyn democratic boss called john lindsay back from his political
5:50 am
campaign, saying john sheeba, come back home, you need to take care of the city. >> when you're a governor, you need to be on the ground. this is a very important situation not only for the peel of new jersey, but there is a little politics in this. and he is running for president. you can fail on this one. >> as you were saying just stay local, not on the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> if he had stayed in new hampshire, it would have become an issue, go home, take care of the problems at home and then when it's over get back on the campaign trail. >> we were talking about governor cchristie, how he made his name, also hurricane irene, during a disaster is what he's known for. >> i saw some of these news feeds upstairs of people sitting on the beach in asbury park. get the hell off the beach in asbury park and get out.
5:51 am
you're done. it's 4:30, you've maximized your tan. >> so you can turn this around, that tough talk to his very own residents, the citizens of his state saying you've got to get off the beaches, get back home. >> that's the way to do this. remember we had that problem in new york city where we didn't have that leadership and we didn't stress hard enough. the scenario is that if you overplay it, people stay home and then say you overplayed it. people need to get off the roads. you did a whole story of that area in pennsylvania, you need to stay, we have got a major storm, stay home. >> overplaying you hurt the economy? >> overplaying you hurt the economy, but it is much, much worse to underplay it. the politics of natural disasters are significant and it's not opportunist and it's not exploitive, we're still talking about services that haven't been delivered to housing projects, red hook and
5:52 am
coney island as a result of superstorm sandy. so these issues are still going on. >> thank you so much for coming in on a stormy, wintry day, appreciate it. we'll be talking to both of them next hour, but washington is under a state of emergency and it could be the worst storm in the state's heft. we got more. or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ [ sneezing ] a cold can make you miserable. luckily, alka seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels
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all right, we'll take us to washington, d.c., the white house, snow continues to fall. 85 million people in at least 20 states have been affected. but perhaps no state hit harder than the d.c. metro area. more than two feet falling there with life threatening conditions throughout the day. nbc's miguel alamaguer, what are people telling you about the d.c. metropolitan areasome. >> reporter: they're telling everybody who lives here to certainly stay home, they're concerned about the next several
5:56 am
hours here, because the snow is continuing to come down, we have had more than a foot of snow. they're expecting another foot. the city has been crippled because no one is moving or going anywhere. you can hear sirens, it's only first responders out on the streets, we have seen people out here occasionally, but for the most part this city is a ghost town, that's what the city has wanted. you hear an ambulance coming down the road. that's the first activity we have had all day. with we talked to first responders a short time ago, they say the call volume has been relatively low, considering the situation we have been looking at here, but they do expect those calls to increase as the snow continues to come down here, we'll likely see snow all the way through tonight. we'll continue the big digout, but tomorrow, we'll be facing problems because all of this snow has accumulated weighing down trees and power lines. we could see power outages by
5:57 am
tomorrow. >> miguel there in washington, d.c., where it's very, very cold and snowy. what has been unexpected about this large storm in the northeast. that in about three minutes on msnbc. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. (two text tones)
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♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ a powerful nor'easter -- about two hours ago, you could actually see some of the lights in times square. now you can barely see anything, the dramatic snow totals
6:01 am
dramatically revised overnight. more on that shortly. the national weather service calling this storm a potentially rippling winter storm, we have got you covered from up and down the mid-atlantic, adam reese and rehema ellis along the jersey shore. but the latest on the storm's track from nbc meteorologist bill karins, and that surprise you've been telling us so for this morning, we're going to get more snow than was originalliest mated. >> we're going to get a bigger storm, a major storm in new york city. when you wake up and that is doubled, the possibility of 20 inches of snow. wow, what happened, we were on a very fine gradient and it shifted north. one of the developing stories is pennsylvania turnpike is closed right now, interstate 70 near the bedford area, a couple of
6:02 am
18-wheelers they have jackkni jackknifed. they have got a couple off and then another one gets stranded. the duquesne colleges men's basketball team is stuck in this mess. they play pd in a college basketball team and they got stuck coming back from it. this is a long isolated stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike. it's all white, we still could pick up another foot easily in this area. how they're going to get all those people out there is a very logistical operation and a nightmare. off the coast of delaware, we're at a high tide seekal. there's areas that have water on the roads. there's a tidal gauges there, they are now to their all-time highest tide with any storm. the passing blizzard that we had in 1992. even higher than what they had with the water levels there back in hurricane sandy. so very impressive high water and one of the reasons for that is because of the full moon. that added an extra foot and a
6:03 am
half on top of the storm surge that they're currently getting in the storm surge area. the wind is whipping, their houses are shaking with gale force storm gusts. the water is higher than they have seen it in many years. in d.c., the possibility of the biggest storm they have ever seen. right now national is at 14 inches, it's still snowing and it will keep snowing throughout the day. i don't think they'll get 20 inches which is their all time high. they may get 19 inches. in d.c., heavier snow for you. we're still getting some bands of very heavy snow now trying to work their way up from dover up towards wilmington, delaware. so you're not done there yet either. as far as additional snow, maybe 10 inches in d.c., so that would put us in the 20-inch category. baltimore could add another eight to your 14 inches. as far as the new york city area
6:04 am
goes, the biggest snowfall ever is 24 inches of snow, last report was six inches in central park, so we have a long ways to go. but we still have a couple of hours of heavy snow to go. right now we're getting within to two inches per hour, if we keep this up another eight to ten hours, we're going to easily add another foot to this. the heavier snow is now shifting up to the north. as far as long island, 18 to 24 inches by the time we're all said and done. timing wise, tomorrow morning when everyone wakes up the effects of the storm are over and the cleanup begins. >> the large fipiles of snow ba in 2006, everyone having to walk home in the snow. >> already pictures on social media of cars stranded in snow drifts. >> also we have got some video for you of stranded motorists
6:05 am
near bedford, pennsylvania, folks being stuck there. we got to speak with one of the individuals that was stuck there since 8:00 p.m. last night. a very dangerous situation there, matt ckaca karen is on t phone, he's been part of this. matt, you're a truck driver, you're used to tough conditions, you're used to when it becomes absolutely impossible to drive, yet because you have been on the road for so many years, you know how to do this, but you've been stuck there for hours? >> caller: yeah, this is the -- you know, at night, they pretty much had all the traffic, the cars out of the way and just a couple of accidents was all it took and a chain reaction has just -- and we're gridlocked, we're not going nowhere. >> we heard it was 20-plus miles, a lineup that goes forever. are you at the front and you saw some sort of pileup? is that what you saw yourself?
6:06 am
>> i'm about ten miles back from where the accident actually started and basically we're in a single file line like most of us truck drivers and then you have some stranded motorists and vehicles that tried to get off on the shoulder basically just got stuck. but the snow is so deep, they can't -- i mean we can't even -- i don't even know if they're going to be able to move us once they actually get everything moving. >> especially tractor trailers. tell me how long you've been there. >> caller: since about 8:00 p.m. last night. >> 8:00 p.m. last night. and do you have a cab -- do you have a sleeper? so you're well equipped? what are the conditions like in terms of your ability to eat and facilities and to stay warm? >> well, for me, being a truck driver, i'm prepared for these types of things. so, yeah, i have a sleeper, i slept through the night kind of. i have a refrigerator of food, tv, that kind of stuff because,
6:07 am
you know, this is our job. but never sat in the middle of the highway for this many hours. >> all right, matt karen, thanks very much. eappreciate it. get home safely, i know you've been there for a bunch of hours, it's got to be tough, so i appreciate you taking the time to speak with us. >> caller: i think it's going to be many more hours too, i don't think we're going anywhere any time soon. >> keep our number and stay in touch. in philadelphia, not too far away, they're going it 13 to 15 inches of snow with more to come throughout the day. flights coming in and out of philadelphia, airport is closed. it was windy last hour, we spoke with you, but it looks like it's picked up again. >> it's side ways and it's not expected to stop. the wind is expected to go like it is until to the noon hour, that's wind gusts up to 40 miles
6:08 am
an hour and greater and the snow is not expected to stop until 10:00 p.m. to midnight. that blizzard warning for philadelphia, extends into sunday morning. so it's worse here than we thought it might be. we're expecting initially 18 inches of snow total. now we're expecting two feet and possibly more as you said, some reports of 14 to 15 inches already and we still have many, many more hours to go. where i'm standing, there's about two feet of snow, but that's because the wind is picking it up here. and we snow that the snowplows are having some difficulty, including one, we just saw a picture of this, i'm not sure if we have it of a plow here in philadelphia that was going this morning, trying to get one of the primary streets out of the way, and swroeoverturned, so thd gusts are so heavy, and the snow is so heavy that a snowplow overturned here in philadelphia. so we're gearing up for another
6:09 am
12 hours of knsnow and the wind not expected to die down for the next couple of hours. >> is it fluffy snow? >> reporter: it's not very heavy. >> that's good news for folks out there, because it will not sit on those power lines. jacob, thank you so much. i want to take you to new york city where we're expecting to see two feet here. people hunkering down to wait out that storm. adam reese is in central park where folks are out walking dogs, they are still running, and it looks likes a as it picks up, bill karens, saying folks should stay in. >> reporter: it's heavy, blinding snow, blizzard like conditions here in central park, it's been coming down an inch to two inches every hour, it actually started earlier last night around 10:00 p.m., earlier
6:10 am
than we predicted and it's been coming down all evening, models are are showing anywhere from one feet to two feet or even more. we have seen joggers, dog walkers, linda joins us now, linda live s on 68th street but she's actually from london. >> i love it out here. >> i have seen lots of dog walkers. and you had a chance to walk around a little and it's pretty deep. >> it really is, i got the right boots on and i was walking with a friend with her dog, and the dogs are just loving it so it's fun to watch them. >> reporter: the mayor has declared a winter weather emergency, and that means all the plows are out, 6,000 miles of street need to be covered.
6:11 am
they have 240 trucks out. governor cuomo also declaring a state of emergency, he'll be keeping an eye on areas like brooklyn, long island, it's really a winter wonderland, very picturesque here in central park, and in the next couple of hours, you can bet we will see a bunch of sledders coming out to enjoy this beautiful snow. >> it is picturesque, and it is very quiet, which you're not used to seeing in central park. again, a state of emergency, folks should be staying in where they can. we also have some live pictures at national harbor in prince george's county, maryland, that's near washington, d.c., where the snow started falling more than 20 hours ago. it will not stop for another 12 hours or so as we're watching it. we'll go live to the ground for what could be a record breaking blizzard. rs ago. the medical bills - the credit card debt all piled up. rs ago.
6:12 am
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we have a live look at the white house that we'll go to in just a little bit. but i do want to get you upedated on what's happening in the washington metropolitan area. we're getting reports in the virginia state area, over 1,000 crashes reported on friday, that's from the virginia state police. their update coming in to us about 45 minutes ago. 1,032 crashes, i want to get to bill karins who's also getting us up to date. one of the concerns you have had here, bill, is flooding amongst all this snow. >> this is sea aisle city, new jersey, this is about a quarter mile. i literally was down here this summer. i parked my car in front of this business. but look you can see the storm
6:16 am
water there's a dune that protect this is area, and then it goes maybe an eighth of a mile to the main street and this is the street that goes north and south along the city area, this is just south of wildwood, new jersey area, and there's damage being done to this coastal area. >> the bottom of the screen, that's all water? >> yes, this is the water line right now. >> got it. >> and you can see that these were benches that the water is up to the benches, so that's about, got to be at least a foot and a half to two feet and that's definitely going inside of all these businesses here, and it's broken through the dune protection, so's pretty flat throughout this whole area, so you just wonder how far, how many streets inland this water is also going to. so they're at the high tide right now and the pictures down in the delaware coast are not any better, we're hearing a lot of reports of the wind damage there and this extremely high
6:17 am
tide that we're having now. and this isn't the whole little town. >> sure. >> along the mid-atlantic coast that's dealing with some your water problems right now. >> are we at the moment where you have the most concern of conditions like a that? what hour would be the peak? >> all the high tides along the mid-atlantic are between about 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. this morning, if we were going to get any major coastal flooding, which is when it was going to be happening. and the storm is just south of this area, we had the high tide, you have the strongest wins right along this area, that's just north of wildwood right here and 50-mile-per-hour winds is just approximate pushing that water on shore, they have had a four-foot storm surge in that area. once it breaks through the dunes, it just goes. >> you're watching connecticut -- >> i'm not concerned with connecticut and long island, it's all about the angle of the wind. the angle of this wind is just piling the water on the coast. it can't escape. up on long island, the water ask
6:18 am
kind of paralleling the coastalal areas and the water can just move along the coast, and that water instead of going to long island and piling up is piling up on the jersey shore. that's why we're seeing these pictures and the damage being done. i now want to go to washington, d.c., i was mentioning earlier in that area, the virginia state police reporting crashes at the white house. 9:18 local teem. there's also the issue of this morning. as of the 7:00 a.m. hour, the virginia state police, very lows to the white house there, they have had reports of up to 17 crashes and 1225 disabled vehicles, luke russert is looking at the latest conditions for us, is it picking up? is it evening off since the last hour we spoke to you? >> reporter: it's been pretty steady, to give you an idea how long this storm has been hitting washington, it's really been like this since i would say 4:00 or 5:00 yesterday.
6:19 am
expected to keep up like this at least for a few more hours and not really lighten up until tonight until 5:00, 6:00, god willing. what you mention is very important is the traffic accidents. the mayor, the governors of both maryland and virginia, the governor of d.c., imploring people, please, please, please, stay off to the roads, there's no reason for you to be out here. the only people that should be out here are those plowing and first responders. i saw a few idiots in their import cars, they've been out here sliding around and they have sense gone away. if you want to be a hero and show off to your spouse, honestly, you don't need to do it, unless you're having a med can kl emergency or you have to get some needed supplies for a baby or something, other than that, stay inside. the big threat was power, the loss of power, spoke to a --
6:20 am
they have been lucky, because this snow has been soft and fluffy, it has not been wet. so all those trees in the aboveground power lines, in a lot of these cities including the surrounding suburbs, they haven't had any significant outages yet. hopefully that stays the case. if that stays the case, that's the biggest safety bullet. we don't have the best plows in the world. but the governor got them out, look, we'll take sunday to clean up, hopefully we'll be back to business on monday, if not monday, then tuesday. this is the biggest storm in over 90 years if the projections keep on track, and i have lived here my entire life, and this reminds me of 1996 where i didn't have school for eight days. i don't think it will be that bad, but it is serious. >> because it is the weekend, people are staying home more
6:21 am
than they would be able to do that. thank you, luke russert, there in washington, d.c. reporting 1,000 crashes just yesterday in virginia state. now joining us on the phone, let's take you to new jersey where the mayor there of atlantic city, mayor don guardian is on the phone with us right now. mayor, i was just talking with bill karins and bill was showing us there a picture of flooding there in sea isle city in new jersey. you're right there on the coast in jersey city, but any reports of high water and flooding that you have heard? >> yeah, absolutely, we're out there, i have seen it myself, i have been driving around since 5:00 this morning, police, fire reporting all the same. all of our low-lying areas, absolutely flooded. we have had just under eight foot above tides in terms of what happens, in terms of two
6:22 am
instances, loop 30 and 40 are closed to the city, but the state is open, low-lying areas in this city, include melrose avenue and fair mont avenue. both of them are closed because of fwlolooding. we're at the high tide right now, our concern is the snow and the freezing conditions to make sure that the water will be able to return back into the bay. and again, that's going to be the concern tonight. so 8:30 this evening, when we have high tide in the back bay, they're not going to be able to receive t recede the way they normally do because of the cold weather. we have warming stations open, but no need for evacuations, we have had a couple of fires, they have been contained. luckily the 18 name families who were affected by the fire were able to self relocate, meaning they had family and friends that they were able to get to. but we're staying on top of it, we have got boats in all of our
6:23 am
fire houses in case the situation calls for that. the state has been very helpful. we have several army vehicles, the high water vehicles that can travel through two, three, four feet of water. beaches taking a beating. dunes are holding up so far. but it's a bad nor'easter, and as you're telling people, stay in, stay warm, in atlantic city, we have been plowing since last night, roads are okay, but they're icy, but you don't want to be out without a four-wheel drive vehicle a sand you definitely don't want to be out unless it's an emergency. >> mayor, as we were showing the picture, again, sea isle city, new jersey, that's about 30 miles south on the coastline of where you're at. you're 30 miles up the coastline there. you have not yet maybe received the worst of it yet, maybe you're about the to. but when you were driving up and down the coast as you were just describing to me, can you tell
6:24 am
me what you saw in terms of water, what you saw in terms of the businesses and have you had a chance to speak with any of the business owners or the homeowners there on the coast? >> absolutely, 100 people since 5:00 this morning, i can tell you as we traveled in and out of the casino hotels, to the casinos are full, people are dining and gambling and they're just coming out of the nightclubs from last night. so they're safe. how does it look? it looks like a bad storm. we came close to a pavilion up on the boardwalk and the ocean was leaking about 10 feet above the height of that pavilion. this is a typical nor'easter out here, this isn't a time to be foolish, it's a time to be staying indoors. we have flooding well above the wheel wells of a car, so you're really very foolish to try to go out. we have a garage right in the
6:25 am
center of town that's been open for free to make sure that anyone a that needs to get their vehicle to a high level can do that. >> there's mandatory evacuations, are there areas that you might concerned of a mandatory evacuation? >> no, from downtown here, we don't see an evacuation coming, but of course we're following the guidelines of the county and the state that we have been in touch with constantly since yesterday early morning, the governor's office, so if the governor of the state is going to be taking action, we're certainly going to be following their guidance &. but at this point, we're in pretty good shape down here, do not see the need for evacuation. but if you're in a low-lying area, certainly we're responding to anyone that needs help. and as i mentioned, three locations here as warming stations, where we have some food, some places to stay warm.
6:26 am
but this storm is going to be with us until sunday night. >> mayor don guardian, you've got a busy day, thank you very much for spending time with us to warn folks to stay inside and letting us know what the kumpblcurrent conditions are. mayor don guardian of jersey city. the main north-south corridor on the east coast. there's a live look as dylan and her crew check in with us on the driving conditions there. we'll get to her later this hour. also, snow not the only concern this weekend, the jersey shore could be facing catastrophic flooding. again back to new jersey in just a bit. hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills.
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starts with arthritisg pain and a choice. this is sheldon, take tylenol or take aleve,.. the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. got some live pictures of times square in new york. you can see times square now. an hour ago we could not. incredible images, weather alerts pouring in on social
6:30 am
media. for more on social media's reaction to the historic storm is msnbc's cal perry. >> one of the spots we are seeing is the pennsylvania turnpike and i-75 there, a 35-mile long backup. here's barnigan, new jersey. the police issued those mandatory evacuations, the area they're worried about the bay drive. here's what they just tweeted to give you an idea of how bad it's getting. this is just on the coast, this is not the town, i don't want to overplay it, this is an area that we're worried about when we talk about that coastal flooding and obviously the police there just want people out of the area, power outages are a continuing concern. it hasn't been as bad as we thought it might be, in places like georgia, we're still talking about thousands of
6:31 am
outages instead of hundreds of thousands. it hasn't been that bad, surprisingly we're not talking tens of thousands of people, hopefully knock on wood it stays that way. here's your misery map. it's full of misery, from new york to washington, to charlotte, everything's pretty much shut down. if you haven't flown, you're not flying today especially on the east coast. >> cal perry, appreciate it. live look at i-95 in maryland, north of baltimore. that picture coming and going because she is driving and she is videoing, there she is, dylan driver will be with us, stay with us right here on msnbc. medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help
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6:35 am
camera lens down below in the lower part of your screen, you get a sense, and it's tough to see here, as they have been receiving snow of one to two inches an hour, we expect another 12 hours being dumped on the capital in the metropolitan area of washington, d.c., again, national harbor d.c., 9:34 local time. let's get over now to al roker, co-host of the "today" show a who's been tracking this storm all morning. and al, if you were walking across the street, if you were able to, that snow coming down at a rate we didn't expect. >> this storm is actually overperforming, it's moving a little further north than we thought. normally rockefeller center, they've got this thing cleared out by now. they over a little behind to the 8-ball on this one. i just talked to my wife, it's like i never touched my walk this morning. so it's going to continue. and the spin of this thing is actually bringing snow all the way down to atlanta. so it's a wide ranging system. and as we look in closer, you
6:36 am
can get an idea of the snowfall that we have seen so far, right now, as we look currently, heavy snow in central park, interesting being in central park, they're supposed to have winter jam today. they were making snow for two days. they have had to cancel it because there's too much snow. >> cancel the snow making? >> cancel the event. all right, we made snow, there's too much, stay home. which is good. baltimore, washington, here's what we're looking for as far as snowfall amounts. upwards of 24 inches, could get three feet. philadelphia, central new jersey, southern new jersey, 18 to 24 inches of snow, this could be a top three, top five for them. and then as we move our way to new york city we could be looking at a top three snowfall,
6:37 am
even new england, we thought wouldn't see all that purchase. but new haven will see anywhere from 18 to 20 inches, providence checking in at 18 inches, boston, they'll see two inches. the other big thing, the winds, they are brutal, high tide coming up around 7:30, so we have coastal flood warnings, coastal flood watches, and coastal flood advisories making their way up the coast. rehema ellis is on the coast, she could barely hold on. i know exactly where she is, because i was there for superstorm sandy. rehema, how are you holding up? are you at that hotel by the pool a in point pleasant? >> reporter: al, you know the place very well, because you were here yourself in 2012 for hurricane sandy, and this particular location where i'm standing, it did not hold up during the storm, but now it has
6:38 am
been rebuilt under hurricane code. so we have high expectations that we will be able to stay here. what we don't have, and forgive me for turning my face from you a little bit, the winds are howling out here, and with it comes the elements that makes it feel like needless that are punching me in the face. it is very difficult. the snow, al, it is heavy and wet here along the coast. the hotel where we spent the night, just across the road, has no power, it had a backup generator that went out. but we haven't heard about the high volume of outages, nor have we seen excessive flooding yet. that is the worry in this area. but this area will be pummelled from the water coming off the ocean, and that's where the wind is coming right off the ocean right now.
6:39 am
and the ocean is pounding anybody who dares to come out here. >> i know it's hard to talk when you're in that kind of wind, you can't even catch your breath. why don't you take a break, get inside out of that. like rehema said, i was there, it's a little bit like you're getting a dermabrasion. they made sand dunes, i'm sure that will be gone before this is over. >> your face says i don't want to move, and you're trying to talk and you're forcing it to do something that it doesn't want to do. before you go here al, based on the snow headlines based on a saturday that's new today, are you also concerned then that the flooding will be greater than what was estimated earlier? >> i'm looking at some of the pictures that bill karins is pulling in and is going to share very shortly. but there's some significant
6:40 am
flooding and some of the flood gauges are higher than they were with sandy, right, bill? >> you can see this one over here, the north wildwood area, the north wildwood police department on its twitter feed is releasing these pictures now. this is literally an officer that's out there in 40-degree water trying to push this vehicle that was just stuck. this was happening this morning. >> the governor was on the "today" show earlier and said they didn't expect much. but there was one picture i saw that was like chunks of ice and as far as the eye could see. >> we put that one back up for you too. >> that was pretty impressive. >> a lot of people are -- it came in this morning, the new york city forecast changed and everything else. snow forecasting is -- oh, yeah, that's -- >> that's amazing. >> it's like icebergs floating down through. that's a quarter mile from the beach too. tidal flooding, as you know, child's play is forecasting snow compared to tidal flooding.
6:41 am
it's so difficult, we thought this would mbe a minor to major category. but the tidal surge just topped sandy. >> and that was the beat all and end all. >> exactly. >> richard, back to you. >> al roker, al, thank you for stopping by, of course bill karins as well with the latest on that. let's now take you to the area of virginia, not too far from washington, d.c., a state of emergency there, travel has become life threatening, nearly two feet of snow and icy conditions have caused over 500 crashes since yesterday, we're kbetsing numbers of over 1,000 from virginia state police, over 1,000 crashes and several dozen this morning as of 7:00 a.m., as the storm heads northeast towards new york city, millions more will be affected. joining us now for the latest road conditions is nbc's meteorologist dylan dryer on the road with us live via video.
6:42 am
dylan, how does it look? >> reporter: well, richard, not very reassuring numbers you're throwing out there as we are on the road ourselves, trying to drive back to new york city from d.c. it's been a slow go and you run into patches on the road here, look at our camera out front, and you can see that in this section of 95 north here, we're a lebittle bit past baltimore n, you can see that the road conditions are twe s ars are ac. there's been some salt put down, we're not dealing with icy conditions, because it wasn't one of those storms that started off as freezing rain and then turned over to snow. it's been snow the whole time. we have been in and out of visibility. the snowflakes themselveses are really small and the difference between those fat snowflakes, it does help with visibility a little bit and it accumulates quickly. most of the people we have seen off on the side of the roads were trying to get off on an
6:43 am
offramp that wasn't plowed as well. and there's a vehicle that can't get through that snow. but on to the main drag, we run into these patches of really good -- well, really good considering, road conditions and we also run into some areas where they're just not plowed enough. you can only do so much when the snow is coming down at rates because the storm is just so intense, richard. >> how fast were you able to drive and has it gotten squirrely at all for those who have been on the road so far? nobody's on the road there, dylan, how many folks have you seen on the road? >> reporter: that's been the other good thing, it's a good point, richard, is that there really haven't been that many people on the road, which means that everybody is heeding the warning to just stay home. except for us, we're on a mission trying to get back to new york and we have that blue mobile that we're traveling with. we have been able to go about 30-mile-per-hour. but then when you're going, you're cruising along fine on the road like what we're on right now, then all of a sudden
6:44 am
you run into that patch that wasn't plowed as well. and you skid a little bit, but the key is to take your foot off the brake, turn into the curve, you don't want to slam on your brakes, there's been some spinouts, and i assume it's because they've been slamming on the brakes. >> how far out of d.c. are you in terms of time? >> reporter: we passed baltimore i would say about 20 miles ago. we just passed one of the big exits, maryland house, which is a huge rest area. we do have to stop at some point for wipers, anybody who's been watching our shot knows we do need a new set of wipers, so we'll be stopping wherever we can find wipers at this point. >> it looks good from here, my friend, dylan dryer, from i-95, the key thoroughfare from the mid-atlantic up to the northeast. thank you so much and it looks like conditions are definitely stay off the road. thank you dylan.
6:45 am
as we continue to the follow the storm can conditions in washington, d.c. we just learned that to the nhl has cancelled tomorrow's game between the pittsburgh penguins and the d.c. capitals. a picture here on national harbor, washington, d.c., that is why they have postponed it. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor.
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also, 9 out of 10 medicare part d patients can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. getting new video of cars an trucks stranded on the pennsylvania turn pike. we're watching the results of the dangerous nor'easter as it heads to new york and philadelphia. the pennsylvania turnpike, there's been trucks and cars stuck there from at least 8:00 p.m. last night. so we're looking at hour 12 or 13, some of the truck drivers obviously, prepared because they have the sleepers and as we were speaking with one driver, saying he had a refrigerator, he had a
6:49 am
bed, but for others who do not have that, such as everyday motor vehiclists that are driving up and down that area on the pennsylvania turnpike, stuck there for hours. we'll get to the latest because that's not the only part of the country that has senior thoroughfares stuck on this day. we move on to politics where the race in iowa, still moving ahead despite all of this weather. the candidates will be making their last pitch to iowians this week just days before the iowa caucuses. donald trump will hold a campaign rally this afternoon and we're looking at donald trump here, kerry, and as well jeb bush getting into an unusual war of words yesterday, can you tell us what happened? >> reporter: yeah, well, there's this theory that everything that happens in life can go back to
6:50 am
high school and you can draw parallels, so think back to high school in the cafeteria, a bunch of guys, maybe some girls standing around doing that mama blank." keep that in mind as we go to what developed in the last couple of hours. first of all, we have this new video from jeb bush. you can see speaking on his behalf is is his mother, and his mother talks about why she believes her son would make a if president. in response to that video, done nad trump put out a tweet that said, just watched jeb's ad where he desperately needed mommy to help him. jeb, mom can't help you with isis, the chinese or with putin. then jeb bush responded with a tweet saying, i'd be careful, donald, and showed this picture of his mom, barbara. that is not a photo shopped picture. those pads are really on her
6:51 am
shoulder. the lines under her eyes like a linebacker. this was a photo taken for a different purpose, a psa, but it's now been repurchased. you can see here where it's getting back to, as initially suggested that high school world where people are sort of saying your mama is so "fill in the blank." we do recognize not only is barbara bush now coming forward more in favor publicly for her son, but now jeb bush says we're likely to see that that there are going to be others coming forward because this is very much a family affair. >> i'm sure my brother's going to be campaigning by my side. all that stuff's going to happen. i got to win this. people -- look, there are people who think it's a little odd for a third bush to be president of the united states. i got to go the expectations are on me are higher because of that. fine. you know who has the higher expectations than conventional
6:52 am
wisdom? me. >> so not a blizzard but a blizzard of words back and forth. the temperatures here are in the teen. donald trump will be here in about six hours. if you look over here, there's already two supporters who staked out a position to get inside. richard. >> it is cold there too. nbc's kerry sanders, thank you for that report. now to a live look at washington, d.c. the snow been falling for almost 24 hours. this could be the biggest snowstorm ever in the district. we'll go back there live. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths.
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all right, we're taking you to some live pictures out of charlotte, north carolina. 1 of 20 states blanketed by snow. the snow's expected to end in a few hours. some air travel set to resume. let's go to charlotte. how are things going now? >> richard, the snow, which has been on and off here throughout the morning, has stopped for now.
6:56 am
it may come back but forecasts call for it pretty much ceasing by noon at the same time american airlines is going to resume flights. remember, they shut down all air traffic into and out of charlotte international yesterday. the roads still remain slick, in some cases, icy. the crews laid about 2 million gallons of brine in preparation for the snow. let's talk about power outages. here's what crews are dealing with. these branches, tree branch you see there, so heavy with ice, just forcing the tree down on to the power lines. crews now working to restore power to about 140 residents. at least six deaths here in the state have been attributed to this wintry weather. while the snow has stopped, richard, the danger is still very real. back to you. >> nbc's sarah dallof, thank you
6:57 am
so much. the saturday surprise, we could see double what was originally estimated in snow. new york governor cuomo about to give an update on the state's response. stick around. coverage right here from msnbc, 30 rockefeller center. why blend in with the crowd? why shy away from the extraordinary? why fit in, when you were born to stand out? the 2016 nissan altima has arrived.
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. good morning, everyone. here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. this is our continuing coverage. we're standing by for a press conference by officials in new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c. we're going to bring you all of that straight ahead once they get under way. the massive winter storm that has already taken a dangerous toll on the nation's roads. at least ten deaths are blamed on the storm. in eastern kentucky in the city london near lexington, around 3,000 cars were marooned for hours on a snow covered


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