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tv   Vegas Undercover Return to Sin City  MSNBC  January 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> very good day to you, i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york where we continue to watch this weekend's blizzard. at this hour, the threat is not over. the death toll now rising to 17. it was 16 the hour before. unfortunately, 13 the hour before that. all because of this storm. again, 17. the 30 million people now still out there, under blizzard warnings, that number remains high, many in effect until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. more than 2,000 flights have already been canceled for tomorrow. that would bring us to a total of 10,000 over three days. the roads are just as bad. tens of thousands of drivers stranded on icy roadways, many for more than 24 hours. and this is truly
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record-breaking. the tides along the jersey shores and delaware coasts, ing new highs as the storm continues to pound the mid atlantic region and the northeastern region as well. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us from hard-hit washington, d.c. miguel, what's the latest there? >> reporter: hey, richard, good evening. we've had blinding snow here, nearly the entire day. we're now in our 30th hour of steady snowfall. on a clear day, you'd see the capital behind me. there's no chance that's going to happen tonight. here in washington, d.c., we've had about two feet of this thick, fluffy snow, but it's also very dangerous. and it's not just washington, d.c. that's getting hit tonight, so are many other cities. this is what they feared and so much more. historic snow, crippling ice, severe flooding. bringing much of the east coast to its knees. >> it's like getting sand blasted out here. >> tonight the roads are
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dangerous and deadly. 16 killed across the region, most in car accidents. in kentucky, 3,000 cars stranded, some for 13 hours on i-75. >> no food, water, bathroom facilities. >> with hundreds of thousands in the dark, ice is snapping power lines. many more in this deep freeze will lose heat and electricity. a convoy of help, pouring in from outside states. >> to restore power and to restore hope, whether that's for here at home or for our neighbors. >> with more than 8,000 flights canceled in two days, you can see this monster storm from space, sprawling 800 miles long, from tennessee to massachusetts. few have been spared in its path. wall to wall coverage in what some called the storm of a generation. >> this is not over yet. not by a long shot. >> in new york city, a rare travel ban, the public ordered off the road. bus service suspended, broadway
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shows canceled. there's nearly 20 inches in central park. it's a winter wonderland. you don't see this very often. >> even the governor helping to pull stranded cars off theroad. >> between the snowfall and the wind, it's really a treacherous, treacherous situation. >> reporter: the coast is being pounded too. as surging tide, 70-mile-an-hour winds triggering flooding along the jersey coast. first, superstorm sandy, now this. the snow is mounting, parts of virginia hit with three feet and counting. after 17 years behind a plow, keith howard thought he'd seen it all. >> when you go through a neighborhood, you see everybody coming outside clapping. they're happy to see us. >> tonight the white house is just that -- white. surrounded by 18 inches of snow. skiers took to the national mall as the national guard patrolled city streets. paramedics usually scrambling to
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help, needed a hand themselves. >> it's no point to be out. stay home. >> tonight, 33 million impacted by this massive storm. but even as many start to dig out, they're still getting buried. with these whipping winds beginning to pick up, we could see about two feet of powder here in the district of columbia alone, the mayor is asking for everyone in the community to stay indoors. across this region, we are told that the damage here can tally to $850 million when this storm is done. richard? >> miguel, thank you. now we take you to new jersey. joining us from point pleasant, new jersey, rehema ellis. it's been a day of wind for you. >> reporter: it really has. and tonight we're in the midst of even more wind. i want to show you something here. look out here.
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if you can see the water, we're in the midst of another high tide tonight. with that, it means that new jersey residents are bracing themselves for more fierce winds and even possibly more flooding. that's after they've had a very difficult day. they knew the waves of water were coming. but no one expected this. much of jersey's south shore woke up to flooded streets, some waves reaching up to ten feet, and winds getting up to 48 miles per hour. many without power. >> it's like getting sand-blasted up here, particularly up around the ocean. >> reporter: water rushed through neighborhoods like sea isle city and wildwood, areas hard-hit by superstorm sandy. governor christie said residents were prepared, most complying
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with mandatory evacuations. >> we're so much better off than we were three years ago, that we'll be able to survive something like this. >> reporter: in point pleasant, robin schneider and her daughter, rode out the storm, still rebuilding from sandy, but spared this time around. >> i haven't seen any water yet, thank goodness. >> reporter: the jersey shore wildcats hockey team got in their work-out today, shade trading in their hockey sticks for shovels. >> it's a lot different with the ocean here, the winds. it's brutal. >> reporter: the state of engineer has been in a state of emergency all day. and governor chris christie told me today that they will continue with that tonight, and assess the situation tomorrow and determine whether or not they will lift it then. richard? >> again, as you're reporting, rehema, the concern are the high tides that are arriving right now. we'll be speaking with the governor again this hour. chris christie, to tell us the
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very latest. stick around for that. rehema ellis, appreciate that. now to new york's central park, where more than 19 inches of snow have fallen. adam reese has been reporting all day for us. adam, the headline coming out of new york city might be, they're getting upwards of almost double what they may have thought would have happened today. >> reporter: yeah, richard. it's continuing to snow. we're coming up on 20 hours of continuous snow, about 1 to 3 inches every hour. right now, we're almost at 20 inches. when all is said and done by tomorrow afternoon, when the blizzard warning is over, we could be up to 30 inches. and all of that snow has essentially shut this city down. the travel ban began at 2:30 this afternoon, no cars on the city streets, sort of a surreal scene, buses and trains shut down. laguardia and kennedy airport, also shut down for the day. hopefully they'll begin getting
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back on line tomorrow afternoon and that's when the big clean-up will begin. richard? >> the mayor has said, stay off the streets, otherwise police will arrest you? >> reporter: that's correct. >> all right, adam reese, thanks so much for the very latest there in central park. again, the mayor saying, no cars on the streets. you should stay inside and otherwise you will get a ticket. and that has been the situation in new york city as they've looked at suspending service, not for all transportation, but any of the subways above ground, that's suspended. any of the buses, that's suspended. as you look at new york city and you look at times square, no traffic, but people are out in the place where not too long ago, only 23 days ago, people were gathering for new year's eve. today they're gathering because for the most part, the city has closed down. some restaurants have closed. others have stayed open. as well as people running to, at least earlier today, to
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supermarkets in their area to try to stock up because they were unsure of what will be happening over the next 24 hours. somebody who might have an idea what's going to happen in the next 24 hours, msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. i was talking with adam a second ago. some forecasters saying we did expect this, it could be almost double the numbers in some places. are we seeing that now? because he was saying there, some 19 inches of snow. >> we actually did expect it. i don't want to say any forecaster was caught offguard. we had been forecasting on the high side, that we could see a foot or more of snow in new york. it's definitely above the high side, but i don't want people to think the forecasters made a mistake because they didn't. but these are record-breaking numbers. earlier reporting of 19 inches in central park. not anymore. 26 inches and a half. now, this is close to breaking an all-time snowfall record. we'll know shortly if it did. but the rest of the numbers here
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today, they certainly shattered the records, jfk, newark, new jersey, laguardia. these are incredible numbers. so it is higher than maybe some of the computer models forecasted, but we also had incredible numbers in red house, maryland, where we saw 38 inches of snow. there's one more place that had 41, in west virginia. but here's some of the snow bands hitting long island right now. we're also seeing plenty of snow into boston. and according to the national weather service, they are saying, expect that snow to be intense as we go through the 10:00 hour tonight. so still very dangerous around much of massachusetts and what is interesting also to note, you're not seeing as much of the mixing. originally i'd say about three or four days before we got this storm. see this green here, the warmer air to come in, but not in this case. we're getting all snow into martha vineyard and nantucket. low pressure pushing to the
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northeast. by midnight tonight, the storm will still bring fierce winds and snowfall to new york, connecticut, and into massachusetts. by the time we get to 7:00 tomorrow morning, this is when the blizzard warning expires, as the storm pulls away, but it's still going to be treacherous out there. the threat of not only the snowfall, but certainly the threat for strong wind. by the time we say everything's said and done, we're looking at least at two feet for washington, but expect a couple more inches here and into philadelphia as well. the new york city area, the winds are also quite fierce, that's why the blizzard warning persists until the morning hours. i want to show you this picture. this is the angel sea pub, this was on twitter in wildwood, new jersey. it shows you the amazing flooding that's been occurring in wildwood, new jersey. it's actually very sad to see something like this. i'm sure a landmark for the area.
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but we're looking at the potential for more flooding. through the 9, 10, 11:00 hours, the winds are still pretty strong. chincoteague, 48 miles per hour. this forecast especially on target. we were saying delmarva was going to get some of the strongest winds, and that's what's happening now. downed trees and power lines as we go through the night. getting close to high tide. almost there at atlantic city. just passing it now, ocean city and we're also looking at high tide around 8:00 at the chesapeake bay bridge. with all that said and done, we could still run the risk for more flooding. so, richard, a very interesting storm, incredible, one that will go down in the history books. but we're still early in the winter season. we have the potential for many more storms ahead as we move into february and even march. i was looking at some of the data that you're reporting on, cape may, 7:43, you have all the
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other numbers there and also from the national weather service, they're saying waves near shore up to three stories high. do you have any information on that? have you heard reports? >> no, i haven't heard anything like that. but i would just say the risk for flooding, especially the pictures of the residential areas that are prone to flooding, we really haven't seen something like this since sand sandy in 2012. so if the snow stops, doesn't mean the danger is gone. if you're in an area that's already facing flooding, it's not the stime to say, oh the storm is gone. a lot of those people finally have things rebuilt from sandy, to have to deal with this again. >> bonnie, appreciate that. we'll continue to watch the very latest coming out of not only new york city, washington, d.c., the carolinas, connecticut, delaware. there's a lot to get you the latest on. this picture of, again,
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sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> this hour, we take you to philadelphia. could get up to 30 inches of snow before the entire storm is over. that's why jacob rascon joins us live. how much snow has fallen so far? what are the numbers that you're seeing there? >> the latest numbers are 22 inches, but that was back at 3:00 p.m. the snow hasn't stopped since then, and it's not gonna stop until about midnight. so we're expecting at least two feet and much more possibly here in philadelphia. elsewhere, though, in pennsylvania, you already have 30 inches in lehigh county. we have some news to tell you about. we've just learned that on the
4:18 pm
pennsylvania turn pike, where you had upwards of 500 vehicles traps since last night, they've just started to remove con crea -- concrete barriers and they're now able to escort those cars out of there. hundreds of cars stuck last night after a jack knifed truck blocked the freeways and the snow started coming down very hard. officials have been bringing them supplies like fuel, so they could keep their cars warm, and medical supplies like insulin, for example, for one person. that's been going on now for nearly 24 hours, and we just learned that they're just now escorting those cars out of there. snow serious injuries amazingly that we've heard of there. back in philadelphia, the roads are essentially empty. we've been out and about a couple of times and the only people we've run into who have been out there and stuck are people from out of town, not used to this weather.
4:19 pm
in philadelphia, they seem to be used to this. though this is a pretty incredible storm. we're feeling like 15 degrees, we have been all day. i was here talking with you almost 12, 15 hours ago, and it was about the same. the snow keeps coming. the wind is on and off. it's not upwards of 40, 50 miles an hour, like it was a little bit. but the snow, as you can probably tell, is still sideways. finally after midnight, we think wii goi we're going to get some relief. >> philadelphiaians are very hardened souls, they can handle this stuff, and sometimes even proud about their ability to do so. tell me about some of the conversations you've had with the residents there in philadelphia and how they're putting this storm into context. >> so as we've been out and about, we ran into a couple of folks there in the residential areas. we were there because we wanted to see if it it was true, that none of the plows were able to make it there. indeed it was. all of the residential streets
4:20 pm
were totally buried. we talked to a couple of gentlemen there, who were digging themselves out, and they were happy, they were fine. it didn't phase them. in fact, they're not dressed up like i am. they're just in coats, but not that heavy of coats like us. we were also, for example, last night, did a last-minute walmart run, and it was packed. people seemed pretty calm, picking up their last-minute snacks before the blizzard day, all the water shelves, a lot of them were empty, the chip shelves empty as well. but i didn't sense a lot of panic. people were just getting ready and they seemed to be avoiding the streets, amount voiding the travel as suggested. >> a little welcome to philadelphia from philadelphiaians there as you were out shopping and getting prepared for today. jacob rascon, thanks so much. dylan dryer has been monitoring the situation north of there in new york city from the blue mobile. this is the report that she filed. >> hey, richard, you know, the
4:21 pm
streets of new york, certainly a surreal thing right now. especially on a saturday night, you run into traffic with a lot of vehicles around. we're seeing more pedestrian foot traffic than anything else. it's certainly a slow go, the roads are clearing, but you try to turn around a bend and we're going to maneuver around some of these snow banks that have developed. but the biggest safety concern right now is for the people that are walking around. because as some of the cars are on the road, the pedestrian aren't really looking where they're going. so everyone does need to be safe. but the good news is, we haven't seen many people on the road, i think because there's such a strict travel ban in effect, with the risk of maybe getting arrested if you're actually out and about and you're not an essential vehicle. but looking here on the streets of mid town manhattan, there's not a single car in front of us, and i think people are just kinda staying home or walking around, trying to enjoy the storm. >> thank you for that.
4:22 pm
driving through new york city and trying to understand what is it like after the curfew was put out, that cars should not be out after 2:30 in the afternoon. it looks like for the most part, where she was at, people were heeding that warning from the mayor. it's been difficult, no doubt for many of the leaders, not only in cities, but in the 11 states that are under the states of emergency. that's a fifth of the country of states that are underneath a state of emergency. one of those is new jersey. and we're going to go now to governor chris christie, who has over the last bunch of hours, had to deal with many different items that are moving. and governor, thanks for joining us. one of those items that are moving along, that i allude to are the coasts. you were out there earlier with rehema ellis and the concern now as we get close to the high tides in many of the locations, is flooding. what are you hearing right now, governor? >> well, we're actually hearing some good news. the tides in cape may and
4:23 pm
atlanta counties, which you saw some flooding earlier this morning during high tide, are actually coming up slower than they came up this morning. we expect less flooding this evening in cape may county than we had this morning and in atlantic county as well. further up on the coast, we don't expect any significant flooding at all on the northern coast of new jersey. that was the part that was most devastated by hurricane sandy. and so right now, we're feeling pretty good about the flooding. we're in constant contact with the mayors down there. there's no need, in their judgment now, or ours, for mandatory evacuation. so we'll keep an eye on it overnight, but right now, we feel pretty good on the flooding. >> you probably feel pretty good because of the preparations that were made in your state led by you over the last several days. that's sandbags, those are the preparations that you put in place after sandy as well. tell us about some of those preparations that readied these coastline cities for what is
4:24 pm
happening today. >> really the biggest thing we've been doing is building a dune system up and down the coast of new jersey with the help of the army corps of engineers in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. and so we feel good about a lot of it now. some of them in places like very south jersey in margate and up in the northern part of the coast in point pleasant beach and bayhead, there's been a small number of residents, about 150 or so, who are taking legal action to block those projects. when you see the water, and you're showing it right now, on your air, in places like that, that are opposing it. stone harbor is not, but margate is a neighboring town that is. it's really just absolutely reprehensible that these folks would stand in the way for their own personal interests, of the safety and security of their neighbors and the folks who live in their town. so we'll continue to push to get those projects done. we'll have to use legal process to do it, unfortunately, but we'll continue to work at it
4:25 pm
because it's the single most effective thing to stop flooding along our coasts. >> as mayors and governors do, they take this very personally. and you look at the pictures from stone harbor. we're basically watching little islands of snow in the middle of the streets. some perhaps maybe even floating. we'll look at garbage cans that are about three feet high. water up to the mid section, and the stop signs as well in stone harbor. halfway inundated. have you spoken and when you have spoken, i should probably say with residents, what have they told you about how they feel preparations have been? >> well, they feel pretty good. and for our seniors and others who are more vulnerable in those communities, we've evacuated them to local hotels, so they could be in a place that's safe and warm tonight. and other shelters that we've set up around that region. and the pictures you're showing now obviously are things that happened much earlier today during high tide. water has receded now. we're going through another high tide now, but as i said earlier,
4:26 pm
that high tide appears to be significantly more moderate than the one this morning, and that's good news for those folks. but everyone has a warm and safe place to stay tonight. we have national guard in place to move them in high-water vehicles, if necessary. and we have urban search and rescue and swift boat teams that can do this as well. governor, off the campaign trail, straight back to the state to deal with this storm, some say both of those situations are states of emergency. was it tough switching gears here to get back and take care of what is happening and it looks like you're state is doing well in terms of emergency management? >> listen, i don't think it's very hard at all. my first job, my most important job is governor of new jersey. and so on friday, when it became very clear to us that that was going to be a significant snow and storm event in my state, i got right in the car in new hampshire, drove the four and a half hours from new hampshire
4:27 pm
back to new jersey and was back here before the first flake of snow hit the ground. the people of new jersey need to know that their governor is here and focused on the response to the storm. we are. and i think by tomorrow morning, when you see as you're showing up on the screen, the weather will be very good tomorrow. we'll be able to make sure folks can get around our state and get our transit system ready and back up and running, we hope, for the morning rush on monday morning. those are the things that we need to do. those are the things i'm focused on, and i have to tell you the truth, it wasn't a hard decision at all. >> switching gears slightly, "the des moines register" endorsing marco rubio, quick thoughts on that? >> congratulations to marco on getting that endorsement. it's always good to get an endorsement from a major newspaper. we've been endorsed by the new hampshire union leader in new hampshire. and it's been a wonderful boon to our candidacy and the faith and confidence that that editorial board has in us. congratulations to marco, that's a good thing for him and we'll
4:28 pm
just continue to compete with all the candidates in both iowa and new hampshire,a as we move towards the first people voting for president on february 1st and february 9th. >> chris christie, governor of new jersey, our best to you as governor of new jersey, doing our best to make sure your residents are doing well and we hope the flooding on the coast does not come to bear as it did this morning. appreciate your time. >> thank you, we thank you for giving up the time, and please, everybody, stay home tonight, stay warm, and stay off the street and tomorrow will be a much better day in new jersey. >> we hope you're right. thanks so much, governor chris christie, and we'll be right back. >> washington has one inch of snow and they close. they had an inch of snow practice run wednesday night. schools were closed thursday. so washington will be stuck for a week. new york will be back working on monday, i'm sure of it.
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4:32 pm
pictures across the city, such as -- well, this is coming from washington, d.c., also an area where there are no lights moving. the reason being is that there are no flights. and this is as we look at 10,000 flights across the country, many of which were affected and have been affected and will be affected by the blizzard of 2016. so we've got new york city under the travel ban. we've got various airports across the country that are suspending many, many flights, 10,000, as i just mentioned, and not operating. we also have an increase, unfortunately, of 17 fatalities this hour now that are affected, related to the storm of 2016. and a fifth of the states of the country under a state of emergency this hour. joining us now from laguardia airport, is kristen dahlgren. one of the airports that's
4:33 pm
uncannily very quiet. and that hasn't changed since you and i spoke this morning, kristen. >> reporter: no, it feels like groundhog day, i'm sure, for the people stuck here a lot more than me. but every time we come and talk to you guys, it looks like this behind me. absolutely nothing going on. security is still closed down. and then of course you still have all of these stranded passengers here who have been here all day and likely will be here all day tomorrow. i spoke with one woman who said she's not booked out on a flight until tuesday, got no place to go, can't afford to get a hotel. and i think that's the situation for a lot of people who have opted to stay here at the airport. throughout the day, we've seen them taking naps on these really uncomfortable wooden chairs. there's no softer place to take a nap or lay their heads on the tables, and that's just what they're dealing with. the airlines are not able to get them out. the news kind of getting worse, because we were hopeful that
4:34 pm
flights would resume tomorrow and we're now hearing in washington, d.c. that's not the case. so those airports not going to be flying in or out again on sunday. so flight operations won't resume until monday. here in new york, we're hearing they're hopeful somehow tomorrow afternoon they can have some type of limited service. but think about it, all of those canceled flights, more than 10,000 between friday, saturday, and sunday. all of those people have to be rebooked to get where they're going, so the flights now are going to be very full, and it really is just going to take several days to get things back to some type of normal around here. >> some type of normal. and a lot of people hoping for that to happen. kristen dahlgren, at one of those airports, a key airport in new york city, laguardia. thanks so much. and again, those individuals that kristen was telling us
4:35 pm
about, they're part of the 80 million people in the path of the blizzard hitting the east coast and affecting individuals from many states, including california, kentucky, we were talking about earlier today where we had a string of cars for 35 miles. very the latest on the storm, let's turn to bonnie schneider. what are you seeing? and i see you have new numbers for us? >> i do. this is really interesting. for central park, 26.5, that's it, the record has been shattered. now, this means, this was the third most snowfall day, i guess that's not gram atically correct, but the third biggest day of snow ever for central park in history. these are all records that were shattered. jfk, newark, new jersey, certainly we saw plenty of snow elsewhere, like into the south and into maryland. red house, for example, 38 inches. and one area in west virginia where they had 40 inches, oh, boy. so these are great pictures. thomas roberts sent this from a
4:36 pm
friend in maryland and you can see how deep the snow is. i think that's a popular theme on twitter to show those pictures. but here's the way the storm is shaping up. we're getting that wrap-around effect with the colder air being pulled in, still all snow, not any rain. look how far south it's going. still snow into eastern virginia, into the areas of the delmarva as well, and even southern new jersey. zooming into the new york area, the snow working across the long island sound, up into middleton. and for boston, the storm just began for you this afternoon, expect that snow to stick with you at least through 10:00 tonight and possibly later than that. starting this evening, the low is finally pulling away, gradually. this was a long-lasting storm. we'll continue to see the threat for snow, even into midnight and dangerous conditions. you heard the governor saying, stay off the roads and stay inside, that's really good advice. because we're not anticipating the blizzard warnings to expire until 7:00 a.m.
4:37 pm
it's going to take a while for this storm to pull away. at the time of high tide, debby had this on twitter. this is the angel sea pub. the water came up really high and we're still looking at high tide in some locations. it looks like we passed it already in others. but keep in mind that the time of high tide, we're still looking at the thread for coastal flooding, and that's why the warnings continue, as well as the advisories. so just to recap, we're still looking at some record-breaking snowfall numbers around so many places. i highlighted new york, but also philadelphia had an all-time snowfall record. i can't keep up with them, because every time i go to my computer, it's a whole new list of records that have been shattered. this is a monumental storm that we'll definitely study in days to come. >> several hours ago, central park, it was 19.5, so it's changing by the hours. bonnie, thanks so much. also our news desk working so hard. this in from the national guard,
4:38 pm
according to them, what they are saying, 2,200 national guard personnel from across 12 states. so the national guard now out helping 12 states across the country. and again, about a fifth of the states of the country underneath a state of emergency. after the break, we're going to switch gears a little bit here. chris matthews, host of "hardball," he'll be joining us to react to the breaking news from "the des moines register," and michael bloomberg considering a presidential run. stick around. ♪ why blend in with the crowd? why shy away from the extraordinary? why fit in, when you were born to stand out? the 2016 nissan altima has arrived.
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4:41 pm
in addition to the fast-moving developments with the winter storm we've been covering for you on msnbc, there's been breaking news in the presidential campaign as well. with just a week to go before the iowa caucuses, "the des moines register" has endorsed marco rubio and hillary clinton, but there are also signs the race may be getting more crowded. former new york city mayor
4:42 pm
michael bloomberg today now considering a presidenti iaial . kristin welker has more. kristin? >> reporter: it's yet another surprise, another billionaire made enter the 2016 campaign. today multiple sources tell nbc news, former new york mayor michael bloomberg is seriously considering throwing his hat into the ring as an independent. fed up with the state of the race. >> i think he'd really like to do it, but he's also the type of guy who's not going to do it if it doesn't look like there's a real significant chance. >> reporter: bloomberg set to sdi by march, entering only if trump, cruz and sanders are destined to be the parties' nominees. with the caucuses nine days away, trump and cruz are running neck and neck in iowa. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> trump raising eyebrows today with another controversial comment. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any
4:43 pm
voters, okay? it's incredible. >> reporter: this as his fut with jeb bush is out. >> when push comes to shove, people are going to realize jeb has really solutions rather than talking about how popular they are, or how great they are. >> reporter: trump mocking bush on twitter. just watch jeb's ad where he desperately needed mom to help him. jeb firing back, i'd be careful, donald and posted a picture of his mom wearing a football jersey and eye pads. >> i think donald is always a bit shocking and i think that brings him a lot of support. >> the democratic race also getting increasingly short with hillary clinton fighting to regain her lead over bernie sanders. >> my esteemed opponent, senator
4:44 pm
sanders wants to start all over again. >> reporter: sanders sharpening his attacks too. >> in poll after poll, we do better against donald trump and other republicans than does hillary clinton. >> reporter: the influential des moines register announced it's endorsing hillary clinton and marco rubio tonight. the register has a checkered history of picking the actual nominees, still it could give both candidates a boost. >> kristin welker at the white house, thank you very much. joining us now on the phone, host of "hardball" on msnbc, chris matthews. thanks for taking the time out to chat with us about this. michael bloomberg, was this pretty much expected that he is considering running for the white house? >> no, i think he put the word out through his people. clearly he wants -- this is a trial balloon. his problem is the manifest. to win the presidency, to win anything, to control the congress, the house, the senate, to win the electoral college, it's pretty simple.
4:45 pm
the constitution is based on two parties. the reason is, it's the only way to get a majority, if you have two parties. the party that wins has to get not just a plurality of the vote, but it has to win a majority of the vote, you have to win 270 votes to be president by popular election. and if you're a gun safety person, a strong gun safety advocate like the former mayor of new york, and you're going into a race like this, where hillary clinton's already there, as a strong gun safety advocate, you're splitting the gun safety advocacy that's already pretty close to the breaking point of maybe not getting 270 electoral votes. so if i had a simple decision to make by the mayor, i'd say, wait a minute, if gun safety is my issue, how do i go split it up with hillary clinton? because that means that the pro gun people, the pro gun rights people, the nra, the gun manufacturers, they're going to be on the other side united against us two, and we'll be splitting the vote. that's the first thing to look
4:46 pm
at. the other thing to imagine, get outside of the self-absorbed new york world where anywhere who plays for the yankees, the mets, the giants is considered important. mike bloomberg is probably important to people in south florida, in the commuting areas of jersey and connecticut and the city and some of the suburbs of new york state. mike bloomberg is not a national figure, he just isn't. he could probably have a shot at the electoral votes of connecticut. he would turn it in florida like ralph nader did in 2000 against the democrat. almost assuredly he would hurt hillary clinton in florida, with the older jewish vote and other people down there in florida, they're comfortable with his background. the joke is, the further south you go in florida, the further north you get. but that would be all votes taken from hillary clinton. so i think it would only hurt hillary clinton. now, bloomberg sees a real good shot by late march when he makes
4:47 pm
this decision that bernie sanders is going to be the nominee, anything can happen then. i don't think sanders -- well, we'll see what happens, if sanders is the nominee. i don't want to foreclose anything, but i think a declared socialist has a hard time winning 270 electoral votes. >> chris, the reporting, as you've heard, they are saying that at the moment, he would only consider a run if it is sanders on the democratic side and then on the republican side, if it's trump or cruz and then he would seriously consider putting his hat in, in that scenario only. would that then make more sense? >> i think when you look back at our recent history with this, in third parties, you go back to the beginning of the twen20th century. if teddy roosevelt can't win as an independent, who can? it's very hard to run outside the two parties and win. when john anderson ran back in
4:48 pm
'80, it hurt carter. ross perot went in the race in '92 to hurt george bush sr. ralph nader clearly went in there, i think it was ego, i do like ralph nader, but clearly it was ego. and look what happened to him. look what happened to him. he killed al gore in florida and gave the election to george w. bush. that's a fact. he has to live with it, and i think anybody who votes third-party has to live with the fact that if they vote for someone who's probably not going to win, the real influence of their vote is to turn the election from one of the top contestants to the other. and to take responsibility for that as a voter. i think you should vote for the person you hope will be the next president. that's how you should vote, but that's my value judgment. >> just by this consideration that we're getting news of, might he turn any votes that are out there right now, without even having to run for the president of the united states? >> as i said, michael's a good guy, and a very impressive man, not just in business, but he really became a very good
4:49 pm
politician in new york. of course he's had to spend a lot of personal income funds in those races, but i watched him speak and how he went from being not a great speaker, to being a very impressive speaker. so he learned the business, the trade craft. but i just think the 16 ounce limit -- imposing the -- anything bigger than that in the movie theater, people would think it's a mommy state. you get any further west than harrisburg, pennsylvania, and people go, whoa! that's a little too big east for me. telling us how big our sodas should be at the movies. it's just too much. and the people that don't like that, not everybody dislikes it, are already having a problem with hillary. so he would definitely fit in. he's pro choice on abortion rights. he's obviously very supportive of same-sex. he would side with the democrats on all the social issues that get people angry. i just think again, he would take votes from hillary. i know everybody's supposed to
4:50 pm
be careful about these things, but if you think it through, he would be a problem for hillary. and i don't know if that's what his intention is. as you say, if ihis consideratin is who the nominee may not be clear that hillary has put this thing away. if she's going to put it away. based upon the current polling as you know, richard, bernie sanders is doing well in iowa as well as new hampshire. he could do well again later. the next contest could be nevada. he could have a big challenge facing him in south carolina. we have a large african-american vote that would be loyal to the clintons. he could be pretty much the front-runner in delegate collection when mike bloomberg makes his call. and i think that might be a delusion or an illusion. i think hillary is still the front-runner to win this thing. >> we have yet another consideration as we move towards march and the caucuses and the first primary. >> can i just say, richard, i
4:51 pm
think it's the new york metropolitan story that new yorkers are going to love. it's a satry thing that someone from the home town would play a role nationally. i just think it's how steinberg looks to the rest of the country it's jersey and utah out there. there's a huge country out there for whom mike bloomberg means nothing. >> as a kid from the west and midwest. i see what you're saying. chris matthews, host of "hardball" on msnbc for perspective, again on bloomberg and the story line that we've been reporting on, we'll be back with more on the storm that is affecting 11 states that are underneath a state of emergency this hour.
4:52 pm
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some of the pictures, some of the video that we have been taking. but now we go to cal perry, who is going to show us what you have been shooting of this historic storm. cal? >> let me just show you a quick map of the coastline before the next video so you can see where this is going to be. this is the coast of new jersey this is what governor christie is wore ied about. while the high tide is not proving to be as bad as it was early in the day. this is still what we're seeing. the message is the same -- stay off the streets. keep in mind, videos like this one, which we got in about six hours ago this is going to happen again, it's just going to happen at night and you're not going to see it. so it's much more dangerous. we now have 2200 national guard members out in 12 different states dealing with exactly this. and while the storm has passed, it's still a dangerous storm. this will look from space, just about ten minutes ago, scott kelly put this out before he went to bed. it's still a dangerous storm.
4:56 pm
the nypd wants you off the streets. checkpoints across manhattan, they're not messing around. they're saying they will arrest people if they break the rules. here's the misery map. we know more than 2,000 flights have been canceled. new york is in basic shutdown mode. you can stay at the airport, if you can't get back in the city, which you can't because movement is not allowed, you can still stay in the warm confines of that airport. washington, d.c. still completely shut down. atlanta is coming back online. the national zoo has been incredibly popular today. now we're going to get to the fun stuff. here's your red panda and the big one of the day, this is the one more than 130,000 times -- >> i was one of those. >> it's snow joke. you get that? snow joke. >> it's pandemonium. pandemoni pandemonium. >> i don't got any. >> cal perry, thank you so much, covering the story on social media. just to let you know we're continuing to watch the story here. the latest at this hour, 17
4:57 pm
fatalities associated with the blizzard of 2016. we're also watching high tides that are now reaching around 8:00, 9:00 in key states like new jersey as well as delaware. thanks for joining us for our special coverage of blizzard 2016. i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york city, stay with us for updates of the storm throughout the night. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d and 10 times more vitamin e. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs.
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5:00 pm
here are your top stories, we watch the storm, blizzard of 2016, developing situation spawned by this massive storm. 17 confirmed fatalities so far. the snow continues to fall. let's go over to msnbc meteorologist bonnie. >> we have a blizzard warning impacting 30 million people. boston, new york city, records have been shattered across so many cities like philadelphia, atlantic city, new jersey. new york city as well, watch out for bands of still heavy snow. even into southern new england like in cape cod and boston. richard? >> bonnie, t


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