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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  January 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always very good sunday to you, i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york city. much of the east right now. it is 4:00 in the afternoon and they are trying to dig out from the historic snowfall. this is what we know at the top of the hour. in all, at least 27 people are now dead because of the storm. that number is ten greater than it was when we were reporting on this yesterday, and this as the toll of the storm goes greater and we hope that number stays right where it's at. new york, it's quite the task. a new record or rather near-record 26.8 inches of snow in central park.
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travel bans in and around the city, mass transit, still slow going and not expected to be back in full force until later today at the earliest although there are some concerns of train service. the nation's capital also crippled, and washington's d.c. schools will be closed monday after receiving two feet of snow and we learned just a short time ago that metro service will be operated on limited schedules. thousands of flights canceled friday and saturday. what does that mean? all across the country they're trying to get backup schedule some 12,000 flights and the tens of thousands of people affected by that and then on the jersey shore, lots of water. this is what it looked like in wildwood, new jersey. the concern, as we hit high tide in about four hours, they're watching that and then in new york, back here to new jersey and washington, d.c., our teams will be covering all of these angles and now to the big apple where new yorkers are digging
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their way out of the snow and the second highest snowfall for the storm in city history, public transit is worth mentioning and also trying to get back and one of the major train services was damaged. so as the country's most populated city tries to get back to work tomorrow, the question is what will that mean for the bridges that connect the island of manhattan if those train services are not that working. adam reese has been reporting for us and he's in times square. what are we hearing about that, adam? >> well, it looks like the bridges and tunnels are okay. times square looks to be okay and that can be deceiving because it's the outer boroughs and places like brooklyn and queens and westchester and parts of new jersey and connect cut that are hard to get to in terms of plowing and those areas will be the focus tonight and into
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tomorrow and make sure that everybody can get to work. we mentioned it earlier, 26.8 inches here in central park yesterday and that was a tenth of an inch from the 30.5 inches at kennedy airport. so a lot of snow that needs to be cleaned up. last night for many people it was a special evening and they had an opportunity to get outside and walk the new york city streets. most people stayed indoors, but not susan, she's from northern california and you're visiting in town and you're doing some college touring, but it was an opportunity to see new york like most people have never seen it. what was it like? >> it was pretty cool. it was a little eerie. the subways were completely deserted. a lot of the streets were completely deserted, but as we got closer into our hotel and then when we walked to the marriott times square there were more and more people out, snowball fights in the streets and sliding around and just having a good time. >> no snow angels.
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you said you had to walk a mile in that moment when there were no cars. what was that like? >> it was cold at first, but we ducked into a pharmacy and bought some hand warmers and foot warmers and that made the biggest difference. so then we just kind of trucked along and taken photos and videos along the way and kind of having a good time and celebrating the beautiful snow. >> what new york really is. >> yeah. exactly. we don't get that. >> thank you for stopping. >> thank you. >> thanks for stopping by. richard, as i mentioned earlier, the mayor is offering anyone who wants to peck up a shovel and come help out because there's a lot of work to be done in the outer boroughs $13.50 an hour to help this city get from out under all of this snow. >> and again, in all of history, the storm total is a second highest for new york city, but we did set a new record in new york city for a single day of snow. some 26-odd inches in a single
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day and that was side and thank you so much, adam reese. we are just getting in some new information, unfortunate news, we are -- we just got the total of those who have lost their lives that is attributed to the storm. we now understand that it is 29. 29 total weather fatalities and to tell you who those additional individuals are, one was in south carolina, that was a car accident because of road conditio conditions. also, we are understanding that there is a 29-year-old male who died while shoveling snow on saturday. so again, the safety that has been stressed by so many as cities and towns and counties are trying to clean up is get the right people to do it. so now up to 29. that is new just this moment and was 27 at the top of the hour. we'll take you to new jersey
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now. it was hit with more than 29 inches of snow. flooding is still going to be a concern like it was in point pleasant on saturday. nbc's reheema ellis. barnegat was one of those towns that was evacuated and they were concerned about the flooding and the high tides and what are you seeing a day later? >> reporter: what they're seeing here now is that people are starting to come back to their homes and utility crews have been going up and down the streets all throughout this state making certain that they get people back online. >> i want you to take a look over here a little bit and this is the barnegat bay. what you see here is basically a calm body of water. you're not seeing a whole lot of snow. one of the biggest concerns along the coastline all along was not about how many inches of snow they would get, but how many feet of water people would find on their streets and maybe in their basebasements.
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so this community, they had asked people to leave. the governor of the state says something over 100 people were placed in shelters overnight. some people were asked to in a mandatory evacuation and others voluntarily evacuated, but now most of them, we are told, are being relocated to their homes. wildwood and sandy harbor, streets that have been turned into rivers as a result of the amount of what urt that they got from the high tides and the amount of water from the oceans on to the streets, richard. >> we were looking at the pictures you and i yesterday and we even saw wave action in the middle of streets. when you see that it is so right
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next to you and you see the water line on the streets and just over the left shoulder and is it rising or falling? what are you seeing there in the last several hours. >> what i can tell you is the water is receding and there's concern about whether the high tide from this evening would lead to some moderate flooding and there were high tide advisories out for the day, but water is starting to go down and it's a good time and they told me they did not have water coming into their homes and they evacuated because it was very cold, even now as the sun is starting to go down it's getting colder here. this would want be the place to be if you don't have power and luckily i'm hearing that the power is returned to this particular street we're on right
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now. rehimma, the water for the benefit of those homeowners that they're sitting up on a mound, is that the case for most of the home that you see with all of the water around? >> when you live so close to the water on the water's edge like people do here you are well advise toddle straight your homes above the sea level and many people have done it. a lot of newer homes on the street and so they're constructed, many of them into the hurricane code and in order for the insurance purposes it behooves you to raise your home above the sea level and the construction that you see that's happening in this area and a lot of homes are a lot higher and many reasons why they did not have any water damage and a couple rode by and they were getting ready to go back to their property and they're going
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to inspect it now and they hope they have no water where the water is not supposed to be. >> great reporting, rehemia ellis, you and the photographer showing us the full gamut of what has happened in the last 48 hours, the snow, homes, water and the sea all right there. thank you so much from barnegat, new jersey. >> you bet. >> washington, d.c., they had a record also, single-day snowfall. they didn't beat the all-time storm record, but a single day they got so much snow at one time, officials now urging people to stay off the roads still. they're trying to get d.c., metro and bus services back up and working. those are suspended. kids can plan on another day of sledding and, as d.c. public schools will be closed tomorrow and muriel bouncer, the mayor there wanting to make sure folks stay safe. joining us right now from washington, d.c. nbc news correspondent, luke russert normally on the hill has been on the streets over the
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last three days and. >> the senate had decided to delay some votes and the house has decided they'll delay it another week. >> yeah, you're seeing the ramifications of this storm having a direct impact on the and with the senate canceling votes for this week. i have to tell you, i was walking around here, richard since we last spoke and while the roads have been plowed and we're in the center of office space and a lot of where government buildings operate and a lot of commerce and a lot of retail and even some residential. a lot of these side streets that are heavy in all these industries have not been plowed yet and have not been touched and every plow is out there and they're tweeting pictures and what not, but in some of the main arteries here in the center of d.c., they have still not
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been plowed to a degree which would make the city serviceable with commerce. >> in terms of what's going to happen tomorrow. you mentioned schools are cancelled and i expect you will see the local government will be delayed and the reason being as you mentioned earlier, metro, the local train service here will run and it's running out of much, much more limited schedule and it's only going to be accessible to the underground state and it makes it difficult for those workers from maryland and virginia to come on in. quite frankly, looking at the state of the roads i don't know how much of that could be done and we did dodge a bullet in d.c., and that was the power lines. there was a lot of fear because of this storm with a lot of trees and above-ground power lines and they can fall on those and create long-term outages and thankfully, that didn't happen and only a few hundred reported without power in the entire area and that can be chocked up as a victory for officials in this
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storm, but they have a big day tomorrow because they've got to take advantage of the sun while it's out and it's supposed to be out tomorrow and try to get a little bit of a thaw and tonight it will get cold again. there is a big, thick amount of ice here and the cars are slipping and the mayor saying please stay home. don't go out there and they'll write you a ticket and they'll end up having to tow you and they don't want to deal with that. they have a ways to go, richard, before things get back to normal. >> that's a good point. we have sun today and a little bit of melting and it will get cold again and we'll get the ice. yesterday it was light and fluffy. thz turned hard? can you show us some of it? >> let's see here. >> it's hard, right there and this is a snowball, richard. i'm not going to hit you on the lens. those cameras are worth more than our salaries. >> i was saying for the nationals there. >> still got it. >> luke russert there in washington, d.c.
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>> thank you, sir. let's get to msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. the snow, right? it was light and fluffy yesterday. it melted today and it can get hard and then we're worried about the ice. >> we are. there is a special weather statement for parts of the carolinas and just because of that and as everything re-freezes and this is one incredible storm and one of the superlatives getting a whole season worth of snow in one day and that happened with washington, philadelphia, new york into baltimore. this is the type of stuff you might see out in the west and northern virginia, eight-foot snow drifts and hurricane-drifts and snow fell as much south as gainesville, florida and they were reporting seeing some of those flakes. incredible. you mentioned new york city so close to breaking the record. look at this. just about a tenth of a difference and it looks like we're number two and the cutoff point this is the satellite
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perspective for the national weather service in binghamton, new york and you can see the bare ground is indicated by the ground and notice this weather line. this is the sharp cutoff for snow where we can go 25 miles or less and it didn't snow at all and other places got 20-something inches and a very interesting storm in terms of where it was positioned and how it pushes off to see and the snow cover where it did hit was pretty fierce. some of the highest snow totals in the three-foot club and the highest one being west virginia and that's in the mountains about 40 inches of snow and the suburbs of d.c., potomac and 38.5 inches and still substantial snow wherever you were. this is one of the hot spots where we had close to 30 inches and it will be a tough go of it to shovel out as you heard with temperatures in the 30s, and the windchill factor making it look even colder and be careful out there and i'm sorry to hear about people losing their lives shoveling and snow and it's a
1:17 pm
tragedy that does occur with the cold weather and if you can get someone else to do it for you if you're not a regular exerciser, do it, it's just not worth it. it will take a while for all of this to clear out, because it's not going to last long and we'll stay cold most of the week and just a quick mentn, here's a look at the high tides and the coastal advisories for this whole region has limited and we still have a high surf advisory for suffolk county and new york. it's about to happen in three to four hours. >> the city of baltimore, the city of baltimore was burr ed under all of the white stuff and we'll take a look at the toll the snow has taken there and we'll get to washington, d.c. and schools and the metro will be closed monday. with that, we'll be right back. . so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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the washington d.c. metro area was hit hard by the blizzard of 2016 and it was the worst snowstorm in the capitol history. joining us is mike seidel from the weather channel. you've seen a lot of storms across the country and you are there before the storms are there and i think they just follow you, but how does this compare to -- we were just saying how it was the fourth biggest to others that you've seen. this is one for the record books and it's one of the biggest once i've ever seen. i was out here in 2003 to the second one and the first one in '79 is the third biggest storm on record. the one in 2003 i think ranks fifth or sixth and for snowmageddon on february 5th and 6th and six years ago i was right over there and the mountains were 25 feet high across the street there on d.c. northwest and they're not that high right now because that time around we had a big storm on the fifth and sixth and we had another one two days later and we had 30 inches of snow in two
1:22 pm
days. so this time around, we come into the storm with nothing on the ground and with that said. a lot of snow out here and dulles international and bwi, 29.2 and those are top numbers and the biggest storms on records and bwi, that record goes back on long time and dulles goes back to 1962. here in washington, there's still a lot of consternation about the official total. the national weather service will go back and look at it because it snowed more than 18 -- 17.8 inches because at one point they reported 18 on the ground so we know it snowed more than that and it snowed until midnight last night and a lot of folks in the meteorological community not happy about that, but we should end up at number two for the record books. sledding over at the capitol grounds today, richard, legally for the first time in decades, i took part in that and it was a lot of fun and as the sun goes down as luke russert mentioned, temperatures will fall like a rock once the sun goes down and
1:23 pm
by tomorrow morning down to 12, 13 degrees here. out in the suburbs and the dulles airport will check in with a single-digit number and for that, everything's going to lock right back up and the old black ice problem and a lot of schools are closed tomorrow and some decided to close monday and tuesday. virginia state offices are also closed tomorrow and metro rail will be on a limited service below the ground and not above the ground, and but they call limited bus service and only 22 routes running tomorrow in washington and that only runs from noon to 5:00. it isn't going to be full speed ahead by any means. it looks nice here. these roadways where you go a few blocks away from the federal buildings and it's a whole different story and they're trying to get the roads clear, and it will take a long, long time and cars will be left on the side of the road and they've got to get around those and it's a much different scene here than in many of the suburban areas and even in the rest of the district as far as the road situation. >> as the stuff melts, the
1:24 pm
faster the better. >> thanks for stopping by for giving us the latest. we love your expertise. >> not too far away from mike seidel, baltimore, maryland, hit even worse than washington, d.c., it got more than 30 inches of snow making it the worst snowstorm. robert maloney from the baltimore mayor's office of emergency management. we now look at this, the day after here. help us out, if you can, understand what you are watching. i was talking with other leaders of offices of emergency management and robert, their concern, one of them was snow on ceilings, both commercial and residential because it could get-y. >> wow, is how we would describe the storm. it stayed over us and kept dumping. we've had a couple of building collapses already and luckily no one got hurt and we have search and rescue prepared to deal with that, what we're focused on
1:25 pm
today, is we're getting the routes to the supermarkets cleared so the delivery trucks can come in. most got emptied out in the preparation, but we have to restock. pavement which is somewhat misleading because the side streets, wow know, it's not that they have to be plowed. they have to be shovelled with backhoe and bucket lists or bucket bulldozers and we set up a staging area at pimlico race course where we hold the preakness stakes in baltimore and we have a tremendous amount of outside resources coming in with that equipment to supplement the equipment that we have already. >> hey, robert, tell me more about the need and the efforts here related to getting folks the food and the sustenance that they need and all of the materials that you were just talking about. >> you know, if the food's the important part and a lot of our
1:26 pm
seniors may need medication, we'll have to get people out to stop their situations from becoming emergencies tomorrow. our biggest challenge as medically related are the die willa sis patients and many of them sought dialysis on friday before the weekend and so they were able to get in ahead, but now they'll need it sooner. so we're going to be going in and the firefighters will be taking people, carrying them out of their houses down the snow-covered steps which for us in many areas is our most three feet and taking them and putting them in units. >> robert, talk about speed. about at the moment, we're just looking at some pictures because of mike seidel at the weather channel. you have snow melting, sun, puddling and black ice and how are you addressing speed by which you clear the major thorough fares? >> we're trying to get as much snow removed as possible so the
1:27 pm
sun can shine on it and plot assault. when i think of speed, i think this amount of snow just causes everything to slow down and that's the emergency response, as well and it's just extremely challenging and difficult situations will become impossible and so far so good and we've had no lives lost in the baltimore area and all of our citizens are sticking together and doing what it takes to watch out for each other and this is a big week and this is far from over. >> tell me about the conversation that you had with the sanitation workers and i can't even imagine how many hours straight. what have they told you about how they're holding up in the streets? >> our departments have done very well with getting people the necessary rest. i think years ago the longer you were, it showed how hard you worked and we just don't do that anymore. i think you have the fatigue in that and quite frankly you also have the fatigue of not being with your families and your loved ones and day after day you're not home and you know
1:28 pm
you're not seeing them and they may see it and anybody who is serving the public is a sacrifice and certainly well worth it and a storm like this takes its toll and in many cases it will be the week -- next weekend before many of the city workers get to go home and that goes as well as our hospitals and nursing homes and all of the individuals in our community that choose to take care of people. >> community is the word here and from our perspective on this desk and this camera, it is not a thankless job. thank you for all that you've done and all of those who have been working throughout this super storm, this blizzard of 2016. robert, thank you so much. >> thank you. donald trump sweeping through iowa with little time before the state's caucuses and we shift gears on msnbc moving away from the storm for a second and two big endorsements for candidates on both sides of the aisle. that and more next.
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maintain his lead there in that state before the first of the nation caucus. he is losing some impetus, struggling to stay on top of the polls there. texas senator ted cruz hot on their heels just five percentage points behind the polling average. nbc's kerry sanders is reporting for us on that as we look at what is happening in musketine, iowa. kerry what can you tell us about the event? >> here in muskettine. 3,000 supporters and donald trump telling them it is eight days until the actual caulk us and while many of the participants supporting donald trump say they're going to help him at the next level, partipating a caucus, donald trump is sort of joking with them saying, look, this only works if you go and saying, look, if you lost your job, if
1:33 pm
your wife left you or your husband left you i still expect you to go caulk us and that got a laugh out of the crowd, but bottom line, he has told them that this only works if they do that next step coming to a large auditorium like this with like-minded people may be one thing and going to a caucus a whole other thing and they handed out some of these here today and also explain that there is a website set up for trump supporters to go on and put their home address in and determine where they go. it is often not the place where you go to vote and so that makes it a little bit different and a little bit difficult for people to figure out and then the last thing is, many of the supporters that i've spoken to say the last time that they really talked about caucusing was when they were studying it in the social studies class back at school. they never participated in this and it can seem a little intimidating and the trump campaign trying to tell them at the end of the day if he is going to be a winner, then it only happens with their support.
1:34 pm
in muscatine, iowa. >> another state government shuts down and that just in to msnbc and we'll get to that after the break. from 1600 pennsylvania avenue, bo and sonny soaking up some sun in the snow. we'll be right back. this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. want bladder leak underwear that try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride.
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if you're just joining us, we have new developments this hour on the blizzard. here's what we know right now. 29 people are now reported dead in just the past half hour. so we learned about another death in south carolina and one in maryland. one 29-year-old young man dying as he was shoveling snow. also just in to msnbc, virginia's government shutting down and governor terry mcauliffe ordering that for monday this after the storm. >> and in washington, d.c.,
1:38 pm
officials are hoping to have metro service up and running on a limited basis tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and that includes metro rail and metro bus service and only on a limited basis. >> and we're keeping an eye on the flooding situation on the coast of new jersey. joining us by phone is the mayor of wildwood, new jersey. mayor, thank you for being here. mr. mayor, we're looking at some of the pictures here from wildwood, something that you're, unfortunate atly familiar with and that is the coastal flooding. what can you tell us on the latest about wildwood and that? >> right now the tides have settled down considerably. we have just have remaining water in the low-lying areas and we'll get more as the tide starts to sub seed and we won't be getting as much water in and out, and we hope that -- and we've looked and we find that there's not -- hopefully not as much damage as what could have been. we were reported initially that
1:39 pm
it would be worse than sandy and then it was downgraded to major, but more of a minor major of flooding. so then all of a sudden it came and it just kept coming and coming and it turned into something. the highest tides reported in this area.period. it went from being bad to not being as bad to being the worst and there was a lot of water in the streets and property damage that we will not know until a later date when the second homeowners come down and survey the damage to their properties. >> mr. mayor, in the pictures that we're looking at, i can see a motorhome in the far part of this video that looks like two feet under water and on the left side of this picture, stairs under water before you get to the house. how do you deal with this in terms of the concern about the water itself as it sits there and for how long and the concern about how it might become polluted? >> well, actually, the water that you see is now gone.
1:40 pm
the one good thing that does happen here as fast as it comes in and sometimes as fast as it goes out. we do have some areas that are more low lying and water will lay there, and it will eventually go out, but it certainly gets out within a day or so. unfortunately, weave co've come and you have to expect these typical type things that happen because you are surrounded by water and we are not high. we are on elevation five which is on the scale very low and we do take on water and the thing is to try to get it out as quickly as it comes in to try to get it out, but -- >> how do you get it out. do you use pumping, mr. mayor? >> yes, sir? >> how do you get it out? do you pump it out? what are some of the systems in place? most of it is gravity fed through pipes and our big problem is our beach which has
1:41 pm
grown since the worst storm we've had in '62 which was the barometer which we use when the beach was 600, 700 feet and it is now 2,000 feet and they're considerably short of the water by 700 feet and they're 6 to 12 feet below ground and we have to dig them out to release the water so it doesn't trap in the pipe. so it's a lot of work. it's something that we've grown accustom to. something we would rather not grow accustom to, but it is what it is. >> and these water levels are higher or lower than in terms of the flooding than sandy. >> much higher than sandy. >> we were very fortunate that sandy went above us which put us on the left side of the storm on the left side and that is the safer side, if it came in on the delaware, we would have been devastated and this is much worse than sandy, and our perspective and our communities.
1:42 pm
>> and now gone in some of the spaces and it is receding. thank you so much, mayor troiano, having to deal with the flooding and having to watch the high tides that will happen in the next several hours. thank you, sir. let's go to nbc's rehemia rehe in barnegat, new jersey. it's good to see the waters now receding. >> reporter: here in barnegat, you have water that's still on the street, richard and from what they experienced in wildwood to what they feared would happen in barnegat, they really fared pretty well, there is the barnegat bay, just like the man was just telling you and this community is also surrounded by water and when the storm comes and the expectations are high and they're going to get hit and because that was the expectation, there were evacuations in this area because
1:43 pm
this was a serious forecast about storm coming. we talked to a resident not so long ago. listen to what they said about what it was like going through this storm. >> when they -- a lot of blowing snow, drifting snow and our only real concern was the flooding. most of the evacuations were past the beach which is about a quarter mile down to the south. >> we want power. we want power. we don't have power. so we want heat and hot water. >> and when you don't have power, as you said, you don't have heat and hot water. we just talked to some residents who were leaving once again and they came in to check on their property because they thought that the power would be back on because there have been a lot of utility crews out here working diligently to restore that power. it looks like it's coming on spot. some places getting it and some places not yet. they left their property because they said inside it was something like 34 degrees and
1:44 pm
you do not want to spend the night in a place that's 34 degrees. so, yes, it's coming back and it's going to take some time. the water you can see going down here it had been higher at one point and it is starting to recede and that was their big concern. io you can see there's not a lot of snowfall. they never expected they would see this in inches of snow, but their big concern, richard, always was how many feet of water they would have. it seems like they dodged a bullet in this area and other communities were much harder hit. >> rehema, as you've been covering the disasters over the years, you know the workers and i was talking to the office of emergency management how they worked so hard and such long hours and it could be the utility, right? it could be someone working for the city government or the county government and the conversations over the last several days and how are they holding up right now because this is a long slog, they've got today and tomorrow and they're all trying to move quickly to help the situation you just described. >> reporter: they really are and what they're hearing from is
1:45 pm
from the residents in the area and one gentleman walked by and there was another utility crew down the street. he says he's on his way to talk to them because he wants to know what is going on and they are working as hard as they can. the work really began in earnest today because they couldot n do it yesterday. these winds were fierce. they were gusting up to 48, 55, 60 miles an hour. you cannot get a cherry picker up on these poles to try to do the work at that time. so a lot of power lines were down. some tens of thousands. we heard at one point, some 94,000 customers were without power bringing them all back online will be quite a task. >> rehema ellis in barnegat, new jersey. appreciate that. passengers are on the day after and the snowstorm has now moved away and they're hoping once they hear the news that some airports are now in operation and they may be able to get where they initially wanted to go. nbc's kristen dahlgren at new york's laguardia airport
1:46 pm
watching that. are the airlines saying, hang on a second. it's going to take a while. >> reporter: yeah, they are. earlier when we talked there were actually some people behind us. take a look now, american airlines is not flying in or out today so their agents have gone home and this is where everybody is sort of gathered. take a look over here. it's quiet over there. you look this way and we have a packed food court and all these people who are stuck here waiting for their flights and waiting to see when they are going to be able to finally get out of here and as you can im e imagi imagine, they've got important places to go. i spoke with one couple who missed a wedding this weekend and another woman was worried about losing her job when she finally gets back there and we spoke to one gentleman who was trying to get to his brother's funeral. here's what he told us. >> friday we were supposed to fly out and the flight -- the very first flight that was canceled we were supposed to be on there, me and my wife and it's just -- it's been -- it's
1:47 pm
been hell trying to rebook and rebook and rebook six times so far through jetblue. >> now, he was finally able to get out, jetblue, one of the few airlines that did have some flights going out of here at laguardia, and he was hopeful that if everything went acco according to plan that he would be able to make it for the last hour of that funeral and a lot of people around the country going through this. we saw from friday until today about 11,000 cancellations across the country. today alone, we saw more than 3400 and here is what a lot of people don't want to hear, richard. for tomorrow, there's more than 800 cancellations. so as you talked about, it's going to be quite some time. they have to move the planes back in and they've got to get these people on them and it really is, when you have something that disrupts the system like this massive storm it takes a while to get things back to normal. back to you. >> kristen dahlgren. thanks so much for that report.
1:48 pm
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got breaking news to cover for you out of israel. former israeli prime minister and president shimon peres has been hospitalized after suffering chest pains just a week after suffering a mild heart attack. a spokesman tells nbc news that peres felt pains after an ecg was carried out by his paramedic and we'll continue to watch that news on shimon peres on msnbc. also major political news. hillary clinton and marco rubio are getting endorsements from the des moines register and it's moment away from the key iowa caucus and the white house aid
1:52 pm
and republican strategist, joe watkins along with msnbc contributor victoria di francesco from texas. what is your thought? these are very key endorse ams. however, at least on the democratic side, not so accurate on the republican side, pretty accurate. >> so, richard, i'm going to take the perspective that i don't think endorsements matter that much anymore because we have such a wealth of media at our disposal with our technology and people can read different outlets and gather a lot of information about the candidates and also the candidates are appearing themselves in front of people, so i'm a little weary about the effect of an endorsement like this. that being said, the question is will it hurt? because that is something that some folks are saying that the des moines register is signalling that these are the establishment candidates and that 2016 is the year of the anti-establishment candidate. so i'm not still convinced that
1:53 pm
it's going to hurt. we'll see after iowa and i don't think it's that big of a push. if anything, it might help rubio with fund-raising outside of iowa, but within iowa, big question mark for me. >> so the question mark, then to you, joe and the question mark i'll add some words to that is they are saying at least in their endorsement to marco ubio, he brings new people to the party and he also is a person in their words that could take the party in a different path. >> well, marco rubio, this is a big day for him and a great endorsement for him to have and certainly catapults him in terms of the fight especially among the so-called establishment republicans. it really hurts ted cruz because not only does ted cruz have the negative endorsement of the governor, but he also has the negative endorsement of sarah palin to catapult donald trump. so donald trump has a huge momentum in iowa and now marco
1:54 pm
rubio has huge momentum in iowa. this will help marco, certainly in new hampshire and an important state because he's been -- i guess, kind of in second and third place there, but this will help him certainly in new hampshire and maybe give him some legs for south carolina. >> you know, victoria. they talk about marco rubio, in a way that he says he offers something different as joe was reflecting on here. the single-parent families and for instance and that storyline, latino-american and that storyline in that with that, he brings in a moderate approach and they sort of allude to, donald trump and as well cruz. does he offer that and is the reality that he might actually get the iowa caucus, might win it despite when you look at the clear politics averages, he's not even in the top two. >> i would say that marco rubio is not going to win iowa, but i think the game plan for marco is
1:55 pm
he wants to come in either second, which is still a long shot, or not a very distant third. because i think in the first race of the country, if you can come out with the significant vote, at least, you know, 15%, 18% of the vote that you're not in the single digits, and i think that keeps your momentum going because for marco rubio what's going to be critical is not just new hampshire, but nevada where you have a chunk of republican latinos who may help sway the vote there. i think a good, solid third for marco would be ideal. >> thank you so much. ia, appreciate you both for that, victoria di francesco and joel watkins. you have a safe and warm rest of your weekend. >> thanks, richard. new york city, home of the largest mass transit system in the country has a lot of work to do if it's going to get ready by tomorrow morning's rush hour. msnbc's adam reese joins us now from times square. we have about 40 seconds and one
1:56 pm
of the key things here are those drifts. those big piles of snow that they start to accumulate and what they do with them. >> right. we don't see them here in manhattan, richard, but we're certainly seeing them in new jersey and westchester. that will be a focus going into the evening and into tomorrow morning to make sure everybody can get to work. i want to quickly go to our guests here and we have a group of high school seniors from atlanta and a thunderbird major from las vegas. winter 2016, joan a how it was for you? you got to walk through the streets without any dhars. >> it was unlike anything we've seen before. real quick. i want to hear from you. >> a great place to be stuck. we have the air show here labor day weekend and it was a great night. >> richard, we have to work on the snow on the outer boroughs and new jersey and westchester and hopefully we'll get out from under this by the end of the evening and tomorrow morning. >> thank you so much. the very latest, 29 dead at this
1:57 pm
moment related to the storm and those concerns, of course, about coastal flooding as we hit high tides in several hours and systems trying to get back online. thanks for being with us. i'm richaciardhard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york. you have a very safe evening. found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine,
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. >> a landslide terrifies a small town in italy. >> correrre! >> a sing hole swallows a street in hollywood. >> oh, this looks like this could be really bad. >> and tons of rock threaten the lives of workers in tennessee. >> i couldn't believe what we were seeing. in this hour, caution -- hazards ahead.


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