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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  January 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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sucker punched. caught off guard. this commuter thinks that commuter is talking too loudly on her cell phone, so she takes matters into her own hands. >> who knows how far that escalation would have gotten with a loaded gun? >> a hot-tempered liquor store patron goes from impatient to out of control. >> i thought the lady lost her mind. >> a convenience store break-in on four wheels forces a young clerk to run for his life. >> i just hear a loud noise from the right and turn and i saw the car. >> a guy walks into a bar with a chainsaw. >> crazy goose. >> i've seen crazy animals
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before, but this goose was right up there on the top level. "caught on camera: blindsided." a commuter's nightmare that will make you think twice about talking on your cell phone in public. october 14th, 2010, upper darby, pennsylvania. just a few miles outside philadelphia, the 69 street bus terminal is a busy hub for people coming and going into the city. as captured by the buses outward looking security camera, rasheed bingham waits at the terminal with his two young sons. >> it's always packed. there's always a lot of things going on down there, especially at rush hour. >> footage from an interior security camera shows bingham
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and his sons boarding a philadelphia transit bus. a few steps behind them is a young woman with cell phone in hand. and she's about to start talking loudly. >> how loud was she? i guess on a scale from one to ten, probably a seven and a half. probably close to an eight. >> as the bus sits outside the terminal, bingham isn't bothered by the girl's chatter. but he says an older woman sitting next so her is pretty annoyed. >> she just wasn't too happy with the lady's tone and how loud she was, so she immediately got up and moved. she did say something like, nobody wants to hear your conversation, as she walked away, and she sat in another seat. >> the security camera has no audio, but you clearly see the young woman continuing to talk on her cell phone as the older woman goes on a rant. her anger seems only to be building, and the verbal exchange between the two women
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intensifies. >> from then on it kind of escalated. the young lady chose to chime in, talking to her friend on the phone saying this lady don't know i beat grandmas up. >> but the talker has no idea the woman she is calling grandma is armed and that her rage is about to boil over. security footage shows bingham also talking on his cell phone, busy with his own conversation. he's unaware the situation is heating up nearby. >> i didn't think anything crazy was going to happen. you see it all the time when people are mad and annoyed at someone else where they might say something, can you keep your conversations down? didn't think it would go where it went to. >> bingham doesn't pay much attention to the squabble until the older woman says something he finds disturbing. >> the lady said this old lady will put a bullet in your mouth. that's when i said, all right, what's going to happen next?
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if nothing else, i thought it was going to come to blows. >> at that moment the angry passenger charges to the front of the bus, which still hasn't moved. what started as a battle of words now turns into a pushing and shoving match between the two women, and it's about to get worse. >> out of the corner of my eye, i see her with the gun. much to my surprise, i didn't think it was going to happen, this lady pulling out a gun. i thought she may have shot her. >> incredibly the young woman, the cell phone talker seems unfazed by the weapon. >> she showed nothing by seeing the gun. she was in this lady's face like she didn't have a pistol. >> the talker may be undaunted, but other passengers aren't nearly as calm seeing a gun being waved within feet of their children. somehow, rasheen bingham keeps his cool. >> i didn't have time for any emotion. i thought, all right. my kids are here. i don't know what happens if this gun goes off. if she decides to shoot it. >> bingham springs into action.
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the security cameras show him placing his hands on the woman's arm and trying to get her to lower the weapon. >> i really don't recall what i said to her. i know i said something about my kids being on the bus, where she said, she wasn't going to shoot them. you don't have to worry about your kids. not sure what her response was to that. >> bingham doesn't know it, but the bus driver has called 911. in the meantime he knows he has to do something, so he plants himself between the two feuding women. he's so focused on the situation, he doesn't even notice his two young sons running off the motionless bus amidst the chaos. >> i didn't know where they were at that that moment. >> it takes some coaxing, but bingham convinces the pistol wielding woman to get off the bus. >> cooler heads prevail, she decides to get off the bus at that time. >> police are waiting nearby and take the woman into custody when
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she steps off the bus, and bingham is reunited with his sons. >> we at the department felt very, very lucky that this good samaritan who took it upon himself to intercede probably stopped a potential tragedy from occurring. >> michael chitwood, superintendent for the upper darby police department oversees the investigation. >> once you look at the tape, you see there's about 30 people on that bus at any given time. there's certainly several young children. who knows how far the escalation would have gotten with an angry person somewhat out of control with a loaded gun. >> the gun-wielding woman is identified as 58-year-old cordelia chisham. police determine she doesn't have a permit for that fully loaded pistol she's packing. >> when she got here to the police station she's distraught.
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here's a woman 58 years old. had no prior criminal record. apparently had a job. this type of incident does not fit into her whole persona. obviously, something pushed her button that night. >> chisham pleads guilty to assault and terroristic threats. she serves six months in county jail. as for the good samaritan, he has no regrets about stepping in that day. >> i don't know, if it had gone wrong, i guess it would have been ugly. i don't know if she would have been shot. >> who would expect to end up in such a dramatic situation when setting foot on a public bus? certainly not rasheen bingham, but he did learn from the experience. the main nugget of wisdom he took away, let's just call it cell phone etiquette. >> i would not pull out my cell phone and talk in front of miss chisham, no, not at all. have to wait a bit longer to make that phone call.
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a chainsaw wielding man is on a rampage, attacking everything and everyone that gets too close. >> basically there was nowhere to go. you can clearly tell that everyone is really, really shocked and can't believe what's happening. >> this night of terror takes place in august 2011 in england, about four hours north of london. when locals want to drink a beer, shoot some pool and have a good chat, many turn to the endyke pub. >> the pub itself is quite popular on the weekend. a lot of people tend to be young single males tend to go and play around the pool table area. a lot of people meet each other.
3:12 pm
>> but on this friday night the regulars have no idea a man is about to threaten their local hangout and force them into a fight for their lives. a security camera mounted outside the pub captures an eerily quite street scene. >> as he got close you can see that he is carrying in fact a chainsaw. as he approaches there are three or four people outside smoking, which he thrusted the chainsaw towards before entering straight into the back. >> once inside, the man menacingly waves the power chain saw in the patrons' faces. one after the next. >> everyone is looking around, turning around to see what's happening. you can clearly tell that everyone is really, really shocked and can't believe what's happening. he revved it up and put it towards a few people. it was just a case of whoever was there got it. >> but the pub goers don't put
3:13 pm
up with the man's scary antics for long. they start fighting back, throwing furniture at him. >> as he goes to the left and starts thrusting the chainsaw at people, somebody picks up a bar stool and throws it at him, and it hits him. someone else picks one up. this time he's already turned around. and he just fends the chair off using the chainsaw. >> despite the combined efforts of the locals, the man cuts through each object thrown his way. things then take a more horrifying turn for a patron named adrian pryor. >> basically there was nowhere for people to go, effectively. he had a horseshoe shape of people with him being in the middle. mr. pryor was at the edge. as the chainsaw got thrust he put his arm up, basically a reflex movement to protect his face. the chainsaw went forward it cut
3:14 pm
him. it appeared to be very minimal contact, but obviously the weapon is so serious that it caused a very nasty injury. the wound had gown right through down to the bone. >> then the disturbed man decides to leave the pub. once he's back out on the street, someone calls the police. but the pub's patrons aren't about to let him get away. so they decide to take the law into their own hands. >> a few of the people in the horseshoe area, if you like, they picked up bar furniture stools and chased him outside. >> the exterior security camera captures a lone patron armed with only a beer barrel trying to stop the attacker. >> he throws the beer barrel at him. deflects it with a chainsaw. does it again, deflects it with the chainsaw. >> several more customers follow suit and go after the attacker. the patron then picks up the barrel a third time and delivers a blow, taking him down for the count.
3:15 pm
it's hard to see what happens in the melee because the video is blurry, but it's soon about a dozen against one. >> at this point some of the other locals are trying to get out of the pub. by using the bar furniture, he's being detained until the police arrive. >> the attacker is identified as 24-year-old dean denham. he's badly injured so instead of being take on the the jail, he's taken to the hospital. >> he ended up in hospital for about a week. i think he had a fractured rib and punctured lung. >> it's not until police begin interviews that they piece together what sparked the violence. all pubs in england have a no-smoking policy. mr. denham refused to put out his cigarette. to avoid trouble, his friends try to force him out. >> he didn't want to leave. he was escorted off the premises by some of his friends. which he didn't take well to. >> denham is so angry, he goes
3:16 pm
home, grabs a chainsaw and returns to the bar to take revenge on his friends, but they're long gone. police say it isn't only alcohol that fuels his rage and irrational behavior. >> i think in the interim of going to the pub, he had taken some sort of drugs. we don't know what they were. >> in a strange turn of events, more months, denham refuses to admit he's the chainsaw wielding man in the horrifying video. >> we asked him, is this your chainsaw? no, i haven't got a chainsaw. absolute denial to everything. every bit of evidence put to him was absolute denial. it's the most bizarre interview i've ever really taken out with somebody, when it was so obvious it was him, to actually turn around and deny it was quite unbelievable. >> but in another twist, when denham goes to court in november 2011, he pleads guilty to
3:17 pm
possession of an offensive weapon, causing grievous bodily harm, and causing an affray or fight. he's sentenced to three years in jail. mills says victims are still traumatized afr living through the night of terror, but he's counting his blessings that more people weren't injured or even killed. >> it is, yes, a very strong, powerful thing. it could cut limbs off. it could cut somebody in half. it could literally cause internal damage. it was quite miraculous because everybody managed to get out of the way. i think he could have killed very, very easily. coming up, football fans get a surprise tackle from an unexpected visitor. >> chaotic. customers and guests were screaming and starting to panic. >> when "caught on camera: blindsided" continues. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. a deer crashes through the door of a georgia convenience store, smashing into an unsuspecting 11-year-old girl. >> i thought a car had just hit me. >> and the entire incident is captured on store security cameras.
3:21 pm
february 26th, 2012, a quite sunday afternoon in georgia. an hour outside of atlanta. it's around 4:30 when tim irons makes a pit stop to pick up drinks from a local convenience store with his daughter samantha and son sebastian. >> that's where we shopped for gas and candy or anything of that nature. it's very convenient and the people there are very nice. >> the kids run into the neighborhood store while their dad waits in the car. >> i was working this register here. they were paying here. >> i went to go buy gatorade. i was saying thank you to the clerk. >> as the kids head out, samantha is just a few steps behind her brother when she gets the surprise of her young life.
3:22 pm
with lightning speed, a deer blasts through the door and crashes into the 11-year-old. >> we were about to walk out of the door and that's when it all happened. it really was just bang. >> when i first heard it i thought we were getting robbed. i heard the boom, glass shatter, and the girl screaming. all i seen was something furry running around, and i was asking the people behind the counter, what is it? a dog? they're like no, it's a deer. >> the video shows samantha being knocked off her feet and slammed into a shelf. >> there was probably a point where i blacked out. >> samantha's father waiting in the car hears the loud crash but is unaware a 125-pound deer has just tackled his daughter. >> when i heard the crash and looked over and saw my son running out and then seen my daughter come out that's kind of when the parent switch turns on. and the look of fear in his face, i knew something had happened to my daughter. i immediately told sebastian to get in the car, and i'll come
3:23 pm
get you. stay in the car. i was shocked once i saw the deer. i saw blood on her clothes. i didn't know if she was cut or not. i needed to assess her injuries. >> samantha is not badly injured. the blood on her shirt is not her own, it's from the wounded animal, but the deer is still running around and frightened. it's next stop is anybody's guess. >> i could hear stuff knocking over and the deer tearing stuff up. it's just, like, going up and down the aisles scrambling trying to get back out. >> i was hearing chip bags fall. noises of the drinks and screaming, yelling. >> within ten minutes, paramedics, police and animal control arrive at the quick check. animal control keeps the deer in one section of the store while emts attend to samantha in another.
3:24 pm
she's taken to a nearby hospital where she's treated for a concussion and a bruised leg. >> just seeing it over and over again, it made me realize that it could have been really bad. >> just a second earlier and her little brother would have taken the blow straight to the face. even if samantha had been taking a different path out of the store, she could have possibly hit her head on that little stand. we're going to hold onto the kids a little tighter when we're out. very, very thankful it turned out. >> the deer isn't as lucky. animal control decides to put it down on location. while this may seem like an unfortunate ending for the deer, john bauers with the georgia department of natural resources says it's in the animal's best interest. >> in that case, the deer crashed through the plate glass door. there could be significant injuries to the deer,
3:25 pm
lacerations. that type of stress, deer do not adapt well to and will typically die from stress-induced trauma later on. in that case, i'd leave that up to the judgment of the professionals that were dealing with it. >> it isn't every day an animal comes crashing through a commercial establishment, but it happens more than you might think. just three months before the kwick check incident, there's another deer break in at a taco mac restaurant. it's sunday, november 6th, 2011 and football fans are gathered in the popular restaurant to watch the beloved atlanta falcons play the indianapolis colts. what the excited fans don't know is they better get their defense on because an unexpected opponent is about to deliver them a surprise tackle. >> the restaurant was very busy due to the fact that the falcons were playing an nfl game that day. i was actually speaking with a guest when a deer came through the window. it was chaotic.
3:26 pm
customers and guests were screaming. and starting to panic a little it. >> a deer clumsily careens through the restaurant, knocking over tables and chairs. >> you're seeing some of the people get on booths and try to scatter and get away. the server you see in the video actually is fleeing from the building as well and opening the door for the deer to get out. the deer exited through the patio, our patio door, and crashed into some tables and eventually jumped over the fence. >> incidents like this are a reminder that the deer were here first. >> they were living there before the housing developments came in, and they are still living there now. these deer are moving their environment, which in this case happens to be the suburban setting and something probably startles them in most cases. they're trying to get away from that, and they're oblivious to windows or doors and inadvertently run into those or crash through them.
3:27 pm
>> bauer says deer are not attracted to anything in particular when bursting into these types of establishments, although bar manager brian stann lee has his own amusing theory why this deer visited this restaurant on this day. >> taco mac has the best wings in town. he did not have enough time to stay and dine with us, no. coming up, a clerk runs for his life when one of his customers makes an entrance on four wheels. when "caught on camera: blind sided" continues. i've been on my feel all day.
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hi, i'm richard lui. 29 people are now confirmed dead from this weekend's snowstorm across the east coast. among the victims, a new jersey mother and her 1-year-old son who died while sitting in a running car with the tailpipe covered by snow. in new york city, life is returning to normal despite 2
3:31 pm
feet of accumulation that prompted a travel ban last night. officials are working to get all trains back on track. much is the same in the nation's capital where residents are urged to stay home on monday. now back to "caught on camera." now back to "caught on camera." unfortunately, convenience stores can sometimes be targets. but not usually like this. >> i turn, and then there's just a car coming at me. in the dog days of the summer of 2011, it's 16-year-old sammy's last day at a temp job helping out at his father's seven 7-eleven in aurora, colorado, and the high school junior is about to get a back-to-school sendoff he'll never forget. >> there was two people at the store. one was getting a blockbuster from the machine. the other was getting a slurpee. the guy with the slurpee was walking up to the counter. i was talking to the guy and i hear a loud noise coming from my right.
3:32 pm
it sounded like the movie "transformers." it sounded like a transformer was in our store. and then i turned and saw the car. >> a 1986 buick regal bulldozes through the front door of the the 7-eleven crashes into aisles of snacks and sodas, finally settling at the slurpee manner. >> the car was about three feet away from me. the guy with the slurpee, i was scared he was getting hurt. it looked like the doughnut bar crushed him. i was really scared. i was calling him out, but he ran away after it happened. >> the driver is a 17-year-old girl with a bunch of friends crowded in the car. the video clearly shows a couple of them want nothing to do with this messy situation. two men get out of the backseat, casually survey the damage, and then, slink away. >> well, i noticed -- i started
3:33 pm
looking at who was in the car. i noticed five or six teenagers in the car. i saw a couple of passengers run away from the car -- run away from the incident. >> when firefighters and police arrive, they can't believe the extensive damage to the store or what they see on surveillance tape. >> i've never seen anything like this before. the glass was down. the signs were hanging. and the car -- the car was actually inside the store. actually the wheels were still spinning at the end of the video, which kind of gave us the conclusion that the driver was pressing on the gas and not the brake. to this day we don't have any idea why the backseat passenger ran. >> turns out the 17-year-old doesn't have a valid driver's license or proof of insurance. she's cited for careless driving. luckily, the thousands of dollars of damage to the store is covered by insurance and no one is injured.
3:34 pm
the store is back up and running within a week, and despite the scare, sammy still helps out there every once in a while. over time he's managed to find humor in the incident that gives drive-thru a new meaning. >> have it on my ipod and watch it when i want to laugh. one of my friends grabs a steering wheel, pretends he has a steering wheel and runs into me. stuff like that. >> in orlando, florida, another convenience store takes a different kind of hit. >> what's going through my mind when he came around the corner was oh my goodness, what is going to happen? this guy is like ten times bigger than me. i guess i must have just blacked out or something? >> at a sunoco convenience store, a clerk shows no fear taking on a thief twice her size. it's november 13th, 2011, and the entire incident is captured by several store security cameras. the clerk, a petite mother of four, arrives at work at the crack of dawn to prep the store. >> i come in at 5:00 in the
3:35 pm
morning and i set up and ready to get everything for the day. i pretty much wait for customers and clean up and make coffee. >> it's pretty quiet for the first hour. when people start trickling in, one of her customers stands out, and not in a good way. >> he came in and he was looking all around the store, and he was acting like he was cold, and then he came up to the register more. he asked me for a pack of newports. and then he was still looking around the store. >> when it's time for him to pay, there's a problem. >> he started grabbing on his pockets and everything. then he was like, i forgot my wallet. i'll be back, and then he left out of the store. >> she keeps an eye on the strange man as he leaves with a nagging feeling there's something not quite right with this early bird. the man gets into his car and
3:36 pm
stays inside for several minutes. >> he stayed in his car, which was kind of weird to me. >> inside the store, the clerk carries on as usual, grabbing an early morning snack of white cheddar popcorn. she's suspicious of the man, but as long as he's in his car outside, she doesn't feel in danger, but he's about to make his move. >> he came, and he was like i'll take that pack of newports. when i went to go ring him up, he was like, don't give me no problems, just give me the pack of newports and hit the no sell button on your register. >> he has a sweater wrapped around his hand and claims it's concealing a gun. but this 105-pound clerk isn't buying it. she decides to challenge him. i was like, no, are you crazy? get out of here or i'm going to call the cops. >> and then he wouldn't leave. so, i have my cell phone in my sweater pocket. i tried grabbing my cell phone out and getting it off the unlock button to call the cops.
3:37 pm
he called me the "b" word and was telling me just to give him the money. >> she has a serious problem on her hands, but so does this would-be bandit. his pants are falling. perhaps it's that very distraction that makes him vulnerable to what happens next. she refuses to open the register. so he decides to try himself, ending up on the wrong side of a beat down from a clerk half his size. >> i started struggling with him over the register. because he was trying to get it open. he couldn't get it open. he kept pushing me off him and i kept coming back at him. he just kept pushing me off him. he knocked my glasses off my face, and they fell on the floor.
3:38 pm
>> although the store owner recommend she err on the side of safety and hand over the money, she continues swinging at the man, but he doesn't even seem to feel it. he's focused on getting the cash. when he realizes this clerk isn't giving up the goods, he rips the entire register off the counter, grabs several packs of cigarettes, and heads to the exit. >> it ended up ripping out the whole register and trying to grab packs of cigarettes, which they were falling, too, as he was trying to grab them. by this time i grabbed the store phone, and i dialed 911. with the store phone in hand, she runs to the door, determined to cash the robber who is just a few steps behind her. with newports flying to the floor and his pants still sagging, he's greeted by her, who has planted herself at the exit waiting for him to run out. >> i grab him by the back of his neck, his shirt. that didn't stop him, so i ran to the car that he was driving, and i was trying to yank the license plates off of them. and then at the same time, i'm trying to remember the license plate. then he started driving off. i guess i was chasing him after that. >> the clerk tries her best, but the thief manages to get away with a $900 register and $300 in
3:39 pm
cash, but no cigarettes. this isn't the first thing he's taken. the car he's driving is also stolen property. the man police believe to be the robber does not evade them for long. one month after the incident he's arrested in an unrelated case in brevard county, florida. he pleads guilty to fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement in that case, and is sentenced to three years in county prison. and he may face charges in the sunoco case, too. the store owner plans to press charges to the fullest extent of the law. who would think this petite clerk would put up such a fight? not even the clerk herself. >> being a mother and thinking about my kids and what could have happened, that was risky, and i probably won't do it
3:40 pm
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you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always an evening visit to a liquor store ends up with the place turned upside down. >> i just stopped. i didn't believe it. >> and leads to a heated case of she said/she said. >> she's like, y'all always coming in my store. okay, now it's the you, now it's the y'all. >> i never said that. >> it all goes down on february 23, 2011, in nyack, new york, about an hour north of new york city. the liquor store is in a busy
3:44 pm
shopping center of two frequented roads. it's about 6:30 in the evening. sarah chapman is working her regular shift when surveillance cameras capture a woman running through the door. she's taken a taxi here and leaves it waiting outside. >> i was familiar with the store. i was a frequent patron. i was on my break from work. i called a cab and went to the store. when i went to the store i was under the impression i was in the store by myself. so i went to the register. i'm counting my money, getting my stuff together or whatever. i'm looking around. there's no clerk. >> separated by several aisles, both morrow and chapman are unaware they're standing in the same room, just yards apart. >> i was here with another person in the back corner. she came in. i didn't see her. >> with each second ticking by and the taxi meter running, morrow becomes more anxious. she openly admits she was drinking, even though she was on
3:45 pm
a break from work at a local restaurant. >> i had a cab waiting outside. he's charging. i start to bang on the table. i'll be honest. i was inebriated. i was under the influence. >> morrow hears the clerk's voice and realizes she's been in the rear of the store the whole time. she walks down the aisle and approaches the clerk, who is chatting with another customer. it's hard to know what actually transpires between the two women over the next several minutes because the surveillance footage has no audio. the store owner's dog rex jumps on morrow who continues talking to chapman. >> she came towards me and she said she wanted me to help her. and i was with somebody else. i told her, she came first, so i got to help the other person. so she asked the other person if she can get help first. the other person says she needs help too. >> morrow remembers asking the other customer to let her cut the line and she said the customer had no problem with it, but that's where the two stories diverge. it's at this point that
3:46 pm
something rubs morrow the wrong way. >> she turned to the other customer and said, they always come in here expecting. that was it for me, i had to walk out. i said, what are you talking about? now it's the you. now it's the y'all. as much as you want me out of the store, can you help me so i can get out of here. >> morrow is offended by this comment, which she believes is discriminatory. but the clerk, sara chapman, denies even making it. >> she said i said, you people, but i never said that. i'm from africa, so i won't say that. >> morrow who again admits she was under the influence at the time is furious. but on her way out, she makes an impulsive decision to do some damage. as she walks down the aisle she sticks her arm out and sweeps every bottle she touches off the shelf. the clerk is blindsided. >> first i thought when she
3:47 pm
walk, that happens that people break bottles. but the break-in keep going. i just turn around and i just stop. i didn't do nothing. i didn't believe it. >> if you look in the videotape, i got halfway down the aisle before i started to smash. it's all on camera. >> the store is a mess. it's everywhere. breaking bottles for three days. >> morrow stiff arms numerous bottles, leaving $1,600 worth of liquor splashed across the floor. chapman runs to the door in time to see morrow get in the cab that is still waiting up front. the clerk quickly jots down the license plate number as the cab pulls off, then she calls the police. >> the police department received a 911 call from a frantic -- i guess it was the clerk at the liquor store stating that a lady had just came in and was displeased with
3:48 pm
the clerk because she wouldn't wait on her right away. >> harry serves as public information officer for the clarkstown police department, which handled the call. >> i think she was more upset than scared. just upset that she had to account for all these broken bottles. >> the clerk gives police the license plate number of the taxi, but she's written it down incorrectly. their only lead now is to watch the security footage, but that offers no view of the license plate. but then, a couple of days after the incident, the clerk coincidentally turns up a lead of her own. >> she happened to be at the palisades center and observed the cab. and the number she had given the police was one number off. she talked to the cab driver. the cab driver said, oh, yes, i did pick her up. i did drive her to another liquor store, then i dropped her off at the palisades center. >> we went to dave and buster, they say she work here, but she was off that day. we called the the police and the police came in and took her
3:49 pm
information. >> what seems like an open and shut case turns out to be much more challenging. morrow doesn't show up for work the next day, so police can't question here, and they can't locate a home address for her, another dead end. but within a week, news outlets are hot on the story. the video is broadcast to thousands of homes and someone recognizes mahogany morrow. >> i did go back to work. i finished out my day. my sister called me down from brooklyn and made me aware that i made the news. >> seeing herself on television is not easy for the young brooklyn native. seeing her actions broadcast publicly makes her realize she's hit a new low. the following day, she turns herself in to the clarkstown police department. >> i didn't want to continuously
3:50 pm
look over my shoulders. i didn't want to pass a patrol car and thought, wow, are they looking for me? it's not worth it. i could have lived a life normally, it still would have been my conscious. >> morrow is found guilty of criminal mischief and serves eight months in county jail. during her time there she reflects on her past and gets sober. she's criticized for her behavior but is able to turn a bad situation into a learning experience. >> when i first thought the videotape i thought the lady lost her mind. that video was me, hoe. did i lose my mind? maybe for a second i did. i did. because if i was in my right mind that wouldn't have hands. i've become sober behind it, which is blessing in itself. if i don't get nothing else out of this experience, but to be sober, sane mind right now, then why not? >> coming up -- it isn't only human to get blindsided, a dog under attack by a goose on a boat. you can't make this stuff up.
3:51 pm
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3:54 pm
a goose gets her feathers ruffled and goes on the attack, picking a fight with a man and his dog. >> i've seen crazy animals before, but this goose was right up there on the top level. >> want to see who ends up on the top of this pecking order? the entire ordeal is recorded on home video. it's spring, 2008, in virginia beach. and todd barns takes his 3-year-old chesapeake bay retriever gabby for a ride on his boat. >> probably 75, 80 degrees. really nice spring afternoon. gabby is about as docile and even tempered as they come. she's a really nice dog. if i get in the boat, gabby comes with me. she spends a lot of time on the bay with me. >> and on some recent trips, so
3:55 pm
does a certain canada goose. >> my wife wanted me to film the goose flying alongside the boat. she liked the habit of liking to fly. we don't know if it's because she expected us to feed her or she just liked flying along the boat. my wife had a couple of friends that wanted to see a video of the goose flying next to the boat. so i said sure, i'll go after dinner. >> so the goose is no stranger to the barnes family. she's one of five geese that has made a home for themselves in this quiet area known as north bay. this goose stands out from the gaggle. >> they kind of stayed in the area. they were local geese. this one was pretty cool. this was a nice goose. she hung out in the yard. if somebody came by in the boat, she would honk. she was like a watchdog. >> barnes captures beautiful video of the bird, but only after a disastrous first attempt when the so-called watchdog started acting more like a bulldog. at first the real dog gabby seems pretty blaze about the goose.
3:56 pm
barns thinks it will provide for entertaining home video, but he doesn't know how entertainings the about to get. with gabby minding her own business, something goes haywire. >> the goose started honking at us and getting aggressive. i noticed she was focused on the dog more than anything. what i expected to happen is i would go out and the the goose would honk a couple of times and we would jump in the boat and take off and the goose would fly like she always does and fly right next to us in the videotape and reach out and touch her wing while she was flying. what happened was the direct opposite. the goose got really aggressive and started attacking the dog, starting attacking me. >> with wings flapping, he takes a nip at gabby's neck. then the angry bird goes after the dog's tail. >> she didn't expect the onslaught of aggression that the
3:57 pm
goose laid on her there at the end. she kept looking at me like is this goose really doing this to me, and you're not letting me deal with it? >> crazy ass goose. >> when barnes grabs the goose by the neck, the bird becomes more foul. >> i was worried about trying to get it out of the boat. the first thing i thought when the goose jumped in the boat is maybe it was just a one time charge at the dog and she was going to go in there. once i grabbed her by the neck and tossed her out, the goose went crazy and started attacking me and the dog. >> get. >> i told gabby not to attack the goose because the goose had never done anything in the past not to be aggressive. and she was a pretty nice goose generally. >> but not this time. the video clearly shows the goose has hair of the dog in her back when she is thrown into the water. but that only increases her determination.
3:58 pm
she jumps back on the boat and goes after gabby again and again and again. >> i thought she was absolutely crazy. she had totally changed her personality from when we first started hanging out. i couldn't believe that the goose was still going to bite the dog and get in the boat. there's nothing else in the boat but me but i found myself talking to the boat and the goose. finally barnes decides the only way to put an end to the assault is to get out of dodge. he powers up the engine and speeds away. the goose keeps oncoming. >> i was able to get the goose to stay out of the boat to get away. and gabby was relieved. good girl, gabby. that daggone goose mess with you? i'm sure she had enough goose pulled out of her hide to appreciate the goose being back at the dock. >> just when barnes thinks he's
3:59 pm
put enough distance between bird and dog, the goose makes one last attempt but this time falls short. >> i was shocked at the persistence of this goose. am i going to be out here all night long tossing the goose out of here? is the dog going to get fed up and be done with it? my dog! >> so what set the bird off? maybe it has something to do with gabby's favorite chew toy. it should be noticed the goose has since calmed down. it found a meat, and it only had todd barnes to thank for that. if the self proclaimed animal lover hadn't exercised such restraint, that goose would have been cooked. >> this dog is really highly trained. we wanted to hurt that goose or kill that goose, we could have done it very, very easily. just snap my fingers and the dog would have taken care of it right then. we were getting ready to flip a
4:00 pm
coin where they think the goose's fate was. i don't think the governor was going to call at that point. i hit the ground like a meteorite. >> they're pushing the limits. >> nobody knows what happens when you fall from 180 feet. >> climbing higher. speeding faster. >> everybody move. >> and falling further. >> oh, my. >> never turning down a challenge. >> the whole crowd was into it. everyone was egging me on. >> they take on the unknown. >> oh, my god. come on, buddy. >> and disaster is never far away.


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