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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 25, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PST

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well good morning. it's monday, january 25th. i'm bill karins. we begin this morning on the east coast. millions of americans are trying to get back to normal after this weekend's historic blizzard. the cleanup will go well into this work week. at least 30 storm-related deaths have been reported. many of them from heart attacks from shoveling that heavy snow. in the nation's capital, 24 hours of relentless snow brought the district to a standstill. this morning, schools, federal offices, and congress all closed. the northeast also took a pounding. new york city was hit with a foot more of snow than expected. and parts of new jersey saw major flooding in some coastal areas. when the high tide sent icy water rushing into homes and businesses. joining us from jersey city, new jersey, nbc news correspondent gabe gutierrez. gabe, how are the roads?
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>> hi there, bill, good morning. well we're here in jersey city where as you mentioned people are dealing with a lot of cleanup today. schools here in jersey city are closed, and it was -- we drive around, you can see that some of these side streets, while they have been plowed, they are very treacherous to get through. the main streets are doing just fine. but what has become a major problem as often happens in these storms is that while there was a little bit of melting yesterday, temperatures dropped below freezing overnight, and this has turned into a problem now with refreezing and also black ice. so people throughout the day will be here on the streets trying to dig out their cars. now as you mentioned, bill, about 30 deaths because of this cinder weather throughout the country. ten deaths in the tristate area including a tragic story in passaic, new jersey, where one woman, a 23-year-old woman, and her 1-year-old daughter both died while they were stuck in their car. they died from carbon monoxide
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poisoning, and her 3-year-old -- her 3-year-old daughter is now in critical condition. she and her son died while in this car. they're -- the boy -- the kid's father had been shoveling snow just a few feet away. but the snow blocked the tail pipe, and the mother and her son died from carbon monoxide poisoning. very tragic story. here, again, going through new jersey, some of these side streets will be treacherous for much of the day but many rail lines and bus service are back up and running. schools, though, remain closed. >> gabe, looking at those live pictures i mean you mention people that dig their cars out to get to work so they can get paid. they're going to throw that snow right back in the road again and it's jst going to be a bad cycle here this week. so you think new jersey is ready? >> well, you know, this is not certainly the first snowstorm that new jersey has had to deal
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with before. there are some residents that, you know, during any storm there will be people that complain that the plows aren't getting to them in time. but, as you know, the people i've been speaking with, at least in this neighborhood, they're taking it in stride. this will take a very long time to clean up. and, you know, you can see as we're driving down the street here, it is going to be a rough go of it this morning. but, people here seem to be prepared for the morning commute, and hopefully they can get through it. just powering through. bill? >> there's going to tb millions of kids and parents nervously walking to school. big, huge snow banks. got to make sure everyone gets to school safely. because they do have school in those areas. some of them. some of them. >> here in jersey city, though, this is part of the reason why, you know, these roads are difficult to get -- difficult to get through, schools here in jersey city area are closed. they're also closed in newark. other schools are open.
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but, again, in the area we're driving through, and you can see the conditions here, that officials here decided to just go ahead and close those schools today and keep people safe and keep them hunkered down, at least for another day. >> gabe gutierrez in jersey city. good call for them to cancel school today. thousands of people were stuck in a massive traffic backup on kentucky's i-75 prompting the governor to call in the national guard. some of them were stuck from 2:00 p.m. friday to early saturday morning. of course hotels filled up quickly. highway patrol officers say multiple wrecks and slow driving conditions caused the black ice and the backups. well the sheer weight of the snow did a lot of damage in some areas. this is waynesboro, virginia, the roof of the bowling alley buckled under 22 inches of snow. and in york, pennsylvania, the roofs of two airplane hangars collapsed. schools are closed across the county in a region which also saw historic snow amounts. well, buried fire hydrants always a problem after a big storm made it very difficult for these firefighters.
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this video from springfield virginia just south of d.c. we're told crews had to first find the hydrant and dig it out from under two feet of snow. in a similar situation in baltimore, county, maryland after an auto body shop caught fire. crews were also concerned that the amount of water used will cause roads to freeze and urged drivers to avoid the region. and finally a snow controversy in washington, d.c. the final total may come with an asterisk due to improper measuring. "the washington post" reports that the district may have gotten more snow than the 17.8 recorded. why the discrepancy? according to the ap, weather observers at reagan national airport lost their snow measuring device. halfway through the blizzard. however the team stands by the accuracy of its reading, saying it did the best it could under tough conditions. they couldn't find their ruler. as far as travel, 11,000 flights have been canceled since friday. today, reagan national and dulles international in d.c. say they at least will have one
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runway open, operating limited flight schedules. airports in bat ma, philadelphia and new york resumed limited service sunday but that comes after practically every major east coast hub was slammed with cancellations all weekend. amtrak is also trying to get back on track along the northeast corridor. running on a modified schedule. two days after leaving the presidential campaign trail for new jersey ahead of the record snowstorm, governor chris christie jetted back up to new hampshire. where he wasted no time incorporating his response to this weekend's massive storm into his presidential pitch. including during one campaign stop at a town hall in portsmouth where christie compared his handling of the blizzard to dealing with isis. >> it does matter whether you have the sensitivity to know how people react to this stuff and to make them feel safe and secure. and that's whether it's an impending storm, or whether it's the scourge of radical islamic jihadist terrorism. you have to make people be safe and secure. and i'm proud that we didn't lose one life in new jersey
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yesterday. >> well, asked to respond to criticism that he was too quick to return to the presidential campaign, christie said, he hadn't heard that from anybody. and didn't hear he left the state too soon. with just seven days to the caucuses the race is neck and neck for the democrats. time for polls. in iowa, new cbs news/yougov tracking poll shows bernie sanders leading by 1%. but in new hampshire he's expanded his lead to nearly 20 points. in south carolina, shoe's on the other foot, hillary clinton is up there by 22 points. but clinton may get a shot in the arm with two high profile endorsements from over the weekend. one from the des moines register, the other the boston globe. on "meet the press" sunday she expressed optimism in spite of sanders' rise. >> it is very personal, and people look and they think, you know, can we imagine this person to be president? and commander in chief? and because of my experience, particularly my years as secretary of state, working with president obama, i think that's something that people really take into account. >> well, both clinton and
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sanders barnstormed iowa over the weekend. sanders was defiant of recent attacks from the clinton campaign saying she was running a desperate campaign lacking excitement and he fought back these comments from the former president. >> we got to tell people who think they may be lured by people that, this other guy's madder than she is. and that feels authentic. and besides the slogans are easier to say. and i say that in no disrespect. i admire that. >> he was somewhere, i think, maybe in nevada he said, you know, bernie sanders is angry. and it's true. i plead guilty. i am angry. i am angry and millions of americans are angry. we are angry that our people are working longer hours for low wages. we are angry that our criminal
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justice system is broken. and we're angry that we have a corrupt campaign finance system that allows billionaires to buy elections. >> now let's check out the republicans. a new fox news poll in iowa shows donald trump at 34%. ted cruz 23%. that's a 15-point swing in trump's favor from earlier this month. when cruz was actually leading. marco rubio was at 12%, down three points. ben carson down two to 7%. and rand paul up 1% to 6%. chris christie and jeb bush with both at 4%. and the cbs news/yougov battleground tracker iowa also shows a 14-point swing in the race. trump up 8 now to 39% while cruz falls 6% to 34%. rubio is the only other candidate in double digits at 13%. now to new hampshire, trump more than doubles cruz, 31% to 14% in the fox news poll. rubio is at 13%. and john kasich at 9%. and bush and christie at 7. the cbs news/yougov poll finds
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trump coupling cruz 34% to 16%. rubio at 14% and kasich at 10%. donald trump broke his typical campaign routine by spending his entire weekend in iowa. instead of flying home on his private jet the billionaire developer slept where i love to sleep, the holiday inn express. hmm. trump even attended church services yesterday, which he brought up at a rally later in the day. >> just got back from church and it was good. it was really good. i learned something. we talked about humility at church today. i don't know if that was aimed at me. perhaps. >> well, trump's top campaign staffers plan to remain on the ground in the state through monday night's caucuses and have launched a web application to help iowans find their caucus precinct. meanwhile trump pounded ted cruz for an ad attacks his company's use of eminent domain. >> by the way, trump insulted my mother last night. he better be careful.
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he better be careful. >> i went in to the hotel that i stayed in here last night which was a very nice hotel and i'm watching all these ads. i'm watching them for carson. i'm watching them for rubio. i'm watching them for cruz. i'm watching all these ads. i don't want to take a chance. because you may believe some of those ads. by the way, those ads are total [ bleep ] [ bleep ] one of the things they say is eminent domain. i talked about eminent domain. all conservatives want the keystone pipeline. is that right? i want it. i don't like, frankly i'm not in love with the idea of taking canadian oil, what the hell. i love canada, by the way. look you know who's going to approve that dole fast? ted cruz. he's from canada. he's from canada. oh, i never thought of that. this is a first! ted cruz will atrough the keystone pipeline because it benefits canada. it's great. he could be the only guy, he'll run for president, then he'll
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run for prime minister of canada. >> well, rumors of one billionaire running for president did turn out to be true this year in the case of donald trump. but will michael bloomberg follow suit? new reporting from "the new york times" says he senses an opening even instructing advisers to draw up plans for and independent bid. in the "times" report he'd be willing to spend upwards of $1 billion of his own money. that's like a drop in the bank to him. that he's obtained a consultant and may put a poll in the field after the new hampshire primary to see whether there's a lane for him to run. there's a poll for everything. a poll shows in a hypothetical general election match-up bloomberg polling in the low teens against bernie sanders and ted cruz. the picture remains the same when shifted to bernie sanders and donald trump race. the two party front-runners reacted this weekend to the possible of this third party challenger. >> then i'm going to have to deal against hillary if she doesn't go to jail or i'm going to have to deal against bernie. or somebody. or bloomberg comes in, which would be great. i'd love to have him come in
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because i love the competition, frankly. i mean it would be great if bloomberg. i'd love bloomberg to come in. >> he's a good friend of mine. and i'm going to do the best i can to make sure that i get the nomination, and we'll go from there. >> so, you're not worried about him getting in? >> well, the way i read what he said is if i didn't get the nomination he might consider it. well, i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> well a decision from the former new york mayor reportedly will come by march. the israeli military says their aircraft took a hamas affiliated target inside the gaza strip early this morning. according to the ap a military spokesman said it was in retaliation for a rocket fired at israel's southern communities last night. in a press release israel defense forces claim there have been three rockets launched from the gaza strip into israel territory this month alone. in a new video released by isis, appears to show footage of the men who carried out the terror attacks in paris last november. according to "the new york
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times" the men are shown in syria and iraq prior to the paris attacks. they are seen beheading and shooting captives. the video appears to show the extent of planning that went into the paris attacks. if the identities of the men in the video are confirmed it would be the first evidence of the terror group coordinated the attacks that killed 130 people. salah abdeslam the only living member of the paris attack team who is still on the run is not seen in this video. well let's turn to business now where crude oil prices are slipping lower this morning. after bouncing back above $32 a barrel last week. cnbc's louisa bojesen joins us live from london. it's all about loyal lately, louisa. what's this mean for today? >> i know. i know, i know. and this correlation that we're now seeing between oil and equities is pretty substantial. and it's pretty unseen, as well, if you look through the past moves that we typically and traditionally would expect to see. this morning we were called higher on european equities. we opened higher. we had this bounce in oil that you're referring to. and then suddenly everything
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turned around about a half an hour into trade this morning and everything was lower and people were scratching their heads and saying what happened here? now we're a little bit higher again. actually we've just gone lower. we're a little bit mixed on the european equity markets. flatish to flatly mixed. the price of oil still remaining firmer on lower footing, and again there's a lot of speculation about also what the new kool front in the states is doing. got a lot of earnings out this week and a lot to look forward to. bill? >> sounds like a lot more turmoil of the ups and downs and a lot of people like myself not looking at our 401(k)s this weekend. thank you louisa bojesen live from london. up next it's panthers/broncos. i didn't have it. for super bowl 50 in two weeks. and one north carolina fan literally fell head over heels. tar heels, for his team. good thing that the only thing hurt was his ego. we'll have all those highlights from yesterday's action coming up. plus a check on my forecast and the talk of another nor'easter. really? am i really going to even bring that up? when "way too early" comes right back.
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well time now for sports and championship sunday in the nfl. let's start with the nfc that panthers hosting the cardinals last night. no contest. the panthers rout the no-show arizona cardinals 49-15. nightmare game for carson palmer. four interceptions. he fumbled the ball twice. on the other side, i mean, cam newton didn't have to do much. he did enough. seems like he's jogging. and he gives a superman leap. he threw a pair of touchdown passes and also rushed for two scores. the man of steel took flight of course at least one time. that was the 12-yard run. there was one interception at the end of the game, the most for an nfc title game winner. >> i said it again i'm going to say it now it was a process. it wasn't going to be, what did i say, instant grits, quick grits.
2:50 am
it's going to be a process like long, cooked collard greens you know what i'm saying? i think those collard greens are brewing right now. you can smell it from a mile away. >> well to denver and a great game. peyton manning and the broncos hosting tom brady and the patriots. this was the afc championship the 17th meeting between the two quarterbacks and likely the last game. that they'll possibly meet. this ended up, we didn't know it at the time, that was the first extra point gronkowski missed since 2006. just seems like not a big deal. but that came back to haunt them late in the game trailing by eight less than 20 seconds. brady and gronk were incredible. gronk was double teamed twice on that final drive. even on that play double teamed still got the touchdown but they needed this two-point conversion. brady scrambling pressured tipped, and intercepted. that was it. that was the end of the game. 20-18 victory by the denver broncos. and despite several teammates being outspoken in his defense, gronkowski placed much of the blame on himself telling reporters after the game quote i feel like i lost the game for
2:51 am
the team. it's a sickening feeling. the missed extra point, that was the first one that i mentioned in nine years, that snapped his nfl record streak of 523 consecutive extra points going into the game. well in a battle of old school versus the new skoold, 39-year-old peyton manning will make his fourth career super bowl appearance. the first quarterback to do so under four different coaches. leading his denver broncos against cam newton, and the favored carolina panthers into super bowl 50. there are about three to four point favorites depending on where you look. not that i have. wink. wink. well time for your forecast now. and we mentioned washington, d.c., going into the storm we thought you had a chance to be the real bull's-eye. you ended up with your fourth biggest storm all-time. new york city was in second place. baltimore had your biggest snowstorm ever, philadelphia was the fourth biggest ever so really impressive stuff. obviously we had a little bit of snow melt yesterday. temperatures are well below freezing. so there is some black ice out there if you did shovel. there's going to tb a lot of people spreading salt all over the place this week because it's going to be the pattern.
2:52 am
it's going to warm up during the day. a little bit of melting and then it will refreeze later on that night. now let's talk about that dreaded thing i teased the nor'easter at the end of this week. the storm is going to come off the florida just like the last one did, come up the coast. this is actually going to be a full-fledged nor'easter. it's going to move in a northeast direction providing northeast winds. as of now we're still five days in advance this one is far enough off the coast for a glancing blow it appears for cape cod, new york and the mid-atlantic. temperatures may be warm enough for all rain anyways. little more of a close call in new england but we got to watch this because this shifts just a little bit over all of a sudden we're dealing with yellow and oranges which would be one to two inches of precip on top of what we have and that would be a nightmare. we'll update that throughout the upcoming week. still ahead the d.c. police department takes a moment to enjoy the snow! joining a pickup football game over the weekend. the best of the blizzard when "way too early" comes right back.
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well this weekend's blizzard across the east coast had many people staying indoors, of course. but in d.c. capitol hill was open for sledding for the first time in decades, thanks to an add-on in the massive budget bill. the obama's portuguese water dogs, sunny and bo got in on the action playing outside the white house. and a few police officers didn't let the snow stop them from having fun. several officers participated in a pickup game of football on a snowy street.
2:56 am
the game happened on saturday. some areas around d.c. easily picked up 18 to 24 inches of the white stuff. i can tell you firsthand that 30-rock was swamped in snow most of the weekend. but that didn't stop fans from making it to the taping of "saturday night live" for the pitch-perfect return of tina fey as sarah palin endorsing donald trump. >> i'm here for all your teachers, and teamsters, you farmers and charmers, whether you're a mom or two broke girls, or three men and a baby, or a rock 'n' roller, holy roller, pushing stroller, pro bowler with an abscessed molar. yak, yak, yak, yak, yak! it's what the lame stream media spinning, heads are spinning. they're say trump and his trumpeters are right winging, beer clinging, proud clingers of our guns, but he can kick isis'
2:57 am
ass, because he commands fire. >> i hope nobody's allergic to nuts, because we got a big one here. she's 2 corinthians short of a bible. >> you think you get old by now but it just really doesn't. it's funny. that does it for me and "way too early." nice taking the hot rod out of the garage every now and then. coming up on "morning joe" the east coast continues to dig out from this weekend's historic blizzard as much of washington, d.c. remains shut down and one week to the iowa caucuses and the candidates are out in full force. the latest poll positions. plus, chris christie, rand paul, and rick perry join the conversation. "morning joe," now just moments away.
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and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. "morning joe"ed. >> the people, my people are so smart. and you know what else they say about my them? the polls? they say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's, like, incredible. >> it's, like, incredible. good morning, it's monday, january 25, welcome to "morning joe." with us onet


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