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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  January 25, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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do you think we should take it more seriously this time? >> i'm skeptical. there's a clip from last year where he's like, i'm not going to run for president. it's a two-party country. i'm skeptical. every piece would have to align in a way for the scenario unfold. >> thank you for joining us. chuck todd will be back tomorrow. with all due respect starts right now. i'm mack hallperin. >> with respect to mother nature and bar i manilow, it looks like we made it! >> happy week before the iowa caucuses, sports fans, in a big hawkeye state. our new home for the next week. bloomberg politics "with all due
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respect" studio here at the downtown iowa marriott. we'll be following every second of the closing arguments, the frenzy of campaign events, polls, forums, debates and media interviews, and of course the candidates' final tv ads. hillary clinton saw her lead shrink in recent weeks, bernie sanders is sticking with a theme of hope and change and optimism, as seen in his latest and last iowa tv commercial. we have it for you here first. take a look. >> there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix an economy. i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child cannot only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality health care will be a birth right of every
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citiz citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay, and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time forrest and grandchildren. a nation that depends our people and our values. that no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can have that america if we listen to our hearts. that journey begins here in iowa. >> that ad is part of a big iowa buy that includes a simon and garfunkel ad that we saw last week. what does bernie's closing ad to say to the iowa voters to be thinking about the caucusgoers? >> they add in all the policy proposals that have caught the attention, and some said caught fire with iowa voters. i think it's another strong ad. and it's optimistic.
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it would have been nice if he had smiled at the end of the ad. it's optimistic and that is the key to winning the election in america, and the clintons know that. >> i think optimistic, and the other word would be visionary. in a weird way, this is a positive ad in any meaningful sense. there's an implicit critique here of the clinton yn politics. bernie is saying it's okay to dream big and reach for the stars. we don't want half measures. that's what we have gotten. we've always heard about that from the clintons. we want more. and that's a very powerful message for the democratic base. >> and it's coming back at hillary clinton, who's saying, effectively, bernie sanders is unrealistic. the things he's advocating couldn't happen. he's saying to his supporters, these are things that are popular with the democratic base. the clintons, the ball's in their court now to respond to this ad. it's a very effective ad and one that the sanders campaign is
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quite bullish on. >> hillary clinton has been trying to stop the bernie momentum that's been gallivanting all across the state of iowa. she's been pushing a message of resolve across the state saying she's the realistic candidate that can get things done in washington. her allies, like the brady campaign to prevent gun violence, continue to criticize sanders' record on things like gun control. but for now clinton herself seems to be backing off what had been a policy of going negative to sanders on her own. john, why did hillary clinton, do you think, change her approach and pull back from criticizing sanders for a couple days, and where does that leave her campaign before a week from today? >> i have three words for you, mark. the first two are iowa nice, and the third word is surrogate. or outsourcing, if you will. this is obviously a time-honored tactic in politics where the candidate broadcast the positive message in the closing days, while leaving the surrogates to
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do the dirty work. that's not the way the clintons were doing it in a direct way. this is a state likes positive and optimistic. hillary clinton did not want to close on a down note. but making sure that the people who support her are taking the meat ax still to bernie sanders. >> i think some in her orbit feels strongly that if she loses iowa, that it compounds the loss. better to go out on a positive message, try to win, let the surrogates do what the surrog e surrogates do, and if she loses, and go down the road in south carolina where there is no such thing as south carolina nice. >> right. where there's a bigger appetite for negative politics. the president of the brady campaign today, to prevent gun violence, hit bernie as hard as a surrogate could hit him. he said it was dangerous that bernie was dangerously in line with the gun lobby. the bernie campaign disputes
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that. the clintons are playing nice now themselves in front of the cameras, going for that sunny optimistic message, as i said before, they got plenty of other people out there who are going to be hitting sanders hard. that's one example from today. >> let me be, not for the first or last time say the clintons are held to a double standard right now. sanders is going negative and in some ways personally negative against the clintons. he's not paying much of a price in the media for that at all. when clinton does do anything negative, she is paying a price. it's not fair to the clintons. >> i'm not saying there's anything wrong with negative on the surrogates. cnn is holding a last-minute forum tonight here in des moines. bernie sanders, martin o'malley and hillary clinton will each be speaking in that order. taking questions from audience
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members and cnn anchor chris cuo cuomo. mark, what do you expect to see tonight and will it matter? >> well, look, bernie sanders did some events today with voters, and got emotional interactions with them. i think that even though they won't be on the stage at the same time, this is the last opportunity really that we know of at least, unless something is added again, for a big audience to watch, particularly in iowa, given the timing of it, although there's a pretty big game tonight that all iowans are going to be watching, but this is an opportunity. >> yes. for sure. i just want to take this opportunity to point out what a total mess this debate situation has been in the democratic party. it should be a regular old debate. before the iowa caucus in iowa. instead we're having this jerry-rigged candidate forum. it's better than nothing. there's no good reason we shouldn't have this as a formal debate to be on the stage together. i think the dnc screwed this up from start to finish. >> i think obviously a lot of
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the question here is, the audience was put together by cnn, as i understand it. it will be interesting to see how much of a role the questioners play, and chris cuomo and others play in framing this. the stakes are high. the choices of what gets asked and of what whom will be to state the biggest possible thing. after this, it's all tv ads and campaigning ads. up next, after the break, the race to the republican nomination, and the latest drama between donald trump and ted cruz after this word from our sponsors.
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distant memory for the boring days when donald trump and ted cruz had the pizza boards. the two republican front-runners have been sniping at each other pretty much every opportunity they get. the latest is the new anti-trump tv ad in iowa and south
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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carolina, paid for by keep the promise one, which is one of the main ted cruz backing super pacs. >> donald trump is extreme on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortion? >> you would not ban it? >> no. i am pro-choice in every respect. >> does this sound conservative? >> i am pro-choice in every respect. i am pro-choice in every respect. >> for partial birth abortion, not a conservative. >> keep the promise one is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> today in what appeared to be somewhat of a response to the cruz team defense went on the web with this video. >> the establishment, the media, the special interests, the lobbyists, the donors, they're all against me. i'm self-funding my campaign. i don't owe anybody anything.
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i only owe it to the american people to do a great job. they are really trying to stop me. everybody knows it, everybody sees it. we're going to win. we're going to win it for the people. we're going to win it for our country. >> trump did an interview with cnn today, part of which aired this afternoon. he called cruz quoting nasty guy and a wack job. john, the perception is cruz is getting the worst of the back-and-forth with trump. does he fare any better in this latest volley, this exchange? >> i think he handled this exchange fairly well. but i couldn't to think, and i wish i could deviate from what we've been saying over the past few days, but i still feel as though we find repeatedly ted cruz on defense, not where he wants to be. >> if this cruz super pac ad doesn't break through, if iowa voters, conservative voters don't look at this and think differently about donald trump, i'm not sure any ad is going to
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get him. it's well produced, having donald trump's saying he has new york values, not iowa values. i think it works. but the back-and-forth between the two candidates, trump is still doing pretty well. >> yeah. i mean, look, i think that the ad is strong. again, i continue to ask, there's a reason we call him the teflon don. the information is not new information. it might be new to some voters. it's been discussed. i continue to think those are not the things, those kinds of things about ideological consistency in the past are the things that will ultimately put a dent in donald trump. >> yeah. the other thing is, cruz got rick perry's endorsement today. a big deal. >> yeah. important here in iowa. rick perry had a little bit of a following. it could matter. so far, most of the political big wigs in iowa have purportedly refused to endorse republican candidates for president. but had they put their grubby tenderloin smeared thumbs on the scales anyway?
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oh, yes, they have. terry bran statd said donald trump lacks the experience and nuance to be president. chuck grassley showed up at a trump event over the weekend. and today senator joanie "i'm the one who castrates pigs" ernst in des moines. again, none of these folks are officially supporting any candidates in this race. but mark, why are these three influential iowa republicans making these non-endorsement endorsements? >> you know, they all say they won't endorse because they don't want to endorse because i could int interfere with voters coming to iowa. and whether the voters can tell difference between a non-endorsement and endorsement endorsement, i have no idea. joanie ernst has been close to marco rubio for a while, and i think both grassley and the
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governor would both like to see trump beat cruz in the end. >> i think that the -- look, a non-endorsement endorsement could be as good as an endorsement, if it brought with it fund-raising, if it brought with it going around the state and doing a number of events, crowd building, get out the vote efforts. if it's just a one-hit thing, if it's just one event, one week out from the caucuses, or one news media comment or something taking a shot at some candidate as we've seen in this context, i just don't think that those things matter very much because they don't sick. you can imagine a situation where the non-endorsement endorsement matters a lot, but i'm not sure this is it. >> i think one of them does, but i won't say which. "the new york times" reported that michael bloomberg, the former new york mayor, is weighing an independent bid for the white house this year. the former mayor is purportedly considering a run if donald trump or ted cruz win the
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republican nominee, and bernie sanders wins the democratic candidacy. john, is there a scenario under which there is a realistic path for mike bloomberg to run for president and to win? >> well, i think there's a realistic scenario, but i don't think it's very likely. you know, mark, you and i have both covered mike bloomberg's dalliances with running for president in two cycles previously, 2008, 2012. the one thing i learned in writing about it at length is he was a rationalist. he would only run if he could win. you can marriage a scenario if donald trump or ted cruz or bernie sanders were nominees. if you crunch the numbers, there's some chance you can come to the conclusion it's not possible to win. i think probably in the end mayor bloomberg will end up not in this race. >> very difficult under our
3:17 pm
system for any independent to get 270 electoral votes. he's made clear to people throughout his deliberations every cycle, he will only run if he can win. he's not wanting to be a spoiler in any way, he just wants to be president. he set a deadline for march in part because of the filing deadline to get on all 50 state ballots. it's possible we won't know who the nominees are going to be. the clock might run out for him. it will take quite a constellation, the stars and moons aligning for this to be a reality. i think those things are unlikely, but not impossible. >> it's hard to imagine a scenario where we know bernie sanders will be the democratic nominee by march. hard to imagine. when we come back, phil rucker and kathy join us live right here in des moines at the marriott, after this.
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joining us now are phil rucker for the "washington post," and kathy abradovich. ladies and gentlemen. great to have you here. kathy, give me your sense now, in the democratic race, that will lead to phil's story, give us where you think things stand now between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> i don't think it could be any closer. the polls show a couple of points apart. we still have people making up their minds at this point. everything matters.
3:21 pm
every little thing is going to matter. we talk about whether endorsements matter. usually they don't, but everything matters now. this town hall tonight, you know, nobody can afford to make a single step out of line. and everything matters on the ground game. nobody really knows for sure what that looks like. >> you don't dispute the notion, though, that there's a large enthusiasm gap between the sanders forces and the clinton forces. which may not be decisive, but there is a large gap. >> i think enthusiasm matters only if people don't go out to the caucus. if we have bad weather, you know, and some people think, oh, well, you know, i don't need to go, but i think in a close race, everybody gets enthusiastic. and everybody thinks that their vote matters. >> phil, you have a piece this week with -- today, i'm sorry, with your colleague, john wagner -- you have so many colleagues over there, i forget who's who -- about sanders. you helped him write it up. it was really striking. he's very negative.
3:22 pm
and coming from bernie sanders who for so long said i will not engage in the politics of personal instruction, i only want to talk about strictly policy, he's now as negative as hillary clinton is, in terms of how he talks about her and vice versa. what's going on with that? >> he's become a more sort of traditionally combative candidate. i think he sees the chance here to win. he sees the attacks coming his way from hillary clinton, and he's trying to fight back. he's also initiating some on his own. he's going after her speaking fees from gold man sachs. he told john in the interview that he thinks clinton is running a desperate campaign and no sign of in i enthusiasm or energy for her. that's not quite true. i was at her laly last night and she had a very big crowd. it's a shot at the clinton campaign for sure. >> you mentioned the phrase desperation with me a week ago. it's popped up again and again. i want to throw it to my friend mark hallprin to take this interview in his open direction. mark, where are you? >> kathy, in looking at the
3:23 pm
schedules of clinton and sanders, the groups they're talking to, does anything stand out for you about what kind of effort they're making in terms of demography or geography in the last week? >> i think hillary clinton is making a hard pitch to younger women. i think we're seeing that with some of the groups that she is meeting with, and talking to. which is interesting. young women are not necessarily heavy voters. they're not really reliable in getting out. so trying to push there. i think what bernie sanders is doing and what he really needs to do is people see him around the state, not just in college towns. we saw him on the east coast of iowa, in clinton and places like that. that's really important. you can't really afford to run the board in the college towns. you have to have support statewide. >> phil, as you talk to people and deal with people in both campaigns, i'm just wondering if you're sensing anything in the body language.
3:24 pm
are they equally relaxed? are they equally confident? are they equally upset? how would you compare the mood of the two campaigns at this point? >> they do seem equally confident. they both have pretty strong ground games. i think they're hoping for that. but certainly the clinton campaign is concerned about the surge here from sanders. and they're getting pretty aggressive in how they fight back against him. we'll have to see how the ground games work. >> tell me about trump and cruz at this moment. >>. yeah. we talked about whether iowa politicians are putting their thumb on their scale. you know, the question i have is, you know, will republicans be able to come back together again after this. branson put his thumb in the eye of not just ted cruz, but the evangelicals and christian right folks who are supporting him. and, you know, that doesn't
3:25 pm
usually -- you know, that bad feeling doesn't go away when the caucuses go away. so i think this might be a lingering issue here in iowa politics. >> i can't help thinking about he's got his elbow on the scale and his thumb in the eye. that's a gymnastic effort. >> a political twister. >> phil, would you look at the republican race, we know that trump and cruz are the ones, it's clear in the top tier for a long time. do you imagine there's a possibility of a surprise in that bronze medal race? rubio's kind of established himself, at least according to the polling, as being the third place guy. but i think one of the other guys could pop up. >> one is rubio, he just got "the des moines register" endorsement over the weekend. he's got big crowds. i think they see a chance to really contend for a solid third place, distance himself from the other establishment candidates. but chris christie is going to be working the state hard. there's a debate on thursday that may help a lot. jeb bush might have a little
3:26 pm
energy here, too. >> if you looked at bush, if you looked at bush, kasich, or let's say bush and christie, of those two, do you have a feel for who might be the break-through of those two? >> i think if chris christie breaks through, it will surprise people. so you get that sort of beat expectation factor as well. for a long time in iowa, the contest has not been which mainstream candidate is going to get in the top three, it's which mainstream candidate is going to beat jeb bush. it's sort of been bush and everybody else. right now, it looks like rubio is the guy that could beat jeb bush. but kasich and christie have made a little more of an effort, but christie i think is the one who has the juice. >> i hate in this moment, as we just have arrived here in iowa, and with seven days to go before the caucus, i hate to think of anything beyond the caucus, but i will and ask you this one question, bill.
3:27 pm
sometimes they like to flip the bird to what happens in iowa. if marco rubio finishes third in iowa, does that turn into anything in new hampshire? >> it might. there's one person to look for an answer, that's john kasich. he will spend his whole week campaigning there. he may be a surprise. >> phil rucker, kathy o., thank you so much. you're going to be back again this week. coming up, facing the establishment candidates in new hampshire. don't forget, if you're watching in washington, listen to it on bloomberg 29 fm. we'll be right back. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition... like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best.
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premieres, and the challenge that's facing the four establishment republican candidates, particularly in new hampshire. here's an excerpt from the program which features chris christie, marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush. >> sometimes it's just too cold to do a cold open. a very granite state. hello to you one and all from the dairy land metroplex. >> what have you learned that you did not know before you arrived? >> any of those four guys could end up the star. >> why strategically right now are you not going at trump and just saying it's christie versus trump? i'm tougher, i'm meaner, i'm badder? i would advise you to do that. >> how was that? >> it was fine. getting political advice from don deutsche. i said all i would engage in with donny deutsche is a murder/suicide pact. >> we talked about yesterday you'll be in iowa for six days
3:32 pm
for the caucuses. do you feel like this is do or die? >> yeah. but i think the whole thing is rirvgy. i put more eggs in new hampshire basket. rubio seems to put no eggs in any basket. people say, is that risky, right? no matter what decision you make, you just let it go. you make the best strategic decision you and your team can make and go for it. >> you spend a lot of 2014 getting pummeled by everybody. >> everybody. >> everybody in the world. >> right. >> you went from being a potential likely front-runner to being a late night comedy joke. >> right. >> punch line. i don't know, it seems nuts that you undertook this. >> i guess it's who i am. i think going through that has made me so much of a better candidate. once i got through that year, i got advice from a really good friend who said to me, you're now the most dangerous kind of guy in politics, because you've
3:33 pm
had a near-death experience but you didn't die. that's not what's happening in washington right now. they don't talk to each other anymore. no one knows what's going to happen here, how these folks are going to react. >> thank you for coming down. >> i'm happy to be here. this is a cool place. fresh milk right from this morning. >> you worked already this morning? >> i milked before you were out of bed. >> i've got goats in the state legislature. >> he can feel it, that he's getting traction here. he knows the clock is running down. he knows the time's running out. he thinks in the end his virtues will come through. >> you know what, i'm in the game in a way that nobody would have ever thought i would have been. >> right. >> make a call to who? >> we have to call the producer and they'll give you an overview of the show.
3:34 pm
>> is it time now? >> it's time now. >> we don't have the number. >> i thought the number was on the schedule. >> it's 1-800 -- >> jimmy fallon has an 800 number? hello? yes. yeah, i'm a dolphin fan. we're not going to ever win the division as long as tom brady is the quarterback. so i think i'm going to give both him and belichick points. belichick secretary of defense, and brady ambassador or something. how can they pass that up. their country's calling. well, i just -- people started telling me about it, hey, so-and-so is talking about this. i said, what's wrong with it? like a big heel on them. i didn't put the heel on. it came with the shoe. >> governor, how are you doing? i thought i would come see the game. can you tell when you're out
3:35 pm
here campaigning how things are going, like overall in the race? or just doing your thing? >> i thought they were going well before you people started to pay attention to me. >> i did tell some of my friends in iowa, i've got bad news for you. they said what's up? i said we're doing really well in new hampshire. that's a joke. >> i did not know his penchant for horrible jokes. >> making beer here today. and you know what? it will keep you hopping. get it? did you hear about the fight in the seafood restaurant? two battered fish. no, i'm just kidding. give it there. all right. yes, sir? you know our moose in new hampshire are half of what they were a decade ago. we want our moose saved. how can you help us save our moose? >> save the moose, that's a good one. you're the second moose that's come my way. this one, since my wife and kids are gone, they'll be on the pillow next to me, how is that?
3:36 pm
thank you very much for coming. >> the next president of the united states -- >> this is a big part of winning iowa, winning new hampshire. you talk to real people in these situations. this is tough. this is like the olympics of politics. these voters are sophisticated. >> what do you think of god's rock man in heaven? david bowie? ♪ >> that's the new hampshire primary, by the way. >> he said it was between you and governor bush. what would you tell that voter? >> i'm not into all this comparative stuff. you know what a lady reporter said to me the other day, you know, you're all calm, you have fun. if somebody asks you a question and you don't have the answer, you'll tell them you don't know. and then she said, what
3:37 pm
separates you from others? i said, you just said it. >> if kasich, christie, bush and rubio are back together, they would all agree they would like one of them to be the nominee, as opposed to trump or cruz, right? it's a bit of a prisoner's dilemma. they all think they would be the beb of the four. will there ever come a point the guys will talk and say, one of us needs to do this? >> no. >> no? >> that's not the way we do it. nobody would say, this is a runaway train, we have to band together or we're doomed. >> candidates and their teams don't think that way. they're in it to win it. you're not to come to some conclave and draw a black bean or something, it's not going to happen. >> hey. evening. >> you're all over the place. >> nice little bump up.
3:38 pm
i like the polls that show moving up rather than moving down. >> you're not worried about peaking early or anything? >> no. i think our timing is perfect. >> yes, ma'am, you're first. or are you just giving me the peace sign? i've got to get a hug from you. i'm coming. i'm coming. >> i'm for you. have been since the very beginning. [ applause ] >> just kind of reinforces a good feeling about democracy when you see people campaigning on the ground. looking people in the eye. i think it gives good public servants. >> that was a love affair, excuse me. >> we're going to join up with a woman who donated money, and got picked as the contest winner to have dinner with governor jeb bush. so you all are the winners. >> you're the winner? >> you're the winner.
3:39 pm
>> i actually answered her text message. >> you had a contest, too? >> yes. >> well done. >> i've lived here all my life. i think there's going to be a surprise winner the morning after the primary here. we're really, really, really banking on this man to have a celebratory glass of wine after midnight. >> is anybody else filming this? >> john, we saw all four of those guys fighting hard in new hampshire. most of the campaigns now conceding third place in iowa, where you are, to rubio. i wonder if you think what kind of third he needs in order to use that third place, to maybe push ahead in new hampshire? >> well, you know, given the contrariness of new hampshire voters, it's not clear to me any third-place finish will help rubio in new hampshire. but it might. if he was very close to cruz or trump in a virtual tie for second place, obviously that
3:40 pm
would be a huge thing for rubio. i still think there's a chance for the establishment candidates to surprise us here in iowa. and that may be a big story coming out of this race. if jeb bush or chris christie do way better than expected. what about you? >> look, if trump is 40% in some private polling, and cruz gets 20%, i just don't know mathematically it's possible for any of the four establishment guys to surge enough to make that big a difference. this is going to be the matter of percentage points, i think, for any of them to be -- or maybe two in new hampshire, i did well enough to go here to south carolina with momentum. >> i'll tell you what was really true talking to all four of those guys, watching them last week, they've all gotten a lot better. they're all better candidates today, way better candidates than they were a few months ago. >> and not just better, but objectively good. the circus premieres each week on showtime sunday nights at
3:41 pm
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and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. a couple of weeks ago we showed you a fabulous piece, griffin hammond, about the ground operation in the bernie sanders campaign in iowa. today we're showing you sort of a part two of griffin's work. this is his look at the clinton
3:44 pm
campaign's ground game. >> the people in iowa get to make the first choice. the entire country, indeed the entire world, is watching to see what happens right here in vinton county. how many people here have already made a phone call or knocked on a door? will you raise your hand? because i want to personally thank you, and invite everybody else to come join with us. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. now, we want more people to be able to raise their hands before february 1st. >> my role is making sure in these last 10 1/2 or 11 days, that we're doing everything we can to get out and speak with as many potential caucusgoers as we can and get them to get out and caucus for hillary. >> i'm calling with the hillary clinton campaign here in polk county. how are you this evening? >> tonight i am making phone calls, making sure that everybody who's told us is coming, is for sure coming, that
3:45 pm
they know their caucus location, that they'll be there. >> it's just volume. knocking on the doors and making those phone calls, tv ads, we have a chance to talk with you. that's what's most effective in the final days. >> last weekend i called over 220 people in two hours. i was also out walking for six hours. >> every weekend this month we've knocked on more doors than the weekend before, despite the sub-zero temperatures. >> when it's colder, people are nicer to you because they really know you're dedicated to your cause. >> thank goodness fo hand warmers. we did move from oahu to des moines, iowa, in order to participate in the caucus and to volunteer for hillary. didn't know anybody in iowa, but we thought, well, this is the year. >> i'm not very politically active usually. but my son at age 2 was diagnosed with autism. as a first lady, she helped
3:46 pm
develop the health insurance program, which my son actually is on. i've had a few people just close the door on me. but there's a lot of busy people out there, so it's just getting them to be willing to take that time. >> i know that there are people that are kind of gun-shy about, oh, i don't want other people to know who i support. >> honestly, it's a little disappointing that about 10% of people get out to the caucus. that's really disappointing. but on the other hand, i know it's not easy to ask people to get out. i'm sure it's going to be cold that night. >> the last seven months i've knocked on a few of the doors and made phone calls to many of you in the room, if not all of you. i don't know if you hung up on me. it's okay, though. it's okay. >> some of you are already committed to caucus for me, and i thank you. i know some of you are on the fence. i hope we can move you over. and i know some of you are still trying to make up your mind, and i hope that i can earn your support. >> at the beginning, everybody
3:47 pm
was undecided. now a lot of people are decided, but, you know, we don't know if they'll come to the caucus or not. >> i of kind of running the show for hillary supporters in the neighborhood. >> making sure that we're visible in the corner of the gym, library, wherever we're at, so everybody knows where hillary clinton clinton supporters are and where they'll be the entire night. >> to help bring more people over to hillary. we're thinking there may be some undecideds. it's possible that the o'malley supporters may not be viable, and we're going to do our best to convince them to come to hillary. >> you can't just come in late, and try and throw things together in a hurry. we've been working methodically since april to earn every vote in every corner of the county, in every corner of the state. i feel like we're going to see great results on february the 1st. >> i can't do any of this alone. i need you.
3:48 pm
i need you knocking on doors, and making phone calls. i need you caucusing on february 1st for me. and then i need you to help me win iowa in november, and go into the white house as your partner. thank you all so very much! >> our continual and ever-lasting thanks to the great griffin hammond. man, that was so good. we'll be right back with a special message from davos, that's in switzerland, after this.
3:49 pm
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for me... it's aleve.
3:51 pm
last week, lots of business leaders from all over the world met in davos, switzerland, for business purposes. stephanie was there covering the event. she posed some questions about the 2016 presidential race to a few of the business people who were in attendance. >> from your perspective, what
3:52 pm
is the biggest factor out there in your world, in the business world, that's going to affect the election? >> confidence. confidence of -- consumer confidence of corporates. if you look now, we have a largely healed consumer, and are they willing to really engage back in the economy, housing, spending, and from a corporate perspective, are companies really willing to invest, hire, invest in r&d, a few things we haven't seen for a few years. >> front and center, number one should be education. because that applies to income inequality we have in a lot of the world today. the availability of labor throughout the world that's changed the whole relationship of what they make and how they make it, they've really got to talk about how we revolutionize the education system so people can move up the ladder. that's number one for me. >> what i care about maybe different from what the voters care about.
3:53 pm
what i care about as an american citizen, i see a real problem in terms of the inability of people who start off life poor, to do better. this is really a big issue. so social mobility has really gone down in the united states. i think what we really have to think about is creating a country again where every single person has the chance to be the world bank president, or has a chance to be the president of the united states. >> we need to get people that are running for president in both parties to start talking about the fundamental economics of this country. and the economics are, that it is -- our economic system is being choked to death by an explosive regulatory system. >> when you listen to the candidates, they're not talking about a lot today. i don't think a lot that's substantive. i think when you look at the economy, we should look at tax policy. and really make sure that tax policy is set up to encourage investment in the united states.
3:54 pm
and right now it's set up so that it's actually encouraging investment abroad. because tax rates are lower abroad. >> i think we're getting distracted by the symptoms, and not the causes of a lot of what's causing the problems in the economy. and i think one of the things we should do is get the fed out. i know that's not a political agenda done by congress or the president, but i do think the fed has caused some of the overreach in the assets that we're unwinding here. i think the sooner they get out of the management of the economy, the better we're going to be. >> our thanks to steph ruhle. and we'll be right back. that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive.
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learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit mark, it's monday. which means it's a day, which means somebody won this day. who do you think won it?
3:58 pm
>> marco rubio, still living high off the hog, registering endorsement, getting joanie ernst. he's hedging up in polls nationally, like in iowa, to a point where i think he may arguably now is back to being best poised to be the establishment alternative, if he can perform in new hampshire. but a big if, but if he can. >> you know, rubio has helped. he's one of my winners of the day. i say all of the new hampshire establishment republicans are winners, due to the fact that the patriots lost to the broncos yesterday. so new hampshire will not be fixated on the super bowl. that means the new hampshire republicans will get all the attention they need. my second question to you, mark, real quick, what are you looking for once you get to iowa over the next 24 to 48 hours? >> which candidate can actually get hot and drive the same message every dave on the stump.
3:59 pm
nothing matters more than a hot candidate running a winning message every day with passion al energy from dawn to dusk. and beyond. >> i want to see hillary clinton. i saw her a little bit today. i want to go out with her for a lot of tomorrow and see what's going on the ground with her. so many questions for her seems to me, is her ground work really good, can it match sanders' enthusiasm. tomorrow, we have former obama campaign manager david master of the ground game. and we will have him live from san francisco when we do the show tomorrow. we're on the tube twice a day at 5:00 and 8:00 p.m., and check out steve's piece on the science of winning the iowa caucuses on the site. don't forget, if you're watching us on tv, you can also listen to us on the radio at bloomberg 99.1. fm. >> all week we'll be in iowa covering the caucuses.
4:00 pm
join us tomorrow. we'll be here with "all due respect." keep watching us and keep on the website. and until tomorrow, sayonara. up next, "hardball with chris matthews". trump and sanders, could both win? let's play hardball. good evening. i'm chris matthews. what could be the wildest week in moerp american politics. could it be that voters, real people heading to a cold night in iowa will give victory to the twin candidates of historic change. donald trump promises to make america again. bernie sanders will stay here to the last year of his presidency. could iowa choose both? could the two namesoo


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