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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 26, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PST

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national poll shows hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders shrinks. ted cruz sticks with his attacks on donald trump's new york values while reminding iowans that trump said this -- >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> the big question is will it work? and on the run, the search intensifies for three prison inmates accused of cutting through steel bars and plumbing ducts before rappelling down to freedom. 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning. it's tuesday, january the 26th. i'm louis bergdorf. a new cnn/orc poll of democrats nationwide shows hillary clinton with the 14 point lead over
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bernie sanders. it comes as three democratic candidates tried to win over ayens at a joint -- iowans at a joint town hall. they fielded questions, predominantly from undecided caucusgoers. >> it feels like there's a lot of young people like myself who are very passionate supporters of bernie sanders and i don't see the same enthusiasm from younger people for you. in fact, i have heard from a lot of people who think that you're dishonest. why do you think that the enthusiasm isn't there? >> well, i think it really depends upon who you're seeing and talking to. look, i have been around a long time. people have thrown all kinds of things at me and, you know, i can't keep up with it. they throw all this stuff at me, and i'm still standing. but if you're new to politics, if it's the first time you have really paid attention you go oh, my gosh, look at all of this.
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and you have to say to yourself, why are they throwing all of that? well, i'll tell you why. because i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> now, a response a question about whether secretary clinton is more prepared to be president than he is, senator sanders had this to say. >> the truth is that the most significant votes and issue garding foreign policy that we have seen in this country in modern h or the -- history was the vote on the war in iraq. okay? that's the fact. hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. i led the effort against wall street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. in terms of climate change, on day one, i said the keystone pipeline is a dumb idea. [ applause ] why did it take hillary clinton such a long time before she came
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into opposition to the keystone pipeline? and in other words, you know, i do think i have the background and the judgment to take this very, very difficult job of being president of the united states. >> and near the end of the event, clinton was asked to react to the america ad set to the song by simon and garfunkel. >> i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> i think that's great. i think that's fabulous. i loved it. and now, look, you campaign in poetry, you govern in prose. and need a lot more poetry in this campaign and in our country, so i applaud that. i love the feeling and the energy and i respect senator sanders greatly and i appreciate what he's done in this campaign. but i believe that i'm the
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better person to be the democratic nominee and to be the president and commander in chief of the country. >> now, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are leaving it all on the field. sanders trying to shore up support in areas beyond the strong holds trying to strengthen his outcomes on caucus night. at one event yesterday, hillary clinton framed the race this way, that many voters are trying to make a decision between the head and the heart. >> they'll say, you know, i'm undecided, i'm trying to make up my mind. i can't decide. i'm -- sometimes i'm for you, sometimes i'm for senator sanders and then i'm for you. i feel like a lot of the voters are like in the pinball machine. you know, they're getting knocked around. going back and forth. but isn't our debate so much better than what the republicans are serving up to the people of iowa? you know, i don't know. it's kind of like my head versus my heart. i said, well you can have it
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both. you know, what i have done my entire life, what you saw on that video, was to do everything that i could to help people who were really up against it. the people who deserved somebody to be in their corner, to fight for them. to speak for them. and when i hear what i hear as i travel around this state, it touches my heart. yeah, you need to lead with both your heart and your head. it's not either/or. you have to take what you hear from people, what they're telling you. what they're sharing with you. the heartache they're feeling. then you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work to do everything you can to help solve the problems that are keeping americans up at night. >> sanders meanwhile tried to make the argument that he was not only electable, but could help the party in spite of some democrats' deep reservations. >> i believe that we could bring out a huge voter turnout and when we do that, we beat
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republicans and not only do we beat them, we beat them badly. we retain the white house. we gain control over the senate. we win governors races all over america. >> let's turn to the republican side of things after taking a lot of hits from donald trump this week, ted cruz and the super pac supporting him have leased new ads, aimed at trump's past. >> i mean, hey, i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. okay, you know, my views are a little different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different like on abortion. >> would president trump ban abortion? >> i'm pro choice. >> what does he think of iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york value, not ours. >> donald trump is not a conservative. because he's extreme on
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abortion. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortions? >> look i'm pro choice. >> you would not ban it? >> no i'm pro choice in every respect. >> does this sound conservative? >> i am pro choice in every r. i am pro choice in every respect. >> meanwhile, he kept pressuring cruz on the citizenship question. he tweeted it's time for ted cruz to settle this issue. meanwhile a new law enforcement challenging cruz's eligibility has been filed in a different court in utah. as trump hit him again in new hampshire. >> my new battle is with a gentleman named ted cruz. because you've got to speak the truth. the canadian, the man from canada. [ laughter ] thank you. that was very helpful. i don't know, that's so succinct. that was very good actually. he screams out, the canadian.
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you know, that's the canadian. he could run right now for prime minister of canada. he'd have no problem. >> you know, one of the canad canadas -- candidates, mr. trump, has had a lot to say. each day i learn new and interesting things about myself. >> staying in new hampshire, third poll in as many days shows trump doubling the nearest opponent. he's up to 33%. 19 points ahead of ted cruz. governor john kasich jumping to third with 12%. jeb bush at 9%, and marco rubio, 8% and chris christie back to 7%. the primary is exactly two weeks away. ohio governor john kasich, "the boston globe" call a fiscally responsible republican. his politics have been largely
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positive and rebuked those candidates who have spend their campaign appealing to voters' fears and biases. he has a record of pragmatic midwestern conservatism and he's demonstrated an aptitude for the horse trading and coalition trading that's lacking in washington. meanwhile, christie has picked up another newspaper endorsement from new england. this time from the "boston herald" which joins the new hampshire union leader in backing the new jersey governor. but some media outlets weren't as impressed. the new york star ledger ripped him as willfully ignorant of the storage coverage and he talked about leaving the garden state so quickly after this weekend's massive storm. >> why you here in new hampshire campaigning instead of there helping, serving the damage done by the coastal floodings by the storm? >> well, because it's already done. it's already done.
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>> okay. >> well, tell me why you think it isn't. what would you -- >> i mean, i have friends, family calling, sending me videos and pictures all over the state. >> all over the state? all over the state? really? there's been one county that's flooded in the state. one county. that was cape may county. the one county that flooded. i don't know from all over the state, since we have 21 county, where that happened. second, i don't know what you expect me to do. do you want me to go down with a mop? >> he said his lieutenant governor was working to assess the damage in cape may, which could be in the billion dollar range. now to other stories making headlines this morning. a texas grand jury has cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing for following an investigation into the undercover videos taken inside the clinic and instead, two anti-abortion activists have now been indicted. the investigation began after the center for medical progress released a heavily edited
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undercover video like the one you're seeing right here. now, last year the group claimed the video showed planned parenthood was illegally selling fetal tissue to researchers for a profit. the two activists who have been indicted each face a felony charge of tampering with a government record which covers a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison. now that university of missouri professor who tried to get a reporter physically removed from a protest back in november has been charged with assault. it comes after she was caught on video pushing his camera trying to block him from covering the protest. >> can i talk to you? >> no, you need to get out! you need the get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right, hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. help me get him out. >> the assistant professor faces up to 15 days in jail.
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she's in the process of applying for tenure and school officials say they'll take the assault charge into account. the school's interim chancellor apologized to the journalist shown shooting the video and another student journalist yesterday. and a massive manhunt continues this morning for three inmates who escaped from a maximum security jail in california. all three suspects are accused of violent crimes. orange county prosecutors have charged each of them with felony escaping counts as well. the three men are believed to have cut through steel bars and plumbing ducts before climbing to the roof of the jail and rappelling down several stories, using a makeshift rope. investigators say they still don't know how the inmates got their hands on the tools. more than 30 search warrants have been served since the manhunt began on friday. a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the inmates. today, one member of the board of supervisors is expected to propose raising the reward to $150,000.
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now, more than 2,000 inmates serving a life sentence for murder, they committed as juveniles, can now challenge those punishments. this follows yesterday's supreme court ruling that its earlier decision for banning life sentences must be approved retroactivity. president obama is moving to end solitary confinement for juveniles. saying the practice could have quote, devastating lasting psychological consequences. now, the change allow with expanded mental health treatment is expected to affect as many as 10,000 inmates serving time in solitary. all right. now let's get a check on business and it's a big day for apple which releases its much anticipated earnings report. nancy is joining us from london, so let's start with the developing news on the markets. global stocks are threatening to drag down wall street once again
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today. >> that's right. it's not a pretty picture as we look at the equities, european markets now firmly in the red. that was taken the cue from the sharp sell-off in china. the shanghai composite closed down 6%. investors continue to take their cue from the drop-off in oil prices. we saw wti and crude back down again, off more than 2%. so that is spooking investors expected to call u.s. markets open lower once wall street gets going as well. another big focus today will be on earnings that's coming from the earnings report of apple which is due after the market closes. the big focus, exactly what iphone sales look like. because there's been a lot of speculation that they have peaked. they want to know if apple can pass that crucial $7.4 million figure and if not, if we get a decrease on this year it will be the first annual decrease in iphone sales since the iphone was released in 2007 up. so the big focus on apple as we get ready for a big earnings
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week. back to you, louis. >> nancy hole graves, thank you. the students in the mid-atlantic get another snow day. but what about the send storm moving up the east coast? a check on your forecast when "way too early" comes back. ♪ if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem.
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of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. a check on your forecast whe welcome back to "way too early." the citadel now says although a group of cadets photographed wearing white pointed pillowcases on their head used extremely poor judgment they did not intend to be offensive. the military college president said this yesterday. the incident sparked the uproar last month and the school completed the investigation. 14 cadets have been disciplined for their involvement including seven freshmen and seven juniors. the college said it's creating a
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diversity task force. tampa bay buccaneers quarterback jameis winston has been added to the pro bowl roster, replacing tom brady. it makes him the first rookie quarterback in bucs history to be named to the pro bowl roster. while the young signal caller looks ahead to the brought future in the nfl, his alma mater is still dealing with his past. florida state has settled a title ix lawsuit by the woman who accused him offing her. she'll receive $950,000 with i is the largest lump sum payout. the university said it was setting to limit legal fees -- settling to limit legal fees. it's made a commitment to programs aimed at preventing sexual assault on campus.
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jameis winston was never found guilty. and now to the australian open where sharapova has been halted by serena williams. it sends serena into the semis. williams is now just two wins away from her 22nd grand slam title. that would be incredible, bill. now to the nba and a marquee match-up between the two hottest teams, the spurs and the warriors no contest in oakland. the defending champs easily dispatched san antonio with the 30-point rout. steph curry had 37 points dropping 6 threes to end the 13-game win streak with a 120-90 victory. bill, you can't stop curry. >> that was supposed to be headlined as the two best times in the nba and a 30 point blowout. you're a big tennis guy. >> i am. >> is serena going to go down as the greatest female player of
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all time? >> yeah, chrissie evert -- she cease the real thing. >> she's not slowing down. another coastal storm, but before we get to that, i want to mention that we did have some snow, green bay to milwaukee and northern michigan that's where you're scraping the car. and freezing rain moved through s syracuse and now through the adirondacks. there's a batch of freezing rain here through central pennsylvania. so those are the areas to be careful driving. if nothose roads were cleared o the snow, now a coating of ice. a soaking rain from areas just outside of houston back up through louisiana and this will push into alabama and new orleans during the day. this is a storm that yesterday we're showing the potential of going from the south to the north and being a nor'easter. that's changed a little bit. here's the storm, it continues to the south and develops, but it doesn't get captured by what
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we call the northern jet stream. it pushes off coast, this does not look like it will move and be a nor'easter. it doesn't look like it will produce any snow whatsoever. this one does not get captured and stay along the coast. it escapes. that's great. here's another view of it, a northern view. there it goes across florida and this storm does not capture it in time. so it escapes and this one brings light snow and the skiers will be happy with it. the forecast today, we're doing a slow snow melt. almost 50 in boston, 45 in washington. 42 in new york. so temperatures like this, louis, starting to clear up the roads a little bit. but we get the black ice every morning. >> good that the weather is warm. much less black ice on the roads -- >> and no storms in the pipeline. we're looking good. up next on "way too early," on the edge, while everyone was focused on the blizzard, the state of emergency, when "way too early" comes back. this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch,
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welcome back to "way too early." now let's get a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. obviously, the east coast blizzard has been in the news plenty over the last few days. but we want to show you another unfolding crisis on the opposite coast. in pacifica, california, a drone captured a cliff eroding from under an apartment complex. el nino has caused flooding and deteriorated land like this area. the nature conservancy has asked
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people to document the damage to help them understand this phenomenon. now to hollywood. more actors are weighing on the diversity problem with the oscar nominees. including danny devito at sundance. >> we are living in a country that discriminates and has certain racial tendencies which -- racist tendencies. so sometimes it manifested in things like this. it's illuminated. but just generally speaking we're a bunch of racists. >> the academy says it will put in place new guide lines to increase diversity. now back to melbourne, australia, and the open. the line umpire can't get out of the way in time and takes an unfortunate bounce below the belt between federer and berdych.
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he will face djokovic or nishikori. that does it for me. coming up next, highlights from the democratic town hall as a new poll shows bernie sanders chipping away at hillary clinton's lead and plus, ted cruz refuses to give up attacking on donald trump's quote new york values. we'll ask him when he join us live. bill de blasio joins on the conversation, and plus donald rumsfeld. "morning joe" is moments away.
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the establishment, the media, the special interests, the lobbyists, the donors. they're all against me. i'm self-funding my campaign. i don't owe anybody anything. i only owe it to the american people to do a great job. they are really trying to stop me. everybody knows it. everybody sees it. the establishment actually is against me but really coming online because they see me as opposed to cruz, who is a nasty guy who can't get a


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