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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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cruz can continue, he can survive because he's got money and organization, it's just a lot tougher if trump gets that win. >> all bets are off. way too early, what time is it? >> time for "morning joe" to end, but stick around because msnbc live is coming up next. and it's another super tuesday on msnbc with iowa in sight, now less than a week for those crucial caucuses and the candidates are making their closing arguments. >> i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> i'm trying to win her vote, leave me alone. >> i have a longer history than one vote. >> establishment politics is just not good enough. we need bold changes and a political revolution. >> my new battle is with a gentleman named ted cruz. >> my approach to donald is the same as it was before that i will not engage in insults. >> he could run right now for prime minister of canada, he
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would have no problem. good tuesday morning. i'm jose diaz-balart in new york. as the candidates zero in on iowa we have new numbers on the republican race, the race in the hawk eye state is tighter than ever. donald trump, ted cruz neck and neck at the top, but nationally it's becoming even more of a one-man show. take a look at these numbers, donald trump has cross ds the 40% threshold in this latest poll. no one comes close. in fact, you could combine for for the next five candidates and the race would still be a dead heat. let's get to hallie jackson, casey hunter and chuck todd in washington. chuck, let me start with you, we see these close polls in iowa. are we do believe it's as close as they make it out to be? >>. >> look, you can tell -- if you don't believe the polls look at candidate body language. the cruz super pacs, why are this he on the air negative at
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trump, why is donald trump going to starred at cruz? in they know where the race is, too, so the public polls confirm what you're seeing in the body language badge aft of the campaign. the more astounding thing and sometimes we haven't reflected on this enough is that while it's a two-person race and, oh, my goodness, have the establishment candidates begun to fade and, you ask yourself two weeks ago we thought third place mattered in iowa, but if you're talking 35, 30, 15 for third place, then third place doesn't matter. time is running out. at some point this establishment wing of the party, whatever you want to call this, they're going to have to coalesce around somebody, but it's unclear who that is anymore. >> i mean, what establishment candidate can come out of iowa and come out of new hampshire and still have, you know, some momentum. >> yeah, you know, look, i think organizational bush and rubio are the two campaigns that have
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the organization to go forward. case i can and christie have made new hampshire such a be all end all that the question s okay, let's say they do surprise and jump out of there and second second and right now by the way kasi kasich, he is vacuuming up endorsements and very quietly he is the guy that sort of was attacked the least in the first three weeks so he may be the guy that survives, but where does he go? what's his organization look like post new hampshire? i know they believe they've done some things on the ground. so that's the other question i have is if rubio or bush doesn't ee energy do christie or kasich have the ability to build up post new hampshire quickly. >> hallie, we keep hearing cruz saying he is not going to get into a fight with trump but he put out a pretty powerful ad against him. why is he so reluctant to go after trump? >> when he says he is not going to go after trump personally i
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think he means on issues like when it comes to trump calling cruz nasty or a jerk, those sets of personality traits. you are seeing ted cruz hammer donald trump or try to on policy issues. by our count at least 15 in the last couple weeks trying to highlight in his view that donald trump is not conservative enough. you talk about the polls tightening up here in iowa, the cruz campaign sees that as a little bit of a rebalancing of expectations. a few weeks ago all the talk was about how cruz was looking poised to winnow tension alley by double digits in this state and that of course one images would make the campaign a little nervous if they did not pull that off. the idea that this race is getting neck and neck so help in the expectation game. even ted cruz himself is acknowledging if donald trump wins iowa by a significant margin and goes on to win new hampshire this race could be over. listen to what cruz said on a christian broadcasting network. >> if donald wins iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in
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new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well there's a very good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> so ted cruz not let tagt to go after donald trump. i will tell you donald trump not hesitating to go after ted cruz either. trump you hear him bring it up at almost every rally, every campaign event, like you heard him on "morning joe" this morning, trump continuing to go after cruz, calling him a liar, said he is more try dent than president obama. a campaign ad telling me that trump has said the opposite of nearly everything he said in the past trying to paint trump as a guy who previously was a fan of ted cruz now he is not. another aid said to me simply poor donald. >> let's talk about the democrats, kasie. did anything happen at the town hall to change how the race is going? >> i think we learned a lot -- well, it's underscored what we know is going on. right, whereabouts is having this moment in the sun
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potentially challenging hillary clinton here in iowa to the point where, you know, she is starting to have to come across as a front runner who is defending a lead. bernie sanders getting a little bit defensive, though, when it came to some of those attacks, clinton is leveling at him, talking a little bit about taxes, she has gone after him saying he would raise taxes to pay for his healthcare plan. but one interesting moment came last night when he was -- played her ad, one of her closing final ads that argues that she is the most experienced. take a listen to how bernie sanders responded to that. >> secretary clinton was secretary of state of this country for four years. that is a lot of experience. let's not debate about that. i was not secretary of state. but experience is important but judgment is also important. and my whole point was in talking about dick cheney, he had a lot of experience, too. his policies with regard to the
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foreign affairs was an absolute disaster. so experience is important but it is not the only thing. >> reporter: that is quite a name to bring up when you are trying to appeal to the progressive space here in iowa. dick cheney. so bernie sanders going back to essentially the argument we saw in 2008, you had barack obama running strongly on his opposition to the iraq war, hillary clinton of course defending it. so the overarching question, josé, whether or not bernie sanders can get many of these younger college-aged kids who are so excited about potentially voting for him, whether he can get them to their caucuses, particularly in their home areas to try to spread some of that support around geographically and get what he needs to pull it out here. >> and, chuck, i mean, does a lot of this have to do with the clinton folks thinking they were going to be able to cruise through iowa, possibly lose in new hampshire but then from then forward just have the momentum to essentially become the
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candidate and they're seeing that story a little different? >> well, look, they never -- i think in their defense they never thought they would cruise in iowa, iowa was a place that's right her water loo no pun intended eight years ago. i think what they hoped to do with iowa was to sort of -- to win it and be able to say, hey, you know, i got to check something off the list that i couldn't do eight years ago and that should keep supporters convinced that, yes, they are running a different type of campaign. that's why a loss -- you know, on paper and you look at the calendar and the calendar does play to hillary clinton's strengths and i think it's going to be very hard for sanders to figure out how he's going to -- he's got to figure out how to overtake her among african-american voters, he can't just win a chunk, he would have to overtake her. i don't know how he does that. that sand the hand ringing that will take place in the democratic party, the morale hit
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that will take place among clinton supporters if he loses iowa, it's, oh, my gosh, not again and that's the -- that's the cycle, that's the spiral that the campaign is hoping to avoid. >> chuck, i mean, the fact is that she, i think, is being pretty effective on her criticisms of senator sanders. has he been that effective, you know, he has been trying to tie her into the big banks because they took $300,000 for speaking engagements at the same time that the banks were getting special treatment. he doesn't seem to have been landing the same kind of blows or has he? >> look, i think that she still doesn't answer those questions very well. why is it, you know -- why -- i asked her that very question why do you think they gave you this money, why do you think they paid you so much for a speech? you know, her answer could be factually correct that it's only about getting her views around -- of world in order for them to understand it better, but, boy, i don't think the voter is going to buy that,
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whether that is the absolute reason or not. so i think that's still tough for her to deal with. and sanders, again, he is appealing to a dream. he is appealing -- and i will tell you this, iowa caucus goers many are conditioned to think big, to think idealist clee both left and right. this is why i think her push back will be effective in places like illinois and alabama and when the march states come, i just don't know if it's going to be as helpful in a place like iowa or new hampshire where the voters are conditioned to be idealistic. >> chuck todd, kasie hunt and hallie jackson. you can catch chuck today at 5:00 p.m. on mpt daily right here on msnbc. let's turn to our new survey monk key poll steve kornacki. >> good morning. it's tuesday morning, that means our weekly nbc online tracking poll. state of both parties' races nationally, not much change on
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the democratic side, hillary clinton 51, bernie sanders 37. you showed me a minute ago but take a look at this on the republican side donald trump more than doubling up ted cruz, marco rubio the only other one in double digits there. again, pretty much what we've been seeing but a bit of a drop off as well since the last poll for ted cruz. why is that? take a look at this, very interesting finding her among evangelicals and evangelicals a huge part of the republican voting universe, it was basically -- it was nearly tied between cruz and trump and cruz has been pitching his campaign so hard at evangelicals but look at this, in this month of january donald trump has jumped five points with evangelicals, ted cruz has lost nearly 10 points. a lot of people look at that, they say they're surprised, donald trump he has been married three times, ted cruz has been pushing that new york values thing, but ooejs seem to be moving toward trump and away from cruz. we talk about national polls but this week six days away it is
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all about iowa. look at this, the new quinnipiac poll, donald trump cling to go a 2 point lead overed back at 13 . you had hallie talking a minute ago about ted cruz trying to sound the alarm in iowa. saying if you don't stop trump here you will not stop him anywhe anywhere. never since iowa and new hampshire have been the two big lead off events on the republican side, never has anyone put together a win in iowa and a win in new hampshire. if donald trump can pull this off, hold on in iowa with that lead he has off now in new hampshire that's what he has been poised to do. no one has ever done that before. >> steve kornacki, we will see, it's coming up shortly. thanks so much. much more ahead this hour on msnbc. today the children of flint michigan will be able to get free lead testing and a local school's fallout from the water contamination crisis continues
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michigan department of environmental quality says preliminary testing results show its lead levels in water samples from flint, michigan appear to be falling as the residents in flint continue to struggle with the toxic waters disaster in their city. we're covering this story on the ground and from the medical, legal and business angels for you this morning. let's go straight down to msnbc sonny dee copel who joins us from flint. morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside of a school where free lead testing is going on. the state of michigan is encouraging to get the blood
6:17 am
tested for lead comment. the sign behind me says family fun night and lead testing. the test is also touting new numbers suggesting that the lead content in the water is on its way down but researchers are cautioning that these results have not been validated and they are not necessarily in accordance with epa regulations and national standards. we are watching that situation. one outstanding question here is why some neighborhoods of flint have been harder hit than others. we have some information that could help explain that. it's a map that the city provided to virginia tech researchers and it shows the age of the water in different areas. different neighborhoods. as you will see on the right-hand side there is a lot of green. the water in those pipes is a day old or less. that is a fresh water, right from the treatment plant, generally water water researchers tells us. the area in the red is older water, on average six days old and old water trends to corrode the pipes more and so that is a problematic area and big discrepancy. the right-hand side, green side is a nicer neighborhood, richer
6:18 am
part of town, that red neighborhood lesser part of town. so that fresh water is everywhere in flint will be part of the answer. >> the green and red water is how long it's been in the pipes, what about the pipes that are inside your body and you have been drinking that stuff. doesn't that have any corrosive aspect? you're telling me that today the first time is the first time that they thought of giving free lead checkups for kids? i mean, is that what you're telling me? >> reporter: no, in fact, they've been offering lead testing for a little while, but the demand has been much more than expected. we were at a lead testing center a day ago, they expected ten people to show up, 40 people showed up. >> right. >> reporter: the center ended up running out of needles so the demand is huge. >> they should do a head count of how many people live in that city and then they would know how many people should be tested. i'm not very good at math, but i think that's pretty much how you
6:19 am
do something like this. if you're really concerned. thanks, tony. dr. a czar is our medical contributor for msnbc news. if the longer the water is in a pipe the more corrosive it is what about the time it's in our internal pipes whatever you call those? >> the longer the lead is your body the more time is it has to do the damage it's going to do. you can have low levels for a long period of time and accrue damage over that period of time or of course you can be exposed, you know, to a high amount and get sick more quickly, but i think in terms of the long -- you know, the problems that we're seeing and that we're concerned about in the young population especially under the age of six -- >> talk to me about the long-term repercussions of babies up to six years old on their brain and how long will that have an impact on them? >> it could be irreversible. depending, again, if someone has been -- let's say that since the
6:20 am
time -- since spring of 2014 that the problem started and the younger you are at exposure the more vulnerable you are because your brain still developing and that includes being in the womb so even pregnant women who were drinking the water those kids unfortunately stand the greatest chance of having long-term developmental delay and problems and learning disabilities and, you know -- >> more per in ent. >> to my knowledge, you know, you can't reverse that. you can certainly modify and try to mitigate some of that of course with intervention. >> mitigated less of a percentage. >> yeah. >> but it's still percentages. >> right. >> what about once you have this, you know, lead inside of you how do you get it out? >> they do something called chelation therapy which is what they put another -- another element in your body to absorb the lead so that you can excrete it in your urine. that part is basic chemistry and that was sort of -- that was the problem in the beginning that there was so much chloride in the pipes and they didn't add
6:21 am
that additive to take -- to sort of offset the chloride -- >> they could have done that? >> yeah. >> how complicated is that? >> i think it's costly. i don't know about complicated. >> probably more complicated now and more costly now than putting that thing in the water. >> we always say prevention is a lot less expensive than treatment. >> thank you for being with me. good to see you. now i'm joined by msnbc business correspondent olivia stearns with more on the cost to fix this mess. dr. azar was talking about chemical 2014 would have been more helpful now that you've got this mess. >> yes, indeed, prevention is always cheaper than the big fix. the big fix could cost as much as $1.5 billion. that is the estimate from flint's mayor. karen weaver. that is what it may cost to totally replace all of flint's municipal and residential pipes. we're talking about 1,600 miles of sewer main. that is a lot.
6:22 am
we did check with an engineer at the university of michigan he said if you are going to replace the whole thing it could be about that much. according to the governor's office, though, he thinks replacing all the pipes would be about half that much. he says more like 700 to $800 million. some people are looking into whether there could be an option to coat the inside of the pipes rather than completely replace the system. either way this is fixing it doesn't cover any of the immediate costs or the long-term health costs. >> let's say $700 million to $1.5 billion. where is all that money going to come from? >> that he is that is a great question. no talk of where the long-term funds will come from those hundreds of millions of dollars. all we have heard about is funding gaps for the immediate services that are needed, these health services, water filters, blood testing, nurses that you and dr. azar have you be talking about. michigan did approve $9.3 million for supplemental funds for manual services.
6:23 am
governor snider requested another $28 million that should be approved this week it's for the same things including more bottled water. we had a big corporate announcement in morning, a couple big companies in america, walmart, pepsi, coca-cola and nestle coming together to make a huge donation, they will give 6.5 million bottles of water to the city of flint. i want to talk about the legal questions surrounding this crisis. lawyers representing hundreds of people in a class action lawsuit have sent a subpoena to governor rick snider. >> this is some news, josé. you and others have been asking when are we going to get the full story, all the information, not just the governor's release of information which may benefit him. we have here this subpoena, this is filed, this is under michigan law a court enforceable order demanding documents. now, this is from -- who are the people involved, these are
6:24 am
people suing in a class action because they say they have been harmed by what happened in the water crisis. they're asking for e-mail that go farther and boarder than what we have received today publicly, text messages that may have been passed by government officials about this crisis, documents about flint water and they are basically not yet going after governor snider for an interview under oath which could be dramatic and yield more information but at this time they say, look, plaintiffs, that's the people who say they are hurt, will take the deposition for documents only of governor rick snider. we spoke to snaurs who say they want to depose governor snider at a later date. this is a significant development because it shows all the different pressures on this crisis. here is a civil action that may yield more information than we have gotten through any other mechanism to date. >> and the governor being the ultimate responsible for what happened in flint. >> yeah. well, he would say that he of course was overseeing all these other people. i think it's a matter of some
6:25 am
dispute but certainly the duck stops with the governor in a situation where he both oversees the state department of water quality as well as was involved in the appointment of the emergency manager in charge of prin flint. i would say the structure and history bureaucrat clee gave him extra power. that state department i mentioned also in a legal battle with the appa over who is calling the shots. so there's downward pressure here now as this has gotten national attention. i would call this upward pressure from the people of flint. it was 500 when we talked to these lawyers last week, it's now over 1,200 who joined this class action, they say they have been hurt, those are allegations at this point not proven in court i have to note but they say they have been hurt and they say they want justice. >> aftrizona rhode island mel letter. >> rachel maddow hosts a special town hall tomorrow, that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right
6:26 am
here on msnbc. live pictures right now from the national mall in washington, d.c. where the federal are government still shut down after saturday's snowstorm. we will take you from the airports to the streets. what about the new storm brewing? another one just as we're getting out of this one. forecast coming up. plus manhunt for three dangerous convicts who broke out of a california prison over the weekend. did they have help in their escape? we will have a live report from outside the prison next. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently.
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can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? the epic cleanup continues this morning following the intense blizzard that blanketed the east coast with massive amounts of snow. in washington some schools have canceled classes again. federal offices remain closed, the total number of deaths blamed on the storm has now climbed to 41. at the same time airlines
6:30 am
continue to work feverish i wishly to restore the full flight schedules. we have this story surrounded with our team of reporters and meteorologists. let's start with morgan radford. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the issue here at laguardia isn't just the cancellation of flights it's also the traffic. we were warned last night that it would take two hours just to get into and out of laguardia where we're standing now, something i fell victim to myself, it took me two and a half hours just to travel 11 miles from this airport and this is after the mayor has come out and issued a travel advisory for black ice. he said even if you make it out on the roads you have to be careful for the ice you can't even see. that's just the roads. in skies 663 flights canceled today, newark airport being the, second washington dulles and third right here in laguardia. this is after the death toll has climbed to 41 in the aftermath of this storm. most people were either shoveling or died in car accidents facing these streets.
6:31 am
there was a 19-year-old woman who died and six-year-old boy. good news, we've learned that 100% of the streets have been cleared in manhattan according to the department of sanitation which will be welcome news given there may be more inclement weather coming later this week. >> talk to me about this two and a half hour drive into laguardia. why is it taking that long? >> the traffic is just so backed up. to give you an example. sources have told us that the police department had to escort fuel vehicles to bring fuel to fuel these airplanes here at laguardia. that's because the traffic is so bad, people are driving slowly because they are nervous as they should be because the roads are bad because of the ice. it's quite a long haul if you're headed to laguardia. >> good to see you. thank you very much. dan is in queens new york where streets have been a mess. how are they this morning? >> reporter: good morning. josé. people here really just frustrated and tired. take a look. cars here all along the street still buried. the street here not fully
6:32 am
plowed. they really feel like they've been neglected out here in queens and some of them have said they feel trapped. kenny is here trying to figure out his car. it's been three days, you guys are still waiting. >> it's been like this for 72 hours and still counting. you can see the results. no plows, no nothing. i made three calls to 311. >> reporter: i can tell you the mayor just issued a statement this morning, josé, thank you good luck -- the mayor issued a statement just about an hour ago, he said queens got more snow than the other boroughs so they're sending more plows and trying to do it as quickly as possible. >> that's a long time to be waiting to be able to get out. thank you. i appreciate it. let me bring in msnbc meteorologist bill karins. 24 hours ago we were talk being another potential storm system. what's going on? >> we did get a lot of new details.
6:33 am
i may make you wait 30 more seconds. i will show you the before and afters. you saw the pictures on the ground. the brown shows you what the ground looks like, the then as we go and put the storm into motion, as we went through the storm you can see the rain snow level raleigh to norfolk and north of new york city still brown. that was the area hardest hit. the sharp cut off line in the north and in the south. so as far as the next storm is going to go now we're watching heavy rain down in the gulf. this is going to be a storm, it's going to be a strong storm for areas of south, a lot of tropical moisture coming out of the gulf of mexico, heavy rain and thunderstorms. possibility of tornadoes looks low. we will see in florida strong storms as we go throughout wednesday afternoon, by wednesday evening those storms are making their way to fort meyer and towards the south florida region, miami and fort lauderdale. the storm will pass over florida just like the last storm did, but the last one was further to the north. this one we are going to escape.
6:34 am
yesterday there was still a chance it was going to be captured and move further to the north. now that does not look like it's going to happen. it looks like this storm is going to escape and now we will be left with beautiful sunny skies in the east, temperatures in the 40s. we have avoided this next big storm. all looks good. there is no signs of any cold air coming down at all. no arctic outbreak, no polar vortex or anything crazy like that and no other snowstorms behind this. if anything for the east coast maybe a rainstorm next week which could have problems with flooding possibilities but we are in the clear, josé. >> that's the best bit of news i have heard from you. >> take it from me, i was the most relieved person in the world. now to washington, d.c., nbc's luke russert is there. luke, as you like to say, d.c. doesn't do snow that well. >> reporter: that's accurate, josé. you are seeing the ramifications of just what this storm did to washington. i'm on a residential street in northwest d.c.
6:35 am
look at this car, still very much struck here in the snow. if we could pan out and look down the street, look at this roadway. it's not been plowed, a lot of cars still stuck, a lot of snow drifts have gone up multiple feet here. talking to residents in washington, a sense of it might take a few more days for me to be able to get back out of my house and go back to work. the federal government was closed today which has an impact on a lot of workers in d.c. the d.c. government opened, schools were closed, we will see what happens there tomorrow. i can tell you driving around at this location a lot of roadways that ordinarily are four lanes they go down to two lanes, ones that are two lanes are one lane. it's like bumper cars. thankfully public transit is up, the metro trains are running, that's our version of the subway but there is a reduced bus service. it's going to be a few more days, that warm forecast you mentioned we love that because that's the best way to get rid
6:36 am
of this, it melts it all down, we will take the water, we're used to dealing with rain, not so much the snow. >> it looks like that stuff is going to turn to ice and it's like an igloo around these cars. >> reporter: yeah, you can see down here it already is a little icy to begin with and every single night it refreezes over. so it's difficult, not to mention the fact that a lot of the cars here don't have four-wheel drive. we saw some sedans just slip sliding all over the place. it's not fun. >> luke, thank you very much. good seeing you this morning. just moments ago the opening bell on wall street. it was a rough ride yesterday with the dow ending the day more than 300 points down. take a look at how we're starting the day, shall we? >> markets i'm told are up, look, 150 points up. we'll take that. keep watching it for you. we will be right back. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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one week from today we will know who won the iowa caucuses but right now it's anyone's guess, the races on both the democratic and republican sides remain tight with just days to go. but what does history show us about the future of iowa's winner. debt me bring in david yepsen. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> when you look at all these polls coming out of iowa what do you see and what surprises you, if anything? >> what i've learned after all these years of looking at these things is that polls are notoriously bad predictors of final outcomes and a lot can happen at the caucus site. remember, the caucus is a neighborhood meeting, it's not a primary where you vote in a voting booth. people get into rooms with their neighbors and friends and they talk politics and a lot of people change their preferences, a lot of people go into these with their minds really not made
6:41 am
up. so it's still a wide open thing as far as i'm concerned. >> let's talk about that fascinating caucus system. because it is so different than just going to a voting booth and, you know, pushing a button or pulling a lever. i mean, there is a lot of discussion -- talk to me about that process. >> well, it's a long iowa tradition that goes back decades, but in 1972 when the democratic party tried to reform itself after the '68 debacle in the chicago national convention the parties -- the democratic party nationally opened itself up to allow more people to participate and in iowa the democrats here moved this process on into late january, early february. that became the first place in the country where grass roots americans expressed a preference for who ought to be president. george mcgovern came out here in '72, did well, came in second and then four years later jimmy
6:42 am
carter won here and went all the way to the white house. that has cemented these neighborhood meetings as an important early test of candidates' strength. >> enthusiasm and special on young voters, enthusiasm what makes a difference in iowa more than maybe other things? >> well, i think that makes a big difference. these events have grown from something that was very small when i started covering them, you can u. you could hop in the back seat of a car with a presidential candidate to a thing now that's huge. with these crowds that donald trump is getting, that bernie sanders is getting on the democratic side, these big clouds, lots of new people showing up, i think, yeah, it's a lot of enthusiasm, it's kind of an infectious thing that goes on in this state, are you going to caucus, who are you going to caucus for. i think it will be bit meetings and big turnouts. >> good to see you. thanks for being with me this morning. a manhunt is expanding for
6:43 am
three dangerous fugitives in southern california. they escaped four days ago from a jail in orange county and now investigators are trying to figure out if the men had help. let's go live to santa anna, california, that's where gabe gutierrez s what are they saying about these guys and the search? >> reporter: local leaders in orange county are set to discuss about whether to trade the reward by $150,000. so far no solid leads. this morning investigators say they're trying to determine whether the three fugitives had any help in their escape. many now asking how they broke out of this high security facility with such low tech methods. >> i don't know about any help, but we do believe this was a well-planned, well-thought out escape attempt. >> reporter: so far no corrections officers have been implicat implicated. officials say they cut through a steel screen then entered the
6:44 am
jail's tunnels before making their way to the roof, from there they shim yeed down five stories using ropes made out of jail linens. >> everyone presumes these individuals are going to be armed and dangerous. >> reporter: all three suspects are a kies you had of violent crimes, hossein my yaer is charged with torture and murder. two are believed to have ties with vietnamese gangs in the area. >> we're telling niece communities this is an obligation for you to come out nd eight let us know. we need the information to help us go forward to find these people. >> reporter: the reward for information could be increased to $200,000 today, but some residents of orange county's little saigon say tip officers may be hard to find. >> they are afraid of retaliation. >> reporter: they had been in a large cell with 60 other men, they were last seen at a 5:00 a.m. head count friday.
6:45 am
investigators believe they escaped shortly after, point to go this grainy surveillance video which shows movement on the roof. it wasn't until the next head count at 8:00 p.m. that authorities realized they were gone. giving the inmates a roughly 16-hour head start. >> reporter: authorities are now looking into what the chain of ents was after these inmates left ts facility and whether they may have had some sort of get away driver. authorities say it's possible that someone could be harboring them right now, but as of now it's unclear, josé, whether they were even still together. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez thank you. after the break an unusual meeting at the vatican between pope francis and iranian president hassan rouhani. we are live in rome with more on what the two discussed and the pope's message to the iranian regime president. ♪ we do it for the ones who rise before it shines. the ones who labor for what they love. ♪
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6:49 am
president hassan rouhani met with pope francis this morning at the vatican. an ex trord meeting that comes before the first official meeting of a leader within years. the pope urged with rouhani to promote peace and stop terrorism. the trip is to strengthen economic ties aboard. on monday rouhani met with the italian prime minister who is expected to sign a series of deals believed to be worth more than $18 billion. nbc's callia laranga has more. >> reporter: good morning. the meeting with the pope was friendly. in the end rouhani asked the pope to pray for him. the pope has asked iran to play a crucial role in finding a political resolution to the conflict. rouhani did speak about that but in a meeting prior to the one with the pope.
6:50 am
he went to a meeting with business leaders from iran and italy. one of the ways to prevent terrorism for a country is economic and cultural development and this is exactly because the poor and uneducated are more attracted to extremism. extremism. italy and france where he's going tomorrow, were two of the biggest trade and business partners from europe prior to the imposing of the sanctions. they want to go back to doing business right away because he said this will attract a lot of foreign investment to achieve an annual growth of 8%. despite all these great lines and the meeting with the pope, and whatever he said in the business meeting, the italian public seems to be more concerned by the decision by the italian government to cover up nude roman statues in the building where the iranian president held a press conference with the prime minister yesterday. that really didn't go down with the italian public, jose. >> wait a second. these are statues that are probably older than most of the
6:51 am
people that were holding these press conferences together. and they were covered up for the sensibility of mr. rouhani? is that what you're saying? >> that's right. well, i tried to speak to the prime minister's press office to try to get some sense of why that action was taken. they said it was clearly requested by the delegation of iran. a lot of questions are being answered on why they need to do that while they need to respect traditions when they travel abroad. >> claudio, good couple of questions there. i don't know if we'll get the answers to them. good to see you in rome. thank you very much. >> check out this incredible drone video shot in the pacific california area. you can see parts of the cliffs fall off. look at that, right there. into the ocean. now a local state of emergency due to dangerous cliff erosion along the northern california coastline. that's really close to those homes, isn't it? this is all apparently the wet weather from el nino, brought
6:52 am
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6:55 am
a texas grand jury has cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing after videos taken inside a clinic. you may find the video disturbing. they instead indicted two anti-abortion activists involved in making the videos. they released the heavily edited videos last year, claiming they showed planned parent lood illegally selling tissue to researchers for profit. they also released the unedited versions later. they charge a felony charge of tampering with a government record, which faces a maximum
6:56 am
sentence of 20 years behind bars. they said the videos were dishonestly edited and as the dust settles and the truth comes out, the enly people engaged in wro wrongdoing were the criminals. >> president obama has banned solitary contimements for juveniles. he has asked them to review it last summer and he's adopting the recommendation, in part, the president writes, quote, the united states is a nation of second chances, but the experience of solitary confinement too often undercuts that second chance. those who do make it out often have trouble holding down jobs, reunited with family, and becoming productive members of society. >> we'll have much more ahead on this siper tuesday on msnbc. we'll break down brand-new poll numbers with tt donald trump maintaining a sizable national lead.
6:57 am
hear what he has to say next about his closest opponent, ted cruz. and chris christie still on the defense from criticism back home in new jersey. some residents upset their governor headed back to new hampshire to campaign immediately after the storm. we'll take you live to the jersey shore as he faces some backlash. e fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? and good tuesday morning. once again, i'm jose diaz-balart. we're getting close to the start of the presidential election season. the iowa caucuses now six days away. candidates are starting to make their closing pitch to voters. >> people come to my events, and they'll say, you know, i'm undecided. i'm trying to make up my mind. and i can't decide. and sometimes i'm for you. and sometimes i'm for senator sanders and then i'm for you. and i feel like, a lot of the voters are in the pinball machine. they're getting knocked around, going back and forth.
7:01 am
but isn't our debate so much better than what the republicans are serving up to the people of iowa? >> hillary clinton certainly seems to be sensing a closer than expected race with rival bernie sanders. and take a look at this. a dead heat for the republicans. quinnipiac poll shows donald trump ahead of ted cruz by just two points. well inside the poll's margin of error. nationally, the billionaire businessman remains well out front. he's now the first choice for more than 4 in 10 republican voters. no one else even comes close. but as we showed you in iowa, the race there remains tight. our political team is up with us this morning. hallie jackson and kasie hunt and steve kornacki. good morning to all of you. h hally, let me start with you, if there's one thing to help cruz pull away from trump in the final days in iowa, what is it? >> what you're seeing senator ted cruz try to do in iowa. that is portray donald trump as
7:02 am
simply too liberal to win the support of caucusgoers here in iowa. that's the message that cruz is hammering over and over and over again. the gloves have come off with donald trump. and while cruz says he won't go after him on personality. in fact, he said to me yesterday he will continue to sing the praises personally of donald trump, calling him bold and brash and praising how he's energized the electorate this election cycle. in the next breath, he's hitting trump on his positions on everything from for example health care to his position on abortion. you're seeing the super pac supporting ted cruz out with yet another ad today, just this morning. hitting trump yet again. they're hoping to try to make a difference in iowa as ted cruz has a busy day. seven stops here in the state. i want to show you where we are. this is barn life in iowa. people have started to gather. they're sitting on the bleachers amidst the hay bales. crews really trying to get on the ground, put boots on the ground iiowa. he will be here through monday.
7:03 am
on monday, he will complete the so-called full grassley, which is visiting all 99 counties in this state. cruz has to draw these distinctions between he and trump because they're neck and neck, with trump looking like he has a slight edge. cruz himself acknowledging trump could be unstoppable if he wins iowa by a significant margin and goes on to win nigh hampshire. >> we have a new ad out from cruz. let's listen to part of it. >> i mean, hey. i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life, okay, so my views are a little bit different if i lived in iowa. >> they are different, like on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial birth apportions. >> i'm pro choice. >> what does trump think ability iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values. not ours. >> well, that's very interesting because the whole new york values thing didn't go so well at that last debate between the two gentlemen, but it's back in
7:04 am
play. >> cruz campaign is betting that line of attack, jose, that new york values line, will play here in iowa, and will play in states like south carolina and in those southern s.e.c. primary states. it may have offended a lot of folks in new york, as you know, but the campaign believes people here in iowa understand what they're saying when they give that signal about new york values. what that means to conservatives in places like iowa. >> interesting. and steve, let's talk about the latest numbers, these new polls out this morning. >> yeah, so this is interesting, too. we look at the strategy ted cruz has out there in iowa. so much of that you see in that ad, relies on getting evangelical voters motivated. this is our national poll, but this looks at evangelicals on the republican side. look what's happened this month. donald trump is up five points with evangelicals. ted cruz down nearly ten points. all that battling, all that warring between the two of them, evangelical voters seem to be siding more with trump than with
7:05 am
cruz. what's surprising, obviously, is what you'realking about. here's donald trump, married three times. all that history ted cruz is trying to remind evangelicals. with all that, trump is still leading. what i have come back with is a sense that basically donald trump's message to evangelical voters is look, they understand he's not sort of a thelogically one of them, necessarily, maybe not the most devout guy religiously, but the message he delivers to evangelicals comes down to this. he's telling them, i'm a tough guy. i think you guys are the good guys and i'm going to protect you. that seems to be resonating with them. >> let's talk about the democrats, kasie. looking at the language of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they know this race is tightening. >> it is tightening. you're seeing that in the body language of both of them both onstage at a forum last night.
7:06 am
bernie sanders getting a little defensive when asked about some of the attacks hillary clinton has hit him with over the course of the past couple of days. whether it's on taxes and his health care plan or other issues. at one point, he wagged his finger at a voter who asked him about that. he, of course, is here today campaigning in iowa at a union hall, which is significant because this is the kind of democratic party institution where sanders has a little bit of work to do. these are the traditional kind of voters that make up the party. they're very experienced in getting people out to vote. the political machinery is really here. and frankly, most of this type of machinery is on clinton's side. so sanders, of course, reaching out to younger voters, maybe people who don't caucus as often. his challenge, of course, getting those people educated and out to the polls. >> so steve, let's talk about today, a week from today. if the headline is, you know, sanders wins in iowa and
7:07 am
obviously looks like he's doing well in new hampshire, how would that be different if the headline is hillary clinton wins in iowa and maybe loses in new hampshire? >> a world of difference there. look at this. right now, we have the polls in new hampshire that show bernie sanders is clearly ahead up there. now, bernie sanders were to win iowa next week and get the jolt of momentum that comes with that, not to mention all the coverage you would then see of oh, my goodness, hillary clinton went to iowa, lost again. eight years after she lost the last time. is she unraveling all over again? then you go to new hampshire, a state where bernie sanders is leading, the set-up for him to go 2-0 in the first two contests would be a very probable at that point. then from there, who knows. the flipside is if hillary clinton, the way sort of expectations have been shifting, i know the polls are much closer in iowa, but if hillary clinton can win iowa now, even if it's by a small margin, any kind of a
7:08 am
clinton win in iowa is a big sort of momentum generating potentially event of its own. that would give her the potential to roll into new hampshire with the momentum potentially to cut that sanders lead, to pull off a win there, and look, when you're looking at the bottom line, who's going to win the nomination, if you talk to the sanders people, they tell you they don't think they have to win both iowa and new hampshire. when i look at this realistically, when you see the advantages hillary clinton has in south carolina, in the later states, with non-white voter wlz the voting pool expands, really if you're trying to paint a sanders scenario to win this thing, he's got to win iowa. he's got to win new hampshire. he's got to do something so momentous it jolts all our expectations about the later states. >> steve kornacki, hallie jackson, and kasie hunt, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> well, our latest poll shows donald trump with a big lead nationally. he admits that the iowa race is getting, well, very close. so when he called in to "morning
7:09 am
joe," he didn't miss an opportunity to go after his chief competitor, ted cruz. >> why is ted cruz's numbers slipping? is it because of your charge that he's from canada and may not be able to be president if he's elected? >> he does have a problem there, no question about it. nobody knows if he can even run. he has to solve that problem, get a declairatory judgment from the courts. he could be running and end up being thrown ouft the race. >> do you believe that, donald? >> you know the democrats are going to sue. if he got the nomination, there could be a lawsuit day one, and the lawsuit is going to take years to resolve. i think it's a big problem. >> i was going to ask you if you really believed it, but you followed up with what is the truth, which is the second he got the nomination, the democrats would go to court. >> but ted cruz now in every poll is not slipping. i just read the latest one out of iowa, and there's just a few points between you two. >> well, i don't know. i assume it's close in iowa. that's the one place where it's close. it could very well be close.
7:10 am
i think we're going to do great in iowa, but you never know. i think iowa is the one place that's close. every other state i'm leading by a lot. i mean, i just left new hampshire last night, and it's unbelievable. the lead up there. i hit 40 or 42 points up there. and i think the only place where we could be close is iowa. i see it both ways. i see we're close, or i have big leads. i saw some polls yesterday where we have savery big lead. but i think ted is a nasty guy. people don't like him. at all. he's got all of these senators, republican senators, he doesn't have support of one of them. he gets a wacko like this glenn beck, who is always, every time i see him, he's crying. like so emotional. what a mess. and he gets a wack job like glenn beck to support him, which is i think a negative, not a positive. no, i think ted has some problems. he doesn't tell the truth. >> hey, donald. it's willie. speaking of ted cruz, he's got new ads up. released one in iowa, one in south carolina, aimed directly
7:11 am
at you. let's take a listen. >> i mean, hey. i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. so, you know, my views are a little different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different. like on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial birth apportibortions. >> i'm pro choice in every respect. >> what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values. not ours. >> donald, what's your reaction to that ad? particularly the first part. >> i'll give you an example, first, i am pro-life, but going into a second thing about how stupid are the people of iowa, then i said, how stupid are the people of the united states? i was talking about because everybody in this country was believing i'm not going to mention his name, but it was a certain candidate -- >> ben carson. it was ben carson's tales of hammers to his mother's head. >> i said iowa and then united states. he didn't put united states, because ted cruz lies.
7:12 am
he's a liar. that's why nobody likes him. that's why his senate people won't endorsement. that's why he stands on the middle of the senate floor and can't make a deal with anybody. he looks like a jerk, standing all by himself. there's something to say about having a little bit of ability to get other people to do things. you can't be a lone wolf and stand there. that's sort of what we have right now as a president. we have a president that can't get anything done, so he keeps signing executive orders all over the place. >> did you just make a parallel between ted cruz and president obama? >> they're the same. actually, ted is more strident than obama if you want to know the truth. nobody gets along with ted. at least some people like obama. i don't find anybody who likes ted. i talk to senators that frankly want to come out and endorse me. it's amazing what happens over the last couple weeks. i told this to joe, mika. over the last two weeks, so many people are calling and saying, you know, we want to get involved with you. we want to endorse you. we have a very big endorsement coming down today. a very powerful endorsement. >> who is that?
7:13 am
>> what? >> who is it going to be? >> you'll find out later. we have a powerful endorsement coming down today. so many people want to endorse us because they say ted cruz is -- he's wacky. something missing there. i don't know. there's something -- there's something wrong. and you know, it's wonderful to be a rebel, but you have to get some people on your side a little bit. here's a guy with all of the republican senators, sitting out there, he deals with them every day. when he's there. he deals with them every day, and he doesn't have one senator supporting him. not one republican senator supporting him. pretty sad. >> donald, when did your feelings about ted cruz? for a large part of the campaign, he was the one guy who you said, he's a friend of mine. he's okay. as you went every the other ones. >> he's a friend of mine, and i kept saying and told you, too, but when is he going to come at me? i know him. i know people. i became rich understanding people. i said when is he going to come at me? when i say friend of mine, everything i said, it was okay.
7:14 am
i could say anything and he says, it's okay. it's okay. very few of the others were doing that. many of them were very, very respectful and nice to me. i like a lot of the guys i'm running with. i'll make a better president, but these are minor details. with ted cruz, i'll tell you a very interesting -- i kept saying, when is he going to come? he came at the debate when he talked about new york values and this and that. he came at me strong in the debate. i said during the debate at one point, ah, here we go. good. i said, when are you going to come at me, ted? he finally came at me. according to everybody, i won that last debate, which is always very nice. >> mike barnicle. >> hey, donald, one of your friends, maybe a former friend right now, i don't know, michael bloomberg, mayor of new york, former mayor of new york. a man just as wealthy, perhaps wealthier than you, is thinking of running for the presidency of the united states. talk about him. give us your relationship with him and what you think his chances would be if he jumped
7:15 am
in? >> well, he used to be a friend of mine. i haven't spoken to him in a long time. i did a good job for him because he had a project in the bronx that was a disaster called ferry point. it was under construction for years and years. it was sucking up money from the city. they were in there for like $300 million. it was under construction for 25 years or more. they don't even know when it began. he asked me to take it over. i went through the process and took it over and got it done in less than a year. i did a great job on it. you know, i really helped him. and in fact, i made a promise to him. i said i'll get it done before the end of your administration. it was the last year of his administration. and we actually had a ground breaking in october, and of course, he left in january. i did a good job. now, i don't think he is a friend of mine anymore based on what i'm hearing. when i hear he wants to run because trump is running. i don't know. and i will tell you, and i'm not talking about john and mark, but other than john and mark, i get treated so badly by bloomberg. the things they say are just
7:16 am
unbelievable. the worst -- just about of anybody, which is hard to believe because i get treated pretty badly by most. the worst of about anybody. they treat me so knowingly badly that i would assume he's going to run. i hope he runs. look, i like michael. i have always liked michael. i don't think we have any relationship. the relationship i think is probably gone. but which is just fine with me, but i hope he runs because i love the competition. and i think it would be a very different dialogue for the debates. i really think it would be very interesting if he runs. i hope that michael runs. he won't win, but i hope he runs. >> okay. that was donald trump this morning. another round of gop candidate, donald trump next. here are the list of democrats who he believes he can work with. plus, his thoughts on sarah palin's return to the public eye, of course. speaking out to endorse him. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
7:17 am
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7:20 am
and we want to bring you the rest of the conversation with donald trump on "morning joe" when he talked about sarah palin, nancy pelosi, and a little more specific about his issues with ted cruz. >> what are two or three area s where you disagree on substance with ted cruz that are important for voters to understand? >> one of the things is the wall and building the wall. now, he's just come about talking about it, but i want to build a wall and a great wall that's going to keep a lot of problems out. you have to ask israel. walls do work, and there's no question about it. on amnesty, he was very, very weak on illegal immigration. now all of a sudden, he's become much stronger. this whole thing started with that. it all started with that. and i think i'll be much better with the military. i think i'll be much better with health care and obamacare because i'm going to repeal it
7:21 am
and replace it. and i think there are other issues. then, of course, we agree on certain issues. but implementation is important, too. i don't think he'll implement. he's a politician, all talk, no action. i don't think he'll get anything through congress because everybody hates him. i mean, you know, the senators, you think you have gridlock now. if he gets elected, you'll have gridlock times ten. >> i have two questions for you. we had former defense secretary bob gates on the other day. he talked about how running a business is not like running the presidency. and i just heard you say former friend ted cruz, former friend michael bloomberg. it seem like you have a lot of former friends. are you going to have friends in congress? >> i think so. >> are you going to be able to make deals? >> what you don't know and joe does know to a certain extent. i have been in politics all my life, dealing with politicians all my life. you can rough up politicians and they'll come back to you when they want something because
7:22 am
they're always wanting something. it's called cajoling. you have get them in a room and get people to sign things. i hate what obama does with gun legislation, where he doesn't talk to anybody. he just goes out and signs like last time, executive orders. in theory, you're supposed to -- you know the old fashioned way, get everybody into a room and get something people agree on. you don't just do what he's doing. i get along with politicians. i know how to get politicians. that's what i have done. >> what is your instinct about who right now on the democratic side of the aisle, who would you be able to deal with to cut a deal, any kind of a deal? what's your instinct on that? >> well, i think that i'm going to be able to get along with pelosi. i think i'm going to be able -- i have always had a good relationship with nancy pelosi. i never had a problem. reid is going to be gone. i always had a decent relationship with reid. lately, i haven't been dealing with him so he'll use my name as the ultimate of the billionaires in terms of people you don't want, but i always had a great relationship with harry reid.
7:23 am
frankly, if i weren't running for office, i would deal with her, with reid, with anybody. i think i would be able to get along very well with nancy pelosi and just about everybody. look, i think i'll be able to get along well with schumer, chuck schumer. i was close to schumer in many ways. you know, it's important that you get along. it's wonderful to say you're a maverick, and you're going to stand up and close up the country and all of the things, but you have to get somebody to go along with you. you know, you have a lot of people. we have a system. the founders created a system that actually is a very good system. it does work. but it can't work if you can get nobody to go along with you. and that's the problem that you have with ted cruz. he's a guy that nobody likes and nobody trusts. and he is a nasty guy. he says things that are very nasty. so i have to be nastier than him. it's just one of those things. >> do you have a tv? are you watching us right now? >> yes, i am. i always watch you. only because of you. >> wow. >> wow.
7:24 am
um, look at this video, because i think i know what you were thinking. i was narrating to some of your friends on the phone. when sarah palin was making her stump speech for you. >> yes. >> and she kept talking. and kept talking. and kept talking. what were you thinking about right now? >> well, i was thrilled with her. look, she made a speech that was a little longer. but you know, she was endorsing me, so i would never want to go offstage. that would be very -- it would be terrible to -- very bad for me to do that. i think it would be very disrespectful. sarah called me. sarah had always supported cruz. and she called me and said your campaign is unbelievable. you're going to win. i love what you're saying. i love the movement. i would love to endorse you. i said, wow, that's great. one of the reasons i loved it was i have always liked sarah. always. the other reason is because that really threw an ax into the machinery for cruz. man, he expected that endorsement 100%, and he was
7:25 am
planning on big. and i will tell you, she's had a great impact. you look at my poll numbers now. i think i've done great in the debates, according to every online poll, i won every debate. but who knows? but i have done well in the debates, and i have run a good campaign. but sarah coming in is a very, very -- i love the fact that sarah came in. and i had to stand there because i know you and joe mentioned, why would you have? she was endorsing me. what am i going to do, take the endorsement and walk off the stage if you can't do that. >> no, you can't. i know you were thinking -- >> i might give somebody -- >> i'm a respectful person when i like somebody. i like sarah a lot. she's been great. >> and coming up, a dead heat between donald trump and ted cruz in iowa. that's according to a new poll. we're going to look at the rival strategies with less than a week until the caucuses. >> and a texas grand jury clears planned parenthood of wrongdoing after an investigation into undercover videos taking inside an abortion clinic. we'll tell you who about was
7:26 am
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7:29 am
he's a liar. and that's why nobody likes him. that's why his senate people won't endorse him. that's why he stands on the middle of the senate floor and can't make a deal with anybody. he looks like a jerk. >> donald trump on "morning joe" this morning stepping up his attacks on ted cruz. a new quinnipiac poll finds trump and cruz in a statistical tie in iowa with six days to go until the republican caucus. joined by steve kornacki and "new york times" political reporter nicholas confessore who is in des moines, iowa. good morning. steve, the ted cruz campaign has been punching back, airing a new ad in iowa, right? >> this new york values theme we saw ted cruz stress in the last debate got mixed reviews, i guess you could say. poor reviews from the press. his attack on trump in that debate, but the cruz campaign was saying after that, they thought with their target audience, when is conservative
7:30 am
voters, evangelical voters in iowa, that this would be an effective line of attack. we'll see in the last week if it moves the numbers. so far, this debade over new york values being in the air, we're clearly not seeing it move the numbers out there in iowa. the other thing that we're seeing from the cruz campaign or really from ted cruz himself today, he's sounding the alarm to all voters in iowa. he's delivering an explicit message that basically says, look, if you don't stop donald trump in iowa, a week from monday, you're not going to stop him anywhere. he's going to roll in new hampshire. he's going to roll in south carolina, roll through the south, and he's going to win the nomination. ted cruz is basically trying to send a signal to every republican voter in iowa who might be a little bit hesitant about making donald trump the republican party nominee. he's telling those voters now, look, if you caucus for donald trump next monday, you might as well hand him the nomination. if you're not ready to give him the nomination, think twice
7:31 am
before doing that. >> so nick, you're on the ground there in iowa. trump is making two campaign stops today. cruz has seven events there today. it seems as though trump has his own style, his own way of campaigning, and it's totally different. >> you know, he tends to break the rules, jose. he made his first overnight in iowa just two night ago, i believe. his first time sleeping in the state since he began running for president. he does not follow the playbook. he does not go to every corner of the state. he drops in. he leaves. and yet, he seems to be surging here, and as steve points out, cruz has to beat him in this state a lot more than donald trump has to win iowa. if he wins iowa, it's katie bar the door for the nomination. >> really, it's something that clear, you think. and is it because iowa would be considered the toughest state for him to deal with? >> i just think based on the polls that we're seeing, if he can -- if trump can win in iowa, without having a traditional
7:32 am
caucus system or caucus organization, the thing you're supposed to need to win iowa, if the force of the people who come out just for him is that strong here, i can imagine it would be very strong everywhere else. he's leading in states like new hampshire and south carolina as it is. >> and steve, if iowa does come down, let's say, to trump and cruz, what's the path forward for the rest? >> that's the thing. and there's a lot of truth to what nick is saying there. i think, look, if you're one of the other candidates, your best scenario right now is that ted cruz loses in iowa next week. why? because that would basically take ted cruz out of the mix going forward. you look at south carolina coming out of new hampshire, ted cruz right now, second place there. but if ted cruz is sort of marginalized by a loss in iowa, that would open up south carolina. that would open up the later states. then what you would need if you're one of the other candidates is a strong, and i emphasize the word strong, second place finish in new hampshire. if trump wins new hampshire the
7:33 am
next week and you're say, jeb bush, and you jump up and you get second place in new hampshire, then maybe, maybe what that gives you is a shot for a one-on-one race without cruz being a big factor, without the others being a big factor. a one-on-one race down there in south carolina. you take one last chance to make one last stand and tell republicans in south carolina, look, you have a choice. you want trump as your nominee or me? think long and hard about it. >> but steve, i mean, cruz has a pretty organized campaign structure in places like south carolina and other places. so would it necessarily kind of write him off if he loses iowa? >> the thing is iowa seems so ready made for ted cruz. when it comes to organization, when it comes to the demographics of the state, we're talking about a state where 60%, 6 in 10 of the caucusgoers next monday night are going to identify as evangelical christians. that's supposed to be ted cruz's bread and butter. this is the state that went for
7:34 am
rick santorum in 2012. the state that went for mike huckabee in 2008. the state that made the reverend pat robertson a national political figure in 1988. if ted cruz is unable to knock off donald trump in a state like that next week, it's going to weaken him in subsequent states. that doesn't mean he gets out of the race, it's all over, but the idea of ted cruz being that major factor in south carolina and throughout the south, i think a lot of his supporters then suddenly go up for grabs if he can't pull this off in iowa next week. >> and nick, let's talk about the democrats. you're at a bernie sanders rally. what are you hearing on the ground there about that race, which is clearly get closer? >> i think it's obviously very close. the question for me is what does sanders do to push himself over the finish line? his message and his practice are consistency. you go to a sanders really, you're going to hear the same themes over and over again. you're going to see him draw policy contrasts with hillary
7:35 am
clinton. the question is, does he take it to the next level? calling into question her honesty. it's not the kind of campaign he wanted to run, but he's probably a bit behind now in iowa. what will he do to get back in the lead? >> nick and steve, thank you both very much for your time. i appreciate it. former defense secretary robert gates sat down with my colleague andrea mitchell sounding off about the rhetoric being used among republican presidential candidates. take a listen. >> they either really don't understand how difficult this is or they're being pretty cynical and opportunistic and putting forward simple solutions that are simply unattainable as opposed to suggesting to the american people, these are complex problems that are going to take time to solve. in a way, i would rather that they be cynical and opportunistic that to believe they really believe this stuff. >> don't miss andrea's full
7:36 am
interview with robert gates at noon eastern time right here on msnbc. a texas grand jury indicted two anti-abortion activists connected to undercover videos involving planned parenthood. i want to warn you, some of you may consider the video disturbing. according to their creators, the center for medical progress, the videos purported to show fetal organ sales inside a planned parenthood clinic. they have been edited so we don't have the full context. actors were used to shoot the video interviews. the grand jury did not indict anyone from planned parenthood, clearing them of breaking any laws relating to fetal tissue. planned parenthood says it's glad these two people are being held accountable for their, quote, wrongdoing. msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber is here to walk us through exactly what happened in the das. >> just a stunning turn of events. you have a republican d.a. here who began this inquiry into whether planned parenthood did anything wrong because when those videos initially surfaced, they seemed to allege or support
7:37 am
that some sort of allegation that there was a misuse or sale of fetal tissue. that's not true, according to the grand jury. if that were true, it would be a big deal. planned parenthood denied wrongdoing. there was a ton of debate, including in the presidential debates, a lot of republicans seizing on this. with the lieutenant governor in texas who orders this, who is a noted abortion foe and said let's investigate planned parenthood. the breaking news here that we have, new for the first time learning late last night about this is not only did they clear planned parenthood of wrongdoing, basically saying after this inquiry, there wasn't anything there, but the people who made these videos, the people who were out there saying they found something wrong, they are the criminals. two of them being indicted for basically being frauds. now, they have said their citizen journalists and they're out to expose something. that's their own defense, their view, but this grand jury found the opposite. finding them not journalists, jose, but criminals. i can read you just a little bit
7:38 am
here in closing of what we're looking at. tampering with a government record, that's a felony. and tampering with a government record for another individual there, an anti-abortion activist relating to the fact they essentially used fake i.d.s and lied their way in to make all these videos. so it casts this entire thing that has been a legal and political dispute for some time in a very different light. finding that it was the people who were out making the videos who were actually the criminals. >> what government -- >> i should say alleged criminals. >> what exactly does government record means? >> in this case, included in the indictment is the government record is state i.d. a fake i.d., which people can make. in this case, they made it as part of essentially a long-term conspiracy or falsification of information and records to get in. when i say criminal, i'm referring to the allegations. an indictment is just that. we mention people are innocent until proven guilty and they will get to make their case. when you consider the fact that this entire inquiry did not
7:39 am
begin in looking at the anti-abortion activists but began in looking at planned parenthood. at the end of the day, the texas grand jurors said planned parenthood is in the clear and what was wrong according the their view, according to the indictments, the way the people lied their way in and made the videos. it's a stunning development. >> msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber, thank you very much. coming up, new blizzard backlash facing new jersey governor and gop candidate chris christie. ch morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. theand to help you accelerate,. we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward.
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7:43 am
>> why are you here in new hampshire campaigning instead of there helping, serving the damages done by the coastal floodings from the storm? >> well, because it's already done. it's already done. >> okay. >> tell me why you think it isn't? >> i have friends, family calling, sending me videos, pictures. all over the state. >> all over the state? >> of flooding. >> all over the state, really? there's been one county that's flooded in the state. one county. that was cape may county. the one county that flooded. i don't know where from all over the state, since we have 21 counties where that's happened. second, i don't know what you expect me to do? you want me to go down there with a mop. >> jacob rascon is in west wildwood, new jersey. what's the scene like for you there? >> yeah, so this has been simmering for a little bit. that comment about the mop is one of many that the governor has made and that the people
7:44 am
here have taken exception to. really over the last couple days, they have been focused on getting the debris, the mud, the boats, the docks out of their front yards. the water out of their homes. but today as the water is now gone, some of the residents, the mayor and others, are reacting to what the governor said. take a listen. >> he should get down here and just take a look. so then he'll know what he's talking about. >> i think it takes a little more than a mop for this. the home's not livable anymore. the bulkhead is gone. he -- whether he sees it on camera or himself in person, the devastation is what it is. that's not going to change. it's going to take more than a mop. >> the two people you heard from there, they got water in their homes and they don't know if their homes are livable anymore. so saying that you need much more than a mop, of course, obvious to them. but as you can tell, very emotional. with me as well, i have the
7:45 am
mayor here. mayor fox, jose. mayor, we have talked a lot about the damage here, how it's been a little worse than when sandy hit. now that the water is gone and the governor has made the comment about the mop, what do you think as mayor of this town, what's your reaction? >> well, we have heard the governor make these remarks in the past, and quite frankly, some of them are funny. not today. this is very serious to us. this is a storm that had a magnitude that affected our town very huge. we had a blown out bulkhead that flooded homes out and maybe they're not rebuildable. so this comment was very -- it was a serious comment he makes, and maybe he thinks it's funny. certainly not funny to us. >> what's the disconnect, i wonder, that he is talking abiliabout only minor or residual flooding or a little damage. what's the disconnect? >> because he's not here. if he sees the damage that you see today, and i'm going to use katrina as an example, if the
7:46 am
levee doesn't break in louisiana, they don't have the flood they have. they could probably control it. same thing here. levee breaks, you get more water than expected. this is what causes it. if he sees this, he doesn't make a comment like that. >> lastly, thank you, mayor. we have somebody coming out today. in fact, a couple of congress n congressmen. >> thank god. i have congressmen loveando and senator cory booker coming as well. they're going to be huge. i'm hoping they can promise me some funding, aid to fix the bul bulkhead and help the folks out who lost property. >> thank you so much. >> if you can, ask the mayor, has the state's response been wanting, lacking, because that's the other question. has the state been communicating, effective in helping in these very difficult times? >> right. jose, the anchor, is asking, mayor, the state's response, if it's been lacking and the
7:47 am
communication, have they been communicating with you? >> i spoke to the governor's aide on saturday early. have not heard from the governor's office since. so there's two things i would like from the governor's office as a call today and an apology from the governor for the remarks because my town is in an uproar over the remarks. an apology would be quite nice. >> what are the residents telling you? >> they're sitting there, this is bad to them. something so simple to the governor is huge to our folks. they're losing property. they're very concerned and upset. to hear a remark like that, and i have to deal with these folks. rightfully so, i should. my job is to take care of my town. his job is to take care of the state of new jersey. i'm still waiting. >> this is becoming frustrating to you as well. >> it is. these folks are my family. i got elected to do a job and i need his help to complete a job. i'm not getting help. he's a wonderful man. i know he's going to step forward and do what he needs to do to help the town out. >> thank you, mayor, and thank you, jose. you heard it there. >> thank you so much. thank you, jacob rascon, in west
7:48 am
wildwood new jersey. thanks to the mayor. by the way, senator cory booker will join andrea today at noon. >> up next, michigan governor rick snyder subpoenaed in a class action lawsuit representing hundreds of residents. we're live in flint after a quick break. the biggest challenge for business today is not competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to investigate and fight cyber crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information, so we can track down the criminals. using our advanced analytics tools, analysis that used to take days to run, we can now see in real time. and we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make
7:49 am
people and organizations safer. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. our passion is making life tougher for cyber criminals, and making it safer for you and your customers.
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whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. michigan's department of environmental quality says preliminary testing results show the lead levels in water samples from flint, michigan, appear to be falling as the residents continue to get tested for lead tony is at an elementary school where testing will continue today. >> parents are starting to answer the recovery phase of this crisis. part of the rafrby is figuring out if their family is affected by lead. they're coming here to this elementary school. the sign behind me says family fun night and lead testing.
7:52 am
doesn't sound like that much fun. it involved needle and children. you have to draw blood. it takes a few days for the tests to come back. also, the cults can be misleading. lead is only in the body for third days as a time. people should have stopped drinking the water in october. the positive tests for lead should be at zero and we'll still seeing people come back with lead in their system. the second thing the state is telling parents is to feed their kids more nuttious meals, that's going to counteract the fact here. supermarkets are scarce and so is money. we had dinner with a family in flint last night to see how they're coping. take a listen to how they're doing. >> for all the stuff you need. >> yes, just for this one dish. >> on top of that, we had to buy gallons of water to cook it. to cook with. >> really? >> yes. >> because we have to boil the
7:53 am
rice. >> wash the vegetables. >> wash the vegetables off and stuff like that. we had to buy three gallons of water. >> mhow much time did it take t cook it? >> about an hour. >> $52 an hour and nobody wants to eat it? >> right. >> now, jose, that family in fact did not eat the meal you saw before them. they ordered fried chicken and fried fish. that meal was thoroughly enjoyed. >> thank you very much. msnbc's rachel maddow hosts a special town hall, american disaster, the crisis in flint, tomorrow night. 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. in mexico, eruptions at the volcano halted flights at the nearby airport for several hours on monday. the airport in central mexico closed twice for a couple hours due to the volcano's ash. the volcano, also known as the popo, started to erupt. a constant stream of ash and gas
7:54 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin this super tuesday with presidential race on the democratic side. our newest nbc news survey monkey poll out just this morning. shows clinton with a 14-point lead over bernie sanders nationally. and this is a live look at where in a few minutes bernie sanders is meeting with members of the powerful united steel workers union in iowa, which has about 1900 members in that state alone. it is one of several events both here and hillary clinton are holding today as they ramp up their final push through the hawkeye state with just six days to go before the cauc


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