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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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york andrea mitchell and will join us but we are following a breaking news story in san diego at naval medical center san diego where one of the buildi s buildings, one of the campuses are on lockdown after one of the terms used by law enforcement and sadly entered our general langua language. that is an active shooter. we have watched a lot of law enforcement vehicles arriving. the local patrol and s.w.a.t. team have gone up to the exit ramp on the campus and that is about all we know. so we don't know the disposition
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of this. we know there's a lot of law enforcement surrounding what is building 26. this came out on twitter and facebook initially. warning to people via social media. something new when this came out. and that was hide, run, or fight. those were the instructions given to people. this is obviously a campus more heavily armed than most, it being a navy facility. not open to civilians in san diego. but perhaps, the largest military complex in any american city. it's in the, really, the northeast corner of the san diego metropolitan area. these aerial pictures are coming in knsd, our local station in san diego, is covering this story. that they've been on the air live. it happened just after 8:30 local time this morning on the west coast and really, these
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pictures which we're all seeing for the first time, are all we have to go on. law enforcement hasn't said anything about where this stands. there are ra there are various reports that this building on building 26 is mostly gymnasium space, fitness center. there's kind of a center for gatherings there and there's an intake center for arriving patients. we'll be here to update you on this story. we're following things very closely out of san diego, but for now, to washington. andrea mitchell and. >> brian, thank you. and i know you'll have all of the updates as we get them. right now on andrea mitchell, back to politics. tough questions. six days from iowa. democrats face the voters. >> i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> look, i've been around a long
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time. they throw all this stuff at me. and i'm still standing. >> how are you going to fight for women's rights more effectively than a female candidate? >> if you look at my record, there's few members of congress who have a stronger record. >> and fighting words. republican front runners trading jabs. >> ted cruz lies. he's a liar. and that's why nobody likes him. that's why he stands on the middle of the senate floor and can't make a deal with anybody. he looks like a jerk. >> each day, i learn new and interesting things about myself. i think the people of iowa deserve better and are not interested in seeing politicians bickering and throw insults in the mud, so i ain't going to do it. >> and the voice of experience. the republican former defense secretary gives trump and cruz a failing grade on foreign policy. >> i would rather they be cynical and opportunistic than believe this stuff. >> it will be better they are
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lying to the public now and -- >> at least have some understanding of the realities of the world. >> that coming up. and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. new polls show it is a battle between trump and cruz in iowa. a two-man race getting nastier by the minute. chris christie's only shot for glory would be placing in new hampshire, where he's spending so much time. has he now risked that by his flooding to the winter storms back to new jersey? >>. >> why are you here in new hampshire campaigning instead of helping serving the damages done by the coastal floodings from the storm? >> well, because it's already done. >> i have friends calling sending me video, pictures. all over the state. >> all over the state? all over the state, really? i don't know what you expect me to do. go down there with a mop? >> well, new jersey senator cory booker is surveying damage
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across the state. senator, first of all, your reaction to the way the governor h handled this. >> reporter: i don't think this is the time, where the bolthead broke an lost everythid everyth. not a time for politics. i've been touch with the governor himself and his team since before the storm, during the storm, after the storm. state, local leaders were all just pitching in. we don't care about presidential politics right now. just a lot of tough things going on right now in this neighborhood. >> certainly, new jersey residents are reacting. some who we spoke to. let me play some of that for you. >> he should get down here and just take a look. so then he'll know what he's talking about. he's not in touch with what's going on. i lost my truck too back here an just called my insurance agent for the truck and i was just telling her about what christie was saying and said, yeah, i know. it's making my sick to my stomach.
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for him to say, you want me to come down with a mop? you don't need a lot more than a mop. >> it does sort of raise questions. why does the governor, who did so well showing his bipartisan and response to superstorm sandy take the risk of going back to new hampshire before taking care of business in south jersey? >> reporter: again, andrea, i can't speak to where he wants to be. the reality is my focus is on really addressing some of the concerns that gentlemen had. we talk to families in this neighborhood who are looking for help with fema and their insurance companies and denying claims. there's a lot of work to do here. i'm happy to be here with republican congressmen. i'm happy to be here with the local mayor. we're going to roll up our sleeves and do the best for the people who need us. the chief of staff called numerous times, not about politics or press but how they can help us get the job done and
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there's a great partnership going on right now between the state and the federal government to try to assess to see hopefully if we qualify far disaster declaration to be released from the area. the partnerships are so important right now, i don't want to strain them with politics. people here really need help and i want to make sure they get the help they deserve. >> senator booker, thank you very much. we'll be touching base, of course, with you and your people and now go back to brian williams for the breaking news out of san andrea, we continue h this unfolding situation at the naval medical center in san diego. to set the scene, let's back away for one second and bring up the on-air audio of what local news is broadcasting on knsd, our nbc station in san diego. >> they've been ordered to keep people off the property. that's why they're not letting anyone on to florida drive at this moment. >> new information for us.
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that is a live look from above at building 26 on the campus naval base san diego here in the balboa park. >> the child care center is safe. for the parents trying to get information about their children there, we have confirmation from naval base san diego that the child care center is secure and that all of the children are safe. so that's good news an whd what relief. right now, obviously that's an update for all concern. we're getting this facebook post. child care facilities at nmc currently secure as we mentioned, they're all accounted for. that's good. and they are safe. the entire complex, in fact, is secured. and no access to the facilities
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at this time. so that's going to be a big concern for parents because i know that they're going to want to get to their children. so monitor our nbc 7 facebook page as well as our web site because we are collecting information. if you're on the go, that's definitely where you can keep track of what's going on at naval medical center san diego. >> that's such a relief because the woman that i believe she said she worked there. she's very familiar with the child care facilities and at this time of the morning, they would be full and to know that the area is secure, the children are accounted for and safe, that is very big news for us thris morning. >> and certainly, we're hoping to hear an all-clear in very short order here. and that the report of those gunshots or at least sounds of gunshots was based in what may turn out to be and we hope to be something like an industrial thing. equipment backfiring something along the lines of not gunshots, but something that sounds
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similar to that in any case, you cannot overreact in a situation like this. you have got to go full and take precautions because otherwise if you assume, well, those weren't gush gunshots and they were, they've got the drop on you. >> good point, gene. as much as this is disrupt singo many people's morning, what an opportunity for multiple agencies to work together and in essence, i'm photo goinot going it a simulated drill but going in under the assumption this is not a simulation. >> it's building 26 and basically the fitness center. opens at about 5:00 in the morning and closes at about 2100 hours and houses liberty center, offers recreational opportunities for all active duty as well as those caring in nmcsd id card.
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from a dormitory there in the building there as well for those involved in the wounded warriors and certainly, veterans there being treated as they come back from duty and if they are somehow needing rehabilitation. also, the balboa career transition center. once again, pictures for you now from news chopper 7 overlooking the area. that is building number 26. that is the number on the pink building. you see a parking structure there and one person we interviewed off-site as well, they are not able to get to their cars off site. ya you're not going to be able to get to it. we do see people walk around the area but it could be law enforcement. >> it could be. when we talk about the scale, we talk about military and civilian
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professionals. we talk about 6500 people and there are intern physicians, resident physicians, more than 30 fellow physicians and not including the paestients. let's get the latest she's been able to gather. liz? >> reporter: jason, multiple officers are here in front of me on bob wilson drive and florida drive. they're controlling traffic as it's been backed up for more than a mile here for the last hour, last hour and a half. joining me live on the air is officer perryman. thank you so much for taking time. can you tell me what you know? >> at this time, the information we have is limited. upon arrival, i was task with traffic control at the main gate here in the hospital. according to naval personnel, they wanted the main entrance shut down until they could a vise further about the situation at the main ground. >> reporter: right now, what's
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going on? >> as far as what i've been told and heard at this point, they're doing building searches right now. room to room to clear the buildings and at this point, i haven't heard additional information other than that. >> have you heard or anything? >> no. >> california highway patrol is support. >> correct. we're not the primary enforcement agency at this time. from what i understand, the federal government, the doj on the ground with navy personnel right now and that's possible on the ground right now. >> reporter: we saw the k-9 and s.w.a.t. do you know the role? >> no, i just know at this time our initial responsibilities will be here at the main gate.
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>> reporter: okay. officer perryman, thank you so much for your insight. anything else i haven't asked? >> i don't have any additional information. >> this is our live coverage from knsd. our nbc station, channel 7 in san diego and oftentimes, the value of joining live local coverage that's under way is we get to hear for the first time they're reporting and you heard the anchors there speculating we could very well indeed get an all clear here shortly. they have their own reasons to believe the three sounds that were heard that triggered the lockdown in building 26 of the nmc, the naval medical center there in san diego, were something other than gunshots. that is a good thing for all of us to hope for. and you heard further someone saying that at minimum, this was a good drill for various
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agencies in the local area and san diego. let's go to our own expert on such things. our justice correspondent, pete williams with us from washington. what do you know about this? >> reporter: so brian, it was about an hour ago this phone report came that someone had in the facility had heard shots fired. that's what this is based on. not anyone actually seeing anyone with a gun but saying they thought they heard gunshots. that has prompted this response which you're seeing. the navy has drilled for this many times at this facility. they've gone through active shooter training, so they're putting their training into effect. but from all accounts we have heard, it does not appear that there is in fact an active shooter but again, i caution, that's based on all the pieces that were sort of assembling. i'll lay them out for you. number one, so far, while there is some, i would describe it as
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a minimal federal response, there hasn't been a request for the san diego police department to do much and only a minimal response from law enforcement and we haven't seen the kind of normal response you would see when there's actually people wounded or a lot of ambulances in there. so from all we've heard from law enforcement, it's exactly what y you're hearing from the knsd reporters. people are going room to room to these reports that shots were fired but nobody at this point knows whether in fact these were gunshots or something else. it could turn out that there were gunshots. but that it was some kind of dispute and that it's over. but in any event, it does not appear to be the sort of thing that we come to think of as an active shooter of someone going in and sort of carrying out an assault and shooting at will.
9:17 am
let's certainly hope that is the situation. and this is based on looking at the edges of what we know but that's the way it seems to be playing. on social media, it came out that there's a lockdown. there is a suspected active shooter. really caught my eye because it said, hide, run, or fight. is that specific for military bases? >> no, that is the -- that's what is more and more. i'm sure that this is the standard response that they are encouraged to put out this response to an active shooter at this facility. but this has become now the mantra of local law enforcement local police nationwide. it used to be that 10, 15 years ago when these things were fortunately not as common, what people were told to do was to shelter in place and wait for
9:18 am
the s.w.a.t. teams to arrive. after studying these events, that's not the appropriate response. what you want to do is get somebody to confront the gunman as soon as possible so confront the gunman, run if you can, and fight them if you can. that's the training local police are given and that's the training they give the public. and they've produced videos on their own web sites. you'll see a lot of corporate training, frankly, we've had it here at nbc and our washington bureau and i suspect elsewhere in the company, that's exactly what you should do when something like this happens. that wording when i saw that didn't surprise me at all. that is now the mantra. >> pete williams in the dc bureau where he'll be doing the best he can to update us on this
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story. jim cavanaugh is with us and happy to have him always. former special agent in charge at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. and jim, to pete's point, and let's hope this is in effect dral wha drill when it's all over. let's hope that's the mentality. we had this discussion in the pacific northwest, the old s.w.a.t. team to be fully assembled, we go in en masse. that is changed and so have instructions inside the building. >> the motives of the attackers have changed. they were generally different. a busted robbery, some sort of a takeover, wanting something, to high yjack a plane demanding mo.
9:20 am
this active shooter, we had it in this degree but not to this frequency level and that's just an attempt as mass murder so the response from citizens has to change just like the response from police. you can't wait for s.w.a.t. so what you have there is is an active aggressive search by naval facilities, police. and clearly, brian, they want to get through the guy you and pete were just talking about. and the woman who made the initial call. so they can drill down and say, let's see if you heard it and find out what it was. the good news, an hour and 20 minutes into the report, there's no additional report of gunfire. i think that's very significant. that doesn't mean you couldn't have someone commit a murder or suicide in one of those rooms and that happens in medical facilities and nursing homes occasionally. so or it could be industrial or a car backfire and a mistake.
9:21 am
say, so you're absolutely accurate on your reporting. just like nbc and san diego, to say we don't know and like pete said, the only report is the initial report. but i think i can commend the navy going at it aggressively and that's what we need to do all the time. turns out to be nothing, it's a small di small disruption in your day but if it is, could save lives. >> i agree. we heard the child care facility was secure. that reminds you just how serious business this is and how serious this incident could be. we continue to rely on knsd for these aerial pictures. this is live. it's building 26 on the campus. with us here in new york before we head back to andrea mitchell
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in washington, cal perry has been looking at social media. do we have anything more to go on except this was a phone call placed that someone allegedly heard three sounds? >> no. and one of the reasons is this is apparently different. this is a military installation. so the media instead of descending on the scene is descending to the outer gate and the military will take great care in controlling this situation. this is the bob wilson naval hospital to the marine corps known as balboa. a quarter of a million troops and the local media is just not able to get to the scene. hopefully, nothing is happening. hopefully this is not an active shooter but we rely greatly on the u.s. military, especially the navy and their social media posts. >> thank you, cal. jim cavanaugh, i don't know how good a television monitor you're watching but in just picking up on visual clues, this does not appear to be -- they don't appear to be in a defensive stance. there doesn't appear to be a
9:23 am
specific perimeter. we watched a lot of vehicles go up that ramp, chula vista pd. california highway control. so there's a lot of personnel there saying nothing of the u.s. navy and the assets they brought to bear on the base, but it does not look like the kind of perimeter, sadly, we've become used to. >> though, exactly. i'm watching along with you right here at the monitor and i can see that as well. to search aggressively is inside the building. that's a large facility there and officers are going room to room. the problem with these calls when you get to them is, you have to be so aggressive now in your search, when you take a search when you believe the suspects in there. you can go slow and don't want the suspect to be behind you. but when you're talking about searching an active shooter scenarios, you have to move rapidly to the point of engaging the shooter. so it's the point where you have to locate the person.
9:24 am
and you sometimes have to leave your back expose and you have to move rapidly down the halls and rapidly searching the rooms listening for sounds, hoping that others will direct you. so i'd say they're getting a very aggressive search by the first uniformed officers from facilities police and then backed up by other officers who are come in from city, county, state, other federal officers and they're getting a rapid search of that much building trying to make sure everybody's safe. to see what they can locate. the thing in all of these cases sthast monumental for the officers is to locate the person. it's very difficult. because when you're in there, you have your radio come on the reader, but you're moving through hoping to find the person. if they're not actively shooting or you don't actively hear screaming or yelling, you know, you really have a problem. you might need that intelligence from others through your ear or people on twitter or sending it into the police and through the
9:25 am
conference room. that's extremely helpful. people need to know how to do that on their cell phones with the police. on their apps. get that information to locate if there is in fact the person shooting. >> and cal perry, where the hospital has put out a press release. the naval medical from saying, what we already knew. sing witness reported hearing three sounds. >> yeah, this is a security incident at a u.s. military installati installation. that's how i think we should start framing it and it's going to be inherently different the way it's handled and the language used because this is not a publicly accessible area. as i mentioned, this is a historic hospital within the u.s. military. this is where so many marines come back from their active duty tours. and as you said, what we know right now is a single witness heard gunfire. called it in. and we have that initial facebook posting from the medical center which, as you've
9:26 am
been highlighting, tells people to run, hide, or fight which is very unique to a u.s. military installation. >> cal, thanks. so a lot going on this hour. we also interrupted andrea mitchell who today has an interview with the former secretary gates. as we watch this on all of it, we'll take a pause on our coverage. fit in a break here and we'll return. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together.
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the navy hospital out there, sprawling complex. it was placed on lockdown a short time ago based on a single report by way of a phone call that three shots or allowed sounds were heard. that prompted a huge law enforcement response but going off some visual clues here and some reports on social media that there are reasons to believe it is perhaps less than meets the eye. justice correspondent pete williams gathering information as well on the dc newsroom. pete? >> reporter: it was phoned in about an hour and a half ago and it's interesting the way the navy is putting it now. according to initial reports of a single witness. they haven't had multiple reports, nobody has seen anyone with a gun. now it may be that there was some kind of dispute and somebody fired a shot but in any event, not what we've come to think of as an active shooter and no shots fired after this
9:31 am
initial report so we're waiting for the all-clear, brian and there's nothing, no reason now to think we're not going to get that pretty soon. >> pete, thank you. and we should point out, our helicopter knsd and it makes certain shots visually impossible. we'll stay on this and come on the air with any details including let's hope the all clear but for now, back to washington. back to andrea mitchell. thank you, brian. and i know we'll get the all-clear we hope shortly and you'll have all of the details. thank ifss for that. and six days until iowa. donald trump and ted cruz have been vying for the evangelical vote in iowa and donald trump picked up the endorsement of jerry jr. but could either trump or cruz be krezable as commander
9:32 am
in chief? that's the commander for robert gates who served eight presidents including head of the cia for presidents george w. bush and barack obama. the republican himself, he's now dishing out strong criticism of both of front runners. and in a new book entitled a passion for leadership, he offers his insight into being an effective leader. here's part of our conversation. your new book is about leadership. you were speaking last week about leadership and said middle schoolkids would be embarrassed by the level of challenges and particularly, how to deal with isis and comments i was referring to were about carpet bombing them and making the sand glow and other such things.
9:33 am
>> carpet bombing and donald trump talking about his assets. >> my mind view is they either really don't understand how difficult this is or they're being pretty cynical and opportunistic and putting forward simple solutions that are simply unattainable so to speak suggesting to the american people that these are complex problems that are going to take time to solve. >> either way, should that be disqualified for anyone wanting to be commander in chief? >> in a way, i'd rather that they be cynical and opportunistic to believe they really believe this stuff. >> it would be better that they're lying to the voters now and are willing to listen to the general public? >> at least they have some understanding of the realities of the world. >> what do you think it is? which is it? >> i think it's opportunityism.
9:34 am
i think, surely they must understand that the solutions to a lot of these problems. and the truth is, it applies to a lot of the candidates on domestic issues as well. a lot of challenges we face are tough and there are no simple solutions and what's more, and one of the points i make in the book, in our system of government, you cannot get anything lasting done without building coalitions and without getting people on your side an getting people working together. >> leaders in the poll on the republican side is donald trump and a real force now on the democratic side is bernie sanders both building on the anti-establishment anger. what's your take on that? >> well, i think it's very real and i think they have tapped in to a deep load of real resentment and anger on the part of the american people with our elected officials and the paralysis in washington and the
9:35 am
polarization. but also, it really goes to one of the themes in the big, big problem is is also that americans every day in their lives are dealing with institutions that make life more difficult than easing their way and whether it's the veterans affairs or the water department in flint or a hundred other institutions that you can name and the book really is all about if we don't fix those institutions, it just feeds public cynicism so it's imperative that we take care of underperforming organizations and including those that are broken. >> can you see donald trump as commander in chief? >> if the american people elect him, he will be the commander in chief and what, some of us may or may not think about it. becomes entirely irrelevant. >> what about bernie sanders as commander in chief? >> well, it's -- what i have said in other forms is that i
9:36 am
think of all the presidential candidates across the board, there are maybe two or three that i think have the leadership skills potentially to be a successful president. leave aside the b president but i'm talking about be a successful president in leading the country to solving some of our problems. >> and they are? >> i'll keep that to myself. >> you worked with hillary clinton very closely. could you consider endorsing her? >> i don't think, first of all, i don't think that the folks in the democratic party are very much interested in having a republican handicap their race or make choices for them or make recommendations. what i have said about hillary is that we work together for two and a half years and when she was secretary of state, we never discussed domestic affairs and we never discussed domestic politics but i found her in
9:37 am
particularly the first two years, she and i -- i found her a tough-minded common sense colleague. we did begin to have our agreements in the spring of 2011 first over the libyan intervention and then there were others. >> you didn't think we should have intervened in libya or within the national security interest? >> that's correct. >> in your book, you write that a leader's heart must be on fire with belief in what she seeks to do. changing institutions is a battle and she must undertake it with courage, strength, and conviction. is there anything to read into there? why did you use the female pro noun. >> what i tried to do throughout the book is use both he and she. i think it's a fact of life, women increasingly are coming into leadership positions in every institution in the country. this is a great thing and i wanted to make clear they are
9:38 am
applicable across the board whether you're republican or democrat or male or female. >> there's personal characteristics that it take to be a great leader. candor, giving credit. empowering subordinates. accountability. does donald trump fit any of those kark tryst scene of this accident. >> those are characteristics that very few presidential candidates exhibit. the question is what kind of the characteristics would they take once in the office. >> how would you grade president obama? >> i think president obama has been -- the thing that surprised me and i write about it in the book was for somebody who had never run anything, he was very decisive and he embraced making tough decisions. he would take his time when he had time but he could make a quick decision when he needed to. i've talked publicly about my concern, particularly with the white house staff and the
9:39 am
national security council staff micromanaging and what i say in the book is choose your lieutenants wisely. empower them, hold them accountable but don't micromanage them. >> and did the president underestimate isis? >> well, i think that a lot of people underestimated isis and i think we came late to a realization of how serious a problem it was, yes. >> and would you agree with what donald rumsfeld on the "tea show we might knee boots on the ground. real numbers of boots on the ground. >> i think it would be a mistake to think in terms of many thousands troops on the ground in iraq or in syria. first of all, i think that it ends up being a recruiting tool for isis but more importantly, the iraqis don't want us there in large numbers. we have 3500 troops in afghanistan -- iraq. and i think that the kinds of thing that is they are
9:40 am
increasingly doing are the way to go after isis. >> speaking of iran, did we leave a man on the balgt field? robert levinson, as a cia contract there. no seeming effort to his family feels abandoned. no one has talked to them from the white house as the other prisoners have come home. >> i have no idea what was going on in the being, what discussion there is may have been with the iranians, but from the outside looking in, the failure to get clarity on proof of life, proof of death, or some indication of his status, i think was a disappointment. >> what about the deal with itself? the fact that money was released, does it seem to be that we were paying them billio billions. it's the same day the prisoners
9:41 am
came home. >> i do think you have to look at these things from a standpoint from appearances. and whether or not it was linked, it sure appears that way to everyone. and i think that was a mistake. it's one thing to exchange prisoners, if you will. it's another to throw a big wad of cash into the deal or are it on the table at the same time that the deal is being made. >> and finally, the hillary clinton private e-mail server, how serious a problem is that? how surprised are you that she exclusively used private e-mails at the time she was secretary of state? >> very surprised. i never used e-mail as secretary of defense or cia, first of all. the issues were such that any important decisions or discussions that i wanted to have, i wanted to have face to face. and -- >> i should say she says that her important classified discussions were face to face as well. >> because i don't know -- i
9:42 am
haven't read those e-mails, so i don't know what the sub stants i substance is. i'm concerned that the intelligence community and inspector general has expressed concern. mike morel the former director of cia expressed the opinion an thought it likely that the iranians or the russians or chinese might have been to that server. i think given the fact that cia is attacked by hackers 100,000 times a day. the odds are pretty good that that may have happened and so i just hope there's nothing particularly sense niff those e-mails. >> robert gates. the book is "passion for leadership ". thank you very much for being with us. coming up, manmade disaster. rachel maddow has given voice to flint, michigan's, people and bringing the water crisis to the national spotlight. and rachel joining us with a preview live from flint tomorrow
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realize your buying power at we're a little over an hour ago a single telephone caller reported shots fired or sounds approximating shots in building 26 on the sprawling campus of naval medical center san diego. as you can see, there was a robust law enforcement response as there must be in situations like this. we're going to get an update now from kevin dixon, a public affairs specialist with the navy region southwest. kevin, what do you know right now?
9:47 am
>> reporter: well, we still have the initial report of a single fitness at approximately 8 a.m. this morning having heard approximately three shots in building 26. that building is a combination gym, barracks at the navy medical center in balboa park. first responders have gone through the building with working dogs and they've conducted a top down inspection of the building and have not located any casualties or evidence of shooting taken place. right now, there's the secondary and more thorough search being conducted. >> and so if we were to get an all clear, it would come, i would imagine, pretty soon. >> yes, ill imagine it would come pret soon but only after they are completely sure that everything is safe and back to normal. >> kevin dixon with the u.s. navy, thank you very much. and that is the latest. we've been looking at these
9:48 am
available aerial pictures from knsd, our sister station. if you look at what seems to be smoke in the foreground, it's totally normal and has nothing to do with what we've been watching. i will say that more vehicles have been arriving after a long lull and we've seen the ambulance arrive but that's over all the hospital. there's a column we don't know if their employees are law enforcement and they appear to be law enforcement but throughout this ordeal, the public stance has been unlike a lot of these active shooter situations we've seen. there's been a kind of looser perimeter and now we learn that, an initial search of the building turned up negative and ongoing the secondary search of the building.
9:49 am
we also saw two u.s. navy fire units arrive unknown why they will be called to facility. one guess is that they have have thermal imaging camera that can see heat sources that may helpful in searching a building. that's what e fwhoe from san diego. back to you in washington. >> thanks, brian. and the contamination of the water supply has brought outrage across the country. many are calling for the resignation of michigan governor rick schneider over the disaster. the presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders both discuss the crisis on the campaign trail and in national debate. however, it is unlikely that any of us would have heard about the fight of the people without one very important voice. >> when flint, michigan, started speaking up about their water last year. they could tell something was wrong right away after the city stopped using the detroit water
9:50 am
and instead it was drawn from the local flint water. people said right away the water tasted bad, felt baa, on their skin. your water is perfectly taste to drink. so it stinks and corrodes car general ins, keep up. we're monitoring water an perfectly safe for everybody to drink. that was the official line for more than a year. turns out, that official line was not just wrong, it was dangerously toxically and perhaps irreversibly wrong. >> rachel maddow is here to host a special town hall on the crisis in flint, michigan. 9:00 eastern on msnbc. rachel, we owe you a debt of gratitude. the country does. it's on the cover of time magazine right now. people are finally focusing on the poisoning of the children and the adults. the children in a major american city. >> you know, it is the people of flint who stood up and raised
9:51 am
held about this and wouldn't take no for an answer and unfortunately for them and for no fault of their own, they've had no locally elected officials who they could pressure on this because the state of michigan taken over the federal government. it was the state of michigan, people who reported directly to the governor to make the decision who essentially wiped their elected fishes off the table and had nobody to complain to. who had a reason to listen to them? they have been loud. they have been telling their own story not only articulately but with incredible passion an get local media covered in the good local media coverage. all we did was pick up realize it was a national story an not a local story buff this is an american disaster. a city of 600 people argued that it's uninhabitable made by the governor. >> i have been listening to you elected officials an particularly in this case for
9:52 am
republicans saying that this is the fault of local, state, and federal officials. the epa resignations, but to blame local official when is there was no local authority, the fact that state had taken away local authority. this is a state issue and to certain extent, the epa. >> you're right about the epa. the epa didn't break its own laws. the epa followed the regulations to the letter but they were inhumane and dense and slow in terms of the way they respond to it. there's definitely epa response here and may be further consequences. that's true. but aside from the epa, the governor as recently as yesterday morning in a national interview on fox news was still blaming local officials. as if he had not replaced all local officials with me? a single decision maker who reported only to him is
9:53 am
shocking. there are elements of this response. it got national attention now an there is a federal emergency declare, all of those things but still shocking to the conscience including an effort to blame a phantom local authority that was replaced by the governor. and the other part of it that is a big reason that we're going to flint tomorrow is that there's a real question whether or not people are still being lea expose there right now. whether or not this hampers your effort to get everybody some bottled water is enough and not only whether it's sustainable but now have right now so people are not longer being left in the city. the pons is not good enough yet. >> and rachel, i saw a map that has been locally generated, i believe, and tony, the focal was reporting on msnbc last night showing that the toxic effects were disproportionate and the more well to do carts of flint
9:54 am
di not have the kind of pipes that would be easily as corrode. the water of which would not reach so much. to you pull up to the city. >> thap correct. an yeah, this was something in the official -- there's one hero pea transition in flint. right? who had hear there was bloo in water and that means blood in my patients and started doing blood testing on flint kids. if that dynamic on tony's documenting right away is that flint kids were twice as likely as kiz in other places to have elevated blood bevels but certain places in the city three times as likely. and that is an issue of aging infrastructure and pipes with more lead in them or more corroded to begin with, you may have a different outcome in what is coming out of your tap and people with more less in them. there are disproportionate outcomes even in flint but the
9:55 am
flint specific story people try to say this is the tip of the iceberg and all over the country and this is a major -- infrastructure problems are real all over the country but whap to flint isn't just aging infrastructure, it's crime. and we still don't know who's held accountable for it and the rescue is not complete. >> i know we're running out of time but not like we don't know from decades of children chewing on laepd paint chips in other places that le to poisons, toxic effects are brain damaging. other developmental damage. we know the effects. i know you'll be on scene. thank you for all of us for bringing the nation and all of us to do the crisis in flint, michigan. >> thank you for saying so. flint residents deserve the
9:56 am
credit. >> rachel, thank you. you're going to be hosting the special town hall on the water crisis tomorrow night. flint michigan live eastern right here on msnbc and that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." brian williams will continue with the breaking news out of san diego coming up next right here on msnbc. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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to take care of my heart.s that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. we are back with the latest we know about the situation. this started with a single telephone call. apparently a report of three shots fired inside the grounds of the naval medical center san diego in the northeast part of the city and specifically building 26 and this sprawling hospital complex and within the past 15 minutes, we have seen
10:00 am
the now familiar pictures with incidents like this of the innocent people who were cleared from the building, emerging with their hands up so law enforcement can keep track of those who have been cleared from the building. it's kind of a very military clear and whole procedure as they go through this structure if room by room. you see an initial check. people are getting pat down and now doing a secondary check and the fact is this is inside the gates of a military facility. so we don't know with much specificity just what is going on in there except what was initially reported. we have a lull and then the last few minutes, we've seen some vehicles entering at a high rate of speed and we've seen some


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