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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 27, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PST

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hope springs eternal. that's all tomorrow night, 9:00. we hope you can join us and possibly your neighbors. now it's time with the last word. it's wednesday, january 27. and right now on "first look," breaking overnight. showdown in oregon and a shoot-out with fbi agents leaves one dead and several arrested. we've got late breaking details. pulling out. donald trump says bye-bye to megyn kelly in the thursday debate just five days before iowa votes. nbc news reveals not a single lead pipe has been replaced yet in flint, while frantic parents have their kids tested for lead poisoning. plus a prison break captured on camera. from the "godfather" and more, abe vigoda has died.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm shannon mulaire. eight people have been arrested in the oregon wildlife refuge that began three weeks ago and including the protest leader, ammon bundy. one of the armed protesters was killed. 54-year-old arizona rancher lavoy finicum, during a january 5th interview on msnbc, he said he had no intention of being taken into custody. >> so you're prepared to die -- better dead than in a cell? >> absolutely. dude, would you like to be in a cell? nobody wants to live their life in a cell. >> nbc's dan schenamen has more. >> reporter: ammon bundy the leader of the armed occupation of the wildlife refuge in oregon has been arrested that's according to the statement from the fbi. the fbi confirmed on tuesday it and the oregon state police
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started what the statement calls to bring into custody a number of individuals associated with the armed occupation. during the arrest, the fbi says shots were fired. one person was killed. and described as the subject of a federal probable cause arrest. the other person suffered nonlife threatening injuries. amm ammon bundy and others started to protest the conviction of two armed arsonists. the protesters said they were angry over what they called government overreach on federal lands. as the occupation stretched on up, residents demanded it came to an end. >> time for you to go home. [ applause ] >> reporter: ammon bundy is the son of controversial rancher cliven bundy. dan schenamen, nbc news. donald trump is pulling out, the gop front-runner is withd w withdrawing from the fox news
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debate. trump was put over by the edge by what he called a wise guy press release put out by the network which said they quote, learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and putin both intend to treat donald trump unfairly and he has his secret plan to replace the cabinet with twitter followers. quote, roger ailes and fox news thinks they can toy with him and he will host a fund raising event for wounded warriors. bernie sanders is taking time off the campaign trail for a sit down meeting with president obama in the oval office later today. nbc's tracie potts joins us live from washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, shannon. let's go back to trump for a moment because he can afford to drop out of this debate because he's already got momentum going into iowa. he's leading five of the six
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polls from there. he got endorsements from jerry falwell, pulling off the more conservative evangelical voters from ted cruz and also from sheriff joe arpaio who is outspoken on immigration. donald trump says he's skipping thursday's debate because he thinks the fox moderator is unfair. >> fox news, right, wonderful, wonderful place. fox news. it's wonderful. >> reporter: fox calls trump's terrorization of megyn kelly unprecedented. ted cruz is challenging trump to a one-on-one. >> i want you to think how you would react if you were interviewing someone for a job and they said i'm not willing to show up. >> trump is being a rebel, a renegade. it's the year of the outsider and he may be okay. but some iowans may wonder why are you quitting.
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>> reporter: and hillary clinton is touting years of experience in a new ad. >> i have been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> reporter: bernie sanders tells voters turnout will make the difference. >> if we have a large voter turnout, we will win and we'll win big. >> reporter: he's meeting privately with president obama at the white house today. >> nbc's tracie potts reporting. thank you. in seattle, two people are dead at a homeless encampment, nicknamed the jungle. a woman and a male died at the hospital and three others were wounded. one listed in critical condition and two others as serious. this all happened as seattle mayor ed murray was delivering a speech addressing the city's homeless problem. and defending a state of emergency he declared back in november due to the issue. he spoke again from the scene. >> i can't help but wonder -- i can't help but wonder did i act
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too late? maybe i should have issued the state of emergency months earlier. we have tried to do the best that we can given the circumstances we have. but obviously, i'm going to question was i good enough in my own job? you know? so it's on me in the end. >> and no arrests have been made but police say there are at least two persons of interest and they believe this was a targeted shooting, although not because the victims were homeless. incredible footage from northeastern brazil shows an explosion destroying a prison wall. moments later, dozens of inmates are seen scrambling over a fence to escape causing it to eventually buckle and collapse. 36 of the 40 escapees were captured within hours. two inmates were killed. police are investigating the explosion and are looking at what appears to be a man walking up to the wall minutes before the explosion occurred. six cleveland police officers were removed from the force tuesday for the shooting
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deaths of an unarmed couple during the high speed chase in which over a hundred bullets were fired in a few seconds. as blake mccoy reports it took the city more than three years to fire those officers. >> reporter: a car sits riddled with bullets two people dead inside following a 2012 high speed chase through the streets of cleveland. it began when officers tried to pull over the car and mistook an engine backfire for gunshots. >> entering the drive of the parking lot. >> reporter: new audio veals -- reveals the moment the unarmed pair was cornered. 120 rounds fired at russell and williams in just ten seconds. state investigators diagrammed the shooting, showing how chaotic and dangerous all of that cross fire was to fellow officers. then this photo shows the wind shield after one officer stood on the hood of the car even after the couple had been subdued and fired down at close
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range. >> he defended his discharge. >> reporter: that officer micha michael brelow was charged and he was later acquitted. he was fired. six face suspension, a 13th retired last year. >> it was difficult for all of us. >> reporter: the police union came out swinging, calling this disciplinary action politically motivated. >> this is politics 101. we see it across the country. we see it here in cleveland. >> reporter: the justice department has found cleveland police to have frequently used excessive force, a move meant to provide closure to a city and two families. blake mccoy, nbc news, chicago. all right. let's get down to business now with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> hi, good morning. only oprah winfrey could earn $12 million in an hour. thanks to a single tweet. the media mogul posted a video claiming she's lost 26 pounds while eating bread every day on
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her weight watchers plan. that pushed the stock up 16%. oprah is the biggest shareholder in weight watchers, buying a 10% stake in october. and watch shares of apple today. they fell after they reported they sold fewer iphones than expected in the latest quarter. apple signaling it expects the first quarterly sales decline in more than a decline. analysts are worried apple doesn't have another blockbuster product in the works. and drones would use infrared beacons to drop off packages and would then take the package to the safe place such as a garage for pickup. google says it could start drone delivery by next year. let's check sports. as peyton manning gets ready for what might be his last rodeo, the a.p. reports that the nfl is investigating allegations he had human growth hormones delivered to his home.
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there was an al jazeera report from a month ago that his wife received hgh deliveries while he was recovering from neck surgery a few years ago. he's vehemently denied taking s substan substances. blake griffin will miss four to six weeks because of a broken hand after hitting a team manager. he apologized to his teammates and fans and no word on if the team will take action. according to multiple reports, tyler sash who died in september at the age of 27 was diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy. researchers determined his cte was at a 2. he had injuries date back to high school. and jerry richardson is telling everyone, everyone, from interns to executives to pack their bags. he is picking up the tab to send everyone in the panthers organization to santa clara, california, to attend super bowl
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well, good morning. active weather across the sunshine state is anything but during the day today. strong thunderstorms at this hour. a few showers headed up to areas of southern alabama and through mississippi. as far as what we'll deal with during the day, maybe a few strong to severe thunderstorms possible here in florida. so orlando, a bad drive this morning and the thunderstorms will roar over the top of you also. as far as forecast rainfall totals a good soaking. two to three inches of rain likely in the next few days. and this is a dry season in florida. but with el nino, the jet stream
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is active. a marginal risk of severe weather today. isolated wind damage the problem. forecast for today, watch temperatures pretty mild across the country. a few showers in areas like washington, d.c. a sprinkle around philadelphia. but then it will clear out. very mild for your thursday too. you have 54 in montana. and finally, shannon, i'll end with this. looking at next tuesday, our next big storm is in the middle of the country. and it is very possible that all of the votes in iowa are headed to their caucuses are going to have to deal with a snowstorm. a decent sized storm too. you have to imagine that would affect turnout. >> they're hardy folks out there. in flint, michigan, nbc news has learned that no pipes have been replaced since the state of emergency was declared three weeks ago was lead was found in the city's water. yesterday, health care workers tested hundreds of children for lead exposure. our own rachel maddow will hold a town hall tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc.
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in pacifica, california, five of the 20 residents teetering on the edge of the eroded shore line cliffs haven't left. >> if the ocean wants us, it will take us. we don't have the power to slow down or stop it. >> incredible. on monday the city declared a state of emergency. those residents have to move out in a few days. and hundreds are celebrating an ancient norse festival on the shetland islands. the festival celebrates the influence of scandinavian vikings in the islands just north of the scottish main land. it includes a 30 foot long ship set on fire in the harbor. the festival which began in 1870 is held each year on the last tuesday in january. and impressive sight. hillary clinton's new name for karl rove, and is a seat on the supreme court in president obama's future? "scrambled politics" is next.
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and she characterized rove as a quote, errand boy for billionaires. meanwhile, a voter asked hillary clinton if she would consider nominating barack obama to the supreme court. she said great idea. only one former president taft has been appointed to the nation's highest court. more surprises for tomorrow night's gop debate other than donald trump's absence. former virginia governor gilmore will make his debut and the undercard -- at the undercard stage and rand paul is back on the main stage. just recently ben carson was near the top of the field, but with his drop in the polls, so goes his campaign event attendance where as he used to need to give multiple town halls at the same location, at a recent stop in iowa there were more than 150 vacant seats at a church holding more than 5 hundred. only a few senators only made it to capitol hill yesterday. as alaska senator lisa murkowski
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noted they were all women. the senator joked that she and senator susan collins hadn't planned an all-women session but it was quote, genuinely different and fabulous. and the women who held a decades long -- and the woman who held a peaceful long protest outside the white house has died. concepcion picciotto set up shot on the lafayette square in 1981 and she never left. she was believed to be around 80 years old. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all right. joining us now, jonathan allen, a columnist for roll call and the co-host of hrc. good morning. >> good morning. i live on capitol hill. i didn't see the senators yesterday morning but maybe an all female senate would not be a bad thing. >> well, can't be a bad thing, right? let's talk about donald trump because we have a lot to get to. skipping the next debate. he won't be there at the fox debate. what do you make of this? >> i think it's tremendous opportunity for donald trump to
2:22 am
talk to other iowans. he says he'll do an event outside of the debate, perhaps raise money for wounded warriors. what he gets to do is to skip tough questions right before voters go to the polls or the caucuses. and so i think maybe a win for donald trump here. >> is it an effort to reach more iowans or is this a chance for donald trump to do what donald trump does and maybe get more ratings and then put it back in fox's face and say other people are watching my event and other channels are taping it live? >> all of the above. i think -- yeah, i think he'll do that whatever he does, he'll say his event is more important and better than the fox debate. i think it's apprised the iowans of a last chance to see it before they caucus, but maybe other iowans will see him in the other venue. >> what will it mean for the iowans there and how they go to vote when it comes to the caucuses? >> you know, i'm not sure. he's running neck and neck with ted cruz.
2:23 am
if you were doing -- if you were doing poorly you would think this is hail mary. >> but he's not. >> it's not a hail mary. i think he thinks the debate construct doesn't er issive him as well as him commanding the stage by himself. >> will his supports tune into the debate? will you get others to tune into a debate without donald trump? >> i think it will hurt the ratings as he suggests. >> really? you have ted cruz who decides to challenge trump to a one-on-one debate. will that happen? >> if all the other candidates start dropping out, or don't see a path to victory, i guess you get the one-on-one. maybe trump will do it. he's not generally one to back down from a challenge, but, you know, we'll have to see. >> never a dull moment, jonathan allen, joining us this morning from washington, d.c. have a good one. >> take care. just ahead, everyone's favorite fish we remember "godfather" star abe vigoda. staying in rhythm...
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over 30 years ago, actor abe vigoda famously fielded false reports of his death on the late night circuit. sadly the actor has officially passed away at age 94. nbc's kevin tibbles reports. >> reporter: he just had one of those faces, kind of droopy and worn. and those were the sorts of characters abe vigoda played best. as phil fish on the '70s cop sitcom "barney miller." >> save your money.
2:28 am
>> reporter: he was also the double crossing mobster sal tessio in "the godfather" until he was bumped off. >> that was only business. >> reporter: vigoda gained ryety for not being dead. he played it for all it was worth on late night television. >> go be with your own kind. >> abe vigoda! >> reporter: he was a favorite guest of the "today" show. and abe vigoda twitter feed even popped one the sole purpose of reporting if he was dead or alive. it garnered 10,000 followers. he later appeared in a super bowl ad for a snickers candy bars back in 2010. with betty white. they were both 88 years old. >> that hurt. >> reporter: born abraham charles vigoda in brooklyn, new york, his career spanned the stage, the screen and
2:29 am
television. he died in his sleep at his daughter's home in new jersey. abe vigoda was 94. kevin dibbles, nbc news, chicago. i'm shannon mulaire. thanks for watching "first look." "way too early" starts right now. and the tapes were like -- oh, no, not again. oh, throw them the hell out of here. am i allowed to rip that whistle out of the mouth? i'd rip that whistle -- i'd rip it right out. >> donald trump and his supporters reacting to the protester in iowa last night. but after bowing out of thursday's debate what does he say about the challenge from ted cruz for a one-on-one showdown mano a mano? democrats may have another debate before the new hampshire primary after all. hillary clinton and martin o'malley are in. what about bernie sanders?
2:30 am
plus breaking news. the month long occupation of federal land in oregon comes to a violent end with several arrested and one killed in a shoot-out with police. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning. it's wednesday, january 27th, i'm erica hill. breaking news this morning, one person is dead, eight others facing federal charges after authorities raided a group of armed protesters who had taken over government land. after more than three weeks of occupying malheur wildlife refume are -- refuge are behind bars. they were arrested in a traffic stop. two people were shot


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