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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> whereas i may have to leave the state. >> everything she ever touched -- next time you hear somebody say she's part of the establishment, you ought to think about that. >> we don't need another gridlock political debate that divides us if we are specific and focused and passionate. >> and doctors who have looked
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and do i get involved in senior. >> both parties now fighting in for the votes. kroogs the stiet today. . >> the i was pummelled. >> they didn't even mention he was born in canada, right? when you're born in dan da, you're do not supposed to be
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running for president of the united states. he got beaten up pretty badly last night. i don't know what's going to happen to the poll numbers but probably they're not going up. >> ted cruz is an anchor baby in can dachlt but canada doesn't accept anchor babies. they just waited a long time. >> ted, this is what we want this week. make sure you get it. remember that loan you got, ted. so, you know, that's the way it works. look, the way -- i'm having fun. pretty close. >>. >> kasie hunt and katie tur. katie tur, and the man who staged his own show and staged his own show and is dominating the conversation and today in new hampshire. and that's exactly the campaign,
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so confident at this moment in the race that they're able to leave iowa. and they're in new hampshire today and we're three days out from the voting and they're not even here because they're dominating all of the headlines, both here in iowa and nationally and this ted cruz stuff, what he's been doing with him for the past month or few weeks now is just casting this doubt when it comes to his qualifications, his canadian birth or beholden to the donors or big banks. that seems to be resonating with the voters that i'm talking with. they tell me over and over again, one of the things they like about donald trump is that he's not bought. they realize that the system is rigged. they're been seeing italy f for years. when donald trump comes out and says, i'm the one self-funding, they don't buy into it. they don't like the billionaires funding other candidates but they're okay with the billionaire who funds his own candidacy. and halle jackson, we talk about
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ted cruz. in talking to some of the cruz campaign folks, his campaign manager today who did a briefing for reporters here, they were pointing out that they know exactly how many, more than 9,000, they say, more than 9,000 iowa republicans are trying to side between donald trump and ted cruz. more than 3,000 between ben carson and ted cruz. they have their e-mails, their addresses, they know their tv preferences. you've been on the ground with these folks. they are absolutely confident that they have the ground game to compete with donald trump. >> reporter: confident is absolutely the word for it, andrea. they believe that they have those personal connections and can understand and get these people out to caucus for them because ultimately, as we know on monday, it will be all about turnout depending on how many people show up so the campaign is feeling very good about its ground game. it believes it's unparalleled or unmatched in iowa.
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let's talk about last night. let's get a sense of where we are. this is cruz's first event of the day. you can tell the national media are here and 422 people. it's a tiny town as cruz tries to compete the so-called graph. it's before the caucuses. it was termed a rough night for cruz. that's the above the fold headline here. potentially not something the headline wants to see. they say, hey, this is the paper whose editorial board and the takeaway for them was that it was an iowa debate all about new hampshire with jeb bush, john kasich, sort of making their stand and their pitch. the campaign is feeling confident. but cruz, while he had strong limits particularly in the beginning when he appeared almost statesman-like in talking about donald trump, he got testy
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towards the middle and didn't necessarily play well with the undecided folks we talked to here. others felt senator cruz was able to talk about the issues and everybody was more substantive. the other headline in the paper, may care as much in iowa, the hawkeyes lost to the terps. it's something they care about. >> that's what we care about back in dc, right? but the other point they were making is that they say outside of the "des moines register" didn't endorse their guy, a lot of the other headlines around the state and local papers has been cruz and rubio fight over immigration. that is the headline they want. >> absolutely. >> i was just going to ask chris jansing about rubio. is he the sleeper candidate who could have second place? >> that's the goal. this is an expectations game as
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you know at this point, andrea. for him, marco rubio, that would mean in the polls now, that's a second place finish to do that. he would have to knock off that. immigration at the center of it. this is a litnus test. they believe they did well last night in the debate. they're hoping to build on that this morning. he was at the first of four events. he had about 150, 175 people. very young group. always dicey. whether young people are going to come out and caucus. but they're going to hit this really, really hard. they think that they see an opening to become the establishment alternative. the person that so many people thought for so long was going to
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be jeb bush. a couple of interesting points. first of all, at this morning's event, immigration never came up. what did in two questions, that he took after his pre-standard stump speak is religion. something we've been hearing him talk a lot more about in the last week or so. obviously, trying to appeal to those evangelical christians, who the last time, were about 56% of the caucus goers here in iowa. didn't hurt him last night. you heard him talk about it in the debate as well. he's also targeting the evangelical vote in south carolina. so they do think they have an opening here and they think they may have done themselves some favors with immigration last night, because the moment of the debate, according to that focus group was his response on immigration. and they think that they handled it well. >> chris jansing. kristin welker on the democratic
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campaign. hillary and bill clinton blanketing iowa today with a half dozen stops. their message i noticed in the last 24 or 48 hours has been less combative. hillary clinton last night, very low key, emotive, reaching out to one of the women in the audience who said she was having trouble paying our bills while bill clinton is taking the harder line against an increasingly aggressive bernie sanders campaign. >> hillary clinton is drawn on the personal connections to show her emotional, softer side. she had the emotional exchange with the woman who talked about her debt yesterday in iowa. i anticipate we'll see more of that today. meanwhile, it comes as senator sanders is not only surging in the polls but sharpening his attacks. he said he wasn't going to go negative. he's walking right up to the line. he released a new ad slamming
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secretary clinton for his close ties to wall street. last night, he had very strong words for her, painted her as a flip-flopper on a host of issues from tpp to the iraq war and again, bill clinton really being her defender and saying, look, she is the person who had the most experience to lead. it is going to be a family affair tonight, andrea. clinton will be joined by former president, bill clinton, at an event this evening in davenport and then over the weekend, they'll be joined by chelsea clinton as they make a final push for votes and of course, these young voters are key. no mistake, secretary clinton's first event at grand view university. trying to reach out to caucus on monday. >> the young voters, three quarters at least say they're in sanders' camp. will the caucus goers who have not caucused before, will they actually come out? large numbers of them. at least a third of them, of the millennials in the sanders camp
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as kasie hunt, you've been following bernie sanders and that's what we see when we talk to him. he really thinks, as we both talked to him yesterday, he can inspire the young people. >> reporter: he does, andrea. it seems like he's having the time of his life. the two of you boxing together when i've been talking to him, he seems to be really enjoying this phase of the campaign, where none of us really expected him to be here and he is really driven by these young voters. i went to spend some time at his headquarters a couple of days ago. and some of these young people have been camped out there for days. you know, working to try to get him elected. but of course, what they have to grapple with is just how negative they're willing to go and forgive me, bernie sanders just took the stage at this college at mount pleasant, iowa, but is he ultimately going to try and push through, win this thing and go more negative than he has in the past?
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as you know, he's taking pride in never having run what he defines to be a negative ad but knocking goldman sachs, not mentioning hillary clinton's name, as he told you, but still leveling something of a negative-charge that's clearly aimed at her. so with both sides at this point saying they feel like hillary clinton is developing a small edge going into this final weekend of campaigning, we'll see if he increased attacks, he was also last night, of course, listing a number of issues where he seemed to suggest that she had made political calculations, gay rights, for example, among other things, trade, and other issues that have been important to bernie sanders for much of his career. i'm interested to see the next two days of his bus tour over iowa whether he keeps that up. >> kasie hunt. katie tur. kristin welker. the whole gang. thank you all so very much.
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you can see the exclusive interview with lester holt tonight with hillary clinton. coming up, the final countdown. clinton and sanders. you just saw sanders out there on the campaign. they and their supporters focused on how to get out the vote. we'll take you behind the scenes from the clinton campaign coming up next. right here on this special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from des moines. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan.
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it is great to be against the war after you vote for the war. it is great to be for gay rights after you insult the entire gay
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community by supporting doma. it's great to come out kicking and screaming against the tpp but where were you against the other trade agreements? >> bernie sanders moments ago from the trail and back at the white house, the president is proposing a new rule that would expand the led better law which helps women reach pay equity. lilly ledbetter is helping. it would force companies with more than 100 employees to start disclosing the pay. let's go to the president. >> we've got some important personages here. so let me just call them out. we've got senator amy clobachar.
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and tom perez. the chair of the equal employment opportunity commission, jenny ainge is here. one of my favorites, the outstanding billie jean king is in the house and of course, lilly ledbetter is here. lilly's just become a dear friend to our family and i can tell you that she's beloved not just by us, but by all the staff that work with her. she's just terrific. she just mentioned she was by my side when i signed first bill into law, the lilly ledbetter fair pay act. i was looking at a picture of that wonderful event, and she looks the same.
9:19 am
and i don't. but while we've got a lot to celebrate that day, we knew that our work wasn't done. we knew we had a lot more to do to close the pay gap between men and women, to ensure no women would ever face the kind of discrimination that lilly faced on the job. many of you have experienced it. today, women account for almost half of the workforce. but the typical woman who works full-time still earns 79 cents per every dollar that the typical man does. the gap's even wider for women of color. typical black working woman makes only 60 cents. typical latino woman makes only 55 cents, for every dollar a white man earns. and that's not right. we're talking about oftentimes
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folks doing the same job and being paid differently. and it means that women are not getting the fair shot that we believe every single american deserves. it doesn't just offend our values at a time when women are increasingly the breadwinners in our households. paying them less makes it hard for families to cover the necessities like childcare or health care just to pay the bills. makes it hard for families to save. harder for families to retire. it means local businesses have customers with less money to spend. so it's not good for our communities. it's not good for our families. it's not good for our businesses. what kind of example does paying women less set for our sons and daughters? so today, we're taking one more step in the right direction. we are proposing to collect and report pay data by race ethnicity and gender from
9:21 am
businesses with 100 employees or more. the goal is to help businesses that are trying to do the right thing like the ones here today to get a clear picture of how they can ensure their employees are being treated equally. a better picture of the data will also help us do a better job enforcing existing equal pay laws. this won't solve every problem. we still got to get more women and girls into high-paying fields like science, technology, engineering and math. we've got to make sure women are not penalized or held back in the workplace simply for starting a family. gu guys, we're responsible for the family thing too. and they're already doing more work than we are in getting that thing going. they shouldn't be penalized twiced or thr twice or three times. we still need to raise the minimum wage.
9:22 am
guaranteed paid, sick -- [ applause ] guaranteed paid, sick, and family leave. fully protecting pregnant workers. finally passing the paycheck fairness act to give workers more tools to fight pay discrimination. and all of us have to make sure that all of our young girls know that we're invested in their success. and by the way, i do want to emphasize, there are businesses that are doing the right thing. we've got a few friends of ours. ceo of one of the companies people most like to work for and part of the reason is that mark understands that his company thrives when he is drawing from the entire pool of talent out there. and making sure that everybody is having a chance to thrive and succeed at his company.
9:23 am
and when people see that, they're working harder and more ru productive and more enthusiastic, and ultimately, they make more money. so this is not an either/or propositi proposition. this is a -- >> president obama proposing an expansion of the lilly ledbetter which would empower women to try to fight for equal pay. but it's just a proposal. it's an executive order. it's still a long way from reality. the latest line of attack from bernie sanders is reinforced by his toughest ad yet. impossible to miss if you're watching tv out here in iowa. >> one of the wall street banks that triggered the meltdown, goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put 7 million out of work and 7 million out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street.
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>> joe bethenson is a senior strategist and joins me from new york. you've seen the ad. obviously. it doesn't mention hillary clinton or show hillary clinton. so that leads bernie sanders to tell me, it's not a negative ad. what is your impression of this ad? >> i think every independent person has been watching that, including journalists and writers know it's a negative ad and an attack ad. he's used personal attacks and doing it through innuendo but i think everybody watching and paying attention to this, caucus goers are doing know exactly how negative this ad is. >> in watching hillary and bill clinton campaigning, it seems she is taking the sort of softer role and bill clinton is in charge of the attack lines.
9:25 am
is that the way you've assigned the jobs for the two clintons out here in the closing days? >> hillary clinton has been out here making a forceful argument for his campaign and drawing a clear contrast. she's very strongly making the argument that people want a president who will produce real results to make a difference in their lives now. not wait for things that may sound good on paper. but will either never happen or simply don't add up. that's been the critique of senator sanders' plans in the last few days. it's been called the health care plan and puppies and rainbows. it turns out he's counting savings on things like prescription drugs that succeeds the amount of money we're already spending on prescription drugs. that's a shell game you're playing with numbers. maybe he's feeling the burn here as his plans are getting scrutiny. his college plan is criticized by independent analysis as well.
9:26 am
so when you are running out there and say you're going to deliver change and you've got all of these plans that aren't adding up, i think he's feeling some pressure and going negative. what secretary clinton is delivering the argument she's been delivering from day one. fighting to help children and families get ahead since i started in politics and that's what i'm going to do as president and that will deliver the real results to make a difference in your lives. >> as this has become an increasingly competitive race, it's clear this will be a slog. she's taken 24 hours off the campaign trail, a day ago, to go back and fund raise. what's the optics of that to go back to the trough, to the big donors as she'll have a longer season? >> first of all, andrea mitchell, she had activists devoted to civil rights and justice and those meetings with things we couldn't move at this point in time.
9:27 am
senator sanders left the campaign trail as well in iowa. hillary clinton spent the better part of january in iowa campaigning every day, campaigning her heart out. she is a formidable campaigner. i remember. she is going to be closing out strong in iowa over the next two days. and keep making the argument to the people who are going to caucus. look, i think the caucus goers in iowa, andrea, you know this. you've been to as many as i have. they take this seriously. they really are taking the measure of these two candidates right now and it's judgment period here, a few days out. they're saying, which one of these people can do all parts of this job? which one of these people has the experience and record of deliver things that matter to my life? and i think they're leaning heavily here towards hillary clinton as we head down to the wire. for some of the things she has done, whether it's been
9:28 am
delivering children's health insurance that's produced health care for 8 million kids or helping the national guard or revr reservists and working with republicans across the aisle. as those things are hashed out in the last few days here, i think we're going to head into monday night in a very strong position for the caucuses. >> joe benenson, thank you so much. campaigns continue the 11th hour push across iowa. bernie sanders speak right now at iowa wesleyan college at mt. pleasant, iowa. yesterday, the senator took a short break to talk to me as he and his wife, jane, stopped to thank the campaign volunteers here in des moines. >> hey, senator. >> andrea, how are you? >> quick question, sir. >> yeah? >> looks like hillary clinton has now agreed to debates.
9:29 am
march, april, more debates. is this moving you closer to saying yes to february 4th? >> we have said the dnc established the rules. d the rules were established when hillary clinton was 40 or 50 points ahead in the poll. we had nothing to say about it and said 6 debates, well, political world has changed a little bit and now it seems that hillary clinton would like another debate. you know what? i said that's fine. i don't mind that, but i want to make sure there will be more debates later on. and at least three debates later on and if hillary clinton will work with us to agree on a time and a place, sure, i don't have a problem. i like debates. >> and you said over and over again, you don't do negative ads and negative campaigning, personal. this new ad, goldman sachs. focused on the money, the people who have bought by wall street. >> does it mention hillary
9:30 am
clinton? any image of hillary clinton? is it true that an american society, wall street, spends huge amount of money on dozens and dozens and dozens on politicians? >> it's taking on wall street. and the power of wall street. and the fact that wall street spends huge amounts of money on campaign contributions. >> are you suggesting she's bought by wall street? >> i'm not suggesting anything at all. there are dozens and dozens of people involved in the political process and america today that receive huge campaign contributionins from wall stree. dozens. this campaign is about saying, you know what? that's right. wall street has too much power in this wall street. that's why i believe we should breaker up the large banks. >> you might be happy to know that you've put out your medical report, the marks of good health. doctors who look at that report say you are a remarkably fit 74-year-old. >> i know, i am.
9:31 am
and you know? >> not with me. >> here was a tough decision. do i get involved in senior boxing? challenge, go for the light heavyweight championship or run for president? i've decided to run for president, but i'm in good health, thank god. >> well, dr. who talked to us said he'd be really happy when he's 74 he's in half the shape you're in. >> i mean, i think i'm bletssed you never know what will happen. i am blessed since i was a kid with good endurance and good health. i was a good long distance runner and cross country runner. run more than a few meets. >> is this campaign a marathon, not a sprint? >> i'm not sure, andrea, this is the best way to determine who's qualified to be president of the united states. it is, and we've done three or four town meetings a day. we work six, seven days a week.
9:32 am
15 hours a day. if the people of america want to know whether they have endurance, follow me on the campaign tram. campaign trail. >> is he working too hard? >> not for the american people. it's good. >> you're having a good time? >> i am. it's exhilarating. especially in iowa, where all the people are so knowledgeable about the issues and so engaged. so it's good. >> did you enjoy your trip to the white house yesterday? >> yes. very much. >> all right. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> bernie sanders and his wife, jane, as we caught up with them yesterday. coming up, the florida frenemies, rubio and bush duking it out over immigration, while trump makes a play for veterans. that and more next on "andrea mitchell reports" live from iowa. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more.
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justice. based on equality. based on fairness. to my mind, it is not acceptable that in america today, the top one tenth of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. that doesn't sound like what america is supposed to be about. >> bernie sanders on his improbable oddyseys. joining me now for the daily fix, chris cilliza of "the washington post" fix blog and jeremy peters. jeremy, first of all, marco rubio. >> right. >> went on last night between him and jeb bush and what was arguably jeb bush's best debate
9:37 am
performance with donald trump not on the stage. >> that's right. i think that marco rubio had a very difficult time explaining some of the inconsistencies in his record. the question for me, andrea, will it matter? is jeb bush so politically damaged that a really good debate like that just gives him no bounce? and i think after the debate, what is everybody been talking about? not so much jeb bush but how ted cruz got a lot knocked out of him last night. so i think that going forward, it's difficult for me to see jeb getting much of a bounce. >> and julia and i were at a briefing from ted cruz's campaign, brain trust. they're looking on the bright side saying they've got all these data. they know exactly how many people are potential cruz versus trump voters and they know how to get to them. they've got the ground game. >> it was a pretty incredible amount of specifics we've got from the cruz campaign identifying down to the person how many people are choosing between donald trump and ted cruz and how many people are choosing between marco rubio and
9:38 am
ted cruz and i think the most important number to come out of the briefing is the cruz campaign said they have $19 million cash on hand. that's a tremendous amount of money if you're looking at a long primary fight that's going to go well into the march states, even beyond. >> what does he do in new hampshire where trump is so far ahead and south to south carolina where trump would arguably have a huge lead? chris cillizza back in washington looking at all of this, your take on the trump event and his boycotting of the fox debate last night? >> not surprisingly. doing something totally unorthodox and taking a risk. they all seem to be paying off for donald trump. i think, look. if you are making a push to identify and energize your supporters in advance of the iowa caucuses, what he did last night is a smart thing to do. he doesn't need anymore exposure nationally. he's 100% known by every person
9:39 am
there and i would say he benefitted from having he couldn't have known going in what he decided. i don't think anyone who matters in this race stood out. sure, i think jeb bush did quite well but i don't think it takes jeb bush from four or whatever he is in iowa to 20. and i don't think it takes him from 10 in new hampshire to 30. trump, cruz, rubio, are the three to watch. and i thought cruz was immedime at best but rubio not his best. trump benefitted from the fact his main rivals didn't sort of step into the breach and seize the opportunity. >> but that $19 million, which julie just mentioned, jeremy, that's a big deal at this stage of the campaign. >> it is a big deal. ted cruz strategy all along has been going into the march 1st states a strong can and amass a lot of delegates that way. if he has that much money on hand to continue this long
9:40 am
fight, that's great for him. i think the question is what happens on monday night? is ted cruz going to be strong enough after the caucuses happen to carry it on or have the momentum knocked down by a weak second place finish? >> julie, when you look at this republican race here, it's so hard fought and the democratic race now is even tighter than what we've been seeing on the republican side. bernie sanders really going after hillary clinton. she notably taking a much softer tone. i think they've decided that the millennials who are the passionate sanders followers do not want to see anything nasty coming from what he is describing as the clinton machine. >> you saw this change. they tried to go very tough against bernie sanders when they started to see his numbers move up. a lot of people around clinton felt like it brought too many memories of 2008 when she was attacking barack obama. they've scaled that back. she tried to make a contrast in a softer way, talking about her record as opposed to directly
9:41 am
ta talking about his record. sanders has energy behind him. a lot of young people who are very passionate about him, whether he can match her turnout, she does have a big organization here, is a huge question but definitely pushed her and it's going to be competitive down to the wire here. >> and chris cillizza from iowa, it's the distribution also and what the clinton team argues behind the scenes, they are everywhere. they have better distribution, that he is late in the game getting his people out into the far reaches of the state. >> and he'll remember, it wasn't in iowa that hillary clinton learned this lesson but hillary clinton essentially lost the 2008 democratic nomination not in big states like ohio, pennsylvania, illinois, but in caucuses like idaho and montana where barack obama rolled up 70 plus percent, got lots of delegates in the february of 2008 and she lost -- she's trying to do the same thing on a microscale to bernie sanders. which is, win in all of these various counties, and therefore
9:42 am
sort of overcome what we expect to be his strengths in the three counties, in particular, iowa state and the university of iowa are, in those counties where we know he will do well. >> chris cillizza, thank you. jeremy thought it was an indoor studio. next time, we'll bring you a coat. julie pace, thank you so much. coming up, a reality check from the reporter who covered iowa politics for more than 30 years. david jebson is joining me with his caucus predictions. you're watching a special report live from des moines. ♪ lost shipments, international regulations, security breaches, lost revenue lost respect. well crafted solutions for
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9:46 am
are? >> i think they are commit ated and passionate. so that's not the lane i go down. >> it's down to a tie race and it's all a turnout. how do you produce the turnout? >> well, you contact and build on those relationships that we've built up, since hillary announced on april 12th. we've said from the beginning, we've got to earn this. we are going to build a serious organization in iowa, and that this is going to be a competitive race. >> i'm joined now by the one and only david yepsin who's covered politics from the paul simon public and southern illinois university. how does it feel to you? >> it is very close and it's hard to predict. this bernie sanders phenomenon, it's driven a lot by millennials and younger voters.
9:47 am
they don't answer the the smartphones unless they recognize the number sort of thing. and social media. we have same-day voter registration in iowa. voters will decide at the last minute they want to go. you can register as a democrat or republican at the caucus site and i think a lot of younger voters will do it on a spur of the moment thing. >> you have the o'malley factor, not a factor in terms of winning and placing second but not reaching the threshold, viability and whatever numbers they are, they have to decide on which side to go to. >> i tend to think bernie sanders may be the beneficiary of that. i think a lot of o'malley people went to clinton and opted to go with o'malley but martin o'malley has impressed a lot of democrats here and be back here covering him some day. >> let's look at the republican side. donald trump changed his campaign in ways we can't even describe.
9:48 am
>> it's difficult. i have to confess, i thought donald trump destroyed himself several times. so with that caveat, i think he's in very good shape here. he's got a lot of enthusiasm. big crowds. people will go out on a cold, winter day like this and stand in line for a couple of hours for donald trump rallies. they'll go do that on caucus night too. >> and what about ted cruz and what we're seeing as a slight surge from marco rubio coming up on the side? >> it's interesting. this thing breaks at the end. people decide at the last minute. cruz may have peaked a little too early. he took a lot of hits in that debate and marco rubio has always been a candidate who everybody likes and can become a default candidate. some libertarians and party establishment, he's got a lot of upside potential. >> we should point out the republican side, it's easy to vote as a republican in the caucus than democrat because democrats have to move around and talk and make speeches.
9:49 am
>> republicans, it's a straw vote. it's easy to understand. >> it's much easier to be a republican in iowa. >> that's right. >> the democrats have precinct captains and make speeches, decide, move around the room. line. >> that's why the organization is important to the democratic side. you have to identify people, get them there, explain to them what's going on. it can be a strange process to some, but it's a matter of just showing up at the site. so i'm expecting a big turnout. makings es it hard to predict. it's like '07 with the obama campaign. whether a lot of those first time caucus goers show up. >> hillary clinton started the listening tour here in spring. she drove out in the van. she's made such a big deal about not repeating the the mmistakes. have you seen a difference in the way she campaigned this time? >> a little bit. but i think the trouble with hillary clinton has here and i think elsewhere is that everybody knows hillary clinton and everybody has an opinion
9:50 am
about her and democrats in this state looked at her eight years ago. they're looking at her again. and i think they find a lot wanting, just the unfavorables and the concern about her electability in a november race. i think that's a tough thing for her. >> and not a concern about his electability? >> oh, yeah. that's -- and therein lies the difficulty. they don't have anyplace to go. people say, gee, i wish joe biden had gotten in the race. >> you never know. dave yepsen, thank you so much. and ted cruz introducing her wife, heidi, in ringstead, iowa. . but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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9:53 am
msnbc news poll, among iowa democrats, three quarters of young people, millennials support bernie sanders, not hillary clinton.
9:54 am
one-third are from college towns. that's of course, where he is today. but clinton supporters are more experienced caucus goers. they might be more likely to turn out. here to look at the political landscape on caucus night is msnbc political reporter alex siteswall. where are they from? >> iowa, a caucus, not a primary. a voter in one place doesn't equal a voter in a different place. so bernie sanders' supporters are really concentrated and that's not ideal. you'd rather have wide geographic dispersement. particularly in college towns. that poll you mentioned, 27% of bernie sanders support statewide comes from just three counties out of 99. the big university towns. big difference from 2008. obama had a lot of young people but they were on college breaks, so dispersed across the break at parents houses, and this time, all on college campuses and
9:55 am
caucusing for him there. another thing to keep in mind, hillary clinton did well in western iowa in 2008 by the missouri river, basically up and down there. not a lot of delegates but will do well there this time around. even though obama had a similar strategy to bernie sanders, he had a much more widespread supporter base. he won more counties than hillary clinton overall. one strategist and bernie sanders is trying to build the cake underneath the icing. >> such a great description. you saw bernie sanders and bill clinton in mason city tonight matching and following each other. you're seeing him trying now with the bus on the last ten days or so trying to get out to other areas but racking up a popular vote in one precinct doesn't really matter. you've got to be, got to develop it across the wide range of caucuses. >> that's the key thing. the way this works is delegates are assigned based on the
9:56 am
previous two elections. it's fixed. when you walk into the caucus site, there's only so many delegates in no matter how many turn out. bernie sanders could bring 10,000 people in a site in iowa city and get the same number of delegates. >> thank you, the numbers guy. that does it for this special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" on a windy rooftop in des moines. on monday, caucus day, we'll be live from java joe's, indoors. hillary clinton in grand view university, in des moines trying to match with the millennials and spoke with lester holt in des moines. you'll see the interview tonight on "nbc nightly news" and remember, follow our show online and on twitter. frances rivera is up next on "msnbc live." e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio,
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it's crunch time. the republican front-runner is not in iowa but in new hampshire. he spoke about the big bold move ditching the debate for the iowa caucuses. >> when somebody doesn't treat you properly, you can't let them push you around. i wasn't treated right. i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out great because i'm on the front page of every paper and more publicity than if i -- you know? it tells you a little bit about risk. because risk is interesting. you know, in theory, i would have rather have done the debate because you are leading, you don't want to change the wheels, right? >> the donald also taking another dig at the birthplace of his closest republican competitor, ted cruz. >> ted cruz may not be


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