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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 30, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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inaudible nubl in the school district. that's wonderful. >> you are going to upset me now, benson. >> god bless you. >> thank you, god police you as well. thank you. if you watched, i'm all for flipt. send us and e-mail. who are you, where are you from? why you want to play, weekends with alex witt starts now. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, welcome to weekends with alex witt. here's what's happening, countdown to iowa. a final weekend flurry of candidates criss-crossing the hawk istate making a final appeal to voters and lash out at rivals. between now and monday night, think hard, because the stakes are high. >> you judge a great nation not by the number of millionaires and billionaires it has. you judge a great nation by how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable people in the society. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s.
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citizen, but -- but he's an anchor baby, no, he's an anchor baby. >> i like donald an he's welcome to say whatever he likes. i like him. >> we will win iowa and the general election an turn america around. >> republicans at every turn in iowa today with democrats on their heels from des moines to debuque to ames to council bluff and late to the unfolding era, the few batch of secretary clinton's e-mails release friday that now loom over the weekend. plus why iowa? the story of jimmy carter's unexpected victory there and how it changed american politics. a countdown to iowa, with a whirlwind campaigning on tap. here's a look in total, 46 different events looking to rally last minute support for monday's caucuses. yes, it takes two screens, among
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them, former secretary of state hillary clinton now facing new questions about e-mails sent and received on her private server. there are 22 e-mails in question. now decared top secret. on the campaign trail, bernie sanders largely stayed away from that topic. >> this the a job interview. i don't want to tell you what you want to hear. i will tell you what i will do and i want you to hold me accountable for doing it. >> on monday night, if there is a large voter turnout, if thousands of people who previously did not vote, did not get involved in the caucus. if those people come out, we win. >> mrs. clinton's republican rivals on the other hand did not shy away from the e-mail subject. >> hillary clinton on her e-mail server had 22 top secrets
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e-mailed. well, that actually is an act rat station. >> i can take it to hillary clinton because my life is an open book. her life is closed book. her life is one of mistrust of never actually telling the truth when it's important to do it. >> hillary clinton put some of the highest, most sensitive intelligence information on her private server. maybe she thinks she is above the law and it's convenient to read this stuff on her blackberry. this is unacceptable this is a disqualifier. >> msnbc is on the campaign trail with a number of reports. we cover all the angles in iowa. first this report from correspondent andrea mitchell. >> reporter: as hillary clinton was campaigning in iowa, the state department dropped the e-mail bomb shells for the first dumping-to-22 top secrets, the
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highest level as demanded by the agency there none of this was marked classified at the time it was september. >> minutes earlier, they asked her how the e-mail investigation might affect her campaign. >> anything can happen. indictments can happen. why should people worry about this hanging over your head as you march forward in. >> because the facts have remained the same. there was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me. >> for people watching this play out and know the republicans will come at you on this with an open investigation, should people have some concern? >> no, they shouldn't, i don't see it as anything that will in anyway cause any voter to, a voter with an open mind to have any concerns. >> reporter: clinton's campaign calls eight bureaucratic turf battle from the e-mail should be released so the public can view them. this is a case of over
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classification run amuck. >> jeb bush tweeted, we need to have a president that can keep our stuff secret. marco rubio said. >> this is unacceptable. this is a disqualifier. >> bernie sanders says he stand by this. >> the american people are stick and tired of hearing about your dam e-mails? thank you, me too, me to? they may not be releasing this now or over. just as the heat eers have abou to have their say. >> joining me for reaction. alex, we'll reap out to you first here, has this created a ripple in the clinton camp? >> it's definitely not something you want to happen three days before the iowa caucus, since hillary clinton has been making
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her campaign. this bomb shell drops raising concerns about what could happen to her if she is the nominee headed into november. >> that said, bernie sanders showing no signs he wants to make an issue of this, martin o'malley also not taking this up. it will be up to the republicans to car it if they want to. >> u are you getting a sense that this will affect clinton monday? >> reporter: no, i think it's a distraction if nothing else. she wants to be talking about guns, getting voters out to the caucuses. she has her husband, her daughter in town. she wants this to be a celebratory affair. fun moment about her, her record. >> these likely caucus-goers, do
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you get a sense of top of mind for them? >> i think it's the conversation that station particularly with voters on the right there is untrust worthiness, voters are tired of reading about it. most of the people lean on hillary clinton. they want to focus on leaning forward. >> we here so much about clinton's ground game there. ask that translateing to enthusiasm, do you get that sense? >> hillary caucus-goers at events, they're not very excited. far to the left you will find more excited. people who are swing voters, they might caucus for her practicingmatically. they're not going for someone die hard super excited. >> all right. i know we will be speaking with both of you guys later on.
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thanks, so much. nbc halle jackson has more r. the republicans favorite target on the campaign trail now facing new fire from her gop rivals. >> hillary clinton is disqualified. disqualified from being commander-in-chief. >> reporter: marco rubio calling hillary clinton's release unacceptab unacceptable. >> maybe she thinks she's above the law or wants a convenience to raids this stuff on her blackberry there ted cruz also taking clinton to task. >> reporter: hillary clinton on her e-mail server had 22 top secrets e-mails well, that actually is an act rat statement. this is getting more and more serious. >> as a campaign spokesperson on defense. >> we know these e-mails, they were not marked classified at the time they were sent or received. >> republicans quick to pounce, donald trump tweeting the e-mail
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release is a disaster, slam whack he calls clinton's bad judgment, but receiving his hardest hit for a republican rival. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen. but highs an anchor baby. no, he's an anchor baby in canada. >> reporter: cruz laughing it off in iowa. >>. >> i like donald. he's welcome to say what he likes. i like and respect him. up to the voters to decide. >> the two iowa front runners. >> i think we will do well in iowa. >> a week away from the caucuses. >> we have 77 hours to go. >> the final push to the finish line. cruz striking a different tone.
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he is acting off some unprompted attacks against donald trump. meanwhile marco rubio holding rallies in iowa is hoping to pink up momentum after that debate thursday night. >> i know you have been following ted cruz, when he has a reaction to donald trump. he always trooi shys away from attacking him. do you find that is definitely a strategy for him? he always says something rather gracious, if you will? >> reporter: there is a distinction here i think between the kind of attacks that ted cruz pushes against donald trump. so on personality, cruz will often make the point that he likes trump. few heard him in that piece, he said that a number of times. he has, especially over the last three weeks been very quick to draw what he calls distinction or contrast on policy an turning
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to talk about the policy distinction he has it's 1617 over the past few weeks. for example, ted cruz this month in iowa, has often brought up donald trump on his own in front of a crowd, talking about trump and his poises. that's something we didn't see yesterday. it doesn't mean there is a twist and cruz is little more optimistic final push to monday night and frank le slipping a bit t. campaign confident in how it all shows in iowa. >> i am curious who other than donald trump is getting the largest crowds out there? >> reporter: you know, there has been a lot of the talk, you are right, is trump and cruz, given they are one and two in the polls, but there has been some talk about marco rubio. rubio has seemed more
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energeticallily in front of these crowds, it's anext dotally. i was speaking with folks in the crowd. who are you deciding between in are you going to caucus? people are out this week making the decision and folks i talked to deciding between cruz and rubio or deciding between rubio an somebody else a jeb bush or ben carson who haven't been polling quite as high. i think he's somebody to watch in this race t. campaign hoping for maybe that strong third we talked about. maybe sneaking into second. but we'll have to see how it shakes south over the next strickt come hours? >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> another news, bad news for flint michigan watt levels, lead exceeding what can be treated by water filters. officials say the approved filters only filter lead up to
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150 parts per billion t. highest reading were 4,000 parts per billion. they warned residents to get them tested. those results will be released over the next few days. in california, a manhunt continues. ishl officials say they are focusing the search based on information from that turned in inmate. they say the criio broke out a week ago, one stole a white van later. let's turn now to the weather from central la. take a look at this, the sydney hower struck by lightning. amazingly, it does not happen just once, it happened twice, according to several romplts at home, thousands are bracing. another storm heads to the gulf coast. what is going on out there?
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>> it's interesting. we dodged the bullet on the east coast off to the west, lots of rain coming in. we are seeing the pacific moisture funnel in. a lot is actually tropical that's where we're anticipating substantial rainfall. the rain and a snow wintry mix. then it ramps up into possibly a major storm him we got low pressure across the four corners. heavy snow from the rockies to kansas. if denver, the first significant snowfall of the season. on i-25, it will be quite snowy. tuesday the day off the caucus, that's when iowa will get the heavy snow. watch out for severe weather, a substantial threat for potential tornadoes in the mid-south on tuesday. >> let's hope iowa stays
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snow-free. thanks, bonnie. a final push for presidential candidates in iowa this week, town halls to rallies, they are criss-cross tag state wmt ve crews following them every step of the way. next how ted cruz is putting out a new ad talking aim coming up. "beth" by kiss ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen.
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>> if we stand together, we will win smr we will win iowa and the general election and turn
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america around. >> no matter how you feel, if you are feeling circumstance you are having fights with your husband, no matter what's going on, if you lost your job 15 minutes before, no matter what happens, you got to get out. we will change things. >> the stars stumping yesterday ahead of monday's iowa caucuses. you are joining ble again from des moines. list talk about how these and the candidates are making final pitches as we head into monday. let's talk about the momentum on democrat's side who is carrying it? >> reporter: definitely bernie sanders when you talk about enthusiasm. it's palpable the difference between the two events when you talk to caucus-goers at each of them. that said, hillary clinton is bringing in a lot of help from outside this weekend. she's got bill clinton, of course one of the most popular democrats around. her daughter chelsea clinton. today she will have congress woman gabby gifford and her
4:20 am
husband mark kelley the former astronaut. she will be talking about guns. she's has celebrities stumping around the state. lots of congressmen and members of the senate coming out to help her out. she is trying to get people to the polls. her people are more reliable caucus-goers. >> what itself the democratic makeup of his? is it across the board. i was reading an article that suggested college kids, for example. you get a sense this younger skew is going for bernie sanders? >> reporter: absolute 4ri. his biggest strength and biggest weaknesses, 2-1, so that's really great. it's also a risk, those people tend to turn out less. they are all concentrated in the
4:21 am
caucus towns. it limits the delegates. the caucus not a primary. that gives them a lot of enthusiasm and creates delegate counts. >> jane, how about the republicans? what are you sensing? >> reporter: it feels a lot more divided than a lot of us expected within we got out here, we saw ted cruz and donald trump in the polls. marco rubio is looking more and more strong. he looked like someone that can take on hillary clinton. iowa voters want someone who can western here. they have a reputation for picking someone who doesn't go on to be the general nominee. >> that maybe the choice. they want to win. they want to choose somebody who can do that. i think marco rubio looks strong. i think he will have a lot of momentum. when i talked to people over the last couple months, he is often people's second choice.
4:22 am
someone will go out and caucus for. >> do you get a sense any gop contenders may be dropping out after iowa? >> you know, they will say. no plans to get out of the race. i think you will see a lot of people drop out after iowa, south carolina, depending on when that money runs out. with ten election goes, you can't say the poms are wrong, it starts to look less and less viable for you to continue and go forward. >> my thanks, again to the both of you. appreciate it. it's not just the candidates hitting the campaign as well. coming up, what motivates them to get out and vote. >> you are truly the first people in the world who get to decide what our next president will be doing, what that president will be working for and what that president can accomplish to make a real difference in your lives.
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so, please, between now and monday night, think hard, bus the stakes are high. zplmplts
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. >> in two days, the voters will make their choice in iowa, campaigning hard with more than 45 events scheduled throughout this day. this morning, hillary clinton will be in amy, as well as gab by the gifford, they will be pushing for tougher gun legislation. money headlines, a slowdown, pessimistic americans and a one up, one down. joining you to break it all down, good morning to you, ron. >> good morning. >> let's get to the slowdown of the latest numbers make you wonder where is it headed?
4:27 am
>> we are decelerating a bit. gdp has a slowdown than we seen in the relative recent past we have seeing china slow down interest rates have gone negativ negative. >> that is a drag. we have having a slow down here, a growth recession. >> there has been a stronger dollar, how does that cut into everything? that cuts into elsewhere and around the world. we are seeing partly as a result of that stronger dollar. >> i want to show how much does the nation's economic health
4:28 am
factor into current sentiment. if they feel the economy is slowing down they begin to cocoon and save more money. we have seen with the savings in gasoline prices, for instance, not all that money is being spent. some is being spent on restaurant, some is saved. that's highly unusual given the magnitude in gasoline prices. they are squirreling away some of that money for what they feel might be a slightly in economic terms colder winter. >> okay. let's get to the one up, one down the fortune that two text giants are going if opposite directions. what is driving the changes? >> well, facebook delivered its first ever billion dollar quarterly profit on $5 billion in quarterly revenue. 100 million videos used per day. they are firing on all cylinders at this point. the profits are being returned to shareholders and as you can see, mark zuckerberg with the
4:29 am
stock going up as much as it did, picked up another $7 billion in net worth. >> that is a paper profit. amazon conto reinvest profit and so the more it's building out its logistic am centers the more it's building out its drone operations and things like that and businesses that help it to expand its physical reach, the legs profitable it is, the stock took a dip in the week. ted cruz is taking a good shot at a few ad. it's not against donald trump. that's next. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love.
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4:33 am
secret e-mails went through her private server. kristen, what else did the state department say about this? >> well, the state department is making it very clear, this is the last date, clinton's top rival bernie sanders isn't making a bug deal out of this. >> hillary and bill clinton back together friday night trying to seal the deal here in iowa. >> thank you, davenport. >> this comes as the state department released more than 1,600 pages of e-mails from clinton's private server within she was secretary of state, but for the first time withheld 22 document, labeling them top secret, the highest level of classification. state department officials
4:34 am
weighed in friday. >> none of this was marked classified at the time it was sent. >> the clinton is now calling on the state department to call this public. >> this is overclassification run amuck. >> secretary clinton was interviewed shortly before it broke. >> why should they worry about this hanging over your head? >> there was never any information sent ore received marked classified to me. >> despite bernie sander's refusal to make an issue of the e-mail. >> the american people are sick an tired of hearing about your dam e-mails. >> thank you. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has been unable escape the controversy and the timing could threaten her chances headed into monday's critical caucuses. >> make it happen monday night. >> she is running neck and neck, on friday night, stayed focused on rallying his supporters. >> i believe it is our campaign that generating the excitement and the interest in the voter
4:35 am
turnout. >> in des moines, iowans served up plenty. >> does hillary clinton's e-mails matter to you? >> yes. >> reporter: how so? >> i feel it is a skeleton in the closet. >> i don't think it will have that big of an offense. >> reporter: in a statement released late last night, sanders reiterated he is not interested in the e-mail, he is interested in what voters care about. they will be criss-crossing the state. he will be joined by gabby gifford who argued she is the best candidate to take on the era. >> you got to get it straight there, kristen. >> they said that last time. >> that was the exact quote. >> okay. thank you, kristen. >> polling showing 3 poupts separating hillary clinton and bernie sanders in iowa, well within the margin of error. let's bring in senior political editor mark murray.
4:36 am
what do the latest stats polls suggest to you, in iowa, a caucus state, are they a good reflection of what will happen on mon? >> yeah, alex, i think it will be a close contest, certainly closer than we imagined, a month or two ago. when you look inside the polls, hillary clinton might have a very slight advantage. our pollster ends up saying he would rather beat hillary clinton than bernie sanders, hillary clinton doing better with the most committed supporters. people who participated before. bernie sander's meanwhile does the best with a lot of the new participants. hillary clinton has a slight advantage. as bernie sander's revolution comes, that's how he ends up winning. >> but what extent if bernie sander's does win, do you think the clinton camp, rather, is really concerned? do they think they have this southern firewall coming up? >> reporter: they do. even our nbc "wall street
4:37 am
journal" maris poll shows she has a more two to one lead in south carolina, which would be the really big state next after new hampshire. they do think they have that southern firewall. you go into the march 1st states, alabama, georgia, texas. they think the more diverse voters ends up helping them. alex, to me, the biggest test case on what happens in iowa is how long the nomination takes place. if hillary clinton is able to win iowa or lose in new hampshire, she probably goes in and does well in south carolina and those march 1st states. if she loses iowa, she loses new hampshire, all of a sudden, we're talking a mar on the that goes into may or june. it will be very divisive and expensive and would look a whole lot like the race to the finish line. >> absolutely. let's get you talking ab ted crud, his new ad goes after marco rubio, not donald trump. what do you think is going on there?
4:38 am
>> we have a racing for second place, the maris poll shows donald trump ahead of cruz by 7 percentage points, marco rubio climbing up to 17%. in some way, you see ted cruz attacking marco rubio on the issue, particularly the airways here, it's a stein ted cruz is does not want to slip from top spot to second. right now, these two freshmen senators are battling each other and in a way to be the person who is the alternative to donald trump. >> okay. always good to talk to you. thanks so much. >> thanks, alex. vol teergs will be hitting the states -- volunteers will be hitting the streets today. jake, early good morning to you. what are the voters saying? >> reporter: good morning the volunteers are so excited to be out into the field out there ret assured today, there will be
4:39 am
canvassers all across the state. knocking on doors, arguably, it's as important as the candidate's message at this point. maybe not more important. i want to figure out the secret knocking on a good door. i got a tutorial from a hillary clinton volunteer. take a look at this. a little scenario here, i'm at home, knock on the door, here we go him okay. knock on the door. >> okay. who is it? >> hello, hi, can i help you? >> yeah, my name's jenna, i'm a volunteer with iowa. i am going around your neighborhood trying to find people who are coming to john us on caucus night and i'm hoping that you are going to be a hillary supporter. >> i was thinking about supporting bernie. >> why is that? what kind of issues are getting you excited, making you lean in that direction. >> free college for everybody?
4:40 am
you know, hillary is also. >> you are good, you have an answer. >> yes, hillary is offering a free college plan, i suggest you look intoest on your website. i can give you a little about it as well. her plan is offering the same kind free state college kind of reaching out for that. it's something we have atapped in a lot of european countries, something we need to have here, especially as a 22-year-old, someone who just graduated from college, i'm definitely seeing the effects of. that some of bernie's things, he hasn't pinpointed how he will do that yet. i think that's an important thing to know. >> interesting. i might reconsider. >> that would be great. >> i think that was pretty good. >> so alex, pretty incredible, the work that volunteers do all across this state. on the republican side, there
4:41 am
has been talk about volunteers coming from all over the understand can. every campaign has volunteers. if not, from the country and some around the world. >> that jenna was good him um telling you. she knew the answer. she did it politely, she refuted sort of boerne my's position and tried to put forward hillary's position. she's good. >> thank you very much. >> that's the key, you got to expect that somebody is going to open the door in a bathrobe, be grumpy, you need to have the rhetoric to what they say. they practice this stuff. they're professional persuaders. >> thank you very much, they're good. chasing the impact of the top secret e-mails on hillary clinton's iowa hoax a. supporter weighs in next. companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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des moines, the state capital there. sunrise shortly in des moines. in iowa, bernie sanders mounting a strong challenge to hillary clinton. the two in a latest statistical tie. a let's bring in the field director in iowa. now a hillary clinton supporters, welcome, mitch, it's good to talk to you. because i want to get back to 2006 when barack obama was polling behind mrs. clinton going into the caucuses. what do you think it is that can tip the scales in iowa, because he won? >> well, it's two things, organization and momentum. i remember last days of the iowa caucuses of twoirn and '8. we did a stand for change tour. the president could go to high school gym to high school gym, give his stump speech, rally his
4:46 am
volunteers. so it was a two fold. we wanted to show momentum. we wanted to flex the muscles of this organization. i think you will see that on both sides. >> do you think this year will be different for hillary clinton? in so, why? the organization and momentum. she has the grounding there. a heavy foot print for a long time. momentum, though, that may be an issue? >> i think both candidates have some of both t. sanders campaign feel strongly they have a solid organization. of course they have a lot of momentum. you have been talking about it all morning. secretary clinton has momentum, too. the energy at her event has certainly picked up. we know they have a strong organization. so i think mark murray was talking about the most committed support bernie sanders. the first time prefer sanders
4:47 am
over clinton. what is turnout going to look out? is it going to be 150,000 or 160,000 people showing up? you know only time will tell. the first caucus-goers, the independent people will show up. because the organization that we built, they did. that's the big question for monday night. >> i'm sure you heard president obama's interview on politico. is it unusual for a sitting president to insert himself into the caucus process and does that hurt or help matter clinton? >> i think the president, in fact, i know the president has a warm spot for iowa as well. i think that was the president reminiscing about his experiences and also a redplref
4:48 am
sh -- reflection. reflecting the fact that he thinks she would make a strong president i don't think senator saernsd wouldn't be qualified. he was speaking because of the close relationship. >> you know, bernie sanders has certainly positioned himself as an outsider. we have been reporting he was in a statistical tie with mrs. clinton. has bernie sander's success changed all the tenor of the clinton campaign? >> you can argue because of the populist rhetoric senator sanders used, some of secretary clinton's position, which i think she's held before this campaign are being articulated more forcefully as far as the wall street regulations she supports. you heard the volunteer talking about her own college plan. i don't think she has changed her position. as far as articulateing more
4:49 am
forcefully, i think that has happened. >> mitch, what is your biggest concern about monday? >> well, i turnout. >> always is. >> specifically who does turn out. so, you know, i feel very confident about the organization that srkt clinton's campaign in iowa was bit. they're smart people. if turnout is close to what we were able to do in 2008, it would be very hard for her campaign to swoo irve that. >> that is conventional wisdom. bernie sanders could have a leg up if it's a large turnout. you are agreeing with that? mitch stewart. good to talk to you. >> it is the magic of iowa. up next, how did jimmy carter discover it and change the way we koz a president?
4:50 am
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. so when did iowa become so important? my next guest says it's all because of what jimmy carter did in 1976. julian writes about that in a new article in the "atlantic,"
4:53 am
professor of history and public affairs at princeton university. what a fascinating article. i want to talk about jimmy carter before this iowa campaign. he was in a field of 11 democrats. nobody thought he was going to be the nominee. so what made him think iowa could help him back then? >> yeah, jimmy carter was really the unknown in the race. no one expected that he could win. and his advisers, jody powell, hamilton, they were noticing going into 1976 that there was some support for him in this state because of who he was, because of his background so he decided to campaign heavy there because no one else was. the idea was if he could win in iowa it would create an impression in media he was a front-runner and serious candidate. >> during that campaign jimmy carter really showed his strength in retail politics. we have some archival footage that really shows you what he was like. let's take a listen to? >> thank you very much.
4:54 am
hi. jimmy carter. glad to meet you. >> he does a lot of the small things that people of iowa was very appreciate, whether it's the personal hello to them after having met them or stopping at their house while driving through one community to another and attaching a note to the farm saying, just stopped to say hello, sorry you weren't home. it has an impact, an impression upon people. >> professor what were come of the other thanks that jimmy carter did? he won that state with 27% of the vote. there were 11 democrats. that was huge. >> yeah, look, he spent several months there going door to door. his campaign staff would follow up the people he visited with with the thank you note. he also did a lot of local media. you know, once he appeared on a tv show and cooked and showed people the way in which he, you know, cooked fish to give them a sense of who he was. and he stressed who he was as a person from rural georgia but he
4:55 am
also stressed he was the antithesis of washington. in an age where people were focused on watergate, he was the average person. >> fish marinating appearance, that really became -- like an overnight sensation. i'm curious about the plans to fly to new york the night of the caucus. why did he make that decision and how did that help him so much? >> yeah, we have the memory that carter didn't really understand much about politic or the way washington worked, but he really did. the idea was on the night of the caucus he wanted to be in new york the next morning so that he could speak with all of the networks after a victory. so if he was there, if he was in studio, it would have a much bigger impact. and so he wins but he's not in iowa, he actually goes back to the center of the media universe, which he realizes is really going to be the key to winning the next rounds of primaries. and it worked very well. he understands exactly how the
4:56 am
dynamic of momentum works in modern politics. >> give me the bottom line here. how did what jimmy carter did give iowa the prom nance that it now has in politics? >> well, first he just put iowa on the map and made it a central event even though there's not a lot of delegates to speak of. and second, he taught us that part of what this is about isn't the delegate count, it's about how the media interprets the victory or loss. and so he played to that and he understood that even small campaigns could have a huge impact on how you're treated as a candidate. and candidates ever since they haven't been courting the party bosses, they've been courting the media. >> and with that, the catalyst of domino effect, if you will, to get him to go on to win other states post-iowa? >> it was hugely important in new hampshire and other primaries. and he went from someone no one knew about, jimmy who, as people used to say, to the front-runner, the unexpected
4:57 am
front-runner in the post-watergate age of politics. >> for anyone who loves political history this is a great article. it's fascinating. it's in "the atlantic." thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. that is a wrap-up of this hour of "weekends with alex witt." next up, bernie sanders ad taking up hillary clinton without mentioning her name? join me nor two-hour edition of "weekends with alex witt" today ja nuvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if
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