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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 30, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PST

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hey, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." here's what's happening. countdown to iowa.
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a flurry of candidates crisscrossing the hawkeye state making a final appeal to voters. >> between now and monday night think hard because the stakes are high. you judge a great nation not by the number of millionaires and billionaires it has. you judge a great nation on how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable people in a society. >> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen, but is he an anchor baby. >> i like donald, and he is welcome to say whatever he likes. >> we're going to win iowa and win the general election and turn the nation around. >> democrats on their heels from gl to dubuque to ames to council bluffs. a new batch of secretary clinton emails released friday.
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plus, republican presidential contender mike huck be, he is still in the game. i'm going to ask him to handicap the gop race and why he appeared on stage with donald trump. walk walk certainly abuzz with live events at this hour. any minute now ted cruz will speak to a crowd in ames. bernie sanders right now rallying voters in manchester, and within this hour hillary clinton will also take the stage in ames. we are monitoring all these events for you. we're going to bring you live coverage as it warrants, but, first, these are the up to the minute campaign headlines in the middle of a whirlwind weekend in iowa. a furious stretch of campaigning on tap. here's a look in total. 46 different events from a dozen presidential contenders looking to rally last minute support from monday's caucuses. yes, it takes two screens to fit in all those candidates. take a listen to some of their last minute pitches earlier today. >> it has been entertaining, and
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i don't mind people being entertained. i invite you to be entertained. that's a good thing to be entertained, but we are not electing the entertainer in chief. >> you're not going to win by insulting the disabled. you're not going to win by insulting women. you're not going to win by saying p.o.w.'s were losers because they got caught. shame on donald trump. >> the only way we can keep hillary rodham clinton hirlg or bernie sanders out of the white house is if we can unite this party and we can ignite the conservative movement. when i'm our nominee, that's exactly what i will do. >> big news here. about an hour ago hillary clinton picked up an endorsement from "the "new york times"." she's now doling with the fall-out over the state department's decision to say 22 of her emails were top secret. wills a number of reports in the hawkeye state. nbc's chris jansing is following marco rubio's campaign.
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kristen welker is with the hillary clinton camp. casey hunt is with bernie sanders, and you can't forget the voters. jacob silver is out talking with folks at a des moines cafe, and we have kelly jackson who is in ames, iowa. let's go first to chris jansing in council bluffs. that's where marco rube wroe is set to speak in the next hour. i know that rubio has made a pretty solid gain in the polls of late over this past month. what is the strategy now heading into the caucuses? >> build on it. that's what every candidate is doing this weekend. you look at the schedule. it's almost mind-boggling. mark wroe rube wroe has already had an event today. he has four all together, and he is also going to put out there a 30 minute ad. what he is calling a special tv event that's going to air on local television where there will be calls, social media. the whole idea here is what is always in iowa. turnout, turnout, turnout. who will be able to mobilize their voters. now, for marco rubio, this has
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become a real dog fight for second place. whoas going to position themselves as the alternative to the acknowledged frontrunner? just a short time ago in sioux city, listen to what marco rubio who has not in these town halls and in these gatherings generally gone hard against ted cruise. had to say just a short time ago. >> ted cruz has been my friend and is. he has decided run a very deceitful campaign. people see through that. i'm not interested in the side show, the greatest show on earth, who showed up, who didn't show up to the debate. it gave me more time, so it was fine. this is serious things. [ applause ] >> he is my friend, but he is deceitful and you can't trust
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him. this is the place where negativity has not sold well. this is a state that prides itself on really looking at the issues, so we're going to see how some of threat rick plays. as far as the issues, there's almost none more important to the voters here besides ethanol than immigration. we heard it in the debate. you're hearing it on the campaign trail. >> they haven't let folks in yet. there are dozens of people waiting to come in for an event that starts in about an hour, but it's safe. evangelical voters have always formed a core. everyone is waiting to see in this turnout whether it's going to include a lot of new voters, but if tradition holds true and you get a lot of conservative, white, evangelical christians, a lot of this may be about faith as well, and that's why we heard marco rubio talking very openly on the campaign trail as well as in the debate the other night about his faith.
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more than we had ever heard him in the past. the audience not just here in iowa, but also looking ahead to those evangelicals in south carolina. alex. >> we'll check back in with you. thank you so much for that. from council bluffs now to ames and ted cruz's campaign. there's an event any minute now addressing that crowd. let's go to halle jackson. halle, what's the focus of cruz's message in the final push? >> hey, there alex. the closing argument. something we heard ted cruz talk about yesterday. the idea of being consistent, of having a message that he has been pushing out since day one, and saying you want to end the campaign the way you began it.
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zoof marco rubio has been also more open and more forward, talking about his faith over the last couple of weeks here in away a. senator cruz really pushing the closing argument as he heads to the last 48 hours before the caucuses. hoping his caucus goers will turn out. let's see what the polls are going to show later today. another des moines register poll coming out. really interesting to see sort of the battle for second place. >> yeah. absolutely. >> is there a particular spin coming out of the campaign on that? >> look at the headline, right? the des moines register, it's not what you want to see wrash the campaign does feel that senator cruz will be able to fend off attacks from his rivals. he came out strong in the beginning with those donald trump comments, but he seemed to get testy, especially with the
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moderators later on. as far as the des moines register headline, the campaign feels like, hey, listen, this is a paper whose editorial board endorsed marco rubio anyway, so perhaps not a surprise that they wouldn't go for ted cruz or at least be positive about his performance, but it's something that the senator we've seen over the last 24 hours he backed off a little bit, those attacks against donald trump. we've seen he will go to rallies like this one, and he will pick donald trump. we didn't see that so much yesterday so, we're looking for what sde at an event later on as we -- i don't know what the crowd is here. we're trying to figure that out. absolutely packed here. standing room only for sure. >> okay. halle jackson, thank you so much for that. let's go from ames to the hillary clinton campaign dealing with the state department announcing friday it is withholding 22 of her emails because they contain top secret information. kristen welker is following the clinton campaign for us. just a short time, i know that mrs. clinton is going to be holding her first appearance since this revelation. what are we expecting?
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>>. >> for the first time they decided to withhold 22 of those because they contained top secret information. the state department saying that it was classified after it was sent. the clinton campaign insisting secretary clinton has never sent or received any information that was classified, and calling on the state department to release those emails to the public.
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>> the "new york times" arguing they she would be the best candidate for the democratic nomination. they praised bernie sanders for some of his policies on wall street and the economy, but ultimately they conclude this, alex. s let me read you a piece of that endorsement. according to the times, "in the end, though, mr. sanders does not have the breadth of experience of policy ideas that mrs. clinton offers." she's also getting another big endorsement from 28 african-american ministers and faith leaders today. she met with them when she was in philadelphia earlier this week. aye been interviewing a number of them. they're really mixed. here in iowa it all comes down to turnout. we'll have to wait and see what happens on monday. >> we will, indeed.
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kristen welker, perfect setup for my next interview. thank you for that. joining me clinton campaign national press secretary brian fallon with the welcome to you. brian, give me your reaction to the "new york times" endorsement of mrs. clinton. not unexpected, but in addition, those 28 african-american ministers that are behind her. so this is just the latest in a string of endorsements that we've been proud to collect. especially in the early states. what you are finding is the appreciation for the experience that secretary clinton brings to bare and the policy proposals that offer real solutions for americans and given the high stakes that we're in right now looking at the prospect of donald trump or ted cruz and all the gains we've made from the affordable care act and the
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financial reform. we need a president that has a plan to protect those gains and build on them. hillary clinton is the candidate to do that. >> you mentioned donald trump. i'm going to bring up what he said. certainly detractor of mrs. clinton regarding the emails and the information that came out from the state department. here's how it reads. the new e-mail release is a disaster for hillary clinton. at a minimum, how can someone with such bad judgment be our next president? does this issue go to judgment? i guess the question is why did she use that e-mail serve ner the first place? >> notwithstanding the tweet from donald trump, he has a tendency to try to be provocative. >> you think? >> national experience and foreign policy experience unquestionably an asset for hillary clinton. as the "new york times" said today, she's arguably the most qualified candidate for president in modern american history. if you look at her tenure as secretary of state she advised president obama on some of the toughest decisions on national security that a president can make. as secretary she went to the middle east and negotiated a cease-fire in gaza. she built the coalition to
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impose tough sanctions on iran. also bringing nations like russia along. >> hillary clinton knows how to handle classified information, and yesterday's announcement, we strenuously disagree with, and, in fact, it doesn't change some of the fujdz facts that are true of those emails. none of them are marked classified at the time they were received. she was not the originator of any of those seven threats. nbc news has reported based on military intelligence sources that the e-mails were "innocuous." i just don't think that this issue is actually going to change the mind of iowa caucus goers on monday who have seen hillary clinton up close. >> i want to look at some latest
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numbers from polls being from the latest msnbc-wall street journal poll. what about your internal tracking? what are you find sng do you have reasons to be confident about iowa? >> if you look at the enthusiasm that we've been seeing -- i know a lot has been made about senator sanders' crowds, but if you look last night, they were in the same neighborhood, and secretary clinton drew more supporters at her event than senator sanders did. i think in these closing days, you are seeing a surge of momentum as caucus goers really tune in and get prepared to show up on monday night, and i think we're confident we're going to have a strong showing on monday. >> is there anything to this date, february 1st, as opposed, to i believe, it was january 3rd the last time when barack obama beat hillary clinton in 2008. is there anything to the extra month of campaigning and
9:16 am
information that you think would help your candidate? >> i know that there's been a lot of reporting about the fact that college was out of session last time, and so college students were disbursed, and now they'll be back on campuses. that actually does have reverberations in terms of the clustering of those young caucus goers. the way that the delegates are awarded are based on the precinct level. we're confident that we are actually going to have strong support among young people as well, and if anything, it's given us added time, a few added weeks to make those last minute contacts. we feel like we've identified the supporters that we need to turn out on monday night, and if we need our goals, we're confident we'll have a strong showing. >> let's say it turns out differently, though. how much do you look at the south as being your incredible ground game and would build up a fairwall for hillary clinton? >> we have two things to plan for a long nomination contest, and it's not a fire wall. we don't call it that because we
9:17 am
assume that we are going to have success in these early states. we want to build for the long run anyway. early on we made centrality eejic investment that is tried to capitalize on what -- two points that are true. number one, we see deep support among some of the diverse electorate that make up some of these harsh states. if you look at secretary clinton's standing with african-american voters, with latino voters, she has a proven record on the issues that are of most concern to these communities, and so that is a big difference between now and 2008. another big difference between now and 2008 that i think will prevent senator sanders from truly having a path to the nomination is i think that he perceives an opportunity to make inroads in the caucus states in march. they tend to be activist driven. lower turnout exercised than the primary state voting activities, and that was something where in 2008 president obama was able to run up the score in terms of the
9:18 am
number of delegates he was able to turn out. in a state like idaho he out-organized hillary clinton in those states. this time around we are making the investments. we have the staff on the ground in those states. even in states where senators have been successful, he is not going to come away with the amount of delegates that president obama was able to collect versus secretary clinton in 2008. >> and there you go. lessons learned. clinton national press secretary, nice to see you. thanks for swroinks. >> hey, take care. >> new today donald trump's daughter giving a lesson how to caucus. you'll hear her message next. former arkansas governor mike huck bejoins me. i'll talk to him about his future in the race and why he took the stage with donald trump earlier this week. working on my feet all day gave me pain here.
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a busy day in iowa with two days to go before the caucuses. chris christie, marco rubio, jeb bush and john kasich attending town halls and rallies. which candidate has spent the most time in the hawkeye state? rick santorum, the former senator. he has been in iowa more than 300 days this election cycle.
9:23 am
the most of any other candidate in the race. the gop field for the nomination still stands at 12. the most recent nbc news-wall street journal poll, meris poll shows donald trump leading the pack at 32%. jeb bush rounds out the top five with 4%. let's bring in republican presidential candidate and former arkansas governor mike huck be. welcome back to the broadcast. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, alex. great to be back on. let's look at numbers. current polling as you know, sir, shows you at a distinct disadvantage. i hate to put it that way. garnering just about 2% of iowa caucus goers at this point. why stay in the race? what do you hope to gain? >> why not stay in the race? it would be like asking you if msnbc is in third place, why do you continue to broadcast? because you're reaching an audience. besides, taer brandstadt, the governor of this state, says keep your eye on mike huck be. there's a good chance he is going to be the gri that
9:24 am
surprises everybody. let's wait until people vote, and then we'll start decide whoing needs to get out of the race. i'm always amazed athat somebody thinks before anybody votes that we get out of the race because of somebody's 300 person opinion poll. that's not why we get into these things, and it's certainly not why we get out of them. >> you won the iowa caucuses in 2008 with a very strong showing from christian conservatives. this year, however, the evangelical vote appears to be split between donald trump and ted cruz. has your message changed? after such success in 2008, what is different this time around, if anything? >> well, the truth is, alex, that's one of the things that i am selling to the iowa voters. >> people arpt going to catch me saying something different on
9:25 am
john maher or john stewart's daily show when it was on. i gave the same message there that i give to an iowa right to life rally, and i do think that as people get ready to go vote, and iowa caucus voters break way, 40% said they were undecided two days ago. 27% of those that said that they, you know, had a candidate, were willing to change, i think they start asking, who is the candidate we can trust? that's why i believe some of those folks are going to come back home, and we're going to do a whole lot better than many people expect. >> i know that you attended donald trump's rally in des moines on thursday, the night of the gop debate, which trump declined to attend. why did you choose to appear with him? >> well, it was about the vets. there's one group of people in this country that are getting gut punched for the government and really don't deserve, it and that's our veterans. we owe them. it's not a matter of their entitlements. these aren't entitlements. these guys went out, kept their promises to america, but america
9:26 am
has not kept our promises to them. so when donald trump invited me to be a part of the east -- i didn't have anything going on particularly at that time because i wasn't on the main debate stage. it was not a political endorsement. you know what, to his credit, it really wasn't a political night. trump made a very short peach, raised over $6 million for veterans. the real keynote speaker, the whole night, was a former green beret and amputee by the name of john wayne walting who gave an electrifying speech and really rallied people for what they go through for our benefit. >> i appreciate that statement there. when you look through at the front runners in your party right now, what does that say to you about the republican party brand in 2016?
9:27 am
>> it says that personality advisory captured the attention of a lot of voters. i don't think america, i don't think the democratic party is really socialist. bernie sanders has got them rallied up. if i had the media attention donald trump has had over the last year, i bet you my numbers would be up there too. part of what happens is that all of us are frustrated, you know that, we're looking for just a little sliver of the sunshine, and it's very difficult to break through and get the substantive message out. i think if you go back seven years ago and listen to what i said about working class people, it's what i have been saying all this election, but that's not a message that most people are hearing because, you know, i'm getting seconds to the hours of some of the candidates, and as a result, it's very difficult for people to say, yep, that's the
9:28 am
guy that i agree with. what i have to do is hope that iowa voters, when they sort it all out, they are sick of the commercials, they are tired of 30 pounds much mail in their mailbox coming in every day to the point that they risk getting a hernia just picking up their mail, what i have to hope is that they say, you know, through it all there's one guy that hasn't changed, one guy that's been consistent and solid, and he connects to us, and that's what i'm hoping happens monday night. >> well, i'm glad we gave you time to make that point here on the broadcast. best of luck, governor, tomorrow and monday. >> thank you. >> you mentioned bernie sanders. s let's take a listen to bernie sanders, who is campaigning in iowa where zoosh fight for equal rights. you think about the disability community. we take this for granted. this is what is extraordinary. >> did you know 40 or 50 years and a couple had a baby that was seriously disabled, you know
9:29 am
what often happened to that baby? that baby would be institutionalized and parents sometimes didn't even deny that they had a disabled baby. the world has changed. now we see disabled children part of our community, part of who we are as people. it changed. if we were sitting in this room ten years ago, not very long. sitting in this room ten years ago is, and somebody jumped up and said, you know, i think gay people should have the rights to enjoy marriage in 50 states in this country, somebody next to them would have said you're crazy. that is not going to happen. that can't happen. it happened in a short period of time because the gay community and straight community stood up and said, you know what, people should have the right to love each other regardless of gender.
9:30 am
it happened. i'll tell you something else that happened -- [ applause ] >> we're listening to bernie sanders and bringing you cogent points from that, but coming up we're going to check in with jacob who is crashing on one iowa family's arm chair to discuss the latest batch of campaign ads. ools to see what helps and hurts my fico score. so i could finally get serious about managing my credit. now lenders see me for who i really am. someone who would never rack up a lot of debt. and... someone who would never follow a band on tour. get serious about your credit. get experian. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪.s ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t
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and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. >> donald trump is among the many holding last ditch events in iowa. out to help is his daughter in this new ad. >> i'm ivanka trump, and i'm excited to tell you how to caucus for my father, donald trump. >> to find your caucus location -- >> well, let's bring in nbc's katie who is in dubuque, iowa, for us. katie, what's it look like
9:34 am
there? >> so far will they remain to get to the caucus sites. many times staying outside for hou hours. >> tlir destroying to get people to hopefully nabbed that they think this process is actually pretty easy, won't take that much time. that's why they've employed ivanka to get out the vote and a local celebrity here in iowa. donald trump is favored to win this thing so long as new voters, new caucusers come out
9:35 am
and stand up for him. if they do not, then cruz is favored. registration is down about 11,000 people. >> there's no protection that anyone feels comfortable setting that much money on it at the moment. >>. living in iowa and gas station cross-country. we'll see if that makes a difference. >> a dead heat right now between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. we'll talk to msnbc's casey hunt who is following his campaign. we'll check in with her next. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve.
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welcome backs to weekends with alex witt. 12 candidates can making their final pitch. bernie sanders speaks this hour in manchester. casey hunt joins me from that event in manchester. casey, welcome. what is senator sanders' strategy this weekend, and what more can you tell us about his schedule today? >> we talked so much about bernie sanders and his appeal to young voters and how he could rack up the score in college towns. he also needs to have support in rural areas. heats what this is all about. he also is going to be speaking to that other larger conspich
9:40 am
wednesdayy later tonight. he has a big capstone rally in iowa city at the university of iowa. vampire weekend, the band, is going to be playing along with some other acts and it's being billed as the big capping rally for sanders' campaign in iowa. that's a chance for him to speak one last time to those students, try to get them to actually show up and caucus. >> those are the floobz he is facing as he tries to get out the vote the next couple of days. he is here campaigning with dr. cornell west, african-american professor who has caused some controversy. he has made some comments about president obama.
9:41 am
jonathan at the washington post wrote about it potentially being problematic. dr. west has referenced senator sanders marching for civil rights many years ago, talked about him being able to testify to sanders potential strength with african-american voters. that, of course, is in the long run. >> she'll be swroined by gabby giffords and her husband, mark kelly. clinton's final push comes 24 hours after the state released a new batch of emails and declared 22 of them top secret, and while she has not mentioned any of those at her events, here's what a campaign press secretary told me a short while ago about the impact it will have.
9:42 am
>> i just don't think this issue is actually going to change the mind of iowa caucus goers on monday who have seen hillary clinton up close and know that she has the breadth and depth of experience to assume the role of commander in chief wrrch. >> joining me now is heidi, a political reporter for usa today, and -- ladies, with a welcome to you both. is this going to change any voters' minds? this latest information about the emails being declared top secret. heidi, to you first. >> the xhelz chains that are in here did not originate with her. the campaign can legitimately say, you know, the burden of proof is not there in terms of her knowingly sending lassfied information. the bigger question, like you say right now, is the political impact.
9:43 am
>> the polls have showed that democratic primary voters are unlikely to be swayed by this issue, and i think importantly, the person who could benefit the most from this, her rival, bernie sanders, is taking a path on politicizing this. he issued a statement saying, look be, i want to keep this campaign about the issues. >> karen, to you think secretary clinton should address the issue this weekend, and how do you think it will impact her campaign from this point going forward? >> well, it's interesting because in the last week we have seen sort of a shift in her tone as to how she talks about the emails. she no longer talks about having been sorry she did it. she insists this was not a lapse of judgment on her part.
9:44 am
>> it's not the clinton -- it's the intelligence community. they've accused them of being over zealous about classifying things. there's a slightly different twist to this time around. i just think at this point, though, especially for most democratic voters, they feel like this is old information. >> i know that you are reporting on the significance of hillary clinton's gun control event today. clinton certainly been attacking sanders for the pro-gun votes there. clinton leads sanders by three points in iowa. do you think the issue of gun control could tip the skaldz in her favor on monday?
9:45 am
just like you saw with casey hunt in hillary land, she's taking the fight to bernie's turf, which is here in ames, iowa, which is like one of the three major college town counties that he needs to win. senator harkin told me that this is kind of the heart of bernie's support. guns are not a top issue for democratic voters, but they are an important issue. >> any little thing to depress some of sanders' voters could help, but i think sanders has got a problem that goes beyond that based on my own reporting, alex, because i was in ames yesterday. >> so many that i talk to who are very passionate about
9:46 am
bernie, nevertheless said, yeah, but, you know, i have class or i work or whatever. i think it's going to be, you know -- it calls into question whether he will actually be able to pull off that historic young voter margin that obama did in 2008, which is really what they're depending on. >> yeah, you are echoing the same reporting that casey hunt was saying. the same thing she's hearing from the college kids. that could be a problem. i than on the republican side we've been certainly watching donald trump and ted cruz fight for the number one spot in the polls there in that state, but you said in a recent article that cruz is banking on two things to help him win. those being superior organization and analytics. what's your take here on how these two strategies are going to help him? >> i have never seen such a disparity between two theories of a case of how to win iowa by the leading contenders. ted cruz is absolutely convinced that the way you win iowa is the old-fashioned way of good ground game and in his case he has the resources to sort of super
9:47 am
charge that with technology. his campaign is absolutely convinced that they have identified down to the voter who they are fighting over between, you know, people this last weekend who haven't decided yet between cruz and trump or cruz and carson or cruz and rubio. donald trump's theory, on the other hand is, a field of dreams. it's all these people are coming to my rallies. they're motivated. they'll get there. you know, i think that he is not even making a pretense of having a ground game that at all rivals ted cruz's, and we are going to find out monday night which theory of the case is right. >> do you have a gut instinct on the republican side, karen, who you think is the momentum to get through iowa on top? >> boy, my instincts have always been wrong. i was just telling heidi, i went back and reread one of my -- my story the evening before the caucuses in 2008. i was riding he on the hillary bus then.
9:48 am
if you would read my story, you would see that the only thing i got right was the date of the iowa caucuses. pretty much everything else in that story was wrong. >> okay. well, that's quite all right. heidi, one more quick question to you. outside of the e-mail issue, do you think secretary clinton overcame the obstacles that she faced in 2008? has she turned things around for herself in iowa? >> this time around they were here from pretty much day one. there is the organizational strength, and then there's just the tone that she's taking that's far different whereas last time you saw a lot of the big massive rallies and politicos introducing her. this time she's made sure to put her volunteers, her grassroots supporters front and center and introducing her and trying to haul them in and make them feel
9:49 am
like they're part of the process. the big question, again, is whether the. >> good to see you both. thank you. >> grilling a couple in their living room about their campaign ads. you won't guess which candidate interrupts them with a phone call. bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that dig for opportunity, identify patterns, and uncover risk. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease?
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i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
9:52 am
i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ come an hour and ten flnts now, donald trump will be taking to the podium, and there will be a lot of his supporters, no doubt, in attendance to listen to him at yet another campaign rally as he crisscrosses the state today. this is in dubuque, iowa. meanwhile, iowans have been inundated with political tv ads, the mailers, all the door knockers. all because the subset of voters could hold the fate of the
9:53 am
election. jacob sat down with a republican registered couple just outside des moines who despite all the ads are still undecided, so, jacob, what are they saying? >> so, alex, these two folks that are you talking about, their names are jay and sheryl. they are registered republicans, but they lean independent, and believe it or not, like a lot of i talked to today here at zanzabar coffee in des moines, they're still undecided despite stacks of mailers coming through to them and the television ads that play nonstop. i went over to their house and asked them to let me sit down on their couch, bust out the tv trays and see what they go through as iowa voters. take a look at this. >> i found that this go-round the republicans have been spending more time tearing each other -- >> tearing up each other -- tearing each other apart and tearing the democrats apart than presenting their own message. >> it's an ad game. >> is it fair that you think the democrats are winning in terms of the quality of -- >> hands down.
9:54 am
and maybe that's -- >> yes, it is. it's for you. >> put it on speaker. >> hello. >> hello. this is jay. >> it's live toll free television town hall meeting with me, rick santorum. >> can you believe that, alex? they get phone call from the actual presidential candidates and can join live town halls. over $70 million has been spent on television ads in the state of iowa alone, and like i said, despite all that, people here, people across the state still haven't made up their minds. they like to show up at the caucus in person, hear from the campaigns directly and some make p their mind on the spot right there, alex. >> boy, that's got to be frustrating for campaigns. interesting for us to follow. thank you very much, jacob. >> we're going to take you to ames, iowa. that's where gop candidate ted cruise is making an appeal and a pitch to his supporters. let's take a listen to him.
9:55 am
>> we will finally, finally, finally secure the borders and end sanctuary cities. >> there's been no more more relentless, no one more passionate, no one more effective in leading the fight to stop amnesty, to secure the borders to keep this country safe than iowa's own steve king. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
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coming up on "weekends with alex witt." it's a little past 1:00 in the middle east and a little past 12:00 in the all-important state of iowa. any moment now hillary clinton will hold an event on gun control in ames, iowa. joining her will be former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly. bernie sanders wrapped up an event in iowa, and he had this message for caucus goers. >> the only way we transform america is by having the courage to take on wall street. >> here's what a couple of candidates told their supporters earlier.
10:03 am
>> i don't mind people being entertained. i invite you to be entertained. that's a good thing to be entertained, but we are not electing the entertainer in chief. >> you're not going to win by insulting the disabled. you're not going to win by insulting women. you're not going to win by saying p.o.w.'s were losers because they got caught. shame on donald trump. >> the only way we can keep hillary clinton or bernie sanders out of the white house is if we can unite this party and this conservative movement. when i'm our nominee, that's exactly what i will do. >> nbc's chris jansing is following marco rubio's campaign. katy tur is with donald trump. we have hally jackson, who is in ames, iowa. right now, in fact, in the town of ames. senator ted cruz is holding his second event in the hawkeye state, addressing a fairly large
10:04 am
crowd there. >> as can you see, the senator is on the stage right now addressing this crowd. an absolutely packed event here in ames. a lot of people in ames. hillary clinton, marco rubio will be here later today. senator cruz, his message, his closing argument, is one of consistency. the candidate tells me that the best way to end a campaign is how you started it. this is not obviously the end of the campaign, but you might call it the end of the beginning as we started to head to the first nominating contest. look what's had over the last month.
10:05 am
>> heats leading him into this last 64 hours now for the caucuses. >> well done, halle jackson. a difficult thing to do to keep your voice down, get your message across, and listen to ted cruz at the same time. thank you for that. >> he than marco rubio has taken a lot of attacks over the last few days. do you think that's going to hurt him in the caucuses? do you think there are inflicted wounds there? >> look, they believe that he is going to show that he can give as good as he gets. >> the polls have certainly shown that they're on a different trajectory. that marco rubio seems to be gaining ground. it's been fascinating, alex, to talk to the folks in this standing room only crowd here in council bluffs. there are a lot of people who are either leaners or are
10:06 am
undecideds. they have come here because they're ready to make a decision. they want to hear what he has to say about agricultural issues. not surprising. given where we are. they want to hear what he has to say about immigration. his campaign feels like they did a great job of deflecting some of the criticism at the debate. there have been some of the town halls, some of the gatherings where he hasn't mentioned immigration at all, and also very unique in places like iowa, new hampshire. they want to look him in the eye. they want to get a measure of the man. they want to see is he the guy who can stare down isis. we've heard that several times as we were talking to the voters here. >> we know that in modern times iowa has not decided who is not going to be the nominee. it wasn't rick santorum or mike huck be. it's critically important this year who is going to come out of
10:07 am
this looking like they have the momentum. the one who can face off against donald trump. that's what marco rubio wants to do, and we also know that if you watch him over the last couple of days, there has been a real energy here. he has really been. >> we're also going to see him getting out there on television. if you can't come to see him, he is going to come to your living room and see you. he has this 30 minute ad that's going to run in every single market across this state, and he is doing that heavy final push up to caucus day where, as i'm sure you've been reporting, we'll see what the forecast says, but i asked people are you willing to come out in the cold, and a few of them said we'll see. depends on what he says today.
10:08 am
don't underestimate the importance of these last minute sells. >> we've got bonny schneider following the weather in iowa because it can make all the difference. all right. chris jansing, thank you very much from council bluffs. we'll see you again. well, the same day the "new york times" endorsed hillary clinton, the newspaper's editorial board has this to say about the republican candidates. "mr. trump has neither experience in nor interest in learning about national security, defense, or global trade." governor john kasich of ohio, though a distinct underdog, is the only plausible choice for republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race." let's bring in nbc's katy tur in dubuque, iowa. that's where donnell trump is set to speak. hello to you. do you have any indication that mr. trump will address the "new york times" endorsing john kasich? >> the trump campaign has never not once given out their
10:09 am
comments before they've gotten on stage. do i expect him to address it? he does like the media to give him the opportunity to do just that. will the voters turn out for him on monday? >> this one right here will be like the one in arizona where the plane is going to pull up right behind us here. we'll see if that is actually what happens. there are a few things going for them right now. the excitement of the voters. knee got momentum as well. >> he has a lot of excitement at these rallies. what he doesn't have going for him are a couple of things. voter registration right now is down about 11,000 than it was last cycle. the gop side of things.
10:10 am
this would indicate that although there is excitement, there isn't necessary ily going to be this big turnout. they also have been criticized for their ground game. they haven't followed up with the get out the vote effort. only handing out caucus pledges and not following up on voter registration. well, they're handing out veteran registration cards today. ones that say how simple it is and secret it is. it can only take an hour. ivanka has released a video on facebook that tells people how to caucus. that in addition to the co-chairs and the local iowa leb out here. she was saying how easy it is to caucus in another video.
10:11 am
>> thank you so much from dubuque keeping an eye on the activities. it is a dead heat between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, and the vermont senator has released a new attack ad that does not even mention clinton. what's the point? i'll talk to sanders' campaign manager about that next. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop.
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10:15 am
autoit said, in part, bernie sanders -- while sappeders has raised important issues, he does not have the breadth of experience or policy ideas that mrs. clinton offers. >> establishment forces, including the "new york times", they're going to wind up behind secretary clinton. that's not a big surprise. the endorsement we're looking for is the endorsement of caucus goers in the state of iowa who increasingly are coming to senator sanders in the final days of this campaign. >> and to your point, what are your expectations in iowa come monday? >> well, look, it is a very, very tight race here. i think all the polls show that. i think both candidates have enough supporters in iowa to win the caucuses. the question is who brings their people out? we're working very, very hard to bring out the tens and tens of thousands of people who support senator sanders. >> what do you need to call iowa a success?
10:16 am
>> now the race is essentially tied. i think we've really shocked the country in terms of how well we've done. now we're reeg to push it over the edge. even if we don't push it over the edge, i think people will be a success. >> you know, it's expected that a larger turnout would benefit your candidate. there's a monmouth university poll that shows that if, say, 200,000 democrats turn out, the difference between clinton and sanders is one percentage point. the poll does, however, point out that the democratic turnout in iowa is extremely unpredictable. what is your campaign doing to insure large turnout? i will be out trying to remind people of senator sanders' agenda, his message, and how he will build a future we can all believe in. to motivate those folks to come out. we're working very, very, very
10:17 am
hard. we have thousands and thousands of volunteers here in iowa who are reaching out to their neighbors, and i personally will be out there doing it myself today. >> as you well know, hillary clinton is at an event right now. campaign with former congressman gabby giffords, they're likely going to be addressing gun law reform. how do you think bernie sanders is on guns? especially support of about the 2005 law that protected gun makers from liability. >> he is a very, very strong record on gun safety legislation. he has supported background checks since 1991 and assault weapons bans and closing the gun shop loophole. on issue after issue i think we have seen that senator sanders has stood up against the gun lobby, has a b means rating from the nra. i think voters are beginning to learn that the attack on him about firearm safety is not accurate. >> i know that your campaign released a tv ad in iowa. i want to watch a part of it. >> sure. show it all. >> the banks trirged the
10:18 am
financial meltdown. goldman sachs just settled with authorities for their part in the cries that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. >> he has been widely perceived as a negative ad for hillary clinton. how does that jive with sanders' position that the campaign is not going to run negative ads? >> i don't think it's a negative ad at all. frankly. it is talking about the problem we have in this country, which is a rigged economy held up by a corrupt system of campaign finance. in terms of speaking fees and campaign contributions, i look at the backup material. people who were -- we used as backup for the factual base, mitt rom any, jeb bush and others, not hillary clinton. it is a systemic problem we have to deal with. it is one of the reasons where this economy doesn't work for all of americans.
10:19 am
it's because wall street has a stranglehold. >> i have been reading about you and your background. i know you have a long history of the candidates. dates back to the 1980s. you became your own boss. you opened a comic book shop. bernie sanders hillary clinton, if they were colorful characters, what characters would they be? autothat's really not fair. we'll make bernie a superman, right? man of the people. humble man of the people who rises to the occasion to help people out. i think i'll pass on the secretary clinton one right now. >> okay. playing it safe. i get that. all right. thank you very much. >> the top secret emails hillary clinton had in her computer. will it cost her in iowa? that's next. but at t. rowe price,
10:20 am
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22 past the hour. we have breaking news to share with you. it comes to us from politico where we are told that the clinton and sanders campaigns have agreed in principle to hold four more debates. the first one being as soon as next week in the state of new hampshire. they are proposing one debate in february, one in march, one in april, and one in may. that being said, the dnc has to sign off on all this, and we do know that the next official debate will be in the february 11th in milwaukee after the new hampshire primary. in principle, clinton and sanders have agreed to four more debates. one as soon as next week in the state of new hampshire. let's bring in two veterans of the cycle. ben ginsberg, and an msnbc political analyst. also morris reid. hi, guys. it is good to see you both. >> how are you?
10:24 am
>> with a welcome i'll be starting to you. 22 emails being deemed top secret on the server. in the last hour her press secretary told me this is no big deal. that the information was not marked classified when she received them. >> if you were her lawyer would you tell her to worry? >> if i were her lawyer, i would tell her this is a whole new phase of the investigation, that this is cause for concern. >> once you start admitting that the emails are top secrets ones, it's a whole new dimension, and all the reasons for not having a private server come into play. >> the fact this they were not marked top secret at the time that they were sent to her, and we should also state that none
10:25 am
of this chain of seven -- is that all -- >> go ahead. >> the reason that there are rules generally against things like private servers is this type of e-mail ends up on it. the mere fact that an official of the government allowed top secret -- those are why the laws are in place to have top secret classification and to have secure e-mail servers for government officials. >> do you think that -- >> sure, we're concerned. this goes to the heart of one of the major issues there's a trust factor with the clinton camp. this is something that i said a long time ago they should have dealt with fort right. addressed this. apologized. they were slow to deal with
10:26 am
this, and this is why it's continuing to linger. yes, this is an issue. we've got to deal with it. >> they're your best spokesperson. bill clinton, obviously, speaks for himself. chelsea is great. i think it's good to have them out because they really encourage people to look at her in a very different light. you think of her as a mother and a wife zoosh i want to read from your recent piece on the gop primaries where you right the better you understand how the 2016 calendar works, the more likely it seems we can face a messy slog that runs into late spring and possibly even into the july convention. an unlikely fate at this point, but one that's no longer impossible. explain your thinking here, ben. what happens if we get to july without a clear nominee? >> well, if we get to july without a clear nominee, then
10:27 am
convention politics takes over. >> will there be two lanes of candidates or three lanes of candidates seeking delegates? sfloom and morris, another -- >> that poses a problem. that's not our problem, ben. that's your problem to deal with. we think it will be clear by that time on our side, but here's a prediction for you. donald trump will be your nominee. >> thank you. we appreciate the advice. we appreciate the advice. we want to weigh in. what morris's problem with the democratic party for their process is they only have two candidates who are viably seeking delegates. somebody ought to be able to get to them. a swrort. the democrats have this quaint habit of all their elected officials, some 800 of them, be
10:28 am
super delegates to the convention. that's their wild card group. it's not truly committed to any candidate until they get there. >> ben, do you think donald trump can win a general election? >> yes. i think what donald trump has shown and why he strikes terror in the hearts of many in the democratic party as well as the republican party is that he has found a whole new group of voters to come in. we spend a lot of time in campaigns talking about low propensity voters and how you get them to participate. well, donald trump apparently has found the key to unlock that. that's really the key to his strength. >> what happens if he comes out a loser. what does that do to his brand? >> well.
10:29 am
>> if he loses iowa, there will be a period of trauma, as there always is for the candidates that don't do well in iowa until there's new hampshire. so if he wins new hampshire, even if he lost iowa, his campaign is back in business. >> it's one of the joys of the primary season in that the perceptions change around. it means that he would have to do an awful lot in the week between iowa and new hampshire in terms of the media. obviously, whoever wins iowa -- we'll talk about how he defeated members of the establishment like the current iowa governor over ethanol and is moving forward as a principle conservative. that would be the lines of
10:30 am
battle in the next week. >> we're going to take you right now to council bluffs where senator mark wroe rubio is addressing the assembled crowd there. let's take a listen. >> i know that you have a lot of choices, right? one out of seven republicans are running for president this year. i'm asking to you caucus for me, and i want to tell you in closing why this is such an important election for me personally. america support just the country that i was born in. america is a nation that literally changed the history of my family. when my parents came here in 1956 they didn't have any money, they didn't know very many people, they barely spoke english at the time, they had not much of an education. my father actually stopped going to school when he was 9 because his mother died, and he had to go work. he would work for the next 70 years of his life. when they got here, life was not
10:31 am
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full of guests on the waye and a cold with sinus pressure, you need fast relief.
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alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. but cigna is there for you. health isn't easy. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. . 34 past the hour. just 25 minutes shy of donald trump making an appearance right there in dubuque at that airfield. the crowd is certainly growing. we've been watching the last hour and a half or so, and as expected, there will be a standing room only crowd there where donald trump takes to that podium in the center of your screen. we'll no doubt be bringing that to you as well here on msnbc. welcome back to all of you here on weekends with alex witt.
10:35 am
we are two days before the iowa caucuses. for more on the iowa phenomenon, let's before in david jepsen of the public policy institute at southern illinois university and formerly a writer for the des moines register for more than 30 years, which makes you uniquely qualified to speak with us. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i know, david, that you wrote earlier this week about the caucuses and how unpribltable they are. historically these meetings have done two things. called the field of winter candidates and raised relatively obscure ones to national prominence. how much control can the candidates even have over the outcome? what works and what doesn't. >> what works is traditional campaigning. what doesn't work is not being hear. this is -- they call it a retail game. this is one on one with voters. it's what really has made the caucuses what they are.
10:36 am
>> what has made them work is candidates from the parties going and talking to the people about the presidency, about what they want to do and electability. over the years they've gotten much larger. you are seeing that huge rally for donald trump. they become more like a primary. >> you know martin o'malley cannot seem to break out of the single digits in the polls, and yet some are saying that he could decide the democratic caucuses. in fact, the l.a. times has written on that, and part of what they wrote was with clinton and sand nerz a close race and o'malley mired in the single digits in the polls, it could come down to where those o'malley people go, and this is according to brad anderson, a democratic strategist and clinton supporter. the importance of those voters cannot be overstated.
10:37 am
>> if mart ichb o'malley doesn't get 15 percent, which is probably the case in most places, most caucuses, what do his people do? do they go to hillary clinton and give her more delegates or go to bernie sanders and give him more delegates? i think what they'll do is probably wind up splitting their votes. we'll see. o'malley has -- wants his people to stand strong, but the fact is that at some point his people are going to have to choose, and i would expect that they will split. i don't see them going all for one candidate or all for another. >> how about eight years ago when, as you know, hillary clinton took a third place in the caucuses. what should she do differently this time around, and has she been doing it is this. >> well, it's too late now to make much difference. mrs. clinton has got high
10:38 am
unfavorables, and so even eight years ago she was up against all those years of attack and controversies surrounding her, and fa gave an opportunity for barack obama. we thought it was going to be different this time. she had more time to prepare. >> that really has hindered her ability to win over voters. >> the turnout is what separates trump and cruz right now. trump's victory hinge on having a high number of self-motivated, lone-wolf caucusgoers show up monday night. what are you expecting from turnout? you think it could make all the difference to donald trump? >> yes, i do. i think in both -- the question
10:39 am
in the bernie sanders campaign is whether a lot of young voters will turn out. the question in the trump campaign is whether he can get all those people that are showing up in these rallies, a lot of them are new people who have never participated in caucus brz, whether he can get them to show up. we really won't know that answer until the votes are counted. if you'll stabbed out there in dubuque, iowa, on a cold winter day waiting for donald trump, you won't have a problem standing in line for him at a caucus. the other thing is social media. there's open registration. you can register to vote in either caucus. i expect a lot of voters will do -- will go to social media and decide at the last minute. >> david, thank you for your insight. good to talk to you. thank you for that. >> what i was saying earlier. happy trails. senator bernie sanders heading to the second of five events today. so is msnbc's casey hunt who is joining me from the bus traveling to cedar rapids.
10:40 am
i know you were in the event in manchester, casey. >> it has one of the largest caucus sites. it's a place where you want to spend some time. this is where he will be holing a rally later on this afternoon. he is traversing the eastern part of the state, which is very heavily democratic typically. of course, his more liberal activist support is going to find that here more than in the western part of the state where hillary clinton has spent more time. today he is hitting a couple of rural areas in towns. you can see behind me, there's not a huge population in the area that we're driving through at this point in time. he is trying to drive up his numbers in some areas where hillary clinton might have an
10:41 am
advantage. later on today you is he going to end up in iowa city where there's going to be a concert with vampire weekend. a focus on those young voters that are overwhelmingly supporting sanders trying to drive up their turnout. the question now, whether or not he can convince enough of these people to get out and caucus for him. the numbers are close enough that it is certainly by no means decided at this point. even though both camps suggest that hillary might be a little bit ahead. >> that's four more until total.
10:42 am
the first an nbc sponsored debate in between the iowa caucus and the manchester -- or excuse me, the new hampshire primary, and that the sappeders campaign has demanded three additional debates in march, april, and may that were held in primetime and not on a holiday weekend. the sanders campaign has felt for quite many some time that the process has been unfair initially the thought was that would advantage hillary clinton by diminishing her rifles, but it looks like we're going to be pushing this sanders versus clinton farther off into the spring. alex. >> well, just so you know, i'm looking at a report from politico which said the clinton campaign has confirmed these four more, of course, the dnc has to sign off on that, but the first one maybe as soon as next week in new hampshire.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
as we await the start of hillary clinton's campaign event on gun control in ames, iowa, she is now talking about the state department's decision to declare 22 of her emails as top secret, and here is what she told one of my colleagues moments ago. >> i'm really not concerned because it's the same story that has been going on for months now. i just don't think most people are as concerned about that as they are about what we're going to do to get the economy going. and how we're going to protect the affordable care act. >> the republicans are going to continue to attack. >> monica, what more can you
10:47 am
tell about the top secret e-mail and the announcement by the state department yesterday? >> well, alex, i should say i'm actually in des moines. her event is happening in ames. we spoke a little bit ago in des moines, iowa. secretary clinton told me when i asked her what was in these emails because i think a lot of the questions that are coming out of this is if they're withholding them, what can be read into them and what is in them, and she told me that she does not actually know what is in these emails because she doesn't know which emails they are. when i pressed her on when she generated these emails in question, she said she did not. there's still some questions here lingering. secretary clinton obviously believes this is not on the minds of voters here in iowa. i have talked to people here who have told me they are concerned, there are questions. she says that when she holds events and folks ask her questions at town halls.
10:48 am
>> these latest reports don't change anything about the fundamental facts that, she never sent or received anything marked classified, and she's sticking with that, and actually interestingly, making a comparison to benghazi and saying this is a conspiracy by the republicans to continue to attack her and clearly with just 48 hours to go to the caucuses, it's what everybody is talking about. he concurs with what she said. they don't even have these emails anymore. there are those that suggest they just put them out there to get everything out, but they don't even have this them to put out there. i do want to ask you about other take-aways that you got from your interview with her. anything notable? >> i also asked her top pollster
10:49 am
that senator bernie sanders is running the most negative democratic campaign ever. i asked if she agreed with that, and she sort of laughed and said, well, i won't disagree with joel because of all the experience that he has. she is clearly considering him more on the. >> she autos eths with bill clinton and chelsea clinton here in iowa. >> appreciate that. >> for all of you as we go to break, we're keeping a close eye on events with both marco rube wroe and hillary clinton. she's running a little late to the event that is scheduleed in ames, iowa, but, again, we have our cameras train odd both of them, and we'll bring them to you after a short break. stay with us. [ coughing ]
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if he's going to be on time he's got about seven minutes to
10:53 am
get to that podium we're talking about donald trump in dubuque, iowa, there's every expectation that we may see the trump plane land and pull up with a nice backdrop behind the podium. donald trump will be addressing an ever growing crowd in iowa. we'll monitor that for you. let's go to the state department's decision to declare 22 of hillary clinton's e-mails as top secret. here's a bit more of what the she told one of my colleagues just moments ago as she addressed the issue for the first time. >> i think they processed it like benghazi, you know, the republicans send out people to attack me on benghazi, people who come to see me, democrats, they don't ask me, they're satisfied. they know what happened. i understand the political tro and fro, i get it, but i don't think that's how people are making up their minds about what's at stake in this election and they shouldn't. joining me national political reporter for "the boston globe" and also joining me huffington post columnist
10:54 am
christine pelosi, either of you want to comment on hillary clinton and how it may impact her cause in iowa? >> absolutely, i have to say her answers very interesting and very telling. for her to try to tie these e-mails to benghazi is a great tactic for her because benghazi is something that the democratic base is not concerned about. it never comes up. it's not something that changes minds among democrats. the e-mails not so much. when i go to the same town hall meetings with hillary clinton and talk to people they bring it up and say, look, this is something that really bothers me. she has this issue with the e-mails and it does come up, so for her to say, oh, no, it's like benghazi, i think that's a smart tactic on her part. i'm not sure it's going to work. i know they certainly don't want to be talking about these
10:55 am
e-mails in the last few days here. >> it's a pretty good chance as we look at chelsea clinton at this live event that she won't be addressing the e-mails and we don't know if mrs. clinton will do so in ames, iowa. what do you think about voters? are they satisfied with they are explanation? >> i would say as a proud supporter of hillary clinton we know that she is the best candidate to keep america safe and to move us to a more safe, more free, and more equal society, i think when it comes to the e-mails i look at this as an attorney. i see no evidence that any e-mail was sent classified or that any e-mailed harmed americans' assets or allies and that's really where you have to go with this, which is if there's a process by which america could have better, more clear laws about when you classify information, that's great. but right now we're concerned about keeping our families safe, not only from enemies abroad but also from the scourge of gun violence here at home, and
10:56 am
hillary clinton is best equipped to take on both of those fights. and that's why so many democrats support her. >> the latter of which she's expected to discuss as she has gabby giffords and her husband there at this event in ames. within the last half hour or so politico reported that clinton and sanders have agreed to four more debates. how much of a deference do you think it could make for either of their campaigns? >> i think it makes a big difference. these debates, particularly the last one as the polls have gotten closer, people are paying much more attention to the democratic race. i think especially if hillary clinton loses iowa, there's going to be a renewed interest in sanders and seeing him. from clinton's standpoint, she does so well, she performs so well on that stage, i think it's good for her if the race is going to tighten for her to be able to remind voters, you know, how articulate she is and how good she is under pressure. >> christie, i'm so out of time, but very quickly, do you see a
10:57 am
comparison between bernie sanders and 2016 and barack obama in '08? are there fair comparisons to be made? >> i love that americans are comparing to barack obama, he brought a very unique candidacy, there's very much excitement on the ready for hillary side and there's excitement on the bernie sanders side. what this will do in 2016 is that more democrats will be out voting and that will assure more democrats in congress, more democrats in the senate and return a democrat to the white house. the best thing we can have is more debates, more democracy and more democrats voting. >> thank you very much to both of you. that's a wrap of this show. we were watching mark kelly as he took to the potdium to suppot hoak. stay here with us on msnbc. (man) some things are worth holding onto.
10:58 am
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