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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 3, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PST

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does want to still give a speech as a candidate the day after that on friday. so that means even though we will be able to poof him soon, we cannot poof him yet for some reason. inexplicable ben carson reason. hold tight though. he'll go soon. "first look" is up next. >> it's thursday, march 3rd. right now only "first look" -- breaking overnight, the return of scott kelly, back on u.s. soil after a year in outer space. ben carson bows out as a republican -- as the republicans prepare to square off in the foxhole pitting donald against nemesis megyn kelly. a key witness watching the naked video of erin andrews. plus, a brazen smash and grab by a gang of thieves nets 50 guns and then one of jimmy fallon's funniest donald trump moments. "first look" starts right now. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. astronaut scott kelly is back on
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american soil. he landed in houston at 2:30 this morning and he was greeted by his family including his twin brother, former astronaut mark kelly. >> it was a very long trip when i left here in february, i don't even know what day it was in february. i was 50 and now i'm 52. so -- but it feels great. it's great to be back in texas, in the -- on u.s. soil. it's just an unbelievable feeling to be back here on planet earth. back in our great country and back with all my family and my friends. i also want to say this was not my flight. they talked about my year in space. it's not my achievement, it's nasa's achievement and it's our country's achievement. >> it was a huge achievement. scott kelly spent 340 days in space. while in space, he actually grew
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two inches in height. he landed back on earth in kazakhstan tuesday evening. a blistering super tuesday has republicans regrouping and reassessing. ben carson pulled out of tonight's republican debate, but stopped short of officially suspending his campaign. it's rumored he will end his campaign during a speech tomorrow at the conservative convention cpac. well, that leaves just four republicans on the stage. donald trump will face off with fox news' megyn kelly for the first time since the august debate when donald trump railed against as unfair and boycotting the second debate. but as the map fills out, many are wondering if there's any way to stop the juggernaut. later today, mitt romney will hold a press conference and he won't be endorsing or announcing a bid. only he'll speak on the state of the republican race, leading to speculation that he plans to slam the run away candidate. the news garnered a series of predictable tweets from trump, ending by calling the man he
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endorsed four years ago a failed candidate. jimmy fallon dusted off his golden wig to pull some levity from the super tuesday speech with a little help from the two dimensiontial chris christie. >> this is an unbelievable night, it looks like we can win six or seven or eight or nine and maybe a million states by the time the night is over. i want to thank chris christie for his unblinking support, he's like me. you can go home now, mega me. good boy. >> only the best from jimmy fallon. hillary clinton greeted a crowd in good spirits on wednesday. >> yesterday was one for the history books. our campaign went nationwide. people in every corner of the country came out to support the future we're building together.
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>> and new york governor andrew cuomo couldn't help but take a shot at the gop front-runner. >> we build the wall, the big wall, the long wall, a thousand mile wall, like the china wall. i'm going to build the wall. don't worry. the wall is a beautiful wall. >> but that jubilation may not last long. reports from "the new york times" and "the washington post" signal the e-mail controversy may spring back to life. according to "the washington post" citing a senior law enforcement official, an i.t. employee who set up the clinton server and pled the fifth has been granted immunity for cooperation. both papers report that fbi investigation is trying to determine if a crime was committed with one official telling the post there was wrongdoing. but was it criminal wrongdoing? both papers say the fbi could ask clinton to be interviewed in the coming months. nbc news has reached out the the justice department for confirmation, but so far they have not responded. well, the news could provide
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a boost to bernie sanders lagging behind clinton in the delegate count, but promising to fight on. and after outraising clinton by over $10 million in february he has a war chest to take the delegate battle for many more months. a part owner of the oklahoma city thunder, aubrey mcclendon, died in a fiery car crash. he was indicted by a grand jury by conspiring to suppress oil and natural gas prices. he faced up to ten years in prison and a $1 million fine if convicted. police have not officially ruled on the cause of death, but did say he was traveling at a high rate of speed well over the speed limit. and that he drove through a field before crashing into an overpass and had plenty of time to get back on the road. police say the car was so badly burned it was unclear if he was wearing a seat belt. a group of thieves made a daring smash and grab in
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houston. look at the play-by-play. a group of about ten disguised burglars are riding up to the store of the -- with a pickup and they swarmed inside. in total they made off with 50 weapons and caused extensive damage to the store. the atf says they have made some arrests in the case, but multiple suspects are still out there. houston police are offering a $5,000 reward for information. president obama is vetting iowa judge jane kelly as a potential supreme court nominee. "the new york times" reports that the fbi has started to conduct background checks on judge kelly. the selection could pose a difficult decision for senate republicans and especially head of the senate judiciary committee chuck grassley, all of whom have vowed not to take up any of president obama's nominees. but in a speech on the senate floor in 2013, senator grassley highly praised the long time public defender from his home state and she was confirmed unanimously to her current
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position as a federal appellate judge. the white house has not commented on any reports of potential nominees. now to a new twist in the $75 million lawsuit brought by sportscaster erin andrews after a stalker secretly taped her naked in her hotel room. there are new allegations that an executive of the company that opened the hotel who just testified in the case was seen in public tuesday watching that stalker's video with friends while they commented on it. nbc's morgan radford bring us the details. >> reporter: run arriving at the courthouse for day six of testimony. but there would be a delay. and a bombshell. >> do you have any comment? >> reporter: neal peskind had testified on monday. >> so the owner was the franchisee? >> correct.
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>> reporter: he and two friends were at a restaurant where the video was played openly from a cell phone. a waitress said that peskind and his friends were making fun of andrews' body and also tweeting. he said if it was going to cost him millions he was going to watch it and show everyone. >> can you tell us what happened? we heard the statement. >> reporter: in a statement, peskind says his friends started viewing the video. i asked them to stop and while they did so, it was not as quickly as i had hoped. i would never disrespect ms. andrews. i sincerely apologize for my participation in what happened exposure like this is what andrews has emotionally emphasized all week. >> this will always be on the internet. this will always be there. there will always be a reminder every single day. >> reporter: her worst nightmare roaring back to life. morgan radford, nbc news, nashville. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning to you. more than three million businesses are actively
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advertising on facebook with most based outside the u.s. to celebrate the social network has created your business story. and that lets the companies upload photos from their page, along with music to share with people what they're in the business of doing. meanwhile, verizon is teaming up with hearst to court millennials. they're developing channels for the go 90 service including aol. they'll launch two channels this spring and news and an entertainment source and a did news channel. america and jet blue and other big u.s. ear line are vying for approval to start flying to cuba. they filed applications to win the coveted routes. last month, the u.s. and cuba agreed to have 20 daily round trip trips to cuba. back to you. >> thank you very much. now to some sports action starting with boston college/nc state. one second on the clock, watch what happens here. wait for it. right there, boom. easy inbound layup and nc state
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73, boston college 72. rutgers gave michigan state a run for their money, but there was a big ten record set hitting 11 three-pointers and the state had an easy routing of the scarlett knights. for this, oops moment, iverson makes a beautiful steal. looks so good, but did you see the ball, epic fail when the windmill dunk goes wrong. oh, well. in the nba the spurs wrapped up the 19th consecutive playoff berth. san antonio won over detroit. and they joined golden state in clinching playoff spots this. nba veteran vince carter he proves he's still got game with watch. high flying reverse alley-oop. his grizzlies outclassed the kings 104-98. what a rare cool find here. great grandchildren rummaging through relative's belongings found these.
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welcome back to "first look." a little comfort it's doing to be 60 and 70 next week when you deal with the snow on the way in the mid-atlantic and through the ohio valley today. we're at negative 17 windchill in northern new england and we're cold down to virginia. we have a storm coming into the cold air mass. this is a winter like set-up. it's bringing rain and thunderstorms now crossing the mississippi from arkansas into areas of tennessee and also in mississippi. we have light snow through
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illinois, light snow in portions of indiana. that'll move today as we go throughout the ohio valley. not a whole lot of snow, but a little bit. scattered in nature. chicago, light stuff for you. same for indianapolis. as far as the forecast is going to be go, a little bit of snow here. but more significant snow as the storm strengthens later on tonight. richmond, two to four inches. wintry mix going to over to all snow. d.c., one to three inches of snow. philadelphia and new york city, an inch of snow to you. that's ending mid-morning tomorrow. tomorrow, a slippery morning chute from new york city all the way down to d.c. and hopefully this is one of the last ones of winter. >> yeah. we have some understanding bosses for people who might be late for that. an unexpected clue from airlines flight 370 has been found off the coast of east africa. >> a piece of airplane debris that i found on february 27th. >> that's blaine gibson an american traveler who has beeni.
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he tweeted there's a high possibility that the debris belongs to a boeing 777. but also i urged to avoid undue speck lietion as -- speculation as they investigate. today is third day of hulk hogan's lawsuit against gawker. he sued them for publishing a sex tape of him in 2012. after that's an nypd mounted horse that has been captured again, but not before causing some damage though, knocking off to side mirror of that car. and check out this police dash cam video of a wanted felon in new mexico driving off that's a sheriff's deputy there. he tried to pull roberto garcia out of the car and he hit the gas. he only drove about 500 feet and finally stopped the vehicle and then the vehicle began to hit
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him with the flashlight. garcia was booked on a $10,000 fine. oh, one way there, we have a petition to have bill clinton arrested. we'll bring you "scrambled politics." that's next. than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax. gear up for great. people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. time for your thursday dish of "scrambled politics." starting with donald trump who is certainly satisfied with the results of super tuesday voting but many people were not. the search term how to move to canada, that's spiked by 350%.
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that led to the travel site kayak offering a one-way ticket to the great white north. so far over 800 people have jumped in on the opportunity. and could bill clinton be in some hot water here? well, more than 45,000 people, they have signed a petition calling for his arrest alleging violations of massachusetts election laws. it stems from him visiting a polling place and talking with poll workers. the petition claims he violated the ban on soliciting bans within 150 feet of a polling place. don't count on prosecution, the former potus they say acted legally. rachel maddow stopped by "the tonight show" to give jimmy fallon about how super tuesday went and the surprise we almost saw. >> it was like 2:00 in the morning -- >> thank you so much for doing the show. >> i'm happy to. this is like politics christmas. it's very exciting. that's no reason to sleep. there was a long while, during
2:21 am
the broadcast last night where it looked like the person who might win the republican primary in vermont was going to be john kasich. i was like, okay that's a surprise. >> no one saw that one coming. >> you see the tall guys on the court in basketball and danny devito comes on the court and he can dunk. >> you can't beat her analogies. delving more into politics today, i'm joined by politico's lauren french out of washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> starting with this, we haven't been hearing the drip drip drip over hillary clinton's e-mail controversy, but now this report in "the washington post," that maybe there's some wrongdoing, but that what the official said. how may this slow her momentum, especially after super tuesday? >> the e-mail controversy is
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really been the dog that's followed hillary clinton around her entire campaign. she continues to get questions about it from the media. and continues to up her untrustworthy poll numbers which are very high for the front-runner of the democratic nomination. so you're going to see with this immunity deal for her former i.t. staffer -- top i.t. staffer just continued questions about that. and that's never good for the clinton campaign. she wants to get past this e-mail controversy. she's never been able to leave it behind her. >> yeah. especially with those reports saying it's likely that the fbi may be interviewing her in the months to come. crucial months that when it comes to campaigning. let's turn to the gop now especially with their debate tonight. but you also have mitt romney back in the news calling for this major speech. no endorsement, but basically to talk about the state of the republican race here. you have donald trump calling it a desperate move from the guy who should have beat barack obama. so is he right in some sense with mitt romney jockeying for
2:23 am
attention for relevancy here and how will trump benefit from that be? >> well, trump really only benefits when establishment republicans knock him or criticize him or call for him to get out of the race. that's what we have seen pretty much since this manhattan mogul has gotten into the race. really he's teflon. nothing impacts him. but mitt romney really has viewed himself as the elder of republican politics, the republican party. you have seen him hit donald trump for failing to disavow the david duke endorsement, and while there's no endorsement or direct criticism of trump this is mitt romney trying to take back control of the party. the easy response for trump, this guy didn't win. and donald trump -- in donald trump talk he's a loser so i won't take him seriously. >> we have to see how his speech goes and how the debate goes without dr. ben carson tonight. still ahead, tom brokaw looking at the fight for the soul of the republican party. as we were just talking about.
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now as donald trump gets closer to the nomination that's a battle brew for the soul of the republican party. on one side, donald trump and his supporters and on the other the republican establishment. all of it raising the question is it the people for the party who should choose the nominee? here's tom brokaw. >> bigger and better than ever. >> his popular reality tv show portrayed him as a take charge guy. >> you're fired. >> and his campaign was an extension of that. >> i will be winning because i win. i win. >> huge rallies, he was like a
2:28 am
wrestling promoter. promising to take on washington. >> how can i describe our leaders better than the word stupid? >>washington pundits were appalled. >> we're building a wall. >> they were wrong. he won in seven states, brought a record number to the polls and his momentum picked up pace. ♪ trump continues his barroom style. taking on the speaker of the house from his own party, for criticizing him. >> paul ryan i don't know him well, but i'm sure i'll get along great with him. if i don't he's going to have to pay a big price, okay? >> through all of this, trump supporters have showed up in ever larger numbers. whatever else the establishment thinks, he has become the voice of a large part of the republican electorate. >> we need change. and i think right now we need someone that's not what we have been getting. >> he has his own money. and i think he will represent the people in this country. >> so if the gop establishment tries to silence their voices, would that be an attack on the basic principles of why we have
2:29 am
elections? if trump voters are denied their choice, what then? where do they go? >> nbc's tom brokaw. i'm frances rivera and this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. thanks for joining me. tough night for the senator. >> exactly, trevor, it is just like the rubio campaign planned. >> well, i'm sorry, his plan was to lose every state but minnesota? >> it's all part of the strategy, trevor. phase one, lose 14 out of the first 15 states. phase two, everyone thinks rubio is done and they drop his guard. >> and i see, he wins in kansas? >> no, too easy. he comes in third and fifth place in colorado. >> well, fifth place, only four candidates. >> exactly! then miraculously, oregon and idaho merge into a super state called idagon. that overwhelmlying votes for
2:30 am
marco because they love the cubans. now it's a race. now everyone votes for a donald stump, but there's no donald stump, boom, all of the delegates go to rubio. >> there's not enough delegates left for him to win the nomination. >> which is why in june, marco tricks ted cruz into trading his delegates for a treasure map because ted cruz is dumb enough to do that. now, cruz is off digging up a beach in bermuda, stump is tanking and marco takes the lead just in time to click those heels all the way to the convention, baby. >> the math is not on marco rubio's side, but that's not stopping big money republicans from dumping millions into his home state to stop donald trump. and what will mitt romney say? four years after receiving trump's endorsement, the one-time republican nominee is expected to speak today to do the exact opposite for this year's front-runner. and he pleaded t


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