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tv   Lockup Raw  MSNBC  March 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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a super saturday surprise. donald trump and ted cruz got victories, but it is not turning out as expected. by the time the sunset on idaho, ted cruz's last stop and his stature in the party had changed. marco rubio left puerto rico and he needsed to florida. and now the republican picture is even more muddled.
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>> let me say god bless kansas and maine. >> i want to congratulate ted on maine and california. he should do well in maine, it's very close to canada. >> and the scream you hear, the howl from washington dc is utter terror. >> marco rubio! >> it only gets friendlier for us after tonight. >> marco rubio had a very, very bad night. i think he should drop out. >> it would be a disaster for donald trump to be the nominee. >> i call him liar, and he holds up the bible, and then he puts it down and lies. ted can't win new jersey, pennsylvania, california. >> for the candidates, one
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candidate won two states but lost in a bigger sense. and bernie sanders could not resist commenting on the other primary battle. >> the republican presidential process is like a sixth grade food fight in the cafeteria. and then snl is spoking fun at all of the candidates. the highlights here on msnbc "the polilace for politics." let's go right to the results, donald trump winning lose and cruz with 38%. in kentucky, trump got 36%, cruz got second by 32%. cruz was able to slow down trump's momentum in kansas where
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he got nearly 50% of the vote. cruz also won big in maine getting 46% of the vote and trump getting 33%. maine is the only state where john kasich got third and marco rubio got last. >> here is the bottom line. there will with. >> butch: more delegates awarded in florida than the other states combined. >> our campaign is the only campaign that beat donald trump over and over again and can and will beat donald trump over and over again. >> i would love to take on ted one on one. that would be so much fun. he can't win new jersey, pennsylvania, california. >> on the democrat side, bernie
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sanders pulled off two victories. and in nebraska, he won with 56% and clinton got 44%. clinton got her big victory in louisiana with 71%. sanders is looking forward to michigan. here they are at the democratic party annual dinner. >> i want to congratulate senator sanders for running a strong campaign. i'm thrilled we're asking to our pledged delegate count. i'm grateful to everyone that turned out to support us, but now all eyes turn to michigan. >> we won in kansas, we won in nebraska with a good vote. i think we'll do well in maine tomorrow, but i think we'll do very well here on tuesday, in your great state. >> chin ton now has 1092
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delegates to sanders 477. on the republican side. trump has 39d 2 to cruz's 285, and rubio's 139. now to today's races. clinton and sanders prepare for the debate tonight in flint. rubio is campaigning in idaho, and caseic is in ohio. for more reaction from the cruz and rubio camps, i'm joined now by gabe gooutierrez. >> a big shake up, trump getting two big victories and ted cruz getting much needed momentum in
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kansas and maine. this was a huge night, and donald trump is calling on marco rubio to drop out of the race. >> i would like marco to drop out, look how he did tonight, he is in third or fourth, even when i don't win a state, i always come in second. that is a big thing. marco has come in fourth. i think it is time for him to clean the deck, i really do. >> ted cruz appeared to benefit from the closed caucuses that allow registered voters to participat participate. ted cruz is making the argument that he is best positioned to take on donald truch mp in a two-man race. >> let me take a minute to speak to the 65% to 70% of republicans
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that recognize that donald truch is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. >> earlier, ted cruz won the c-pac straw poll. now today, marco rubio is in florida and he goes to idaho later this afternoon. yesterday he was campaigning in puerto rico. that ter require has a primary today and the rubio campaign is hoping to pick up delegates, but no doubt that last night was disappointing for the rubio camp. here is what he told reporters. >> we continue to play the delicate math because we know this will be a very different kind of primary. we want to continue town accuracy our delegate total. >> now, when it is absolutely
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crucial for the campaign is the florida primary. it is his home state. ted cruz trying to squeeze rubio out, and donald trump is ahead in the polls accoby double digi according to polls. >> let's get to danny freeman, after yesterday's police decision, where does the contest stand. >> good morning, it is very interesting. super saturday is over and as the dust settles we see what the race is turning out to be. our nbc news projections shows that hillary clinton is still
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very much ahead, but she was the net winner of delegates yesterday. the question is where do go from now? i think all of the candidates are focused on michigan. their primary, coming up this tuesday, and in terms of senator sanders and hillary clinton's rhetoric, you see where they're minds are set on flint michigan. look at what they said yesterday on flint. >> if i am your democratic nominee, i will make detroit a central issue in this campaign. i will make flint a central issue in this campaign. i will make michigan's comeback a story of resilience and success. >> 58% of all new income yen
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rated today goes to the top 1%. how come we don't have enough money to prevent children in flint, michigan from being poison poisoned? both candidates are doing prep n michigan before going to flint today, but secretary clinton has her army in full force today. bill clinton will be holding events as well as chelsea clinton this afternoon. again, sheer a look at tuesday's races. republicans will caucus for their choice. in iowa, the party will hold their primary, and in both parties they will cast ballots in those state's primaries. puerto rico has allowed
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if donald is our nominee, in all likelihood, hillary clinton wins and we lose the bill of
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rights, the senate. we are the only campaign that has beat donald trump over and over again. >> ted cruz taking a minute to thank supporters last night in idaho. he is just 87 degates in front of donald trump. marco rubio came in third. topping 46% to 33 with caseic coming in third. and a democratic contest, bernie sanders took kansas and nebraska. he brought down his delegate down to 477 which is less than
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half of clinton's number. the nebraska race was closer. >> the candidates is not pass up a chance to comment on the ultimates. >> on super saturday, ted cruz visited the winners circle first, winning kansas and maine. >> i think the combination of the super tuesday results, and the last two debates has been more unified for republicans. >> cruz getting a symbolic win at the straw boll at c-pac. donald trump is playing by his
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own rules. >> i have taken more questions from reporters than any human being that has maybe ever lived. >> march crow rubio had a very, very bad light. i think he should drop out of the race. >> rubio brushed off that discussion. >> bernie sanders won kansas, but hillary clinton won louisiana and has her sights set on michigan. >> have to win this election and the stakes keep getting higher and the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps singing lower.
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. our funny friends at "saturday night live" could not help but poke fun of the state of our politics. here is what they had a say last might. >> what a great great night. i'm running the best campaign, aren't i? the media is saying they have not seen anything like this.
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he really is a sad, desperate potato back there. >> trump is on track to become the republican nominee, so for all of you voters for years who said i hate hillary, i can't vote for her, to you i say welcome. i have clowns to the lef of me, jokers to the right, and here you are stuck in the middle with me, yeah. >> you lost kentucky and louisiana. >> that's okay, i love them like my own children, and just like my own children they said eww, gross, i hate you. >> and jason sudakis appeared as
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mitt romney. on tuesday, republicans will go to the polls in hawaii, idaho, michigan, and mississippi. gabe we which is ahead for the candidates? >> good morning to you again, let's start what what they're doing today and look ahead to the next nine days or so. donald trump is in miami attending the world golf championships. marco rubio, you mentioned he wants delegates from puerto rico but he is going to idaho today. and then there is john kasich. he will be in ohio campaigning with arnold schwarzenegger. the next big race is michigan.
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the detroit free press shows trump ahead by ten points there if will be john kasich that will really be focusing on michigan. he was expecting and staked his entire campaign on doing well in the midwest. he is looking forward to michigan and ohio the following week and that will be make or break for kasich and rubio. there are 99 delegates here at stake in florida. the rubio campaign for days have been guaranteeing with victory in florida, but ted cruz with newfound momentum says she going to make a play for florida. it could be enough to squeeze him out of the case. he is 7 points ahead according to one pold, and after that, a possibility of a contested
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convention. what happen it trump does not reach the magic number of 437 delegates. however, trump and cruz saying that is not going to happen, and critics of the establishment say if there is any poll by establishment republicans to be able to take the nomination away from donald trump, if he were to have a plurality of the delegates, it could be unprecedented. so a lot going on in the next couple days. we're here in florida and it will be crucial for this race. >> nine busy days ahead, thank you for your reporting. >> let's go to danny freeman for one last time. tonight' debate will focus on the water crisis in flint, is that so? >> flint will be at the heart of this debate tonight. they're holding the debate in
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flint and both candidates had their own separate events. it was perhaps his biggest applause line of the night. i think this debate will expand beyond the issue of flint and you will really see fire works between the candidates. they have been trading jabs on the issue of trade. and they're both trying to position themselves as the one who is better for the working class in michigan into it may be in flint michigan tonight, but the debate will hit a wide range of issues. >> belle watching that debate tonight, thank you so much. that will do it for me at this hour, i'm dara brown in new
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good morning, coming up, how the government is helping small businesses in flint, michigan affected by that city's water crisis. and a clothing store attracts new customers by owning a coffee bar. and some entrepreneurial geniuses. how to stop your competitors coming up next on "your business."


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