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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  March 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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scenes. >> sustain advertising against donald trump for the first time in the last two weeks, has to play a role in this. >> i don't know if it will. it hasn't so far. >> thank you for joining us. chuck is going to be back tuesday night with special primary night coverage. "with all due respect" starts right now. >> i'm mark hall per in. >> and i'm john. i'm a little disappointed you've only done it twice, but at least you inhaled. >> hello, and welcome to monday. brave and exciting new week in this thing of ours, the u.s. presidential race. especially the red-hot republican contest. late breaking news affecting the race overall. former new york city michael bloomberg, the man who owns this company, has decided not to launch a bid for the white house this year. we'll have more on that decision in just a moment. but tomorrow, voters in michigan, idaho, mississippi and
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hawaii will all head to their polls. this week also begins the final countdown to the big march 15th contests, when amongst others, florida and ohio vote. the cw has it that if donald trump cleans up on that day, little can be done to stop him there the nomination. which may be why the allies and supporters have opened the floodgates. >> former students say trump university was a scam. trump supports em i nent domain abuse. >> sleazy bankruptcy laws to avoid paying workers. >> dodged the draft in vietnam through multiple deferments. >> hired illegal immigrants. >> trump refuses to denounce the kkk. >> he has a record. and it's very liberal. >> i am pro-choice in every wrs. >> universal health care -- >> i'm going to take care of everybody.
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the government's going to pay for it. >> unreliable. >> trafficking convictions, prior mafia ties. this isn't a drug cartel, these were donald trump's business associates. >> that is a lot of negativity. on saturday trump split four contests with cruz. meanwhile, news agencies continue to up their scrutiny of the front-runner. today alone, mr. trump's campaign faced stories about his trump university court documents, about foreign officials concerned with trump's campaign rhetoric, and from our colleague jesse drucker who wrote about chinese investors court to finance a trump building in new jersey. we'll talk to the author of that story later in the program. but john, now the ultimate question, anyone trying to become president, is donald trump losing control of his public image? >> he's in danger of that, mark, i think right now, in a way that has not been true at any other time so far in his run for president. it's not just that there's a lot
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of negative tv hitting him with a lot of money behind him and more to come, and not just because the press has amped up its scrutiny, but he's starting to look like he's not a winner. a winner is the key to donald trump's public image. his performance on saturday in those contests made it clear he's vulnerable. that's not the look donald trump wants to project. >> one of the other campaigns is talking about branding trump a loser. you'll see over the next few days the fruits of their labor. you're having the virtuous cycle from their point of view. giving opposition research to news organizations who will write stories and those stories will show up in ads. i think mr. trump has to perform well. he's still in the driver's seat to be the nominee, but he's going to have perform well particularly on thursday. he's now facing in florida an onslaught of ads. he's facing a bigger onslaught with more confident opposition than he's faced to date in this race. >> more than we even expected 72 hours ago.
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i have to say the accommodation of those races on saturday, his decision to pull out of c-pac, the continuing reverberations of his debate performance last week, none of it has been good for him. he's not totally lost control of his public image yet. >> but his opponents say he's a con man and he's crude. and there's a certain power to both of those. trump's going to have to figure out how to regain control. in the final sprint to march 15th, a lot of the attention now shifted to florida, where marco rubio's basically making a last stand in his home state. a new poll out today that shows the florida senator trailing donald trump by just eight points. a narrower margin than before. cruz is in third place with 17%. instead of allowing a two-man fight between little marco and big donald, cruz wants a piece of the action himself.
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he and his allies are attempting to do something. what is ted cruz up to in the sunshine state? >> i think ted cruz was under the impression marco rubio might not be able to win that race. and that cruz, his people have been quite straightforward. they said they're only going to play in states where they think they have a chance to win. i can't imagine that if the polls are tightening in the way that they are -- or if rubio is trailing only within the margin of error, i can't imagine why the cruz campaign would go into florida. but if they think that rubio's doomed, it makes a lot of sense maybe for them to get into that content. the question is, how weak is rubio. if the monmouth poll is accurate, i think rubio still has a chance to win that state. >> there's two things in it for ted cruz to go in there. one, maybe he can somehow find a way to win a three-way contest there. john kasich is not going to be a factor for the win. all that matters in florida is winning the statewide popular vote. no other way to get delegates. the other possibility is to knock rubio out.
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while there are those in the party like mitt romney who think more the merrier at this point, cruz's strategy is getting the winner down to just him or trump. the way to do that is to knock rubio out in florida. while i think he should want rubio to win florida, because he's got to keep trump from getting wins in florida and ohio, the super pac believes this is a smart plan. they do think they can win the state, apparently. >> yeah, i guess. again, i agree with you. i think they are overestimating their ability to end up with -- to win the overall delegate, a battle here down the line, given the weakness of cruz's position, in a lot of the states where he would be going one-on-one with trump down the line. if trump wins florida and trump wins ohio, i'm not sure there's a chance cruz has, in looking at the map and calendar for him to ultimately knock trump out. >> after trump lost three or four contests over the weekend, the gop race isn't over. john kasich's name, though, was
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not mentioned anywhere in that piece. and amid all the talk of rubio potentially dropping out, we keep hearing our media colleagues jump straight to a trump-cruz two-man contest. john just sort of did it just now. while the ohio governor did not do very well in any of the elections over the weekend, and he still has zero wins, he did get a celebrity endorsement over the weekend, around schwarzenegger announced his support, and he's playing big in michigan. there's a new monmouth poll in michigan that shows kasich in third place, 21%. ahead of rubio within the margin of error of the silver medal. other data suggests he may be in second place now. so, john, why does the media continue to ignore, or discount kasich's chances of making it to the finals? >> i think a lot of it, mark, has to do with the poll numbers we see. let's not let the kasich campaign, which i have taken seriously, as i know you have all throughout, even though some of our colleagues haven't,
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coming out of new hampshire, john weaver talked about coming to michigan and winning here. and right now, john kasich's still a long way from being competitive at the actual level, potentially winning the wolverine states. if that's the case, if these polls are accurate and kasich ends up in third place, the press is right to discount his possibilities because this is a pretty important state for him where i'm sitting right now. >> i think if kasich does well in michigan and wins ohio and rubio loses florida, in a three-way race, go state by state, california, kasich, cruz, trump, new jersey, cruz-trump. the establishment, it's not just the press. i've been stunned at how little the establishment has talked about kasich. people said all along we should nominate a governor. he does have a chance particularly if he surprises in michigan and wins in ohio. as we said earlier, michael bloomberg, the owner of our company and our boss, has decided not to run for president this year. he made the announcement just
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moments ago in a bloomberg view column. the clock ticking for filing deadlines to get on the ballot nationally. bloomberg set aside his ambitions writing, quote, when i look at the data, it's clear to me if i enter the race i could not win. i believe i could win some diverse states, but not enough to win the presidency. john, in the end, is that why the mayor decided to go with no go? >> i will say this, not enough brown nosing way, mark, we said all along that what we saw at his deliberations in 2008 and 2012, the only way he would get into this race is if he saw a path to victory. not any other reason. once hillary clinton became as strong as she is, likely the democratic nominee, i was certain he would not run. not on the basis of inside information, but just studying past history. and i don't think he wanted donald trump to be president of the united states.
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him running now would likely hand the presidency to donald trump if trump is the nominee. >> if you assume rubio and kasich are not going to be the nominee, which is most likely either trump or cruz, the mayor could have gone into a three-way tie with trump or cruz. the more likely thing was that you would give the white house over to either cruz or trump, which is not something he wants. he doesn't agree with hillary clinton on everything, but he knows that if he got in, he'd be running a risk. he would have to go all out, spend a lot of money and might probably, just from an empirical fact, the most likely outcome would be helping the republicans win the white house, and he didn't want that. especially those two republicans. when we come back, the fallout from last night's democratic debate in wolverine state, after these words from our sponsors. dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture,
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hillary clinton's campaign has a new radio ad on the air in
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michigan. a sound byte from last night's democratic debate in flint when she claimed that bernie sanders voted against the money used to bail out detroit's auto industry. at the detroit airport today, sanders pushed back calling clinton's words, quote, disingenuous. >> when you vote against a bailout of wall street, and against the crooks on wall street who destroyed this economy, it suggests that i'm voting against the automobile industry. it's very disingenuous and factually infect. it may be good politics. it happens to be incorrect. >> sanders has been outstanding clinton on the airwaves as of late. he is behind in the latest michigan polls. in some polls by double digits. what clinton did to sanders last night was a classic political move, holding him accountable for his vote on one element of a larger bill.
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but it's working. the media's buying it. so, john, even before this latest gambit, sanders was not doing as well as he needed to in michigan. why is bernie sanders not doing better in this rust belt state? >> look, i think he's maybe doing better than the polls suggest, and doing better than we think in the sense that if you look at the way the clintons have been playing, mark, hillary clinton, chelsea clinton, bill clinton, all in this state over the weekend, making late trips that no one expected them to make. a lot of democrats here in michigan noted that and have said, hey, man, they might be seeing something in their internal pollings than bernie sanders. in states he's not spent a lot of time, you know, this may end up being one of those races that like nevada, if the campaign was a week longer, or two weeks longer, sanders could be in a position to win it. but he's just going to run out of time here is my guess. >> i think she still has the momentum.
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and he still has not cracked the code on winning nonwhite voters. >> yes. >> in a state where the clintons are better known, where they still have the hold on the nonwhite voting community, it's difficult for him to win. he starts with too much of a deficit there. i also think as you've said, he hasn't been able to spend as much time there and get his message out. last night in the debate, i think he kind of typified where he is. he has some tactical points that are stronger than hers. and yet she comes in with, again, i'm not saying she's the only one who does this, but she comes in with a pre-planned thing on the auto bailout. it works and it dominates the media and he's not scoring a strategic win over her. just some tactical wins. and that's not enough. >> i agree. >> all right. sanders won three out of four states that held democratic contests over the weekend. but heading into tomorrow's primaries, clinton still has collected more than double the number of delegates the vermont senator has so far, according to the latest a.p. tally, that includes super delegates in the counts. she's winning amongst pledged delegates as well.
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michigan tomorrow, and mississippi. and then five big states that vote next week. if clinton stays on track, and wins those states with decent margins, when can she effectively end this contest even if sanders continues to compete? >> like on the republican side, mark, a lot is riding on march 15th. a different kind of stakes. but from hillary clinton's point of view, if she can win michigan tomorrow, which will be a big test, she'll then have a big win at her back going into florida and ohio. she's favored by everybody to win in florida, not to win it small, win it big. if she wins florida, and iowa, not as a matter of delegates, but also as a symbolic matter, the race will be not over in a jury sense, but over in a clearly emphatically de facto sense. >> the democratic party doesn't do win or take all states. if she wins in the three big states, the math will be
3:17 pm
decisive. i don't like what happens to candidates. i don't like the fact that the press coverages starts to dwindle down when they lose. wait to see what happens in a week if sanders has not won any of those three states or done something to change the delegate map. if she wins those states, if she wins all three of the big states, she will get more super delegates and the math will be very, very difficult for him. really mathematically impossible, barring some huge change in the race. >> look, they put out the memo over the weekend that pointed out that going into saturday's contest, that she had a bigger delegate lead and pledged delegates, not even counting super dl gates, than barack obama had over hillary clinton in 2008. i found that a pretty compelling document on the pure math of it. and it's only going to get worse if sanders looses michigan, ohio and florida. coming up, take out your umbrellas, because we break down a political ad downpour hitting the sunshine state.
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3:21 pm
it features military veterans who express concern about the possibility of donald j. trump being commander in chief. >> when i heard donald trump insult my prisoners of war in vietnam by calling us losers, that was the most infuriating comment i think i've heard from a politician in my entire life. trump would not have survived the p.o.w. experience. he probably would have been the first one to fold. >> i'm lieutenant colonel michael walsh. i've served multiple tours in afghanistan as a special forces commander. donald trump hasn't served this country a day in his life. essentially dodged the draft in vietnam through multiple deferments. he's been fed through a silver spoon. west to boarding school. says it was so tough, he felt like he was in the military. all donald trump has served is himself. >> this ad goes to the commander in chief theme, but it is also a part of a larger thing saying to the republican voters, trump is just not a plausible president.
3:22 pm
what do you think? >> i think whenever you can put military veterans into service of an ad like this, making kind of a strong factually based kind of accusations, i think it's always a very powerful technique. this ad i think is aesthetically strong. substantively, is problematic for trump as part of a larger mosaic of people are throwing at him now. >> trump has still not released his list of foreign policy national security advisers. and i think we'll see. he's lucky, he's lucky that there's nobody in this race who is a commanding national security presence. i think this would hit i'm even harder. marco rubio is also on the wrong end of an onslaught of attack ads in his home state, including one, a series of ads from ted cruz's super pac, hitting the florida senator on his past
tv-commercial tv-commercial tv-commercial
3:23 pm
support for sugar subsidies. >> for years, marco rubio has been making it snow for big sugar in washington. so-called conservative marco rubio has been taking your hard-earned tax dollars and giving them to pay his billionaire buddies that run big sugar with big su si dis, run by the same billionaires in marco rubio's political career? hillary clinton, marco rubio, the king of corporate wealth fair. >> that same super pac is st blasting immigration, and his voting record in the senate. >> three years ago, in a debate, you were clear on this, you said an earned pathway was amnesty, yet you changed your mind here. why? >> do you support a path for citizenship for immigrants in the united states here illegally? >> i do. >> marco rubio once said -- >> if you don't want to vote on things, don't run for the senator. >> really? rubio talks up his national
3:24 pm
security experience. do you know he skipped 18 defense votes? including one to arm the kurds to fight isis. marco rubio, absent on national defense. >> john, florida is a state where negative ads do have a history of working, maybe more than in some of the other contests. i wonder what you think of the means that cruz allies are hitting rubio in his home state? >> they seem strange to me, mark, in the sense that they feel like the kind of ad that should have been run against rubio, or could have been run against rubio three months ago, back in the fall. and they seem strangely out of time and out of context given the tenor of the conversation about marco rubio now. and the ways in which he seems to be losing altitude, because of the way that he's conducted himself in the campaign against donald trump in the course of the last week or ten days. they seem, again, they seem kind of strangely like ads out of time in some way. and so maybe not as kind of in keeping with where we are in the
3:25 pm
conversation now as they might otherwise be. >> remember, this florida primary is a closed primary, republicans only. this is an electorate that is older and gets a lot of its news and information from fox news. with that in mind, look at the new donald trump campaign ad. it's a 60-second spot. we're told it will begin airing shortly. in the 60-second spot, it calls into question the florida senator's ethics. >> corrupt marco rubio has spent years defrauding the people of florida. as a legislator, he flipped on a key vote after making a quick $200,000 from selling his house to the mother of the bill's lobbyist. he used the republican party's credit card to pave his driveway, and to live it up in las vegas. and when he got caught, he said he had used the wrong credit card. but he had used the same republican party card for six flights between miami and tallahassee. then billed the state for the
3:26 pm
same airline tickets and pocketed the cash. until, once again, he got caught. on top of it all, rubio's been a total no-show in the u.s. senate. with the worst voting record of all. marco rubio, another corrupt all-talk, no-action politician. >> i'm donald trump, and i approve this message. >> it's clear the rubio folks are very happy to see trump being hit with a lot of negative ads. rubio is being hit by negative ads by trump and cruz. >> i think the trump ad is stronger than the other ads. i think because the negative adds that go to character, if they're done well, i think they're more effective than ideology. what do you think? >> well, there's a new anti-trump ad that shows him using profanity that i think people think is potentially effective, because it's trump's own voice. i don't know.
3:27 pm
i think there will be a cacophony of ads. they're hit by two people now. trump's being hit by lots of people. and cruz is not being hit by anybody. >> anyone, right. >> as far as we know. when we come back, the inside scoop on how michigan democrats view the race in their primary tomorrow. we'll talk to congressman debbie dingle, a clinton supporter, after this. look like this.
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our next guest is an epic legendary, amazingly popular and beloved figure here in michigan, that would be debbie dingell, representing the 12th district. michigan politics and democratic
3:31 pm
party, thank you for coming. >> good to be with you. >> tell me what you think on the morning after, the day after the democratic debate in flint last night, and the day before the michigan primary. give me a sense of what you think the political train is. you're a big hillary clinton supporter. understanding where you're coming from, what do you see as a political analyst of your state? >> i think the numbers in many of the polls are probably not reflective of -- i think bernie has worked this state very intensely. and he's gotten a lot of people excited. i'm not going to be surprised if the polls tighten. i think hillary clinton will win tomorrow, when the voting occurs. but he's been working the state hard and he's getting a lot of people excited as you've seen in other states. so i think you'll see that. and donald trump will win the republican primary. >> it seems to me, at least, if there's any state that is for the sanders message, this should be that state, right? the polls have shown him back by 25 points. as many as 30 points.
3:32 pm
there are some showing him getting a little closer. i'm a little surprised he's not caught on more here, given the tra veils of the economy, and the trade message, et cetera. he's done big events here, but have you been at all surprised that it's taken this long for him to get traction here? >> no, because people haven't really focused on what his message until he went on air with his ads. it's straight analytical. in order for people to hear what you're talking about and know who you are, you actually have to see. it took the paid media, and he's got more earned media since he first did his zoom in at the ipsi rally. and the dearborn aua rally. >> again, a political observer, you see chelsea clinton, bill clinton, hillary clinton all here over the weekend. to me, just call me stupid, i look at that and i say, that's a family that might be a little
3:33 pm
concerned about what the state of play is in this race, that the polls might be, as you suggested, maybe a little bit more generous to hillary clinton than the reality is. >> john, you are anything but stupid. you and your partner, mark, have two of the finest political minds that i know. so obviously they would not be in the state if they weren't concerned. but i think that's good. because i think their presence starts to give it the emotion that it needs to have. to have the momentum. and i think the reality is, i think she did a very good job at the debate last night. and i think this is a state that has had hard times. has been really burned by idealism. governor snyder, popular governor who talked a good game, but unfortunately flint became a disaster because he wasn't somebody that had real world experience, and needed to combine both the business world and a political world. i think you're going to see that translate in tomorrow's vote, that people -- both of the candidates to me have shown the same values. by the way, a lot more
3:34 pm
substantive than the republican side, who talked more about the male anatomy than the problems people have in michigan. the word auto never came up at last thursday's -- but i also -- >> among the things that did come up, the auto industry is not one of them. >> that was very good. but having said that, i think the pragmatism of this is a woman who knows how to deliver, who will bring people together and come up with a way. >> if you boil down the sanders message, the ways in which she's trying to contrast himself against your candidate, he says, nafta, cafta, on trade. he says the repeal of glass siegel. he says welfare reform, which is a -- so those are three things that a lot of democrats in this state, i imagine, are receptive to. i heard what she said last night, but boil down to that, how does she effectively answer those which are potentially cutting critiques in this state? >> she needs to be very strong.
3:35 pm
which she did. she gave a very good speech last friday when she talked about the economy, and for actually fighting for working men and women. and that when you take care of everybody, that you create jobs for everybody. the sort of walter ruther message of the '60s, in that if you go way back, the henry ford message about, you know, if you -- people are building cars and making an income, they can then afford to buy a car. that was really what she was talking about last friday. she was also very strong in telling that she would oppose the tpp, which is the latest trade agreement. look, i worked for general motors when nafta went through. we all knew we were in a global marketplace. and we talked about, hey, we've got to compete in a global marketplace, so therefore, you need agreements like this. but what i think we did see, and have seen now is the impact of currency manipulation, which donald trump is talking about. he's a businessman. i'm one of the strongest leaders in congress against tpp. i saw what happened with
3:36 pm
currency manipulation. >> why do you think it took hillary clinton so long to get there? >> i've had the discussion with her, and she gets it. this is a woman who when the auto industry was in trouble in 2008, picked up the phone and said, what do i do? what do i need to know? i think she's been respectful of having been secretary of state. it's been -- it's someone that brings us a very seasoned -- somebody who's bringing experience. but i think she was someone that wanted to be careful to not undercut the person that she worked for. and yet had to run for president of the united states. but she was pretty -- this wasn't, i came out last friday, she did oppose the tpp several months ago. >> she tried to hit bernie sanders on being against the import/export bank. >> i have to tell you, it's probably not the most important -- it is important to some of the smaller businesses. i think it's more important to talk about what she did do, how she really was one of the leaders when 2008 on the auto --
3:37 pm
i don't want to use the word bailout. i think it was something that -- it was the backbone of the american economy. if the auto industry had gone down, the devastation in this country would have been -- and she was there. >> bernie sanders spent a lot of time in your district right now. >> yes, he has. >> did any of the things that he did on the debate stage last night strike you as being a little -- some women reacted badly to some of the tone he took at secretary clinton. >> i respect them both. i think they have the same values. i did not like his attitude last night. he got very short. and very disrespectful, i think at times. what really did surprise me is i think he was surprised when she talked about his not supporting the auto bailout. and that was something i think he should have expected. and been prepared for in debate prep. and i think he was a bit taken aback. >> and tried to clean it up today. our thanks to congressman debbie dingell. always good to see you.
3:38 pm
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3:41 pm
what they've done to us is the greatest single theft in the history of the world. they've taken our jobs. they've taken our money. they've taken everything. we're bringing our jobs back, folks. we're bringing our jobs back. >> that was from last month, with donald trump ripping on one of his favorite targets. a turns out the tower in new jersey is being funded largely by a government program that allows foreign investors, mostly from china, to skip ahead in the immigration line and get a viza in return for an investment. it's totally legal. though if you spend your days and nights railing against china, it could be a political problem. joining us now on our new york stet with the details of the story, jesse drucker. jesse, first of all, explain this visa program called ev-5 and how it works. >> the way it works is, if you have half a million dollars, and you're seeking a green card, the u.s. has a program where, for
3:42 pm
qualifying development projects, if you're willing to put half a million dollars into the project, you can get a two-year visa, that if everything works out with the project, you end up getting out what amounts to permanent residency for you and your family. the program has been around for about 25 years. it's probably started to take off in the last five or six years. developers love it, because it's turned into basically a cheap form of financing for high-end real estate developments. because the applicants, the folks that want the visa that are putting up half a million dollars aren't really that interested in getting a return, they just want to get the green card. and so what's happened in the last few years is, the government has given out tens of thousands of visas through this program, and in the last few years it's overwhelmingly to people from china. 85% of them were to people from china last year. >> this eb-5 program is being
3:43 pm
used in connection with a trump project in jersey. tell us about the project. and the extent to which this program is being used for. >> so, a few years ago, i think about five or six years ago, a developer licensed the trump name, and built a high-rise luxury condominium development called trump plaza residents there in jersey city. it's right on the water. it has incredible views of lower manhattan. two years ago, jerrod curbner, is married to donald trump's daughter, ivanka, said they would be building a nearly identical 50-story rental, called trump bastery. for the last 25 years he's actually built very few buildings. for the most part his real estate business is a business of licensing his name to other developers. this is some version of that. we don't exactly know what the financial arrangement is between
3:44 pm
him and his son-in-law. but his son-in-law is using the trump name on the building he's building. the financing for the project, a quarter of the financing, about $50 million, is coming from the eb-5 visa program. in other words, the -- in other words, the curbner team went out, i believe entirely from china, put in half a million dollars and provided $50 million in loans to help build this building. >> i think you just said it's about a quarter of the financing of the building. given the politics of it, why take the money from china? is this the only place the project can find enough investment to build? >> that's a really interesting question. i think one of the reasons that the program is very popular is because it's basically free money. the investors don't really want a return on their investment. they want the green card. so where you might have to borrow from a bank for 6% or 8% or 10%, with these investors, you can essentially give them no return. essentially like getting a
3:45 pm
quarter of your financing for no return. the reason the program is of interest is both the department of homeland security and the gao have raised questions and concerns about the inadequacy of the screening process for figuring out where this money is from. there are concerns that the program enables money laundering and could jeopardize national security. and two years ago, i believe there was an internal department of homeland security memo that senator charles grassley read on the senate floor that raised these very questions. the gao followed up with a similar question. >> just because we've got to go in a second, we said in the beginning there's nothing illegal about this program. and although the optics from a political point of view might be bad, trump could argue, right, this is just good business, he's getting investment for a project with his son-in-law that doesn't require anything much from them, and doesn't have to pay the same rate of return as a normal investor? >> that's true. but he's raising money through a
3:46 pm
government program that basically all government oversees say is troubled and could be enabling a lot of dirty money to enter the country. >> more due diligence coming up. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. coming up next, steak. you'll see what i mean in a moment. if you're watching in washington, d.c., you can now listen to us on bloomberg radio 99.1. and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ only those who dare... drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. so come try the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year,
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stakes in the election are really high. last night on the circus u the showtime show we produce with bloomberg politics, we featured a dinner that mark and i attended with a hardened veteran republicans of the establishment variety at a steakhouse in the washington, d.c., area, on k street, to get their sizzling takes on what's exactly happening with their party.
3:50 pm
>> everybody around this table that i know, we've been in every presidential campaign probably since 1980, in various degrees. in trump's problem, he doesn't have a -- you don't know what his compass is. how problematic is that for the future of the party? >> i think before it's over, it will be hugely problematic. >> people say, why don't you republicans do something about this guy? >> i'm sorry, this is not the soviet union. we can't call a meeting and say trump is out. and we hate that. >> dictatorship, who is for it? >> trump is doing well for one reason. he understands that the climate and the culture of america today better than anybody at this table. >> the republican nominee may be someone none of you know. >> shell-shocked, bewildered.
3:51 pm
republicans are respectful of authority, we fall in line. trump has interrupted that cycle. >> donald trump, nobody thought of him as a political leader until six months ago. >> he's not articulate. he's not poised. he's not informed. all he has going for him is a lot of votes. why hasn't any of that hit home? here we are, here we are. >> i think everyone's kind of buying into the inevitable, that he can't be stopped. i believe he can be stopped. >> what do you plan to do to stop him? >> exactly, what are you doing? >> we're working on it. >> we were effective in iowa. that was enough to knock him into second. >> what's your role in that pac? >> all in. which is now public record. >> which concerns you more? that he would lose the general if he was the nominee or how he would do as president?
3:52 pm
>> losing the election. what we're facing is a choice between hillary and -- >> so what you're saying is vote for the least of two evils. >> do you think trump would be a better president than hillary clinton? >> no, but it's a risk i'm willing to take. if we get off in splitting our party, we can't put it together. humpty-dumpty won't come back together. >> that's the dividing line, that question right there. >> you care more about him being president. >> i think he's an authoritarian figure, build a wall on the mexican border, and impose a religious test on people coming into this country. it's so violative what i believe of the republican party. >> trump is the laughing stock. i travel a lot. the world, as it is, is at peace with hillary clinton. >> the next president will decide the direction of the supreme court for four years, at a minimum. do you really want to give it to her? >> you know that's a fact.
3:53 pm
>> no question of that. >> what does that mean? >> but you're right. in the end, that's the question. >> i've never voted for a democrat, or never voted for anybody other than a republican for president of the united states. this would not be an easy thing for me. >> that episode of the circus, called the reckoning is online now. showtime, anytime, you can watch it. what's your take now on the establishment as we enter this new week and how they're viewing the chances they maf to stop trump or make peace with him? >> i think on the basis of everything i can tell, mark, their chances have increased a little bit. they must be feeling happy. the money is now flowing. there's going to be a bunch of ads trying to take trump out. i think the thing that comes through in that scene is the big dividing line in the establishment between those who are more worried about what trump would do as the nominee and what trump would be like as president. those who basically say, you
3:54 pm
know what, we should try to stop trump at all costs, even if it means we disaffect a large number of voters. because having him as our nominee would split the party in a y that could be -- or could redefine the party in a way that would be really damaging for the long-term interests of the republican party. >> there's also a fair amount of regret in the establishment about how things have gone. of course, one of the biggest ones is why they didn't move to stop trump sooner. just now for the last couple weeks gearing up to figure out is there a way to stop trump. in new hampshire, in particular, it might have allowed a establishment candidate to do better in that state. >> yeah. there's no question that there's going to be, if trump especially becomes the nominee, there's going to be a lot of looking back. if you think about what's happening right now, if that is the kind of implication of your comment, if you think about that happening back in september, october, november, it would have been a whole different kind of race. >> yeah. the other thing that comes
3:55 pm
through, there's no denying that that's a group of very smart people who happen to be older white men. >> right. >> that's representative of the establishment. and they're aware, a smart group of guys, they're aware the country is seeing this race than they see it. but they're still creatures of their habitat. >> they have a long-term problem, mark, which is whatever happens to donald trump, the kind of people, the kind of voters who propelled trump are now of the core in many ways of what the modern republican base is. and those people are people that as ron kaufman suggests, the people in that room do not understand very well. >> yep. the circus, the show we do on showtime. what is the correct name for tomorrow's series of primaries. the answer when we return. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar.
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3:59 pm
writes our paycheck. michael bloomberg won the day, because he made a rational assessment of his chances to win, realizing he wouldn't be likely to win under the current scenario, got out and decided not to do this. >> hillary clinton wins the day besides bloomberg not running. she also comes out of that debate last night on a pretty strong position. bernie sanders, again, unfair, but totally enmeshed in the voting against the auto bailout. tomorrow is a big day in presidential politics. if you're having trouble coming up with a name for it, here's some help. >> the sprint is on to yet another super tuesday. >> the next super tuesday -- >> think of it as super tuesday jr. >> super tuesday part two. >> super tuesday part two. >> super tuesday take two. >> we're calling it super super tuesday. >> super double tuesday. >> thank you. >> super tuesday round two. >> super tuesday number two. >> just hours before super tuesday the sequel.
4:00 pm
i love sequels. >> this time it's personal. >> you're welcome, america. sigh sayonara. coming up, "hardball" with chris matthews. the battle of michigan. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews out in las vegas right now. tonight, power politics in motor city, the hard-working cold weather nfl cheering midwest world, we belovedly call the rust belt. hillary clinton showed last night she's got a fastball, hammering bernie for his vote against the automobile bailout. you don't vote against cars and car-making jobs in a part of the country that helped make america great. you don't give your political rival an issue to mow you d


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