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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  March 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. right now, here's where we stand. voting is under way in three of the four states holding presidential contests. this is video from flint, michigan. a city we have talked so much about. and of course, a state that bears great significance on the count. there are democratic primaries in michigan and mississippi. total of 166 pledged delegates at stake. 130 of them in michigan. the latest poll shows hillary clinton holds a double-digit lead in both states. on the republican side, this may be the big story tonight. there are primaries in michigan, mississippi, and idaho, and caucuses late tonight eastern time in hawaii. a total of 150 gop delegates are at stake, and the big prize is michigan, 59 delegates. a new monmouth university poll in michigan shows donald trump ahead by 13 points, with ted
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cruz second. john kasich, third, marco rubio in the poll at fourth. but recent polls also show trump ahead by 24 points in mississippi, and 11 points in idaho. now, after trump won louisiana and kentucky last weekend by lower margins than polling indicated, there are questions today about whether he could underperform again today. and a new "washington post"/abc news poll shows trump's lead is narrowing nationally. meantime, with voting in the next eight days critical, trump yet again under fire for this. >> raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you. i love you. >> it's a request trump has also made at two other rallies. but a prominent jewish leader and holocaust survivor is
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comparing this loyalty gesture to a nazi salute, blasting it as offensive, obnoxious, and disgusting. this morning, donald trump said he did not mean to offend anyone. >> until this phone call, i didn't know it was a problem. if it's offensive, if there's anything wrong with it, i wouldn't do it. when i say raise your hand, everybody raises their hand. they're screaming to me to do it, we want to do it. we're having a lot of fun. >> the republican candidates are also looking ahead today to five key primaries next tuesday, that includes the winner-take-all contest in florida and ohio, where donald trump leads in the latest poll. today, trump is in florida. senator rubio also campaigning in that must-win state, his home state. senator cruz campaigns in north carolina, another march 15th state. governor john kasich will head to his home state of ohio. and how important could next
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tuesday be? take a look at this. soak this in. our nbc news politics team did an analysis, and it shows if trump wins both florida and ohio, he would only have to win 50% of the remaining delegates to secure the republican nomination. which is doable. but if he wins florida, loses ohio, he would have to win 57% of the remaining delegates, which would be difficult. and if he loses both florida and ohio, he has to come up with 66% of the remaining delegates. experts say that is virtually impossible. our nbc correspondents are covering all parts of this. let's begin with peter alexander in detroit covering the trump campaign. peter. >> hey, tamron. good day to you. the detroit river behind us here. a win in the wolverine state would be significant for donald trump. it would signal strength in the industrial north. here we are in a place that
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should play in his favor. it's a place where there's a lot of dissatisfaction with the status quo among republicans. and of course, he's become a vehicle for that dissatisfaction right now. it's also an open primary, as it is in mississippi today, which means independents and democrats can vote for trump on the republican side if they choose to do so today. but there are also some challenges he's facing here in michigan. take a look at a recent poll number. this is from monmouth. the interviews done in the first couple days. thursday and friday of last week, trump was up by 17 points over ted cruz. up by 22 over john kasich. but in saturday and sunday, when interviews were done, that's after mitt romney's remarks, after the demolition derby debate here, look how much closer it gets. donald trump up to six points over john kasich, 32-26. so what we'll be watching tonight is can donald trump show strength again after what was a weaker than expected last weekend.
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and how does marco rubio fare today as well? will he finish in fourth behind cruz and kasich? tamron. >> thank you. in the next hour, ted cruz will rally voters in north carolina, as mentioned. one of two events he's holding in the state today. a sign his campaign is looking beyond today's contest and focusing into next week. hallie jackson joins me from riley, north carolina. so what's the latest you're hearing, hallie, on the cruz strategy right now? >> well, let's talk about today, tamron, and then we can look ahead to next week. for today, i think the cruz campaign is feeling good about their positioning in idaho right now. in michigan, they're looking to get delegates. remember, it's proportional there. even though there are a lot of delegates at stake, if they can get above the 15% threshold then they feel like they can pull some numbers away from donald trump, away from rubio and kasich as well. mississippi is going to be interesting. a little bellwether perhaps to see if what we saw in louisiana might be reflected in mississippi. this idea that late-breaking
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voters might decide to go away from donald trump in those last couple days before actually casting ballots. hawaii is a little bit of a question mark, i think. you could see sort of anybody doing well there, maybe a donald trump or a marco rubio. seems like a more natural fit for those candidates. still, cruz is feeling good about where he is. his campaign is touting their fund-raising efforts, raising more than a million dollars online on saturday alone. the campaign manager talking today about raising more than $70 million in the campaign so far. still, cruz has some challenges ahead of him, specifically when you look at the calendar of states coming up. they're not particularly favorable to a candidate like ted cruz who may compete more or the perception is he might do better in the south where there are those very conservative evangelical voters. those states have largely kind of gone by at this point. so there are some question marks about the calendar. that said, cruz feeling good about his momentum. listen to what he had to say. >> i'm encouraged. i think momentum is surging our direction.
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and we're seeing a couple things happen. number one, we're seeing folks who had been supporting donald trump, who are realizing he isn't who they thought he was. that donald trump is someone who has been in his own words part of the establishment his whole life. >> listen, every candidates wants to be the one to claim the momentum, particularly on an election day, particularly in a week as important as this one. cruz talking about his momentum is also being very explicit, saying recently in this new line that a vote for john kasich or a vote for marco rubio is a vote for donald trump. he is making this very forceful play to frame this as a two-man race. the question is whether or not the establishment really will rally around cruz and not trump if it is in fact a two-man race. the campaign is betting that the gop will essentially pick preserving the party over someone who is infamously or maybe famously disliked in washington. that's a real concern for ted cruz moving forward, tamron. next week, of course, north
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carolina, where we are now at this church, a place he's looking to compete as well as places like missouri. >> real quick here, as you pointed out, all of the candidates want to appear to have the momeant. as it was pointed out by the people who crunched the numbers here, the "washington post," when you look at how donald trump underperformed in some of the contests over the weekend, it is more than a notion if ted cruz believes there may be some momentum going his direction. >> yeah. and he can point to poll numbers for that, too. look at the survey monkey nbc news poll that came out. there's reason to believe he has the momentum, especially when you look at the margeerns with donald trump, the huge margins that polling shows in the states voting today, you're right. a real question mark as to whether donald trump will underperform the margins. anything less than double-digit victories for him in certain states may be seen as a real concern for his campaign. >> thank you. marco rubio's campaign continuing to push back against a report am of his advisers are
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urging him to get out of the race early rather than lose in his home state of florida. earlier on this network, his communications director had this to say about a report on cnn. >> i think cnn has a lot of egg on its face. i don't know how a report made it on air without anybody actually checking with a campaign to see if there was any truth to it whatsoever. if they had, they would have known the report was utterly false. the story is still on their website. i think that's a problem for them. i don't believe they're continuing to report on it on air, but they shouldn't have it on the website because it's 100% false. >> gabe gutierrez is covering the rubio campaign. he joins me from jacksonville, florida. at heart is not so much the report that the pushback, and it is from some sources, according to jamie gangel, they have said his advisers believe this, but we know the sensitivities behind this. the rubio campaign does not want to give even the sliver of a thought, gabe, that he is all out or not fully into this
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florida contest. >> yeah, exactly right, tamron. the rubio campaign is really hanging it hopes on florida. they're insisting that they are in florida to win it. really trying to make the case that they are the underdog here, but the underdog that can win, and they're comparing donald trump, the battle against donald trump to the fight marco rubio had several years ago against charlie crist. now, rubio has several campaign stops today. he already had one in kissimmee florida earlier today. he's going to have a rally in the jacksonville area later on today, as well as one in sarasota. but they really feel that they can gain on donald trump. monmouth university poll released yesterday has him down by eight points, but his critics point out that is eight points in rubio's home state is going to be a very steep hill to climb. and the rubio campaign has the potential to finish fourth in several of the contests today. potentially in michigan and mississippi, but mitt romney has recorded robocalls for the rubio
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campaign, stopping short of an endorsement, but here is the robocall. let's take a listen. >> hello, this is mitt romney. and i'm calling on behalf of marco rubio for president. i believe these are critical times that demand a serious, thoughtful commander in chief. if we republicans were to choose donald trump as our nominee, i believe that the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished. and i'm convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. >> the question is will this romney robocall move the needle at all? he's also recorded another robocall for john kasich in michigan and has offered to do so for ted cruz as well. tamron, the question here is can marco rubio gain any traction here? his critics say he has not put in the time here in florida, doesn't have the infrastructure necessary to combat donald trump. his campaign will point to the monmouth university poll that shows in the early vote, the
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absentee vote, marco rubio has quite a big lead on donald trump. so their campaign hoping that the debate here later this week can also gain him some momentum. >> thank you. and tomorrow, nbc's chuck todd will host a town hall with marco rubio. that's tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. eastern time only on msnbc. let me bring in jose diaz-balart, live for us in miami to talk about how important this state is. so it is clear from that robocall from mitt romney, jose, the strategy by the establishment, we have talked a lot about it. rubio takes florida. kasich takes ohio. but before we talk about this strategy, i want to play some of the ads you have been seeing on the ground there. the first one decorated veterans attacking donald trump. it's being played in florida. let's play it and get jose's thoughts on this. >> i heard donald trump insult my fellow prisoners of war from vietnam by calling us losers, that was the most infuriating comment i think i have heard from a politician in my entire life. trump would not have survived a p.o.w. experience.
8:14 am
he would have been probably first one to fold. >> jose, your thoughts on that playing in florida? >> i gotta tell you, tamron, living here in south florida, as i do, after 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, there are more robocalls than human calls coming into your home. every single seems like you're getting a call. it's from nikki haley as a robocall or mitt romney as a robocall. no humans are calling these days. it's all about taking trump down. the question is, can this be effective? this is a really interesting state. i mean, it's not just the state that's always in the headlines. not only election time, but pretty much throughout the year. there are always unusual things happening here. but this state has been voting for some time now. and you know, last saturday, the early voting opened throughout the state. before that, there were some polls that were open for early voting, and the absentee issue. i can't tell you the amount of people who have come to see me
8:15 am
in the last couple days as we have been here in garcia's seafood restaurant on the miami river and said i voted absentee for bush. and now i can't vote in this time around because bush is out. there are a lot of things that are in play right now. but tamron, i gotta tell you, marco rubio has won in this state before. he has an organization in this state. i think he feels as though he has a shot. even though, tamron, all the polls clearly show that donald trump is still numero uno in the state of florida. it seems as though the state of florida is different parts of the country depending on where you are. south florida, much more diverse. there's a much different voting public than there is in central florida, the i-fo4 corridor, whh has seen an influx of puerto ricans because of the dire situation there. once they register to vote here, they're able to vote, and do so. and then you have the north.
8:16 am
there are different parts of florida, but rubio believes that he has the infruastructure and the experience to win against all odds, as he has done in the past here. >> and there's another ad, jose, that is an attack ad targeting marco rubio. i'm going to play a little bit of that and ask you questions on the other side. >> corrupt marco rubio has spent years defrauding the people of florida. as a legislator, he flipped on a key vote after making a quick $200,000 from selling his house to the mother of the bill's lobbyist. he used the republican party's credit card to pave his driveway. and to live it up in las vegas. >> so obviously, this is the trump campaign trying to fight back at that label of con artist. leveled by marco rubio. now for some weeks. you talk about the state being separate. i do think, jose, people do not discuss trump's ties to florida as well. having a residence there, making that, as he even called it the
8:17 am
other night, his second home. so yes, marco rubio is a senator from that state, but it is not as if donald trump just popped up there for the first time. he has roots as well. and many new yorkers who once lived in new york who now live in florida and who associated in some ways with the trump brand or his business background there, too. >> yeah, there's no doubt about it, though trump is really not considered to have really lived here. he certainly comes here, and he has mar-a-lago and events there. and it's a beautiful place. and it's a club. it's a very private club. but he's got, you know, golf courses and locations throughout florida. indeed, his name is well known. not just here, but throughout the country, and indeed, throughout the world. again, is that enough? >> right. >> is that enough to keep rubio from making headway in these next days. it's going to be interesting to see. >> why is he struggling there,
8:18 am
from everything you know on the ground, having lived there? >> that's a great question. i think it's -- i think people are enamored, some of them, by trump. and it's just this steam roll that we have been seeing in other states. how does someone who has very little organization, right? he doesn't have a structure, a big structure in florida. how is he number one in the polls? i think the fact that every expert has been proven wrong in the past has a lot to do with the fact that it's never happened before. normally, you have an infrastructure, an organization. he doesn't need to have that to win. marco rubio has been absent, and a lot of times in the senate, and maybe it's coming back to haunt him. >> or he could have the big headline next week that he shook up florida. it could be incredible to see it. thank you very much. great pleasure having you on. >> coming up, donald trump claims he's unaware of the criticism following this scene at two different rallies. the former head of the
8:19 am
anti-defamation league who is also a holocaust survivor, compares what you're seeing on your screen to a nazi salute. >> solemnly swear -- do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you. i love you. all right, you can't go back. >> up next, we're joined live by the editor in chief of the forward right after this.
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welcome back. donald trump is responding to accusations that a pledge he recently led at rallies is similar to a nazi salute. it all started saturday, after trump asked his audience to raise their right hand and pledge to vote for him.
8:23 am
he did it at two more rallies yesterday. >> i haven't done this before. i have a pledge, a swearing. raise your right hand. i do solemnly swear. raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you. i love you. >> now, pictures of people with their hands up went viral, including this one from "washington post" reporter jenna johnson. this morning, trump said he was not asking the audience for a salute, and that the comparison to a nazi salute was, quote, ridiculous. and that he would look into it, because he didn't want to offend anyone. >> i say jokingly, raise your hand if you want to -- if you swear to endorse me and swear to go and vote for me.
8:24 am
and the entire place practically laughing and having a good time, raises their hand. they're raising their hand in the form of a vote. not in the form of a salute. that's crazy. >> and with me now, janizer, editor in chief of the forward, a jewish daily publication. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we know how things can take off. it would be, i guess, for some trump supporters, easy to say oh, that's the liberal media or some liberal slant. however, when you have abe foxman, the former antidefamation league director, a holocaust survivor say these words. this made me quiver. what scares me is he's broken all these taboos and it's helped him. there are all of these things that we have worked so hard on, but one after another, he breaks these taboos and the people applaud him. and come back for more. foxman was born in poland, and he was saved from the naultsys by his catholic nanny.
8:25 am
so when someone of that stature says, let's pause here. what does that say to you? is it valid? is it just a high sensitivity? what is it? >> it is a sensitivity, but it's very valid. i have spoked to holocaust survivors, less famous than abe foxman, but who still have that same sense of deep anxiety about this. look, we wouldn't be talking about mistaking a hand raise for a salute if donald trump wasn't running a campaign that smacked of a lot of authoritarian impulses, both in the way he presents himself, in the ethnic stereotyping and the demonization of foreigners, in the way that he kind of positions himself to be the person who is going to solve all the problems. i think underneath, that's what brings up this kind of anxiety. >> you spoke with holocaust survivors and told you i'm very worried about what he says. i'm much more worried about how it's received.
8:26 am
this is something we have talked about for some time, is obviously the focus is on this flamboyant candidate. nevertheless, there are thousands of people in that audience who, you know, he says raise your hand and make this pledge, and dare i say, had this been a barack obama rally with him at the time, people accusing him, including donald trump, of being a foreigner, making these other accusations, this person with an agenda suddenly telling a collective group mostly black audience to raise your hand and take this pledge, some might accuse him of all kinds of things. >> right. well, i think, look, we know that donald trump is speaking to some real deep resentment and pain and economic dislocation among his followers. and that's real. >> absolutely, it's real. >> absolutely. but i think it's the way he is presenting the solution that ought to make us concerned about it. i have very deep faith that america, for so many reasons, is
8:27 am
not like germany in the 1920s and the 1930s. and he is not like any of those fascist leaders. but i do think we have to be concerned about this sort of imagery. and if he says he wants to look into it, because he doesn't want to offend people, well, that's good. but i would suggest that going forward, if he wants to be the leader of the free world, he has to think about that in advance. >> to your point, he did say on the "today" show, honestly until this phone call, i did not know it was a problem. if there's anything that's offensive, if there's anything wrong with it, i wouldn't do it. when i say raise their hands, everybody raises their hands and they're screaming to me to do it. i have had people send pictures of school children in classrooms raising their hands, also saying is this a nazi salute? but to your point, you see this as a larger past the imagery or his intent, it's this nature of the authoritarian nature you believe is seeping into some of this dialogue? >> absolutely. when you demonize mexicans, when
8:28 am
you demonize muslims, when you demonize journalists, when you don't even know what white supremacists are doing in this country, then i think that's a piece. and that's why you see this reaction, which may not have been sort of accurately fair, but it is very understandable. >> jane, thank you so much. greatly appreciate your thoughts on this. coming up, are the new ads featuring veterans attacking donald trump enough to slow his momentum with some vets? and with some voters in florida? we're going to take a look at the primaries today and of course over the next few days. a lot going on. we'll be right back. at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most...
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8:32 am
i'm joining by former rnc chairman, michael steele, and michael medved. i love when i have the double michaels here. and it's always great talking to both of you gentlemen. michael steele, i heard you say some of this dip or underperforming in polls for donald trump may be a collective list of things, including the passive wording of the kkk thing with david duke. maybe it's the marco rubio. and now you have these ads out in florida with a number of veterans who are taking on donald trump. what i'm interested to hear from you, suddenly, trump u, his taxes, this whole alleged auditing, and even his promise to release names of foreign policy advisers, he's not being asked about anything like that anymore because we are talking about the alleged nazi salute, which was offensive to some holocaust survivors so they should be a part of the
8:33 am
conversation, but some of the other things have gone away. the foreign policy advisers list. trump u. >> yeah, i think you hit on a good point, tamron. it tells you about the problem that everyone has relative to trump. they don't know what to hit him on, and then to stick with it. and to really drive the message and the argument. right now, it's all over the map. from, you know, from trump university to the supposedly nazi salute. there is not one thing that they're driving a central narrative about donald trump on. that's been the problem with the indictment of mitt romney, the problem with the tv ads is they're all over the place. that's part one. part two is that even in making that indictment, you then have to follow it with, okay, so this is who we're getting behind. and because none of these organizations or individuals like mitt romney are getting behind any of the other candidates remaining, again, trump still occupies a space by himself. the field remains fractured, and
8:34 am
the argument really begins to weaken itself because there's no emphasis on support that then directs that energy to someone else. >> michael medved, to the point michael steele is making, mitt romney has a robocall up in florida for marco rubio. then he's got a robocall up in ohio for john kasich. >> right. >> yeah. most people won't hear both. but obviously, you and i both know the cable news engagement. very high right now. interest very high. people see mitt romney still not willing to support anyone. he's wrapping his arms around both. if not three candidates. >> i think it's entirely appropriate right now. this campaign at the moment at least, and it will shift because things change week by week. at the moment, we're dealing with a referendum. it's a referendum, yes or no on one individual. and he's dominated this field based on two arguments. i think that's what we have to look at. why is it people are supporting trump? number one, they're supporting
8:35 am
him because he's supposed to be a truth teller. and somebody who is unafraid of political correctness and he tells it like it is. number two, they're supporting him because he's supposed to be a business genius and somebody who can work magic, make any business win and make america win again. now, you have to hit him on both of those things which is why i think trump university is so crucial. first of all, it shows him flat out lying in order to get business. secondly, it highlights the fact there are 16 bankrupt businesses, 16 businesses that don't exist anymore that used to have the trump name on them. and frankly, i think that marco rubio has been very effective. the guy is a con man. he's a flimflam artist. everything he says, including, by the way, this thing about the nazi salute, he never thought of that? are you kidding me? he's in florida right now. right now, the big fight is in florida. there are a good number of jewish republicans in florida. my late mother was born in
8:36 am
germany and escaped with her family before the war. and i want to tell you, what they want to think of when you raise your right hand is not swearing allegiance to donald trump. but raising her right hand as she did to become a naturalized citizen and as her brother my uncle fritz did to serve in the war in world war ii. >> are you saying there are some jewish republicans who are seeing this and may change their vote? what impact, when you say that, when you put it out there, what are you doing with that? >> well, i think what you're trying to do is get people to look at this. and to have someone who is so x associated with racism, with basically appealing to the opposite of what lincoln said. i know my friend michael steele sees himself as a lincoln republican. so do i, which is the same as being a reagan republican. and that means you have no hesitation about repudiating the ku klux klan, no hesitation about repudiating modern
8:37 am
know-nothings and anti-immigrant forces. you basically talk about a big tent inclusive republican party. >> michael, let me get you back in. what we do know right now is if trump wins tonight, what we're looking at is a couple of options here. will he hit the magic number, or will there be a contested convention? and when i look at ads like this other one up focusing in on donald trump's vulgar language, i think is that the best they're going to come up with in these eight critical days. i'm not embracing vulgar language, but if you're in the room and saying, okay, let's get an attack ad. i know, we'll play his greatest curse hits to make him a hip-hop artist, i'm thinking, going back fwen, the taxes, the foreign policy adviser, trump u, seems like a laundry list. what's your take? >> i agree with you. again, the things they're trying to play on or prey on relative to trump are not things that people really care about. i think, you know, you can
8:38 am
create the narrative and a long narrative as mike just pointed out, about these dealings with the community at large. whether it's in business, whether it's in education with trump university. there are narratives that you can pursue that i think would be much more effective than playing his greatest curse words hits. and that's just something that again people see and they hear it and they laugh it off. they see it as humorous. yeah, it may offend some people at the margins, but it's not going to move any vote. it's not going to get people to change their view or perspective of donald trump relative to what mike was just talking about, about how he is engaged in the community. >> all right. m & m, thank you both. greatly appreciate it. >> coming up, our first read team says senator bernie sanders has been acting like there's no tomorrow after tonight's primary in michigan. they point to how the senator has been swinging hard at clinton the past few days, including at that debate. we'll have the very latest on
8:39 am
sanders' strategy, and waiting for ted cruz to brief the media before his rally in raleigh. we're watching that and we'll bring you any developments from all of the campaigns. we'll be right back. rk... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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8:42 am
with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. >> how come? >> i think i connect to him more than the other candidates. that's what i look for most, relatable. i don't feel like i can relate to anybody else. he seems to be super popular here. there was a great turnout at the debate the other day. >> that was one voter coming out of the polling location in flint, michigan, moments ago. delegate-rich michigan is key for senator sanders who has been campaigning in the state as if it's his last stand against clinton. sanders drew more than 5,000 people to a big rally last night at the university of michigan in ann arbor, and he was joined for the first time on the trail by congresswoman tulsi gabbard. kristen welker is in ohio where
8:43 am
hillary clinton will hold a rally. sanders will hold a rally in miami. let's talk about with the first read team says is really how bernie sanders sees tonight. obviously, it's not his last stand, but they claim or believe that looking at some of his push in the last few days, he really knows that each day of this counts, which is obvious. >> absolutely. and this is a critical state. look, he has outspent secretary clinton in michigan, tamron. as you alluded to earlier, he has been aggressively on the attack, going after her for supporting past trade deals like nafta which are incredibly unpopular in states like michigan, throughout the midwest. her answer to that, coming back at him for opposing the auto bailout, which is popular in this region, which folks in michigan and throughout the midwest credit with saving millions of jobs. if you look at the polls, she has a double-digit lead, but
8:44 am
privately, both campaigns think this is much closer. you cited the fact that senator sanders got thousands of people at that rally last night. the question is what are the younger voters going to do? that's always the question with senator sanders because he has so much support among younger voters. the reason michigan is so critical is because senator sanders has to start winning the larger, more diverse states in order to prove he is competitive. then it gives him momentum heading into florida and ohio which weigh in next week. >> thank you very much. kristen. coming up, a senior strategist for the sanders campaign is not ruling out that the senator might possibly be the running mate for hillary clinton. was that a serious remark? and what is clinton saying about this today? we'll dig into this latest little twist in all of the conversation happening this morning. that's next.
8:45 am
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two shots on your screen, live events shaping up where the american flag is, that is evanston, illinois, outside of chicago. bill clinton making an appearance at rally. you see boldly there, ted cruz's name. he's in raleigh. i love saying raleigh. it's a media availability that the senator has there as well. meanwhile, hillary clinton could come out of tonight's primaries in michigan and mississippi with a nearly insurmountable lead over bernie sanders. a sanders loss would deny him momentum going into next week's contests in ohio and florida, and add fuel to the perception he can't win in diverse states. he continues to hold one key advantage over clinton. that is among young voters. we saw it yesterday in ann arbor, huge turnout. in an interview with politico, sanders senior strategist joked if clinton wants to tap into young voters in the yegeneral
8:49 am
election, she should consider putting sander on the ticket. she was asked if she would do just that. >> i hope to win the nomination. if i am so fortunate, i hope to work with him because the issues he's raised, the passion he has demonstrated, the people he has attracted, are going to be very important in the general election, but equally following the election to try to get things done. so i certainly consider him an ally. >> would you tap him to be your vp choice? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. you know. >> joining me now, "washington post" political columnist dana bi mill bank. he says clinton should turn a different direction. i'll let you reveal that direction. interesting, secretary clinton says we're getting ahead of ourselves. true enough. bernie sanders supporters still behind him. this could carry on for some time. with that said, there are a lot of people behind the scenes who are having this should she pick bernie, should she pick the other name you have thrown into
8:50 am
this, which is pretty obvious. i'll let you take it from there. >> it's our job as journalists to get ahead of ourselves. we're completely free to do that. i . . . bernie may be able to do that but you know who does that better than anybody is elizabeth warren. she was bernie sanders before he was this sensation she was the progressive the populous really wanted to run. she is, in retrospect, if you look at this campaign and how well bernie sanders has done, she probably would have beaten hillary clinton given the energy. she is a more charismatic speaker. there are other names, sherrod brown, if you want to solidify the populous, blue collar base
8:51 am
for the democrats and particularly not let donald trump steal it, assuming he winds up being the nominee. when you bring in the extraordinary historic nature of seeing hillary clinton and elizabeth warren ticket in itself, i mean, i do start rolling off the adjectives that would come out as far as democratic supporters. with that said, we have to acknowledge the silence of senator warren here and what little we know about where she stands on this race. >> she has played it very carefully. she has resisted the demands of her supporters that she run the effort to draft her. she had early on assigned a letter asking hillary to run. she has been steadfastly neutral praising sanders and clinton at different times during the race. not reputed to have the best of relationships with clinton. if it comes down to this, obviously, this is very
8:52 am
premature. if it comes down to this, and that's what's needed to get this ticket to beat donald trump, you can be sure they will swallow whatever disagreements they have and do this for the benefit of the party. insd indeed, if donald trump is the p nominee. >> let's talk about this sensitive negotiating that's going on. as it was with barack obama and hillary clinton at the time, getting her supporters to as you just noted get behind the candidacy of barack obama, particularly white voters. with hillary clinton and her team, what can you tell us, some of the things happening behind the scene if she is to get this nomination? >> well, she has one thing going for her if trump becomes the nominee. even people that have some
8:53 am
misgivings about hillary clinton, are immediately going to be solidified. she may be unpopular but donald trump is a heck of a lot more unpopular. if somehow it were marco rubio, that would be a very different story. i think a lot of that consolidation will take place naturally. she has taken a lot of steps to bring in the populous adjusting her positions on fraytrade and campaign finance. there would be nothing like bringing in somebody from that wing of the party to fire up the democratic base for this election. >> don't forget to join our special coverage. tonight's primary results, m chris matthews, rachel williams. we'll be right back. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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two live events going on or about to start up. someone in front of the camera.
8:57 am
that is not ted cruz br where he is holding a rally in raleigh, north carolina. bill clinton is campaigning for, of course, his wife. i'm going to work on my raleigh. thank you so much. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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right now on "angela mitchell reports," target trump. they sound like they are working off the same playbook. >> it is clear, a vote for any other candidate, a vote for marco rubio or a vote for john kasich, is a vote for donald trump. >> a vote for ted cruz or john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> raise your


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