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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  March 8, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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the first strip mall in america was back in 1927. shortly there after, it has been a pigly-wiggly. we are in ohio. the battle for the buckeye state continues. they vote here in ohio one week for today. in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii, with one week left to stop donald trump, we should have a few questions answered by the time that polls clothse thi evening. will trump regain his momentum after losing some steam on super saturday or can ohio governor, john kasich, can he give trump a run for his money in michigan? that's a question front and center here. in kasich country. even though the republican race increasingly looks like a two-man battle between trump and
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ted cruz? trump continues to face that onslaught from the establishment wing of the party, first, that stinging speech in utah. now, romney, the robo-caller. the most recent presidential nominee lending his voice to calls for two different candidates, seemingly determined to do all he can to make sure it is anyone but trump. >> if we republicans were to choose donald trump as our nominee, i believe that the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished. >> trump continues to face fire for this moment on the campaign trail. >> raise your right hand, everybody, do you swear that you are going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand? i love you. i love you. >> it's a request that trump has made at other rallies. that moment you just saw there quickly went viral. with one prominent jewish leader
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and holocaust survivor comparing the gesture itself to a nazi salute. this morning, trump talked about the controversy. >> honestly, until this phone call, i didn't know it was a problem. if it is offensive or if there is anything wrong with it, i wouldn't do it. when i say raise your hand, everybody is raising their hand. they are screaming to me, we want to do it. we are all having a lot of fun. >> that was trump on "today." meanwhile, right now, ted cruz is holding a rally in north carolina. speaking to reporters, made the case that trump is in for another night of disappointment. >> donald is really, really mr. working. last election, super saturday, was a very bad day. he came in proudly expecting to sweep all four contests. instead, he got clobbered. >> will michigan be the final frontier for vermont senator
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bernie sanders. it shows hillary clinton with a single digit lead in a recent poll. p reporters on the ground covering today's contest. let's get to hallie jackson live in raleigh. i understand cruz just came out and addressed that trump loyalty pledge that sparked so much controversy a short time ago. what did he say? mr. >> we asked him about it. this crowd is fired up. we have some networks here. listen to what cruz had to say when asked about the donald trump pledge he asked his supporters to take. >> the idea that you would take this loyalty of, you know what, i raise my hand and i take an oath to you, to the people. that's who is working for whom.
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the idea that a candidate running for office wants the people to pledge loyalty to him like subjects to a king. well, we have had seven years of a president who thinks he is an emperor. >> reporter: so cruz obviously responding to donald trump there. he also talked about mitt romney reporting those robo calls on behalf of marco rubio and kasich on this election day and saying that romney has very graciously reached out to the cruz campaign to offer any help, which is interesting. cruz now is talking about the map looking forward. a couple second ago bhil we were listening to the sound bite, he was asked about the calendar moving forward, states not seen where he could play. he brought up california, saying he could do better than people think. as we focus on the next seven days, today, looking in places like idaho, looking at places
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like mississippi and hoping to be able to peel away some delegates in michigan. he is facing some new allegations of what are being dirty tricks from marco rubio's campaign after an e-mail went out blasting a report that marco rubio advisers were suggesting he get out of the rate, a report that he and his team pushed back very strongly against. they are out with a statement disavowing this saying that e-mail from hawaiian supporters was sent by volunteers with no authority to do so by the campaign, distancing themselves from that. so a little bit of drama back and forth on election day. had one week from today, the public calendar says he will be in miami tomorrow looking ahead to florida on super tuesday. this place where cruz wants to keep a lid on marco rubio, make sure he does not get those 99 delegates. ultimately, the strategy goes, kick him out of the race and set up a two-man race between him and donald trump.
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>> hallie jackson in raleigh, north carolina, not far from research triangle park there. good to see a lively audience there in raleigh. let's turn to marco rubio. he is looking at the possibility of finishing fourth. it is a possibility for the rubio campaign. nonetheless, that campaign look ago head to next week. they have flat-out guaranteed that the florida senator will win his home state. he has pressure from trump and cruz to drop out ahead of next week's primary. donald trump leading in the polls in florida. nbc's gabe gutierrez is following the rubio campaign. gabe, the senator getting some high-profile help today. what's the thinking behind these robocalls. >> reporter: hi, craig. good afternoon. the rubio campaign welcoming any help they can get. mitt romney, as he mentioned, play thad robocall earlier. he is on behalf of the rubio campaign but stopping short of
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endorsing rubio. those calls are airing in some states that are p voting today. that could help rubio in idaho where there is a significant mormon population and in michigan where romney's father was the governor there. this is a steep hill to climb. he faces the possibility of finishing fourth in michigan and in mississippi. the rubio campaign is look ago head to florida. they are staking pretty much their entire campaign on florida. earlier, they stopped kissimmee, florida. earlier this morning, he spoke with reporters and was asked about the possibility of a contested convention. take a listen to what he had to say. >> this is a crazy year. this is unlike any election ever. it is not going to follow a traditional model. think about it this way. if anyone else other than donald trump was the front-runner, every candidate in this race would have a tremendous amount
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of pressure on them to drop out. instead, the pressure is to stay in. what we hear from people all over the country, please, do not let donald trump be our nominee. he is going to get crushed and divide the republican party and redefine it. this is a different election year. >> despite calls to drop out, the rubio campaign insisting they will stay in. they are getting a lot of criticism from some people who say they didn't pay attention to florida early enough now that the ted cruz campaign is trying to up his campaign. marco rubio thinks he can gain some momentum from the debate. they say they are in it to win it. they are trying to play themselves as the underdog here. kind of painting themselves as going against donald trump, comparing him to a previous rubio opponent, charlie crist. craig? >> gabe gutierrez for us with the rubio campaign in the sunshine state. don't miss tomorrow night's town
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hall with marco rubio. it is hosted by chuck todd, "meet the press" moderator tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on msnbc. >> meanwhile, in ohio, john kasich, two-term governor, nine-term congressman, hoping for a strong showing in neighboring michigan tonight. kasich hope that is that would give his campaign some momentum, heading into his home state of ohio next week. this is what he said earlier "morning joe." >> we are growing here. you can feel the momentum here in michigan, thank goodness. the intensity of the supporters, the people that are for me, is really pretty remarkable. you would be amazed if you saw it. i think we are going to do well here. i think what's happening is people are finally starting to hear me. i think that's what's happening. up until now, not so much. >> meanwhile, his campaign is out with a new ad in ohio touting kasich's success as governor. >> our great state has done great things.
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together, in the face of a national recession, we turned ohio around and challenged the old way of doing business. we balanced budgets and delivered the nation's largest tax cut and created over 400,000 new jobs. when we rise to a challenge, we show america how it is done. >> joined now by ohio attorney general, mike duwan. >> i am going to vote in a few minutes. >> reporter: this is one of those states where a lot of folks vote early. this is what do i think that will mean for governor cake sis? >> i don't think it will make much difference in this state. he is very popular in the state of ohio. he balanced the budget here. >> reporter: he also expanded medicaid under president obama's not too popular affordable care
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act? >> sure, there may be some republicans that don't like that. overall, the governor is going to carry ohio. we have a lot of volunteers out who have been working very, very hard. he is very popular in ohio. >> reporter: let's talk about michigan and tonight. he has spent more time in michigan than any of the other republicans running for president. of course, just a stone's throw from ohio. he has spent a fair amount of money there as well. what happens if he doesn't finish second in michigan tonight? >> well, they have never said if where they need to come up and finish but it is kind of interesting. in ohio and michigan, for all the rivalry in football, we go back and forth, we don't like to admit this but there are a lot of similarities between ohio and michigan. both are great auto states and auto part states. we have a lot in common. i think that's one of the reasons that governor kasich is doing well in michigan.
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you look this morning. "the new york times" had a poll. that poll showed that kasich was closing in the last two days when the poll was taken. i think, clearly, the momentum is in favor of kasich in michigan. no one is predicting he is going to win michigan. i think he is going to do very well. >> i want to ask you about this robocall again. former republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, making calls on behalf of john kasich, in michigan today. those calls have started. we understand a few hours ago. it appears as if the kasich campaign is distancing itself from these calls to a certain extent. way tonight play a snippet of the call. take a listen. >> today, you have the opportunity in michigan to vote for a republican nominee for president. these are critical times that demand a serious, thoughtful commander in chief. if we republican wrs to choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished.
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>> reporter: why would the campaign distance itself from that call? >> the message itself is a good one. if you look at john kasich's background, he served nine terms on the armed services committee in the united states congress. talk about being a commander and chief. look at the four people that remain. john kasich blows everybody out of the water as far as his experience and his understanding of the military. >> why would the campaign distance themselves from that call? >> i think in the end, calls from other people don't really help a whole lot. i think this race has been so public. it has captured the attention of the american people, people who don't normally pay attention to politics. people are going to make up their own mipd mind ultimately, who should be the next president of the united states. >> i think what john kasich has going for him, of the four, he is the most qualified to be
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president. >> he hasn't won the state yet. >> let me finish. i will give you more. the other thing is republicans want to win. it is going to be hillary clinton. republicans want to beat hillary clinton. it is very important the next president is, for not only foreign affairs but to nominate people for the federal bench. the supreme court is clearly imbalanced. republicans want to win. john kasich is someone who can beat hillary clinton and, in fact, if you look at the poll numbers, he is doing it. >> he hasn't beaten trump yet. if he want beat trump, how can he beat hillary clinton? >> he is going to beat him in ohio. >> reporter: even if he wins ohio. you clearly looked at the delegate map. even if he wins ohio, it is an uphill slog for p john kasich? is his best hope a brokered convention? >> i think he said that himself. no one is going to go into that convention with the majority. then, i think delegates are
10:15 am
going to look at a lot of things. the two things i mentioned, who can be commander in chief and who can leave our country and beat hillary clinton p that's very important. >> reporter: ohio senator mike dewine. how many kids due have? >> eight children. >> reporter: over the span of? >> we had children born in four decades and, yes, the same wife. >> reporter: good to see you. coffee is on us. up next, is it the final countdown for bernie sanders political revolution? we are less than four hours away from our first exit polling. we'll see how the vermont senator is fairing, whose white house hopes are more than likely on the line in michigan tonight. we will go live to detroit. first, though, we are asking you to weigh in on today's microsoft poll's question. is the movement to stop donald trump impacting his campaign?
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as voters go to the polls, we have fresh polling. our new nbc news "the wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton with a 9% lead over bernie sanders. 53-44. that is slightly down. today, specially in michigan, could be senator sanders last
10:20 am
stand as he tries to plug clinton's momentum. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> msnbc national correspondent, joy reid, joins he from detroit. sanders thesis has been that the economy has created epic income inequality. that should resonate in a place like michigan, specially detroit. is that a message that's moving the needle there? >> good morning or good afternoon, craig. sure. voters in dearborn, where we were this morning and here in detroit, they do talk a lot about economic conditions, about jobs. i haven't heard too many people specifically mention income inequality, per se. what people are focused on is the idea, can they find and keep a good job?
10:21 am
in this economy, in this state, that's a lot about detroit. it is a lot about the auto industry. that's a very important topic. when in the debate the other day, hillary clinton hit bernie sanders for his lack of support or not voting for a portion of the auto bailout being moved over despite the fact that he did support the bailout, that actually clearly shook the sanders campaign. they know that is really important here. take a listen to a radio ad that the sanders campaign is running here in michigan to try to counter that. >> it's not surprising his opponent is out with a new radio ad trying to distort the truth about bern ness's record. "the washington post" says his opponent's campaign glosses over a lot, including the fact that sanders is on the record as supporting the auto bailout. he even voted for it, unquote. >> sanders supporter that we talked to particularly in dearborn said they are not moved off of their support for him by whatever he did in terms of that
10:22 am
vote and whether or not he supported. we did hear both from sanders supporters, clinton supporters and trump supporters this morning that the word of the day in michigan is jobs. that's what people p care about. they are voting on who they think has the most credible plan to bring jobs back here in michigan. back to you, craig. >> msnbc's joy reid in detroit where, again, they are voting, as we speak. i am joined now by ohio state representative, alicia reiss. we are bringing it back to the buckeye state. she is the president of the ohio black caucus, the oldest black caucus representing roughly 1.5 african-americans in ohio. thanks for being with me. >> thanks for having me. >> the caucus interviewed hillary clinton and bernie sanders before voting to endorse clinton. why did you wait so long? what did your members learn from the interview sns. >> i think it is important.
10:23 am
we were waiting for the battle to come to ohio. when we get beyond the primary, no one can get to the white house without coming through ohio. we had great interviews with both candidates. at the end of the day, when we are faced with an election, the last two presidential elections, i think the revolution started with the election of president barack obama and we want to keep that continuation. history was on the ballot for african-americans. this election, the survival of african-americans will be on the ballot. we see the kkk has risen up as it relates to the republican side of the party and affirmative action on the chopping block. it is very important who is going to be in the supreme court. we also see voting rights act didn't make 50 years before they touched it. so we have been out on the ground and have collected over 100,000 signatures throughout ohio to put a constitutional voter bill of rights on the
10:24 am
ballot. we talked to both candidates. we wanted to find someone that is very qualified and has the infrastructure and that will partner with the ohio legislative black caucus on the ground. our members voted to endorse hillary clinton. we believe she has got the plan. we believe that she will partner with the ohio legislative black caucus on the ground. we think she can beat the republican nominee and tear down some of these things that they have been after president obama on. >> alicia, you are in cincinnati. we are farther north here in columbus. next week, we're going to move farther north to cleveland. i have talked to a lot of people. this is something that continues to jump out at me in ohio. that is the enthusiasm gap. these are some early numbers, granted. we don't have all the states in. this is a look at turnout in super tuesday states. these are just states that voted
10:25 am
on super tuesday. as you can see there, 2008-2016, a huge gap between folks who voted in the republican primaries and folks that voted in the democratic primaries. the numbers have essentially flip-flopped. they have essentially flip-flopped. 8,307,000 for republicans and 5 d 557.243 for democrats. how concerned are you that that enthusiasm gap is going to spell bad news for democrats come november in the general here? >> obviously, we are very concerned about that. that's why our endorsement with the ohio ledges lace tiff black caucus. we are not just endorsing. we are hitting the ground. we have souls to the polls this weekend. i think it is very important as
10:26 am
you probably know, the african-american was the largest ethnic group to vote. we have some work to do. that's why we support hillary clinton. we think she has the infrastructure. if she partners with folks like the ohio legislative black caucus and others who are on the ground, we have to get the message out. the survival of african-americans will be on the ballot. the kkk is back up and running. i remember fighting the kkk when i was a student and stopping david duke from being the governor there. when the african-american community gets up and ready to go, you are going to see those numbers jump. we are going to be on the ground starting this week and this weekend. >> state representative, alicia reece, good to see you. thank you for being with me. up next, we'll check in with my friend, cal perry. on the ground in jackson, mississippi, where they are voting. right now, it looks like literally, no one is voting. trust us, they are voting in
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mississippi. polls closed at 8:00 p.m. eastern. ted cruz hoping to swing the last of the deep south states. we will go to mississippi after this. first, though, you haven't truly experienced ohio p until you have tried some of this. buckeye candy. the famous chocolate/peanut butter combination named after the official state buckeye treat has been serving ohioans well since the mid 1900s. if you don't want to make your own recipe at home. these candies are mass-produced in a slew of stores all over the country.
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10:31 am
a double digit victory. if he has a big night as he did in southern states on super tuesday, it will be a sign of his continued strength. ted cruz, if he closes in as he did in louisiana on saturday, could be a sign that trump's support is softening a bit. lots of eyes on mississippi. 40 gop delegates up for grabs on the democratic side. cal perry is at a polling location in jackson, mississippi. as senator ted cruz picked up a key endorsement, that's not the only endorsement he has picked up. >> reporter: no. he has some local endorsements as well. we finally got some voters here. it was a bit busy at 7:00 a.m. there was a line. it seemed to have slowed down around lunchtime. mississippi is win or take off. if you break that 50% voting mark. it looks like something hillary clinton is after. that would give her all the 41
10:32 am
delegates. the ted cruz push in the last few days has people wondering if donald trump will reach the 51% ad. these new batch of campaign ads, it is cruz commando, i believe, is the title. take a listen. >> our qualifications for president of the united states are rather narrow. is he or she godly? does he or she love us? can he or she do the job? finally, would they kill a duck and put him in a pot and make them a good duck gumbo? i've looked at the candidates. ted cruz is my man. he is godly, loves us, a man for the job and he will go duck hunting. >> likely not an ad that would play as well in places like michigan but certainly here in mississippi, a place that has voted republican in the last few presidential elections, a place
10:33 am
for the republican history, that's an ad that seems to be playing. we have spoken to some voters earlier today, that say they are sticking with trump even though that tone that a lot don't like, because he is a businessman and has a simple message. craig? >> that was the first time i have seen that ad. that is quite the ad. cal perry in mississippi, good to see you as always. when we come back, donald trump and the campaign salute that continues to offend some holocaust survivors. what trump had to say about it today. also, we'll talk about ohio's lieutenant governor about the organized effort to take down the republican frontrunner and whether her support for ohio governor, john kasich, is helping or hurting that effort. so much more to get to. beautiful, columbus, ohio, a stone's throw from osu. there it is.
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helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. we're back live here in columbus, ohio. this is stauf's coffee roasters. ohio, the capital of the buckeye state where we sit right now in columbus. democrats and republicans head to the polls, one week for today. winner take all. no prize for second place in ohio. four states are holding contests today. both democrats and republicans are voting in michigan and mississippi. only republicans will vote in hawaii and idaho, a total of 188 delegates are at stake for democrats and for republicans, all eyes are on michigan with a total of 59 delegates there. ohio, john kasich, spending a lot of time in michigan, hoping for a strong showing in the
10:38 am
state, hoping to use that strong showing to build momentum heading into tuesday's primary here in his home state. a new monmouth poll out of michigan showing kasich, as you can see there, running third, close third, though, surging right now. he is 15 points behind donald trump. that's the most recent poll available. for more, let's turn to msnbc's tony kapulka. what are voters saying on the ground there today? >> reporter: hey, craig, i'm at mott community college, beautiful spot in flint, michigan. voters are streaming in to the largest precinct and making a key decision here. it comes down not to led poisoning, a major issue but jobs. who is going to bring them back to this city? give you one data point that brings it home. a generation ago, michigan young people were the highest earners in america. since then, their wages have fallin 25%.
10:39 am
the unemployment is low. on the gop side, you have donald trump and kasich competing to the greater defender of that working class voter. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the same point. the question is, hillary clinton, do you blame her for nafta under bill clinton? it was a trade deal that took away the auto jobs. trade is not the only issue here. i talked about ryan we're and charles buckley that brought up different issues, relate ability and foreign affairs. >> i like bernie sanders. >> reporter: how come? >> i think i connect to him more than i do all the other candidates. that's what i look for the most, relateability. >> reporter: who do you like as someone strong on foreign affairs? >> it would have to be hillary
10:40 am
clinton. >> no doubt. >> craig, just one more voter anecdote that brings it home here. hillary clinton, they blame her for nafta. they think that took away jobs. they recognize she is a politician and they say washington is full of them and it is going to take one to beat those guys. >> washington is, in fact, full of them. tony deculpo, in flint, michigan. thank you, sir. meanwhile, in neighboring ohio, it is a must-win for governor, john kasich. kasich has yet to win any states so far this primary season. in fact, his best finish so far, second in new hampshire. without a win here in his home state, his campaign pretty much over. right now, polls out of ohio show donald trump with a slight lead over kasich. i want to bring in ohio, lieutenant governor, mary taylor, supporting john kasich for president. she is a second-term lieutenant governor from akron just
10:41 am
outside. thank you so much for being with me. >> fwf before we get to what wen to talk about, i want to talk to you about a tweet. this is something that our folks in new york say. keep in mind, last week, governor romney had the stinging speech in utah and the robocalls for kasich and rubio. he has tweeted to an ad that takes a few shots at donald trump. this is from the american future fund. >> i went to an ivy league school. i am very highly educated. i know words. i have the best words. this is your mother -- he gets a nomination, they are going to sue his -- i don't give a -- we'll beat the -- out of him. they are ripping the -- out of the sea. what the hell are we doing? >> we did not include the joke from last week's presidential debate. we also didn't include the entire ad. there is a lot more bleeping in
10:42 am
the ad. what is your general reaction? do you think these kind of attacks are going to wear down trump or he might embolden his supporters? >> it sounded mostly like bleeps to me. my goal is to support the candidate i think is going o do the best and the candidate that can restore hope in america. that's john kasich. rather than talk about what is going to hurt or help donald trump, i would rather talk about john kasich. >> reporter: let's talk about that. the reality is, you look at the numbers coming out of ohio, it is still a long shot for john kasich. is his best chance a brokered convention? is that what kasich supporters are hoping for? >> you have already stated, i think that voters as they hear more and more about john kasich, are moving in his direction. we have another week before we vote in ohio. john kasich is going to win ohio. polling shows that he is the only candidate, republican
10:43 am
candidate, that beats hillary clinton and bernie sanders in ohio. of course, if we want to win in november, we have to win ohio. that's going to make a big difference. that's the message we are communicating. >> i want to ask you that same question one more time and give you an opportunity to answer it. brokered convention, is that kasich's best opportunity for the nomination? >> i don't think so yet. i think he is going to win who i hi. >> reporter: you think that's going to create this domino effect where he starts to pick up other states? >> i really do. his strength is in the midwest and the north. that's where this primary is moving to. >> reporter: i know you don't want to talk about donald trump. i want to ask you about this pledge. this is something that a lot of folks are talking about. donald trump responded to it. a number of folks, specifically jewish voters, a holocaust survivor said this was largely offensive. he is, once again, under fire for something he has been doing at rallies for a bhwhile, calli on his supporter to take this pledge. he did it last night in mississippi. this is how it went down.
10:44 am
>> when are you voting, come on? tomorrow. raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you are going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you. i love you. you can't go back now. i'm only kidding. if you want to, you can. nobody is going to do the job that i'm doing. >> reporter: what's your reaction to that? >> i saw it this morning. i was a little uncomfortable, quite honestly. >> reporter: just a little uncomfortable. >> look, we're seeing things this year that i can tell you i have never seen before in my lifetime. i'm sure a lot of people are saying the same thing. i like john kasich's focus on positive and how he restores hope in our country because of his experience and what we've done here in the state of ohio. >> reporter: i want to talk to you really quickly before i let you talk about planned parenthood. this has come up a fair amount as well. your candidate, as you know. i want to play what donald trump
10:45 am
said about planned parenthood for a second and we'll talk about it. >> planned parenthood has done very good work for many, many, for millions of women. i will say it. i know a lot of the so-called conservatives, they say, that's really. i'm a conservative. i'm a common sense conservative. millions of women have been helped by planned parenthood. but we are not going to allow and we are not going to fund as long as you have the abortion going on in planned parenthood. >> reporter: governor kasich signed a bill that aims to strip funding from planned parenthood in this state. what do you make of trump's comments which are at odds with other comment sns. >> john kasich is pro-life. they still provide abortions. there are plenty of organizations that can provide women's care and not provide abortions. >> reporter: thank you.
10:46 am
i appreciate your time. ohio, not technically one of today's primary states but early voting is already underway in this critical battleground state. it has been underway for some time. we will talk buckeye ground game. we will take a look at the early voting numbers as well. when we come back live from columbus. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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10:50 am
steven epper, the chairman for the party. thanks for following us up. michelle, i want to start with you. there are not a lot of reliable polls out of ohionow. any reliable, new information that you're getting on the ground? what are you hearing, what are you seeing in terms of where this race might be shaping up, specifically on the republican side? >> on the republican side, i think the latest polls were out a couple weeks ago, and we'll probably see more in the next couple days, but trump was up about five points over john kasich. the people doing the poll said it's still pretty close. we're going to see kasich in ohio a lot this week, trump will be there a couple times. cruz and rubio are not spending a lot of time here, so i think it will come down to trump and kasich here. >> who has the better operation right now, trump, kasich, cruz, who has the most boots on the ground? >> i would say the ohio democratic party does. we have a good field working
10:51 am
every day, we have a thousand volunteers and our candidates do as well. i think we're starting to see a kasich campaign. i've actually seen more trump signs than anything else. i don't know what that tells you, that may not be organization, but we're working really hard to be ready for the general election this fall. >> hillary clinton has a sizeable lead here. we have not seen bernie sanders in ohio a whole heck of a lot. what kind of impact do you think that's going to have? >> actually, they've both been here a lot. he was in cleveland oethe other day. they're both going to be at our dinner on sunday. they both have strong support. hillary has been here since '08 a lot, and there is a real grassroots around bernie. people are excited about both of them. >> ipts want to point to some numbers here that perhaps speak to the enthusiasm.
10:52 am
super tuesday states, republicans and democrats versus 2008, 2016. that's pretty staggering. to what can we attribute that? >> there's been so much media attention to the republican party. it started out with such a large field, and then you got donald trump, he is a former reality star. he has brought a lot more republicans into it. >> do those numbers worry you considerably as we head into november? >> no, because what we're seeing, the other side has five, six, seven, eight, nine candidates depending on the state all getting their voters out. some are surprised that will draw out more voters and two candidates. we saw something in nevada. we reached the same turnout as they did in the caucuses. we know the democrats are very energized, and i think they'll be even more energized by donald trump being president. >> i spent a fair amount of time here three or four years ago,
10:53 am
specifically cuyahoga county. it was a great deal of energy four years ago. same amount of energy as four years ago? >> we're seeing the same amount of energy welcoming both in our party, both the sanders' and hillary camps. i think we're seeing young people get energized, we're seeing new people come to the fore. we're seeing thousands of people sign up to be volunteers of our party already, so we'll have a great ground game going into the fall. >> thank you for being with us. a quick reminder, our first exit poll results just about three hours away from now, and that's msnbc. first the results of the microsoft pulse question, is the movement to stop donald trump impacting his campaign? remember, voting is still open. you can head to to join in. feel alive"♪
10:54 am
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we are live from columbus, ohio. stauff's coffee roasters here just outside columbus. we'll be back here tomorrow. my colleague thomas roberts picks up our coverage from tampa, florida, another state going to the polls one week from today. with marco rubio's standing hanging in the balance there in the sunshine state. msnbc, your place for politics. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night.
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11:01 am
inside we are broadcasting from the columbia cafe. come on, come in here and look at this good stuff. we have the cuban sandwich, the 1905 sandwich, sangria and a lineup of reporters to speak to. we're heading to the polls in today's contests. democrats in michigan and mississippi with a total delegates of 136 and 36. hillary clinton holding more. donald trump favored to take the most out of the delegates today, but trump is also coming under fire for asking supporters to pledge their allegiance. take a look. >> raise your right hand,
11:02 am
everybody! do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you! i love you! >> now, some critics have made the observation and compare this loyalty gesture from trump in the audience to a nazi salute. this morning trump said he didn't mean to offend anybody. >> honestly, until this phone call, i didn't know it was a problem. if it's sensitive or anything wrong with it, i wouldn't do it. but when i say raise your hand, everybody raises their hand. they're screaming at me to do it, everybody wants to do it. we're having a lot of fun. >> nationally donald trump is still ahead by 19 points. ted cruz is moving into second place there. you can see he's on the board at 20%, marco rubio at 18. today donald trump is in florida, and we've got senator marco rubio also campaign ng in his must-win home state.
11:03 am
senator cruz is in knonorth carolina, he's expected to be here tomorrow, and john kasich is heading to his home state of ohio. we have reporters all across the country covering every twist and turn of this historic race. we want to start with republicans, and ted cruz just wrapping up a rally in raleigh, north carolina as he tries to make that position that he's the best person to head the gop. he was asking trump asking his supporters to do the pledge of allegiance. >> the idea that you would take this loyalty oath, you know what? i raise my hand and i take an oath to you, the people. that's who is working for whom. and the idea that a candidate running for office wants the people to pledge loyalty to him like subjects to a king, well, we've had seven years of a president who thinks he's an emperor. >> we go to nbc's hallie jackson who is following ted cruz today.
11:04 am
he's made that argument for the last several weeks, but does he need to overperform tonight to hammer that argument home? >> reporter: yeah, it would certainly help, given, thomas, the questions that were raised about cruz's viability when you look at the calendar moving forward. before we get too far into this, i want to let you know we're on our way from raleigh over toward charlotte where he has his next event later tonight, his kind of party for the election results as they roll in. key to his performances and key to his strategy would be his performance in idaho, for one, watch that. look at mississippi as well. can he come in maybe a strong second there? will we see what we saw in louisiana, which is those late deciding voters breaking towards the anti-trump candidate at vet end. watch michigan as well, of places not traditionally cruz territo territory, right? hawaii is a bit of a question mark, but a lot of discussion how ted cruz will perform not just tonight but also a week
11:05 am
from today when, for example, north carolina -- balloting contest. you mentioned this, but i think it's worth reiterating. he heads to miami tomorrow morning, and that is a strategy that's raising some eyebrows. cruz trying to play in florida, compete there, his superpac potentially putting up some ads there not necessarily to win outright but try and keep ahead of marco rubio so he really can, in his mind, keep it a two-man race between himself and donald trump. >> meanwhile, as we hear cruz trying to pivot to be that alternative to trump, we now have donald trump firing off this tweet going after mitt romney, also going after lindsey graham. he said, mitt romney had his chance and blew it. lindsey graham ran for president, got zero and quit. why are they now spokesmen against me? is to he's continuing the anti-trump message, but does he
11:06 am
feel pressure in the gop against him? >> i don't know why they wouldn't continue that anti-establishment message. it has worked for them so far, at least recently. donald trump talked about wanting to unite the party and bring all different factions of the party together. when you see lindsey graham and mitt romney talk about ted cruz and talk about the idea, be grudgingly, that maybe the establishment should rally around ted cruz, it does seem to be getting to donald trump. he's taking to twitter to kind of speak out against this. he's done it a little bit in person as well. so when you talk about whether the establishment is it really coalescing behind ted cruz, that's what cruz wants to see. there is a question mark as to whether that is really going to happen, particularly when marco rubio -- and let's talk about john kasich still in this race, too. kasich is somebody who you should watch in michigan, potentially could overperform there, too. still some question marks, and i think as we've been talking about over the next seven days, those question marks will get answered. >> we'll have some of our first
11:07 am
exit polling coming up late this afternoon, 5:00, and we'll begin to see how we can start to characterize certain races. hallie jackson, thanks for joining us. on her way out of raleigh down south. we turn our attention to marco rubio where his gop rivals is making the case he needs to drop out, and rubio vows to go the distance, to stay in this race, and is even guaranteeing the win in his home state of plflorida next week. he told his supporters this is to make sure donald trump doesn't redefine the republican party. >> what we hear from people all over the country is, please, do not let donald trump be our nominee. he's going to get crushed and divide the republican party and redefine it in a negative way. this is just a very different election year. >> so nbc's gabe gutierrez is following the rubio campaign in florida. he's on the outskirts of jacksonville. mitt romney recorded the robo calls for rubio. he also did it for john kasich. is this just another step in the anybody but trump movement?
11:08 am
>> reporter: yeah, thomas, good afternoon. just like hallie, we're ourselves enroute to a campaign event. very busy day for marco rubio. he stopped off in kissimmee, florida this morning as another route to sarasota and is headed to jacksonville later this evening, and that's where we're headed. mitt romney recording that ro robocall to air in several states today, his thought being maybe it could help marco rubio in a state like idaho with a significant mormon population, or in a state like michigan where romney's father, of course, was the governor. the question will be for marco rubio, can he avoid a fourth place finish in some of those states today? for example, michigan and mississippi. it could be another disappointing day for marco rubio. but his campaign is looking forward. they are really stressing their play for florida, rubio's home state. a monmouth university poll that we had been reporting on yesterday said rubio is down eight percentage points in the
11:09 am
state of florida, but he really thinks he can take on donald trump. as hallie mentioned, cruz trying to squeeze out trump, they hope they can gain some momentum. but almost the majority, a large number, of absentee and early voters actually went for marco rubio instead of donald trump. and that poll also showed that rubio was doing a decent job in northern florida, but he was struggling in central florida. so look over the next couple days for marco rubio to really make that play to win his state of florida. the question will be, even if he were to win florida, what happens then? does this go to a contested convention? and if you look at the map, that seems almost certain if marco rubio -- if he had any path to the nomination, it would go to the contestant convention. his communications director this
11:10 am
morni morning on msnbc insinuated as much. they don't have a good answer what would happen in that contested convention if donald trump had the plurality of the votes. for now it's all florida altogether time. the rubio campaign thinks they can win. the ted cruz and trump, of course, think otherwise. thomas? >> thanks, gabe. i want to bring you now to a conversation with tim miller, senior adviser for the anti-trump group. he was also the communications director for the jeb bush campaign. what's the argument for cruz to stay in this race? is there the rationale that if he doesn't win florida, their logic to stay in goes away? >> reporter: well, thomas, i'm going to leave that to the campaigns, but there are two polls this morning that shows in a head to head race ted cruz and
11:11 am
marco rubio both kill donald trump. so whether we get into a head to head situation, or whether we get into a more fractured delegate situation that has to be dealt with in cleveland, i think either way donald trump is in trouble. he has negative momentum right now. we've never had a nominee who at this point in the process was losing ground, and that's what's happening with donald. >> right now is this the bigger issue, tim, for the gop and for your party and everything that's being done to stop donald trump? not so much about winning the general election, but being able to win the party back with a standard air that represents what republicans feel? >> donald trump doesn't represent our values. there is kind of a fake narrative out there that it's about the establishment. grassroots conservative, people who have long fights with the republican party establishment, are out there viscerally
11:12 am
attacking donald trump. that's a real important element about this, and so is winning the general election. hillary clinton is losing in general election polls to marco and ted cruz, and she's dominating donald trump. this is important on both those poin points. >> mitt romney supported marco rubio and john kasich. donald trump tweeted this ad. >> i went to an ivy league school, i was very highly educated. i know the best words. he gets a nomination, they're going to sue his [ bleep ]. >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. they're ripping the [ bleep ] out of the sea. what the [ bleep ] are we doing? >> so the pile-on against trump continues, but do you think mitt romney is trying to set himself up to be drafted as the republican nominee.
11:13 am
thz really starting to begin the chapter of a brokered convention. romney has not endorsed somebody. >> i don't think he's doing that. he's outlining donald trump's vulnerabilities, whether it's the fact he won't release his tax returns, he's hiding the fact he's not worth as much as he says, he doesn't give enough to charity as he says, and his business failures. there was a story out yesterday morning about how donald trump, in order to keep a racist high rolers kept minorities away from the table. this was a guy with major issues when it comes to race. he has time and time again hurt regular people in order to enrich himself. and, you know, he's basically hiding the ball on really little
11:14 am
pieces. . >> i'm glad he's out there doing it. >> so your former boss. obviously he is for anybody. >> i haven't had the chance to talk to him. we're going to stem. but the republican party cannot nominate someone who is not a conservative, we cannot attack someone who disabled what's clear about that, and he took donald trump on every opportunity he got, so i think the voters here know where he stand when it comes to donald trump. >> tim miller, good to have you on. tim being part of the. he's with the ted cruz campaign. ron, it's good to have you with
11:15 am
me about dirty tricks being played in ohio against the rubio campai campaign. that many. they were handing that around making sure they weren't trying to elicit. why would cruz supporters feel it okay to use this discredited story going after rubios back in the rice. -- race. >> didn't know anything about it, got on the phone right away, spoke to people in hawaii. determined there were some volunteers on the ground in hawaii who had picked up this cnn story which was featured on the dredge report, and i e-mailed it out and put it on their facebook page.
11:16 am
we asked them immediately to take it down. they did, and that's that. also our legal counsel said, do not use the ads. we have him and we have him appropriately. >> look, the nature of politics is when a campaign is flailing, they attack. and they attack other candidates, and they attack their integrity. this particular e-mail apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii not affiliated with the campaign, not working for the campaign, not under authorization for the campaign. we have over 200,000 volunteers across the country. i can't control, nor do i want to control what.
11:17 am
>> we know and fell on his sword because of it. how doouj the cruz camp can shed this off if the support on this. the damage is already done, ron? this was a cnn story. they believe that story ton r to be true. we intervened right away and took appropriate action. what senator cruz, i think, was also saying was that what we see from the rubio campaign over and over again san attempt to explain their consistent losses and not give credit where credit is due. senator cruz's campaign has done so well because of the thousands of volunteers and thousands of small dollars contributed to back the campaign up. that's why the campaign
11:18 am
announced today it passed the $17 million mark, average contribute $1600, 200 volunteers actively engaged around the country. they're the people challenging this campaign to victory, and yes, there was a story they appeared to be true on the website, and we took action to take that down. >> basically comparing their voters to 2:00 a.m. bar goers with beer goggles on and they're desperate about this. cruz has no endorsements from his senate colleagues, so does cruz have ail. >> it raised the question of senator cruz in support of marco rubio who consistently comes in fourth and third and third and
11:19 am
third. marco rubio was very popularity. to see who rallied against senator cruz is really inappropriate and people who make a comment like that should apologize, because this has been handled by wonderful, wonderful volunteers. we're proud of them, we're sure to have this report and it makes some people in the establishment. he's the onlial alternate tif to donald trump who has a pathway to the nomination. and as his race continues to narrow. he is in the position to become the republican nominee and can actually win in november. the polling shows in a head to head matchup, ted cruz beats hillary clinton, and thaet the matchup we want to see.
11:20 am
ron, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. democrats up for grabs. in michigan, could it be bernie sanders' last stand? >>. we're going to find out what they're thirnging on the ground. we're going to take dare of. is the movement to stop donald trump impacting his campaign? . we have some of the results coming this hour, but so far 75% say yes, 25% say no. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles
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welcome back to super tuesday coverage and we take a look at the left now where hillary clinton continues to best bernie sanders in polls. but bernie sanders is not backing out. the wall street journal poll has clinton leading, but bernie sanders has independents, liberal, age 50 and younger and women 18 to 49. but the big prize is michigan where the pressure is on for the sanders campaign. msnbc's kasie hunt is with the sanders campaign. let's talk about the contest for march 15. what's the bar that needs to be cleared today, or they feel needs to be cleared today?
11:25 am
>> reporter: hey, thomas. they know pressure is really on them, particularly in michigan. this is the kind of place where if sanders is going to prove that he is capable of winning across the country, this is a place where he has to do it. it's a place where there are a lot of college campuses, a lot of students that have turned out by the thousands, but also a lot of working class voters just devastated by the economy. and that, of course, has been the focus of bernie sanders' entire campaign, sometimes to some criticism from the clintons who say it is a one-note campaign. but there is some genuine nervousness in the clinton campaign today about how this primary in michigan is going to go. she has held that wide lead in many of these polls, but both sides say it's likely to be much closer, and there is a sense that he might be able to close. so on the one hand, if he does surprise, that could potentially give him new momentum and provide us with some evidence that he could win in ohio and
11:26 am
illinois, some of the states coming up on march 15. but if he loses, that could be evidence he's really going to struggle in those same states and that he won't be able to close that delegate lead in the end, thomas. >> msnbc's kasie hunt reporting in miami, florida. thanks so much. we want to turn to that mission on the ground in michigan. antonio is at a polling place in flint. the opportunity you've had to be about voters today and ask them some questions, what are they saying about who they like, and what is the most important issue to them as they come to cast their ballots? >> reporter: thai, thomas. i'm at mott community college. these voters behind me, they've been streaming in all day, slowly but surely. clinton was hit hard by the economic crisis, but what matters here is jobs, jobs, jobs. on the democratic side you've got hillary clinton trying to
11:27 am
put away bernie sanders. she's trying to convince voters like these that although she supported some trade deals that say hurt the economy here in michigan. on the gop side it's donald trump versus john kasich. we haven't heard a thing about marco rubio. he has to take 15% or more in this state if he wants to get any delegates at all, but anybody we talk to it's been trump or kasich. do they support tariffs on moving jobs overseas, or do they go behind kasich in ohio. can kasich move people from the democrat side, can trump do the same? we talked to some people. didn't seem like it. take a listen. >> ted cruz said he would tax the motor company if they built overseas. does that attract you? >> i'm sorry, we don't want to
11:28 am
say something bad about somebody, but we just don't support donald trump at all. >> no. >> we've never been much for name calling and things like that. he made the republican party actually look a little ridiculous with his ant i cics, that's why we have no feel for donald trump. >> if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all. >> reporter: trump not getting in with lois and her husband. one of the late great sayings by yogi berra is, it ain't over till it's over. it certainly could apply to the 2016 race. we'll hear what voters think is hitting out of the park or striking out.
11:29 am
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with humira, remission is possible. we're here at george ste steinbrenner field. we've got joe dimaggio and down here babe ruth. you can find a healthy dose of peanuts, cracker jacks and politics. >> you're going with trump? >> no. >> who do you like? who stands out snfor you? >> i just know who i don't like. >> so donald trump? why do you like donald trump? >> because he's very outspoken, i like what he stands for, and i believe when he becomes president, he's going to do what he says. >> hillary has her issues and stuff, that benghazi stuff, it's still a lot about being truthful and honesty, that always plays a
11:33 am
part in it. >> i don't know about you, honey, but i'm anti-establishment. >> anti-establishment down the line. mitt romney's speech the other day totally helped trump, in my opinion. if there's a brokered convention and donald trump is in the lead and doesn't come out of it as the nominee, there's going to be a bloodbath. >> it could be bad. >> yeah. >> when it comes to what your friends are saying back home about who they like -- >> they're all very discouraged. >> anybody against hillary, but probably trump. >> why? >> he has enough money to do anything. ahead, our florida insiders, nbc's gary sanders are with me.
11:34 am
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so we are following super tuesday here on msnbc and the candidates are coming out swinging with their presidential hopes on the line as we look at what their aspirations mean moving forward if they don't secure caucuses and primaries today with candidates hitting mississippi, michigan and idaho with this caucus in hawaii. meanwhile, democrats have 147 delegates in michigan and mississippi primaries. c cal perry is in jacksonvill, mississippi. what do you see in the polls
11:38 am
this morning? >> it's definitely speeding up. here it feels like in this district more republican voters coming out, which would play here in mississippi. we've been talking to voters all morning. many of them support trump, and a lot of them have been telling us that that vote in many ways is really a protest vote. what brought you out to vote today? >> change. >> change. >> we can't go down the same road we've been going for the last eight years. i voted for trump, mainly. he's not a politician. i'm tired of politicians. i want to try something different. >> reporter: now, ted cruz has had a fresh adhere in mississippi. we woke up this morning to that oldie but goodie, that duck dynasty ad which is playing here on all local stations as he runs around the country and continues to grab delegates pushing toward cleveland. it will be interesting to see when the polls close in a couple hours how much he's able to get and how much of a gap he's able to shrink down.
11:39 am
cal perry reporting for us in mississippi. cal, thank you so much. mississippi is going to remain a critical test of donald trump's strength. we'll have the results of that out shortly, but perhaps no battle means as much to donald trump as the showdown here in the state of florida. that's coming up next week on tuesday, march 15. trump very badly wants to decimate marco rubio in his home state, and the latest polling shows rubio is behind in single digits. but the sign that trump plans to challenge cruz, jeb bush's brother is going behind ted cruz. nick desegli and susan mcgrath is here. good to have you both with me.
11:40 am
nick, let me ask you first, because as we look at the numbers, the population and demographics of florida is so diverse. we're in the i-5 corridor. everyone wants to say they were able to capture this area. what would you say the path to victory is next week? >> get the vote out. absentee ballots have been out for a few weeks, and it's about getting that vote out. the candidates are on the ground, the candidates are on television, they're knocking on doors. this is all about getting out the vote. >> as we look at the polling of donald trump skpeez beatiand he florida senator marco rubio, do you think these numbers really tell the tale of how the florida area feels? >> i think they're noteworthy. we're certainly going to run the primary and give both candidates the opportunity to see how they perform. i think they both have strong messages.
11:41 am
>> when we look at the numbers for donald trump, nick, is this really his state to lose compared to marco rubio? we know that cruz is trying to come in to knock him out, basically get it to donald trump in the 99 delegates. is this really donald trump's to lose right now? >> if you look in the last several weeks with one of these primaries, the polling has been all over the place. as we see, this is a very competitive republican primary process. so we've got a week to go. a lot of things can happen in a week. we've got a big election tonight with four states. we've got a debate later in the week. i think there is a lot for marco rubio on the line, and of course for donald trump, and it's highly competitive. >> we've got two different debates coming up in florida this week, for the democrats tomorrow night, the republicans thursday night. as nick pointed out, susan, it's highly competitive on the right, it's not as competitive on the left. in the long term, is that going to help the democrats? >> i don't necessarily agree that it's not energetic on the
11:42 am
democratic side. we have two strong candidates. clearly we don't have the issues and the conversations going on on the other side. it's more issue driven. but i think democrats are excited for both candidates. >> both teams are a little more predictable. is that fair to say? >> i wouldn't say predictable. we have two strong candidates. i don't think it's the situation on the republican side. >> nick, how would you say? would you say there's is predictable and that makes it more exciting for you, or the reverse? >> we republicans were very confident going into this election cycle. we're looking at a coronation of hillary clinton on the left. of course, the superdelegates are an influential role in this process. you can say it's a rigged system, if you will, and again, it's a coronation for hillary clinton. >> cruz is out today calling donald trump king trump, getting people to do that pledge. so we shall see how this process
11:43 am
moo moves forward. it is democratic, but sometimes perhaps it takes a royal turn to it. susan, do you have something to add? >> we're watching what's going on on the other side, and when we have a party that is not comfortable with their own frontrunner and has leaders of the party trying to move that party, that's something we're watching very closely. >> we're all watching it very closely. nick, susan mcgrath, thank you for being with me. marco rubio and his must-win home state of florida. is he going to go the distance and win this race? we'll go to the path of victory with insiders. today's pulse question. the question being, is the movement to stop donald trump impacting his campaign? 28% say yes, 72% say no. ♪ (vo) you can check on them.
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it always comes down to florida. it will come down to florida on the 15th and it will come down to florida in november. i've been in this moment before when people say it can't be done. i know it can be done and it must be done. >> he is the home state senator and he is the underdog here in florida. there we have senator marco rubio saying he's comfortable running as that underdog candidate, but could that strategy backfire here in florida? he's facing a crucial battle in the sunshine state. polls show him eight points behind trump and likely republican voters. we have an anchor and reporter here in tampa, and gary sanders, who needs to introduction here in florida. he's been on the campaign with marco rubio. let's start with you, gary. early voting would suggest a benefit to who at this stage in florida? >> the early voting, which is now more than a million, 1.2
11:48 am
million people in this state voted early. they began with doing the mail-in voting, and since saturday people have been walking in and voting. the numbers indicate there are more republicans voting than democrats, and the analysts suggest that the early voting probably lieeans a little bit toward donald trump because a lot of it has to do with name recognition. this is early voting before the campaign really started spending money here, putting their tv commercials on the air trying to blanket the area. he had the highest earned media because he's been on tv so much that he has that name recognition. and sort of ironic is that some people voted early, so they voted for jeb bush. of course, he's out of the race now, but interestingly, it was jeb bush who signed the early voting law in place here in florida. >> because the florida situation in 2000. so canndace, what is the name i.d. in the i-5 corridor? this is the only section that really sends people to the white house. they get it right, typically,
11:49 am
all the time. >> that's right. they've got it right since 1992. you have a huge segment of republicans on this end and you have a huge segment of democrats on the other end. a lot of them are talking about donald trump right now, and it's very interesting to wait and see, and if rubio can get that excitement going that donald trump has going here. >> we got some allegations from the rubio campaign about the cruz campaign using these dirty tricks in hawaii, kind of what we saw in iowa against ben carson. now, the campaign has totaled distanced themselves from this saying it was cruz supporters that did it. but kerry, do you think that's something that will really shake out in a week's time in florida at all? >> because it's happening in the moment and because we're so close to the 15th, it's a little hard to say. it's going on allegedly in hawaii right now. when you look at it, we saw it actually happen and take root in iowa. and so whether it's a dirty trick that comes from the campaign or whether it's from somebody outside of the
11:50 am
campaign, we do know it has impact because i spoke to voters in iowa who said that they changed their vote that night when they heard the information which, as we know, was incorrect. >> correct, ben carson is not in this race. so candace, when you hear from folks of popularity of donald trump, and we know marco rubio is the home state senator, do you think from what you're hearing from people that marco rubio is not well known here or doesn't have the concentrated effort of this diverse community to send him to the white house? there is some hangup why marco rubio can't carry his own state. >> he's had that excitement before when he beat charlie, but right now the excitement is behind donald trump. i think people are looking for something to get behind. i don't know if everybody was pleased with what he did in the senate, so maybe people are excited with something new. >> what do you think about the romney robo calls going out today? because if you're a trump
11:51 am
supporter, there's probably nothing worse than getting a romney robocall telling you who to vote for. >> this is what we know about the trump supporters. about 20% of them had dropped out of the system. they weren't participating in recent primaries or even recent presidential elections. donald trump has energized them and got them back to the table and involved. the reason many said they were not involved was they felt all politicians fell into the same category. so when they see romney with these robo calls, if they're receiving them, it perhaps sen forcing their belief that that's part of an establishment that forced me out. donald trump has brought me back. >> he would tell you that, that he has brought a lot of excitement and new people to this party. candace, great to have you with me, kerry sanders, great to have you here with me. also we've got senator rubio sitting down with chuck todd for an msnbc town hall tomorrow night right here on msnbc.
11:52 am
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11:55 am
so so welcome back to our special coverage here. we bell lead ied up to the bar we talked to people about politics. we have bill jensen, dan miller. who do you like and why? >> i'm a registered democrat, siem going to vote for hillary clinton in the primary, but i think i'll vote for donald trump in the election. >> wow. you're a rare breed. why? >> i think the gop needs to be shaken up. >> interesting strategy. florida being a closed primary, so you have to vote with who you're aligned to.
11:56 am
jenna, who do you like and why? >> i actually think i'm going to go for hillary, and it's not because i'm a woman, it's because i feel like donald trump has really made this all about being famous. and he thinks that we should vote for him because he's popular, and i disagree with that. >> you disagree with that. so you don't like the type of campaign he's run? >> i'm a hard-core republican. >> i know you made point to be on msnbc because you're a democrat. >> i'm a d so i'll go for hillary in the primary and maybe donald trump in the election, as bill did. >> same feeling bill has? >> i think that we've let the bureaucrat run it for a while, and i think let's let a businessman try it. >> brooklyn, you get your wish now. valerie, can we do brooklyn's ma makeup? he said can i do makeup? a little anti-shine?
11:57 am
do you know who you're voting for? >> batman. >> batman gets the vote. that's fantastic, brooklyn, thank you, sir. thanks to my guests today. thanks to you at home for watching. we'll be moving to st. pete tomorrow, but stay tuned. much more from msnbc live coming up, and i believe it's kate snow next. right, guys? say yes. yes, kate snow is next. bye, guys. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients
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