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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. i'm kate snow. back again live from american coney island, downtown detroit. there is the owner right over my shoulder there. it's voting day. right now primaries for both parties under way here in michigan. same story down in mississippi, and republicans have some extra contests today as well. the primary in idaho, and later tonight, a caucus in hawaii. so we are in the middle of what
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is clearly a big mile marker in the 2016 marathon, but there is more at stake than just the delegates today which, by the way, is 188 for democrats, 150 delegates for republicans. you could frame it like this. today is all about questions, next tuesday all about answers. it's a two-part drama depending -- depending on how the results shake out tonight, tomorrow we could be talking about some game-changing tactics. could marco rubio claw his way back up? it will be tough if he finishes fourth here and in mississippi. the polls have bernie sanders behind hillary clinton in their two states. the answers probably come next week in super tuesday part two, when home states, hundreds of delegates and winner take all contests fundamentally could change the nature of this whole race. one of those key states, of course, is florida, and the a
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pac, american future fund, is targeting donald trump there with a new ad that could be particularly effective in the evangelical panhandle. >> i went to an ivy league school. i'm very highly educated. i know words, i have the best words. listen, [ bleep ]. if he gets the nomination, they're going to sue his [ bleep ]. we'll beat the [ bleep ] out of him. what the hell are we doing? i have the best words. and you can tell them, go [ bleep ] themselves. >> american political action is responsible for the funding of this advertising. >> that's the new ad, and we're covering candidates across the country today with reporters in key states and a preview of what's to come in next week's contest. before we get to our reporters, though, here's where we stand on this super tuesday. donald trump defending himself today after asking crowds at several recent rallies to raise
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their right hands and pledge to vote for him. holocaust survivor said it made him, quote, quiver and frightened him. the republican frontrunner responded this morning on "morning joe." >> of course not, that's ridiculous. this is the first i've heard it have this morning. i was on the "today" show and they mentioned it, and i said, what is going on here? i think it's absolutely ridiculous. i have these massive rallies, we have 25,000 people at some of them and more. and we're having, actually, a great time considering the subject matter is not so good, meaning the country is not doing well, and i say, jokingly, raise your hand if you swear to endorse me and swear to go and vote for me, and the entire place practically laughing and having a good time, raises their hand. they're raising their hand in the form of a vote, not at a form of a salute. that's crazy. >> donald trump saying, of course not, in answer to the question did you know these things were offending people?
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a short time after that interview, msnbc's tamron hall spoke to james eisner, editor and chief of "the forward." that's a jewish publication. >> we wouldn't be talking about mistaking a hand raise for a salute if donald trump wasn't running a campaign that smacked of a lot of authoritarian impulses, both in the way he presents himself and the ethnic stereotyping and the demonization of foreigners in a way that he kind of positions himself to be "the person" who is going to solve all the problems. i think underneath, that's what brings up this kind of anxiety. >> and perhaps no one has his eyes set on donald trump more than ted cruz right now. he's trying his hardest to take him on, and then the republican -- and turn, rather, the republican primary into a two-man race. he wants a two-man race is what i'm trying to say. joining me on the road from
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cannapolis, north carolina where the senator will hold a rally. tell me what the reaction is from everything you just heard from donald trump and how ted cruz is trying to position himself. >> so you nailed it, kate, when you talked about ted cruz trying to make this a two-man race. that's exactly what he's trying to do, that's exactly how he wants to frame it. the problem for ted cruz is he's simply not there yet, and he won't get there after tonight even if he does particularly well in some of the states he's expected to do well, for example, in idaho. the real question is going to come next week on super tuesday 2 as everybody is calling it, particularly when it comes to florida. on this idea of the loyalty pledge or this loyalty oath you heard donald trump talking about, it's an interesting topic and one we asked the senator about at raleigh. we were just in raleigh, we're headed over to charlotte. here's what senator cruz had to say in maybe the last 90 minutes.
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listen. >> anyone who thinks you're making a loyalty oath to some candidate fundamentally misunderstands this process. the idea that you would take this loyalty oath, you know what? i raise my hand and i take an oath to you, to the people. that's who is working for whom. and the idea that a candidate running for office wants the people to pledge loyalty to him like subjects to a king, well, we've had seven years of a president who thinks he's an emperor. >> cruz feels like he has the momentum right now, kate, partly because when you look at some of the new polling that's out, including our msnbc on-line survey showing him in that second position, he's feeling strong. the campaign is point to go fin fundraising numbers, two, a m l million and a half their best fundraising efforts. but if cruz doesn't do well in
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places like michigan, like mississippi, places where donald trump is expected to do well, for trump it's a question of strength. can he keep those double digit leads over his competitors, or will those margins be a little smaller? we talk about question marks, we talk about answers. we'll get some of those answers tonight, some next week. this is the most exciting day and time in politics. this is it. >> i think we've said that several times now. hallie jackson, thanks so much. marco rubio is facing the possibility of fourth place finishes in mississippi and in michigan tonight, which is why the florida senator is focusing on a must win in florida next week. polls show him trailing donald trump by eight points in florida. msnbc's gabe gutierrez is following the senator. he joins us in ponte vedra,
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florida. hello. >> the outskirts of jacksonville. marco rubio expected here for a rally later on tonight. this morning he's criss-crossing the state. he was in kissimmee earlier today as well as the sarasota area this afternoon. now, the rubio campaign is really pushing back on any suggestion that he will get out of the race, perhaps even before florida. there was a cnn report that cited unanimous sources that suggested some of his advisers were advising him to drop out of the race to prevent any embarrassment. again, the rubio campaign calls it utter fiction, and this morning, communications director alex conit spoke to msnbc's steve kornacki. take a listen. >> i think cnn has a lot of egg on its face. i don't know how a report made it on air without anybody checking with the campaign to see if there was any truth to it whatsoever. if they had, they would know the report was utterly false.
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i think stoert the story is sti their website. that's a problem for them. i don't believe they're reporting it on air, but they shouldn't have it on their website because it's 100% false. >> the rubio campaign is trying to fundraise off this report. in that interview, conan went a little further by what he called dirty tricks and showing that in hawaii. he said it wasn't a campaign at all, simply a volunteer who posted on a facebook page, but this is indicative of how deep this fight will be here in florida for every single vote. earlier today, rubio spoke with reporters and he was asked, even if he were to win florida, what happens next? there is no easy path to the nomination for him. he was talking about the possibility of a contested
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convention, and here's what he had to say. >> if anyone else other than donald trump was the frontrunner, every candidate in this race would have a tremendous amount of pressure on them to drop out. instead the pressure is to stay in. what we hear from people all over the country is please do not let donald trump be our nominee. he's going to get crushed and he's going to divide the republican party and redefine it in a very negative way. this is just a very different election year. this is going to take a long time. i don't think anyone has a clear path to 1,237 delegates, so buckle up, this is going to be a while. >> reporter: and that is the big question, what happens in the next several days? the rubio campaign hoping a good debate performance later on this week might get him some momentum, and hoping all these ads that are pouring into florida, more than $8 million between the pro-rubio superpac and other groups, maybe they can make some sort of dent in the trump campaign, but the poll has marco rubio down eight points in florida.
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it may be a little narrower of a gap than he had in recent weeks, but at the same time it's a steep climb for marco rubio here in his home state. but all eyes are on florida for the rubio campaign. they guarantee they will win it. kate? >> i'll be heading down to florida tomorrow, so i'll see you there. we'll have more on marco rubio when he joins chuck todd for a town hall. that's tomorrow night, 8:00 eastern, only right here on msnbc. as we said, more delegates for grabs here in michigan today than any other state. we're lucky to have here in detroit the chair for the michigan economics party, and also side by side, the chair of the republican party in michigan, rodney mcdaniel. thank you so much for being here and being here together. >> stamz we go to states where the two-party chairs but for now we're good. let me start, ron, with you. you happen to be the niece of
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mitt romney, who, since i last spoke to you in flint last week, has really made some news. he's really gotten out there, and not only did he give that big speech, but he's also running robo calls, as you know. one of them is here in michigan, so calls going out to voters in the name of mitt romney, and supporting john kasich in this case. i think we have that call ready. >> today you have the opportunity in michigan to vote for a republican nominee for president. these are critical times that demand a serious, thoughtful commander in chief. if we republic carnes were to choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished. >> so clearly, rhonda, he is trying to draw support away from donald trump. he's also got support for marco rubio. is it going to work here in michigan? how do you see things playing
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out? >> i think passions are high, people are very concerned. i'm not concerned that my uncle mitt is concerned for this country. that doesn't go away after running for president. i have family in this state, they're all over the map in michigan. our crowds have been huge, the enthusiasm has been huge all year. i think it's up to the voters. and we're going to support the nominee here in michigan no matter who it is. >> you stay neutral in all of. >> it's up to the voters to decide. that's their chance. >> i was at the bernie sanders rally last night, sort of a rally concert in ann arbor, michigan. let's play some sound about what he's been saying about the trade issue. >> let me tell you what these trade policies are about.
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-- is to allow corporate america to avoid paying workers in ohio or michigan a decent beige. why would they want to pay workers 25, 30, 35 bucks an hour when they could. that in one sentence is what these trade agreements are about. >> i know you're not going to take sides among democrats, either, but in a general election, what about when you go up against -- let's say it is donald trump. he's been tweeting about trade, he talks about jobs going to mexico all the time. for the michigan voter, how do you convince them a democrat is going to do a better job. >> i think we'll replay the robocall. he would be a disastrous president. people are concerned about trade, they're concerned about
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as others have said, he's a. . >> i have to ask both of you about headlines here in michigan today, about your governor. there is bad news that seven families -- for him bad news -- several families have filed a lawsuit, rhonda, against the governor. a second recall petition was improved asking him to step down from the governor? >> absolutely. the governor has done so much to change our percentage points. the percent ar. the governor is committed to the families in flint. we should all be committed to the families in flint. this is a tragedy and we need to rally around them in these times of crisis. >> that's the context here is flint, right?
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there's been so much talk about whether there were lapses at the state lefvel. what's your perspective? >> i think if you look at the debates the last two weeks, how we hold people accountable, there was a total of 30 second in the republican belt. i h that's money we believe should be used to remove lead pipes in flint, and if he's focusing on that problem, he should be folk you had on solutions, not protecting himself. >> but he has inside this was a failure of government at all levels, the governor said, that could be sbribd. well, it was his emergency manager that made the decision to switch water sources at the
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flint river. his own administration officials have said this was a mistake to be focused on spread sheets that this was a massiveplay of competence by the governor, and the nakt. so hillary clinton in her debate said this was a level working, but when we're in times of crisis, usually in on. hillary clinton has committed to that. i don't believe they should be fundraising off of a tragedy. theshld be focusing all. he's focused on the solutions and he's going to be here long after the cameras are gone and
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hillary clinton is gone and bernie sanders is gone. we need to work together and we've done so in a bipartisan way here in michigan, our legislation thaz come together. 75 million, 165 million represented around the page. this shuz not thank you so much for being with us. can we get you a krone. we talked about those robo calls from mitt romney, but that's not all he's saying. he's not officially endorsed someone, but he has certainly up the. we have "american idol"
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. i'm kate snow. we're back live from american coney island in downtown detroit, both parties holding primaries here as well as in mississippi, republican parties in hawaii and idaho as well. i want to talk to former rnc chairman. nice to see you, michael. how are you? can you hear me okay? >> i can hear you, yeah. >> okay, great. there you are. i was just asking how you are. >> i'm great. >> let's talk about last night. let's take a look at the "washington post" poll that came out this morning. something popped out when you look at this. in head-to-head matchups, donald trump loses both to marco rubio and on the right there, to ted
12:23 pm
cruz. this seems to be the argument that both ted cruz and marco rubio are making. is there a ceiling for donald trump, do you think? is it possible that he's never going to get over numbers in the 40s? >> that may be, and certainly it's not an issue given the fact that you still have a relatively crowded field right now, which is why everybody is looking at the other guy and saying, you get out, no, you get out. so as long as that happens, donald trump has the space at 35 to 45% to play with. when it gets a little bit closer, yeah, i think it will probably be a real test of what his ceiling is and whether or not he can turn his campaign on a dime to really go head to head. i don't know if the campaign is prepared to do that because they're sort of sitting in the luxury of having two or three other guys fighting for the nomination as well. >> here's what rubio and cruz
12:24 pm
are saying, and it's remarkably similar. i want to play a tape of them back to back. >> a vote for any other candidate, a vote for marco rubio or a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> a vote for john kasich or ted cruz in florida is a vote for donald trump. >> so where is the truth in all this? you're laughing because they're saying the same thing. what's the reality? >> therein lies the problem. one of them has to get out. actually, two of them have to get out if you really want to make this a head to head. the reality is very simple. john kasich has got an opportunity tonight in michigan. if he wins it, that certainly is a game changer. but if he gets close in second -- >> he's strong here. >> if he gets a good strong second, it's a good compulscomp
12:25 pm
to get ohio, and he's going to play. it's going to be a tough one in ohio. he's going to have to navigate that. cruz has got the support down of conservatives. he's begun to consolidate that. he needs the room to consolidate that even more. right now donald trump is sitting there going, you guys work that out. in the meantime, i'll take my 40% and continue to amass the delegates i need to get to the nomination. >> and because we mentioned it last block when we were talking to the chairman here in michigan, we talked about romney and these robo calls. i just want to ask you quickly about that. do you think these robo calls and effort by mitt romney will make a difference? >> no. from the folks i've heard rank and file around the country, no. they're a little bit bothered by the intrusion, if you will, by the former nominee. the voters of the party want to play this out themselves. they don't want interference
12:26 pm
from outsiders, they don't want interference by the party officials, they want to work this out. we'll see how they work it out between now and next week. >> michael steele, it's going to be a long night, potentially, and a fun night. thank you for being with us. >> all righty. let's take a look live inside the largest polling station. that's in flint, michigan. these voters are most affected by the water crisis. straight ahead, we'll talk to leaders of flint who witnessed the devastation firsthand. ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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12:30 pm
delegates at the moment 492 to her 1100 delegates. losing here in michigan would make it difficult for sanders to gain any momentum heading into next week's big contest. as for clinton, she also knows what's riding on a michigan win. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans! [ cheers and applause ] >> joining me now, michigan congressman and hillary clinton supporter dan kilde is with us. glad to see you, congressman, in person. glad you could be here and thanks for having us in detroit, sort of your backyard. let's talk about flint, michigan. you're one of the first who really drew attention to that. secretary clinton is calling on the michigan governor who is a republican, rick snyder, to step down. i want to talk to you about what john kasich, a republican, had to say about that and get your
12:31 pm
reaction. >> hillary called on the governor to resign, and i just want to ask you one simple little question. of all the people in the world to call on somebody to resign, she is the definition of gall. >> the definition of gall. what do you say? >> i don't really know what he's referring to. rick snyder has already admitted that it was on his watch, that it was his responsibility, that he failed. and now that people are are calli calling on him to actually step up and fix the problem, he's not doing it at all. so i understand the calls for him to resign. i guess i'm not real clear what governor kasich's point could be. he could be a little bit more explicit. >> i can't read his mind, either, but i think he's calling on clinton -- i would assume he's referring to the fbi investigation and the e-mail server. >> people look at what rick snyder has done -- almost nothing -- and what hillary
12:32 pm
clinton has done, really raised it to a national conversation. i think people can figure it out pretty well. >> as a resident and early whistle blowers, lee ann walter asked a question of if they became president, would they require a solution to remove all lead pipe. hillary clinton said she would remove pipe, paint, dust or anything that had lead within five years, and here's what walters told the huffington post. she said, i hated hillary clinton's answer. it actually made me vomit in my mouth. to tell a flint resident that we'll handle it within five years is no different than what the city was telling us and what the state was telling us. very harsh words from her. >> i don't think hillary was talking about the flint pipe lines. there are water pipes all over the country that has lead. in flint's case, the lead has leached because of the terrible
12:33 pm
decisions made by the governor for the corrosive water source. nobody should interpret secretary clinton's answer regarding this national need to deal with water infrastructure to the very urgent need to deal with the flint situation. i know hillary has been pushing very hard, as have i and others, to get the governor to stop just issuing press releases, hiring lawyers, hiring pr firms and actually get about the business of solving this problem. >> congressman dan kilde, nice to see you. thank you for having us in sort of your town. >> absolutely welcome. straight ahead, we'll check in with how voting is going here as well as in mississippi, and ohio where early voting is under way ahead of next week's primary there. stay with us. vo: know you have a dedicated
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advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. welcome back. we're live in downtown detroit at american coney island. the polls open here in michigan
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at 7:00 a.m. four states are holding contests today. both republicans and democrats vote here in michigan as well as mississippi, but only republicans will vote in the primaries and caucuses in hawaii and idaho. we're already looking ahead to next week's contests in illinois, missouri, north carolina, ohio and florida where i will be tomorrow. we're live from several polling stations on this sort of mini super tuesday. jacob soboroff is in cleveland, ohio. let's begin in ohio. early voting has already started. more than 173,000 absentee ballots have already been cast in the state. jacob soboroff is there. the only early voting in that city. hi, jacob. >> reporter: hai, kate, how's i
12:38 pm
going. absentees have been sent back to this location or cast in person. some folks are doing this right now. maybe they got a little bit of flo-mo. i want to introduce you to a man central to this county. this is pat mcdonald, the director of elections here in k cuyahoga county. you said democrats have been switching over at a rate of about 15% to republicans. is that correct? >> that is correct. right now we have about a 15% switchover rates from democrats to republican absentee ballot requests. >> what do you attribute that to? >> i think there is a lot to attribute it to. there is excitement that our governor is on the ballot, the trump phenomenon, so i don't know if it's that or other reasons democrats are switching over. >> kate, i should say about 800,000 people are eligible to vote in this county, and they
12:39 pm
could all show up at this location, but so far it's one to two thousand people that have shown up? >> about 2,000 have shown up. i expect about 5,000 to vote by the end of this weekend. i think we'll have a big turnout this weekend. hopefully the weather is nice. all eyes are focused now on ohio and florida, so i expect an uptick of voters here. >> that's exactly right, what pat said. ohio 66 and florida's 169 delegates could be important. back to you. >> jacob soboroff in cleveland. jacob, thanks. let's head south where republican governor phil bryant announced he's supporting ted cruz. let's bring you reporter cal perry. cal, that's not the only endorsement cruz picked up. >> pretty steady here today.
12:40 pm
people are voting on the republican side here. it's been a steady stream in jackson, mississippi. one of the story lines for the republicans that continues to emerge is that ted cruz and donald trump battle. you mentioned the very important endorsement by the governor. we also have another important endorsement, this time by duck dynasty. this was the ad everybody woke up to this morning. take a listen. >> my qualifications for president of the united states are rather narrow. is he or she godly? does he or she love us? can he or she do the job? and finally, would they kill a duck and put him in a pot and make him a good duck gumbo? i've looked at the candidates. ted cruz is my man. he fits the bill. he's godly. he loves us. he's the man for the job, and he will go duck hunting. >> reporter: easily my favorite political ad of the season. these people will head back there into that room to cast their final votes. it will be interesting to see how it breaks down
12:41 pm
proportionately. these delegates, it is a confusing system on the democratic side. we have to have a certain percentage to get those at-large delegates, but people will be looking in 24 hours when those doors close to see if ted cruz was able to close that gap in some of the election polls we saw leading up to today. kate? >> cal perry down in mississippi, thank you so much. let's pivot back to michigan here. michigan's auto industry has long been a decisive player in the state's politics, this year no different. both dem raocrats and republica have invoke aid comeback today. trump tweeted, remember, i am the only presidential candidate who will bring jobs back to the u.s. and protect the car industry. the current wayne county prosecutor, kim worthy, that's the county we're in here, wayne county in detroit. she was recently named public official of the year in warren
12:42 pm
county. nice to meet with you. we met weeks ago when i came to detroit to do a story about untested rape kits. thousands of boxes that your office found sitting on shelves in a warehouse. nobody had ever tested the evidence. i guess my big question is, how are things now? we hear mixed things about the city of detroit and wayne county. are things getting better? >> i think so. and rochelle is one of our biggest champions on this issue. yes, i think generally there are some things that have gotten better. for example, one of my biggest things was we had lots of downtown, lots of midtown and nothing for the neighborhood. we were seeing little benefits. now we're finally getting to see, slowly but surely, our lights coming on, and we're saying good pickup services. the big thing for us is sit-down restaurants in the neighborhood that we can take our families to and not just see fast food.
12:43 pm
>> it's amazing that's a barometer. at every city in the country you have sit-down restaurants, but detroit -- >> we want someone to take our families. >> michelle, 83% african-american. i know it's been said black voters are being left out. what do you think of that? >> you have a lot of people coming back from the suburbs, they're buying buildings that have been sitting vacant or buying buildings that had people renting from them. all of a sudden your rent goes up from $500 a month to $1500 a month and you no longer can afford to live in the city you grew up in. >> you deal in prosecuting crimes, but when you talk about crime in this city, you were telling me it's gotten better by some measures, right? what are the merts, indicators where it's gotten better -- we
12:44 pm
had about 25 homicide standings. >> this year since it was the beginning state, i've only seen cyclical problems. i don't know why it's cyclical, but in some states we're seeing huge problems with. >> i voted for hillary today. i have a few problems with senator sanders. how is he going to pay for all the things he's talking about? even my 18-year-old said, how is he going to pay for free tuition, for example. i think it's clear her policies, at least up to this point, sound much more sound to me. >> in fairness, let me ask you about the republicans, rochelle. do you think donald trump wins this state tonight? he's ahead in every poll. >> i think that he has done himself some damage this week.
12:45 pm
he will probably squeak by, but i think he'll see some surprises. i can tell you this. by the time this primary is over, there will be three, and then there will be three. on the flip side, this state has gone for barack obama in 2012 very strongly. do you think it remains a blue state in this general election? is it possible to even look that far far ahead? >> i think it is possible to look that far ahead. there is a lot of clinton supporters, and i think because of the superdelegate process, which i'm not a fan of, there are a lot of politicians and stakeholders who have already pledged themselves to hillary clinton regardless of where they're supposed to be at this point. so, yes, this is hers to lose. >> it's going to be an interesting night here in michigan. >> yes, it is. >> thank you both for coming by. >> thank you for always supporting the city. we really appreciate it.
12:46 pm
>> absolutely. absolutely. special coverage of tonight's races. that starts at 6:00 eastern on msnbc. rachel madndao, brian wilson and kerry sanders will take you through it. the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪ defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d.
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12:50 pm
voters, whether they were for bernie sanders or hillary clinton or donald trump. but mary ann's explanation, she thought, he's a businessman, he can bring back jobs. she said she was a displaced auto worker who hadbusinessman, can bring back jobs. she was a displaced auto worker who was only able to find part-time work since she was laid off. and because of that, she thought only a non-politician can bring things back to the economic standards she remembered. she had some other conservative beliefs about benghazi and some other things. but she and all the other voters we talked to were really focused on jobs issue. >> it's an area where people come from all over the world, it's a melting pot community. >> when people think of dearborn, they think of the arab american community. it's 30% arab american in dearborn city as a whole. but we were in west dearborn, which is a polyblock place. there's people whose families emigrated from scotland and ireland and all over europe, really, italy. so it's a really sort of multi-ethnic place, but a white multi-ethnic place, but there were african-americans as well. michigan overall is an
12:51 pm
interesting state. about 14% african-american, about 4.5% latino, and it's really mixed, and there is that really large arab american population. hard to say what's going to happen here, but we know what the polls say, that hillary clinton has a tremendous advantage. one thingly say, kate, as much as we're seeing on the radio and tv ads about bernie sanders' vote regarding the bailout, no one talked about that today. no one was really making that the center point, the way -- >> the auto bailout, industry. joy, thank you so much! great to be here with you. >> we've been snacking together, all kinds of things. after the break, we'll check in with voters in flint. it's been a heated campaign cycle, but some voters are trying to cool down the rhetoric. >> we don't want to say anything bad about somebody, but we just don't support donald trump at all. >> no. >> we never have been much for name calling and things like that and it's -- he made the republican party actually look a little ridiculous with his antics. >> if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all. when you think about success,
12:52 pm
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an hour north of where i am in detroit, residents of flint, michigan, heading to the voting booths as well today, in the midst of that major water crisis there. msnbc's tony dokoupil is at one of the voting locations. what are you hearing? >> reporter: i'm at mock community college, very pretty little school, and a former apple orchard owned by a gm executive. this is an area very hard hit by the water crisis. but the issues that matter to voters are jobs, jobs, jobs. i have a really interesting voter here i want you to meet. this is paul risely. he voted for reagan in 1980, but his feelings have shifted since then. who do you like in this election? >> bernie sanders, actually. >> how come? >> he's the only one that seems to be making sense. i mean, you know where he stands. he doesn't seem to double talk you. >> now, kate, we should say, this is a staunchly democratic stronghold. there's someone here collecting
12:56 pm
signatures to try to put marijuana legalization on the ballot and to ban fracking. not a lot of trump supporters around here. very much, bernie or hillary country. and so far, the favorite seems to be, as the polls have shown, hillary clinton is on most people's lips. back to you. >> all right, tony dokoupil up in flint. thanks so much. that'll do it for us for this hour. we're live in downtown detroit. i want to say a big thank you to everyone here at american coney island, especially to our hostess, grace, the owner here, thank you so much for letting us being here and feeding us and we'll be back tomorrow, live from the university of south florida in st. petersburg, the campus there. steve kornacki picks up our coverage, up next in new york, as we await the first exit polls of the day. stay with us.
12:57 pm
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and good afternoon. i'm steve kornacki here in our msnbc headquarters in new york city. it is 4:00 p.m. right now on the east coast. and in a very short time, we're going to have a flood of new information. we are waiting right now for that first round of exit polling from the four states holding critical primary and caucus elections today. michigan, mississippi, idaho, hawaii, all of them voting as we speak or very soon. we are also waiting for new national numbers any minute now. that will be the first nbc news/"wall street journal" poll that's conducted after that rowdy republican debate last thursday night. we will see if that changed the race nationally in any way. and while we wait for all of those numbers and while we wait for all of that excitement tonight, there is business to attend to, as we speak. voting happening right now.
1:01 pm
188 delegates up for grabs on the democratic side and 150 up for grabs on the republican side. and one of the big stories we're following today, is donald trump hitting a wall? even if he finishes first in mississippi, we'll be looking very close at the margin. is he barely holding off ted cruz in mississippi? is he just barely holding off john kasich in michigan? or is he reasserting his strength, as we were seeing before his shaky performance last saturday night. a lot to look for when those results start rolling in tonight. and throughout the next hour, we'll be taking a much closer look at the candidates and at the voters who are at the polls today. we have correspondents in key locations across the country. we'll start with nbc's katy tur in jupiter, florida. donald trump will be holding his election night news conference thereby tonight, and she joins me now by phone. katy tur, donald trump has changed a lot of things about the way we do elections the in this country. the press conference on election night has become this new
1:02 pm
tradition he's sort of inaugurated. but obviously, he's in a different spot tonight. he looked a little stronger before last saturday. now looking to reestablish that strength tonight. what are you expecting? what are you looking for? >> reporter: well, he had all of the momentum going into last saturday, even going into last super tuesday, and it's been blunted a little in the last week, especially over the weekend, when ted cruz came away with maine and came away with kansas and was doing a lot better than expected in louisiana and kentucky. so that momentum that donald trump has been building on is slightly diminished going into tonight, which means that it's really a must-win for him in michigan, it's a must-win for him in mississippi, as well. we're seeing the establishment really fight back hard against donald trump now. millions of dollars in negative ads, mitt romney recording robo calls for john kasich and marco rubio, also tweeting a very negative ad against donald trump, using his own words against him, you see donald trump in that ad saying that he
1:03 pm
has the best words, and then you see a series of him using swear words in that ad. so there's really a concerted effort by the establishment wing of the republican party against the front-runner for their nomination. this is something that nobody can remember, at least, in modern presidential politics, this sort of backlash when it comes to the person who's leading the republican party at the moment for the nomination. we're going to see how this plays out. we keep talking to supporters at donald trump rallies, who say that these attack ads and these pushbacks against donald trump only make them like him more. but we are seeing some reaction, at least, from the voting booth, that ted cruz is doing a little bit better than was expected, and donald trump is not doing as well. so these two contests tonight, big indicators, these are open primaries, historically, he has done well in these sort of contests. and we're going to see what happens. it's a big night for donald trump, steve.
1:04 pm
>> all right, katy tur on the road in florida. we're all looking to see how donald trump does tonight, and then, how he reacts to it. and we'll turn now to ted cruz. he's fixed his gain on next tuesday's races. he's spending today in north carolina. that's one of five big states that's going to be voting on march 15th. and joining me now from the road on her way to kannapolis, north carolina, where the senator is holding a rally this evening, nbc's hallie jackson. so, hallie, ted cruz, obviously, overachieving a bit, maybe overperforming a bit on saturday, giving new momentum to his campaign. i know he's in a march 15th state, but what does he want to get out of tonight? >> so tonight, steve, look to idaho to see ted cruz compete. look to mississippi, also. we've been talking about this, this idea that mississippi could look a lot like louisiana, potentially, if you see some of those late-breaking voters swing over towards the antihch trump candidate, in this case, ted cruz. in michigan, i think the campaign is just really hoping to make sure they hit that 15% threshold to get delegates,
1:05 pm
period. and then hawaii is kind of the big question mark. donald trump could play well there. you could also maybe see marco rubio do okay in hawaii. bottom line, though, cruz is hoping to seize on whatever he can to say, hey, i've got the momentum, look what i'm doing, i can make this a two-man race between donald trump and me. and essentially force the establishment to come over into his direction. now, the challenge for him, as we've been talking about, is the calendar, right? you have states that aren't traditionally seen as favorable for ted cruz when you move forward. cruz talked about that a little bit today at his event in rally, that we're on our way from as we head over from charlotte. and he talked about california maybe is a place where he can perform. listen, if he makes it to june 7 7th, and that's still an if at this point, for all the candidates, besides donald trump. one other issue he's dealing with today now, steve, is this idea of allegations of dirty tricks that the rubio campaign has been leveling at ted cruz after apparently some volunteers in hawaii sent an e-mail, linking back to that cnn story,
1:06 pm
indicating that rubio, his advisers may be urging him to get out of the race. something that, by the way, the rubio campaign has pushed back very, very strongly about, calling it utter fiction, utter nonsense, saying, don't you talk about him, because it's so wrong. cruz talked about that at his forum in raleigh and i want you to hear what he had to say. >> this particular e-mail apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii, not affiliated with a campaign, not working for the campaign, not under authorization from the campaign. we have over 200,000 volunteers across the country. i cannot control nor do i want to control what 200,000 volunteers do. we asked them to take it down anyway. why? because we knew that other campaigns would seek to make political hay out of it, use it to try to attack my integrity, because a volunteer forwards a story, that's the lead story on drudge, to other voters. and we knew that reporters would do what you're doing, which is ask, doesn't this prove you're
1:07 pm
unethical. >> so the cruz campaign distancing and cruz himself distancing himself from this story about as strongly as one might expect. the issue, though, is that this has dogged him since iowa, the idea that maybe his campaign is not on the up and up. you saw him, remember, he had to fire his communications director, effectively, a couple of weeks ago, after more issues had come up. cruz hoping to put all that behind him, hoping to turn the corner into this super tuesday ii week coming up here, starting tomorrow. and look where he is tomorrow, steve. very interesting. he's got an event in miami, first thing in the morning. cruz not conceding miami to marco rubio. in fact, playing there, his super pac, potentially putting up ads there, in order to try to keep a lid on marco rubio. the idea being, hey, if donald trump comes with those delegates, it really will force marco rubio out of the race, potentially, and make this exactly what ted cruz has been asking for, head-to-head, him and donald trump, the question mark then, though, will cruz's bet that everybody will come over to him and not donald trump, will that bet pay off? that's the question.
1:08 pm
>> all right, hallie jackson, and from hallie jackson on the road in north carolina, we're going to head down to florida now. gabe gutierrez is there. and that's where marco rubio is camped out now, a week away from that critical do or die test for him in his home state. florida with the winner-take-all primary, 99 delegates on the line, you win by one vote, you win them all. so gabe, marco rubio, obviously, it was a disappointing night for him on saturday. the expectations in most of these contests tonight, maybe hawaii's a bit of a wild card, but the expectations aren't that high tonight. is there a concern in his campaign that this loss of momentum in the last week could spill over to florida, where he faces that critical test? >> reporter: hi, there, steve. right now, it is all about florida. and you're right, marco rubio faces the possibility of disappointing fourth place finishes in michigan and mississippi. and it's possible that he couldn't even reach that 15% threshold to get delegates. so he does face the possibility of a disappointing night, but his campaign is looking the forward to florida.
1:09 pm
they think that he can win here. that he has won here before, as the underdog. and they are crisscrossing the state in a feverish pitch, really, to round up support. he was in kissimmee earlier today. he will be here outside of jacksonville later on this evening. and he will be in the miami area tomorrow. and they point to a quinnipiac poll that shows him down just eight points in florida. that's a bit of a narrower gap than he was before. but again, this is his home state and he is down eight points, shouldn't forget that. but they also point to the early vote, the absentee vote that shows that he has, according to this poll, that he is beating donald trump in that vote. now, today, as hallie mentioned, the rubio campaign has really pushed back hard against that cnn report, citing anonymous sources,s that suggested that rubio advisers or some rubio advisers were urging him to get out of the race. the campaign says that is not the case, that is utter fiction. but in an interview this morning on msnbc, his communications director, alex conan, was also asked about the possibility of a contested convention. you asked him about this, steve,
1:10 pm
take a listen. >> reporter: when we win florida, then no candidate will be on the trajectory to securing the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. the odds of a contested convention become much higher after march 15th. >> now the question is, is what happens if marco rubio were to win florida? nobody can give seem to give a straight answer. if this ends up being a contested convention, the rubio campaign says, listen, they're worried about one thing at a time, steve. but as you know, this could be, potentially -- if donald trump got the plurality of delegates and were to go to this convention and somewhere were to have the rug swept out from under him, if marco rubio and perhaps john kasich, if they pull out victories in ohio, this could be very complicated going forward. the rubio campaign is aware of that, but again, they are stressing that right now, they are focused on florida. they think they can get some momentum, perhaps from the debate later on this week in miami. and they're also launching this new line of attack here,
1:11 pm
especially among local media, trying to compare donald trump to one of rubio's previous opponents here in the state, charlie crist, and hoping that gains some attraction here along with all those attack ads that are really pouring into florida right now. the pro-rubio super pac as well as other outside groups spending millions of dollars, more than $8 million in the state, to try to attack donald trump. but, as hallie mentioned, ted cruz is making a play for florida and trying to squeeze rubio out. the rubio campaign will come back and say, listen, there's all this talk about these campaign offices that ted cruz is opening in the state, ten campaign offices, the cruz campaign says. the rubio campaign says they're downplaying that. they don't think it's really materializing and they think they can do very well here in florida. so much so that they're guaranteeing it. steve? >> gabe gutierrez in florida. marco rubio getting ready to fight for the future of his campaign in his home state for this next week. thanks for that report. and as we're seeing, the pressure, it is mounting on marco rubio, ahead of next week's primary in florida. and earlier today, as gabe was
1:12 pm
saying, when i spoke with rubio's campaign spokesman, alex conan, he definitively shot down an earlier cnn report that advisers were telling rubio to drop out of the race. he took issue with that, strongly. >> i think cnn has a lot of egg on its face. i don't know how a report made it on air without anybody actually checking with the campaign to see if there was any truth to it whatsoever. if they had, they would have known that the report was utterly false. i think the story is still on their website. i think that's a problem for them. i don't believe that they're continuing to report on it, on-air, but they shouldn't have it on the website any longer because it's 100% false. >> and we should say that cnn is standing by that report, but the rubio campaign, as you can hear there, is strongly taking issue with it. and joining me now from jackson, mississippi, is republican national committeeman for mississippi and a marco rubio supporter, henry barber. henry, thanks for taking a few minutes. let me pick up on that conversation i was having with alex conan earlier.
1:13 pm
he was saying, from the rubio standpoint, they want to win florida, the do or die test in his home state next week. and he says, if we do that, if marco rubio wins florida, there's no way that any of these candidates are going to get to that 1,237 number and we'll have the open convention. so let me ask you this, if we get there, get to a convention, no one comes in with a majority, but donald trump has the most delegates. can get the republican party get away with nominating somebody besides donald trump? >> hey, steve. look, here's the deal. you've got to get to 1,237 delegates, a majority of the delegates. . and the problem for donald trump is, he's got about two-thirds of republicans who are voting for somebody else. they're opposed to him. and there's a reason for that. they don't think they can trust him as president of the united states, much less, i think he would probably lose a general election. the voters are going to decide this. and the delegates will represent the voters at the convention. but i agree that a majority is
1:14 pm
not going to be attained by any of these folks. i think that we're going to have a convention that goes to a second ballot. >> but, flip that around, because the polls right now in florida do have donald trump running ahead of marco rubio. in donald trump does win in florida next week, does that change the equation? can he then win the first ballot majority? >> well, look. if -- donald trump right now needs 853 more delegates to have a majority going into the convention. for him to get to 853, he has to win 60% of the remaining bound delegates. and that is a really tall hill to climb. but, steve, if donald trump is able to win these big, winner-take all states, like florida and ohio, illinois, then, look, he's probably going to be the nominee. i don't think that's going to happen. i don't think he can win 60%. he's got two-thirds of republicans voting against him. and so, you know, i think that
1:15 pm
we're going to end up with a convention with nobody who has the majority of the delegates. >> and let me ask you, too, we saw this in the results in louisiana. and we'll have, obviously, some more results to sift through a few hours from now. but we saw this in louisiana, in particular, on saturday night, when you compared the votes that were cast early there, basically a couple of weeks ago, with the votes that were cast on primary day. you had ted cruz really surging on primary day. and you had rubio really dropping back. and we're seeing this in polling in other states. we're seeing new polling in ohio. we've seen it in a couple of -- in michigan, as well. where it seems like marco rubio has been dropping back over the last week, and there's a movement of rubio supporters to cruz, and also to kasich. what do you think is behind that? >> well, you know, look, there's always changing dynamics in a campaign. there are ups and downs. look, when ronald reagan in 1976 went to the convention, virtually tied with gerald ford, he actually lost six primaries in a row, he had lost eight of nine.
1:16 pm
yet, he was able to finish strong with wins in pennsylvania and texas and the final three states that carried him into kansas city in the 1976 convention, in a virtual tie. so there are ups and downs in campaigns. marco rubio won puerto rico this weekend, that's 23 delegates. he continues to be in striking distance of ted cruz and donald trump. trump's got a small lead on cruz, and if you take ted cruz's home state out of his count, he has 202 delegates. only 44 delegates more than marco rubio. so, we're all -- we're all in here pretty night. and it's just heavily divided, and i think that's kind of the way we're going to head into the convention in cleveland. >> and also, when you think ahead to whether it's decided at a second ballot in the convention or if somebody does produce a majority here, you were quoted this week, talking about the possibility of donald trump actually emerging as the republican nominee, and whether you could support him. you said, my expectation has been that i would support the republican nominee, but i can't
1:17 pm
support somebody who would divide the country by race. where do you stand right now in that question of, would you be able to support donald trump if he's the republican nominee? >> well, i don't think that he's going to be the nominee. and, you know, it is certainly my hope and expectation that i will support the republican nominee. whoever that is. but, i don't think donald trump's going to get there. i think, steve, that over the last ten days or so, i do believe donald trump has stalled. we'll see if he can kind of get his engines revved up again. he's in trouble in mississippi to losing to ted cruz. that is a distinct possibility tonight. >> do you think ted cruz -- >> i think that -- >> yeah, go ahead, you know mississippi well. who do you think's going to win there tonight? >> i think trump should be the favorite. but i will tell you, i think that ted cruz could win mississippi. i think that's a very legitimate chance. >> all right. henry barber, supporter of marco rubio, rnc committeeman from mississippi. thanks for the time.
1:18 pm
we appreciate it. >> thanks, steve. >> all right. coming up, house speaker paul ryan makes calls to both donald trump and ted cruz to talk about the party's election year agenda. but what about marco rubio? plus, is it really a two-man race for the republican presidential nomination? in less than an hour, we're going to have a look at the brand-new nbc news/"wall street journal" gnash poll and your first look at exit polling from today's four races. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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1:21 pm
voting is now underway in
1:22 pm
several states, holding critical primaries today. the republican candidates are not losing sight of what is to come next tuesday. and for marco rubio, next tuesday is all about florida. his home state, and where we will have a winner-take-all night of primary, 99 delegates at stake in that race. a win there would justify rubio staying in the race. a loss, the implications could be dire for him. msnbc's thomas roberts is in tampa. thomas, we know marco rubio camping out there pretty much even as these contests play out elsewhere today. what can you tell us from the ground? >> reporter: so, florida is really marco rubio's last stand, steve, as we've all been witnessing, that campaign and marco rubio himself have been saying declaratively that they are going to win florida, that they're going to take this state with the 99 delegates and they will move on from that. but after the 15th, if marco rubio doesn't take this state, what does it mean to his campaign? florida elections officials say
1:23 pm
that they have already taken in 1.2 million early votes, so far in this state, which is a pretty big number, when you consider the fact that we are still a week from super tuesday on march the 15th. basically, 56% registered republican so far. 43% registered democrats. and it's a closed primary here in the state of florida. if you're a registered independent, you actually sit the primary out. but marco rubio just said yesterday down the street at the convention center that we are going to win florida. there have been romney, mitt romney robo calls done on behalf of marco rubio as well as john kasich. they're part of this establishment coalition, trying to thwart donald trump, who continues to lead in polling here in florida. but this is the really important i-4 corridor here in florida that everyone wants to say that they have successfully won. and i'm joined by two folks here that i've met kindly here at the columbia cafe and they've been patiently waiting. i've got joshua wisenbaker.
1:24 pm
joshua lives in florida. we'll talk about who you voted for in a second. but who is getting your attention right now? >> that's a tough one. i honestly am not a big fan of anybody that's really running right now. i honestly think it's going to be the best of the worst. >> so who do you think is the least to do harm that you want to vote for? >> i'm going to agree with rubio, probably. >> with rubio. so polling suggests he's not doing so well in his home state. why do you like him? >> because he's not donald trump. >> he's not donald trump. so you're in the category of anybody but trump. >> so joshua, georgia already had its primary, donald trump won there. can you tell us who you voted for? >> i voted for cruz. unfortunately, he lost. but donald is so bombastic and when you go through all the fact checking, most of what he said has been half truths, which is not unexpected for a politician,
1:25 pm
but at the same time, i just do not think he's right for the state of georgia and i surely don't think he's right for the whole country. i think cruz is a lot more principled, but he's still a politician and i'll be honest, i'm still critical of all politicians, but to me, cruz seems to be the best candidate. >> so when you think of the candidate of the establishment, who's still an outsider, that would be a ted cruz, and you think that that's the lane people should coalesce behind? >> yes, i do. but because cruz has been in congress for a little while. and he's kind of been the outsider, just like you said, but he has not changed his message, from my point of view, from his days in congress to what he is now. and most politicians, they kind of go through an arc, they're principled, they get elected, and special interests kind of come in and then they kind of dwindle away, and then the election rolls around, and oh, we're principled, but when you
1:26 pm
look at their record, not so much. >> joshua, thanks so much. katie, thanks so much to you. steve, as you know, ted cruz is second in the delegate count behind donald trump. and we shall see coming up later today how these four contests roll out. and i know that you're going to have, i think, some exit polling coming up within the next hour that will give us an indication of which way today's contests went. back to you in new york. >> that's right, a whole bunch of new numbers coming out any minute now. thomas roberts down there in tampa. thanks for that. also, a programming note for you. tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern, mark your calendars, chuck todd is hosting a special town hall event with senator marco rubio. it will be right here on msnbc. and still to come this hour, more on what is at stake for the republicans today. plus, hillary clinton looking to move one step closer to the democratic nomination, but not without a fierce fight from bernie sanders. we're going to dig into his strategy in just a few minutes.
1:27 pm
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1:30 pm
all right, the voting underway. four contests on the board today on the republican side, a lot at stake for all of the republican candidates, to break it all down, i'm joined by juan manuel benit benitez, the host of a spanish political talk show that airs here in new york. did i say the name right? >> yes. >> i want to get your thought on where this republican race stands right now. we've really never seen anything like this, at least in my lifetime, where we're this far in and there's still this much confusion. can you make any sense out of what you're seeing right now? >> well, we see two different republican parties. the establishment republican party, that we've seen for so many years here in this country, and then we have the new, extremely conservative anti-establishment party that is having a hard time deciding between ted cruz or donald trump. and then the establishment
1:31 pm
party, the establishment side of the party is having a hard time getting with a strategy that works for them. and that's what we see right now with rubio, with kasich, not really trying to figure out who is a candidate to really beat either donald trump or ted cruz. >> yeah, it almost -- it's like that game, whack-a-mole. one pops up over here, kasich suddenly is moving in michigan, rubio's trying to make the stand in florida, cruz took texas. and if there's one common thread here, when you hear these people and the people around them, it seems like they're all kind of looking ahead to the idea of an open convention. you know, not having a first ballot majority, which we've never seen in modern times. >> right, and that's the establishment side of the party. the one that is seeing what's happening right now in the race, and they don't like what they're seeing, and now they are really betting on having a contested convention, but will we have that? we don't know. and i think what we are seeing this week with rubio, that is going down in the polls, and we
1:32 pm
don't know what's going to happen to his campaign, it's sort of like what we saw with chris christie, right before new hampshire. rubio is really damaging donald trump. we saw him attacking him during the debate last week, but he's not benefiting from it. the same way that chris christie attacked firstly, marco rubio, before that new hampshire primary, and never benefited from it. so i think we see that dynamic happening right now, but the one benefiting from all the attacks on donald trump is ted cruz, obviously. >> and i look at florida, i mean, this is for rubio. he has got to win florida. now, if he does, that's a 99 delegates in one chunk right there. that's a great thing for him. but there's a couple big warning signs i'm looking at if i'm the rubio campaign. one is, obviously, he's losing in the polls to donald trump. that's been consistent all year, but he's losing in all of them. and now here's ted cruz making all sorts of signals and hints that he's going to go into florida in a big way. he's mostly refrained.
1:33 pm
i guess there's talk he might have a big field operation, trying to put something together in the next week. he's planning to knock marco rubio out of this race. >> there are three things that never happened for marco rubio. the first one is that the jeb bush political and financial machine never flocked to his campaign after he dropped out. the second -- >> might be some hard feelings there. >> right. the second is that john kasich not dropping out. and then you have that establishment vote going, dividing up in between marco rubio and john kasich. and the third most important thing that didn't happen to marco rubio is winning. he's not really winning. he just wants to, one caucus, one primary in puerto rico, really big win, but it doesn't translate into getting to the big wide conversation and getting him to be some sort of like, high-profile candidate to match donald trump or ted cruz. >> the big emphatic statement victory is what he's missing. >> exactly. >> we'll see if he can make one in his home state. thanks for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, a new poll puts
1:34 pm
hillary clinton nine points ahead of bernie sanders, but is that lead enough to fend him off? we'll go live to mississippi, to michigan, and also to ohio, where they'll be voting in ohio next tuesday. we'll hear what the voters think of this year's presidential race. and we will be here all night tonight, with special live coverage of all the races in both parties, it starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. i'm going to be joining brian williams, rachel maddow, chris matthews, we're going to take you through all the results. we're going to crunch all the numbers, go through all the exit polls and see if we can make any sense of what's happening tonight. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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1:38 pm
delegates there. but even when you just do the pledge delegates, she is ahead by about 200 right now. and the latest polling shows the former secretary of state is ahead by about 13 points in michigan right now, a double-digit lead heading into today's voting. and joining me now is msnbc political reporter, alex seitz-wald. he's been checking in with voters across the great lakes state. we put the poll up, hillary clinton enters today as the favorite, what are each of them doing in the last few hours here? >> reporter: yeah, steve. both of the campaigns are saying that this race is much closer than the polls suggest, but, of course, they also both have an interest in saying that. the clinton campaign wants to make this look like a bigger win than it is if they win and the sanders' campaign wants to get their voters to the polls. sanders had a big rally last night at the university of michigan. no surprise, university students very excited about him. clinton has did an off-the-record visit with voters
1:39 pm
today, but neither are going to be in the state tonight. he's in ohio, she's down in florida looking ahead to contests next week. but sanders was hoping that trade would be a silver bullet for him in the state. a lot of jobs left, a lot of blame for nafta, which was signed by bill clinton. i went up yesterday to grand rapids, a plant that's being closed down and all the jobs are being shipped to mexico, 300 jobs. i talked to the president of the union out there, and he loves bernie sanders, but he's not committed. he said, yeah, i know bill clinton signed nafta, but i never made more money than under the clinton administration and i think hillary clinton can get it done and challenge the republicans. another interesting thing talking to the workers, a lot of them like trump. another guy was talking about nafta and talking about trade and there's a lot of talk about putting states like michigan in play if trump is the nominee. i saw that firsthand yesterday. it says to me, if bernie sanders couldn't win over this local union president whose job is being outsourced as soon as friday, by the way, i don't know
1:40 pm
how he's going to make trade an issue that wins him the upper midwest, steve. >> alex seitz-wald in detroit, thanks for that. as voters head to the polls across michigan, our own joy reid was in dearborn talking to voters there. so what did you learn from the voters when you talked to them? >> steve, we were in dearborn earlier this morning at hague elementary school. it's interesting, it's in wayne county, which i'm sure, as you know, steve, went for barack obama, 72% to about 26% over mitt romney in 2012, but the particular precincts we were at, the 40th and 44th precinct inside of this same elementary school, one of those precincts had gone for romney, one had gone for obama back then. it's a very mixed precinct. and we talked to a lot of voters who explained their reasons for who they were supporting and it all came down to one word, jobs. take a listen to what people had to say. >> reporter: what do you think that donald trump could do as president that some of the other presidents running couldn't do? >> i believe bringing jobs back. >> are you concerned? as a woman, just some of the
1:41 pm
comments that he's made that have offended women. this is a town with a lot of arab americans, the comments about immigrants and muslims. does that bother you? >> it doesn't. because if you take the whole story of what he's saying, what i hear him saying is that he's going to stop terrorists from entering the country. and i believe that sometimes the spin can be, he's against muslims. he's not. i believe in my heart of hearts donald trump is for all human beings. >> what would you do as a voter if, let's say, at the convention in cleveland, the party fibds a way to not give it to donald trump, but he goes in with the most votes, the most delegates. what would you do? if he ran third party, would you go third party with him? >> that would upset me very much so. >> i'm bernie fan. i think over and over again, he's been a politician for a long time and his track record has kind of proven he seems to know what's right and he's morally and ethically on the right track which is more aligned with my beliefs and where i think we should go as a country. >> and steve, marianne, the
1:42 pm
first voter you saw there, the trump voter, was very interesting. her belief was, donald trump is a businessman, he can bring back jobs. she had to find part-time jobs because she used to work in the auto industry. and brought it down to that. and she dismissed many of the things that a lot of the things donald trump has said that people have thought were offensive and she thought he could get a job back to where she was when she was in the auto industry. >> joining me now, former democratic congressman from tennessee, harold ford jr. he is supporting hillary clinton. and you spent some time in michigan, you know the state a little bit. so let me ask you, we were just hearing that from alex seitz-wald, there's this theory if the republicans nominate donald trump or this idea if they nominate donald trump, he has at least the potential to put in play some states that republicans haven't been able to put in play. michigan would be one of them. a lot of blue-collar voters, blue-collar white voters who you might normally think would vote democratically. the idea is trump is speaking to them. what do you think of that? >> he has proven an ability,
1:43 pm
whether we agree with the way he's gone about it or not, not just we, but any everyday americans, to speak to the core of what people are most conce concerned about. the worry that democrats increasingly have about him, in addition to him saying anything during a campaign, is that his appeal around trade and even being as wealthy as he is, saying that we should tax rich people more, this is a message that will appeal to voters in the midwest. we have to get through the primary. i think mrs. clinton has succeeded well against sanders, for one moment there, as recording secretary, i saw the coverage we had on it yesterday, who said the plant has been closed. and the second thing he said, is that he believed that mrs. clinton knew how to get things done. so pointing out that she voted for the auto bailout, which included help for the financial institutions, as well as her experience, obviously, played well for her. but i would caution democrats, donald trump is going to be a formidable challenger and a
1:44 pm
formidable foe in the fall, if he makes it through the primary. we can point to the bombastic way in which he campaigns and some of the volatile things he does on the campaign trail, but we have to understand, we're dealing with a volatile electorate today. an electorate that's unsettled and insecure and you've talked about it as you've shown the data, breaking it down in each of the big states that have conducted primaries and caucuses so far. again, he's got to get through the next two to three to four to six weeks, but this michigan experience is something that i think the country, and particularly those who are going to follow this race closely should watch closely this evening. >> what about, if hillary clinton is the democratic nominee, we've already seen bernie sanders win about a half a dozen states here. so, caucuses, picked up a big primary in new hampshire, he's really developed a constituency here, even if he doesn't win the nomination, he'll peel off an awful lot of votes against a former first lady, a former secretary of state, someone who walked into this race with a lot of advantages. what does hillary clinton have to do if she's the nominee to keep those voters part of the democratic coalition in the fall? >> make clear what she's made
1:45 pm
clear throughout her campaign that sometimes hasn't come through and gets sharper with the message, that you're going to work for every american, you're going to work for every middle class household. you'll ensure that no american regardless of class or geography or race or gender gets an advantage over another sexual orientation. i think her whole idea of uniting the country is something that's powerful. but i would urge, and i'm a supporter of hers, the pointed message around economic empowerment and growth and wage growth has to be a central part of the campaign. you've got to welcome bernie sanders into the campaign. if she, and i believe she will be the nominee, whatever happened during his campaign has got to be put behind and move forward. but there's no doubt, to answer your question pointedly, there's got to be an economic message that recognizes that middle class americans have not fared well over the last several years. if we can return to the clinton days of '92 to 2000, that growth period, that growth era, and she can do that, and she can deliver that message, she'll be the next president of the united states. >> isn't there -- if there's a common theme here between bernie sanders and donald trump, two
1:46 pm
different parties, two very different messages on the specifics -- >> different approaches. >> but what bernie sanders is really saying is, blow up the system. he says he wants a political revolution. and donald trump's message is basically, blow up the system. it's basically all these people who are part of the system, making the same promises every four years, and they fail every four years. and bernie sanders is saying on the left, and trump is saying it on the right. i'm thinking of the democratic voters, maybe they're a little bit more liberal in their politics, but they have that feeling that the system is just broken. can hillary clinton with her resume, being such a part of the system, speak to them really? >> i don't think there's any doubt. i think something her husband has said about her on the campaign trail is true. she's a game changer in politics. every station and every interval in her political career, she has sought to make massive change. she's not always succeeded, but remember, it was her in arkansas that worked at radically transform the education system when her husband became governor. it was her, when she got to washington, wanted to radically transform the health care system. she was not successful, but laid the seeds for so much of what
1:47 pm
we're seeing today. i have no doubt if given the opportunity, she'll be an outstanding manager and governor in the white house. she'll assemble the right team on economic policy and assemble the right team even on foreign policy. the question is, and i think what you're getting to, is can you convey that in a campaign in which people need such big change? i think she'll be able to, but she'll need elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, all of us working together to convey to voters that she's the right person to lead. >> thank you very much. >> keep up the good work, by the way. >> appreciate that. here's josh lipton with the cnbc market wrap. >> u.s. stocks closing lower today. that as a reversal in oil prices and weaker than expected chinese trade data renewed concerns about global growth. the dow finishing down more than 109 points. the s&p 500 dropped 22 points, and the nasdaq fell 59 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. using your airline credit card miles.
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when all the dust settles from tonight's big contest, everyone's attention will shift to the big ones coming up next tuesday, march 15th. and one of the biggest in ohio, governor john kasich's home state, a state that will be critical to his chances into that possibility of whether there will be a brokered convention when republicans meet in cleveland this july. and cleveland is where we find msnbc's jacob soboroff.
1:52 pm
he is outside the cuyahoga board of elections, the only early voting location in that city. jacob, what are you seeing there today? >> reporter: so, steve, some kids dream of going into outer space, some kids dream of going ton a field at a major league baseball stadium. when i was a kid, this is a little weird, i dreamed of standing amongst thousands and thousands of ballots. i love voting, have always loved voting, and beyond this door, scanned and viewed ballots only beyond this point are all of the absentee ballots in cuyahoga county. this is probably, arguably, one of the most important rooms in all of american politics, because of the importance of ohio, particularly in the general election. what's going on in here right now is people are sorting through these ballots and they'll get ready to be counted. they expect about double the amount of these ballots, about 100,000, by the time election day rolls around next tuesday. one absolutely bizarre thing that i think you'll get a kick out of, but i don't think people here are particularly thrilled about, this is a copy of the republican ballot, not an
1:53 pm
absentee ballot, but strangely, you can vote for a republican twice, kind of, if you're here in cuyahoga. these are delegates at large for the national convention and here are delegates for the district level for president of the united states. and this is a vestige, basically, a vestigal organ of when ohio had a proportionate system. but now that they're winner-take-all, one doesn't even matter. the district level delegates don't matter at all and all you need to vote for is up here at the top. there's a little bit of confusion, a little bit of frustration, a little bit of right hand and left hand not knowing what they're doing. >> it wouldn't be a presidential primary season without arcane rules and confusing ballots. jacob soboroff, cuyahoga county, ohio. and before the polls officially open in ohio next tuesday, voters in mississippi will have their say tonight. ted cruz at the last minute in this mississippi race receiving an endorsement from the state's
1:54 pm
republican governor, phil bryant. cruz looking to keep the pressure on front-runner, donald trump, after he took two out of the four states on saturday. and let's bring in msnbc's cal perry. he's at a polling station in jackson, mississippi. so, cal, this race really heated up after saturday. what are you hearing down there right now? >> well, on the democratic side, it will be interesting to see how well hillary clinton does, certainly. she's expecting to have a big night here in mississippi. on the republican side, it's all about trump and cruz. that's what we've been hearing about all morning. and steve, listen, you were the one who taught me that the local news stations make a living when it comes to campaign videos. we woke up this morning, we saw the "duck dynasty" one. take a look. >> ted cruz is my man. i'm voting for him. [ gunshots ] >> cruz, the reason we're going to vote for you, all of us, is because you're one of us, my
1:55 pm
man. >> thank you. >> that's why we're voting for you. >> so, you mentioned there the endorsement by governor bryant. there's an endorsement there by the "duck dynasty." that's an oldie, but a goody, certainly here. people have been talking about that. it's sort of been the buzz this morning as people file in and sort of get their last votes in, polls will be closing in about three hours. the question, again, will ted cruz be able to close that gap that we saw in the polling before the vote. donald trump seems to have done very well in early voting. we'll see how he does the day of the actual primary. steve? >> and cal, just curious, walking around the polling area there, in mississippi, in general, what's your sense of the enthusiasm level of voters today? is it high? >> reporter: i think on the republican side, it's very high. i think people are reserved to the fact that on the democratic side, hillary clinton is going to do very well, but people here, certainly in this polling station, on this side of the room, on the dplik side where people vote, it's been pretty
1:56 pm
empty, but over here on the republican side, we've seen a steady stream. >> it's very interesting. after that result in louisiana on saturday, much closer, especially in the primary day voting than people expected. i think all eyes immediately turned to mississippi and said, if that meant something, if what happened in louisiana meant that this race was shifting and cruz was surging, we will see it tonight in mississippi. polls closing in a few hours. we will find out if that is the case. cal perry in jackson, mississippi, thanks for that report. and that is going to do it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki. "mtp daily" is up next. and chuck will have our first look at today's exit polls and a brand-new nbc news/"wall street journal" national poll in the republican race for president. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator...
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the music. and if it's tuesday feels relevant right now, because a lot of people are voting today. good evening, i'm chuck todd here in new york city. welcome to "mtp daily." get ready for another wild night. we are less than three hours from the first polls closing in tonight's crucial quartet of primary and caucus contests, and we are mere moments away from our first look at some early exit polls in tonight's biggest prizes, michigan and mississippi. trump is favored to win both states, but how big will his victories be if he does win them? and if there is truly s


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