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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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close. that allows us, even though we have raw vote in, to characterize the rate. it's 59:50 in the last ten seconds. we'll show you polls are closing. we'll show you where michigan fits in all of it. here is where it fits at 9:00 eastern time. donald trump has swept the first two states. our projection from msnbc and nbc news is that when all the votes are counted, your winner tonight in the michigan primary will be donald trump. on the democratic side our race is too early to call. 30% of the raw in. bernie sanders leading 51% to hillary clinton's 48. these are the results from earlier. you have a sweep so far on the gop side. for trump, hillary clinton the projected winner heavily in mississippi tonight. there's more spefkt wording on
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this gop race. in addition to our projection that donald trump will win, we are saying cruz and kasich are vying for second. rubio trails far behind. rubio trails far behind. we'll let you know what the status changes. >> that's specific wording not chosen by us. this is from the elections unit. they don't go out of their way to make elaborations like this unless it's very clear that they can. once again, what we're looking at here from michigan, for marco rubio to be described as far behind as cay kick and cruz vie for second, that far behind characterization for marco rubio is yet more bad news for him. we don't know where the standings will come in. we know that donald trump has won both of the states so far. we spoke with the communications director live on the air and he suggested hawaii might be a
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place marco rubio could win tonight. we still have idaho and hawaii ahead. just in delegate counts and how he's been able to perform in major states, he looks kwiequit dead in the water. his campaign wants you to think that florida is the only thing that matters when you're saying only your home state matters that's not a position of strength to be making your argument. >> chris matthews in detroit michigan, there's the larger story. that is the two states tonight's key states have been awarded to one donald j. trump in the republican party. >> i think it's looking very good for him next week when we have the big winner take all votes in florida and in ohio. we're probably looking at a trump-kasich fight in ohio.
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i think trump will have the leg up on rubio. if rubio shows this weakness it's hard for a floridan to say i think our guy is in competition. i also think that trump is pretty good for the vulnerable spot. he knows the person's achilles heel. i think rubio's is his job hasn't been showing up for his job as a senator. i would expect it will be a fight in ohio between kasich who is doing well in the neighboring state of ohio and a close one down in florida that could turn out to be bigger than what we have been watching. it looks like trump at the end will get maybe not the delegates to win this nomination but he h may have a partner in kasich. that night be enough to make up the deficit. >> we're expecting donald trump in that ballroom and trump water. this was billed as a 9:00 p.m.
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appearance for a news conference format. a an aide is announcing something to the crowd. looks like he will go first. clinton's campaign may be waiting for a call. >> the trump campaign could not have known in advance. particularly, because they don't have an internal pollster. they could not have known in advance that at 9:00 they would not only have call in mississippi for donald trump but they would also have a call in michigan for donald trump. they scheduled this for a specific time. him being able to give this press conference knowing he's got the two major states already tucked away is a media coup for
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him. >> you go to the biggest single group. this is how they define themselves. this is half the electorate. trump wins them. you see cruz falls off significantly. then you go to moderates. this is fairly significant chunk. kasich rising up. cruz falling aulgt way back. what you're seeing here is trump is pretty strong in all three of those groups. kasich rising up the more moderate it gets. what you end up is kasich and cruz look almost factional while trump is winning this thing across the board. you can look at this. there's this college, non-college divide.
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also this white evangelical group. we're talking about again in michigan about half the electorate. donald trump winning with white evangelical christians. >> the cruz campaign is counting on evangelical voters everywhere. they are not winning them against donald trump. he might be able to pull out another win. is this bad news for kasich even if he does come in second in. >> i think it's a strong enough second. he needed to be very close. he gave trump a strong run for his money. it's not as bad of a position
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but that's unfair considering that rubio has won some states. he and rubio can't be winning their own states and be contenders. >> unless they are. unless this year all you need is delegates to get on to the floor and cleveland they'll fight it out based on who's just alive at that time. >> i think next week will be so important with all those winner take all states. trump could lock up the nomination. >> this is an important state. it's not a southern state. it's close to that swath of the country where cruz is been doing well. it's close. trump shows he can go to a rust belt state and win. >> what's cruz's strategy from this point on. he has supposedly, we've been through the evangelical states. he hasn't been winning the evangelical voters.
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>> it's a rocky road for him. >> if marco rubio is being wiped out tonight, tonight may call into question whether sticking in through florida makes sense for him. if it is ted cruz and maybe john kasich, which of them really can legitimately, honestly compete against donald trump in illinois, in ohio, in new york, in california, in new jersey, in a kind of big population blue states that make up the back half of the republican primary? the whole south is almost done. the evangelical states are almost done. is ted cruz really going to win new jersey? >> i think it's more favorable to kasich. how long can he stick in? >> does kasich have the resources and infrastructure to stay in and be competitive in all those states against trump. he doesn't have a lot of infrastructure but he's got that trump thing.
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>> it will be yet another case of the establish lt trying to crown another front-runner when it's not happening and voters have rejected it. >> it's amazing to me. it's just amazing. >> congressman from grand rapids, the pride of michigan. let's go to katie who is down at the trump event. what's going on behind you? is the candidate in the room? >> he's not in the room at the moment. he did a victory lap a moment ago. he got mobbed with supporters and members of the press. he did not know about the michigan results at the time. they said the winner of florida would be the nominee. he said we'll have to wait and see but he does expect to win florida. it's a state he spends half of
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his time in, lives this half the time. we're told that donald trump will be entering this room to declare victory in michigan and mississippi. he is done well with older voters. done well with somewhat conservative voters. done well with less educated voters. it's interesting to note that in michigan the polling is showing him in a high with ted cruz among female voters. so far those results match up to the state results we have seen so far and the states he has won. the big headline is these establishment attacks are not worki working. they did see a crack in donald trump's facade and thought they would be able to go after him
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hard. so far that has not worked in mississippi. that did not work in michigan. those are two indicators he will continue to have his momentum going forward and continue to potentially have success on the second super tuesday which is next tuesday. that is when florida, where we are now, and ohio votes, two winner take offer states. if he does not take the states it's more and more likely we'll see this fight go all the way to the flr of the convention. >> it's going to get harder and harder to argue with math. let's keep the trump location up on our screen and let's bring in, you want to contrast, let's bring in gabe from the traveling rubio campaign.
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you may point to florida. your viability is going to be questioned every hour, every day coming out of tonight's results. >> just a few minutes ago. it's absolutely quiet. there was no mention of any other voting going on. any other voting in the country at this rally. his campaign is looking -- we're being told that donald trump is about speak. i'm going to send it back to you. >> here is donald trump. >> i don't think i've had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week.
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$38 million worth of horrible lies. that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew they were lies. it was amazing to watch. it's something special. i want to thank the public. i want to thank the people of michigan. i want to thank the people of mississippi. it's such great honor and it's also really wonderful to have you at trump national golf club. jack nicholas did this. it's a great, great resort and place. we have a will the of our members here. >> stand up, paul. paul. you originally come from ohio,
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right? paul o'neil of the yankees. do you endorse me? i love you. thank you, paul. thank you. wow. that's a great endorsement from ohio. thank you. he's great. i wanted to tell you it was an interesting week. an amazing week. i want to congratulate a lot of people including the candidates. this is not easy stuff. when you're doing this it's pretty wild. i must tell you it's very, very important. as a republican that our senators and our congressmen get reelected and we put a good group of people together. that we keep the people there. we have some terrific people. not all of them are on my side, but we have some terrific people. it's very important if we're going to be effective it's very
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important. one of the things i'm most happy about is the turn out has been massive for every week. whether it's south carolina or any place. he started pretty much with new hampshire. no matter where you go it's records. i think it's the single biggest story in politics today. it's what's happening at the booth. the tremendous number of people that are coming out to vote. some of the states are getting -- one has 102% increase over four years ago. it's amazing. 102%. [ applause ] >> on average you're talking about probably more than 50. you're talking about millions and millions of people where as the democrats are down 30, 35%. they're down from what they were. were up by 50%. you're talking about millions of people. i actually think it's the biggest story in politics today. i hope that the republicans will
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embrace it. we have democrats coming over. we have independents coming over. they haven't done that coming every here. we'll have something very, very special. if i win and i get to go against hillary, polls are showing that i beat her. some of the polls have me beating the polls easily. we'll take many, many people away from the democrats. we'll take many people away that go democrat as independents. we're seeing them. we're seeing that. we had people come over here who have never voted republican. who have never thought about it. they came and voted republican. i'll tell you another group of people that i've seen. i'll be signing autographs after a speech and we'll be talking to people. i've had many people say and it was a beautiful thing to hear mr. trump i'm 67 years old. many people. i'm 6 years old. i've never ever voted before.
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i've never come close to voting before. this is the first time i'll ever vote. that's so amazing. they do it with such spirits. i want to thank the special interests and the lobbyists. they obviously did something to drive these numbers. we're close to 50 and 40. i want to congratulate them. to raise that much money that quickly is a pretty good fete. many of them are my friends. i want to thank you paul ryan. he could not have been nicer. he was very encouraging. i have great respect for paul ryan. great respect. ted cruz is interesting because he's always, he's always saying i'm the only one that can beat
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donald trump. you have to vote for donald trump and you're going to vote for donald trump. you're going to be miserable. you have to vote for me. he's the only one that can beat donald trump. i've heard it so many times. i said, but he never beats me. take a look. he never beats me. the fact is we're going to do well. ted will have hard time. when he gets to certain states he'll have a hard time. one of the things we do is we get up to new york, i'm going to do great. we get to new jersey, i'm going to do great. chris christie is somewhere here. great prosecutor. he's around here somewhere. really when he came and called and said i've seen this, it's an amazing thing, it's a movement. many people have called it a movement. part of that is what i said
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before is the people want to be involved. when chris called and sarah palin called and jerry fallwell called. when joe called, you know that trump is tough on the border. people will come into the country. they're coming in legally. they have to come in legally. mitt romney got up and made a speech the other day. [ boo ] no. he's a very nice man. it's hard. when you go through this and get to the final gate and don't get over, it's hard. i brought some things up because he said water company is gone. i said it is. i didn't know that.
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i have very successful companies. i'm going to do this in about two seconds. i filed with the federal elections a hundred pages almost. a hundred pages that many of the the press has gone down and seen. they were all very, very impressed. i built great, great company. i have very low debt. i have assets like this. this is owned 100% by me with no debt. i have trump international. 100% by me and no debt. you look at doral. i have a lot of things in florida. nobody talks about this stuff.
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the bank of america building, a big chunk of it in san francisco. 1290 avenue. many, many things. mitt got up and he shouldn't have done it. he talked about the water company. there's the water company. we sell water and we have water. it's a very successful, it's a private water company and i supply the water for all my places and it's good. where are the steaks? we have trump steaks. he said the steak company and we have trump steaks. by the way, if you want to take one, we'll charge you about 50 buck a steak. no. we have trump magazine. let me see the magazine.
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it's called the jewel of palm beach. i've had it for many years. take one. he said trump airline. i sold the airline and i made a great deal. complicated and in really terrible times. i made a phenomenal deal. i had the shuttle. trump university, it's -- we're holding it. when i win the lawsuit, which i'll win. rubio did an ad. he had two or three people. they were saying it was so terrible. the reason i didn't settle every one of these people, we sent them out and the reporters don't like to report it, but we sent their letters out, their report cards. they were all excellent. beautiful statements.
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we love it. you can't settle cases when the person suing you has given you letters and in some cases tapes saying how great it is. it was a very nice thing. we're putting it on hold. if i become presidents that means my family will start it up. we have a lot of great people that want to get back into trump university. it will do well. it will continue to do well. we have a lawsuit where they're trying to get, we have one of these class action lawyer guys and it's ridiculous. i don't settle lawsuits, very rare. once you settle lawsuits everybody sues you. very simple. it's like business. when you settle lawsuits, it's easier to settle. sometimes it's cheaper to settle, but once you settle. i had a friend that taught me a long time ago, he was sued very rarely and everybody in the same business was sued all the time. he said i never settle. the lawyers learn you don't settle, they don't sue. i don't settle lawsuits.
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when i watch these banks that are settling lawsuits all the tile and settles lawsuits with government and other people giving billions and billions of dollars, i don't do it. you see the wine. it's the largest winery on the east coast. i own it 100%. no mortgage or debt. you have to check the records. in fact, the press. i'm asking you to please check. he was the richest man in the united states. he died. he built one of the great vineyards of all time. there's nothing like it. close to 2,000 acres. if the press wants they can take a bottle of wine loam.
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the members have plenty. i believe it's the largest vineyard. you have the water. you have the steaks. what's wrong with selling. i want to thank my friend paul o'neil. i had such respect when paul wads a yankee, he didn't make mistakes. tough, smart. we could use him right now. i love that kind of a guy. what this shows is that advertising is not as important. there's never been more money spent on hitting somebody than
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was spent on me. he's wrong on the military. i've been doing this for 15 years. we've been fighting war for 15 years with this kind of thinking. he's been so nasty. i think he's probably a nice guy, but he's been so nasty. i say does he hate donald trump. i watch him, and if you think about it, every single person that's attacked me has gone down. you can take a look at virtually every single person. we started off with 17. we're down to four. of the four, they're pretty much all gone. pretty much. they didn't do so well. i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well.
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they didn't do well. there's only one person that did well tonight, donald trump. it's true. [ applause ] i mean it was actual lly amazin. i was impressed and even megyn said donald trump did well. thank you. i was shocked to hear that. that was very nice. thank you. it's about time. i've been waiting like five years, charles. i have had such hostility like with lindsey, he was at seven. he attacked me and we took him down to zero. he endorses somebody else and the poll in south carolina has me at 47, him at 2 and he's the sitting senator. then he went down from there. you know what, i don't like to
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bring it up but it's enough. you just relax, go home. go home for a little while. you take this defeat and the press never calls them out. they go to this horrible defeat and start on the take. it's like he never ran and made a fool out of himself. at what point do you call people out. i call people out. it is true. they've attacked me swisvicious and every single one is gone. >> i i'm have proud of that. that's what we should have for our country. that's what we should have. isis should not be beating us. we don't win anymore. we don't win with our military. we don't win with health care. we don't win with anything. we shouldn't be in a position for isis is dictating terms. i call him lying ted. he holds the bible high and puts the bible down and then he lies.
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he'll say i'm the only one that beat donald trump. i said it before. i beat him. i beat him. he won like four. i won like 12 or 13. he forgets the other part. lying ted. when they say in watching. i want watching karl and said how great i dwid tid with the evangelicals. i'm a good christian. they're chipping away at christianity. we're not going to let that happen anymore, folks. a lot of times i'll say at the rallies around christmastime we'll start saying merry christmas again. they don't say it anymore. we're going to start saying it again. they're chipping away at christianity and we just can't do it. i'll tell you, with the evangelicals, they get it. they get me. they understand me. i'll be the best thing that ever happened to them. i mean that. they don't like the way ted talks and they don't like the
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fact that he truly does lie. i actually was -- i mean lies badly. i was interestingly little marco helped me a lot. marco, what marco did is in one of the debates he screamed across me. i've been in the center from the beginning. never out of center. i always like an odd number because i'm in center. with an even number, i hated it because i'm not in the center. we should always keep odd numbers. marco helped me a lot because he called ted a liar. he said you're a liar. that's the first time, look, i know politicians better than anybody. they're liars. they're serious liars. they'll never get you to the promise land. ever. they'll never get you to the promised land. they're controlled by the special interest and the people
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that put up this money to run. you know how much money was spent in last week. despite the fact they're not supposed to be talking to the super pac. let me ask you a question. how much times you think marco and ted and all of them were calling the super pac. is that right. it's called life. that's the way life works. they talk to their super pac. they're not spoedsupposed to, b that's the way life works. i think we're going to do well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. i love florida. a special place. i think we'll do really well. i think we'll do really well in ohio. i love ohio. i have so many friends in ohio. it's an amazing place. we're going to have a lot of fun. what we're going to do is beat hillary clinton and beat her badly. i think one of the things, and
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then we'll take some questions, but one of the things that i add that's very different. we always talk about the five and sometimes six, but the five states that you have to get whether it's ohio or pennsylvania or florida. thestructurally is much tougher like by a factor of five. i add things that nobody else can do. i have a chance of new york. all of those delegates upstate new york, i poll higher than anybody ever. they are really this trouble up there. they know i would have done things. they wouldn't be in trouble if they would have taken my advice. they're really this trouble. i'll get michigan. i'm going to get michigan. we're going to bring them in. we're going to take it back. i'm going to win michigan. it's never even a question when these candidates are talking
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about running, it's never even a question. michigan's not something they even talk about. i'll win new jersey, ohio, florida. i'll win virginia. i have great property. we have one of the great places in the world. i have 600 acres in the potomac river. very, very successful place. i have a lot of employees in virginia. it seems when i have something in a location like when i'm in virginia and i have a lot of employees. i have great places. florida where i have doral. doral was great. adam scott. he was a great young man. when you have property in state, it means you love the state. it means you have a lot of employees. you pay them. you take care of their health
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care and education for their families. you take care of so many things. you just do well. i think i'm going to do great. i'm going to be working hard between the two and illinois. i have one of the greatest buildings in the world. chicago, i have one of the greatest wildings. let's see what the press has to. we'll go home. yes, cbs. [ inaudible question ] >> no, i don't really. you have to win. i know how to win. these people will tell you, have i won many club championships. stand up.
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stand up. does trump though how to close. winning is winning. not easy to win club championships. i'm not talking about with strokes. i'm talking about with no strokes. we started with a field of 17, and now we're down to four. i have not focused on hillary yet. i'm doing well. numerous polls have me winning. i have not started with her other than four weeks ago. there are many cases. i have all night. you'd have to go on for hours. hillary is a very flawed candidate. it's going to be a very, very easy target. if she's allowed to run. there's a real question as to
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whether or not she is even going to be allowed to run. if the government is going to do its job properly, she'll not be allowed to run. [ applause ] go ahead, tom. [ inaudible question ] >> i have no message to marco. it's been a tough night for him. i had a good relationship with him. he became hostile and it didn't work. hostility works for some people. it doesn't work for him. he would have been better off had he kept the original pitter patter going. this didn't work. >> right now you're being out spent two to one in florida. does that worry you at all? >> i've been out spent by
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everybody. i have much more money than all of them put together times 20. i'm a businessman. i don't have to spend. why should i spend the money. i've spent 25, $30 million. other people have spent $160 million. you have the numbers. in new hampshire, i spent a million and a half and somebody else spent 48 million. i was one and the other was number five. wouldn't it be nice if we had a country that worked that way. the cnn poll came out and i was 41 and 19. if you remember the poll from south carolina, the wall street nbc poll was phoniest most disgusting poll. i don't believe that poll.
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i never pay bills when someone does a bad job. they did such a bad job. they had many dying in south carolina the day before. they did that with viciousness and vindictiveness. it looked like i was really in trouble. i won in land slide. the following day they came out with a national poll. they came out with another one. they came out with a poll, 30. again, i'm still in first place. i really believe their poll is wrong. go ahead. >> there's a new ad out in the state of florida for super tuesday, nine examples of you swearing on the campaign trail.
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do you have any word. is that presidential? >> i saw it. i was a little concerned with that ad until i saw it. i think it's better than any ad i've ever taken for myself. i do. you know why, let me just tell you why. i really mean it. i really mean it. i heard about the ad. i said i'm not going to like this. when i looked at it, i can be more presidential than anybody. i can be more presidential if i want to be. i can be more presidential than anybody. when i was 16 people coming at me from 16 different angles, you don't want to be so presidential. you have to win. you have to beat them back. i would say more presidential and i've said this a couple of times, more presidential than anybody other than the great abe lincoln. the truth is that i saw that ad. people are sick and tired of being politically correct. i actually think that ad was
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good for me. in some cases i was kidding and joking. with words not so bad. i was joking. in other cases i was showing anger and showing a certain toughness that we need in our country. i watched that ad. i said that ad shows a certain degree of anger. it shows a certain degree like we're not going to take it anymore from all those countries that have been ripping us off and taking our money like a bunch of babies. very, very stupid babies. i watched that ad. i don't think it's bad ad for me. if i had my choice of saying i could let it run, let it run. say it again. >> how do you explain some of the language? >> you're so politically correct. look at you. you've never heard a little off
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language. you're so perfect. you're a perfect young man. give me break. it's stuff like that that people in this country are tired of. the say it again a little louder. [ inaudible question ] >> i hear 39 million has sbn spent. i'll be honest with you, i'm very surprised. i looked at the numbers in mississippi. i'm close to 50%. that's not 50% with two people, that 50% with four people. that's a lot. that's shocking. you get a 52 or 56. i'm running against three very
6:42 pm
competent people and i'm getting 50% and in michigan i'm close to 40% against a big group of people. i think i will say this, i'm a little bit surprised that i was at doral. i was watching and watching adam scott hit the last great shot. i went back and i was watching the news this one of the rooms. every single advertisement was about me. it was during my tournament. i'm turning my tournament. the most vicious, one of the reasons i brought the wine out and the water out and the steak out and more wine and more water. i told you about trump university. we'll win that case. they hit me with this trump university. it's not even a big case.
6:43 pm
you have to do in life, you have to do what's right. if you live by principle, you'll do very well. i was a little surprised when i saw the viciousness of the ads and the viciousness of mitt was very vicious. he gets up and just -- i wish he used that same energy against obama. i think he would have won. carl. >> given your statement in the paper about defeating hillary clinton. do you agree you'll need to get mainstream politics and the
6:44 pm
establishment behind you? if so, what do you say tonight since so many are polling their money into trying to beat you? >> i say let's come together we're going to win. i say come together. largely, i would say yes. some people you're not going to get along with. largely i would like to do that. believe it or not i'm a unifier. you look at the things i built. i get along with people. the people in the paerpt call them the elites or whatever they call them. those are the people that don't respect it yet. we have millions and millions. i've discussed it before.
6:45 pm
carl, you know this because i've seen you reporting it. it's a record. it's a record. it's never happened before. in a hundred years what's happening now to the republican party has never happened before. the democrats would love to have what's happening. i have friends on the other side, they say would we like that to happen. they're down 35%. there's no spirit there. we're way up with millions of people. what i say to the republicans is embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> mitt romney attacking you viciously. how can you win them back? >> i don't know that you have to
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win everybody. >> something that's hasn't happened in a hundred years. are you changing the republican party? if so, how do you ensure c conservative conservatives. >> i'm not really changing the republican party. i'm a conservative but i'm sorry a common sense conservative. nobody is more conservative than me on energy independence. nobody is more conservative than me on the military. nobody is more conservative than me of taking care of our great veterans who have been maligned. nobody's more conservative than me on health care where we're going to repeal and replace obama care and on common core where we're getting rid of it and on budgets where whether it's the penny deal. we'll straighten out our budgets. we owe $19 trillion, we're going to pay off debt. we're not going to pay it off that quickly nor do we have to. we have to start bringing it
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down to a level that's sustainable because we're going in the wrong direction. nobody is more con seservative n me on the boarder. on trade, i am a free trader, believe it or not but i'm also a smart trader. we cannot let china, and i like china, they're wonderful. they're leaders are too smart for our leaders. i like china. i do great with china. the bank of america building i have because of china. in war we fought. i will tell you, nobody, nobody is more conservative on trade. the problem i have, you have people in national review and they're eggheads. it's not free trade when china charges tax to get our product in and don't let our product in any way and they take their product and they just send it to us like nothing.
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we have a trade deficit with japan over $100 billion a year. that's why mexico's got to pay for the wall. $58 billion a year. these guys come up that i'm against. they say you're not going to get mexico to pay for the wall. i say of course i am. we have a trade deficit with mexico of $58 million a year. the wall's going to cost $10 billion. you tell me i can't make that deal. that's an easy deal. i love the question. the only thing i can say that some people would say i'm not conservative is trade, but that's because i want fair trade. i want free trade. free trade you have to have smart people on both sides. we don't have smart people on our side. i want fair trade. it's got to be fair and balanced trade as they would say at fox.
6:49 pm
go ahead. >> one of the key planks is the idea of having fair trade. >> very important. >> you talk about how the u.s. getting killed by countries like china and mexico. >> destroyed. >> there are some benefits to free trade in the u.s. you increase tariffs -- >> i know what you're going to say. >> let me fin ish my question. >> i can't because nobody is listening to you. nobody ever listens to you. the problem we have with trade. let me tell you is we have people on the other side that are grand masters at monetary manipulation. they are manipulating the currency to such an extent that our companies cannot compete with other companies in other nations.
6:50 pm
they just can't compete. because of that, we're losing our jobs. it's not just china. it's everybody. china, it's everybody, china has taken millions of jobs, thousands of factories. what they've done to it, i thought about it the other day, it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. they've taken out so much money. i love china. it's great. i don't hold anything against their leaders. i wish our leaders would do the same thing in reverse, but they don't. i won michigan and i went up there and these people are incredible people. you look at some of the factories that have been abandoned there, you look at chicago where you have companies that are closing their plants and moving to mexico. ford building a $2.5 billion factory in mexico.
6:51 pm
carrier announced they're going to close and build air conditioners and put them in mexico. they're going to build them in mexico. how does that help us? >> reporter: would you say the average consumer that are coming from china and mexico, you see those prices increase? >> you know what's going to happen, jeremy, can i tell you what's going to happen, when china thinks you mean it, they're going to stop manipulating their currency and you won't have to do anything and you might even have free trade, okay. when china thinks you mean it, when japan thinks you mean it that we're not going to let them sell the cars like that because they're killing us, you know what we sell to japan? practically nothing. they have cars coming in by the millions and we sell them practically. when japan thinks they mean it, they'll stop playing around with
6:52 pm
the yen. they're almost as good as china. you look at what's happening with cater pillar, but because of the fact that they currency manipulate and we can't have that. they're not supposed to do it, but they have no fear of our government. they're dealing with babies. they are grand master players and we have people that shouldn't be negotiating for us. we shouldn't. one more question. go ahead. i'm not going to finish with her because she never asks a decent question. go ahead. i'm only kidding. >> reporter: would you support a candidate? >> i think lindsey graham is probably a nice guy and i was very tough on him because he was
6:53 pm
tough on me, but i think he is probably a nice guy. i think i could probably get along with lindsey graham. i could probably get along with mitt romney. i have nothing against mitt romney. i understand how he feels. he worked really hard and he didn't get there. i understand it. i could probably get along with mitt romney. i don't know mitt romney very well. i endorsed him, i backed him, i helped him, but i don't know mitt romney. i could probably get along with lindsey graham, but when he goes on television he's very nasty. we have something going that's so good we should grab each other and unify the party and nobody is going to beat us. thank you very much everybody. thank you. i appreciate it. thank you. >> an incredible tour of the mind of the real estate holdings, the consumer products
6:54 pm
and the political philosophy of donald trump. while he was speaking, two developments. let's take you to the latest on the democratic primary in michigan. we've gone from a posting of too early to call to now to close to call and we've just passed the halfway mark in terms of volume of the vote. 51% in, you see sanders at 262,000 and change to hillary clinton 236,000 and change separated by 26,000 votes. we will keep a very close on this, especially because of what you're about to see. we have taped delayed this live on tape as it were in its entirety. hillary clinton appearing before supporters tonight in cleveland, ohio after her big, big win in mississippi. this was every inch a victory
6:55 pm
celebration. >> hello. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much. hello, cleveland. hello, ohio. [cheers and applause] hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! >> thank you so much. >> hillary! hillary! >> thank you all so very much. [cheers and applause] >> i am very excited to be back here in cleveland. [cheers and applause] >> i especially am thrilled to be in the district of congresswoman marsha fudge and
6:56 pm
in the city of mayor frank jackson. [cheers and applause] >> and to have the county executive here, county executive, where are you? [cheers and applause] >> and my great friend of so many years, congressman tim ryan. [cheers and applause] >> i am also pleased to be here with all of you, to have this opportunity to talk about the campaign and the fact that this will be a busy week here in ohio. [cheers and applause] >> we are so excited to have the campaign building across this state and this campaign is about building a future where every american can live up to his or
6:57 pm
her full potential no matter where you come from, what you look like or who you love. [cheers and applause] >> now, i believe this with all my heart because it's the only way for america to live up to its full potential if every american has the chance to live up to his or hers. now, i know we have a long way to go. in fact, the future that i envision is going to take work from all of us because i want to knock down every barrier that stands in the way. i want to knock down the economic barriers, the health care barriers, the education barriers, the kind of challenges that people face every day. now, you're here tonight and you're going to do everything you can in this next week, along
6:58 pm
with people in florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina who are going to the polls. i hope you make your voice and your vote count too. this has been -- [cheers and applause] >> this has been so far a campaign focussed on the issues and i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i are running. [cheers and applause] >> we have our differences, which you can see when we debate, but i'll tell you what, those differences pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. [cheers and applause] >> every time you think it can't get any uglier, they find a way. and as the rhetoric keeps sinking lower, the stakes in
6:59 pm
this election keep rising higher. now, running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults. it should be about delivering results for the american people. [cheers and applause] >> that's what i'm doing in this campaign and that's what i will do all the way through it because i want to talk about what working families are up against across the country. i want to talk about how we have a new barrigain so you can get ahead and stay ahead. in every industrial city, small town, farm country, indian country, every community that's been hallowed out by lost jobs and lost hopes. don't let anybody tell you we can't make it in america any more. we can, we are and we will.
7:00 pm
[cheers and applaus [cheers and applause] >> but in order to do that, we can't be talking about building walls or turning the clock back. we have to build on what made america great in the first place, our energy and optimism, our openness and creativity. nobody working harder than americans. nobody inknownats better. if we working to i know america will outcompete anybody anywhere in the world and create a future that will hold out the promise of america to every kid with a dream,


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