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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 9, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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and good morning. i'm steve kornacki. what a night it was. donald trump picking up three more victories in the four contests on the republican side, and bernie sanders stunning everyone with a surprise win in michigan. and also it was a disaster for marco rubio. he didn't even come in soakecon place in a single state. he finished fourth place, dead last in two of them, at best he's going to walk away with one single delegate from the whole night. rubio's campaign on life support with his home state, florida, looming next on the calendar. much more on that and what it means from that represent cubli and what it means. we are going to begin with the
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democrats and bernie sanders who scored his biggest victory in the biggest state that he's won yet. this was a victory that no one, and i mean no one, saw coming. it's one that could give him critical momentum heading into next week when five big states, including two more in the rust belt, will head to the polls. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago. the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country and, frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> now it wasn't all good news for sanders last night despite that win. clinton also crushed him in mississippi, which held its primary last night. she won by nearly 70 points there. and that means she actually winds up with slightly more delegates on the night than bernie sanders. ultimately, of course, this is a
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delegate race. on the republican side, meanwhile, donald trump showing last night that he hasn't lost his touch. he won mississippi, he won michigan and he won hawaii by an average of double digits. ted cruz salvaging his night by picking up a victory in idaho. the other headline, as we said at the top though, marco rubio's campaign taking another heavy blow with these results. he came in fourth behind john kasich in both mississippi and michigan and he fell far short of the front-runner. >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump. i will tell you. >> the combination of today and a week from today, we're in the middle of march madness. >> we will win this election and you are going to make it happen. >> so i think the people are beginning to reward a positive campaign. >> i don't think i've ever had
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so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. >> once again, i face an opponent that's ahead in the polls, according to the polls, who is not who he says he is who will not do what he says he's going to do. >> we're seeing the voters say, wait a second, this guy isn't what i thought. >> advertising is not as important, it really isn't as important as competence. trump steaks, where are the steaks? do we have steaks? we have trump steaks. >> i'm not here asking any of you to pledge your support of me. i'm here pledging my support of you. >> the three of us competing for the dell will he gatsz that l d we are in a virtual dead heat. >> let's take you through all of the results in all of the states that voted last night. let's start on the democratic side with michigan. a big win for bernie sanders. again, the polls, as he mentioned there, showed hillary clinton leading by double digits
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as recently as the day before the primary. there it is, with the votes counted up, bernie sanders winning by two points in michigan. hillary clinton simply not getting the kind of margin out of the city of detroit that she had been hoping for. also, a lot of independents and young voters taking part in that democratic primary yesterday. we said though another race on the docket for democrats as well. in mississippi. check this out. we have seen this across the south. this might have been the most dramatic yet. hillary clinton rolling up overpowering numbers with black voters in the south. look at this, it translates to a 66 point victory. for bernie sanders, his numbers so low, in fact, that there are districts in mississippi where it will look like he will not qualify to receive any delegates to the democratic convention. we say this is ultimately a delegate race. what does last night need for that. again, you need 2383 to win this nomination. this is the category to pay
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attention to. these are the delegates given out in the primaries and caucuses. last night, so far there are a few more that nbc news hasn't yet allocated. between that monster victory for hillary clinton in mississippi and the narrow loss in michigan, looks like she's gotten 88 delegates from yesterday. so far what did bernie sanders get? between the narrow win in michigan and the decisive loss in mississippi, he picks up 70. again, psychologically a huge boost for bernie sanders to win michigan, but in the delegate race hillary clinton actually increases her lead yesterday. what sanders is going to have to hope for going forward is that the power of that psychological victory in michigan changes the nature of other big races. he has to score bins big wins by big marge begins to overcome the deficit. more than 200 in his allocate or pledged delegate side.
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that's the democratic side. now let's turn to the republican side. the rest of the united states was sleeping but donald trump picked up a win in hawaii last night. caucuses held in hawaii, a nine point victory over ted cruz. that's one win for trump. go to idaho, we start working our way east. idaho came in for ted cruz giving him his lone victory of the night. ted cruz picking up another caucus state. he's done better in caucus states than in primary states. the bigger contest though, we start with michigan now. donald trump picking up a very big win there. double digits. ted cruz eking out over john kasich. there had been indications that maybe john kasich was surging. michigan bordering his home state of ohio. in mississippi, this was the
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first state called last night. a double digit victory. you add all of that together and we are still tallying all of the delegates. it looks like donald trump now building his lead over ted cruz in the delegate count to nearly 100 right now. you think back to this weekend, it had been a good saturday for ted cruz, a shaky one for donald trump. all of the gains in the delegate race ted cruz maybe over the weekend, it looks like donald trump will undo them. rubio starting to lag here. he didn't make the threshold to collect any delegates. he may, at best, pick up one delegate for the night. where the race for the republicans, ohio, floor darks illinois and in missouri and in north carolina. five big contests six days from now. donald trump looking for big showings there. he could really put some space between himself and the rest of the field. ted cruz, meanwhile, he is
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looking to get that one-on-one race and to have a chance to at least deny trump the first ballot nomination. still suspense on the republican side but obviously a very big night for donald trump last night. as we are saying, all eyes now on march 15th. we had a super tuesday a week ago. we're going to have another super tuesday next tuesday. bernie sanders on the democratic side trying now to build on that momentum from his michigan win last night. you see the contests there on the board. republicans will have six of them next week. winner take all contests in florida. do or die for rubio. in ohio obviously do or die for kasich. there is new polling from cnn that shows donald trump in the lead in both of those states, 16 points ahead right now of marco rubio in florida and in ohio a closer race there, kasich in second place but still running six points behind donald trump in his home state. trump over 40% in that poll there. and if bernie sanders hopes to continue his rust belt rebound
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in ohio next week, he's got some ground to make up there, at least according to the new quinnipiac poll out this morning. it has him down nine points, 52-43. this morning after that michigan result i guarantee you every sanders supporter tells you, if the polls are down, you don't have to believe it. look at what happened in michigan. let's go to peter alexander live in west palm beach, florida. the biggest single prize on the board in next tuesday's contest. peter, there were some doubts about donald trump after last saturday night. did he put them to rest with what he did last night? >> reporter: the establishment has to feel a lot like charlie brown right now. every time they feel they'll kick the football and take it to donald trump, the ball gets yanked away and fall on their back side. it helps reclaim victory.
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they have a watch. the news conference says it's an unorthodox way. they sort of embrace it. it's critical of donald trump. they send it back. it's not the performance they were hoping for. it calls out trump for his use of vulgar rhetoric. he swears in the ad nine times.
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>> i would say more times. he's going to be more presidential. that ad shows a certain degree of anger. in all of these countries ripping us off. let it run. let it run. >> the infomercial, donald tr p trump. >> the states that were presented out loud. it will be produced by a different steak production company.
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actually made by a company in connecticut. from our new poll numbers is this fact, that there's still major divisions within the party right now, just 28% of those supporters who voted for ted cruz say they are satisfied with the idea of trump becoming the nominee. for kasich voters, it's just 21%. barely one in five. the vast majority of those who didn't vote for trump say they wouldn't be satisfied if he ended up being the guy. steve? >> all right. peter alexander in west palm beach florida. thanks for that. let's bring in gabe gutierrez in miami not far from where marco rubio is going to be holding a rally later today. gabe, a pretty bad numbers no matter how you look at it last night for marco rubio. at best he's going to take in one delegate, two fourth place finishes. how is the rubio campaign spinning what happened last
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night? >> hi there, steve. he is trying to spin the unspinable, right? for a while the rubio campaign has been saying they've been trying to rack up delegates, scrounge up for delegates. very difficult night for them in that respect. they had campaigned in michigan, several stops in grand rapids one outside of suburban detroit. they weren't able to crack the 50% threshold. rubio campaign is saying we expected this to be a bad night. ted cruz and john kasich should have done even better than they did last night and the rubio campaign is really stressing that they are still focused on florida. they are denying any reports that the rubio campaign is thinking of dropping out before florida. they say that's completely not true. what they're saying is that they think that they can run yet another underdog race in florida and rubio talked about that yesterd yesterday. let's take a listen. >> if you listen to the media, they'll say, he's an underdog.
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i've been an underdog my whole life. we are a state of underdogs. i believe the winner of the race in florida next tuesday will be the nominee for the party. >> the campaign talking about looking towards the future and remi knitsing towards the past. in 2012 he said he ran the race against charlie crist in florida. he's comparing donald trump to charlie crist. cnn/orc poll has him down 16 points. the campaign is downplaying that poll. they're saying they're looking at a quinnipiac poll that has him down eight points. still, a decline, steve, as you know. florida is absolutely crucial for him and, again, they are denying any calls that they are dropping out of this race. they hope that they can also get a boost from the debate tomorrow. steve? >> all right. yeah. all eyes will be on that debate. gabe gutierrez in miami. thank you for that. be sure to watch marco rubio
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doing a town hall here on msnbc tonight. going to be hosted by chuck todd 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc. you're not going to want to miss that one. there were times when donald trump's speech last night looked more like an infomercial than a campaign event. as we were showing there, he pitched everything from trump steaks to his magazine to his own brand of wine and water. when he called in to "morning joe" this morning, he was asked all about it. >> we've all been talking about it this morning. why did you decide to bring out all of your products last night? >> well, because, you know, i filed a lot of papers over 100 pages with the federal elections commission and it talked about a great company i built. it's truly a great company, a massive company, and everybody was very impressed with it otherwise, believe me, you would have been readings about it and writing about it, i can tell you. and when mitt romney got up and said steaks, which we have,
6:16 am
wines and all of the different things, i have the largest winery on the east coast and it does tremendous business. >> right. >> the magazine. i have a magazine that's morphed into a magazine that's incredible. >> donald, i don't understand. you just got off a massive electoral victory. you won mississippi. >> i know. but i'd like to set the record straight, joe. it's been very dishon r honest. i sold the airline. what's wrong with selling an airline. he mentioned different things and i said -- >> right. but you don't have to respond. there's no rule that you have to respond to every attack. >> it took three minutes. it took me three minutes. i don't like that. >> hold on. i think it was smart. i think people will like that. donald, i have a question. >> mika thinks it's smart. >> yes. >> we've been talking about marco rubio. you had a great night last night. >> yes. >> marco rubio, not so much, and he has some decisions to make. would you ever consider him as your running mate? >> well, i don't want to say that, mika. he has a big decision to make
6:17 am
and he should make his own decision. >> but would you -- >> i've always liked him and then he really hit me very, very hard. >> could you forgive him for hitting you? >> i got along with him great until a few weeks ago when he started playing don rickles. it was -- it was very surprising to see and he was out of character. >> would you consider him though as a vice president? >> i became very nasty about it and i guess he's really got a decision to make. i know what you're talking about, i just don't want to be involved in his decision. his decision is a personal one. >> if he decided to drop out. >> if he called you and said i want to give you florida. >> since you need help with hispanic voters, since you need help with the republican establishment, could marco rubio as your vice president be a bridge to that republican establishment? >> well, i think this. i think if he runs and loses and, you know, i don't think he would win right now, but if he runs and loses i think he will never be able to do anything very big politically in florida.
6:18 am
i certainly don't think he would be considered by anybody as a vice president. i don't think he could ever run for governor or whatever he might want to run for in the future. so i think running and losing would be risky but, again, that's his decision. i think it has to be his decision 100%. >> dropping out now. >> i'm asking you if he drops out before losing florida, would you consider him? could he possibly be on a list as a vice president for you because he could help outreach to hispanics and help your outreach to -- >> sure. sure. and he's got a lot of talent. i just don't want to say that yet, joe. it's just not appropriate to talk about it until he makes a decision. i have respect for him and he has great talent. i don't want to say that yoet. it's too soon. >> you said sure so we will take that as a yes. i want to ask you quickly and then we're going to turn it over to bob woodward. what is your take on mitt romney, the gop donor class, everybody hammering you over the past week? what kind of impact do you think that had on your results last
6:19 am
night, especially in michigan and mississippi? >> well, i have such love for the people of michigan and mississippi because they were hammered with ads like i've never seen before. i was in florida at the big golf tournament, you know, at doral, and every time there was a commercial it was a horrible, negative ad on trump. and i'll tell you what, i think it's incredible that the people saw through those ads. they were phony ads. they were lies. disgusting lies. and that's one of the reasons i brought out the steaks and the wines and the different things last night, because it was all a big lie. it was all a big lie. and i'll tell you something -- and all you have to do is go down to the federal elections and take a look at my financials and the incredible company i built. if i didn't build an incredible company, i wouldn't have run, joe, i wouldn't have run. there's no way i would have run. everyone was shocked when they saw them. i will tell you this, i have
6:20 am
never seen such negative ads. a lot of people said this in your world, the political world. i've been doing this for 40 years. nobody has ever been hit with ads like trump. they spent $30 million on me over the last less than a week and, you know, i just have such respect for the voters. they're really smart. they get it. they get it. >> donald trump this morning on "morning joe." so is there any stopping donald trump going forward? for more let's bring in the national journal senior political correspondent ron fournier. ron, i'll ask you that question. after saturday there was some doubt maybe donald trump was hitting a wall we were saying. after last night how do you feel about that question? is there any stopping him? >> you know, it's hard to see how he doesn't win the nomination. it's hard to see after listening to that interview and the interview he did with woodward and cokie roberts on the same show, it's hard to see how he could be a credible leader of this country. but there's a lot of voters who
6:21 am
are so upset who have been unmoored by all their inches city tuesdays or from all their institutions, so angry with government, so angry with politics that they're looking for change in the worst possible way and they're not so concerned that donald trump may give it to them in the worst way. >> the so-called republican party establishment. mitt romney has been the face of it, really trying to pull out all the stops to stop donald trump, negative ads, calling him out in public, sort of some level of coordination it seemed between these campaigns and none of it's working. >> yeah, look. these are not dump voters who are supporting trump but they are very disillusioned and disconnected. they don't trust anything that mitt romney says. they feel like they were let down by him in 2012. they don't trust what you and i say. they don't trust anybody in the establishment. they don't trust their churches, small businesses, big businesses, nonprofits, charities. they don't even trust each other very much right now.
6:22 am
so until we change government and politics, until there's a big, positive change that people really need, we're going to keep lashing out towards more negative disrupters like donald trump. when you have marco rubio and ted cruz basically hoping for a contested convention, you know that, you know, that's a heck of a bank shot to come into a convention second or third hoping to overtake a guy who's for sure going to have the fleur ralt at this, anyhow, if not the majority. >> rubio is in a tough spot, maybe a dilemma, because his home state is coming next week. based on those results last night, that looks bad for a politician if you lose your home state badly. that looks bad. what do you think his calculation is right now? >> well, it's a tough one. you know, he's already thrown himself under a grenade once by bullying the bully, by getting under trump's skin by treating trump the way trump treats everyone else.
6:23 am
that hurt his numbers. it put trump back on his heels. that's what you have to do to trump because he is so insecure. it hurt his numbers. do you do it again and divide up the numbers and force a contested convention or do you think about your future? he's a young man. he has some talent. i never thought he was as talented as the establishment thought he was but he's not an untalented man. he's a hard working guy who could have a future in politics. if he loses florida, his political career is probably done. and even if he wins florida, all he's done is won his home state. he won't get any credit for it, a few delegates. not enough to put him in the nomination. it's a tough decision. i would not be surprised at all if he was not on the ballot in florida. >> six days from now is scheduled the florida primary. we'll see if marco rubio is still there for it. >> thanks for having me on. we'll have more of the donald trump interview in our next hour and much more ahead
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this hour on msnbc after a quick break. despite being down in the delegate count, ted cruz is plotting his path forward starting with a rally in miami, in florida, in marco rubio's home state in the next hour. cruz believes that he is the one who can beat donald trump. >> there's no doubt that trump has built this image of being unstoppable and unbeatable, but that image has crashed in reality. at this point our campaign has beaten him not once, not twice, but seven times now and i think that's one of the things that is accelerating the party unifying behind our campaign, because it is becoming abundantly clear if you want to defeat donald trump, our campaign is the only one that can do it. the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that.
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ted cruz is getting ready to
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hold a rally in miami. this a day after inwinning the republican primary after finishing second in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. joining me is somebody with the pro ted super pac, keep the promise. kelly-ann conway. a lot to ask you about. a lot of cruz supporters. the field needs to clear now for ted cruz to have a shot at donald trump. do you agree with that? does this field have to become one on one now? >> it does. the numbers bear that out, steve. first of all, senator rubio played in idaho and played in texas. had he not spent hundreds of thousands of dollars there and opened up offices and volunteers there, ted cruz could have gotten the 50% threshold and taken all of the delegates. why is that relevant? cruz got 44% in idaho. senator rubio failed to clear the threshold that would get him any delegates. so that's number one.
6:29 am
number two, as ron said in your previous segment, the anti-trump or non-trump vote is a pretty solid vote but right now it's fractured among three people, predominantly cruz but rubio and kasich. do you want to be spoiler or do you want to be kang maker? these next couple of days are huge. rubio's best day and best leverage is today and next weekend. it's not next wednesday. >> you want rubio out before florida votes? >> want senator rubio out and endorsing ted cruz and campaigning with him. >> the wind card in florida is not all of the voting takes place next tuesday. >> correct. >> already you've had a lot of people voting early. there are some indications that rubio won a big chunk of that. even if he drops out are there enough votes for ted cruz to beat donald trump in florida? >> that all depends on donald trump's ceiling. there's no question donald trump is the front-runner going into florida. the latest poll has him close to
6:30 am
40% which is a remarkable figure. you have a fair number of republicans who don't want him to be the nominee, who want an alternative. in a two-person race that becomes far easier. if trump's core support, steve, is between 35 and 40% in one state but if his core opposition is comparable to that, that's the growth market. the growth market is come prakt. there's florida, ohio. you want kasich in to win ohio? how does that work? >> i want them to do whatever they want to do. they should be preserving their political futures. he was re-elected the governor there 16 short months ago by 18 points. that's a significant win. he's the same guy running for president as he is the governor of ohio. marco rubio's problem, steve, he's not as popular as he was. he's resigned his senate see the. he's already told them i quit my day job.
6:31 am
>> he has the senate seat. >> but he's not running for re-election. the marco rubio who toppled charlie crist, that was really bold, is not the marco rubio running for president. he is the establishment blessed candidate. that's difficult in a year when everybody wants the outsiders. >> if you're looking for rubio to get out in florida and looking to get his support but kasich to stick around and win his state of ohio, it sounds to me you're playing for the broker beat the broker. you're playing for nobody goes there to win the majority. >> no, we are not. we would prefer this to be a two-person race. donald trump and ted cruz. cruz has beat trump in seven states. maine to texas to idaho to oklahoma and why that's significant is very simple. it's that if you get down to that two-person race you're now not just looking at the number of people that support donald trump, you're looking at the
6:32 am
large number that don't support donald trump. if governor kasich wants to stay in the race, that's his right. if you lose your home state you lose all of your leverage also. by the way, this stop trump movement, they have every right to do what they want. we're the pro ted cruz movement. implicitly that's a trump movement. why are you stopping trump with no vehicle? your vehicle is an open and contested convention, steve. that's a huge risk for a party in some disarray because the votes are fractured. no, the cruz is not going for an open and contested convention. we're going for a ted cruz win of contested delegates. four states, zero delegates. i respect him enormously, but the voters are sending him a message. this is not your year. you can't invent enough moderate
6:33 am
establishment type voters between now and election day. now in florida to really get the nomination. >> kelly ann conway with the pro ted cruz super pac. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> be sure, we put this up earlier to watch marco rubio's town hal tonight hosted by chuck todd. 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific time. after a quick break we are going to take a look at the exit polling in michigan where that big upset played out on the democratic side last night. also look at what keyed the big win for donald trump on the republican side. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics.
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let's take a look at some of the exit poll numbers. let's start in michigan. this is a group that's important in every republican primary, white, evangelical voters. they were more than half the republican electorate in michigan last night. that's a big jump from the last time they had a michigan primary. this is supposed to be ted cruz's group, right? this is a group he's gone after. donald trump actually winning the white evangelical vote in michigan last night. not the first time we've seen trump winning with this group. he also won with white evangelicals in mississippi last night. this is something that has defied a lot of people's predictions. the strength of donald trump with evangelical voters. look at this in mississippi among independents, independents can vote, donald trump did very well with them. 16 point win over ted cruz. what do you hear from trump's republican critics? one of the things they say is he
6:38 am
doesn't do that well when it's only republicans. he needs independents, he needs democrats to win these primaries. mississippi among republicans, still 48%, nearly half the vote for donald trump. he won independents by a big margin. he won republicans by a solid margin in mississippi. in that state so much for the idea he needs democrats and independents to win. take a look on the democrat side in michigan where bernie sanders pulled off the big upset. part of it he did very well with white voters. a 16 point victory with hillary clinton. check this out. you're so use the to hearing the story of bernie sanders getting absolute absolutely clobbered by black voters. the number is key here. the exit poll says bernie sanders got 31%, nearly 1/3 of the black vote in michigan. that is substantially higher than the numbers we've been seeing for bernie sanders in other states, particularly in the south. in a place like mississippi he's barely cracking 10% of the black
6:39 am
vote. in michigan last night he did triple that. he still lost to clinton with the black vote but he did well enough that combined with that over powering strength with white voters it was just enough to give bernie sanders the victory in michigan. the question is is that a sign of things to come for him? we'll see the next test of rust belt states. illinois, ohio voting that day. we will see a week from now how bernie sanders does in the rest of the rust belt. up next on our show, you're going to dig deeper into the surprise results for the democrats in michigan. that big win for bernie sanders. i am going to be joined by the deputy director of communications for hillary clinton's campaign after a quick break. for a limited time, you can get a
6:40 am
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6:42 am
what we have done is created a kind of momentum that we need to win. so once again, this has been a
6:43 am
fantastic night in michigan. we look forward to going to illinois, ohio, missouri and the other states that we would be competing in next week. >> big boost last night for bernie sanders. he upset hillary clinton in michigan despite all of the polls leading up to the primary showing clinton leading by double digits. sanders narrowly edging out clinton last night, 50-48%. that's a margin of victory of just under 20,000 votes. it was, however, a very different torey in the south last night. the other state to vote on the democratic side, mississippi. look at that, hillary clinton trouncing bernie sanders there, 83 to 17%. when you tally up all the delegates won last night, well, hillary clinton did still win the night. nbc news is so far advocating 88 new delegates for hillary clinton, 70 for bernie sanders from last night. still a few more to come in. despite winning michigan, sanders losing in the delegate
6:44 am
count there by 1 so far. that could change though as these things are all tallied up. with the super delegates factored in, hillary clinton with a two to one lead over bernie sanders. half of what she would need. so far she has won 12 states in this race. bernie sanders has won nine. last night clinton made no mention of the results in michigan and mississippi instead focusing on key contests coming up next week. >> this will be a busy week here in ohio. along with people in florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina who are going to the polls, i hope you make your voice and your vote count, too. >> and i'm joined now by hillary for america, deputy communications director christina shockey. thanks for joining us. >> hi. >> it was a surprise last night, wasn't it? >> you know, it wasn't such a
6:45 am
surprise to us because our own internal polling showed us it was tight. we weren't surprised with the outcome. it was a hard fought race and we congratulate senator sanders on the win there. >> what happened? this is a big state. this is a point his campaign is going to make a lot now. this is a state that donald trump if he's the nominee is telling people i'm going to win michigan. i'm going to put that back in play and hillary clinton lost this to bernie sanders. >> i think as you did in your reporting, what's really important is last night there were two contests. she won overwhelmingly in mississippi. she comes out of the night a winner ahead in the delegate count. there's a lot of frustration and anger with voters out there. she really understands that. she's really been listening to that. how could there not be. >> do voters see that? do they think she understands it? when you see voters in michigan, when they talk about trade policy and how frustrated they are, do they feel they don't understand it. >> it's close in michigan. she did get a lot of votes
6:46 am
there. hillary is going to do what she did in michigan which is lay out a plan for manufacturing. how to grow jobs and manufacturing. as the race comes up, she'll do that. there is a lot of frustration out there. hillary has taken that in. she's listened to it. how could she not be, the people of flint have been poisoned for two years. and profitable companies are trying to move their headquarters overseas. these are the issues she's talking about. these are the issues she's presenting real solutions to. she's going to get out there and keep talking about that for the races next week and work her heart out to try to earn every vote. >> what do you say to the idea that, again, donald trump is there saying if i'm the republican nominee, i change the map. this whole red/blue map, i'm going to go to these areas. blue collar white voters, i am going to be attracted to them. i am going to win them over. it looks like those are the voters on the democratic side. >> she'll do everything she can
6:47 am
to win them over. we're not looking that far ahead. we're solidly focused on winning the primary. she will do everything she can to win the five states to do well next week. you know, if she -- she has said many times if she's fortunate enough to be the nominee, she is ready to take on trump. they have very starkly different views of what america is today and her vision for what america is going to be tomorrow. she's ready to get into that race if she's lucky enough to be the nominee. we are solidly on the path to be that nominee and we feel really good about our position. >> you are ahead in the delegate race though. do you think with bernie sanders putting a win like this on the boards, does this mean this will last all the way to the convention, this race. >> last night was a must win and they out spend us there and they won. it was a hard fought race but we'll see where it goes from here. she is really in this to win and she is going to do what hillary does best which is work harder and get out there to talk about her real plans to make a difference in people's lives.
6:48 am
>> christina shockey with the clinton campaign. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. we will be right back after this. this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter
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ok, cool. you heard us talking about it. it's the thing that every political reporter has dreamed of covering, that every political junky has dreamed of watching. and the odds are still slim. it could happen this year. but could the republican nomination for president actually come down to a brokered or open or deadlocked convention? whatever term you want to use for it. our own jokeb soboroff is in cleveland. that's the city where the republican national convention is going to take place this summer. he as an in depth look at the question. he joins me next. nvestments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty.
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6:54 am
donald trump may be leading in the delegate count this morn, but it's not over yet. if you ask his republican rivals, both ted cruz and marco rubio say they are the candidate who can take trump on one-on-one. john kasich is openly talking about the possibility of an open
6:55 am
convention in cleveland this summer. and cleveland is where we find msnbc's jacob soboroff. he's live for us this morning. jacob, open convention, deadlock. there's all sorts of names for this thing. what we know is it would be wild. it would be unpredictable. it would be something none of us have seen in our lifetimes. tell us what the open convention is all about. >> so funny when you think of democracy in america. you think about butti putting a batt ballot into the ballot box. what we might see here in cleveland, ohio, this summer is something entirely different. it might be back slapping. it might be hand shaking that determines who this nominee is. it might just be general all-around schmoozing. it's going to go down at what people in cleveland call the q. 1,237. that's exactly how many
6:56 am
delegates a fancy name for representatives from each of the 50 states, and u.s. territories, it would take for donald j. trump to become the republican party's presidential nominee at their convention right here in cleveland this july. and with all of his primary and caucus wins across the country, he's closer than anybody else. but he's not there yet. >> do you know what candidate running for the republican nomination is currently in the lead? >> trump. >> what candidate is currently in the lead for the republican nomination? >> i don't want to say. trump. >> i have asked many of my friends. a lot of people, and i'm shocked to say, but yes, trump. >> despite record-breaking turnout and trump's ground swell of popular support, the last two republican presidential nominees, mitt romney and john mccain, and a bunch of other establishment members of the grand old party are trying to stop him in his tracks. they're speaking out against him and even in romney's case, suggesting voters pick whatever case has a best chance of
6:57 am
beating trump in his home case. if the results were successful, it would be a brokered convention where trump wouldn't have enough support to win the delegation outright, so people could convention for negotiations to determine the nominee. but it's not clear if this plan is going to work. >> you have mitt romney and john mccain telling you don't vote for trump. do you care what they have to say? >> no. >> not at all? >> no. >> what if they're watching? >> have a nice day. >> john kasich versus donald trump. who's going to win? >> kasich. >> you think he's going to win? >> yes. >> who are you going to vote for? >> hillary. >> if trump wins ohio's 66 or florida's 99 delegates in the winner take all contests, stopping him from having the majority of the delegates going into the convention and a solid case for walking away with the nomination gets a whole heck of a lot harder. >> the republicans are going to have their convention. who are they going to nominate? >> donald trump probably. >> donald trump?
6:58 am
>> it will be trump. >> going to sit courtside at the convention, too? >> if you can get me tickets. >> maybe i'll sit next to you for the rest of the game, then. >> i don't know where that guy went. >> you have a deal, man. >> the last time this happened on the republican side, 1948. thomas dewy went up against harry truman. we know how that turned out. on the democratic side, 1952, a brokered convention, and the last president to emerge from a brokered convention was fdr in 1932. that's about all the american history this little brain can remember so back to you. >> that's a great report. but i'm on to you, getting the company to pay for your tickets to a cavs game. a very genius strategy there. great report. appreciate that. jacob soboroff in cleveland. that's going to wrap it up for this hour. i'll see you back here tomorrow. live from the next battleground. i'll be out in ohio, too. with jose diaz-balart up next live from the campus of florida international university.
6:59 am
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and good wednesday morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. we're coming to you live from florida international university. this wonderful campus here. the students are having breakfast. they're talking about midterms. we're again here at the campus of fiu today because senator marco rubio is going to be holding a town hall that's going to be moderated by msnbc and nbc's chuck todd. that's in english. because the senator is fully bilingual, he's also going to be speaking with me in spanish for telemundo network. that's happening here today. and the senator desperately needs a win here in florida next week to keep his prospects for the future alive. also happening this hour here in
7:03 am
miami, ted cruz will speak to supporters any minute at miami-dade college. but can anyone stop donald trump? this morning, trump's three remaining republican rivals are scrambling to blunt his latest big wins. the front-runner warred back tuesday night, winning the states of michigan, mississippi, and hawaii. his sing al loss, idaho, where cruz is the projected winner there. trump now has 15 states under his belt. new leads in polls and more delegates to take to cleveland. >> we started off with 17, we're down to four. of the four, they're pretty much all gone. >> i have been an underdog my whole life. >> only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> we're going to win the state of ohio. it will be a whole new ball game. >> i don't think i have ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. >> i believe with all my heart
7:04 am
that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. >> we have won states from one end of the country to the other, from literally maine to alaska, we have had victories. >> you believed in me once. i'm asking you to believe again. >> new polls out this morning with six days to go unhill the florida primary here. trump beating rubio handily along likely republican voters. in ohio, john kasich also trailed trump ahead of tuesday's voting. let's get right to our political team this morning here in miami and across the state of florida. i want to start with nbc's peter alexander with donald trump's west palm beach campaign. good morning to you. it appears after a stop trump movement emerged, it's not having much on an impact. >> exactly right. this was a stinging defeat for the forces trying to coalesce to defeat donald trump. the three victories by double digits in mississippi, michigan,
7:05 am
and hawaii. donald trump last night changing his tone a little bit. trying to embrace, his words, he said embrace republicans who have been opposing him. trying to create unity in the party right now that many people suggest he has been responsible for polarizing so badly to this point. there was one point in a news conference he held that was striking to me personally. this is when i brought up one of the ads airing in this state from anti-trump forces. over the course of 30 seconds, shows nine examples of his swearing. and i asked him about that last night. take a listen. >> i think it's better than any ad i have ever taken for myself. i do. you know why? let me just tell you why. no, i really mean it. i really mean it. i heard about the ad. i said, oh, i'm not going to like this. but when i looked at it, and i can be -- by the way, i can be more presidential than anybody. i can be more presidential, if i want to be, i can be more presidential than anybody.
7:06 am
>> jose, not sure if you're there. i'm not hearing you right now. but i'll continue just in case you do hear me. donald trump last night obviously with another strong performance, trying to build unity in the party. going to be a significant next seven days, six days for him. he has to win in both ohio and florida. so crucial because those states become winner-take-all. all the super tuesday states do going forward. florida is a closed primary. trump has performed better in states that allow independents and folks from the other party to vote as well. what impact will it have? we'll have to wait until next week. i'll toss it back and just trust you'll take it from there. >> peter alexander, even when he doesn't hear me, is flawless and perfect. thank you, peter. for your report. i want to bring in gabe gutierrez who has been covering rubio among others. gabe, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> welcome to fiu. isn't this great? >> it is.
7:07 am
chilly detroit or chilly new hampshire. brought the nice weather. very nice. >> kind of hot what happened to trump last night, and kind of cold what's going on with marco rubio. what are his plans in the next six days? he took a beating last night. >> that's right, jose. a lot of calls for him to drop out of the race. reports his advisers are considering it. his camp is really pushing back against that. they say it's not going to happen. they're going to stick through florida and they feel he can pick up some momentum here, whether it be from the debate tomorrow or perhaps, they're going back, they're reminiscing to this big win he had in 2012 against then governor charlie crist for the u.s. senate seat. they're saying he's an underdog this time around and he's won underdog races here in florida before. they think he can do it again. whether it can happen, that's another question. ted cruz, as we have reported, he's stepping up his ground game and the cruz camp wants to squeeze out rubio. they see an opening here that they can squeeze him out and really, you know, kind of get him out of the race.
7:08 am
that's a question. if he loses florida, is there a path forward? a lot of people say absolutely not. >> when we talk about the 2012 race against charlie crist, a lot of people said there's no way this upstart cruz can beat a powerhouse -- rubio, sorry. can beat someone like crist, and he did, but that was in 2012. >> a lot of things have changed since then. marco rubio is in the senate. he's been criticized for his lack of experience, for not showing up to the senate. that's something his opponents will harp on him here. the rubio camp says, okay, look, now that there's all these attack ads against trump, spending millions of dollars and other outside groups, they think maybe in the next couple days some of the attacks can gain traction. but it's hard to see. very disappointing for him yesterday. he got virtually no delegates. his campaign had campaigned, had been at stops in michigan and even idaho. and they really finished a distant fourth in michigan. even the affluent suburban
7:09 am
voters, it didn't work out for him. >> he's run a national campaign in the state of florida before. he's hoping that will be the edge that he needs. let's see what happens. six days to go. >> crisscrossing the state yesterday. and he thinks he's going to do it in the next couple days. >> thank you, gabe. be sure, by the way, to catch marco rubio, the senator from florida, tonight who is going to have a town hall hosted by chuck todd at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 pacific right here on msnbc. i'll have that conversation with the senator in espaniole on telemundo. donald trump has called himself a unifier, but when he called into "morning joe" earl today, he was asked about voters, specifically female voters who may not see him exactly that way. >> i wanted to ask you about what seems to be a growing gap between the number of men and women who are voting for you. last night in michigan and mississippi, it looks like you had 15% less women than men. what are you going to do to try to close that gap, and do you think that somehow your tone over the last few days, some of
7:10 am
the things you have talked about, may have put some women voters off? >> i do. i think that i have had to be very tough over the last period of a number of months. i had 17 people total, and they have come at me very viciously. you know, we started off with 17, and now we're down to 4. and probably less than that pretty soon. and you know, i was being hit from every single angle. and viciously. you know, when you look at marco, when you look at ted cruz, the way he spoke. and in order to be victorious, frankly, i had to be very tough. i had to be very sharp and smart and nasty. and i can see women not necessarily liking the tone. but i also had to get to the finish line. and if i didn't have that tone, i wouldn't be talking to you this morning, i guarantee you that. i would have been sitting home with lindsey graham watching television. so you know, they were nasty to me. a lot of people were very, very harsh. and i had to be harsh in
7:11 am
order -- i could see women not liking that. that will change once this is all over. >> bob costa. >> you mentioned last night, mr. trump, a conversation with speaker ryan. you talked about in a positive way. if you were to win the nomination, how much would you embrace the house republican agenda, specifically with regard to ryan's push on poverty reform, social security, and medicare reform? >> well, i would be talking to him. again, i don't agree with him on all of these things and i certainly don't agree on the border because i'm much stronger on the border than they are. they have a different -- well, they have a different feeling as to what should take place on the border. and we will talk about everything. i'm a flexible person. and you know, that's one of the things. ted cruz will stand up and, you know, i call him lying ted because i have never seen any human being in my life that lies like ted. he holds the bible up, he puts the bible down, and then he lies. and ted cruz will say i negotiate. trump negotiates. that's what you're supposed to
7:12 am
do. you're supposed to gather people around and make great deals. i want to make great deals for my side of the equation. otherwise, you're just going to have a stagnant country like you do right now. you have no negotiation. you have washington is in total gridlock. so i will -- i have a lot of respect for paul ryan. i like him very much. the fact that he called me a few days ago, the fact he called me, we had a great conversation. i really appreciated that call. because it was a smart call. you know, we have something, and this is maybe the biggest part of the picture. we have something that's being talked about all over the world. one of the biggest political stories, and maybe not being talked about as much as it should be. the republican party, millions and millions of people are coming out to vote in these primaries that in many cases have never voted before. they tell me, mr. trump, i have never voted before. 60-year-old, 50-year-old people are shaking my hand, saying i never voted. you're the first time i ever voted. i'm voting for you. millions of people. if the republican party unites,
7:13 am
if we can gather around instead of these stupid ads they're taking and spending $30 million on them, if the republican party unites, we will beat -- we can't lose to anyone. we will beat hillary clinton so easily. we'll win michigan. we'll win new york. we'll win places that they could have never even discussed. we'll win pennsylvania, ohio, all of the standards that we have to win, but we'll add many states to the list. >> all right, very good, donald. here's cokie roberts. she's has a question. >> there have been incidents. >> hi, cokie. >> hi, mr. trump. there have been incidents of children, white children, pointing to their darker skinned classmates and saying, you'll be deported when donald trump is president. there have been incidents of white kids at basketball games holding up signs to teams which have hispanic kids on them, saying we're going to build a wall to keep you out. are you proud of that? is that something you have done
7:14 am
in american political and social discourse that you're proud of? >> well, i think your question is a very nasty question. and i'm not proud of it because i didn't even hear of it, okay. and i certainly do not like it at all when i hear about it. i have, you're the first one who has told me about that. >> it's been reported in many newspapers. >> that's not what the purpose of it is. we want to make america great again. we want to bring back our industry, our jobs from china and japan, and by the way, mexico, which has taken so many of our jobs. >> but when you talk about -- when you talk about deporting people and you talk about building a wall, and you talk about banning muslims -- >> i talk about deporting people who are here illegally. i also talk about people coming in, cokie. i talk about deporting people that are here illegally. they're here illegally. we either have a country or we don't. i talk about deporting people that are here illegally. >> what about the effect on children? >> cokie, i also talk about
7:15 am
building a wall. and oftentimes i'll say, there's going to be a big, beautiful door in that wall. and people are going to come into our country because we want people to come in. we want people to -- >> what about the children, mr. trump? what about what the children are hearing from you and how they are responding to it? >> well, i think people are responding very positively. >> children, i asked. >> you know, make america great again is a very positive message. it's not a negative message. >> unless you think america is great already. and a lot of people think that america -- >> right now, very, very troubled. i think we're being laughed at all over the world. i think that if you look at our military, we can't beat isis. general george patton, general douglas mcarthur are spinning in their grave right now. we can't beat isis. okay. i think our veterans are not taken care of. they're treated worse than illegal immigrants. you want to talk about a problem. >> you had a good number of veterans gechs you. >> we're doing horribly with
7:16 am
education, yet we're number one in cost per pupil. i think we have a lot of problems. obamacare is a disaster. it's got to be repealed and replaced. it's a disaster. people are -- obamacare has not worked. it's going to die of its own volition, but it's better if it gets terminated and we come up with something. if you say america is great right now, america is a very troubled, a very, very troubled nation right now, cokie. and on top of it all, we owe $19 trillion. >> all right. we're being told that you have got to go to a follow-up interview. cokie roberts may want to come to your office and interview you more. extended remarks as well. let me ask you, though, in closing, donald. all eyes are on florida and ohio over the next seven days. what are your plans and what do you project wins in both of those winner-take-all states? >> i think we're going to do well. i'm in florida now. it's my second home. i have tremendous -- i have
7:17 am
thousands of employees in florida. it's a great state, and i think i'm going to do great. ohio, likewise. i have lived in ohio for a couple seasons. and it's a fantastic place where i have so many friends. they're all enthused and all excited. paul o'neill, the great yankee last night, was at the meeting. i didn't even know that. he stood up and endorsed me. and having paul o'neill endorse you, he was such a solid guy, such a great ball player. such a solid guy. i think maybe he is from ohio. i think we're going to do great in ohio. >> and that was part of the conversation that donald trump had with "morning joe" this morning. so much ahead live from florida international university here in miami. candidates now setting their sights on florida and ohio. and less than ten miles away, senator ted cruz will be holding a rally with supporters in miami-dade college. there you see it, i think, about to present the senator from texas. we're monitoring that event for you. plus, the upset of the night. bernie sanders winning michigan.
7:18 am
is it enough, however, to disrupt front-runner hillary clinton? we're going to talk about that next right here on msnbc live. very excited to have a very special guest here. i'm looking forward to chatting with. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weand low-calorie... keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love. with wholesome rice, real chicken, and accents of vegetables and apples. this is lloyd. to prove to you that theetter choice for him is aleve.
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are talking about is strong in every part of the country, and frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> bernie sanders has an extra spring in his step this morning after his stunning win over hillary clinton in michigan. a state the polls showed she was winning by double digits. but sanders pulled out a victory there, beating clinton 50% to 48%. margin of only about 20,000 votes. it was a very different story in
7:22 am
mississippi, where clinton beat sanders in a land slide. 83% to 17%. for the night, hillary clinton actually picked up more delegates, 88 compared to bernie sanders's 70. when she spoke to supporters, she didn't even mention the results of last night's contest and instead focused on key contests next tuesday. >> this will be a busy week here in ohio. we are so excited to have the campaign building across this state. >> i'm joined now by the former two-term governor of michigan, jennifer granholm, adviser to the clinton campaign. what a pleasure to see you here in south florida. >> what a great thing to be here in south florida. believe me. >> it is, indeed, any day, but especially in the winter. what happened y eed yesterday, seemed as though hillary clinton was winning all the polls showed her winning in the state, and
7:23 am
then gone. >> yeah. well, first of all, polls in michigan are so notoriously unreliable. and you know, we knew going in that it was going to be close. we were all saying it, don't believe those polls because they were insanely huge margins. that was not realistic. you know, she won big in mississippi. and you have to give it to bernie sanders for winning michigan. c congratulations to him and his team. here's how he won. he focused on the thing that michiganders care so deeply about, jobs and the economy and trade. there's two parts to this trade message, though. one is you have to have tough trade agreements. you have to make sure that you're not facilitating the offshoring of jobs, but the second part is you have to have a robust economic development strategy to create jobs in america in a global economy. she has both parts of that message. but i think that last night signaled that she's really got to be loud and vocal about both parts of that. >> exit polls in michigan shows
7:24 am
bernie sanders did well with voter who said honesty and trustworthiness were the most important quality. they say sanders and honest and trustworthy. 80%. for clinton, it was 57%. why do you think that still is a problem? >> i mean, i do honestly believe because of the years of -- and millions of dollars that have been spent against her to try to make it look like she is dishonest. and it's hard for her to hear that as a person. you know, as you can imagine, that's such an important issue. she's going to continue to try to make the case. here's what i do think. i think people trust that she can get things done for them. make a difference in their lives. like this issue of jobs. if you are -- she's got this plan that is totally broad about how you go after the companies that have offshored, how you bring those jobs back, how you incentivize economic development, especially in communities that have been hard hit. she needs, i think the campaign will be talking about that as well. >> then there's the issue, for
7:25 am
example, and you're right, if anybody spends money against you saying anything, some of that is going to stick. but, for example, on the issue of the banks and her relationship, when she's gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars speaking to those organizations that she now criticizes and says are part of that campaign against her, why not do things like confront things and say, yeah, i spoke to them. here's what i said. there's nothing in here. it's the perception that she just can't say here it is. clear as water, you see this. >> right, and i know -- you know, she said she would release the transcripts. these are not private meetings. these are public meetings. you have spoken to groups. >> i have never seen them. >> my point is it's not like, you know, you've got hundreds of people who are at these speeches, right? it's not -- >> working for a company that's paying you to come and speak. >> the bottom line is, if you think that they got something, then bring it out and show it. because what they got in exchange for that was the toughest wall street plan of any
7:26 am
candidate, right? >> if that's the case, i would like to see everything. i think it behooved everybody to do that because then it takes away a talking point. it takes away a talking point. >> so there shouldn't be a double standard. i know you'll be demanding that of donald trump because he's very high-paid speaker to all of these groups too. >> let's talk a little bit about ohio. a new quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton's lead in ohio down to nine points. ohio voters share the same concerns as michigan voter. could there be another issue there? >> this is so important, this issue of jobs in america. who's got a plan to create jobs in america? bernie is anti-trade, i get that. >> and consistent. >> but anti-trade doesn't create jobs in america. you have to build stuff here, stamped made in america, made in ohio, in order to export. we're only 5% of the world's population. we have to deal with the rest of the 95%. you can't build a wall that blocks you from exporting
7:27 am
because that will deny jobs in america. so how do you negotiate tough agreements and provide the incentives for those jobs to be in the united states? and that's what she's got. >> when it says made in michigan, right? >> made in michigan, made in miami. >> governor, always a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. a real pleasure to have you. by the way, senator ted cruz is walking up now to the stage at a rally of his in miami-dade college, just a couple miles from where i am right now. let's take a listen. >> god bless miami. you all know how to make a cuban feel welcome. let me say, manny, thank you so much for your leadership here. thank you for your strong friendship. thank you for standing up and enduring the political fire and political heat. i am so proud of your
7:28 am
leadership, your courage, and i'm so proud of the grassroots army that we are seeing all across this country. we had a very good night last night. we had four elections last night. let me say god bless the great state of idaho. we won a big, big victory in idaho over 40% of the vote last night. and in each of the other two races, mississippi, michigan, hawaii, we finished a strong second. doing two very important things. number one, earning delegates in each of those states and gaining
7:29 am
last night 58 additional delegates. we are now at 361 delegates. we need 1,237 for the nomination. but last night as well made abuntedly clear in the path for delegates, there are only two candidates in the race that have any plausible path of getting to 1237. right now, donald trump is 100 delegates ahead of us. but i'll tell you, the momentum is with us. conservatives are uniting with us. are coming together with us. and as this race continues and continues to narrow into a clear
7:30 am
two-man race, head-to-head, donald trump loses and loses badly. now, you know, it's easy to talk about the party coming together. but talk without action, words without action, are empty. we're seeing manifestations of this unifying each and every day. we're seeing it on super tuesday, on super saturday. we saw it last night. but we're also seeing it this morning. i'm pleased this morning to have the opportunity to introduce to each of you a special guest. someone who has joined us this morning. this individual is a major business leader, led one of the largest and most respected companies in the world. this individual is a serious
7:31 am
thinker. understands the economy, understands the financial crises facing this nation. this individual is a conservative leader. who has stood up for the princip principles that we cherish and value so much in this great country. this individual has looked at the foreign policy challenges facing this country, at the threats from radical islamic terrorism, from a rising and ascendant russia, from a china exerting its might. and this individual is one of the most passionate and powerful and effective critics of the absolute disaster that is hillary clinton. i am very pleased to introduce to you somebody you know very well, ms. carly fiorina.
7:32 am
>> thank you. well, thank you so much for that warm miami-dade welcome. it is indeed -- it is indeed a great privilege and pleasure to stand on this stage today. thank you. you know, i ran for the presidency because i think it's time to take our country back. because i think we need real reform. because we have too much economic and too much political
7:33 am
power concentrated in the hands of too few people. i ran because we need a real constitutional conservative serving in the white house. now, i have to tell you, last tuesday, my husband frank and i live in virginia, where we met and married over 30 years ago. we live near our daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. last tuesday, we had a primary. and i walked into the ballot box and i looked at the ballot, and i saw my own name on the ballot. it was kind of a thrill. but then i checked the box for ted cruz, and i'm here to tell you why. you know, after we lost the 2012 election, the republican establishment decided that it knew exactly what we had to do to win the next one. the republican establishment decided we needed to pass comprehensive immigration reform. they decided that, you know, we
7:34 am
needed not to rock the boat too much. let's just go along, to get along with a government that's more and more incompetent and corruption, and for heaven's sakes, they told us, don't talk about the social issues. but you know, there's one thing that republican establishment didn't count on. in the state of texas, against all odds, and against all the predictions of the pundits, the state of texas elected a senator named ted cruz. and you know, ted cruz has always been a constitutional conservative. he is a fearless fighter and reformer. and he didn't much care whether he got invited to the cocktail parties in d.c. we know ted cruz is a fearless constitutional conservative because he has fought for our
7:35 am
liberties over and over again. you know, my dad was a constitutional conservative, an appellate judge on the liberate ninth circuit court of appeals. i know having watched my dad what it takes to fight against a tide, and ted cruz has stood up and fought for our right to bear arms. he has fought -- he has fought for our religious liberty. he has fought for our sovereignty. and he has won over and over and over. he has won. we know ted cruz is a leader and
7:36 am
a reformer. he's willing to take on the status quo in washington, d.c., whether it's replacing the irs or finally fixing the veterans administration so our veterans get the care that they deserve. or finally fixing our immigration problems. you know, i can tell you from personal experience, in order to lead, you must challenge the status quo. and when you challenge the status quo, guess what. you do more than ruffle feathers. you make enemies. it is part of it. it is the price of leadership. you know, people say all the time, we are all known by the company we keep. i'll tell you what, ted cruz should be known, is proud to be known by the enemies he has made in the d.c. cartel.
7:37 am
now, you know, there are some people in our party now who are saying, you know, donald trump wouldn't be so bad. i mean, okay. maybe he's a liberal. maybe he's a fraud, but you know, at least he's a dealmaker. we can make deals with him. here's the thing. the truth is that donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. they're not going to reform the system. they are the system. hillary clinton has made millions of dollars selling access and influence from the inside, and donald trump has made billions of dollars buying people like hillary clinton. they are the system.
7:38 am
they will not reform it. and so when the establishment says ted cruz is too conservative, he's too much of a fighter, he won't get along. i say, you go, ted. >> now, you know, there are other people in our party who actually are kind of horrified by donald trump. i'm one of them. but here's the thing. we're not going to beat donald trump by having leaders in our party tisk tisk over our voters. we're going to have to beat donald trump at the ballot box. and the only guy who can beat
7:39 am
donald trump is ted cruz. you know, tip o'neal once said all politics are local. actually, all politics are personal. people vote based on their own lives, their own despairs, their own disappointments, their own hopes and their own dreams, so we need a real conservative who will provide real conservative solutions in people's lives. that is the only way we beat donald trump and that's the only way we're going to beat hillary clinton. and ted is the man to do it. let me just close by saying this. there are big differences between progressives and conservatives. we need to remember those differences as you head to the ballot box on tuesday. you know, we as conservatives, we know that no one of us is any better than any other one of us.
7:40 am
we know that each of us is gifted by god. we know that all of us want to live lives of dignity and purpose and meaning, and we know that our values, our principles, our policies work better to lift people up regardless of their circumstances. it is progressives that believe that some are smarter than others, some are better than others, so it's okay if some decide for others and choose for others. that is not who we are. so my fellow conservatives, my fellow republicans, you have a very important job on tuesday. and i say to you, it is time. it is time to take our party back. it is time to take our government back. it is time to take our country back, and so -- and so it is
7:41 am
time now to unite behind the one man who can beat donald trump, who can beat hillary clinton, who is beat the d.c. cartel. it's time to unite behind ted cruz, ladies and gentlemen. the next president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. isn't carly extraordinary? we just heard a whole bunch of democratic activists and hillary
7:42 am
supporters going, holy cow, what was that? i have to tell you, i am so humbled. i'm so privileged to be standing here with carly. and our message today is one of unity. it is a message that brings republicans together. it's a message that brings independents together. it's a message that brings reagan democrats together. we know our country is off track. but we also understand the principles, the values that we have to get back to to bring our country back to track. i believe this next election will come down to three key issues. jobs, freedom, and security.
7:43 am
let's start with jobs. let me talk for a minute to all the single moms. who are working two or three part-time jobs, who have had your hours forcibly reduced to 28, 29 hours a week, because obamacare kicks in at 30 hours a week. let me talk to all the truck drivers and mechanics and electricians and plumbers, all the men and women with calluses on your hands, who have seen your wages stagnating year after year after year. cost of living keeps going up. but somehow, your wages don't seem to keep pace. let me talk to all the young people. coming out of school with student loans up to your eyeballs. scared, am i going to get a job? what kind of future will i have? you know, the media tells us this is as good as it gets.
7:44 am
let me tell you, that is an absolute lie. it's easy to talk about making america great again. he can even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? if i'm elected president, if and when, we will repeal every word of obamacare.
7:45 am
we'll pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. and we will pass a simple flat tax. where every american can fill out his or her taxes on a postcard. and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. we're going to rein in the epa. and the cfpb, and the alphabet soup of federal agencies that have descended on small businesses, killing jobs all across this country.
7:46 am
see, that's the thing. the heart of our economy, it isn't in washington, d.c. it isn't in new york city. the heart of our economy is in small businesses all across this country. you want to kill jobs, do what we've been doing the last seven years. hammer the living daylights out of small businesses. you want to unleash jobs, lift the boot of the federal government off the back of the necks of small businesses. and no issue captures the divide between washington and the working people more than the issue of immigration. now, immigration is a law enforcement issue. immigration is a national
7:47 am
security issue. but immigration is also profoundly an economic issue. that when 12 million people come illegally to this country, it takes jobs from millions of americans and from millions of legal immigrants who waited in line and followed the rules. now, in the republican primary, every candidate will say they oppose illegal immigration. but there's a critical moment, a dividing line, which was in 2013, the battle over the gang of eight amnesty plan. far too many republicans in washington made the decision to stand with barack obama. and push for amnesty. i made a very different decision to honor the promises i made to the men and women who elected me
7:48 am
and lead the fight against amnesty. in 2013, where was donald trump? not only was donald nowhere to be found in the fight against amnesty. donald was funding the gang of eight. out of eight members of the gang of eight, donald gave over $50,000 to five of them. now, you don't get to spend 40 years funding open-border democrats and then suddenly wake up one day and decide you're for securing the border.
7:49 am
and you know, here in south florida, you all are familiar with mar alogia. very nice resort. donald has gone on television explaining why that resort brings in hundreds of foreign workers and won't hire americans. you know what donald's explanation was. this was after two debates ago when it came out, he went on cnn and they asked him, why are you brinking in all these foreign workers instead of hieing americans. he said, well, you can't find any americans who are qualified. or who want to work as waiters and waitresses. let me ask a question here. how many people here have ever worked as a wait eer or a waitress. donald says apparently none of us exist.
7:50 am
you know, my dad, when he came from cuba, he came and started washing dishes, making 50 cents an hour. that's the story of america, but the reason, and by the way, for those jobs about 300 americans applied. you know how many donald hired? 17. there's a reason, though, that he wants to bring in foreign workers. you bring in foreign workers, you can pay them a whole lot less. you know what. they're captive, they can't go anywhere. they wasn't quit, they can't go anywhere else. you can treat them however you like. they don't have a choice. now, i'm sorry to say that doesn't make donald all that different from a whole bunch of other big companies. but the difference is, you don't get to spend years exploiting our immigration laws to take advantage of american workers and then stand up one day as a candidate and claim to be a champion for american workers.
7:51 am
so here's what we're going to do. in 2017 -- in 2017, we will repeal obamacare. we'll pass a flat tax. we'll abolish the irs. we'll pull back the epa and the federal regulators. we'll stop amnesty. >> senator ted cruz in his rally in south florida. being joined today by carly fiorina, former rnc chairman michael steele joins me on the phone. michael, good morning. michael, can you hear me? >> how are you doing, buddy? >> oh, good. good to talk to you.
7:52 am
do you think that -- i got you. do you think ms. fiorina's endorsement is going to change anything with six days before the florida primaries? >> i don't know if it will change anything leading up to all florida primary as much as i think what ted cruz is playing for post-florida and ohio, and in effect, what he has said to donald trump is i see your chris christie and i raise you carly fiorina. he now has someone on his team who has really been the only one who has had real effective, you know, verbal sparring with donald trump, without suffering the scars and wounds that others have. i think, you know, he's kind of looking down the road. he knows it's a significant move on his part, and it says that he's planning to play a little bit longer and a little bit harder going forward. >> michael, thanks so much. good to see you this morning. with me now is trent duffy, national spokesman for the john kasich presidential campaign. so good morning to you. thanks for being with me. what's your reaction to this dpe
7:53 am
fiorina endorsement. was kasich seeking her endorsement? >> well, the reaction is that we agree with a lot of what ted cruz and carly fiorina just said. it is about jobs and the economy. the reason john kasich has seen a surge is he's the only candidate who has an actual record of bringing the kinds of conditions that create jobs. we had 420,000 private sector jobs in the state of ohio. governor granholm earlier was talking about made in ohio. john kasich actually brought auto jobs back from mexico to the state of ohio. so we agree with their analysis of what's wrong with washington. but the reason john kasich is surging is because he's actually done it before. and in the 1990s, he took on hillary care, which was a message, and we blocked it. ted cruz was unable to block obamacare. in the 1990s, john kasich was able to balance the budget, cut the deficit, cut taxes, reform welfare. ted cruz doesn't have that kind of record to talk about. that's why we're seeing the
7:54 am
surge for kasich. that's why we're going to win ohio and why we feel good about where we are going forward. >> trent, where exactly is that surge? >> the surge was in michigan. we had a great night yesterday. came very close in michigan, getting second place, and doing very well. 43% of late deciders voted for kasich. so as the race continues to narrow, jose, more people are seeing his record, seeing that he connects with them. people are mad at washington, but kasich is the only one out there that knows how to actually make washington work for the men and women of this country. that's what he's pledging to do, and he's got the record of achievement to show he can do it. >> trent duffy of the kasich campaign, great sieeing you. thanks for being with me. >> thank you. >> i want to turn to gabe gutierrez here at fiu. so gabe, this is trump taking it to trump -- i mean, senator cruz taking it to trump. but also, here in florida, trying to make a stab at gaining
7:55 am
some of the supporters that maybe rubio is counting on. >> unclear whether this will move the needle for marco rubio. unclear rubio's camp sought out fiorina's endorsement. i was told by one source he hadn't really spoken with her since she suspended her campaign. what's interesting here in her prepared remarks, she had this anti-establishment message. for better or worse, marco rubio in this campaign along with john kasich, have been painted at establishment candidates. rubio said we're running an anti-establishment campaign. they were viewed as such, and mitt romney made the robocalls for marco rubio and john kasich. ted cruz has sought out the anti anti-establishment message, and she in her prepared remarks stressed that. it's interesting to see whether -- you know, the rubio camp, they just have struggled to gain any traction here. and because he's been viewed as this establishment candidate, he's really had a tough time
7:56 am
against donald trump. all the new polls out today, it will be interesting to see if this moves the needle one way or another. >> what is rubio's plan in six days that he hasn't already done? >> this is part of a larger narrative. lots of momentum. no delegates last night and really such a difficult time over the last several days. it's hard to see how he pulls out florida, but his campaign is laying it all on the line here. they hope something will happen, some of these attacks against donald trump gain traction or maybe he has a good debate tomorrow and can turn it around. right now, had the narrative is not on marco rubio's side. >> we'll see marco rubio on the town hall tonight with chuck todd on msnbc and on telemundo. and that wraps up today's hour. thank you very much for the privilege of your time. i'll see you tomorrow. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters. another day and another big surprise on the campaign trail. breaking news. only moments ago, ted cruz just pulled a surprise of the morning at his rally in miami. that rally is still under way. former gop presidential rival carly fiorina came out and endorsed senator cruz. >> we know ted cruz is a leader and a reformer. he's willing to take on the status quo in washington, d.c. whether it's replacing the irs or finally fixing the veterans administration so our veterans get the care that they deserve. or finally fixing our immigration problem. >> fiorina announced she vot


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