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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  March 9, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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to, the way she planned her husband's interment and the service, both here in washington at the national cathedral and he was in repose in the capital as you well remember in the rotunda and then of course his final resting place in semi valley just as sun was setting on that beautiful hillside was just a remarkable, remarkable 24 hours. and she starting tonight will also be lying in repose, her casket, for the public to view for the next two days before the services on friday, which will be closed to the public. the hearse is now moving. michael joins us now on the phone. michael, you have witnessed so many of these sad occasions, but this is really a celebration of a life because she really was ready. she prepared for this emotionally and she was very lonely in her final years with
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the deaths of many of her women friends and other friends and, of course, always lonely for her ronny. >> you know, andrea, as we're watching this, one historical development is over the last few decades as you well know the passing of a first lady and also the former president has become a little bit more ritualized than it was earlier in american history. but even decades ago there was always the input of a former president and the former president's family into how the former president would be remembered when he passed and the same thing for the first lady. for instance, when harry truman was thinking about how he would be remembered when he passed, it was called operation plan missouri for his home state. and this has continued to be the case that you'll hear about o plan or operation plan, for instance, and then with the home state of a former president who
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has passed. and nancy reagan's case as you and i very well know, this is someone who was very aware of the impact of ceremony on not only a president's reputation but also at the time a president serves and everything that you're seeing today and will be seeing for the next few days you can be absolutely certain is the result of very careful plans that nancy reagan made with her family and her advisers. >> and, in fact, michael, i know this sounds a little me cog ra, but the former presidents in their retirement years all were given detailed options and plans and they called close friends and former aids and said, you know, i want you to be a pallbearer or an honorary pallbearer and i would like you to speak at my service. all of this arranged by the former presidents and their wives themselves. >> that's exactly right. when harry truman made his plan and looked at the blueprints he said, looks like a great show.
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sorry i won't be around to see it. >> indeed. well, the michael beschlass and kelly o'donnell, my colleagues, as we watch the sad procession from santa monica to semi valley, that concludes our reporting and we hand it over to craig melvin in miami. craig? ♪ hello, everyone i'm craig melvin, live from here in columbus, ohio, the buckeye state, one of two states that could make all the difference just six days from now. at this hour, momentum has shifted dramatically in both the republican and democratic races for president. bill clinton not far from where i sit right now, rallying the
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troops here in columbus. when he finishes talking to campaign volunteers there, he will make the drive, roughly an hour west to dayton for a rally. meanwhile on the republican side, if new polls are any indication, donald trump is poised for a big sweep which would put him on a short path to win the republican nomination, this after trump racked up three more wins in michigan, mississippi and hawaii and increased his delegate lead to ted cruz to 93. cruz just a short time ago unveiled a new supporter in florida, former candidate, carly fiorina who took direct aim at donald trump after a victory, a victory speech last night that sometimes felt like an infomercial for trump wine, trump water, trump steaks. today the clear and emboldened republican front-runner called for unity. >> it's the republican party units, if we can gather around
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instead of these stupid ads their taking and spending $30 million on them f the republican party units, we can't lose to anyone. we will beat hillary clinton so easily. meanwhile, marco rubio's campaign son life support. many are openly wondering whether he pulls the plug or sticks it out and faces the possibility of a humiliating defeat in his home state. he sits down with nbc's chuck todd for a town hall that will air on msnbc tonight. new polls show trump with a commanding double-digit lead in florida. trump up six points here in the battleground state of ohio. on the democratic side, bernie sanders has his mojo back after pulling off nothing short of a major upset with his victory in michigan last night. sanders hammered clinton on trade deals and apparently it worked. he spoke to andrea mitchell a few minutes ago. >> paid $225,000 to give a speech behind closed doors to
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wall street, it must be a fantastic speech that i would urge the secretary to share that great speech with all of the people. despite sanders's surprise win, he came away with fewer dill gates for the night and still trails clinton by a wide margin. new polls shows sanders trailing in ohio and florida. a team of reporters fanned out all over the country covering every angle in this historic race. we start with donald trump, edging closer to a victory in the republican race after last night's big wins, but still with a number of major questions hanging over his campaign in florida, the question is will any latino act as his surrogate, despite an overwhelming showing in the polls there, an article in buzzfeed suggests that no one will go on major spanish speaking outlets to defend the republican front-runner. trump, most notably instances where children are reportedly making offensive remarks about
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minorities sometimes invoking trump's name in the process. today on "morning joe" donald trump got in a fierce exchange with cokie roberts about that. >> people -- >> what about the children, mr. trump? what about the children are hearing from you and how they are responding to it? >> well, i think people are responding very positively. >> children, i asked. >> the message is very positive. you know, make america great again is a very positive message, it's not a negative message. >> unless you think america is great already. >> trump also defending his business acumin after tuesday's wins, pushing back on mitt romney's claims that many of the items that carry the trump brand name have been failures. >> mitt got up and he really shouldn't have done it, it wasn't becoming honestly, he talked about the t waer company. there's the water company. we sell water and we have water and it's a very successful, you know, it's a private little water company and i supply the water for all my places. and trump university, we're
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going to start it up as soon as i win the lautd. does that make sense? >> peter alexander on the trump campaign for us this morning. excuse me, i should say this afternoon down in florida. what's the front-runner doing today? >> reporter: well, he does have an event later today. i think it takes place in north carolina, one of several states that will be voting, 367 delegates in all that will be up for grabs on super tuesday. none bigger, of course, than here in florida and in ohio, both states where donald trump has good reason to feel good this morning. or this afternoon we should say. they all run together at this point. he is up 16 points in new polls here over marco rubio in florida up 6 points over john kasich and here is how he's been doing it. what we're getting from the exit polls after last night's double-digit win for donald trump, he is winning among voters who are looking for a candidate that they believe tells it like it is. they want someone who is outside the political establishment, also doing very well with chunks of white-working class voters
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and voters who are looking for a candidate they think -- they believe would bring about change. what's been striking -- and i was there at the news conference last night -- some trump supporters i spoke to before and after the event said to me, we think this guy is brilliant. the reason republicans can't stand him is because he is not a conservative. i've known him for years. he's totally a moderate. another person said to me, he's so brilliant because he hasn't given anybody his plan yet because he doesn't want anybody to steal it. just an idea of what some of trumps closest friends and supporters were saying about him last night. i asked him about a new ad that's running against him in the state, a ad that highlights his use of vulgarity over the campaign. when he didn't answer the initial question directly. when i followed up, here is how he responded when parents and children should deal with this language during the course of the presidential race. >> you're so politically correct. you're so beautiful. look at you.
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ah. he's so -- i know. you've never heard a little bad off language. i know you're so perfect. aren't you perfect? aren't you just a perfect young man? give me -- give me a break. you know what, it's stuff like that that people in this country are tired of. okay? it's stuff like that. >> reporter: trump also said when he saw the ad initially, he thought it's a good ad. he would be running against himself. he acknowledged in the past when things move further along he will clean up his act a little bit. as he said last night, i can be very presidential, perhaps as presidential as any former president except perhaps in his word, the great abe lincoln. craig? >> nbc's peter alexander in west palm beach, florida. i've known you for years, i always thought you were beautiful and perfect as well. good to see you. >> appreciate it. ted cruz meanwhile unveiled a bit of a surprise, an
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endorsement by former republican rival carly fiorina, she voted for cruz in last week's virginia primary and made the argument that he is the best candidate not to just take down donald trump but hillary clinton as well. should she become the democratic nominee. >> we need a real conservative who will provide real conservative solutions in people's lives. that is the only way we beat donald trump and that is the only way we are going to beat donald trump and ted is the man to do it. >> all of this comes as cruz had that strong showing last night, winning in idaho, picking up delegates in other states as well. let's get right to hallie jackson who has been covering the cruz campaign. is this fee yor reena endorsement more evidence of the people rallying behind ted cruz to take on donald trump? >> carly fiorina was running on this brand of an outsider.
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she was never really part of the party establishment, the party insiders, the folks inside the beltway. that said her endorsement could be significant in a couple of ways, not because she has so much support, she was polling very low before she got out of the race, but potentially for her role as an attack dog surrogate against donald trump and against hillary clinton if cruz makes it far enough and if she is the democratic nominee to take her on. cruz talking about the delegate situation when it comes to how he will play here in florida. listen to what he had to say. >> it is a simple question of math whether or not one can get to 1237 votes. if a candidate does not have a path to the nomination, then it is time for that candidate to prayerfully reflect with their family whether there is a path forward for them. if there is not, then it is up to each of the candidates to make that decision. >> that's a line we've been hearing from cruz, this idea that candidates should
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prayerfully reflect or in other words maybe less polite words get out of the race and clear a path for krcruz. that's what his campaign wants and his rivals do not want that to happen, a donald trump versus ted cruz head-to-head race. i'll follow cruz today as he gets ready for the debate tomorrow night. i haven't gotten called the beautiful peter alexander, it's quite the compliment. i wish we could hear more about that. you're killing me out here. i could talk about that all day. that's the conversation we should be having. >> nbc's hallie jackson, also beautiful, also perfect in miami, florida. thanks as always. one person who did not have a good night by any measure, marco rubio, he finished fourth in michigan, fourth in mississippi, third in ohio and idaho, did not pick up a single delegate tuesday night. not only is he behind in his ohm state of florida, the tampa bay times makes the case that rubio
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is not ready to be president. gabe gutierrez is following the rubio campaign. what's the campaign saying about the path forward now? >> reporter: hi, there, craig. good afternoon. the rubio campaign -- must be feeling far from perfect this afternoon. this is a really difficult time after these difficult losses yesterday, coming in fourth place in michigan, failing to crack even double digits and filling to pick up a single delegate in the contests yesterday. this has been the central argument of the rubio campaign that they were scraping along, trying to get delegate. they only had two victories so far, that one in minnesota and then picking up the 23 delegates in puerto rico. what they're saying is, look, they were not expecting to do well in the contests yesterday. what they're really looking forward to is florida. they are all in here. they've been camping out here for the last two days or so. have another rally in the miami area later on this afternoon and he will be talking to chuck todd
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at this town hall this afternoon. they feel they can turn things around here in florida. they run underdog campaigns here before they say and they hope that they can get some momentum from that debate tomorrow. a small bit of good news today as well for rubio, "the chicago tribune" just endorsing him, but a lot of people are wondering how much longer he can stay in this race. the rubio campaign denying any reports that they're considering leaving this race. they say they continue to say that they will win florida. craig? >> gabe gutierrez for us following the rubio campaign. gabe, thank you. a lot will be on the line tonight when marco rubio attends that town hall hosted by chuck todd. that's 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific only on msnbc. former congressman pete oak stra of michigan joins me live now from washington, supports john kasich for president. first of all, just let me get your reaction, to trump's decisive victory last night in
10:16 am
your state, a state that john kasich very much wanted to win, a state that he spent a lot of time and money trying to win as well. >> well, obviously we congratulate donald on the victory in michigan. john did pretty much what we expected him to do, two weeks ago he was down in single digits in michigan, by the time the polls closed late deciders they were breaking for john 41% to roughly 29% for donald. so the message was getting out. give us one more week and we would have won michigan. but the election was yesterday. donald ran a nice race. he was successful. we did what we wanted to do and we've got the momentum moving into ohio. >> congressman, let's -- i want to talk to you about the path forward here. it came in a distant second to trump last night. he hasn't won a primary just yet. why would a popular two-term governor risk humiliating defeat
10:17 am
in his home state next week? there hasn't been a single poll that's shown him ahead in ohio? >> well, this is a governor that was elected with 64% of the vote last time he was up for election. he continues to have high favorabilities. john is very confident of his record and how people in ohio have seen him as a change agent, somebody that does come in with a shock and awe program and the people of the state benefit from it. he's cut taxes and creates an environment where 400,000 new jobs have been created, balanced budgets, surpluses. he is very confident going into tuesday that the -- he is going to do just fine and the people of ohio are going to rally behind their native son because they know he can bring the kind of change that he brought to columbus. he can bring it to washington. >> but even after ohio, i mean, mathematically, there's literally no chance that he picks up the nomination before cleveland. what's his strategy? >> well, the strategy is to keep going through this.
10:18 am
this is a guy that worked and went through the slog of balancing the budget and had setbacks and it was just grind it out. that's exactly what john is going to do here. he's going to keep moving forward and the path for all four of the remaining candidates is somewhat unclear, but one of these four people is going to be the nominee. john has a good of a shot as any of the other three as eventually being the nominee when the convention concludes in july. >> mitt romney recently hit trump saying that the various products with his name on them don't last very long. this is trump responding last night. >> trump steaks, where are the steaks? do we have the steaks? we have trump steaks. he said the steak company and we have trump steaks. and it's the magazine is great. anybody want -- here, take one. my club champion. by the way, the winery, you see the wine because he mentioned trump vodka. it's the largest winery in the
10:19 am
east coast. >> still believe facts are important so we fact checked these things. we refact checked them as well. according to nbc, the steak venture is dead. the magazine is no longer quarterly sold in news stands. why haven't republicans been able to undercut trump's -- one of his key points as a candidate, he is a great businessman? congressman? >> i wasn't sure if the question was coming. i think the problem has been is there hasn't been enough fact checking on donald and we're hoping that as we get this field narrowed down that there will be the fact checking as to donald's business success and also do the fact checking on governor kasich's record both in washington and ohio. i think people are going to see a very favorable comparison for the governor when that is
10:20 am
actually done. >> you know what, though, congressman, here is the thing, and you know governor kasich has been on that stage with donald trump a number of times. he doesn't fact check him either. it's not like he calls him hout when he has an opportunity to call him out on some of the things that aren't entirely true. >> that's exactly right. john -- in a lot of debates has had limited time. john is clear, he believes it's important for him to get his message out, for him to be positive and demonstrate and explain what he sees as the future for america. he doesn't have enough time to both get his vision out and to confront donald trump, so he's focussed on john kasich and what his vision is for america. >> former congressman, pete hoekstra of michigan. thanks for your sometime. coming up, she got a shout outfrom hillary clinton last night. >> i especially am thrilled to be in the district of
10:21 am
congresswoman marcia fudge. >> congresswoman marcia fudge will join us to look ahead to the race here in ohio. will hillary take the buckeye state or could we see a repeat of bernie sanders's upset in michigan? first, weigh in on today's microsoft pulse question, can donald trump succeed in unifying the republican party? the pulse is live head to to cast that vote. her. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition... like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition.
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virtually every national poll and almost all of the statewide polls that have bernie sanders against donald trump we do better and in some cases
10:25 am
much, much better than hillary clinton does against trump. just coming from michigan. that was bernie sanders speaking exclusively to andrea mitchell right here on msnbc in his first interview since that upset win in michigan tuesday night. if there was ever proof that the democratic race for president was far from over, last night was it. senator, bernie sanders stunning hillary clinton in michigan putting to rest any conversation his campaign was on the ropes. over the past few weeks, sand s sanders, his message on free trade, that's the message that resonated with those rust belt voters the most. let's bring in political correspondent kasie hunt. what is it about that message that seems to be resonating with white, working class voters in a way that hasn't for hillary clinton, kasie? >> reporter: hey, craig. that message resonated in
10:26 am
michigan with both the white working class voters and also with more african-american voters or higher percentage african-american voters than we've seen in the southern states. michigan very, very hard hit by the recession, very deeply affected by a lot of these trade deals. there were some clinton allies were sounding the alarm going into michigan pointing to these big crowds that bernie sanders had across the state in university towns but also in union halls. i was in dear born with him about a month ago with a really pretty significant sized crowd. and of course this is a warning sign for the clinton campaign for many of these rust belt states. some of them coming up on march 15th, but it's also more than that. if you pull out the lens a little bit and think about how this might work in a general election, i heard a lot about bernie sanders' appeal in michigan to a lot of these disaffected voters, but on the flip side, i heard a lot about
10:27 am
donald trump and some discussion that in many ways it's one in fact same. i think that it shows you that it would potentially be risky for her in a general election, maybe in places like pennsylvania and of course ohio always a must-win state in a general election. i think that's why you started to see bernie sanders talk more about how he is performing better in some of these hypothetical polls against trump, craig. >> kasie hunt for us in florida this afternoon. thank you. let's get the u.s. congresswoman marcia fudge. she represents ohio's 11th district. congresswoman fudge, chair of the black caucus and noted hillary clinton supporter as well. congresswoman, always good to see you. thanks for being with me. >> pleasure, craig. good to see you as well. >> the polls were wrong in michigan. take a look. voters when asked just a few weeks ago who they were supporting in masses -- i don't know if you could see it there. but there was a huge gap between what voters said two weeks ago.
10:28 am
there it is right there. that's how it finished last night in michigan. how real is the worry that the polling is off in ohio as well? >> well, i don't think so. i think you're looking at two very different states, craig. first off, let me just congratulate senator sanders on his victory. we knew it would be close in michigan. it was close in michigan. i think we had a good night overall. i do want to say that they ran a good race, outspent us significantly, outmanned us and it was a good victory for them. but i think ohio is very different. ohio is a swing state for a reason because we tend to be a little more conservative, certainly we have a much more diverse electorate and i think you'll see a very different outcome in ohio than you saw in michigan last night. >> let's talk about that diverse electorate as well. as you know, the black vote has propelled senator clinton to significant victories in the south, significant margins in the south. bernie sanders able to eetdat a
10:29 am
in michigan last night. what happened last night to the black vote in michigan and does that portend trouble for her in ohio as well? >> i think what happened to the black vote is that bernie just did a better job of getting to the minority community. his message resonated with that 30%. and again, he just beat us on the ground. i think that ohio is going to be very different. i think that it's one thing to draw big crowds. it's another thing to really talk about what is happening in our communities. i believe that we are a lot more conservative than michigan. >> trade, immigration, it looks like that some of hillary's weaknesses and some of these states are stoig's perceived strengths, according to some exit polling. how does that play out in a potential general election matchup? how worried are you guys when it comes to places like michigan, even ohio in a general election that donald trump is going to do
10:30 am
very well on those particular issues specifically. >> craig, i'm really not worried. what i'm more worried about is to make sure we get our turnout. i'm really concerned that if we don't get our turnout, it doesn't make any difference whether it's hillary or whether it's bernie sanders. we've got to get our base out. and if we do that, i believe that we win because one thing i know about this nation, they're not going to allow hate to win. they're not going to allow hate mongers to win. and so i am very confident about the fact that a democrat is going to hold the white house if donald trump is the candidate. so i'm really not that concerned about it. my big concern is making sure our people turn out and vote. >> congresswoman marcia fudge. congresswoman, thank you. >> thank you. when are you coming to cleveland? >> next week we'll be there. cuyahoga county, here we come, baby. >> look for you. >> thank you. we will have much more on the presidential race ahead live from columbus this afternoon. we're also keeping a very close
10:31 am
eye on this scene, this, of course, being the scene in california right now, the body of nancy reagan on its way to the ronald reagan presidential library. more on that as we continue here on msnbc. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ craig melvin live in columbus, ohio, stauff's coffee roasters. ohio a crucial state as donald trump hopes to take a major step toward wrapping up the republican nomination. i want to bring in matt borges, curt stiner. you've been very active in gop politics here in the buckeye state for a long time. i want to start with you, let's look at some of the polls here. i'm sure you're familiar with these, donald trump all over john kasich in the buckeye state. quinnipiac has trump six points over kasich. cnn has trump up six here in ohio. can he be stopped? >> oh, absolutely.
10:35 am
if you look closely at the qu n quinnipiac poll, john kasich is ahead with women, ahead with seniors and higher educated voters. these are the most likely people to vote on tuesday. my guess this race is basically a tie at some point. >> they spent money on television. so far what i've seen it's kasich and trump on television here. >> kasich has a little money on tv. but i think the driving force is the job he's done as governor. >> matt, your take. >> i think this race is very close. it will be close either way. but i think the fact that john kasich has been the only one really running a campaign here for the last three weeks we've been voting in ohio the last three weeks, chasing absentees, making sure we're getting the early vote out for john kasich makes those poll results skewed and we probably have a lead right now that we can take into election day. we've seen -- >> you think kasich is up in ohio.
10:36 am
>> we've seen time and again late breakers go to governor kasich. as we'll see tomorrow's debate performance, we should lead good things -- >> this is john kasich talking about sort of that surge that you mentioned, that last minute-surge in michigan. take a listen. >> in michigan, i went from like 8 or 9% so 24, 25%. i mean, it's a surge and it's happening because i think people are beginning to hear me. i just hope as they begin to hear me, i don't screw it up somehow. i'm going to do my very, very best. >> matt, i was in the room last night over at the renaissance when kasich addressed the crowd. he talked to his supporters. to steal one of the adjectives from the front-runner, it was low energy. do you get the sense from the kasich campaign that these guys really believe there's a chance from them to win the nomination? >> no question. and the governor -- >> how? >> the governor will stay in this race -- >> walk me through this mathematically. >> so first he way overperformed what anyone predicted he would
10:37 am
do in michigan last night. and he had also done the same thing in new hampshire. when he wins ohio next tuesday, the same day marco rubio fails to carry his home state, now we're talking about a three-person race and the map and the calendar become a lot more favorable to governor kasich. these big winner take all states start to come in, john kasich will have a great place like pennsylvania, california down the road to grab big chunks of delegates and take the lead. >> one of the issues that revealed itself polling, trade. in michigan, that was the issue if there was one issue. of course, ohio very similar in a lot of ways with regards to trade and jobs. msnbc polls, 55% say trade takes away u.s. jobs. 32% say trade with other countries creates more u.s. jobs. 8% said trade has no effect on u.s. jobs at all. is that an issue that donald trump will own easier than a john kasich in ohio? >> he will try, but in ohio
10:38 am
voters know the record of john kasich on jobs. they know that ohio has done a lot better with him as governor than it did before. so they're looking at a record of achievement not just some claim about trade. so i think in that sense, he has an advantage over donald trump. >> my colleague joe scarborough, op-ed for the washington post, it's called "trump crushes ronald reagan's republican party." he wrote, tuesday it was michigan and mississippi that may have signaled the end of ronald reagan's fabled coalition that ruled republican politics for 40 years ago. do you agree? >> no. we'll come together as a republican party once we have our nominee. 2008 barak obama did not become his party's nominee until june. didn't stop them from romping to victory. i look back at some historical data, the 2000 primary on the republican side, john mccain
10:39 am
didn't drop out until march 17th. back in 1992, paul didn't drop out until almost april. so it's -- you still have plenty of time to then put a coalition together and win in the fall. i'm not getting too worked up about the fact that we have a good contest going on. >> matt borges, curt stiner. thank you to both of you. >> we thoroughly enjoyed these. in ohio you have to eat some of these buckeyes. it's peanut butter and milk chocolate. it sounds simple. it's not. when guests come all the way, we give them gifts. our guest to you, a buckeye. have a cup of coffee on us as well. straight ahead, how does bernie sanders take the momentum into ohio? now focussed here on her home state, aknneita turner will jois on the other side. tomorrow starts today.
10:40 am
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♪ hillary clinton and bernie sanders may have split the democratic contest last night, but the former secretary of state still has a clear majority of delegates. and a commanding lead in that party's race for president. she spoke about what it takes to bring the country back together a short time ago. >> when you run for an office like this, it's a leap of faith. and what's important is we've got to focus on how we bring our country back together. >> that was last night in cleveland, ho. i'm joined now by former ohio state senator, bernie sanders supporter, nina turner. always good to see you. the numbers don't lie. hillary clinton's delegate lead appears insurmountable despite that impressive surprise win in michigan last night. what can bernie sanders do beyond delaying clinton's
10:44 am
pivotal -- her pivot rather to the general election? >> well, it's good to be with you, craig. he's going to do what he's been doing which is continue to rally across this country, giving the voters the voice. we still have many more states to go, craig. places like new york and california we believe are going to overwhelmingly support senator sanders. we're going to keep on pushing. >> new york? >> yes. >> you guys think -- you're predicting a win in new york? >> i'm hoping so, new york, california, absolutely. >> congresswoman marcia fudge, perhaps you heard a short time ago, said that ohio and michigan are very different. what say you to that? >> well, i believe that there are strong similarities between the great state of ohio and the great state of michigan, namely those trade deals. as we know, ohio was hard hit by job losses as well. and that message that senator sanders has, somebody who has
10:45 am
been on the picket line, somebody who has been consistent and honest when it comes to how we have lost manufacturing jobs in this country and midwestern states have been hit very hard, that message that he has, craig, is really going to resonate with the citizens of the great state of ohio. and i will tell you, i was in detroit, i was in michigan with him as you know, i was in detroit and ann arbor, i was in flint and those millennials that we know he won overwhelmingly last night, 81% of those between the ages of 18 and 29. i got a chance to talk tosome of them and i asked them, why are you feeling the bern? because he believes in us. he is authentic. and he is fighting for us. and i really believe that age group is having those kinds of conversations with ir that parents and their grandparents about why senator bernie sanders is the leader for the future. that message will stand strong in the great state of ohio. >> beyond trade, what are some of the other issues that are important to voters here in ohio? >> income inequality and wealth
10:46 am
inequality, craig. again, people's wages are not keeping up with inflation. the fact that senator sanders is fighting for that $15 an hour wage so that people can live a good life. folks don't get up for decent, they get up for good and great. people in this state are worried about their pensions, worried about health care. as you know the universal health care message is resonating as well. it's really about quality of life issues in this state and bernie sanders has been, again, a consistent champion for those issues. he doesn't change his message based on polls. he doesn't change his message based on who he is talking to. he has been consistent. and in terms of his racial justice platform, because i know you're coming to cleveland, we know that the police relations in this state and across the country when it comes to black lives has not been what it should be, authenticity -- making sure we have accountability and transparency is important and senator sanders having been a former mayor understands what those relationships need to look like. and he said that officers need to be held accountable, so all
10:47 am
of those issues are important to the citizens of this state. >> all right, nina turner, we look forward to seeing you next week when we make that trip north to cleveland. thanks as always for your time. >> thanks, craig. water and it's a very successful, you know, it's a private little water company. trump steaks. where the steaks? do we have steaks? we have trump steaks. he said the steak company and we have trump steaks. he said trump magazine is out. it? i thought i read one two days ago. this comes out and it's called "the jewel of palm beach." trump airline -- >> donald trump has crushed just about every expectations. he is rewriting the rules of political campaigning. that genius was on full display last night as he basked in his three-state victories. he hit back at his critics, specifically mitt romney who had been trying to undermine his
10:48 am
political and business bona fides. this was described as a glamorous affair with an open bar with a full display of trump water, trump wine, and marble steaks. and also delivered on the red meat that his supporters can't seem to get enough of, norm, conservative think tank. we have chosen you, norm, to talk about the political genius of donald trump because you've written about the reasons behind this rise. it seems like trump is really mastered what his opponents have not, being unpredictable, working the media spotlight, continuously shifting the conversation. he's also a bomb thrower. how else is he defying the political odds? >> you know, he really is a genius at marketing, craig. and you could call him a belove ya tor, bombast and a lot of
10:49 am
other names, but the fact is we are in an age of angry populism and trump has a ves roll understanding and how to appeal to voters. it started with the one catch all issue that really appeals to a lot of angry working class white voters, immigration, a lot of other candidates picked up on it. trump emerged as the front-runner by getting not just getting to their right on the issue but using the kind of language, mexican rapists, we're going to build a wall, we're going to make mexico pay for it that distinguished him from the others. then, he took advantage of the reality that in a populist age a lot of people hate all leaders. their own parties and the others. he took advantage of their hatered of obama who they see as weak and overbearing and their own leaders who are weak and basically told them they would get rid of obama and his policies and haven't. and by going after them, using
10:50 am
his confidence and saying nobody is going to make me back down to anybody, he managed once again to distinguish himself and he could use the kind of language that other candidates would oth shrink from, double down on it, and for an awful lot of people, they don't care at all or it's what they say privately. >> what does that say about us, norm? what does that say about society collectively in this country? >> well, it doesn't say very good things, craig. there was an old story when adlai steven sson was running f president, somebody came up to him and said, governor stevenson, a lot of people in america are behind you. he said, that's fine, but i need a majority. people are saying, those idiots in washington have screwed everything up. what could make it worse, request not give it a try? but also, let's face it, there is an underlying issue of race here that is a very important one, and trump is tapping into
10:51 am
it in a dark way, with the people at his rallies, with the language that he uses. it's about muslims, it's about african-americans, it's about hispanics, and that kind of division is a very unsettling one if we look towards putting this republic back together again. >> norm orenstein, noted political scholar. norm, thank you very much. for more on the 7 days of genius, to participate in the ultimate genius showdown, we right now are looking at some live pictures of a hearse there. that hearse is carrying former first lady nancy reagan traveling now to the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. you can see the motorcade there. i'm joined now from simi valley
10:52 am
by nbc's kelly o'donnell. kelly, once her body makes its way to the library this afternoon, or this morning there, i should say, what next? >> well, craig, i can tell you we can hear the helicopter that's bringing you those pictures close overhead now, so we know that the procession is very close, within a couple of minutes, we're told. there will be some time for the reagan family to have some private time as mrs. reagan is placed inside the library in a place where she will lie in repose today and tomorrow. members of the public will be able to pay their respects later this afternoon. but there will be this pause so the family comes back to the place that has celebrated their father for these many years and was also the place where ronald reagan's funeral was held in 2004. but over these next few days, there will be remembrances of nancy reagan, her devotion to ronald reagan, both in their
10:53 am
long marriage, 52 years, their time in the white house, two terms, and what has become known as the long goodbye, the very difficult and public struggle she had as her husband slipped away into alzheimer's and then passed away in 2004. so for her children, patty davis and ron reagan, they will be here with their families and extended families. there will be sort of a city reaching out as well. we're in ventura county, california, and the simi valley police and the county sheriff, personnel from this area, will be standing watch over the casket on a rotation over the next several days. we expect dignita rir dignitaries will stop by sometime today. they will include michelle obama and former first ladies laura
10:54 am
bush, hillary clinton, rosalind carter and former first lapresi george w. bush and former first lady barbara bush and their son who cannot attend but asks for h his respect for her. she demonstrated that somehow put her head to head with some of his advisers, and also her public campaign that in many ways gave future first ladies permission to do difficult, even controversial things. you remember, craig, it was called the just say no campaign, trying to encourage young people not to experiment with drugs, not to fall into addiction. as you can see, there are members of the public who are lining the way here. and this presidential library a place that ron and nancy reagan selected because of its sweeping
10:55 am
views is a place that is a bit remote, and so it takes a bit of doing for the public to get here, and there will be many stages of bringing guests up to the library. a lot of logistics have been worked out over these past few days. but now the first police escort is here behind me as you see the procession arriving at what will be nancy reagan's final resting place. the monument here to her husband, which is also his gravesite, will not be disturbed until sometime after all of these ceremonies, but on friday we will see the casket placed where ronald reagan's remains are already located, and they will be together again, and there will be an opportunity for the family and those close friends who will be attending to say goodbye. but this is a final journey home for nancy reagan, the former nancy davis reagan who was
10:56 am
herself an actress in hollywood and a woman who brought a great sense of the world to the white house with entertainment and with sometimes things that caused a bit of controversy. the reagan china, as it was known in its time, where she raised private funds to freshen up some of the white house collection, and we're told that that is still the only full collection of china at the white house, so for a big state dinner even today, it is often the reagan china that is used because it can accommodate so many. so in all the different dimensions of nancy reagan's life, she is the one to be honored here over these next few days. there are displays in the presidential library in honor of her, her official white house portrait, replicas of that in giant size have been attached here to the front of the library entrance. and american flags have been placed along a very lengthy path. as you can see by watching these
10:57 am
aerial photos and images, just so that she is welcomed by american flags all the way here. her children, her brother survive her, and this will in part be a public ceremony. but for the next period of time, it will also be a private ceremony. and there is the hearse passing me just now. a time to reflect here at the reagan library. the flags are at half staff, and very soon we will see members of her secret service detail, past and present, who will again serve as pallbearers as they will throughout these couple of days. she was known as rainbow in secret service code, her husband known as rawhide. a protectee of the secret
10:58 am
services in 1980 through the campaign, and of course in the white house years and all the years since. and their work protecting nancy reagan will end with her internment, but they will remain with her as they have before she passed. the highway patrol is here, and craig, this is just that point when it's just sort of a stirring visual to see that nancy reagan is back at a place that she has known so well, a place where she had herself a hand in planning the services that will unfold over these next few days. some of the staff here definitely knew what their marching orders were because it had been largely planned out, and they were then able to carry it out very swiftly to be ready for the members of the public who will arrive at 4:00 p.m. eastern today, 1:00 local time, and then this time for the family where they will have until about 11:30 this morning
10:59 am
here local time, so the next half hour for them to have their own private reflections before these events are open to the public. nancy reagan a part of american life and american citizens prominent and simply wanting to be involved will take part. craig? >> kelly o'donnell there in simi valley, california as we prepare to watch the body of former first lady nancy reagan taken from that hearse there. as kelly just mentioned there, the funeral itself is set for 2:00 p.m. on friday. roughly a thousand people expected to attend. president bush will be there, a number of first ladies as well, current presidential candidate hillary clinton as we watch this ceremony unfold. we will take a quick break here. we are going to stay with this. okay, excuse me, kelly; sorry
11:00 am
about that. kelly, 2:00 on friday, you mentioned some of the guests who will be there. do we know a little bit more about how nancy reagan is going to be remembered at that funeral? >> we have not yet received the program for the services itself. we do expect to get that today. but here i believe this may be the vicar of the washington national cathedral and also there is a minister who personally ministered to the reagans who will take part here shortly as they take their positions to prepare to open the hearse and to receive the casket of mrs. reagan who passed away at 94. believed it was congestive heart failure. she had been quite frail in recent years. and her time these last years, she still had a bit of a public role, but it began to diminish as she became more frail. but she was symbolically very important to the republican community, which is why you will
11:01 am
see those candidates. >> we have heard from literally all of those candidates here over the past few days paying tribute to nancy reagan and also paying tribute to her husband as well. it has been heartwarming to hear so many of the love stories between her and ronald reagan over their 50-plus years of marriage. just little anecdotes about the two of them, their time together inside the white house in that eight years. >> and in many ways, craig, it was almost a throwback to a time when people wrote personalized handwritten love notes. that was very much a part of their marriage, their long, and by all descriptions, happy and devoted marriage.
11:02 am
11:03 am
11:04 am
kelly, as we watch the casket of nancy reagan taken
11:05 am
into the library that bears her husband's name, as you can see there, the casket itself being carried by members of the military, all the branches represented there, she was followed in by friends and family, close friends and family there. and kelly, again, we will have, as i understand it, a private ceremony and then her body will lie in repose for two days so thousands can stop by and pay their respects, correct? >> reporter: that is right. beginning this afternoon local time, 4:00 p.m. eastern, 1:00 p.m. here in california, members of the public who wish to say a final goodbye or pay their respects, those who may have known her personally or simply knew her as americans who tend to have a great affection for first ladies, regardless of party or politics, they are held in a very special place in
11:06 am
american life, and we expect that many will come forward and want to witness a part of this. her family, i see daughter patty davis. i'm not able to recognize everyone else who is in attendance, but close family and friend for the reagans are here. then again tomorrow, there will be hours for members of the public to pay their respects, and as we have said, the service which will be private but will be covered, so we will all be able to observe it and share in it, that will be on friday. there are cameras positioned around the library grounds to give us these images without being too intrusive. we are a short distance away in sort of the main parking lot as you approach the library where we have been reporting from, which gives us an opportunity to see a lot of this, but in this instance, there will be some
11:07 am
prayers and some reflection, and then the public part of the celebration of nancy davis reagan will begin this afternoon. >> family and friends seated the there. go ahead, kelly, what did you say? i'm sorry. >> reporter: just reminding people that she was the mother of two and stepmother of two children who were part of ronald reagan's first marriage. >> and enter to a life of god's eternal rest, receive, oh lord, your servant for she returns to you. wash her in the holy font of everlasting life, clothe her in her heavy wedding garment. may she hear your words of
11:08 am
invocation. may she gaze upon you, lord, face to face and be blessed with perfect rest. may angels surround her and be welcomed into peace. in your hands, oh lord, we commend our sister nancy. >> what a magnificent portrait there, kelly o'donnell, as we take a look outside the library. inside, again, we just saw family and friends taking their seats for a private ceremony the there. >> reporter: which is being officiated by steven kenworthy,
11:09 am
the bishop of the national cathedral, and also donald mornau, who is the reagans' family minister coming together to offer prayers. this library has a very california feeling. open air, there are rustic touches to it, there are moments like this where the image of ronald reagan is evident around the property. on the grounds here, there is a piece of the berlin wall. we all remember how president reagan said, "mr. gorbachev, tear down that wall," so it holds a prominent place. there is sort of a duplicate but with a california touch of the rose garden on the grounds. many presidential libraries have a touch of the white house that they bring in their own way, so visitors who come here can walk through really what is a journey of the '80s that takes you through the cultural, the
11:10 am
political times. and presidential libraries, and especially this one, are living, breathing in the present where they offer a lot of programs and events, which is part of why the modern republican party community is so often here at the library and so often notable people in the party, whether they be presidential candidates or nominees, have come to try to, in many ways, have the blessing of nancy reagan or be photographed with nancy reagan during the times when her health permitted that, and those were very important political messages to the party and to have that connection to a name that is perhaps most spoken by modern candidates, the name reagan. and nancy reagan, in her own right, gets these days to be remembered for her unique contributions to lift up her husband in difficult times and to fiercely protect him, to encourage him in some ways, to
11:11 am
reach out at times when perhaps he was not as eager to do so. that is part of her influence. and while every first family has a close relationship to the secret service, for the reagans it is particularly close because of the assassination attempt, and we did not know when it happened and only learned over time how close to death ronald reagan actually was, and nancy reagan was so clearly aware of that. so she has remained especially devoted and then also beloved by the secret service in part because of what they went through in march of 1981. craig? >> after that assassination attempt, apparently she would frequently stop by the oval office and insist that the 40th president take a midday nap, famously telling him, "i want you horizontal, i want you horizontal" every day in the months after. kelly o'donnell, thanks so much there in simi valley, california where, again, former first lady
11:12 am
nancy reagan will be laid to rest and remembered on friday at 2:00. but for the next two days, folks can stop by and pay their respects as well at the reagan presidential library. thousands of people are expected to do just that. that's going to do it for me here in columbus, ohio. thomas roberts will pick up our coverage right after a quick break. (dog) mmmm.
11:13 am
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hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts coming to you live today
11:16 am
from st. petersburg, florida here on the campus of university of south florida st. pete campus. this college is part of a fifth of the largest city in the state. a 20-minute drive from tampa and part of the i-5 corridor. with 6,000 students and graduate students combined, it's a beautiful college campus. it was a big contest on the left and the right. and super tuesday in florida is a scramble to win here because the delegate count is winner take all, 99 for the gop and 210 for the democrats. with early voting tallies, election officials say over 1.2 million votes already in. it's a closed primary in this state, so independents aren't actually included in that tally. but first the republican lead to the nomination got a little bit wider for donald trump last night after he thumpd the
11:17 am
competition in mississippi, michigan and hawaii. he was surrounded by his own trump business products of statethe state's water and wine. >> we make the finest wine in the world. i know the press is extremely honest, but if they want, they can take a bottle of it home. >> this morning trump told the morning show that he's the only candidate to unify the party ultimately. >> the party unites. we can't lose to anyone. we'll beat hillary clinton so easily. we'll win michigan, we'll win new york. we'll win places they could have never even discussed. >> so trump is in his home away from home in florida, and to the north in ohio, we have the latest polls coming up. in miami, ted cruz picked up the
11:18 am
endorsement of carly fiorina. >> the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz! >> we have ohio governor john kasich in illinois looking to pick up voters in his neighboring states. and esta marco rubio. the handwriting appears to be on the wall, but rubio is soldiering on in his valley to try to win the state. >> i firmly believe the nominee will be the republican party. >> marco rubio will be interviewed by chuck todd in a few hours. right now it's bernie sanders' first official visit to florida as a presidential candidate. fresh off that upset in michigan
11:19 am
last night, sanders sat down with our andrea mitchell earlier today. >> you're going to see a lot of states where we believe we have an excellent chance to win. >> so sanders is digging in but still digging out of a 600 delegate deficit. clinton leading by a large margin of 30 points in florida, however, only by nine points in ohio. our msnbc team of correspondents has all the fast-moving excitement covering the sunshine state today, and this race has never been hotter than now. katie tur is in miami, florida. what's the message of the campaign while they're trying to celebrate the big wins but also move the ball forward to next week? >> reporter: i think it's a message of inevitability. trump trying to say he will be the one that will be able to bring party unity, win states that others cannot win. he was trying to embrace the
11:20 am
party last night, but the party is not embracing him back. right now about $10 million being spent on florida alone to make sure that he does not win this state. that's coming from superpacs and other attack trump groups that are out there. we'll see how he plays here, but if last night is any indicator, those attack ads so far are not working. but again, the majority of the money is being spent here in this state, which is a winner take all state. last night the press conference, which at times felt more like an infomercial for donald trump's very many business ventures, including trump states, got a little testy, though, when my colleague peter alexander tried to ask him what he's going to do about his tone, his swearing of late, that negative ad against him that shows him swearing. he did not like that question last night. he did not like it again this morning when they asked him that on "morning joe," specifically how people should tell their children how to respond to donald trump's sometimes negative rhetoric and
11:21 am
questionable word choices. take a listen. >> people can come into our country but we want them to come in legally. >> what about what the children are hearing from you and how they are responding to it? >> i think people are responding very positive, the message is very positive. make america great again is a very positive message, it's not a negative message. >> unless you think america is great already. >> reporter: donald trump in north carolina today, he will be back here in florida for the debate tomorrow. this is the big state to get right now, the most delegates coming out of this state next tuesday, the second most in ohio, and he is currently leading in polling in both of those states. thomas? >> nbc katie tur. katie, thank you so much. we have ted cruz ang ling for this to be a two-man race, between him and donald trump. but he surprised everybody from his rival carly fiorina. in her speech she cast cruz as
11:22 am
the only one who can defeat donald trump. >> now, you know there are other people in our party who actually are kind of horrified by donald trump. i'm one of them. but here's the thing. we're not going to beat donald trump by having leaders in our party tsk-tsk over our voters, we're going to have to beat donald trump by the ballot box. and the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz! >> so this all comes as cruz had a very strong showing last night, winning in idaho, picking up delegates in other states as well. nbc's hallie jackson is covering the cruz campaign and joins us from miami. hallie, a really savvy endorsement. cruz could go against donald trump and also on the left with hillary clinton, but is this a coalescing behind cruz to stop trump? >> reporter: that's what cruz wants it to be, thomas. he wants these republicans to
11:23 am
come away from rubio, come away from john kasich and start to get behind his campaign. i think it's a little premature to say this is the establishment coalescing around cruz, just because carly fiorina has never been part of that establishment. in fact, her brand was an outsider one. that said, you nailed it where she talked about being strong for cruz as a surrogate. going after donald trump, remember, her best moments on the debate stage before she ended her bid were largely attacking trump, and this is when people, including ted cruz, were embracing donald trump, and she also showed strength when she was going after hillary clinton, which is something that could benefit cruz if carly fiorina does get out on the campaign trail for him over these next few weeks or few months, or however long his candidacy continues on. cruz himself talked about taking on donald trump. i want you to listen to what he had to say this morning in miami. >> carly's being with us today is just one more manifestation of what we have been seeing playing out over the last several weeks, which is republicans uniting, coming
11:24 am
together behind our campaign as the one campaign that has demonstrated that it can and has repeatedly beaten donald trump not once, not twice, but eight separate times. >> reporter: and that is the crux of cruz's argument moving forward, thomas, that he is the person who has repeatedly won against donald trump in states like idaho, as you mentioned last night. he's now looking ahead to the next super tuesday in places like north carolina. watch for missouri, too, the campaign feeling confident about how they'll perform there. ohio not so much. i don't think you'll see cruz spend a ton of time or resources in ohio. but in florida, he's here today, he held that rally this morning here in miami, and i think you'll see him put some resources in this state, too, not necessarily to win outright, but to try to take it to marco rubio in his home state. thomas? >> hallie jackson reporting for us in miami. hallie, thanks so much. as we've been witnessing trump's victories and the dominance he's
11:25 am
been showing throughout the country, we have the ohio and florida polls aren't just showing a setback for his republican rivals, it's showing a true issue, a mountain for them to climb. now, there are also setbacks for the unaligned trump forces out there, known commonly as the abt, the anything but trump people. katie is here for the trump superpacs. katie, thank you for joining me, and i hear that there are death threats in the social media. first, how much money has your organization spent on anti-trump ads, and as of last night trump wins, do you feel like that money was well spent or a waste? >> we actually didn't spend any money in the states last night, so those states weren't on our radar. we did do some digital and phone efforts in idaho. those did pay off, but we didn't spend real resources in those
11:26 am
states, because ever since south carolina, our target has been in those states that are winner take all. so last night what happened isn't any reflection on our efforts. we had success in iowa, we had some success in idaho. we didn't have the time we needed, but we do feel like in florida and now in ohio as more resources have come in, we do have the ability to have a very aggressive campaign to tell the truth about donald trump, which is that he's a con man and a fraud and he isn't the candidate he says he is. even last night we saw it in his press conference. he featured all these products, and you guys have referenced his products over and over again of these successful businesses. trump stakes is out of business, trump vodka is out of business, trump water was never even a business. trump winery isn't his business, it's his son's business, and there hasn't been this kind of investigative reporting by the media that all of these things are just a fraud. so we're hoping to tell that story, and we think we're going to have some real success in
11:27 am
florida and ohio, and we have polls that show something different. we see a very close race in florida and ohio, also in illinois and missouri. so we think there is some real opportunities to stop him next tuesday. >> i'm just getting a note passed to me, katie, that former fl florida governor jeb bush and cruz, no plans to meet with donald trump. certainly no surprise there. which candidate is your pac ready to support? are you ready to go on the record with that? >> that's not the purpose of our pac. there are a variety of candidates left in the race. what we do agree on is donald trump is not a conservative. he's probably not even a republican, so it shouldn't be the standard bearer for our party. he also is a fraud when it comes to business proposals. >> katie, what would you say to the millions of people that have voted for him, then, if this is
11:28 am
not who the party is? why is he winning? >> he's tapping into some emotion and see frustrations that people have, and what we're trying to do is just give them more information to say, look, we understand that you're frustrated, we understand that you're angry, but this isn't the answer to the question. you know, this guy that doesn't share your views on anything from taxes to government-run health care to president obama's big bank bailout to abortion to the second amendment, this is not the guy that's the standard bearer and he's not who you think he is. he's not a brilliant businessman, he doesn't say it like it is. it's time for someone to call him on it. the other candidates haven't done it very much. the media certainly hasn't done it, so we're hoping to give folks the information, and if they make a different decision, that's their option, but this is how the democratic process works. >> katie, i think one thing about the media, we've certainly covered the trump campaign and the twists and turns as best we can in revealing and telling -- >> i don't know about that.
11:29 am
>> -- telling it like it is about what he's doing. i don't think you can fault the media for donald trump's success when it comes to the voting pace of the gop. >> i didn't hear anybody last night calling him on the fact that every product he featured last night is a business that doesn't exist. you guys were talking about it today as if these are all thriving businesses, and it's all been shown to be a complete farce. >> katie, the attacks that have gone on against donald trump, they seem to embolden at least what people think about him and also send them to the polls in record numbers. and we're seeing what's happening across the country, certainly with early voting here in florida, elections officials saying 250,000 ballots already cast. you are the campaign manager. the romney team, as we look at the convention coming up in cleveland this summer, had control of the guidelines in 2012 and set some of the
11:30 am
guidelines we'll see coming up here in 2016. joe scarborough wrote for the "washington post" today, florida's winner take all primary was rigged by the establishment to provide a firewall for jeb bush or rubio back when wise men spoke knowing of an establishment lane. instead, as with most of the maneuvers master minded by the republican national committee, the florida firewall has -- if your ads don't work and trump arrives at the convention, is it your intent to hopefully get people to go around this process with you to take delegates away from him to secure another nominee at the convention? >> first of all, i just want to clarify that this wasn't the romney team who put those rules in place. the rules that we were worried about were the rules pertaining to 2012, so i just wanted to clarify that. we're not looking in any way --
11:31 am
>> say that again? >> the 2012 rules applied to the 2012 convention. after our loss in 2012, we didn't go on and create rules for the 2016 convention. that may have been done by the rnc, but it wasn't our team imposing rules on 2016. i just wanted to clarify that. >> so the eight-state threshold is not something that mitt romney and the team controlled, to make it you have to come to the convention in 2016 with eight states? >> well, the rules for 2012 were imposed by the 2012 rules committee, which was for the 2012 convention. they don't apply to the 2016 convention. i believe those rules took place after the 2012 election. that changed by the rnc. but regardless, i mean, it wasn't a romney thing that was done. >> the threshold as it stands right now, you have to come into the convention with 1,237 delegates and having secured eight states prior.
11:32 am
there is some tinkering that can be done coming up in april, as i understand it, as they cement the rules prior to the convention. so do you anticipate, or would it be something that you would shift your work to, to try to take away and have a delegate defeat of donald trump at the convention if he were to arrive there as the de facto nominee? >> i'm not aware of what you're talking about because that's not my understanding of the rules. that's not something we're focused on. we're not looking to change the rules to deprive anybody of a nomination, but you do have to have 1,237 -- >> what about in 2006 when ronald reagan tried to take away the nomination -- >> i'm not talking about 2005, i'm talking about this year. we're not trying to change the rules in order to deprive him -- >> but it's part of our democracy getting down to the wire. while we've had more scivilized attempts -- >> i'm telling you you are not the nominee until you have 1,237
11:33 am
delegates, and will we do everything we can to make sure he doesn't get there? of course. if he gets there and it's his nomination, we're not going to try to take it from him, but you can't take somebody from something they don't own. if he doesn't have 1,237 delegates, he isn't the nominee, and we're going to do everything we can to try to stop that, because we do think somebody who is not a republican is hijacking the process. >> katie, last but not least, i know the work you've been doing has kind of put a target on you via social media? do you feel intimidated at all by what you've seen, death threats and other types of intimidation tactics? >> i actually just feel sad. i feel sad there are people out there trying to shut down democracy by threatening and bullying and trying to intimidate me. i'm not afraid, i'm from detroit, i can handle things. but i'm sad that donald trump has sort of emboldened his supporters to think it's okay to be rude, obnoxious, threatening, threatening physical harm on somebody. you know, yesterday we saw his
11:34 am
own campaign manager wrestle a female reporter to the ground. this is what he has allowed and encouraged, and he hasn't shut it down and sort of tamped this down, and i think it says something about him as a candidate and the kind of campaign that he's encouraging, and it makes me sad. >> you made a reference there to what happened to the reporter and trump. thank you for being here. i look forward to having you another time. >> thanks for having me. >> we have more on what i said about former governor jeb bush's plans to meet with ted cruz and john kasich. gabe gutierrez is following the rubio campaign. this is in the line-up as we look forward to seeing rubio tonight with chuck todd. >> reporter: it has the potential to be a big boost to
11:35 am
marco rubio if jeb bush decides to endorse him. we don't know who jeb bush will endorse, but jeb bush will meet with marco rubio, john kasich and ted cruz ahead of tomorrow's gop debate. now, rubio has been asked about this since jeb bush suspended his campaign. he says he has spoken with jeb bush, but as part of their conversations, they did not discuss the endorsement, at least during that first phone call, rubio saying jeb bush wanted to take some time and decompress. there is no doubt among republican circles here in florida that this would be a significant endorsement if it were to go for marco rubio. of course, there was a lot of bad blood between some of the bush and rubio camps to start with since rubio ran for president in the first place. a lot of republicans in florida said he should wait his turn and that it was jeb bush's time to run for president. so it will be very interesting to see what comes of this. we have no indication that jeb bush will make an endorsement at
11:36 am
all. i spoke to people in the bush camp over the past few days and they said they didn't know, that jeb bush has not made up his mind, but again, all we know is a spokesman has confirmed to nbc news that this meeting between jeb bush, john kasich and marco rubio and ted cruz will happen over the next day or so ahead of this gop debate. marco rubio struggling. this latest cnn rnc poll has him down 16 points in his home state, but his campaign insists he is staying in this race and he will win florida. again, he is speaking to chuck todd in just a short time for this msnbc town hall. it should be very interesting to hear what his path forward will be. thomas? >> i know it was a tough night in terms of delegate math, and we'll see about going the distance through florida coming up next tuesday. nbc's gabe gutierrez. thank you for the update when it comes to jeb bush. if we find out more information we'll bring it to our viewers, but we want to now focus on the democratic side of this race. after splitting last night's
11:37 am
primaries, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are preparing to debate tonight in miami. bernie sanders stepped up attacks in his last debate, and he's looking to build momentum after winning the michigan primary. it's a strategy he sounded as confident about as ever in an interview with andrea mitchell. >> virtually every national poll and almost all the statewide polls that have bernie sanders against donald trump, we do better, and in some cases much, much better, than hillary clinton does against trump. just coming from michigan. >> meanwhile both parties are shifting their attention to ohio where the democratic side of 160 delegates are at stake. just three weeks after that, voters in wisconsin will make their choice for the democratic presidential nominee. after last night's results in michigan, there are some new questions surrounding hillary clinton's appeal to voters in those states. i want to bring in u.s. senator
11:38 am
senator baldwin. good to have you, and i appreciate your time. let's dive into the numbers and what the delegate math proves for hillary clinton is that she's doing very well in the south, but the races are much closer when we go to northern states. a few months ago we had a marquette university poll with hillary clinton leading sanders in wisconsin by nine points, and now it's a dead heat. why do you think secretary clinton's message is failing to catch on, certainly in your home state? >> well, certainly i would tell you that it is always anticipated to be a tough race nationally and certainly hotly contested primary in the state of wisconsin. so this is no surprise to me. and while i was disappointed that hillary didn't pull through in michigan in that hard-fought race, and i congratulate senator sanders on his victory, still, she won the night, she won more delegates, and she is producing a commanding lead in the delegate count. in fact, a lead that would be very, very hard to dent into on
11:39 am
senator sanders' part in the remainder of the states. so that's where we find ourselves right now, but nobody thought that this primary was over after super tuesday. >> so, senator, when we talk about the viability of looking down the line to a general election, and looking at the primaries as trying to make sure that candidate is properly vetted and confident about winning, how do you think hillary clinton can earn the confidence of the folks that bernie sanders is getting right now? it's the white working class vote in the northern industrial states. >> well, i have no doubt that when this primary is said and done, when you look at the contrast between what's happening on the democratic side and the republican side as you've just been covering in the past few minutes, we are going to unify. we have a strong pro-worker
11:40 am
agenda, we have candidates, as you know, who are rallying democrats because of what they intend to do to help the middle class and help people realize the american dream. on the republican side, as you've been covering, you have everyone plotting what to do to topple the frontrunner. you have republicans who face a moral test. are they going to stand side by side with the frontrunner who has been endorsed by the likes of david duke, former head of the kkk, or are they going to renounce the frontrunner? they are in tatters, and i think your own poll released today shows that hillary clinton would strong the trounce trump. >> yeah, some of the new numbers that are out in respect to how hillary clinton does in a general match-up against donald trump demonstrate -- let me look, hold on -- in the general election it would be 50% against
11:41 am
or 50% for hillary clinton, 41% for donald trump. forgive me, i'm trying to get through my papers on a breezy st. petersburg day, which isn't a bad thing. but as we look at elizabeth warren, and a lot of people would like to see her endorsed, certainly folks for bernie sanders would like that and hillary clinton would like that. what do you think the impact could be of her endorsement? >> certainly everybody would love to have elizabeth warren's support as somebody who gets to work with her on a daily basis, i understand that she has to make up her own mind and decide if or when she's going to weigh in with an endorsement. in the meantime, i've already made mine and am working very hard to make sure that hillary clinton is the next president of the united states. >> wisconsin senator tammy baldwin. thank you for making time for me today and i appreciate it. >> thank you. we've asked all of you to
11:42 am
weigh in on our micropulse question today. can donald trump succeed in unifying the republican party? 37% say yes, 63% say no. we have much more ahead live here from a beautiful campus, university of south florida st. petersburg. these nice kids coming out. look at that. we have a mix of independents, liberals, conservatives and we're all in tampa bay. we'll be back in a moment. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics.
11:43 am
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(neighbor) yeah, so we're just bringing your son home. (dad) ah! greetings, neighbor. neighbor boy. he really loves our wireless directv receiver. (dad) he should know better. we're settlers. we settle for cable. but let us repay you for your troubles. fresh milk for the journey home? (neighbo we live right there. (dad) salted meats? (neighbor) no thank you. (dad) hats then! (vo) don't be a settler, get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv. welcome back, everybody, to our post super tuesday coverage. we're on the road with super tuesday today, and we have news in florida and jeb bush will be meeting with ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich tomorrow. there will be no meeting with donald trump, so everyone is
11:46 am
speculating about how that meeting will go and whether or not jeb bush will be making an endorsement to one of those three candidates. we're with utah governor mark levin, and the mayor of st. petersburg, rick christman. did i do that correctly, mr. mayor? >> perfect. >> governor, let me ask you, you headed mitt romney's 2012 transition team, what do you make of the fact that jeb bush might be coming out -- we know how mitt romney feels about the anybody but trump movement, but what do you make of jeb bush potentially coming out and supporting one of the other three candidates? i believe that jeb bush was someone that you supported. >> actually, i've not taken a position with any candidate, but i can only guess that governor bush is looking to see if he can't find a way to try to unify
11:47 am
that group into some strategy, whether it's two of them getting out or whether there is an agreement on ways to find a method of keeping donald trump from getting 1,237 delegates. >> is there anyone, as you said, you haven't come out -- forgive me for thinking that you had -- is there someone remaining of the candidates out of the four that you would be interested in endorsing? >> i'm interested in seeing a strong republican president. i'm among those who have great skepticism about whether or not donald trump is the right candidate for the republican party, but clearly, if this were a seven-game series, he would be up 3-1. history tells us that he's doing what he has to do to get the nomination. and the truth is, there is no mechanism to formally block that other than for people to unite and for people to use the mechanism that's available. and we're going to see that play out in florida and ohio in
11:48 am
particular. those are the next two very important states. i think if senator rubio is not successful in florida and governor kasich is not successful in ohio, that's clearly going to be a game changer. >> again, to the jeb bush news, we believe these all to be three separate individual meetings that the governor is going to take with cruz and kasich and marco rubio. but, governor, when you think about if donald trump were the primary nominee, you then could support him? you want to wait that long before you recognize who you would endorse until the primary is over? >> well, as you pointed out, i was quite heavily involved in previous presidential elections. my wilife has moved on, i'm doi other things, i would like to see a republican president nominated. i've not taken the position with any particular candidate. i know all of them. i know mr. trump the least well
11:49 am
of the three. but i spent a life in politics. i find this both interesting and troubling at the same time. >> it's a fascinating time in our presidential history to cover. and judith vance is someone who teaches politics and international politics probably as well. explain the importance of the i-4 corridor and why marco rubio doesn't seem to resonate in his own state where he's losing in double digits to donald trump? >> florida is obviously an incredibly important battleground state in the general election, and the i-4 corridor is that battleground region up for grabs. here in tampa bay, also the bell weather. if you win here, you probably win the white house as well. for marco rubio, this is going to be make or break fwor his campaign, obviously, with the republican party having winner take all in plor flor. it looks like donald trump is way ahead. this contest may be over march 15. >> we know with early voting
11:50 am
already taking place, state election officials are saying -- i think it's 1.25 million early ballots already in, more republican than democrat, but there's high interest and turnout so far, at least in the early numbers. >> that's also a little bit troubling for marco rubio, because in these previous states, towards the end or up towards election days, he says things tend to break his way and a little more momentum towards the end, but here in florida with everybody already voting, the impact that a last-minute push could have for him may not be as great as he needs to put him over the top. >> early voting is in the high 30s for the democrats. she has a wide lead over bernie sanders by 30 points. do you think she can succeed here? >> this area in particular is pretty smart in the way they vote, and i think an example of that is me sitting here from two years ago. i think she's going to fare very
11:51 am
well here in florida. i think herm message resonates with people. >> she's doing well in the south but she's having difficulty in the north, an example, tmichiga last night. >> yeah, you look at the numbers and it was a lot closer than the way it's coming across. when we're talking about bernie winning, it wasn't an overwhelming victory. the number of delegates who were split up were pretty even. she's leading pretty substantially in the delegate count, and most of those were in the northern section and the midwest of where she gained a lot of those delegates. >> it's a fascinating post of eight going on now. we have the next super tuesday coming up. t thanks for joining me, and thanks to all of you at home. we have more coming up next live from st. piretersburgpetersburg. you're watching msnbc, the place
11:52 am
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welcome back, everybody. we're here at the university of florida st. petersburg campus with these students where the bull is the mascot, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> we have joseph garmin, we have taylor singleton and juan salazar. let me start with you, joseph. primary? who do you like and why? >> i'm voting for our very own home senator marco rubio, and the reason why is i feel he is a true conservative warrior that america needs right now. >> he's doing not so well in the polls. are you concerned for him to survive the primary here? >> i think marco rubio is going to show up. polls are taken in a very particular way, and i feel that young people of america will show up in the florida primaries. i tend to be there and i intend
11:56 am
to vote him. >> who do you like and why? >> i'm voting for bernie sanders because he's for the minorities, and especially today in the black lives matter movement, he's there and he's there are demi demil td demilitarizing the police. >> i like bernie sanders because he seems like the most honest politics we have so far. >> he's not doing so well in florida right now, keeping his own within the statewide contest as it continues, but we'll see how he does in florida. this is his first official visit he's on right now and we have the debate for miami with the democrats tonight. thanks, guys. our collection of bulls right over here. my colleague kate snow and i are actually in the same place for once. >> it's been a while. >> it's been a while. >> it was the atlanta airport. >> i got a brief kiss in atlanta and now we've been reunited in florida. i'm going to let you take it away in a second.
11:57 am
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hi, everyone. i'm kate snow. we're live from the university of south florida st. petersburg campus, picking up from thomas roberts here, just a little bit sunnyer than where i was this morning in michigan. here we go. last night's results pretty much set in stone. get out your calendar, get out your cell phone, a pen and paper, back of your hand. write down this date, march 15. that's this coming tuesday. that's when they vote, not only here in florida but in four other key states. for both parties it's a huge day. compared to yesterday, twice as many delegates up for grabs for republicans, four times as many for democrats. while yesterday didn't do much to change the math of the race, it did have a big impact. we're talking about momentum. marco rubio and john kasich are counting on march 15 as a


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