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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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hi, everyone. i'm kate snow. we're live from the university of south florida st. petersburg campus, picking up from thomas roberts here, just a little bit sunnyer than where i was this morning in michigan. here we go. last night's results pretty much set in stone. get out your calendar, get out your cell phone, a pen and paper, back of your hand. write down this date, march 15. that's this coming tuesday. that's when they vote, not only here in florida but in four other key states. for both parties it's a huge day. compared to yesterday, twice as many delegates up for grabs for republicans, four times as many for democrats. while yesterday didn't do much to change the math of the race, it did have a big impact. we're talking about momentum. marco rubio and john kasich are counting on march 15 as a rac race-defining day for them.
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their home states of florida and iowa, winner take all. they're limping in. trump's strong wins in mississippi, michigan and ohio last night. if trump takes either state, florida or ohio, that could be a campaign ender. so the candidates are doing whatever they can to put themselves in a good position today. msnbc news confirming in the past hour jeb bush will meet with ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich in the coming days, and cruz just also won the endorsement of carly fiorina. >> last tuesday we had a primary. and i walked into the ballot box and i looked at the ballot, and i saw my own name on the ballot. it was kind of a thrill. but then i checked the box for ted cruz, and i'm here to tell you what. >> and the momentum thing isn't just for republicans. last night in michigan, we saw a
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surprise win for bernie sanders even though he had trailed there in every major poll going into the primary. you heard me say it for days. while he actually lost ground and pledged delegates because of clinton's massive wind in mississippi, sanders is proving he is still holding on with that michigan victory. from florida to ohio and beyond. we are following the race everywhere it is taking these campaigns ahead of tuesday's crucial primaries. we want to begin with ted cruz who scored that surprise endorsement from one-time presidential hopeful carly fiorina co fiorina. coming off of last night's cruz win in idaho, cruz is here in florida today trying to make some inroads, and joining me now from about four hours away in miami, nbc's hallie jackson who is following the cruz campaign for us, and hallie, i guess the big question is what happens between jeb bush and ted cruz behind closed doors? >> reporter: that's the big question, right, because part of ted cruz's brand is railing
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against the establishment, and there are few right now that represent the establishment in the way jeb bush does. it will be important to see what's happening in these meetings between jeb bush separately ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich as a spokesperson is confirming. we hope to find out more about that. carly fiorina's endorsement an unusual pickup for him. she was polling very, very low before she got out of the race. but remember what she did on that debate stage when she was in? she attacked donald trump successfully, some would argue, at a time when not many people were going after donald trump, and she also repeatedly went after hillary clinton, too. so expect to see her in that same role. hear what she had to say in south florida when she gave him that endorsement. >> there are some people in our party now who are saying, you know, donald trump wouldn't be so bad. [ booing ]
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>> i mean -- okay, maybe he's a liberal, maybe he's a fraud, but at least he's a deal maker. we can make deals with him. [ booing ] skb >> here's the thing. the truth is that donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. they're not going to reform the system, they are the system [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so let's talk about where this endorsement happened, kate. here in miami, a place where cruz is trying to play on that all-important march 15 date, as you talked about at the top of the show. cruz's campaign feeling good about where they are in missouri next week. they expect to pick up in north carolina, they're campaigning hard there. florida tells us the panhandle is kind of trump territory, south florida is more rubio. there is not really a natural place where cruz can carve out a market for himself.
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he also has some challenges when you look at the kit poexit poll coming out of mississippi, losing to donald trump, cruz hoping to coalesce the rest of the republican party who is not rallying around cruz, he is hoping to make this a two-man race in about seven days when we wake up a week from today, the morning after super tuesday ii, but the question is, will that happen? and marco rubio the big wild card in all this, too. how will he perform in florida, and will there be some strategic moves by marco rubio between now and next tuesday. kate? >> hallie jackson watching that in miami. let's turn to the trump campaign now with wins in three more states, hawaii, michigan and mississippi. he now has a nearly 100-delegate lead over ted cruz. looking ahead to florida and ohio, our nbc delegates shows trump still needs to win one or both of those states, or it will
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be very difficult for him to get the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination. nbc's katie tur is following the trump campaign. she's in miami and tells us the latest from trump world. katie, what do you hear? >> reporter: hey there, kate. if he does not win ohio and he does not win florida, it is difficult for him to clinch that 1,237 number. he would actually have to win 70% of all the delegates after that, which is a pretty steep climb. the campaign, though, is feeling good about their chances here in florida. take a look at the new polls that came out today. the quinnipiac poll showing he's leading 2 to 1 in florida. john kasich doing much better approximate terin terms of trying to catch up to trump there than marco rubio is doing here. we had one of those trump conferences last night, this time at his golf estate in jupiter, florida after he won michigan and mississippi.
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it at times felt more like a trump infomercial, and i want to show you why. take a listen. >> well, there's the water company. i mean, we sell water, and we have water, and it's a very successful -- you know, it's a private little water company. trump steaks, where are the steaks? we have trump steaks. the trump magazine is out. i said, it is? i thought i read one two days ago. trump airline. i saw the airline, and i actually made a great deal. by the way, the winery, you see the wine. because he mentioned trump vodka. it's the largest winery on the east coast, and trump university, we're going to start it up as soon as i win the lawsuit. does that make sense? >> reporter: now, those steaks were from a company in palm beach. that water was not trump water in the sense that he doesn't own a water purification company, the wine is from the state of
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virginia owned by his son eric, so this is just another instance of the trump name being branded on a product, much like many of his properties are around the country. they're not built by him but they do have his name trump on the outside of them. but last night certainly an interesting experience, not the typical campaign experience. again, he was in florida. this is a state that they're really focusing on. if there's any indication from last night's win in michigan and mississippi, it's that the establishment attacks against him so far are not really working. we're going to see how that goes next week when it's really put to the test. there is anti-trump groups that are going to be spending $10 million here in florida alone to try and stop him from winning this state. if he still prevails, that is an indication, a very good indication that these attack trump ads just are not working, and there might need to be a rethinking of how to move forward and whether or not the establishment tries to coalesce around donald trump and work with him instead of trying to
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push him away. otherwise there is going to be a contested convention. and if he reaches that magic number of 1,237 and wins the nomination, the only way to contest it in the convention would be in the rules committee. and that would be, according to the trump campaign, a real subverting of the will of the people. kate? >> katie tur following that from miami with the trump campaign. thanks so much. to say the least, it was a rough night for marco rubio. the florida senator didn't pick up a single delegate last night. rubio finished fourth in michigan and mississippi, third in hawaii and idaho. in an interview with radio host hugh hewitt, he reinforced the importance of a win here in his home state of florida. >> for me right now, all eyes are on florida. we come to this not just for me but for our party. 900 delegates award med one state. i believe florida will be the republican nominee and i believe i will win florida. we're working hard and feeling good about the progress we're
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make ng fling in florida. >> don't forget to watch marco rubio. he's in a town hall meeting with chuck todd. that airs right here on msnbc, 8:00 eastern time, 5:00 pacific. i want to talk to charlie crist, and just for the record, you do support hillary clinton but you're not working for her campaign, just to get that out there. >> that's right. >> we have to talk about what's going on with marco rubio. if you look at his night last night, 5% of the vote in mississippi, 9% of the vote in michigan, worst performances across the board for him so far in this election. he's still saying he's going to win this state. i know you don't work for the republicans, but as an observer of all things political here, is there any chance? >> no. and at this point, i would love to spike the football. i consult for governor crist, too.
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marco rubio nudged his way into the senate seat. the republicans are trying to rebut rumors that rubio is going to drop out, and i tell you, that meeting with jeb and cruz and rubio is going to be a debate, and i hope he's ready to make a deal of the century. >> you could see a scenario where jeb bush could potentially endorse marco rubio, no? and you don't think that would help? >> when marco rubio got elected in 2010 he immediately started giving the same speech all across the country. and the irony of him betting everything rudy giuliani style in florida, he hasn't been here. the only time he got off script is when he made the hands joke, which is his michael do yukakis moment. jeb bush is going to say, i don't even know who you are anymore, and i imagine ted cruz, who has probably run the best
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campaign, will probably come out on top of that negotiation, if you will. >> he ran against marco rubio for senate and lost that race. rubio outflanked him, i think it's fair to say, at that time, and you write, all of us now should feel eerily familiar to rubio people. trump's people are basically his people from 2010. rubio is being marco rubioed by trump. how do you mean? >> marco rubio used a picture of governor crist stand ing on a stage with barack obama trying to save jobs. he used that picture over and over -- >> but it worked. >> it did work. this is a strategy to ride the tea party wave and i feel like we should go back to that convention where they held up signs saying, we built this, and marco rubio, you built this and you're having to deal with it, and it's become a sad story of a once politician.
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>> i was looking at the numbers, this whole corridor, the i-4 corridor, is sort of purple. it goes both ways. when you look at the way the primary is going to happen on tuesday, independents are not allowed to go in and vote for a republican or vote for a democrat. you have to be a registered democrat to vote for, say, bernie sanders. you have to be a registered republican to vote for donald trump. will that hurt either of those outsiders because the independents can't be a part? >> maybe. in pinellas county, it's smart you're here. there is a huge male presence. >> they said 70 to 80% of voters vote by mail here. >> these voters have been engaged and they're watching it. there are other parts of the state that have not been as politically active as this i-4 corridor. it's like a mini iowa, if you will, where the candidates try to come here repeatedly to get those votes. i think what secretary clinton has in her favor now is that younger demographic is being
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split evenly with the folks behind you supporting bernie sanders and hillary clinton, which is going to hurt bernie here, unfortunately, for these folks. >> we'll talk more about the mail because i want to talk about that, mail-in vote, and we'll talk more about the democrats, so stick with us. ahead, bill nelson will be with us from capitol hill. he's endorsing hillary clinton. we're live at the university of south florida st. petersburg campus. stay with us. (avo) how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real turkey and venison has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. at safeliteoh noknow how busy your life can be. this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there.
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>> next tuesday here in florida, we'll show the world --
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[ cheers and applause ] >> let's show the world that democracy is alive and well with a huge voter turnout, huge! >> that was senator bernie sanders here in florida last night, rallying a crowd of thousands in miami. believe it or not, yesterday marked senator sanders' first visit to florida during this election. the crowd may have been feeling the bern, but recent polls show otherwise. the quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton with a whopping 30-point lead. thank you for being with us. >> thanks. >> sanders is here in florida for the first time. he's got momentum coming off that surprise victory last night where i was in michigan. he won a majority of voters under the age of 40. there are a lot of universities here in the state of florida. how do you stop the bern? >> well, he won michigan by one
12:19 pm
point, and that's in large part the uaw did not play, and that would normally be a lot of the turnout in the detroit area. but hillary will win florida, and she will win it by double digits. >> you've worked with both senators, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. you were early on an advocate for hillary clinton. you urged her to run, as i understand it. why were you so emphatic about that? why did you believe in her early on? >> because she's obviously the best qualified, the best experienced, and i believe, under these times of enormous challenge, she's the best to lead us. >> senator, let me ask you, if i can, about the republicans. you're the senior senator from florida, your colleague is marco rubio. you hear all of us talking about whether he can win the state of florida. what's your observation on what's happening on that side of things? do you think marco rubio could
12:20 pm
rally and pull out a win here on the republican side? >> trump will win florida by double digits. >> that's it, double digits, period? >> yes, ma'am. >> why do you say that? >> it's obvious. not only the polling that you have, but trump has been there a lot, and then the results of last night for marco being so low, i think the ground has shifted from underneath him, and it's shifting primarily to trump and some to cruz, but i think trump will clearly take the republican primary next tuesday. >> senator bill nelson from florida, thanks for having us in your state. appreciate your time today, sir. >> thanks, kate. >> thank you. florida isn't the only big
12:21 pm
battleground we're watching. ohio has 160 total delegates for democrats. that is 20% of what's for grabs on tuesday. up next, how bernie sanders is trying to capitalize on one of his most important victories of the democratic race. s, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers
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which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. when you run tofor an offic like this, it's a leap of faith. what's important is we've got to focus on how we bring our country back together. >> that was hillary clinton last night looking ahead to the general election already. at this point clinton has more wins on the map, but bernie sanders is feeling some momentum after his upset victory last night in michigan. later tonight, both democratic candidates will square off in a debate down in miami. sanders narrowly defeated clinton in michigan 50 to 48% after polls in michigan had shown clinton leading by double
12:25 pm
digits there. meanwhile a different story down south where clinton beat sanders 83 to 17% in mississippi. overall hillary clinton has won 12 states so far for a total of 1,194 delegates including 100 superdelegates, and sanders has won five states for a total of 669 delegates. that includes 22 superdelegates. let's turn to ka sirks arkkasie following the bernie sanders debate. what are you hearing about the debate, kasie? >> reporter: this is in many ways a surprise he was able to pull out this victory, but sanders aides and clinton aides said it would be much closer than the polls showed. sanders was able to pull it out fairly strong, and that set him up much better going into this
12:26 pm
second super tuesday coming up on march 15 where you have states like ohio and illinois that are voting. and sanders made that argument to our own andrea mitchell here today. >> it turns out that the early states really do favor secretary clinton because a lot of those delegates came from the deep south where secretary clinton, as you know, was first lady in arkansas for many years and had a lot of contacts. but as the map moves forward, as we move, for example, into the west, california, washington, arizona, oregon, wisconsin, you're going to see a lot of states where we believe we have an excellent chance to win. >> reporter: so they believe, of course, that the western part of the country is their firewall as well as states like new york and california. and they maintain that he is going to be able to see this all wait through and that that delegate map is going to start to change a little bit. the clinton campaign, of course, at this point trying to focus on
12:27 pm
what they say is a durable delegate lead. they could cement that on march 15 if she does, for example, do well in ohio, and bernie sanders has to shore up some things here in florida that's going to be the biggest delegate prize on the line. they're way behind here in florida, and he's committing the next full day, basically, to doing a series of stops across the state, including in gainesville, florida, of course, home of the gators and the university of florida, and those are the people he's counting on, of course, to power this bit of his forward. but clearly the democratic race in a much different place today than it was last night, kate. >> kasie hunt down in miami. thanks so much. up next, early voting is now under way in ohio. how this winner-take-all states for republicans could cement trump's lead or bring the party to a brokered convention this summer in cleveland. that and more live from st. petersburg on the beautiful bay
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back live at university of south florida st. petersburg, we are six days away from voters heading to the polls in missouri, north carolina, florida and ohio, and as momentum shifts for the candidates, the math remains the same. on the gop side, frontrunner donald trump is full steam ahead in florida where a new poll here shows trump with a 23-point lead over florida senator marco rubio while a new ohio poll has a closer match-up between trump and ohio governor john kasich, only a six-point difference there for donald trump. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders' win in michigan may give him some momentum heading into ohio, but with four other states on the line, clint ont is su clinton is sure to increase her delegate lead. we're following all six races in
12:32 pm
florida and ohio. even if donald trump wins ohio or florida, there is still a chance he could be stopped from becoming the nominee at that convention. right now more than 100 delegates separate donald trump from ted cruz. we have jacob soboroff with more on the path of the map. >> reporter: when we talk about the map, we're talking about ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich hoping the map doesn't work out for donald trump. we could see something we haven't seen in a very long time right here in this building right now. the locals from cleveland call it the q and it's all going to go down right here. 1,237. that is exactly how many delegates, a fancy name for representatives from each of the 50 states and u.s. territories, it would take for donald j. trump to become the republican party's presidential nominee at
12:33 pm
their convention right here in cleveland this july. and with all of his primary and caucus wins across the country, he's closer than anybody else. but he's not there yet. do you know what candidate running for the republican nomination is currently in the lead? >> trump. >> reporter: what candidate is currently in the lead for the republican nomination? >> i don't want to say. trump. >> i've asked many of my friends and a lot of people, and i'm shocked to say, but yes, trump. >> reporter: despite record-breaking turnout and trump's groundswell of popular support, the last two republican presidential nominees, mitt romney and john mccain, and a bunch of other establishment members of the grand old party are trying to stop him in his tracks. they're speaking out against him, and even in romney's case suggesting voters pick whatever candidate has got the best shot at beating trump in their home state. if efforts to stop him are successful, the result would be a so-called brokered convention where trump wouldn't have enough
12:34 pm
support going into the convention to win the nomination outright, so delegates would be free to vote for whoever they want, and negotiations instead of using the map would determine the nominee. but it's not clear whether this plan will work. >> you have mitt romney and john mccain saying don't vote for trump. do you care what they have to say? >> no. >> not at all? >> no. >> what if they're watching right now? >> i don't know. have a nice day. >> john kasich or trump? >> neither. >> who are you voting for? >> hillary. >> if trump wins florida and ohio in those winner-take-all contests, trump has a solid case for walking away with the nomination and it gets a heck of a lot harder. >> at the q the republicans are having their convention. who are they going to nominate? >> donald trump. >> reporter: are you going to sit courtside at the convention, too? >> if you can get me tickets, i
12:35 pm
will. >> we'll sit courtside there, too. with donald trump's big wins last night in florida and the idea of a winner take all contest, the idea of a convention is less and less likely, but we'll see what happens in a week and a day when they have their second super tuesday contests. back to you. >> and hillary clinton is pushing for black voters' support. both have campaigned with family members of young black men who were victims of violence at the hands of police and others. tre'maine lee is in ferguson city, a city turned upside down after freddie gray was killed by
12:36 pm
a police officer. tre'maine? >> reporter: it's hard to imagine less than a year ago there was tear gas and pain and outrage. the people of michael brown are beginning to heal. they are taking their fight to the high court. i asked them who they think it best suited to pull this country together. here's what at least one of them had to say. >> inc. think a lot of things h changed. i think people are more aware of what's happening around them and are more interested in getting involved. you see the importance of local elections and politics happening and that conversation exists now more than it did in ferguson. >> trump running for president. some say it's divisive, full of racism. >> i think you have a large
12:37 pm
population of people who want to move back toward the good old days where black people are not in the front, they aren't leading the conversation, they aren't pushing back against change. but i also think people don't want to talk about is a lot of those people in the trump rallies, they're suffering in everyday life, and what's happening on the other side, the democratic side, they're being made fun of. they're being called bigots and racist and stupid for following donald trump, so that's just pushing people apart even more, because a lot of those people have the same concerns when it comes to the economy, when it comes to housing, when it comes to owning their small businesses as black people. >> reporter: so in terms of candidates still running for president, on the left, the right orr the middle, are you hoping that they will be able to lead this nation to healing or at least rebuilding from what's broken? >> it's not the president that will push us in the right direction. they can move things that can harm us, absolutely, but what moving forward looks like, what progress looks like, that starts
12:38 pm
on the bottom. >> reporter: that's the wrinkle here, kate, that so many people, especially the veteran activists here on the ground say that now is a time for unity, for allies to kind of coalesce around the idea of not just justice but moving forward together. i think one point that kayla made so evident was that some of the divide between the races is being exacerbated not just by the rhetoric of someone like donald trump but on the other side, the ridiculing of that group when they share so much in common. so much had been seen as to whether they can actually come together and move together as a solid body for change. >> tre'maine lee out in ferguson, missouri. tre'maine, good to see you. thanks. bernie sanders is coming off a huge, or as he might say, a uge upset in the michigan primary last night. where did his support come from? according to nbc exit polls, sanders earned the support of
12:39 pm
80% of voters who said honesty and trustworthiness were the most important quality for them. sanderswhopping 71% of independents, 65% of voters under 45 and 56% of whites. governor general grandholm is with us, a hillary clinton supporter. good to see you. we saw each other at american coney island. nice to see you in sunny florida. a little bit different weather down here. let me ask you about michigan. last night, fair to say a surprise victory for bernie sanders. i don't think anybody saw that coming in your home state. he won more than 30% of black voters in michigan last night. as we head into states like illinois, like ohio, missouri, rust belt states, similar industrial kinds of states, what's to stop bernie sanders from doing well there as well? >> i'm sure he's going to
12:40 pm
compete really hard, and i'm sure those races are going to be close, and i would say that we should not be paying attention to polls as michigan is the exhibit a of that. we knew it was going to be close on the clinton side, but those public polls were ridiculously deceptive. he's going to be fighting for those just the same way she is. you just had that great peace sign in ferguson and that young woman speaking about what's important. the thin i would say in michigan that was so salient is this question about jobs and trade. bernie is so careful about not supporting trade agreements. hillary doesn't support trade agreements, either, but she feels that we should be making products in the u.s., and that means having an economic strategy that provides jobs for young people, that provides, for example, clean energy jobs, clean tech jobs in the united
12:41 pm
states. so both sides of that equation have to be addressed, and she's got to continue to make the case that those jobs can be made in the u.s. and i think you'll see her doing more of that both tonight and going forward. >> because as you say, governor, sanders' message about trade and trade agreements seem to resonate with michigan voters. he painted clinton as someone who supports every trade agreement. take a listen to what he said in an interview with andrea mitchell earlier today. >> i think if you look at our record, whether it is nafta, whether it is trade relations with china, whether it is her hesitancy and the long delay before she got into opposition of the tpp, i think we know where she is coming from on fed and free trade. >> how does secretary clinton convince voters that she's equally tough on trade? >> the whole point is, she has said we have learned from nafta. it's her husband who signed nafta. i think it's fair to call her
12:42 pm
out on the things that she has voted for. she voted against cafta, which is a huge deal. she has said she's against tpp after looking at it. she's not going to block every trade agreement without looking at it. she's looking at them individually, and her point is she will sign on to agreements that create jobs in the u.s., but she will not sign on to agreements that will not create jobs in the u.s., and that she would renegotiate nafta so we don't see it. she represented upstate new york. upstate new york has seen a huge amount of jobs leave as a result of these trade agreements. she's looked people in the eye. she understands the pain. believe me, we feel so deeply the loss of these jobs, communities that have lost factories. we need a tiger, and that means enforcing these trade agreements. she's going to put in place trade prosecutors, she's going to triple the enforcement. she's going to have a comprehensive strategy to make sure both carrots and sticks get those jobs back from those big
12:43 pm
corporations who have said they're going offshore because of taxes, get them back, penalize them for going offshore, and have an economic strategy that creates jobs in the u.s., jobs for those young people. >> i was at the sanders rally in ann arbor in michigan a couple nights ago. he sang "this land is your land" with the lead singer from fun. it was a fun crowd. it was energized and electric in there. he's winning with young people, you know that. how does she stop his momentum? >> she clearly has to continue to reach out to young people. in the end, the democratic party will come together. and in the end the contrast will be clear. this next -- you got -- it's 2 super seuss, whatevtuesday, the tuesday, whatever you call it -- >> super tuesday 2. >> super tuesday part 2. this is going to be a battle for every delegate, but yesterday
12:44 pm
she got more delegates than he did. if you look at all the votes overall, she has gotten almost a million more votes than he has, so she's going to continue to make this case. and she wants all of the wings of the democratic party to come together. she's been really great about creating a coalition that looks like america, but one of the pieces she's still working on and she really wants to make this case is to those young people. and you're right, that is a challenge and she's going to continue to work at it. >> former governor of michigan, jennifer grandholm. thanks so much for being with us. i appreciate it. >> you bet, kate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off for the first time since that debate. what you should watch for after this quick break. can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays.
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12:48 pm
week. tonight's debate comes after sanders' big upset in michigan which has given him momentum heading into ohio and florida. let's talk about a couple of things. we haven't mentioned this hour that the rnc, the republican national committee, filed a lawsuit today seeking access to communications between state department officials and the clinton campaign after she filed her candidacy. sanders said in an earlier debate that he's sick of her e-mails, he's not going to talk about her e-mails. does he go there tonight, do you think? >> we'll see. at this point, frankly, if he wants to raise concerns about her character and her judgment, certainly there's an opportunity to do that. there's an opportunity for the mod rarerators to do that, for matter. it's an issue that remains a concern among a lot of voters. certainly among democrats i've
12:49 pm
talked to, the possibility this may drag out into the summer and beyond, they have good attack lines in response to this. the idea she may one day be elected for president and have to pardon herself, for example. as long as this continues on, the harder it will be for her to erase the doubts about her character and her tenure as secretary of state. >> i know sanders' victory was only by two points, but it really was not expected for bernie sanders. does that change the dynamic heading into tonight? >> absolutely. i think you were probably thinking to yourself, gosh, another d bait latebate later t another one between these two when secretary clinton appears to be running away with it? well, it's like football. until you win, you don't win. with a growing percentage of support among minorities, the
12:50 pm
sanders campaign quite pleased to point out they actually won the muslim american vote in michigan which is a significant little block of vote there around detroit. he also saw also saw an increas support among younger african-americans, another area of growth for him, that would suggest that he's chipping away, at least in some areas of the country, of secretary clinton's support with african-americans. she won overwhelmingly last night in mississippi with african-american support, so that might be in dispute. but the sanders' campaign certainly feels they have plenty to talk about. and let's be frank, this is a debate tonight that's being hosted by univision, a spanish language network, on a campus where 78% of the students are of hispanic origin. it's likely they'll talk about issues related to the economy and on immigration. on immigration, that's a trickier issue for senator sanders, but his team points out that's a conversation they would like to have, because his record is better on that than the clinton campaign would lead democrats to think. >> ed o'keefe for the debate with "the washington post," thanks so much.
12:51 pm
appreciate it. here in florida, 28% -- thank you. 28% of the state mailed in absentee ballots in the 2012 presidential elections. straight ahead, how the state's election law allowing anyone to vote absentee, no questions asked, is impacting the ground game here. there's only one egg that just tastes better. so fresh from the farm. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d and 10 times more vitamin e. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most.
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12:54 pm
on behalf of all the american people who want to thank you for bringing a little class to the republican debats,s hold on, let me finish, billionaire class or millionaire class, but regular class. so thank you so much. >> thank you, bernie. >> so that just happened in palatine, illinois, home of all of my in-laws, by the way. that was a bernie sanders impersonator, clearly, moments ago at a john kasich town hall.
12:55 pm
he started in and then kasich, i guess, pulled him up on the stage. and back here in florida, we're in sunny pinellas county. here's an interesting fact. you mentioned this earlier. in this county, most people don't go to the polls. most people here vote by mail. so i want to bring back in democratic strategist, media adviser to former florida governor, charlie crisis and florida spokesman for the 2008 obama campaign, kevin kate is back with us again. love that little clip that we just saw. let's talk about -- that was quirky. let's talk about quirkiness in florida, okay? number one, 70 to 80% of the county here votes by mail. why? and how does that happen? >> the vote by mail program was really started by the republicans taking advantage of it, and lately the obama campaign in 2008 and then 2012 kind of harnessed some of that energy. >> because they can get to seniors -- i don't want to stereotype seniors, but maybe it's easier to get them to mail in a vote? >> we have a lot of great seniors here, a lot of people who come in and out of florida.
12:56 pm
it gets hot here close to primary election days. our regular primary is in august, that's a particularly hot time. it's just a good way to get people and bank those votes. mark caputo with politico runs a daily tally of these mail-in votes, it's that's important. >> they've already had 213,000 votes cast here in pinellas county, between both parties. okay, another thing that i've learned, this area is sort of a bellwether, right? because this county is about 50% republican, 50% democrat. this whole corridor, the i-4 corridor that runs east to west through florida, tends to kind of swing, both ways, right? so for democrats, is this a key area? would you see a ton of ads here? >> i think you'll see a lot of ads. what you've seen is the republicans coming in, the stop-trump movement, with all the super pac ads, which are, by the way, very expensive. these are not candidate ads. if they wanted to do this, it would probably have been smart to do it in some of the other states, where it was a little bit cheaper. >> yeah, florida's not cheap. >> but i think what you're going to see here is clinton probably
12:57 pm
taking this state a little bit more seriously after what happened in michigan, and bernie's folks are obviously enthusiastic. you've shown that on msnbc all throughout the show. >> and another quirky fact for us that you pointed out, people here vote a lot for people who are no longer on the ballot? >> yeah, we're late in the process, something like the 29th state or something like that. so we are late in the process, and what happens is, a lot of these candidates drop out, and you'll see a lot of potential votes or candidates who don't exist anymore -- >> because they mailed them in? >> because they mailed them in, or some people who are still not over jeb losing, so they'll file that -- >> they're going to vote for jeb anyway. >> they would rather see that than marco. >> in a tight race, it could end up affecting things. >> it could make the difference. >> kevin kate, thanks so much for being with us again. that does it for this hour.
12:58 pm
we'll have more live coverage from st. petersburg tomorrow. chris jansing picks up our coverage next from columbus, ohio. and among her guests, marco rubio's senior adviser ahead of tonight's town hall, only right hear on msnbc.
12:59 pm
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hello, i'm chris jansing. we are live in columbus, ohio. welcome to ohio. my home state. and boy what a difference a day makes. after a brief spell of looking vulnerable, trump is back, and today any republican not named donald trump has a bigger hill to climb. his decisive wins in michigan, mississippi, and hawaii force the same question for his competition. is it panic time?
1:02 pm
john kasich and marco rubio are relying on on a big day in their winner-take-all home states next weak. but look at the new polls. kasich is losing in this state, where he won a landslide re-election as governor a little more than a year ago. and in florida, trump has a tight grip on first, leaving the sitting u.s. senator, rubio, more than two to one. but even if kasich and rubio can pull out wins, does it even matter at this point? it's looking more and more like a two-man race between trump and ted cruz. that might be why we've seen them go after each other in the past 24 hours. >> but he never beats me. i mean, take a look. he never beats me. >> i don't have any steaks to sell you. i don't have any wine, i don't have any cleaning products. >> i call him lying ted, because i've never seen any human being in my life that lies like ted. he holds the bible up, puts the bible down, and then he lies. >> donald wants the other candidates to remain in the
1:03 pm
race, because it splinters his opposition. when the opposition unifies, donald loses. >> well, as for the democrats, bernie sanders stole michigan last night, a shake up in the clinton camp still has a major league lead, but is haunted by minor league enthusiasm. that's what makes next week so important. to help us break it all down, i want to start this hour with jeremy peters, msnbc contributor and "new york times" reporter, who comes to me from miami. jeremy, so great to have you on the program. you're in florida, i'm in ohio, the two states that could really change the trajectory of this race in a big way come march 15th. give me your lay of the land. where do you see the republican race right now, jeremy? >> i think right now, it's donald trump's race to lose. i think regardless, chris, of the fact that there is going to be millions and millions of dollars spent against him in negative advertising, it doesn't seem like it's going to have much of a dent. i think, you know, when you look at trump's durability as a
1:04 pm
candidate, he's been pretty impervious to the kinds of attacks that would kill off any other candidate. and when you think about the purpose of negative advertising, it's to define somebody, to tell voters something about someone that they don't know, like what happened to mitt romney in 2012. the democrats were really successful at defining him. well, people already know who donald trump is. they already have a perception of him. so to go after him and try to kill him off with negative advertising, i just don't think that's going to be as effective. >> so, you have this anti-trump movement that really is just getting a head of steam, when you ask him about yesterday, they'll say, we really were focusing on florida and ohio. now we just learned over the last couple of hours that jeb bush is going to have a meeting, apparently before the debate, and he's going to be meeting with kasich and cruz and rubio. what is that meeting going to be like? >> yeah, i think it's basically the stop-trump meeting. i don't think that from at least my reporting, what it tells me, is that jeb is not going to endorse anybody.
1:05 pm
i know that inside the marco rubio campaign, they have all but written off getting an endorsement from jeb, although they have asked for it, and rubio himself has asked directly, at least twice. cruz, i can't see jeb bush endorsing cruz, either. or kasich. so, you know, i think, other than the kind of optics of the candidates going to see a party elder, i'm not sure there's all that much purpose or meaning to it. or impact, really. >> i want to ask you about florida, specifically. we're going to be talking to a lot of folks here in ohio. but i have to read the first paragraph from your -- i have to say, this amazing story you just wrote for "the new york times." "after testing the bounds of vulgarity, factuality and decency, the most surreal presidential campaign in modern times now arrives in the state where hanging chads, romantic dalliances and a mishmash of voting allegiances have made and unmade political careers."
1:06 pm
so, what's going to happen in florida? >> well, you know, i think that for marco rubio, this is possibly going to be the end of his campaign. i think if he doesn't win florida, he's got to back out. he's said -- i was in the town hall with chuck todd just now and he's, you know, he's repeating what he said all along, which is, look, we're going to win florida, we're going to win florida. if he doesn't, after saying that, it's hard to envision him going forward. and what's so ironic about that, in a lot of ways, is that this is the state that made marco rubio into the tea party sensation. he rose to popularity on the backs of this movement of conservative anger and dissatisfaction with the status quo and the establishment. now those very same forces seem likely to undo marco rubio. and that is just really a striking turnaround in american
1:07 pm
politics. >> jeremy peters, always great to talk to you, my friend. thanks so much for coming on the show. >> thank you, chris. >> and john kasich just spoke to reporters. he's predicting that he, donald trump, and ted cruz are dead even. notably missing, florida senator marco rubio, who does hold that town hall tonight at 8:00, right here on msnbc. >> i don't mean to say anything to disparage marco, but what i will say is it's starting to turn our way. and if you look at the latest national poll, we're about dead even. donald trump, ted cruz, and me, okay? in addition to that, we're going -- i'm going to win ohio. and ohio's going to be a new day in this race. and it's already beginning to be a new day, because i went from single digits to like 24% in michigan, and they call it the kasich surge. and i would agree with that. >> joining me now is the chair of the kasich for america steering committee, and that is the republican congressman from
1:08 pm
ohio, pat teaberry, who also worked for kasich when he was in congress and took your seat as well. >> welcome back to ohio. >> thank you. great to be back home. look, you just heard, your former boss, i guess we can call him, saying, i'm going to win ohio, but you've seen the two latest polls, just out. he's down by six points and seven points. how does he close the gap in a week? >> it's what he did in the governor's race in 2010. he has a ground game like nobody else had a ground game on the republican side. these volunteers in all 88 counties and the last governor's race, he won 86 of those 88 counties in ohio, a traditional swing state. and he'll win it with people on the ground. >> so normally i would say to you, covering as many campaigns as i've had, ground games will always win in the end, probably the best ground game, at least gives you a huge advantage. this is not a year like any other year. >> no, it's not. that is for sure. >> so, people in ohio know him better than anybody else. and he's still down. so what's resonating about donald trump?
1:09 pm
and what's missing fromhis guy, who we said it before, who won in a landslide for re-election. >> well, most people aren't like you and i and pay attention to this for the last six months. they're just starting to focus on the election now in ohio. and what happened in michigan is a good example. and the governor just said that. he was dead last, two weeks ago, right before the debate. and he won with last-minute voters. he surged with people who were paying attention in the last week of the campaign. and he's doing that in ohio. and his tracking shows that with last-minute voters, deciders, people who are now starting to pay attention, as they begin to think about how they're going to vote next week. not just in the presidential race, but other races, as well. he's winning with those people as well. >> let's say he wins. here's what "the new york times" says. mr. kasich might win ohio, but even if he does, mr. trump could amass a majority of delegates without it. trump could conceivably benefit if kasich stayed in the race by
1:10 pm
preventing cruz from consolidating the anyone but trump vote. >> here's the reality. we have a thousand delegates still out there. and as the governor just said in the clip, right now if you look at states moving forward, he is even or virtually even with trump and cruz. so late deciders, people who are starting to focus on this race, as it comes to their state, he is doing much better with. and she's the little engine that could. he's peaking at the right time. and the reality is if john wins ohio, then mr. trump is not going to have the number of delegates necessary to win going into this convention. >> so what's going to have to happen in the next six days? you mentioned ground game, what else will have to happen? he's running more ads than anybody else, which is another thing i found interesting, given, again, who knows him better than the people of ohio already? >> sure, but presidential election, people are new turnout voters, particularly in the republican primary, we have new voters that are coming out. some say one out of every five voters is a first-time republican voter, so it's connecting with them as well. and the ground game is about getting your people out to vote. and that's something he has and no other campaign has. >> one of the things we talk about every four years is how
1:11 pm
important these suburban areas around columbus are. you represent some of those areas. so what are they talking about? >> well, they're talking about jobs. it's the economy and jobs. that's the big deal. andi iojohn has a record of helg the private sector create jobs, both in congress and as the governor for the last two terms. that's what he's going to talk about. it's results oriented. it's not what i hope to do. it's not textbook, it's actual as a results. >> great to be back and great to have you here on the show. thank you so much. last night's big surprise was bernie sanders winning michigan. considering several polls had him down double digits, he has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder today. >> well, you know, what's been going on from day one in this campaign, the polls have us very, very far behind until election day and then we have won state after state with huge margins. >> that was bernie sanders today on msnbc's "andrea mitchell reports." and joining me now is columbus mayor and hillary clinton
1:12 pm
supporter, andrew ginther. so you were with bill clinton earlier today, he was in town and kind of talking up the troops. what did he tell you? tell us some inside scoop on the strategy for the clinton campaign here in ohio? >> obviously, they're very happy with their huge win in mississippi last night. >> can't be so happy with michigan, which is a lot more like ohio than mississippi is. >> that's very fair. and so, that's why president clinton was here today to make sure that we continue to focus on turnout and an outstanding ground game that will help voters get to the polls early. we have early voting through next monday. and obviously on election day next tuesday to make sure that we continue to track red. no clinton has ever lost the state of ohio. and secretary clinton will make sure she carries the day next tuesday. >> how do you do that? what do you do between now and then? and i'm sure you've been listening to what her competition has to say. and he's looking at ohio and he's looking at illinois. and he's saying, i'm seeing a
1:13 pm
similar makeup. i'm seeing a similar strategy, a similar message could work there. do you have a sense of what worked for him in michigan? and does that make you nervous about ohio? >> obviously, we don't take anything for granted and we never had. >> but did you think bernie sanders would win michigan? >> well, certainly, not i nor anybody else in this world thought bernie was going to win last night, but he did. and he deserves or congratulations and recognition for that. he put together a great effort. and if you take a look at the differences between senator sanders and secretary clinton's discussion and what's taken place on the republican side, there's some very striking differences. and shared prosperity is a key, key issue here in central ohio. this part of the state drives the entire economy for the state, and it remains the most important media market in the most important state in the country. so shared prosperity has to be a theme that heater candidate who wants to carry ohio can tap into. >> so tell us what the voter is
1:14 pm
like. tell us where their head is right now, because the success of bernie sanders and the success of donald trump really is about their success in tapping into frustration, tapping into anger. where do you see voters? what do voters tell you, who maybe aren't so happy with the way things are going. and how does hillary clinton, who seems like an ultimate insider, tap into that? >> well, i think, you know, here in columbus, america's opportunity city, we've got one of the largest, strongest economic performances of -- >> spoken like a good mayor. >> -- any city in the midwest. we have the lowest unemployment of the last five years. but we also know not every city and not every neighborhood is sharing in our success. so that message in helping folks that maybe are returning from the criminal justice system or that are underemployed and unemployed, that's a good sentiment throughout the neighborhoods in our city. and i think secretary clinton has the best plan, but also has delivered on her track record in public service that other folks
1:15 pm
haven't. it's one thing to talk about it, but another thing to lead. that's why secretary clinton is in such a great position in central ohio and here throughout the state. her ability to shape that future and offer the optimism and hope of shared prosperity of all ohioans. >> thanks for coming in. when our live coverage continues from columbus, ohio. rubio's last resort. marco rubio in a political life or death battle to win his home state primary, with pressure building for him to drop out now. we're live in miami with the latest. >> i need your vote. if you haven't already voted, early voting is open. go and vote now, so you can spend the next six days finding other people to vote for me. you were given an incredible task a week from now and i need your help, i need your vote. technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app?
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1:19 pm
it's pretty safe to say, it's do or die for marco rubio in his home state of florida next week. the senator failed to pick up a single delegate in last week's contest, widening the delegate gap between him and front-runner, donald trump, to more than 300. genuinie i joining me now is gabe gutierrez in miami. zero delegates is a pretty hard number to spin. what is the campaign saying? >> no kidding, especially for a campaign who had touted their delegate strategy. they're having a tough time explaining this one away, but they're quick to shift to florida. they say they're all in in florida, and they believe that this winner-take-all state, 99 delegates, can be the key to giving a much-needed jolt to this campaign. really saving this campaign.
1:20 pm
now, last night exit polls show in michigan, 50% of republican primary voters wanted somebody outside that establishment. the number was even higher in mississippi. 60%. and this is really key to understand why marco rubio did so poorly yesterday. he has consistently said that he's running as an anti-establishment candidate, but he has been labeled the candidate of the establishment. and that may be one reason why he did so poorly yesterday and why he has done so poorly throughout this campaign. right now, he is 16 percentage points behind donald trump in the latest cnn/orc poll. i just finished listening to a town hall, an msnbc town hall, moderated by chuck todd. in that town hall, he gave some very revealing answers about the possibility of a unity ticket, and whether or not he regretted some of the low blows against donald trump. chuck will have more on that in the next hour. and later on tonight on msnbc. be sure to watch, chris. back to you.
1:21 pm
>> that was a great tease, gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. i want to bring in sergio gustos, sergio is the national political reporter with the associated press. he's based in miami and spent years in the "miami herald" bureau there. great to have you on the show, sergio. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, chris. >> so, we talked a little bit about it just now, but i want to get your take on it. what's happening on the ground with the rubio campaign, that it's behind. is it clear why he's losing his home state right now? >> well, i think right now, marco rubio is really counting on his fellow cuban americans, especially down here in south florida, to kind of catapult him back into this race. and as you said at the top there, it's a do-or-die situation for him. >> i mean, the question becomes realistically, can you get zero delegates and still move ahead? what's the mood inside that campaign like? >> well, i can just tell you the mood in florida, because i've traveled throughout the state, talking to voters. and it's interesting, because
1:22 pm
they do see him as almost like betraying the tea party kind of platform he ran back in 2010, when he had an amazing run to win as senator. now they feel, some of these voters feel betrayed because of his involvement with the gang of eight, the immigration reform, and they say him more, it's really interesting, a complete turnaround, more of an establishment candidate as opposed to an outsider. >> one of the things he took a lot of hits on, from jeb bush before he got out of the race, certainly from donald trump, ted cruz, is that he missed so many senate votes. does that -- is that something that's resonated with the voters down there, like hae's not doin his job? >> oh, definitely. i don't know how many voters have brought that up without even being asked. he brought up, he's not been going to work, he's not been fulfilling his duties as a senator, it's certainly not helping, especially among voters i've talked to so far.
1:23 pm
>> and then you have today, these two senator who is back marco rubio, dean heller and james inhofe. both have basically said, if he doesn't win florida, he has to quit. is there a realization by him and his senior aides that this is do or die? >> oh, yeah, they've said enough and if you read between the lines, they see this as really a question of survival. and with the 99 delegates at stake, it's a winner-take-all primary, this is it. i mean, i've even heard some people say, or use the line, this is his waterloo, if you could believe that. but it's certainly, this is where it kind of -- this could be the end of the line for him. but remember, he really came back from a long way back against, in a senate race he was not supposed to win. and that the establishment was against him. whether he can repeat that, this is just a whole different year and a whole different front-runner in donald trump. >> yeah, and a whole different level of competition to the
1:24 pm
presidency. sergio gusto, it's going to be a fascinating week to watch. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. and when republican voters here in ohio hit the polls six days from now, they might be a little stumped pep heech candidate will be on the ballot twice. we'll explain why that is and how the outcome could be very important to at least one of the contenders, next. we got another one. i have an orc-o-gram for an "owen." that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast
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1:27 pm
welcome back to msnbc. we are live from coffee roasters in columbus, ohio. if you live in a battleground state like this and you turn on the tv, you will be bombarded with ads. take governor john kasich, who's better known here than anywhere else in the country, yet his pac and super pac have spent $728,030 for a total of 847 ads in the big three tv markets. cleveland, cincinnati, and then, of course, here in columbus. that's not including nearly a $1
1:28 pm
million in ads donald trump has spent. here with me are election insiders, colleen marshall is anchor at wch mtv in columbus and has been following john kasich on the campaign trail. gate to see both of you. >> welcome back to ohio. >> thank you! it's good to be back. i'm reminded that understand every four years, if you turn on the tv, you're going to see ads. what is it that governor kasich is trying to convince ohio voters of that they didn't already know? >> you know, it's amazing, when you think that he won landslide elections twice in this state. and yet he is spending more money on this campaign than any other presidential contender, in his own home state. but i think it's because this is the do-or-die state for him. and he has said it repeatedly. if he can't win ohio, he can't win the white house. so he's trying to convince the people of ohio to turn out at the polls and give him a chance
1:29 pm
to at least keep going. >> yeah, that he could be a winner, if only they get behind him. let me play a little bit of one of those ads. >> together, in the face of a national recession, we turned ohio around. we challenged the old way of doing business. we balanced budgets, delivered the nation's largest tax cut, and created over 400,000 new jobs. when we rise to a challenge, we show america how it's done. ohio, let's do it again. >> so he's trying to, it seems like, get a little of that buckeye pride going. >> he wants to remind voters what he's done in ohio. and i think colleen is absolutely right. this is do or die for him. so he needs to spend the money here, and to keep pushing people to remind them what his stump speech is. this is where he's turned things around. >> what's the appeal of donald trump? why is he beating him here? was it the same as everywhere else? it's the outsider? >> if you talk to republicans here, they're all asking themselves the same questions. because, clearly, the republican
1:30 pm
leadership in this state is backing john kasich. and they have from the very beginning. and everyone is asking themselves, how is it that donald trump is coming in to john kasich's backyard and appealing to the voters who twice have given kasich these victories? and they're all kind of baffled by it, other than the fact that there's this anti-establishment movement that seems to be going across ohio, like it is across the rest of the country. >> we've seen it in so many of these states, on the republican side, record turnout. what are they expecting hear and would that favor kasich or would it favor trump? >> it depends if they have crossover votes. if there's people who want to stop trump, maybe democrats will cross over and start voting for kasich. or you might have democrats who are in favor of trump and want to vote for him and keep pushing him forward pinpoint just depends on who turns out. >> and basically, you don't see very much of the other guys at all, right? they've kind of conceded this. >> you see hillary ads and a lot of bernie sanders ads.
1:31 pm
and especially now that bernie had that unexpected win in ppi michigan -- >> do you think that there influence here? >> i think it will. because there's that whole, as john kasich said, that midwest mentality that he was trying to capture. and i think the democrats try to do the same thing. bill clinton was in columbus today, because hillary clinton doesn't want to take ohio for granted. and i think at one point, she might have been expected to do bad, don't you think? >> yes. >> let me ask you finally about this ballot controversy. the names on twice. what's going on? >> this is a holdover from when ohio was a proportional state. we are now a winner-take-all state. so the ballot hasn't changed. now you're going to have at-large delegates and district delegates. the secretary of state is going to tally both. it's confusing for people. the other confusion is that there are still all the candidates' names on there, even though many of them have dropped out. there's going to be signs in the polling places, because we're an
1:32 pm
early voting state that started voting february 5th, they can only put out that rand paul dropped out, because he's the only one that dropped out before then. >> could it be shades of florida 2000 in columbus? we shall see. thank you so much for doing the interview. and in just a couple of hours, it's fight night in florida before hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we'll take you there live. but first, i want you to meet caitlin got. her mom brought her to see former president bill clinton here in columbus today, but she had a lot to tell me about why she supports hillary clinton for president. >> i want her to be president zp. >> what is it about hillary clinton that you want her to be president? >> i want a girl president, because there's always been men and it wasn't -- i don't think it's fair for other women to not be able to have a chance to be a president or be whatever they want to be. >> do you think you could be president? >> maybe, one day. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
1:33 pm
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1:36 pm
we're back live here in columbus, ohio. big lines here today, folks waiting to see former president bill clinton. many of them were union members, but before the campaign event, i had a chance to talk to some hillary clinton super volunteers. what are you doing for hillary clinton? >> making phone calls. i'm housing some people. i've -- a group and i actually started about a month prior to the official people getting here, the official workers, we started a grassroots group and we had -- we started our own facebook page and started working from there. >> and you have strangers living in your house? >> i do have -- well, i have a stranger, she's moved out now, i've got two more moving in
1:37 pm
today. >> and they're from where? >> you know, i don't even know. >> what do you do for hillary? >> well, see, right now we knocked on some doors last week and we have two of the volunteers staying at our house. >> from other places? >> yes, they're from massachusetts. and they are up early in the morning and they come home when we're already sleeping. and -- which has been great. and made some phone calls. and we're here. >> why hillary? >> why not? >> this is why they call them super volunteers. they have complete strangers move into their house from other states. and of course, voters on both sides are going to head to the polls here in ohio on tuesday. at this point, that new q poll out of ohio has clinton leading sanders by nine points. for more, i want to bring in msnbc's kasie hunt, who is covering the sanders' campaign from miami, florida. but kasie, got pretty interesting here when senator sanders' campaign decided to sue the secretary of state here, because he won't allow
1:38 pm
17-year-olds, who will be 18 by the general election, to vote in next week's primary. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, chris. well, of course, young people make up such an important part of the sanders' electoral calculation when they look at how they might be able to win in a place like ohio. so this is something he feels strongly about. here's what he had to say about it this week. >> it is an outrage that the secretary of state in ohio is going out of his way to keep young people significantly, a minority of young people, african-american young people, latino young people from participating in the political process. we're going forward with that lawsuit. we have every confidence we're going to win. >> of course, every state has different rules about how to handle this. in iowa, for example, you can, if you're a high school senior who's 17, caucus if you're going to be turning 18 by the following fall. but it is, of course, up to state election officials.
1:39 pm
and high schools have actually been kind of an interesting piece of the strategy for bernie sanders and for some other democratic candidates who know that young people turn out for them, president obama, for example, had some success with this. and of course, because ohio's primary is closed just to registered democrats, the sanders' campaign will need every edge it can possibly have here, chris. >> thank you so much, kasie. i want to bring in latrice washington, she is chair of the department of history and political science at ottervine university, which happens to be my alma mater, and a ministry leader here in columbus. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's start with the young voters. is there excitement on campus? >> there is excitement, especially for students in the discipline, in the major. but i also teach politics, dplox, and civics engagement and the purpose of that course is to reach students who are not majors in political science to ensure they have a sense of how
1:40 pm
the system works, what their power actually is, how to utilize the system to their advantage. >> having a little trouble getting them fired up? >> a little bit. but one of the textbooks i utilize is a text called "is voting for young people?". and the idea behind that is there's a need for them to connect and to feel engaged as if the candidates are speaking directly to their issues. so education, the issue of pell grants, financing, higher ed become very significant. >> and is that why bernie sanders, do you think, is resonating? because there is something just, in the many crazy things that are happening this campaign, you have a 74-year-old who is firing up students. that was the difference in michigan yesterday. >> yes. i believe that's part of it. and i think once the media got that wonderful picture of him in selma, which most people knew nothing about, in terms of his work in the civil rights raer and how engaged he was, i think that also is mobilizing a lot of young people to understand that
1:41 pm
you can be engaged and this is really an exciting time, in the sense that we're consistently waiting for 18 to 25-year-olds to show up in the way that they really can, and it can tilt the system. so, that's why we have all of this unpredictability about where is this going to go? because this is a demographic that heavily has not been as engaged and is very, very unpredictable. >> we shall see. it's great to have you here. >> good to see you. >> say hello to all my friends. thank you so much. right now, fewer than a hundred delegates actually separate donald trump and ted cruz. and while ohio is this very crucial state, the two candidates right now focused on florida. and in a new q poll, trump leads there. home state senator marco rubio barely in second place, just slightly ahead of cruz. now, cruz rallied on marco rubio's home turf today, holding an event in miami. and picking up a surprise
1:42 pm
endorsement while there from one-time republican presidential hopeful carly fiorina. between his double-digit win in idaho yesterday, 49% to donald trump's 28%, and this endorsement, could it help him get some moment he needs heading into next week's florida and ohio primaries? joining me now, nbc's hallie jackson who's in miami covering the cruz campaign for us. hey, hallie, what's going on there? >> reporter: chris, what's not going on is probably a better question. this feels like almost the center of the political universe over the next six days. here in ohio, everybody's talking about it. we were in north carolina this morning. also, by the way, a state that votes in six days. but this is where the action is. you're seeing donald trump and ted cruz and marco rubio put a lot on the line here. trump himself, trying to fend off these establishment attacks against him. this stop-trump movement. and last night showed he has been doing that successfully. voters have seemingly not been swayed by the attack lines that have come out. the idea that as ted cruz talks about, that he's simply too
1:43 pm
liberal, that he's not conservative enough to take the republican nomination. it was interesting, when you listen to him, though, he's a master brander and he was really selling his brand last night. here's a little montage that we cut up of trump, talking about trump. listen. >> well, there's the water company. i mean, we sell water. and we have water, and it's a very successful -- you know, it's a private little water company. trump steaks. where are the steaks? do we have steaks? we have trump steaks. these are trump magazine is out. i said, it is? i thought i read one two days ago. anybody want -- here, take one. my club champion. he said, trump airline. well, i sold the airline and i actually made a great deal. by the way, the winery, you see the wine. because he mentioned trump vodka. it's the largest winery on the east coast. and trump university, we're going to start it up as soon as i win the lawsuit. does that make sense? >> so here's the thing, voters, at least in florida, seem to be buying what trump is selling, chris. you talked about that new q poll
1:44 pm
showing trump up by double digits now over marco rubio, in marco rubio's home state. that's a concern for rubio. trump, late today, talking about the need for a knockout in this state. he clearly is aware of what's at stake. and you know what? so is ted cruz, by the way. he held an event here in miami this morning where he unrolled that endorsement or rolled out that endorsement from carly fiorina. and an interesting one, kind of a surprise endorsement. fiorina, who ran as an outsider, she had her strongest moments in the debates when she was running, when she was going after donald trump, when she was going after hillary clinton. you look at her support in polls, there really wasn't much there. it's not as though you're going to see a big shift of her supporters over to ted cruz. it's likely we've seen that play out over the last month or so. that said, she could be an effective attack dog for him as a surrogate. here's a little bit from that event this morning. >> we're not going to beat donald trump by having leaders in our party tsk-tsk over our voters. we're going to have to beat donald trump at the ballot box. and the only guy who can beat
1:45 pm
donald trump is ted cruz. >> all right. carly fiorina there talking about why she's supporting ted cruz. cruz hoping to make this a two-man race, after florida. the question is, will he actually get it? he's been begging for it, basically, for weeks, and so has donald trump now, talking about how eager he is so get ted cruz one on one. the question is, will the accomplishment, will that 60% of republican voters who are not supporting donald trump right now move their support behind ted cruz? we may have answers to that real soon. chris? >> hallie jackson, thank you so much. and coming up next, rubio's push to win. with trump on top and cruz just a few delegates behind, what are his odds of winning his home state? we'll talk some more about that, coming up. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy.
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1:49 pm
six days in counting to here in ohio and florida, the two critical states moving forward. let's talk about the marco rubio campaign. really all or nothing for the senator in his home state of florida, which he is saying he'll win. the polls say something different. joining me now, jason rose, senior adviser to marco rubio. jason, good to see you. hi, chris. >> latest poll numbers, you've seen them, 40% for donald trump, 24% for your candidate. realistically, how do you close a huge gap like that in a state, where frankly the voters know marco rubio better than anybody
1:50 pm
else in the country. >> i guess it depends on which polls you pay attention to. and as hillary clinton the elwil you, after last night, it's hard to take a whole lot of solace. these elections have outcomes and happen for a reason. that's when people actually cast a vote. there were to polls within the last week that showed marco within single digits of donald trump. and one of those showed him actually leading among the absentee voters that have already cast a vote, about 20% of the electorate, by about 25 percentage points. so we remain incredibly optimistic. we have banked on florida for some time, as you well know. and so i think, you know, marco pulling out a win with a winner-take-all state like florida, with 99 delegates at stake, can really be a game changer for the future of this process. >> what makes you think the poll, number one, could be that far off, especially given what happened last night. zero delegates. he came away with zero. >> well, i don't think the
1:51 pm
polls, to the degree there were polls in some of those states, which didn't do a whole lot of polling or public polling or private, don't really tell us a whole lot. but look at what happened with hillary clinton up in my home state of michigan. shd double digit leads -- >> but they tell you something about momentum -- >> what's actually going to happen in those states. >> they tell you something about momentum. when you don't win a single state, you're not worried about the momentum, you're not worried about the perception, that this is somebody who is so far behind that even a win in florida does not guarantee that he has a significant chance in this race. the delegate count doesn't support that. >> well, yesterday was certainly not what we had hoped for, but there are 50-plus states and territories that have to cast votes before this process is over. donald trump is not even halfway to the required number of delegates to secure the nomination. so this entire process has a
1:52 pm
long way to go before it is over. and i do believe that this -- first of all, it is marco's home state. he is the legislated u.s. senator. he was an under dog when he ran in 2010 against the establishment choice. but i also think as people look at the specter of donald trump, this is the place, if you don't want donald trump to be our nominee, florida is the place to demonstrate that. and i think a lot of republican voters are going to step up and realize that this is not what we have for the future of our party, donald trump, that marco rubio is the future of our party. so i think we're very optimistic because of that. >> if he doesn't win, will he drop out? >> i don't imagine that he will, but, you know, we have to get through this process. i do want to say one thing. you know, you showed a clip of carly fiorina talking about our number one goal of stopping donald trump. that shouldn't be republicans' number one goal. our number one goal should be stopping hillary clinton. and a poll that just came out today and polls have
1:53 pm
consistently demonstrated that marco rubio is the candidate that beats hillary clinton. a vote for donald trump is, in effect, a vote for hillary clinton, taking the oath of office in january of 2017. and so i would implore upon republican voters in florida to take into consideration, what is the end goal here? the end goal is to defeat hillary clinton and make sure a conservative occupies the white house in 2017. and the only way we're going to do that is by electing marco rubio. >> jason rowe, good to see you, thank you. >> thanks, chris. and here's mary thompson with a cnbc market wrap. >> the dow ending at an even 17,000 today. up arrows across the board on wall street. the dow up 36. the s&p 500 up 10 and the nasdaq up 25. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. look like this.
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
members of the public are beginning to pay their respects to former first lady nancy reagan at the reagan presidential library where she'll lie in repose until tomorrow afternoon. joining me now from simi valley is nbc's kelly o'donnell. hi, kelly. >> reporter: hi, chris. we have seen members of the public being bused in here over the course of the last hour. and what we're hearing from many of them is that they wanted to come and pay their respects. and some have told us that it is the love story that we've been hearing about over these last few days and being reminded of, between nancy reagan and her late husband, president reagan, that has inspired some of the interest in wanting to be here. i also had a chance to speak to the executive director of the reagan foundation here who said
1:58 pm
this is an opportunity for the public to be involved and and in a way, acknowledge the contributions that nancy reagan made during the president's years in service. here's what john highbush had to say. >> she was a public servant, as it were, for so many years and we should know that she should get so much of the credit for the success of the reagan revolution and the reagan experience was. she was behind so much of it. and i think she just deserves a thanks from everybody that was able to appreciate the -- what came out of it. >> and earlier today, members of the family were able to have a private prayer service. daughter patty davis was here, but ron reagan and stepson michael reagan were not present today. they will be here on friday. but other members of the extended family were present, and that includes the husband of the late maureen reagan, who was
1:59 pm
president reagan's daughter from his first marriage. this will be a time for those who are dignitaries and in public life themselves to come here on friday. today we saw house speaker paul ryan also come and acknowledge the family and pay his respects, because he cannot attend on friday. but michelle obama will be here friday, as well as hillary clinton, president george w., and laura bush, and rosalynn carter will also be here. it is a beautiful california day to begin the services that nancy reagan herself had a great deal to do with in the planning of each detail and that is something that is reflecting her wishes as the country says good-bye to nancy reagan. chris? >> and when does that start tomorrow, kelly? what time? >> reporter: the public viewing will be from 10:00 to 2:00, west coast time, so 1:00 to 5:00 for east coast, to reference that for you. and the service on friday is at
2:00 pm
11:00 a.m. local time. >> all right. thank you so much. and you'll be able to watch that here on msnbc. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm chris jansing. we are live in columbus, ohio. our thanks to them. we'll be back here tomorrow and hope to see you, but "mtp daily" starts now. if it's wednesday, it's my exclusive town hall with marco rubio, right here in his home state of florida and mine, by the way. it's all on the line for rubio, and it could all be over less than one week from now. if donald trump walks away with another victory, but this time in florida's winner-take-all primary. this is "mtp daily," live in miami, florida, and it starts right now.


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