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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  March 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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11:00 a.m. local time. >> all right. thank you so much. and you'll be able to watch that here on msnbc. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm chris jansing. we are live in columbus, ohio. our thanks to them. we'll be back here tomorrow and hope to see you, but "mtp daily" starts now. if it's wednesday, it's my exclusive town hall with marco rubio, right here in his home state of florida and mine, by the way. it's all on the line for rubio, and it could all be over less than one week from now. if donald trump walks away with another victory, but this time in florida's winner-take-all primary. this is "mtp daily," live in miami, florida, and it starts right now.
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good evening. i'm chuck todd here in miami on the campus of florida international university. got to give a little shout-out here to the panthers. thank you, panthers. si site of our exclusive town hall with marco rubio which will air tonight in full at 8:00 p.m. eastern. rubio made a major statement about his future if trump wins the nomination. i'll have a preview for you in just a moment. we have a busy hour ahead of us. rubio's campaign is on life-support after another wild night in this nominating contest. trump had the perfect night. sanders pulled off a dramatic upset. and hold on to your hats, we are now less than one week from those do-or-die contests, super duper tuesday, florida and ohio. let's dive in. we begin with the biggest surprise of last night, the impact of which could echo through next week's primaries. in michigan, polls had bernie sanders down double digits to hillary clinton, but he pulled off a dramatic upset, beating her 50-48.
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yes, sanders gained some much-needed momentum, a moral boost for his supporters, but technically, he lost ground last night in the overall delegate count, thanks to a clinton blowout in mississippi. she now leads sanders by roughly 600 delegates, even if you take out the supers, she still leads by about 200. i feel like i went through this before, when clinton in '08 would have these good nights in march and april, but obama had the delegate math on his side. now a role reversal. but folks, still, the sanders' victory in michigan should be a big wake-up call to the campaign, it is a loud reminder that they have a lot of work to do, both on messaging and on the ground. they've got to gain trust from the wing of her party that is very skeptical if the issue of trade. a solid majority of michigan democrats said trade with other countries takes away jobs. and according to the nbc news exit poll results, sanders beat clinton among those voters by a margin of 56-41. the sooner she learns these lessons, the better off she'll be. because if she is, indeed, facing donald trump, guess what
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issue he's going to pound her on? it will be on trade. it is an issue of importance to him. the one issue he's been consistent on going back to the '80s. as for sanders, a win in michigan, suddenly, puts all those industrial states in play. ohio votes next tuesday. wisconsin is the first week of april. pennsylvania is at the end of april. boy, could he do a sweep of the upper midwest, those big ten states. sanders spoke to my colleague, andrea mitchell, earlier today and he hammered clinton on the issue of trade. >> in michigan, ohio, illinois, missouri, the midwest, people are profoundly disgusted with trade policies in which corporate america shuts down in america, they run to mexico, they run to china, and the difference between hillary clinton and myself, i vigorously oppose all of these trade agreements, she has supported almost all of them. >> and by the way, if you want to understand the impact of trade in those big ten states,
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in 2012, barack obama advertised on the big 10 network during football games. never talked about what he was going to do, just beat up mitt romney on the issue of china and trade. and it had a big impact in all of those industrial midwestern states. now, let's move to the republican race, where trump had what i'm calling the perfect night, because he not only handedly won, but his opponents, none of them got particular traction. he won big in mississippi, winning the biggest prize of the night in michigan. he won the hawaii caucuses, a bit of an upset there. he completely erased cruz's delegate gains from over the weekend. yes, cruz won idaho, but he failed to gain much momentum. john kasich finished third in michigan, not second. so a little less momentum going into ohio for him. and then there's marco rubio. he is on life-support. he finished fourth in michigan, fourth in mississippi, third in idaho, third in hawaii, a state they had singled out he might do well in. trump has all the momentum right now heading into text tuesday's
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contests, particularly here in florida and possibly ohio, too. and let's look at this delegate map. because you have to understand it to get it. if he wins -- if trump wins both ohio and florida with wins there, he would need to pick up just roughly 52% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. and think about how easy that will be in a one-on-one with cruz, because there would be no rubio and there would be no kasich, but if trump loses in those states, he'd need nearly 70% of the remaining delegates. and oh, by the way, kasich stays in, rubio stays in, a four-way split. he'll never get the delegates he needs for cleveland to cinch the nomination under that scenario. meanwhile, ted cruz continues to press his case, making the case that he's the party's only vehicle that's left in order to compete with donald trump. today he rolled out the endorsement of gop firebrand and businesswoman and a former presidential candidate, carly fiorina, and he did it right here in miami. >> it is time now to unite behind the one man who can beat
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donald trump, who can beat hillary clinton, who can beat the d.c. cartel. it is time to unite behind ted cruz. lately, the next president of the united states! >> you have to say, did anybody six months ago ever picture that scene, that carly fiorina would be endorsing ted cruz, not rubio, not kasich, not jeb bush, ted cruz. meanwhile, cruz hammered home that point over and over again when he spoke to reporters earlier today. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to hand the general election on a silver platter to hillary clinton and the democrats, then i ask you to join us. if you were a jeb supporter, if you're a marco supporter now, if you're a kasich supporter, we welcome you to our team. >> which brings us to marco rubio. there's no sugar coating it. rubio had a terrible night. he put up a goose egg in the
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delegate column last night. his campaign has been reduced to a single-state strategy. he is being hit on all sides, "washington post" conservative columnist, jennifer ruben, a big proponent for months, penned a brutal op-ed today saying, quote, sorry, marco rubio, it's time to fold." that was the headline. she warns rubio, quote, stay in and you risk losing your state, ending your career on a terrible note, and getting blamed for taking just enough away in states such as ohio and illinois to give donald trump, a man you have all but said is unfit for office, the nomination. now, i just moderated an msnbc presidential town hall with rubio. we covered a lot of ground on issues, but we started with the state of the race, and i asked him if his criticism of trump means he would reject a spot on any ticket led by donald trump if trump offers him the number two spot. watch his answer. >> it's one thing to say you'll support him, should we assume there's no way you could be on a ticket with a con artist? >> when you put it that way.
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>> well, you are calling him a con artist. >> i'm not running for vice president, i'm not looking to be anyone's vice president -- >> can you be shermanesque about it. if he offers it -- if donald trump offers you the slot, you will say no? >> i'm not interested in being donald trump's or anybody else's vice president. >> you didn't answer the question. >> yeah, i'll is a no. i don't want to be the vice president of the united states. >> and if donald trump asks, you'll say no? >> absolutely. and by the way, i am not running to be anyone's vice president. i'm not looking to be anyone's vice president. i want to be the president of the united states. >> well, we'll have much more later in the show from our rubio town hall, and you can, of course, catch the full town hall tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, right here on msnbc. it was a very revealing hour. it really will be worth your time, i promise. and then there's more news near florida. nbc news has confirmed reports that jeb bush will meet with cruz, rubio, and kasich in the coming days, all before tomorrow's debate that take place here in miami. and it's raising speculation
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that perhaps an endorsement could be in the works. and perhaps no surprise to anyone, bush is not meeting with donald trump. all right. so let's break down what's going on here on the republican side. i'm joined now by republican elections lawyer, dealmaker, and one of those brokers, he says there are none, but he might be one, msnbc political analyst, ben ginsburg. and politico senior writer and all-around florida guru, mark caputo. gentleman, welcome to you both. let's go through the delegate math here. basically, trump continues to get what he needs, as long as he wins florida and ohio. >> correct. it all comes down to florida and ohio. he wins them both, they open the key to the cage fight and the contestants get to come back out again. if not, they're still in it. >> and is it your contention that if you believe in stopping donald trump, then you have to go with this kasich in ohio, rubio in florida strategy? >> yeah, i think you do. at this point, donald trump is far enough ahead that he's really running a race to get to
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1,237 delegates. and him not getting enough of those delegates at this point is what their hope is. >> all right, so, mark, let's talk about florida. ohio looks like kasich, he's got a high enough approval rating, he's still going to be governor, if he loses, do you get the sense the ohio republican community has to rally around him? you're not getting the florida republican community rallying around rubio in that same way. perhaps it's jeb bush bitterness, perhaps it's because he's not running again, what is it? what is holding people back from saying, you know what, we've got to do whatever it takes to save marco. >> i think a lot of that, one of the things you saw outside-campaigning in 2010 and saying, pathway to citizenship is defacto amnesty, and backing a pathway to citizenship, which really bothered the grassroots activists, is that rubio hasn't done a lot of care and feeding of the grassroots in general. he hasn't done a lot of the meetings, even with -- there was a democratic -- or there is a democratic mayor in tampa. he never met with the guy. so he hasn't really done a great job of taking care of his home
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base. and i was speaking to someone yesterday, asking about him campaigning in hialeah, you know, the big city here in miami-dade -- >> i think he's right there, right now, actually. >> the person said to me, boy, i hope he knows how to find it. it's not like he's been here that much. so among rubio's many problems is that he not only didn't do the care and feeding while he was senator, but then when it was time to really get a ground game going, this was like three weeks ago, they didn't really do it. and they took it for granted. >> ben, what is going on. look, i don't know what the establishment is, anymore, but i'm sure -- and i'm sure -- but you've talked to plenty of people inside the beltway a little bit. is it panic mode? are they ready to rally around cruz? or is it sort of like, if cruz is all that's left, i'll do it, but i'm waiting until march 16th, just to know for sure that kasich and rubio are out. >> it strikes me as a case of suspended disbelief. that people just want the dream to be over, the nightmare to be over and to wake up. and i think the planning on how
2:12 pm
to deal with the inevitableability at this point of a trump or a cruz, is pretty difficult for people to gather. they're not in the acceptance stage yet. >> mark, if somehow rubio said, got up tomorrow morning -- i thought maybe he would get up energy, i didn't know if my town hall would happen or not. but he got up and decided, no, i'm in this to do it. but if he got up tomorrow and said, i'm out, let's try this rally around cruz strategy. is it even possible because of the early vote to stop trump with crted cruz? >> no. even if you look at the polls independent of the early vote, trump's lead over cruz is substantial enough where if the number two guy leads, the number one guy is definitely going to lead. i know that sounds like basic common sense, but what i don't understand about the republican primary is a failure to understand that simple mathematical concept. and also when you look at just -- >> do you think cruz is making a strategic error here? >> if he wants to spot 99
2:13 pm
delegates to donald trump, i think he's doing a great job. what i don't understand with these guys is the idea that they always need to fight for number two, while trump is fighting for 1,237 delegates. >> if he wants to alienate the party to be the last man standing against trump, isn't his strategy against that? >> they didn't recalibrate. >> but i sort of get it, strategically. if you have a shot, marco rubio has been a thorn in their side. if you pass up the opportunity to essentially kill his candidacy, and he lives another day -- >> yeah. >> then that means ted cruz doesn't live another day. i mean, i get the zero sum game aspect of this. >> all of these guys are like wylie coyote and are constantly coming up with schemes that blow up on them or rube goldberg devices they're constructing.
2:14 pm
and that's why they're losing. they don't seem to be clearly looking at how to handle this election and this electorate. >> they all had strategies from t the beginning and the reality of donald trump made it really hard to carry out those original strategies and the recalibration for the reality of the trump phenomenon has been a little bit slow in coming. >> why do i feel like we should quote one of the great political philosophers of all time, mike t tyson, everybody has a strategy until they get punched in the face. anyway, ben ginsburg, mark caputo, thank you. mark, you're going to be sticking around. because it's miami. coming up, will rubio's home state be the last stand? we'll have more from tonight's town hall and a look at whether there's a path for him beyond the sunshine state. and later, bernie sanders scored that big win in michigan. is it enough for him to make the democratic race competitive again with hillary clinton? we're going to break down the democratic math. that's all up ahead. stay tuned. vo: know you have a dedicated
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we've got some more interesting information from the exit polls, which show a big difference between african-american voters in mississippi and african-american voters in michigan. and it complicates things for hillary clinton in upcoming states. turnout of black voters was high in the mississippi democratic primary, where clinton won and won big. she crushed sanders, won the vote of about nine out of ten black voters. meantime, blacks made up just over 20% of the electorate in michigan, where sands won. but sanderers' outreach to african-americans may have shown some success in michigan. while clinton dominated, she only got 68% of the black vote, far less than she's received in any of the southern states. as we saw in mississippi and in previous contests, clinton has been winning between 80 and 90% of the black vote, all southern. michigan could be an exception or could be that the black vote is much deferent in the industrial midwest and in cities and urban areas than it is in more of the rural south.
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it is definitely something we'll be watching in the coming contests and something the clinton campaign is certainly starting to get a little nervous about. we'll have more "mtp daily" right after this. at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot. (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most... how'd ya do? we won! nice! that's another safelite advantage. thank you souch! (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ but pantene is making my hair hairpractically unbreakable.ff. the new pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene. this iin my 20s,ers saw me. i was super irresponsible with credit cards. it was time for experian. they gave me tools
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so i could finally get serious about my credit. now lenders see me for who i really am... go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. welcome back to "mtp daily" live from the campus of florida international university, the site of tonight's exclusive town hall with senator marco rubio. florida senator came out of tuesday's contest without a single new delegate. today his campaign is trying to quash chatter that he'll pull out before his home state's winner-take-all primary next tuesday. some conservatives are outright telling him to. and the latest cnn poll in the sunshine state claims that donald trump is winning by double digits, up 16 points. winning his home state is a tall order. here's another preview of our own town hall airing tonight, in which the senator says he fully regrets getting down in the mud with trump. >> my kids were embarrassed by
2:20 pm
it, and i, you know, if i had to do it, i wouldn't. but not on the other charges. not on the other things. when it comes to the fact that he is portraying himself as something that he's not and has done this before throughout his career, this time the stakes are not a worthless $36,000 degree at trump university, the stakes are the greatest nation on earth. and on that, i think i'm well within the teachings of my faith. >> so you regret this schoolyard stuff? >> you know why? because in the end, what happened is, first of all, i think he had to be stood up to. i really do believe that. but that said -- but that said, that's not the campaign i want to run. >> it took a toll on you. >> i don't know about political toll -- >> you didn't look comfortable doing it. >> look, he needed to be stood up. this is a guy that's basically offended everyone for a year. literally, has mocked a disabled journalist, a female journalist, every minority group imaginable, on a daily basis. you run -- it becomes -- you use profanity from the stage. that said, yeah, i don't want to be that. if that's what it takes to become president of the united states, then i don't want to be
2:21 pm
president. i don't think that's what it takes to be president. in fact, i know it's not what it takes. it's not what we want from our next president. and any had to do it again, i would have done that part differently, but not the stuff about his record on business. >> it's not often you see candidates start to admit a regret about the campaign they've run. marco rubio started to do it just there. a lot more of that in this town hall, you won't want to miss it. see the entire town hall with marco rubio tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. senator rubio also had some town hall time in spanish here today with my colleague, jose diaz balart. and jose joins me now from the telemundo studio, down the road from here, right here in south florida. so jose, you know, i am curious about the miami political community, do you get a sense they want to rally to save rubio, or do you get a sense that they're in the middle of a wake? >> that's an interesting question, chuck. first of all, welcome home, chuck. we miss you here and we love to
2:22 pm
have you back. >> thank you, brother. >> in south florida. especially at fiu, which isn't your primary sports columnist -- >> that's all right. we love the panthers. >> we love to have you here. chuck, it's interesting, it depends on who you talk to here in south florida. and you were talking about it with mark caputo, that he's holding a rally in hialeah. and yet a lot of folks say that he hasn't really been back to the area that's so strongly supported him when he ran for the senate. but i think that if you look at the -- for example, the mostly cuban american, republican community here in south florida, they feel as though it is their responsibility to support marco rubio, even if many of them think he won't win. and chuck, you and i were talking about this earlier. there are a lot of absentee voters in places like hialeah, which is the most hispanic city in the united states, per
2:23 pm
capita. >> right. >> there are a lot of those people that have put their vote in the mail in absentee form, because they're elderly, or they're just used to voting that way. and they voted, many of them, for jeb bush, and now they feel that their vote has gone to waste because there's simply no one else they can choose. >> i'm curious, what marco rubio did you feel like you interviewed today? >> that's a great question. you know, early on, you know, we asked him, and chuck, you were there, you know, you understand spanish as well. we went back and forth on the fact, where is your path to victory? if you didn't get one single delegate yesterday and you'von t won two states so far, where is your path to victory? he went back to florida. florida, florida, florida. and i wasn't able to get a straight answer on what would happen if next tuesday, he doesn't win next florida and those 99 delegates. he says it's like going to the world series team and saying, what happens if you lose?
2:24 pm
well, you don't ask them that, because they don't go to lose, they go to win. but even those teams, chuck, knows what happens to them if they don't win. they'll go back next year and try again. well, that's not possible in politics, especially in the presidential race. he just won't go there right now. >> you know, i thought -- look, i was -- i was surprised, you don't hear presidential candidates admit mistakes. >> right. >> and look, you can see it in the polling, but he did a full mea culpa on getting down in the dirt with donald trump. look, the polls show it. you can't help but merge the two and two together. when he went, got personal with trump, it seemed to not help him. if it helped anybody, it helped john kasich. >> you're right. and chuck, i'm glad that you pressed him on the fact whether he would be willing to join a cruz ticket or even a trump ticket. and it's pretty clear, chuck, and i would like your thoughts on it, i think it's pretty clear to you that that's not in his
2:25 pm
cards. >> yeah, i got the impression it's a "no" to trump. i don't know if it's a "no" to everybody else, but i did think after being pushed that it's a "no" to trump. it's hard to reconcile "con artist" and "running mate." i don't know how you do that, i don't care how talented of a politician you are, that's a tough two phrases to reconcile. anyway, jose diaz balart, you have a lot tonight. >> telemundo "nightly news" tonight at 6:30. and then we have enfolk, one in english, one in spanish. no one better than you, chuck. good to see you, buddy. >> thank you, jose. appreciate you helping me out with this one. once again, stick with msnbc all night tonight. marco rubio discussing the future of his campaign, responds to florida voters in our town hall. we hit a lot of topics, as well. climate change, something you don't hear a lot from the republican candidates. you'll hear a lot from him on that, the economy, housing,
2:26 pm
immigration, guns, we -- the supreme court, we ran the gamut. it wasn't just all about the future of his campaign. meanwhile, coming up, after splitting last night's contests, the clinton campaign fearing the bern heading into next week's big super tuesday ii primaries. we'll check in with both campaigns up ahead, stay tuned. ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®.
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. still ahead on "mtp daily," bernie sanders overcame the odds in michigan, but hillary clinton still came out on top in the delegate count. can sanders' momentum beat the math in the democratic race? we'll check in with both campaigns, as they look towards next week's big contest. but first, mary thompson has your cnbc market wrap. >> thank you, chuck. stocks end with slight gains. the dow rises 36 points, the s&p adds 10, the nasdaq up 25. a bit of a rally in crude, it jumped nearly 5%, this after a bigger than expected drawdown in gasoline inventories. it was the highest close for oil since early december.
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and will release 20 boeing 767s from air transport services groups, sending those shares up more than 16%. the move will allow amazon to control an air cargo delivery network. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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well, bernie sanders scored a critical upset last night, defying expectations in the polls to narrowly defeat hillary clinton in michigan. sort of reminiscent of hillary clinton's new hampshire win over obama. we told you yesterday that michigan was sanders' last best chance to prove he could win in a big, diverse state and he did it. sanders sat down today with my colleague, andrea mitchell, in his first television appearance since his big michigan win. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> one of the issues, by the
2:34 pm
way, is that we have received, for our campaign, 5 million individual contributions, averaging $27 a piece. this is a campaign of the people and by the people. we don't have a super pac. we don't get money from wall street, i don't give speeches behind closed doors to goldman sachs, and i'm very proud of that and i think the american people are taking note of that. >> yet, despite sanders' win in michigan, he still faces two problems. one, he actually lost ground in the delegate fight last night, given clinton's huge win in mississippi. and two, next week's contests in ohio, illinois, missouri, north carolina, and florida will most likely see clinton increase her delegate lead even more. and we're not counting super delegates. but clinton won't be able to shake sanders anytime soon. he's got newfound momentum and we know he'll get money from that momentum. and we have new reaction from bill clinton on last night's michigan loss. take a listen. >> it was about a two-point race. it was tough. i think he did a really good job
2:35 pm
of organizing there and she spent a lot of her time, frankly, working on the problems in flint and they fought it to a draw. it's about what i thought would happen. so i think as long as we have a good week next week, if we win ohio, nobody will remember it. >> joining me is former ohio state senator, and sanders' supporter, nina turner. welcome back. let me start with what president clinton just said about ohio. obviously, momentum to have it, you've got to keep it, and of all the five states that vote next week, the one that's most like michigan is ohio. how big of a must win is ohio for the sanders' campaign? >> well, it's big, chuck. i know that the senator right now is polling behind the secretary in ohio, but i believe that we'll be able to pull off another upset, the you will,
2:36 pm
similar to what we did in michigan. you know, both populations, michigan and ohio, are pretty similar in terms of caring about trade deals that take away or erode the working opportunities of the working poor and the middle class. and senator sanders has been a consistent champion against those kinds of deals. now, pension concerns are resonating in ohio. in lorraine, steel plants have closed down. so senator sanders is speaking the language of folk who is live in ohio. >> you know, it's interesting about my watching or observing of the sanders' campaign, when the campaign is all in on a state, boy, is it competitive. they may win, win big in new hampshire, win big in some of these caucus states, pull out an upset in michigan, narrow losses in iowa and nevada, but still very close. but the problem is, he's not competing in enough states. he's getting blown out in the south. do you have any regret? and i know you're a surrogate and i don't know how involved in the day-to-day strategy you are outside of ohio, but do you have
2:37 pm
a regret that bernie sanders didn't try to compete more in the south? >> i won't say he didn't try to compete, chuck, he did in places like south carolina, that had over 200 staffers on the ground, they had offices. he did. i was with him in south carolina. i was with him in alabama, but as you and i know, senator sanders is from vermont, he does not have the benefit of worth of profile. and certainly the clintons have that historic relationship, that he has to fight against so he is doing the best that he can. and we see the percentage of african-americans that did vote for him. the more african-american community hears his message, the more they start to gravitate towards him. so he is fighting against a known legacy, a dynasty, and he's doing very well at it. >> how do you overcome the math problem? i'm sure, you know, everybody -- i remember being in this position eight years ago, and it
2:38 pm
was sort of the reverse hillary clinton would have a big night, pull a couple of upset, and then the night would end and suddenly it was obama that netted the delegates. that's what happened to your campaign, but in reverse. you had a great night, and clinton won nor delegates. >> we did, chuck. we'll keep pushing, as you said earlier, we are going all the way to the convention. and i think i've heard you say in other shows that senator sanders is going to continue to push this momentum, this momentum is going to happen, and we know that we have other states like california toward the latter, in june, we have new york and washington state, we have wisconsin. we are going to continue to push and i think we'll see things change for senator sanders. we're not giving up, there are too many people depending on senator sanders to say in this all the way to the convention and to pull out that win. we're going to keep pushing. >> do you feel like there's a line, though, that both -- and that you've got to stay, that you don't beat each other up too much?
2:39 pm
that sanders doesn't attack hillary clinton too much, hillary clinton doesn't attack sanders too much in order to keep the party potentially unified to go after trump. do you think that both campaigns are thinking about that? >> well, i hope they are. as you know, senator sanders has never run a negative campaign add in all of his political career. i will say that the clinton campaign drew first blood. it was pretty low when they tried to eviscerate his civil rights record. up until that point, that's when it really got low. so i am hoping, though, that the family can keep it together, because both sides will meet each other when all is said and done, but people want authenticity, chuck. the jig is up, if you will. people on both sides, whether they're republican or democrat, they want an authentic leader. they want somebody who's going to stand up and fight and be a chaimp and call out wall street, lift up poor people and middle class in this country, and we see that within the millennials, chuck. i mean, he won 81% of 18-year-olds to 29-year-olds. that is saying that the young people in this country see senator sanders a as a champion
2:40 pm
of the people. he believes in them and will fight for them, is what i hear millennials saying. so the answer to your question is, yes, we must be careful to not bloody the family too much, but voters on the democratic side have a clear choice and i'm hoping that choice they see in senator sanders. >> all right, nina turner, i will leave it there. nina turner representing the sanders campaign, thank you very much. let me bring in the clinton campaign deputy communications director, kristina schake. welcome to the show. i believe this is your debut, at least with me on "mtp daily." >> it is. and i'm up here alone on your fancy set and you're in sunny florida. >> there it is. it's a chamber of commerce day, it's scarily that good. let me ask you about michigan last night. the campaign was putting ordinary word if you won michigan, it was time to focus on the general, and then you didn't win michigan. >> well, you know we were hoping -- >> did you guys get a little too ahead of yourselves? >> well, we were hoping to win
2:41 pm
michigan. we hoped it went another way last night, but it was a very hard-fought race. senator sanders outspent us there and it was a good win for him and we congratulate him on that. but what you've reported all day today, what really matters is the delegate math here. and because of her overwhelming win in mississippi and the close, close contests in michigan, she actually netted more delegates last night. so it was actually a win for this campaign. >> well, there's no doubt the math is on your side. but you do have a message issue in some of these states. and when you -- if bernie sanders is -- if you feel as if bernie sanders is hammering you on trade, you ain't seen nothing yet when donald trump starts hammering you on the same issue. if he's been consistent on one issue, it is this issue, how do you get -- starting with democratic primary voters who don't like these trade agreements, how do you win them over? they seem skeptical. they know that she has joined sanders in skepticism on trade deals, but there seems to be something that is holding voters back in believing that once
2:42 pm
she's president, she will be -- remain as skeptical of these trade deals. >> i have to say, chuck, she is ready for this fight. her record on trade was really mischaracterized in the lead up to michigan. and she is ready to get in there and set the record straight about her record on trade, and what she would do as president. you know, it was kind of characterized as if she's for all trade deals and a proponent of outsourcing. nothing could be further from the truth, if you look at her record. hillary looks at all trade deals with a very strict criteria. will it create american jobs? will it raise wages here? and will it protect our national security? so she looks at every trade deal individually, and always through the lens of, is this right for the american worker? and so she only supports trade deals that are strong and smart and tough for americans. and so she's going to get out there and set the record straight about what her record is on trade. and also talk about her plan to grow jobs in this country. you know, she was the only candidate in michigan that put forth a manufacturing plant of how we'd actually create those
2:43 pm
good-paying jobs here in this country. so, she's going to spend the next week out there talking about that message. and she's eager to do it. >> but, i guess i go back to, why should -- why should voters believe this on trade? she called the tpp the gold standard when she was in the middle of representing the united states as secretary of state. now she says she's against it. on nafta, eight years ago, it was, i want to reopen it, i want to redo it, now, i think she's more negative about it, on it than she's been before. but it seems as if she gets pulled to the anti-trade position. that the party has pulled her there. that that isn't where she's comfortable being. >> i don't think that's true at all, chuck. and i think it was in the debate that you moderated where she talked about 95% of the world's population lives outside of the united states. so international trade is really important to american jobs and raising wages here. there are billions of customers for american goods overseas, but we have to do it in a smart,
2:44 pm
strong, tough way where we protect workers here. so on nafta, she's been very clear on her record, that it has flaws. and it needs to be renegotiated. and on tpp, she waited until that process was over, so she could actually look at the details, and you know, as she said, she has a criteria. will this create american jobs? will this raise wages here? and will this protect our national security? and at the end of tpp, she unfortunately didn't feel like she could support it. but, you know, she's really tough on trade, but she looks at each one individually. >> all right. you guys put out word if you won michigan, you would start to do the pivot of general, that didn't happen. is that what ohio's about? if you win ohio or if ohio is one of your victories next tuesday, do you feel as if that cements it and then you move to the general? >> you know, there are five big states that vote next tuesday. we feel really good going into florida and north carolina. and there are three midwest states where we know senator sanders is really going to target them coming out of his win in michigan. and we take that very seriously.
2:45 pm
and we're going to fight really hard to win those states. so, you know, hillary never takes anything for granted. she's working really hard to win this primary. she never gets ahead of herself and we don't either as a campaign. >> but i take it you believe, if you beat them in more of those midwestern states than he beats you, that's a message about the nomination? >> you know, chuck, it's just not over until it's over. i mean, she's a veteran of these contests, she knows what it takes, so she's just not going to get ahead of herself. she's just going to work her heart out to win every vote she can next tuesday. >> i feel like i'm in a sports locker room before one game at a time, one primary at a time. anyway win understand it. kristina schake, thanks very much. >> thank you, chuck. we've got a lot more to get to, state of the republican race, delegate count, marco rubio's campaign, all of that coming up after the break. are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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are multiple candidates that are splintering the opposition. donald wants the other candidates to remain in the race, because it splinters his opposition. when the opposition unifies, donald loses. >> that was ted cruz, a few miles away at miami dade college, pushing for the republican field to unite against donald trump now in florida, nbc reported earlier that cruz, rubio and john kasich are set to meet with jeb bush ahead of the primary perhaps as early as tonight or tomorrow morning, before the next republican presidential debate. we'll have more on the state of the race, up next, "mtp daily," live from miami. we'll be right back. a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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time now for the lid, the panel is here. my colleagues, dave gutierrez, following bernie sanders, you all are here, because the debate is here, and mark caputo is back. gabe, let me start with you. we can't give away too much, as far as what the town hall is concerned, but what do you make of marco rubio state of being the day after? what did you make of his -- >> it's a tough position for him to be in. as you asked him in the debate, in the town hall, how do you make the case that you want this presidential nomination, and you only have two victories, yet he did seem more relaxed. this is his home turf. that's what is he arguing. >> comfortable crowd for him. people know him. give him the benefit of the
2:55 pm
doubt. >> a key moment for you, the moment where he talked about his regrets, he came to the personal insults against donald trump. he said, you know, his kids were embarrassed. >> that was amazing when he said his kids were embarrassed. his daughter is 16. they're young adults almost. >> we asked him that question before on the trail, and there was a lot of talk, was this -- did this not play well. did he regret it? he always shifted the con sae , conversation, i needed to point out he is a con artist, he reverted back. he didn't do that. he was very honest. >> it's interesting. i think someone else asked me, well, you do you think he's just trying to end on a high note. >> yeah, that's kind of what it -- i don't want to give away too much, but to me, it sounds as if marco rubio is making peace with his situation. he understands he is in a really bad place. i do believe that he still believes he can win, and there is a possibility, can win, but
2:56 pm
not a good possibility. >> kasie, it struck me, 24 hours ago, you were with a candidate that a lot of us thought was going to try to figure out what's his rationale for going forward, and lo and behold, he wins and he surprised his own campaign, bernie sanders. >> he did surprise his own campaign. i'm not surprised he surprised the clinton campaign quite as much. >> no doubt. >> i think you're right. i think the difference maybe between what's going on now with rubio and what we saw in michigan is that i don't get the sense that the rubio campaign or anyone in the republican party is sitting on some secret set of internal data or information that's leading them to say even privately this is going to end differently than you all think it's going to end. >> even the rubio campaign, let's say rubio somehow comes from behind in this miracle fashion and pulse away florida. what happens then?
2:57 pm
nobody within the rubio campaign has the next step. something he said over and over again, i'm focused on winning florida and stop there. >> well, in his defense, if they stop trump in ohio and florida, the whole thing, we're going to a convention. you guys have new beats. the beats are going to be this individual 2,400 people who are all going to be power brokers and probably periscoping their decision-making. >> everyone who doesn't work for donald trump, with the exception of ted cruz, are praying for that scenario, and what i'm starting to get the sense on the republican side after last night is a little bit more despair over the idea that they're going to have to grapple with a
2:58 pm
potenti possib possible. >> if he doesn't have the delegates there is it an argument to be made. >> more money that has been sent against him in any week during the entire campaign in any state ever per capita, whatever you want to call it. $10 million in tack ads, in a one week period, unbelievable. that said, didn't donald trump already win this state twice and get reelected as governor? didn't we have a trump like -- when i say this, rick scott, everybody said he is a disaster, don't support him, the establishment said he'll be a disaster, he'll lose the general election. he didn't lose. he won. the environment helped him. he won again. is the state sinking into the ocean yet. >> no, there is a difference between rick scott and donald trump. >> you get my point. >> he just basically ignores it. you ask donald trump a question and he insults you. >> he ignores you and focuses on the insults. maybe trade policy in japan. >> yeah, but always to the degree an insult on you.
2:59 pm
just the big personality of donald trump is playing really well. this community it's playing well. i'm surprised i the number of cuban americans they're telling me they're voting for trump. i wrote a story how rubio is campaigning hard for the cuban vote. a lot of folks called me today and said you know, me my grandmother, they're voting for trump. so if that happens, rubio is sunk. >> i mean, the -- >> why, because he tells it like it is? >> they like his brash, outspoken style. >> latin american politics is a more -- >> some people say -- >> confrontational style, and i buy that. >> the critics are saying that he, donald trump, really reminds folks of chavez. >> the civility argument is going to work, people don't seem to be the you played yesterday
3:00 pm
is so in your face. >> but the problem is, everybody knows everything about donald trump. no new information. its he is hard to attack him. gabe, kasie, mark, we'll be back more tomorrow with more "mtp daily." it won't be here. tonight, 8:00 eastern, our own town hall with president republican candidate marco rubio, "with all due respect" starts right now. you're watching qvc. up next, the donald j. trump collection. >> i brought some things up, the water company. well, there is the water company. i mean, we sell water, and we have water, and it's a very succe successful, you know, i supply the water for my places, it's very good. what are the steaks? do we have steaks? we have trump steaks. he said this steak company, and we have trump steaks. by the way, if you want to take one, we'll charge you


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