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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 12, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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foretold it even before then. so we'll keep monitoring this situation in chicago throughout the night. this is a dark and remarkable day in american politics. mb msnbc's continuing political coverage is up next. chaos in chicago. a postponed donald trump event ends in screaming, shoving, and angry scuffles indoors and on the streets outside. good to be with you, i'm francis rivera in new york at msnbc world headquarters. just hours after an ugly scene at what should have been a campaign rally, fears of violence forced its cancelation and confrontations there spilling into the city streets. here's how it unfolded with reaction. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> we have a country that's so divided that maybe even you
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don't understand it. >> there isn't violence at my events, at ted's events. >> i felt it was much better to cancel than allow this to happen -- >> this is a sad day when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence. >> there's a lot of anger in the country and it's sad to see. >> face is allegations of physical violence against members of the press. >> you have people that haven't had a pay increase in ten years, frankly, and businesses are moving out of the country and they're upset and they're angry. >> you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse. >> thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace. >> against this backdrop the four gop candidates race toward tuesday and the critical states of ohio and florida. we'll bring you the latest polls. the big question on the democrats' side, can bernie sanders pull off another upset in the midwest?
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this is "the place for politics." let's get to the fallout over the violence at last night's rally. donald trump already tweeting this morning saying, the organized group of people, many of them thugs, who shut down our first amendment rights in chicago have totally energized america. this money's cover are "the new york daily news." blood on don's hands. the graphic picture of a bloody protester at a rally in st. louis. the chicago fire department says it took three to the hospital with injuries, including a police officer who had to get stitches after he was struck in the head with a bottle. chicago police department says five were arrested. donald trump called in to our broadcast shortly after the violence erupted with this reaction during an interview with chris matthews.
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>> it's really sad when you can't even have a rally in a major city in this country anymore without violence or potential violence. it's a little bit sad to see this. it's a lot sad to see this. i just felt for the benefit of safety, i don't want to see people hurt. i canceled it for tonight. >> here's more reaction from his rivals in the republican party and also the democrats. >> when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty display. >> you candidate in trump who clearly has used language that appeals to anger and in some
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instances has actually said to the crowd, let's beat this person up, let's do this, let's do that. so it shouldn't surprise us that you see a growing amount of violence a some of his events. >> you don't want to see people manhandled or beaten up or afraid to go to a rally. i hope mr. trump speaks out forcefully and tells his supporters that that is not what the american political process is about. >> hillary clinton released a statement saying, all of us, no matter what party we belong to or what views we hold, should not only say loudly and clearly that violence has no place in our politics, we should use our words and deeds to bring americans together. donald trump scheduled rallies in ohio and missouri will go on as planned. he and his rivals are making last pitches in two key states as well as illinois and florida ahead of the next major super tuesday election three days from now. three hours from now donald trump will hold the first of two rallies in ohio before heading off to missouri.
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cleveland, ohio, trump will hold a rally this afternoon. tony, certainly want to hear from trump's campaign or law enforcement there in cleveland are saying about security ahead of this and how they want to get ahead of that too in light of what happened last night. i also understand that people have been waiting since last night in line to attend the rally later on. >> reporter: that's right, frances. so the trump campaign rolls on after the violence in chicago. dayton, 10:00 a.m., they come here not until 2:00 p.m. we'll have been lining up, 12, 15 cars here. the sun just came up outside the cleveland exposition center. very different setting than the university setting last night, more of an industrial zone, on the outskirts of the cleveland international airport. there are freight trains rumbling by. these gentlemen, we've got tark and tim, they were first in line this morning. weren't planning to be first in line. after they saw the violence in chicago you got in your car, decided to come. what's your concern? >> i mean, just with all the
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uproar and basically what i'm seeing in the mainstream media is basically what's going on is there's this big push and a big rhetoric of just putting these very physical, violent actions in place. i don't think that's his message at all. i really don't believe that's what he's going for. i believe this is a push just basically to isolate a situation and it's stopping democracy from borg. i understand freedom of speech. there is that right. but i don't believe by suppressing other people's right to go and actually watch a rally of a candidate they support is the right way to do it. >> so tark, you're former military. >> yes. >> it's unclear -- someone forgot to car alarm off. you're going to get in there today, it's unclear whether protests will be inside with you. in chicago everybody kept quiet, then minutes before donald trump was scheduled to take the stage there was this eruption. if you see that kind of eruption what are you prepared to do? >> honestly nothing. i don't really tolerate the violence. basically what they said, it was a peaceful protest. and in my view, that's not a
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peaceful protest. when someone rips up a sign in front of me or someone knocks off a hat, to me that is not a peaceful protest. peaceful protest is when martin luther king jr. hat sit-ins and you sat there and peacefully protested your message that way. >> is the rhetoric of donald trump very different from the rhetoric of martin luther king jr. do you think he shares some responsibility for the violence surrounding these events? >> i honestly -- i don't know that i can, because i just -- i don't see that as his push. i don't think -- i know he's said some things that people take to heart or take it literally. he says, i'll punch someone in face. he gets angry that way. i don't think you should take that as a literal attack or aggravation toward that situation. >> figure of speech. >> i think it's a figure of speech or venting his frustration. >> thank you, tark. frances, the cleveland authorities are keeping mum about any security preparations ahead of this event but they have been taking precautions ahead of the convention in july.
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if donald trump is unable to win florida and ohio on tuesday, it looks likely that convention will be contested and be a brokered convention, in case. >> tony, thank you very much. msnbc's jane timm and "usa today" washington correspondent paul singer. talking about it, when donald trump is talking about rape uses and criminals in mexico, and you see this crescendoed if i can make a verb into this, was last night inevitable given the credit rick rhetoric of donald trump? >> if nothing else, inevitable given the tone of the entire election so far. in this case donald trump gets to do this moneying what he's already done, put out a tweet saying basically, we have been the aggrieved party here. we had freedom of speech shut down by unruly thugs. that really plays very much into donald trump's message that there is a section of the
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american population that is being silenced. and i think -- i'm not blaming trump for any of this necessarily. the point being that his message is about sort of the silenced majority as he would call it speaking out, a kind of eruption from the grassroots. there is a sense of that that is a very passionate kind of yawp that in crowds can become violent. i think it was essentially inevitable, particularly over the last several weeks. >> interesting to see how this will move forward and jane, we were sitting a the this very desk last week talking about how civil the past gop debate, how civil it was. playing nice. what is this going on in miami? we talked about specifically that this is the calmed before the storm, and look at this storm we're seeing right now. how is this going to happen knowing other major cities may be enticed by this kind of thing and how do we move forward as far as trump's campaign, what it needs to say, what the campaign needs to do? >> he needs to continue to look presidential. that was his goal in that
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debate, if he comes off looking presidential, he can maintain that lead, he can continue strongly into these states he needs to win if he wants to lock this nomination down. but he needs to continue to look presidential. and i think that if he's saying that we're being shut down by these other forces, this other that he talks about in the campaign and doesn't really pin down what that is, something bad in the country, he is getting his message across, he's making a case that he's really needed as a leader and a voice in this country. i think he's going to energize his supporters with more incidents like this because he is spinning it in this very effective way. and we also know that the chicago pd said, we didn't actually say you should shut down this event, we know that donald trump was the one who made that call. >> his words, he's saying this is energizing america. referring to thugs again, bad dudes out there in this protest. back to you, paul. talking about ted cruz, especially when he comes out with expectation saying that trump is responsible for this culture, he created this
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environment. also ted cruz picking up quietly some big-name supporters, carly fiorina, senator mike lee. kind of sort of senator lindsey graham. seems to me, many will agree but i want your take, is he becoming the gop's backup plan? >> oh yeah. there's long been this theory ted cruz drafting behind donald trump's lead car, let donald trump generate the energy, let donald trump take the fire, and then you have ted cruz waiting behind looking more presidential, looking more sort of established and establishment, and yet still trying to capture some of that same conservative grassroots power. and i've thought all along that ted cruz was the most likely republican nominee. the question now becomes whether cruz could actually build the delegates to beat donald trump. at this moment trump has a significant lead and tuesday could be very definitive if trump wins in ohio and florida. >> interesting you take that when it comes to ted cruz.
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jane, especially who is going to share that ticket, it's an out there idea when it comes to an out there unpredictable election if you're talking about the possibility of a ted cruz/marco rubio ticket. >> yeah, there's a lot of people who love this idea, a lot of conservatives who say, we have two great candidates and they're keeping each other from defeating this donald trump character that a lot of conservatives don't like, they don't think he's as conservative as they are. this idea sort of came visibly when i saw last weekend cpac, the conservative confab of the year, posters saying, almost everybody here wants marco rubio or ted cruz. you have this moment of silence and people say, i kind of would love to see them together, i'd love to see that ticket together, wouldn't they be a viable option against donald trump? of course marco rubio says he's not running to be a vp, ted cruz will hint he's open to it, but i think that as you say it's unpredictable. >> unpredictable year. also seeing now, this new ad from donald trump this campaign
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ad, take a look. >> after john kasich helped laymehman brothers destroy the world economy he decided to run for governor of ohio. john kasich has been an absentee governor spending most of his team away from ohio. the latest disaster in his failing presidential bid. >> ohio is huge, john kasich really banking on it. then this from donald trump. what do you make of that sudden turn of traditional campaign tactics? >> it's exactly it, traditional politics. if trump can win florida and ohio, he becomes the prohibitive favorite to actually win the nomination outright. so as any smart campaign, you target your opponent where you need to hit them most. ohio is the place where he thinks that he can basically do away with john kasich's campaign. and those polls have been neck and neck. why not take your shot? this is what campaigns do. >> all right, paul singer and jane, both of you, thanks for sharing your morning, appreciate it.
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protesters arrested and a few injured after the candidates canceled his windy city rally just as it was set to begin. today his competitors are weighing in. hallie jackson has more from dayton, ohio. you have ted cruz who's come out and didn't seem like any big surprises if his reaction. i found it interesting with marco rubio, how he didn't fully blame trump, and even kind of was pointing the finger at the president. >> yeah, and that's the reaction we're seeing from every single one of donald trump's competitors, republican and democrat, frances. i have to tell you, we're here at this dayton rally, all indications are it will go forward in a couple of hours. 10:00 a.m. is the start time. there are hundreds of people in line here. i'm going to move out of the way. some of them started lining up at 1:00 a.m. to get here for donald trump first event since canceling the rally in chicago. trump is tweeting about all of this saying, the organized group of people, many of them thugs, who shut down our first amendment rights in chicago, have totally energized america.
4:19 am
pandemonium in a crowd packed with protesters. days of rising tension reaching a boiling point. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another date. >> reporter: the chaos in chicago spilling out into the streets. police physically separating trump's protesters from his supporters. one arguing with demonstrators, raising her hand in a salute. elsewhere, cameras captured a bloodied police officer. trump on msnbc explaining why he called off the event. >> i don't want to see anybody get hurt. i think it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. >> how are they going to react to these pictures when they go to vote? >> two people told me that are experts say this increases the vote for trump. >> reporter: his campaign says it postponed the rally after meeting with law enforcement, but chicago police point to the 100 extra officers who had been called in. >> we were confident that we had the proper amount of resources dedicated to the event and we
4:20 am
relayed that information to mr. trump and the campaign office. >> reporter: trump did not cancel a rally earlier in the day in st. louis, interrupted repeatedly by demonstrators there. one led away bloody. 32 people arrested. >> i certainly don't incite violence and i certainly don't condone violence. >> reporter: last month -- >> i'd like to punch him in the face. >> reporter: trump facing fire for his comments to protesters, a regular presence at his rallies. his rivals arguing he's the one who should set the tone. >> there's only one presidential candidate who has violence at their events. >> any campaign, responsibility starts at the top. any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign. >> reporter: frances, we talked about the reaction from trump's competitors. john kasich also weighing in saying that the seeds of division, in his words, that donald trump has been sowing in this campaign are bearing fruit. and quoting here, "it is ugly."
4:21 am
at this point we do expect more reaction from the campaign trail today with trump facing fire again now for his tone out here. frances? >> as behind you are watching that line just continuously stream in. we'll see what happens with them a little bit later on. hallie jackson, thank you very much. while donald trump is fending off controversy in chicago, marco rubio is looking ahead to tuesday and his handful of important primaries. with days to go, the florida senator seems to be picking his battles. >> clearly john kasich has a better chance of winning ohio than i do. and if a voter in ohio concludes that voting for john kasich gives us the best chance to stop donald trump there, i anticipate that's what they'll do. >> i want to bring in senior fellow at the minnesota institute and former advisor to senator rubio. before we delve into what senator rubio said, i want to ask you, especially since it's the headlines this morning, trump's protesters, the scuffles, the cancelation of that rally.
4:22 am
is that damage to the gop, is that where we're seeing it overall? or is it just trump? and who claims victory from last night? >> yeah, i think trump is a special case. i think most of the republican party doesn't really associate with trump. you'll notice that the primaries and caucuses that trump tends to win tend to be ones that independents and democrats can vote in. the ones that only republicans can vote in, trump doesn't tend to do as well. i don't think it really affects the brand. but as you heard ted and marco say earlier in your segment, every campaign that i've worked on, the culture starts at the top. and i think that's the real issue here. trump has encouraged this kind of reaction from his supporters and it's really troubling. >> it's interesting also, as you would know him well, marco rubio saying again, yeah, maybe trump's not completely to blame here, even referencing some paid protesters who may have been, in his words, at the rally. also saying, this is just a reflection of the division we see in the united states, and pointing at the president. >> look, that's true too.
4:23 am
clearly there was an organized attempt to disrupt this rally and i think for donald trump going forward, what's interesting here is these protesters now have a template for infiltrating these rallies and disrupting them. it's going to be interesting to see if trump can structure his rallies in such a way as to prevent these kinds of incidents from happening in the future. yeah, the protesters did disrupt the rally and you have to take that into account. trump supporters have a certain aggressive approach sometimes that is troubling and that i think does start from the top. >> all right, i want to ask you as we just heard and played that sound, marco rubio kind of picking his battles here. we've heard him talk about ohio. explain that tactic. what's he trying to get out of it with that? especially saying, okay, seems like john kasich's going to take ohio? >> well, marco has said repeatedly the last several days, if you want to defeat trump, as most conservatives and most republicans do, then you have to support me in florida. so i think it's intellectually
4:24 am
consistent for him to say, well, if that's true in florida, it's perhaps true in ohio as well where kasich is leading. it's clearly very important for senator rubio to win florida. >> here's the thing, you have crucial, crucial state of florida for marco rubio. i've got to factor in these numbers and get your take on it. . "the washington post" poll that found that 59% of florida republicans who think rubio should drop out if he loses the state. what's the gap, what's the disconnect here, and why has that been the kind of stall, not getting the other republicans behind him? >> well, listen, he's definitely got to win florida if he wants to have a path to win the nomination or be the leader of the republican conservative field. he's got to win states and he's got to win his home state of florida. there's no doubt about that. i think most republicans agree with that. >> thank you very much, ovic, former shits advise tore senator rubio, thanks for your time. big prize up for grabs in
4:25 am
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you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? for the democrats hillary clinton has a large lead with 1194 delegates. bernie sanders with 569. for the gop, trump leads with 459 delegates. followed by ted cruz with 364. marco rubio and john kasich trail. it is three days to go before the florida primary. and with all those delegates up for grabs, we've sent cal perry to florida to find out what's on the minds of voters. he's in jacksonville beach where people are waking up, finding out the headlines if they didn't watch last night about trump and the protest and the rally
4:29 am
canceled, the buzz for some people today. >> reporter: absolutely the buzz. we've talked to a couple of people who think those protests were organized. trump supporters are going to blame the protesters saying it was plaun are planned and if you're not a trump supporter talking about the right to protest. we're looking at marco rubio and his florida problems, special his northern florida problem. a lot of people here coming up on the primary have moved past the florida senator. >> are you following the election? >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> watching the debates. >> what'd you think? >> i thought it was more fellow than the last few. >> are you surprised rubio didn't take a bigger shot? >> no. i think he realizes that he's done with. i think we're very undecided. >> i do tune out a lot. because the bickering, the
4:30 am
talking about each other and the arguments and -- you just name it, it is just -- it's just -- it's just so much negativism in it, too much negative. >> reporter: his campaign viewed florida as maybe one of the last stops on his way to the nomination. now it could be just one of his last stops. certainly the florida senator's going to try to improve that, he'll be in pensacola, a lot of people are looking forward to that rally. we'll see how it shakes out but you'd have to think, if he doesn't do well here, it might be the end of the road. >> it certainly might. on life support some have called it. i like your pelican friend, he looks like he's on your shoulder the way he shot his frame. i'm bummed the fog is there, i'm sure you'd have an amazing view. we'll check in with you later. what was it like to be
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but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. it's good to be with you at msnbc, world headquarters here in new york, the place for politics. i want to bring you up to date on a look here at today's political headlines. donald trump who will resume a full campaign schedule after violence erupted at a campaign rally in chicago. here's more of the front-runner's interview with chris matthews moments after we started seeing these chaotic scenes. >> nobody mentions the other side. there are two sides. some of these protesters are very dangerous people. you know, you always say, oh, they need the right to protest. and that's fine with me. but some of these protesters are extremely dangerous, extremely physical. frankly when the other side or
4:35 am
when the side that let's say is not necessarily known as the protester, when they get tough, it ends up being a front-page story. when the protester gets tough, nobody ever writes that. >> donald trump will hold his first two events of the day in ohio. he'll then head to missouri for a rally in kansas city. ted cruz also holding events in missouri. marco rubio crisscrossing his home state of florida ahead of next super tuesday's showdown in three days. governor john kasich is in his home state of ohio. hish hillary clinton will travel to the buckeye state. bernie sanders is in illinois, one of his events is in chicago. i want to check in with nbc'sally vitale, covering the rally, we were seeing different pockets of squaulks between trump supporters and protesters shoving, certainly shouting. that's what the cameras did capture. what did we not see that you saw that really struck you? >> before the rally even started
4:36 am
you could feel the intensity on the ground. and that's something that's been palpable the last few events i've been at over the course of the past two weeks. a ratcheting up in terms of the intensity, the protesters and supporters, the clashes have seemed to be a little bit more frequent, whether it be verbal altercations or in north carolina and obviously in subsequent days getting more physical in terms of how protesters and supporters have been interacting. something trump says that i'd like to push back on at this point is the fact that prior to the past few days he's said at rallies that protesters have been violent, have been physical. and truthfully, every time he's said a protester's been punching or physical, i have not seen that. this is the first time sewer seeing protesters start matching the action of supporters on the ground. last night the intensity was there before the rally even started. people were being escorted out before the start time of the event. and those clashes obviously continued then throughout the night. once we got onto the street,
4:37 am
things did seem to calm. there was increased law enforcement presence. there were barricades set up. the parking garage where people were trying to leave the event, there was a barricade set up so cars could come through and protesters wouldn't be able to get in the way of the cars and traffic could continue moving. at one point people were in the parking garage, being ushered out by law enforcement. that was something that we tried to capture but in the haze of everything that was going on, it might have been a little bit difficult to come across to you guys. definitely the word that i used was pandemonium. the immediate moments after the rally was canceled, that's exactly what we saw on the ground. to a large extent that continued outside for the first hour after people were escorted out of the arena. >> do you get a sense, even the slightest bit, that the campaign is probably kind of saying, okay, this is what happened last night, this is -- may possibly continue, entice other protesters, other supporters, especially in larger cities where he has or will have rallies scheduled, and saying,
4:38 am
this is something that we may have to anticipate, may have to plan for, this may be somewhat of a normal now? >> reporter: this is something that they're anticipating and planning for. law enforcement has always been told, as protesters are a bedrock of these kinds of events, we've seen this for months, and the idea that people are interrupting these rallies is nothing new. recently they have security guards there now in plain clothes at these rallies working with law enforcement, making sure they have enough people on the ground to get protesters out as they are escorted. i don't get inclination they're planning on changing much of what they've been doing. i think they've been planning for this kind of thing in the recent weeks. >> all right, nbc's allie vitale with the trump campaign, thank you so much. i want to head to florida, marco rubio's home state. a busy schedule crisscrossing the state, especially in florida, where he really needs to win now. what's on his agenda? >> hi, fran set, good morning. marco rubio has five events in florida. this is the first one and he's scheduled to have a news conference with the next hour.
4:39 am
sure to come up are these questions about that donald trump rally last night. rubio has said that the event last night was partly due to professional protesters or what he called professional protesters and he also mentioned in the interviews late last night that there was a lot of blame to go around and that even president obama shared in some of that blame because of his divisive policies over the last eight years. but he was asked specifically about the atmosphere surrounding donald trump rallies and here's what he had to say last night. >> there are consequences to the words of a presidential candidate as well. you have a candidate in donald trump who clearly has used language that appeals to anger and has said to the crowd, let's beat this person up, let's do this, let's do that. it shouldn't surprise us that you see a growing amount of violence at some of his events. >> reporter: expect that line of attack from marco rubio throughout the day today. this is something that he has really focused on in the last debate and over the past several weeks as well, that the
4:40 am
president can't say whatever he wants and he's criticized donald trump's rhetoric. remember, frances that part of the reason that the rubio campaign got into some trouble over the last couple of weeks is when rubio kind of sunk down to trump's level and he lobbed some of those personal insults. that's something rubio says he regretted. the question will be, rubio faces an uphill climb here. anywhere from 6 to 23 percentage points depending what poll you look at in florida. can he turn the tide just with a few days left before this crucial prime floyd mayweather in his hoprimary in his home state? republican voters will cast their ballots in five states, one of which is north carolina. 72 delegates up for grabs. i want to bring in dallas whithouse, executive director of the republican party. i want to ask you about last night. especially when you have the republicans in your state talking about the party as it
4:41 am
stands pre-last night, pre-cancelation of the trump rally and protests, and post. share those and how they giver and pivoted in the last 24 hours. >> i haven't had any conversation about that. i think our state is focused on a historic march primary. it has been 40 years since republicans have been able to weigh in in a presidential primary this early and this important. and our voting numbers are extremely strong. we have a lot of candidates coming through. and that's what we're focused on. i haven't had any conversations along those lines. >> i have to ask you, "the observer" ran a story with this leddi headline, donald trump worries north carolina gop leaders. again, before the rally. at that point what were those concerns among north carolina republicans over donald trump? >> you know -- i saw that article. but that did not come from anything related to the state
4:42 am
party. it did not come -- we're neutral in this race. and we've seen republicans excited all across the state to weigh in. our early voting numbers are double now what they were four years ago. more unaffiliated voters are casting in the republican primary than the democrat primary. so what we're seeing is an exciting primary that people are weighing in. and the number of people that are voting is a positive sign for our party. >> i have to ask you, it seems to be a sense where to me, at least, that there's not a whole lot of factoring of what happened last night. and how that may affect the party. and when you have donald trump who says, i'm the unifier, this is sad where this is the outcome of a rally. saying that this will energize america and there will be people in your party who wail say, you know what, that's not the case. this is harming the party. >> well, sounds like a good statement you made.
4:43 am
it's not mine. >> there are those who say it. certainly not my statement but -- >> here's the deal. i think it's important to remember even the most active voters don't live their life news cycle to news cycle. i used to be a local television news reporter. people have ball games this weekend, the acc tournament going on, people are looking at that. >> sir -- >> i don't know that people are -- >> you can't say this election, especially the tone of this election, and where we are and what we're talking about, that people aren't paying attention to what's happening and then will cast their vote? >> no, what i said was they don't live news cycle to news cycle every moment. so you were asking what the difference is after one event happened to the other -- i'm saying that i don't -- we've already had nearly 500,000 people already vote before tuesday's primary. our primary's normally in may. we normally don't get to weigh in this early. what i see right now are,
4:44 am
especially on our side of the aisle, people are very passionate about the candidates. and they're very excited. and it is benefiting the republicans as a whole because of the number of unaffiliateds that are choosing to take our ballot, the number of people voting. >> we certainly saw that passion last night. dallas whithouse, appreciate your time, thank you so much. >> have a nice day. >> and to you. all the primaries tuesday, bernie sanders appears to have a shot at beating hillary clinton in only one of them. that's next. >> bernie is one who i've followed for some time. just happy to see him make a run. i think he represents my values. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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4:48 am
alba in st. louis, missouri, where clinton is holding an event at noontime. monica, tell us a little bit about what we can expect today. >> reporter: good morning, frances. that's right, hillary clinton has an event coming up here behind me in a couple of hours at a carpenter's apprentice shop. she will then head to ohio for the rest of the day. she's got a couple of events there. these are two big march 15th states. one of the headlines coming out of yesterday is about her appearance at nancy reagan's funeral in semi valley, california, where in an interview with our own andrea mitchell she spoke glowingly about the reagans' role in bringing about awareness for hiv/aids and praised them for kicking off a national conversation which led to a lot of criticism from the lgbt community who did not at all agree with that sentiment. in fact, one of clinton's big supporters and surrogates, somebody who has worked for the clintons in his past life, chad
4:49 am
griffin, now president of the human rights campaign, tweeted and said nancy reagan was not in fact a hero on this topic. so secretary clinton came out with an apology. we have that tweet for you here. we're going to show you where she simply said and admitted that she misspoke and she apologized for that. and that while she feels nancy reagan did a lot of work for stem-cell research and alzheimer's, this was not an area in which it was true that she had done so much work. so secretary clinton taking that back. the clinton campaign immediately issuing that correction and wanting to be sure that that headline that was coming out of yesterday is not on the minds of voters today. >> monica, very quickly turning to sanders here, do you think he can redo the victory that we saw with him in michigan and pull off an upset in ohio? >> reporter: the sanders campaign certainly thinks so. they think if they bring out young voters, if they do better and continue to do and close the gap with african-american voters that that will be possible. but the clinton cam pane has a
4:50 am
stronghold in ohio. they will be spending a lot of time there over the next few days. so it's really going to be a matter of whether this momentum that the sanders campaign has coming out of michigan can continue. they will both be in the state and both be holding a lot of events over the next few days. but the clinton campaign is also worried about states like missouri and illinois and the other states. so we will see on tuesday. >> thank you very much for the update. the republican presidential candidates talking about defeating isis, but do they really know what it takes to do it? the author of the book "defeating isis" joins us next. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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4:54 am
marco rubio invokes, when i am president. and one of john kasich's most used phrase, fact of the matter is. rubio has been the most repetitive republican. the presidential campaign is mostly focused on domestic politics be you the war in isis has brought us strong views and language from gop candidates. it want to bring in malcolm nance, executive director of the terror project and collections operator and the author of the new book "defeating isis, who they are, how they fight, what they believe." i want to talk about some of the campaign rhetoric from fighting isis from the republican candidates. you have ted cruz who said that as president he would carpet bomb isis. trump and kasich talking about that in the debate. trump saying as we heard, bomb the -- bomb the hell out of them, too. do you get the impression here the republican candidates have a clearview of what really is needed to defeat isis? >> to tell you the truth, i'm just stunned, stunned at some of
4:55 am
the rhetoric that's coming out from the more conservative side of the aisle here. this is not a game. we have fought a group between 2003 and 2011, that killed 4,691 u.s. soldiers. the group that has followed on after that is now called isis. when you talk about issues of war and you talk about issues of terrorism, these are things which require real politic, require realism and require what to know that what you say is listened to by the enemy and they will use it. so some of the things -- the things where we some politicians have said they want to kick muslims out of the united states or not let them in or, you know, carpet bomb cities and order people to commit war crimes, this is going to hurt us in the end. >> who does this is most or deepest understanding when it comes to isis and the threat and defeating them most, republicans, democrats here, or who has that understanding or
4:56 am
the least? >> well, the only one i can see that has any real understanding and experience is hillary clinton. you know as former secretary of state she's had to deal with this problem with the obama administration. and despite them taking a very cautious approach towards this that's what the situation requires. isis wants us to overplay our hand. to be quite honest donald trump right now is the isis candidate. he is pushing the population here in the united states to show hatred toward the 1.6 billion muslims who aren't doing anything and who isis needs to coopt. i wouldn't be surprised if if the next six months they try to play their hand by conduct a terrorist attack which of course would support him. >> malcolm, you got it. interesting to talk about that when our news cycle dominated with the direction domestic politics and you wonder if isis is on the side, say, down the
4:57 am
road, we'll let them squabble it out there in the united states. >> they have a vote. >> malcolm nance, as always, thank you very much. that wraps up this hour. but next my colleague tamron hall comes live to you from cleveland where donald trump will be holding a rally later this afternoon. i'm francis rivera here on msnbc. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. when your symptoms start... distracting you? doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear.
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gm, everyone. i'm tamron hall live in cleveland, ohio. we begin this early morning with breaking news. we're just two hours away from a donald trump rally here in ohio. this after violence erupted at a rally and it was forced to shut down before it even started in chicago. trump supporters are already lining up ahead of a rally at 10:00 a.m. eastern time right outside of cleveland, ohio, in


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