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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  March 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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florida. right now on msnbc live, the secret service swoops in. this afternoon a man rushed the stage at a donald trump rally in ohio prompting his security to surround the gop front runner. this came just one day after the big brawl in the windy city with fists flying between trump supporters and protesters after the billionaire businessman canceled his chicago rally at the last minute. so the question now is whether this is a new norm in american politics especially for the republican party. now, fellow contender marco rubio says it is the new normal if trump gets the nomination. >> it's called chaos. it's called anarchy. if this continues, i don't think this country will continue to be ripped apart at the seams and we will be incapable of solving any of the major issues that we
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have. >> and let's not forget this is all taking place with an eye on tuesday when several states are up for grabs. but all eyes are on ohio and florida with the results being do or die for the rubio and john kasich campaigns because they're taking place in their home states. let's start with the trump campaign. donald trump wrapped up a rally in cleveland moments ago and he was defiant a day after those violent clashes outside a canceled campaign rally in chicago. nbc's kerry sanders is there. give us the scene setter for the day. what can you tell us? what's going on? >> caller: it's wrapping up right now. donald trump was only a couple minutes late when he started his speech and within the first two minutes of his speech, there were some protesters here. unlike what we saw in chicago and unlike the few moments that we saw earlier today in dayton, there was no pushback, there was no violence. there was just people shouting down those who protested. this is what donald trump had to say moments after those people
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started protesting. >> we had 25,000 people coming and they really stopped these people in term of our first amendment, freedom of speech. a terrible situation, i have to tell you. and it just makes all of our friends and supporters more angry. we're going to go to the polls on tuesday. and we're going to be resounding victory. resounding. >> reporter: of course, one of the questions was whether there could be a problem. damien came here with his two sons. i hope you can see them in the crowd here. but damien, i'm curious. there was no problem here, nothing like chicago. but were you concerned? i see you brought your youngsters with you. >> obviously i was concerned, but with it being the the daytime, and with it being in cleveland, i didn't think it was going to be a big issue and it wasn't. there was a few protesters, but they were handled appropriately and they left.
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no problem. >> reporter: what does it tell us about what happened in chicago and then what happened here? do you blame those trump supporters as much as the protesters in chicago? because it got violent? there's two sides. >> i don't blame the trump supporters. and this is something that i think that isn't spoken of, but -- [ no audio ] >> okay. i think we just lost the audio there, kerry sanders speaking with a trump supporter and essentially saying that he doesn't blame donald trump or his supporters. he apparently blames the protesters. thanks to kerry sanders. hopefully we'll get him back in a bit. donald trump took the blame off of his supporters and he said he places it elsewhere calling the protest efforts planned and professional. >> mr. trump should speak to his crowd, mr. trump -- you know where they come from? bernie's crowd.
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>> so late this morning in a campaign event in st. louis, hillary clinton unloaded on donald trump blaming him for last night's violence at that rally in chicago. >> ugly, divisive rhetoric. we are hearing from donald trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong and it's dangerous. if you play with matches, you're going to start a fire you can't control. that's not leadership. that's political arson. >> and also on the campaign trail today, donald trump's republican rivals joined in the condemnation of the violent atmosphere surrounding his rallies. take a listen. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. there is no place for a national leader to prey on the fears of people. >> he doesn't want to say anything to his supporters because he doesn't want to turn
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them off. because he understands the reason why they are voting for him is because he has tapped into this anger. >> responsibility begins at the top. and it is my hope that all of us can appeal to civility. >> all right. alex joins us now from cleveland. all right. we've had now condemnation of the atmosphere and the violence at trump rallies from hillary clinton. we've had fellow republicans hitting donald trump for that atmosphere. what else do you have to say about things like sanders had to say. >> reporter: trump spent a love of time going after sanders today. any time a protester erupted, he said they were bernie supporters. and took a hit on hillary clinton saying they didn't have enough fervor. there's some truth to what he was saying. last night in chicago, a lot of
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them were bernie sanders supporters. we saw the video of them chanting bernie holding up signs. i tried to get the idea of how the organization got together. many were involved in the black lives matter movement, protesting rahm emanuel. one of them says it turned into a bernie sanders rally last night. in response to donald trump just now moments ago, bernie sanders put out a strong statement. i want a read a little bit. he said as is the case virtually every day, donald trump is showing the american people he is pathological liar. obviously while i appreciate that we had supporters at trump's rally in chicago, our campaign did not organize the protest. what caused the protest at trump's rally is a candidate who promoted hatred and division. there you go. for bernie sanders, this is kind of a mixed bag, i think.
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he is very excited. his supporters are very excited, at least, that they are out there mixing it up with donald trump. but all of the people that i spoke to here, all of the trump supporters, they are saying that it's bernie sanders, not donald trump inciting the violence and if anyone is to be blamed, it's him. >> wow. thank you. appreciate that reporting from cleveland. all right. i'm joined now here on set by "wall street journal" national political reporter. we have a lot going on here, obviously. everybody trying to assign blame for the violence and the increasing violence at these trump rallies. you know, you work for the journal in washington. who a rublicans blaming for this? >> most are not a fan of donald trump. these are more of the old guard where many were supporting jeb bush. now a lot have gone to marco
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rubio. some have gone to ted cruz. but they are in panic mode that donald trump is going to, you know, possibly be or likely to be the nominee of their party. and, you know, there's a mix of reaction. some have thrown up their hands. we've seen an outburst of attack ads against donald trump that could reach $18 million, i was told, by one operative. by the end of the week. but that's all been happening in the last two weeks. i mean -- >> it might be too late. >> it might be too late. and you look at what some of these folks are saying now about donald trump. the rivals weighing in saying he's bigoted, promoting hatred, promoting violence. you know, these things have been happening for quite some time. definitely escalated last night in a big way. but, you know, john kasich, ted cruz, even marco rubio to some degree, they've been treading the carefully around donald trump on these kind of issues.
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they want the supporters. especially ted cruz i think the one to likely inherit. >> meanwhile there's a stunning lack of self-awareness on the part of the candidate himself. i want you to listen to trump in dayton, ohio, this morning. saying not only could he connect the party but he thinks he could get the whole country. let's take a listen. >> we want to get along with everybody. and we can get along with people. we're going to unify the country. our president has divided this country so badly. he has been a -- i call him the great divider. >> and so reading the donald trump phenomenon as in part sort of the culmination of the anti-obama, almost hysteria among a certain group of americans, this idea that he could somehow bring the country together and that's is barack obama that's creating the division. your thoughts? >> right. there are a couple of things amazing to me. one is that something crazy
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happens like the brawl in chicago last night. some are like, okay, this is it. now everyone's going to come to their senses and think donald trump is a terrible person. probably not. still early. the other thing that happened sometimes is republicans say now is the moment where donald trump is going to rise and be the statesman and leader we've been looking for. we're going to condemn the act of violence. >> you covered marco rubio for many years here in miami. the implosion is incredible. and donald trump seems to pick up on little things about marco rubio and make them bigger. he's now picked up on calling him little marco. so he's now going after in advance the idea that perhaps the vote is rigged in florida. trump tweeting earlier today, word on florida is florida voting is very dishonest. little marco and his minions
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rigging the vote. and rubio saying marco has a ground game of dedicated volunteers working on his bhaf. trump must be scared of losing. >> he's playing a little bit to a stereotype. yes, in south florida and miami in particular, we have had our messed up elections. 2000, everyone remembers. >> epic. >> of course. but he's playing a bit to a stereotype there of miami as this banana republic where everything has gone mad and by the way that guy's cuban american and i call him little marco. >> if he were to pull it out, he'd discount the results. >> yes. they are trying vigorously to try to bank a lot of votes through the absentee ballots and in person. i was at an early voting site today. and, you know, the trump people and rubio people are out there in force. >> any chance he can pull it out and get the 99 delegates?
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>> i think it's slim. i think there's a couple "x" factors we don't know. like the chicago riot. whether that would -- >> like jeb. is jeb going to endorse? >> i don't think so. >> yeah. it's remarkable. that relationship is worth an entire book in and of itself. maybe you should now write that book. i'm your agent. so proud of you. you've done great work. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, rubio's last stand? is this it? marco rubio is fighting for his state's vote while admitting that he's torn over whether he could support a trump candidacy. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics, live from miami. at derailed the ranch. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding the owners were forced to place an emergency order of hay. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with a complete view of her finances,
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marco rubio was in tampa where he had a meet and greet with supporters earlier this afternoon. his home state in florida is a must win in order to keep his campaign hopes alive. let's go to gabe gutierrez
12:17 pm
covering the campaign. what is the campaign doing to try to salvage this thing? >> reporter: hi. rubio crisscrossing the state today. he has at least six stops today. he wrapped up this one in tampa. he heads to the panhandle later on this evening. now, as we've been mentioning, this is a key point to make today, marco rubio really talking about the worry he has about the events over the last 24 hour and how if donald trump is the nominee of the republican party, it could define the party for years to come. now, this morning he was asked by reporters whether he would still support donald trump if he were the republican nominee. here's what he had to say. >> would you support him as the nominee if he's the nominee? >> i don't know. i mean, i already talked about the fact that i think hillary clinton would be terrible for this country, but the fact you're even asking me that question -- i still at this moment continue to intend to support the republican nominee, but getting harder every day.
12:18 pm
>> reporter: that was a significant moment for marco rubio, a visibly shaken and frustrated rubio talking about what's transpired in these trump rallies. and it's significant because in the last few days in the debate earlier this week, rubio, kasich, and cruz all had pledged to support donald trump if he were the nominee. now rubio seems to be wavering or that. kasich is also wavering. the only one of the three that is sticking by that pledge is ted cruz. now, rubio as you know, joy, and you've been talking about it, faces a steep hill to climb in florida. any poll you look in he's down 6 to 23 points. and this is his home state. his campaign insists they can pull this one off. they are very busy the next few days. they have stops tomorrow in central florida as well. and they're hoping they can pull this one out. marco rubio at this point is fighting for his political
12:19 pm
future. joy? >> all right. gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. let's bring in kevin cape. there's got to be no schadenfreude in the world. he did come in by primarying fellow republicans, right? >> yeah. when i hear him talking about, well, i'm maybe probably going to have to support the nominee, the republican nominee which means trump, it makes me think he's going to need those primary voters again. those folks that are being so angry and pretending to make america great again. but an indictment on marco rubio's motivation which is keep electing marco rubio. >> the interesting thing is from the national perspective, people who have been huge fans of his have not paid attention to the ways he's risen. in a two-way tie with charlie
12:20 pm
crist, he would have lost. but he was declared a conquering of conservism. >> to folk who is know him best, probably. i live in tallahassee. i run in some of these circles. there are jeb bush folks there who are still going to vote for jeb bush just as a protest. >> they're going to put his name on even though he's out of the race? >> yes. and i shared with you i just got a call saying rubio could be in a fight for second against ted cruz. >> that is remarkable. when you look at the polls whether it's the florida times union poll, fox news poll, we can roll through those on the screen if you can. there's a consistent pattern. which is donald trump is near 40%. marco and ted cruz are near the 20s and they are just locked in that pattern. could ted cruz actually defeat marco rubio in his home state? >> it's possible. because he went to the gutter with the trump. there is no more gutter to get.
12:21 pm
there are some in this state that rick scott used when he primaried a republican, which donald trump is using. everybody can make an insinuation of what i'm saying there. >> yeah. >> but it's an unfortunate truth. one-third of the republican party in this state want that anger and hate towards certain people. >> in the end, if marco rubio does not pull out of victory here in florida and it will hurt his political career if it doesn't, will the obituaries written on the phenom, will the first paragraph be about immigration reform and his participation in it? >> and the abandonment of everyone who got him where he was going. he used the tea party to get where he was going and then immediately abandoned them. someone flying with me today said as soon as he got elected he gave the same speech over and over and over to people not the florida. >> one could say the same about jeb bush? >> they could. but low energy speeches. >> but he made rubio who he was and embraced him as almost a
12:22 pm
family member. i spoke to some who say marco was like family to jeb. >> he gave him the sword to pass the torch and then marco rubio used the torch to light that on fire for his own ambition. >> so we're going to take a listen to marco rubio. this is the strategy now emerging between rubio and ted cruz. saying vote for the other guy. take a listen to marco rubio. >> i can tell you in florida i'm the only one that can beat donald trump. if you vote for them in florida, you're in essence voting for donald trump. if a voter reaches the same conclusion in ohio, that's what they're going to do as well. >> is that a call for a contested convention? >> that sounds like a concession to me that he knows he's going to lose. this is his last ditch effort. instead of telling voters what they were going to do on day one as president, which there's a lot of issues here in florida and nationwide, he's just now playing the game. and nobody plays the game better
12:23 pm
than donald trump. he is an earned media king. play him on a loop, nonstop. and marco rubio -- >> why not play the game and get out and support ted kr uz? >> because he's not as classy as jeb bush. that's why. >> can you see bush endorsing any of the three between cruz, kasich, and rubio? >> i think he could. i think you'll see eventually a ted cruz alternative to trump come out of florida. >> and how devastating would it be for marco rubio's political rear in florida if jeb bush endorses somebody and it's not marco rubio? >> i don't think he's done. >> could he run for governor? >> he could. he told wptv he wasn't, but you never know. >> could he still run for a senate seat? >> he could, but i don't see that happening. he's made a lot of enemies this cycle for sure. >> you are great. thank you for your knowledge and help here and hanging out with
12:24 pm
me here in bayside. this is cool. we'll have to have you do it again. thank you very much. when our coverage continues, we're going to ask the question about cuba. it's a hot topic for voters here in south florida. but next, how bernie sanders is working against some of his past statements to shore up his support heading into tuesday's primary here in the sunshine state. cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok,
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there are a lot of things that are unique about florida, but one of them particularly here in south florida is the issue of cuba and fidel castro. along the cuban-american community in miami-dade but also in counties like broward. now, as bernie sanders aims to take this state from hillary clinton next tuesday, the vermont senator, a democratic socialist, is facing questions from both r's and d's about where he stands on the communist country. >> and we have a communist named bernie sanders. >> that you made in 1985? >> let's look at the facts here.
12:28 pm
cuba is, of course, an authoritarian, undemocratic country and i hope very much as soon as possible it becomes a democratic country. >> joining me now is fernando mandi as well as steve shale. thank you both my friends for being here. i want to start by playing what bernie sanders said back in 1985 that has caused controversy. take a listen. >> way back in what was it? 1961 they invaded cuba. everyone was convinced that castro was the worst guy in the world. all the cuban people were going to rise up against castro. they forgot he educated their kids, gave them health care, totally transformed a society. >> all right. does that wind up hurting bernie sanders not only with cuban-americans but venezuelans in areas that have become a vibrant community?
12:29 pm
>> in a word, yes. i was in the debate hall and he was having a very good debate prior to that point. then when that clip was played, there was kind of an automobile g -- audible gasp and then the room collapsed. and then hillary clinton knocked the question out of the park. i thought the drew blood on that answer on cuba. >> steve, is it partly because maybe people are not familiar with this? it was new information to a lot of bernie sanders potential supporters. >> well, i mean, listen. one thing about bernie, he says it like it is. it was a reprehensible comment, but that's bernie sanders. frankly he's got bigger problems in florida than his statement about castro. he's in a state where he population is older than he does well in. has more diversity than he does well in. he has more problems than just that statement. >> and you look at a state that has a huge early vote. obviously about half of the state's voters already voted as
12:30 pm
of this weekend. who has banked in potentially the most particularly among hispanic voters who are increasingly democratic in this state. >> well, you look at e number ifs. we just looked at the hispanic electorate. hillary clinton just got a massive lead in that area. there was talk that maybe bernie breached her wall. we didn't see it happen in texas. it's not happening in florida. so she's really banking amongst the constituencies in the state. what was so fascinating about the 2012 election, was barack obama for the first time ever really showed that a democrat could win the cuban vote. that's why the comments by sanders hurt him. >> you alluded to other advantages that hillary clinton has down here. is it really age? is it ethnicity? what is she bringing into tuesday that advantaged her so much? >> it's really all of those things. there are three or four things working against sanders. they've spent a lot of time here
12:31 pm
over the last years. you add the state is going to be 40% made up of diverse voters and the fact that the average age or at this point about 80% of voters are over the age of 50, there's not a lot of things working in bernie's favor. i suspect hillary wins easily on tuesday. >> let's talk more about hillary clinton and a controversial remark that she made regarding nancy reagan, hiv/aids, and ronald reagan that has caused some controversy here in south florida. let's take a listen. >> because of both president and mrs. reagan in particular mrs. reagan, we started a national conversation when before nobody would talk about it, nobody wanted to do anything about it. and, you know, that, too, is something i really appreciate with her very effective low key advocacy but it penetrated the public conscience and people began to say, hey, we have to do something about this too. >> now, hillary clinton issued an apology for those remarks
12:32 pm
after they caused some anger in the lbgt community. while the reagans were strong in research for stem cell se search i misspoke about their record on hiv and aids. for that i'm sorry. i saw your face as that conversation with our andrea mitchell was being played back and the face was not positive. what do you think hillary clinton, how big of a hole did she dig with those remarks? >> as you know, i'm a person living with hiv for 20 years. moved from new york city and live here in broward county. my heart sunk because at the time, the whole issue around the reagan white house in 1981 when larry speaks, the press secretary laughed, made jokes to one reporter who actually asked do you have grid? do you have this gay cancer?
12:33 pm
it was before they actually called it aids. for me as a person living with hiv/aids, it was hurtful to listen to it. secretary clinton did not even have to touch the subject. when andrea mitchell interviewed her, she asked about the brady bill. she never touched on hiv. and while i'm appreciative that secretary clinton tried to find a way to integrate the importance of hiv in her message, which is something that's largely absent. we have trump, we have all these other insane people running for the presidency. you know, i appreciate the secretary's amazing platform around hiv/aids. it's still yet complete. >> and what about her apology? is that enough in your view? >> it wasn't. it was a quick, immediate response, but a lot more needs to be done. >> and what do you think she needs to do now? because, look, lbgt americans
12:34 pm
are an important part of the american base and donor base. what does hillary clinton need to do further than that? >> aside from the donor base, one of the things that's missing here is many people living with hiv/aids don't have deep pockets. i think what hillary clinton forgot to do is talk about the dignity, respect surrounding it. and the people shunned by their families. she missed the harm and ripped at scabs that have not yet healed from the '80s from my gay people. >> and florida is the ground zero for the continuing hiv epidemic. >> yes. we have the state surgeon general that rick scott had in for three and a half years unconfirmed. i was glad to oust him from the state so we had better leadership. we in florida are suffering under the reaganesque epidemic of hiv/aids.
12:35 pm
>> should hillary clinton come here? >> i want her to come to broward county. i want her to meet with people living with hiv/aids, not big donors. i voted for her in my vote by mail. i still do believe in her. i met her in person. i've met bill clinton. we talked about hiv/aids. when i mentioned i was a person living with hiv, he completely stopped in his tracks and he back tracked to stop to come back to me held my hand and spoke to me for about three minutes. you know, i know they genuinely care about the issue and have shown leadership. i think some of it gets lost in these campaigns especially when you're hearing the rhetoric around trump. you hear rubio who doesn't talk about hiv, who comes from this state, who's down here in miami. miami leads the nation. so we need to have some face time as people living with hiv. the other thing i want, there's
12:36 pm
a survey, a questionnaire to all presidential candidates that recently went out last night about 1:00 in the morning i demanded the campaign respond by money to the presidential questionnaire put out. including a coalition that i was part of including people living with hiv/aids, a network of people living with the disease. it's important that hillary speak to us directly and have a meeting with us. i hope she meets very quickly with some seasoned activist who is have lived this to hear from us the pain, to learn more. but i believe she's there. but she still needs to make certain commitments around the issue of hiv criminalization that is just horrendous. >> well, keep us up to date. let us know if the candidates respond to that survey. if hillary clinton comes down, we'd like to follow up with you. >> i absolutely will. thank you for having me on.
12:37 pm
>> thank you all for being here. really appreciate it. we're going to fit in a quick break, but on the other side of the break, a deeper dive into some of the issues that matter most including hiv/aids, things like immigration. so much to talk about here in florida. our cal perry has been hitting the ground to get answers. he joins live from jacksonville next. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away!
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welcome back to msnbc live from downtime miami, florida. our cal perry is up in jacksonville, florida. what have you got? >> reporter: hey, joy. we were talking to people yesterday before the trump rally went down in chicago where we saw all those scuffles. app lot of people were wavering on trump. then interestingly enough, we come back this morning and we speak to people who are even more in support of trump than they were before the rally. take a listen. >> gop is behind it because they don't want him in there. they're going to do whatever it takes to not get him in there.
12:41 pm
>> reporter: you were a trump supporter. you're still one now? >> when he said he's going to run, yeah. we need those people out. we need to vote all them senators out. we need to get regular people in there. people that run businesses. people that do other things. let them get on up. lifetime insurance and lifetime paid. ought to make all of them go when they get out, back to whatever they were doing before they got in there. >> reporter: that divisive rhetoric seemed to do exactly that. dividing people here in jacksonville. for the big story on tuesday, of course the florida primary. marco rubio hoping to make gains here and to the west in the panhandle. he's got to do well here if he has any chance against donald trump. that's one of the reasons he's holding rallies here today. hoping this will be just another stop on the way and not the final stop for the senator. joy? >> all right. msnbc's cal perry live in jacksonville, florida. thank you. meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are holding
12:42 pm
campaign events. hillary clinton is headed to ohio after holding a rally in st. louis today. while bernie sanders is in illinois. and together they have a combined six events but all with an eye on the winner take all state of florida. the clinton campaign released this spanish ad ahead of tuesday's primary. and joining me now is miami city commissioner and hillary clinton supporter keon hartman. thank you for joining me, first of all. you just heard a couple of donald trump supporters in jacksonville doubling down on him after what happened in chicago, after we've seen the violence that has been escalating at these rallies. what are your constituents saying as they watch this unfold? >> my constituents are frightened. they're frightened because we're already dealing with violence in our communities. across the nation you're dealing with assault weapons that are killing our children in our communities. so our communities are really afraid of what's going to happen with us in the future. there's so many of our children dying every day in the streets. so we don't have time for the
12:43 pm
rhetoric that would cause hate, that would cause divisiveness and would cause actions within the presidential candidates. presidential candidates should be presidential. they shouldn't incite riots. so at a rally there shouldn't be anyone arrested. the person who should be arrested would be mr. trump for inciting the riot that causes all of this hate that's happening. >> so what's interesting is that you've had sort of a counternarrative that some people have brought up. i interviewed luther campbell a few months back. he said in the barber shops there are some african-american who is are going to say i like donald trump. he's saying he can bring jobs. tavis smiley recently wrote a piece for usa today essentially saying trump could have some resonance with african-americans. do you sense any of that in your community and does the violent nature of the rallies counteract tra? >> i haven't sensed that. i've sensed that people are
12:44 pm
afraid when their kids walk to school. the jobs won't do any good if the kids aren't here to have the job. what we need is our community to be safe. people should feel safe in their communities and they have an opportunity to grow and become productive citizens in america. any time the children aren't free to walk these streets and go to and from school and they're surrounded by the terroristic acts, that's not an american i want to live in. >> you're a hillary clinton supporter. she has talked about criminal justice issues. bernie sanders has. and yet you don't really see, at least i have not so far seen an outpouring of excitement about this election, commitment to be part of it on the part of black voters. am i missing something? is there a lack of enthusiasm from african-american voters for this election? >> i don't think there's lack of enthusiasm. i think the media has been playing on the trump wagon. when you see all of today's news media, you see it focus really on what trump has done.
12:45 pm
they don't talk about kasich or hillary clinton and what she's been in. the conversations are being had in the barbershops and the parks. and they're being had by those mothers losing children everyday. so the black vote is energized. they're concerned about the issues that affect them. the most pressing issue is their children dying in the streets. >> you're a young man. one thing we've seen emerge that i do try to talk about is a since that younger voters are leaning towards bernie sanders and not hillary clinton. that she has a young voter problem. do you see that in miami? >> i've knocked on doors and i've met young people on college campuses and such. and what it reminds me of is an older man saying sweet nothings in the ear of a woman. many times what you hear is he'll say things that say things that sound good to the young voter. but they're not things he can get accomplished. what i'm concerned about is a woman named hillary clinton that will get the things done for our
12:46 pm
people. and has a more realistic approach towards achieving things in america. and i don't think that bernie has that. >> we've seen the florida legislature really opening up gun -- where and when you can carry a gun in florida. even to put open carry on college campuses. do you think the gun issue on which hillary clinton is to the left of bernie sanders, will that be important to voters? >> i think the gun issue is important today and it will be important tomorrow. so on tuesday you're going to see a furthering of that issue. no longer can assault weapons be in our communities and our children held as victims of the violent assaults. i think that hillary clinton stands with us in that rhetoric. and because she stands with us there, the people who are of african-american descent will support her. >> all right. great to see you again. thank you for being here. now let's go back to cleveland, ohio, where donald trump just concluded his rally. we are joined outside that location. give us a readout on that rally, tony.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: hey, joy. we've been here since 7:00 in the morning. people were lined up from midnight last night. during the run-up to the 2:00 start, things were sometimes tense but relatively peaceful. there were two dozen, three dozen protesters lined up behind me. they were clashing verbally with pro trump fans on the other side of the line. then protesters began to get thrown out of the speech itself. then just a few moments ago i was standing in a very ugly scrum in front of the building. there were black lives matter protesters there. and there were 20, maybe 30 mostly white, rural americans self-identified rural americans yelling some very ugly things. if you want to call yourself african-american, go back to africa. which was met with a response of if you want to call yourself european, go back to europe. and finally it got so ugly that the police moved in and dispersed the crowd. you can see some of the police behind us. they're still hanging around to
12:48 pm
make sure things stay calm. one of the really -- the taunts that have been going back and forth here today is get a job, get a job. remember donald trump when he ejected a protesters, he yelled get a job, young man. who knows if he was employed or not. his protesters have been yelling that. they're saying it to each other. it seems to be getting at this question of who is more economically dispossessed. who is the one who needs help at this moment. who really needs the job, who needs the support, who's under represented. but we were going in a pretty good direction here. there was a relatively peaceful change of ideas until a few moments ago where it got ugly. >> wow. thank you. there is a theme building. coming up, we're going to talk about the battle for ohio. john kasich is ganging ground on the front runner. the aftermentioned donald trump. and claiming the state with 66 delegates at stake. can he do it? we'll take you live to cleveland for the latest. pet moments are beautiful,
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
the trump campaign is focusing on ohio for one reason. john kasich. the man standing between trump and the state's 66 winner take all delegates. trump is leading in several polls the ohio governor is closing in. we have that part of the story joining us from cleveland. b ben bengey is there any chance he can win? >> reporter: there was one fox news poll recently that showed him leading the race. so it's no sprites that donald trump targeting kasich. over his support for nafta as a congressman and support of
12:53 pm
immigration reform with a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants. trump is definitely treating him as a serious competitor. he was begging the crowd today not to vote for him and to vote for trump instead. >> and do we see any signs of the sort of strategic voting we've seen in other states, ohio being sort of mixed state where you can change your voter registration on election day and as an independent or democrat potentially vote in the other party's primary, do you see any signs of that kind of strategry? >> i've yet to see that on the ground. there's been mixed reports of that in other states where democrats would cross over to vote for a non-trump. there have been democrats interested in voting for trump if not because they support him but because they think he might be the weakest candidate. i wouldn't put too much stock in this being the biggest factor either way. especially when you consider the
12:54 pm
democratic side is very competitive between sanders and clinton. it has people fired up. i don't know how much credence to give to those. >> this is a state that is built similar to michigan. do you see evidence that bernie sanders is cloedsising on the polling lead that hillary clinton has? >> they're hoping to out perform in the polls like they did in michigan. it's a somewhat similar state. i haven't had a chance to cover sanders clinton sites. this is a state he would need to do well in. his focus on trade which was a huge issue in michigan has a chance to play here in ohio. trump was going on about the dangers of the various trade deals like nafta and the effects they've had in ohio. he was talking about factories and plants leaving ohio. these are the kind of messages that are not unfamiliar at a sanders rally. >> is this a state that is a
12:55 pm
tailor made state that trump is hoping to be able to win in the fall? that issues of trade and white working class voters being at the fore? >> trump has a specific path to victory if he's the nominee. it involves winning blue collal vote but places like ohio. if you think back to the 2012 election, this was an incredibly important focus of obama's campaign against romney. the idea they were trying to portray him as out of touch with blue collar workers the idea that some of the countries he invested in laid people off when they shouldn't have. you can expect trump to talk a lot about the same out sourcing issue and face similar attacks from democrats. if trump wins it will be because these messages resonated that states not just like ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, responded enough to flip from blue to red. so donald trump will be here plenty of times should he get
12:56 pm
the nomination. >> we love that. thank you very much my friend. that does it for this hour of msnbc. my colleague, chris jansing picks up live from ohio after the break. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal.
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no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. buy one water resistant samsung galaxy s7 and get one free. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t. hello, live in lakewood ohio. the race for the white house at a fer a fever pitch. a live and intense day on the trail with donald trump. a man jumped the stage at a rally here in ohio, forcing the secret service to swarm the stage. creating a human shield around the front runner. trump remaining unapologetic about his rhetoric follow the big brawl last night in chicago.
1:00 pm
>> we had 25,000 people coming. and they really stopped these people in terms of our first amendment freedom of speech, a terrible situation. i have to tell you. and it just makes all of our friends and supporters more angry, we're going to go to the polls on tuesday. and we're going to be resounding victory. resounding. >> for the other candidates in the race, a new opening to go after trump. >> donald trump is created a toxic environment. there is no place for a national leader to prey on the fears of people. >> he doesn't want to say anything to his supporters he doesn't want to turn them off. he understands the reason why they're voting into them because they have tapped into anger. >> responsibility begins and ends at the top. it is my hope that all of us, can appeal to civility. >> president obama who has in


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