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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  March 14, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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good monday to you. i'm craig melbin from cleveland, ohio. it's 1:00 p.m. on the east coast and we've got a busy lunchtime crowd here. even busier on the campaign trail though with just one day to go before super tuesday. two republican candidates and democrats are all fanned out across all five of tomorrow's primary states. ohio, florida, north carolina, illinois, and missouri.
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sarah palin cancelling her campaign for donald trump after her son, todd palin, badly injured in a snow machine accident. here in ohio, 159 proportional delegates at stake for democrats. republicans vying for 66 win or take all delegates, and if you remember nothing else about ohio's primary, remember this. no republican has won the white house without winning the buckeye state. to that end, for the first time this campaign season, mitt romney will hit the trail at 2:00 p.m. today with the man he thinks he can take down trump. the big romney assist coming amid unprecedented violence at trump's rallies including one cancelled over security concerns, a secret service intervention on stage, and today, a heat argument over a
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confederate flag. already out in force today and alongside new jersey governor, chris christie. >> you know, we have 5,000 people outside who can't get in. that's crazy. >> we're going to campaign to get the wins to the white house. >> 40 minutes south from where i sit right here is bernie sanders and fresh off the toe to toe with hillary clinton where both candidates started with donald trump. >> donald trump is running a cynical campaign of hate and fear for one reason, to get votes. >> the truth is this guy is a pathological liar. >> don't miss the town hall.
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7:00 p.m., our town hall with hillary clinton. our political team with the super tuesday countdown covered. we start with donald trump who just moments ago wrapped up that event with chris christie in north carolina. he is now headed to florida shortly for his next rally. a slew of new polls, donald trump crushing the competition in florida. one day before that win or take all primary, as we await that rally coming up in tampa next hour. look at those protesters outside of that rally in tampa trying to make their voices heard. earlier today, the protesters and trump supporters once again, mixing it up. this time, outside of the doors of trump's event in north carolina. at that event, trump denied his events are violent. >> the press is now calling this
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thing, oh, but there's such violence. no violence. you know how many people have been hurt at our rallies? i think, like basically none. other than i guess maybe somebody got hit once. people say, it's their violence. there's no violence. these are lovefests. >> reporter: several have been injured including the police officer at one rally in dc and kerry sanders in tampa florida this afternoon. kerry, let's start with the breaking news. we start with you. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: sarah palin scheduled to be north of here in tampa, a republican stronghold but she got word her husband, todd palin, was involved in a snowmobile accident. a snow machine accident and a serious one at that. she's on her way back to alaska.
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the donald trump campaign has put out a statement which reads, todd palin was in a bad snow machine accident last night and is currently hospitalized. governor palin is returning to alaska to be with her husband and looking forward to be back on the campaign trail soon. mr. trump's thoughts and prayers are with the palin family at this time. as you noted, she was going to be traveling around the state here one day before floridians go to vote in this state on a primary where it's 99 delegates, win or take all. craig? po >> polls show that trump is dominating the sunshine state. another win or take all primary in florida. >> reporter: craig, what we have here is an escalation of voices, at least here in tampa. we have seen what took place in chicago and other cities. people have come to fisticuff.
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it appears that that level of violence was really triggered in fayetteville when the 78-year-old man punched the 26-year-old protester as he was being let out of the facility, notably, with a police officer at either of his side. that have since set off an increased level of security at all the events as well, which is, of course, the case here. as i look behind me, you can see this is not as large of a venue as donald trump normally has. i was in cleveland over the weekend. he had 10,000 people in an exhibition hall there. this is about 800 people who will be here today. many of the people supporting donald trump in this state already voted. we know from early voting, people who did absentee ballots in the last two weeks and voted 1.1 million people have actually on the republican side actually voted in this race and according to the nbc poll, the early
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breakdown is to trump and rubio with 16% and kasich at the end there. one of the issues that is driving voters in this state, a state that has an estimated 925,000 undocumented aliens is the issue that donald trump started with when he began this campaign. one that he then said we need to build a wall and we all hear at his rallies, people chanting build that wall. build that wall. listen to two voters here and her daughter talking about what they see with what they believe is a problem. >> there are too many illegal immigrants coming into our schools and our kids are suffering for it. >> should these people you say here illegally, should they be allowed to remain in your classroom? >> i don't think so. not really. i feel like it's not fair to us. >> where should they go? >> i think they need to go back to where they came from.
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>> reporter: donald trump will be here in a few hours and can't give you the timetable now. there will be a lot of patient people here though because donald trump will be eventually arriving to talk to them in what you can see is sort of a circular setting, craig. somewhat different but it will be lower key unless somebody slipped through here and plans to disrupt or at least speak out during a donald trump gathering. >> we will keep an eye on it. arizona republicans holding a primary there. kerry sanders for us in florida. thank you. if donald trump does sweep ohio and florida tomorrow, ted cruz could get his wish for the two man race but cruz, it seems like he's treading lightly. cruz is not forcefully condemned the rhetoric which is rooted to violence as we've seen in his rallies.
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hallie jackson on that earlier today. >> at what point do events on the ground force you or at least have you reconsider and maybe look at your position, given your rivals have said it would be extremely difficult to support trump if you were the nominee. >> i can give you an example. if, for example, he were to go on fifth avenue and shoot somebody. >> hallie jackson in glen ellen, illinois. tell me that's not the only example he gave. >> reporter: the specific one. he was clearly kidding, referencing some comments that trump made a couple of months ago. like i could go on fifth avenue and shoot somebody, people would still love me. and cruz laughing it off, if you will. but the issue at hand whether he
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would still support trump as a republican nominee if moving forward, that were to happen. if trump lucked out the nomination. it is becoming difficult for them. here is more of what cruz had to say on that topic. >> at the outset of this campaign, i will committed i will support the republican nominee and i honor my word. i know that is revolutionary and particularly with a candidate who changes his position on a given issue sometimes two or three times on the same debate stage. but with me, i'm very simple. when i tell you i'm going to do something, i'm going to do it. >> reporter: there's cruz's explanation why he continues to stick by that pledge. he is in illinois today. five stops, five rallies, hoping to pick off delegates. illinois is a proportional
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state. "wall street journal" shows cruz trailing trump by 9 percentage points but not to pick up potentially some delegates here. check out this brand new headline from the new york times. it perhaps said it best. the end of marco mentum. a humiliating double digit. spending the day with florida voters. he has another meet and greet. saying he's no longer sure if he can support trump if he does become the nominee. >> will you support him if he's
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the nominee? >> i don't know. i mean, i already talked about the fact i think hillary clinton would be terrible but the fact you're asking me that question, i still at this moment continue to intend to support the republican nominee, but getting harder every day. >> harder every day. nbc's gabe gutierrez is covering the rubio campaign for weeks. gabe, give us a sense of the mood inside the rubio camp today. hey there. a lot of political obituaries are being written but say they don't believe the polls. they think it's much tighter race. they go to several events today down i-95 and got down the interstate with the latest event here in melbourne and had one in jacksonville earlier and now melbourne and then another one
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in west palm beach before heading to hometown of miami and this is absolutely, you know, it could really be the last stand. if you look at monmouth university poll having him down 17 points in his home state. this is not a place that marco rubio campaign wanted to be and the monmouth university poll, pointed to last week's poll showed him down 8% but now he's down 17% in that poll. even the head to head match-up with donald trump has him down by 15 points. the rubio campaign is trying to make this last minute push reaching out to voters and doing local media interviews but this is a very difficult place for the rubio campaign. they say that even no matter what happens on tuesday, they have events planned in utah but it's hard to see what happens to marco rubio's campaign if he doesn't pull out a victory tomorrow and could be a humiliating loss. could end up finishing in third place. some polls had him neck and neck with ted cruz. i'll send it back to you. we head to the event now in
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melbourne. >> you've got to wonder what a double digit loss would mean for rubio's political future in florida as well. gabe gutierrez on the road in the sunshine state. gabe, thank you. john kasich bringing out big guns today as he tries to deny donald trump a victory in his state of ohio. the two term governor in about an hour scheduled to appear with none other than mitt romney at an event. this after a period with senator roth portman and another very popular figure among the football obsessed here in the buckeye state, former ohio state coach jim trist l picking up the endorsement of john boehner over the weekend. and peter, i understand you just talked to john kasich a short time ago. what did he have to say? >> i just wrapped up a conversation. one of the kasich events and i'm
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told that there will be no endorsement of kasich by romney today. so the conversation moved on and i asked specifically about his comments that trump's recent rallies as he described them are toxic. >> i don't have to explain why. >> why did it take you so long? >> on friday night i got to my room after dinner and told turn on the television and watch and then i guess it was yesterday that i asked my staff to give me some of the quotes that have come out of these rallies. and they're just terrible. and they're dividing us. and it's a toxic environment. so i want him to stop that. it's lowering the bar. it's creating a bad image, not just for the republican party. it's a bad image for america. we need to be together.
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we're not going to do it by yelling and screaming and name calling. and encouraging somebody to hit somebody else. >> reporter: do or die day for john kasich in this home state governor with the home field advantage as he likes to describe it. poll numbers in the favor as well, up six according to nbc news "wall street journal" poll but showing him about five and never lost an election ant confident it won't the first time he doesn't come out on top. >> katie packer is founder of an anti-trump super pack called our principles and deputy manager of mitt romney's 2012 campaign. thank you for being with me this afternoon. i want to start by playing something that ben carson who endorsed trump a few days ago. this is something that dr. carson said about the fighting we've been seeing at these events.
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take a listen. >> i think certainly if the protesters continue with their elinskiite tactics, there's a possibility of escalation. those who are the victims of them have two choices. they can submit to them and meekly just do whatever those protesters want them to do or they can fight back. >> the trump campaign as you know has blamed bernie sanders supporters in part for the violence, cruz and marco rubio said if president obama actually shares in the blame. why haven't we seen big name republicans call out trump for his rhetoric on violence? why haven't we seen the bushes, the cheneys, paul ryan? the establishment republicans. a lot of shouting down of the vitriol the past few days. >> i think many have.
10:18 am
i don't know that their voices are going to make any difference to donald trump who has rejected all reason and sane voices throughout this race. the reality is these protesters of course are in the wrong and should not be doing the things they're doing, but also, donald trump bears huge responsibility for inciting these kinds of actions and encouraging his own supporters to commit violent acts. and he tells them that he'll pay his legal fees. this is a guy who encouraging mayhem and chaos. those who have been on the front lines opposing trump have seen this in person. people coming after us and so it's no surprise this is playing out on the campaign trail and donald trump bears a huge level of responsibility for it. >> is tomorrow do or die for your movement for the so-called dump trump movement? >> i wouldn't call our movement the dump trump movement. our movement all along endeav endeavored to give people information and present facts to
10:19 am
people before they make their decision. we think tomorrow is going to be a good flight night. it's a do or die for donald trump. if he doesn't win both florida and ohio which seems to be an uphill battle for him right now, he will not get to 1237 delegates. that's the magic number. >> you released a memo saying there's a map that you had produced that shows what a general election might look like with donald trump at the top of the ticket. what are some of the key points? >> well, a few key points. one, he'll go into the general election if he's the nominee with the highest negatives we've seen in polling history for a general election candidate. his numbers are so bad with women, with hispanic voters and african-american voters, he would have to win virtually every white male voter in order
10:20 am
to do well and underperforming where mitt romney was and 35% of republicans, republican voters said they could never vote for him in a general election. the question is will he lose in november but how many down ballots will he sweep away with him? >> you've been a card carrying republican for a long time. what happens if he is the nominee and if he leaves ohio with the nomination? do you support him? >> if he becomes the nominee, i know a lot of people who will not call themselves republicans, at least for this year, because there's huge concern that this guy is going to not only lose in november but damage the brand for a long time to come and those who believe in the conservative cause are alarmed by and that's why we're trying to share this information before it's too late. >> katie packer, our principles pack. i want to talk to you on wednesday afternoon after ohio and florida, north carolina.
10:21 am
thank you. the democratic nomination. >> we stand up against the powerful forces and i get a chuckle when i hear my appointment about doing it. i don't know where hefgs when i was trying to get health care in '93 and '94 standing up against the insurance companies, standing up against the drug companies. >> the embarrassing fact-check. oh tlrks you s oh, there you see it. and right behind her. what they will do to beat donald trump in november. first, don't forget to weigh in on the microsoft pulse question today. there it is. have trump's actions or words led to the violence at his rallies? the pulse is live. go to we'll have some results for you later in the hour. this is msnbc, the place for politics. ♪
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donald trump is pitting americans against each other to get votes. >> donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. violence is not acceptable in the american political process. >> speaking out against donald trump for inciting hate and fear through the divisive rhetoric culminating between supporters
10:26 am
and protesters at his rally. a democratic race, a whopping 793 delegates up for grabs in five states across this country tomorrow. clinton has a commanding hold on total delegates so far. new polling suggests she could be poised for big night according to our florida and 20 points in ohio and 6 points in illinois. joined now by a clinton supporter, state representative, alisha reese of ohio. thank you for being with me again. >> thanks for having me. >> what happens after tomorrow night if she does have a big night due to whispers from bernie sanders to get out of the race, do whispers turn into screams? >> well, i think we take one step at a time. first thing, we have to win big tomorrow. we are on the ground. we had souls to the polls in cincinnati. we're focused right now on
10:27 am
tonight. we are working to be victorious and hopeful people come to vote and that hillary will be victorious tonight and then move forward tomorrow. >> as you know, hillary clinton implied that sanders was absent as she was pushing for health care reform in the '90s as first lady and sanders campaign quickly responding digging up this video of hillary clinton. take a look. >> pretty grateful for the leadership that many people are giving to this great reform effort, and i'm grateful that congressman sanders would join us today from vermont. >> hillary clinton struggles with the perception of her not
10:28 am
being totally honest. what happened? >> one issue is here everyone knows that hillary clinton when she was the first lady was fighting for health care and the tremendous amount of hits she took, and so i think it's, you know, as for hillary clinton, we've seen her. we've seen her work her way up from the bottom. >> i'm asking you about that specific instance of, again, her saying, bernie wasn't there and he's literally standing right there. >> well, you know, i'm in a remote location. so i can't see the clip you played out. i can only hear it. what i can tell you is that we have hillary clinton in the trenches on health care and the trenches of her children. she's taken a hit. she's got the scars and so she's been out front on the issues and we know that she's tough enough to take the hits. we know she's tough enough to beat donald trump and we're going to start that crusade
10:29 am
tonight as we begin to get people out to vote tonight and get them out to vote tomorrow and she becomes our nominee. >> state representative alisha reese. we love to have you here in the flesh. do appreciate your time. >> keep working my way up. i was in cincinnati, columbus, we'll be up in cleveland. >> see you when you get here. tune in tonight for msnbc democratic double header. two candidates talking to us and talking to the voters as well. bernie sanders holding that town hall moderated by chuck todd at 6:00 p.m. eastern. from columbus. and immediately after that, hillary clinton joining chris matthews for own town hall from springfield, illinois. [alarm beeps] ♪
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floridae is still undecided. i find that hard to believe. >> reporter: there aren't that many, but in the scheme, tens of thousands out of millions of people in the state of florida. also, surprising one of the undecided voters let me on his airboat in the everglades. we wanted to go there. the 1.5 million acre national park not too far and because it's a political hot spot in the great state. here's what we found out. we're about 30 minutes away from miami as we know is supposed to be marco rubio country. came out here to the everglades. this is jesse. found out it's a different story out this way. where are we? >> in the everglades. >> i can't hear anything you're
10:34 am
saying. >> have fun. >> no clue what he's saying. >> reporter: we say it's about a ten foot gator. >> yes, it would be a big male. about 25 or 30 years old. >> reporter: what's one of the big thing people care about? >> the environment. this environment, our eco-system here as far as everybody is kind of a fragile system. >> reporter: you ever take any presidential candidates out here? >> yes, a few of them. >> reporter: who? >> i've had rubio out here years ago. >> reporter: he scare of the gators? >> no. he's been in florida a long time. >> reporter: same politics in miami? >> pretty close. different. depends who you talk to out here and the opinion of what they have. >> reporter: you have a big election coming up on tuesday. where do you fall? >> get me more information than what he's done so far. >> reporter: only got a couple
10:35 am
of days left. >> that would come up in an answer. >> reporter: so donald trump is winning a lot of support out here. he's blown by marco rubio. >> not in my poll. >> reporter: how come? >> i personally don't like him. >> reporter: what happens if trump wins on tuesday? >> then we have an idea what he does as president. what can i tell you? >> reporter: so craig, in addition to being a pretty awesome dude, jesse represents an important type of voter in this state. a guy turned off by donald trump, whether it's because of the events of the last couple of days or the candidate's comments in general who may lean to another candidate in florida. particularly marco rubio fighting for his political survival down here. >> jacob soboroff, another pretty awesome dude from miami. thank you, good sir. up next, sanders, kasich, and trump. all pitching themselves as working class saviors. but which candidate is actually converting voters here in the
10:36 am
rust belt? we're live at a family old machine shop in youngstown, ohio. on the other side of this break. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics.
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oh!! fight it! with jublia! now that's a red carpet moment! ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. gop candidates are spread out across tomorrow's primary states for the last-minute campaigning. marco rubio in florida. donald trump is campaigning in three states today. north carolina, ohio, and florida. meanwhile, ted cruz is in illinois. john kasich right here in ohio. tomorrow, we'll find out whether the republican win-or-take-all republican primary go to john kasich. pretty popular here in the monmouth poll. ka kasich with a 5 point lead and the ohio governor leads in the latest "wall street journal" poll. he's tied with donald trump in the cbs news ugov poll.
10:40 am
tied in the latest quinnipiac poll as well. tony de culpo. what are you hearing from folks? >> reporter: i'm at city machine and technologies. a family owned industrial repair shop. the park belongs in a heavy duty locomotive. as you can see bind ehind me, i amid a downturn here and that's created an interesting trend. these two gentlemen are registered detailmocrats. >> i've been a registered democrat since i was 53. and now i vote republican. we have to have the right person. >> who do you think? >> i think trump will be the best for the economy. he has to be. i saw what barack obama did to our business the last seven years. and we can't have hillary.
10:41 am
and we can't have bernie. we can't have seven more of what we had. >> reporter: i saw sanders versus trump. where do you come down? >> i want to vote for sanders because of my party affiliation. i want to stay democrat. but for the national seat, i want to go with trump. so i might just do the same thing gino here is doing and change my party affiliation tomorrow. >> reporter: thank you very much. that's an interesting trend here. the polls show that kasich is up 5 point hees here but they make those calls to registered republicans. if democrats are making the switch, the polls could be wrong. >> very interesting, tony. thank you, sir. moments ago at the white house, press secretary josh earnest responded to violence we saw at donald trump's rallies. he called some republicans out on their pledge to support trump if he's the nominee. just getting the sound. take a listen. >> it's pretty clear. i think to most people, most
10:42 am
observers exactly what mr. trump is up to, but it's not clear at all what the rest of the republican party is up to because on one hand, they ring their hands about mr. trump's behavior, but then when asked, they pledge to his campaign in the hopes that he will be elected to lead the greatest country on the planet. and at some point, somebody in the republican party will have to step up and show some leadership. >> let's turn now to our panel of ohio of political experts. republican president of the ohio state senate. jeffrey johnson. democrat and hillary clinton supporter, councilman in cleveland and david cohen, a professor of political science at the university of akron. you know what? let me start here with some sound and video from saturday. this is a man at a trump rally
10:43 am
here in cleveland, a very short clip but he's talking about auschwi auschwitz, appearing to use the nazi salute. >> ah, go to auschwitz. >> we saw a confederate battle flag poster at a trump rally and reports of other battle flag posters at trump rallies. what kind of effect is donald trump having not just on this particular race but on the future of your party? >> look, i think those things are despicable and i think it's important to call them out what they are. i got back from israel earlier in january and no likeness to that. i think it's unacceptable. that's why i support john ka kasich. he's not going to take the low road to the highest in the country. we bring people together on both
10:44 am
sides of the aisle. you heard a clip from the white house. on all sides having moved on and bernie sanders people going to shout down trump people for is a disaster and a mistake for trump to have the event in chicago where he had it and when he had it. >> sir, senator. there's been no connection between move on and the violence at trump rallies. there's also been no proven connection that bernie sanders supporters were the ones disrupting the trump rallies. what you just did right there is argue part of the problem. shirking responsibility, and lay the blame at other people's feet. >> yeah, i'm not going to accept that. the reality is that this is a multifaceted problem. the guy i support, john kasich is trying to unify the country and unify the party. we have dividers on both sides. we have dividers on the left and the right. our goal is to talk about what's important for the next generation and to the extent mr.
10:45 am
trump is not doing that, mr. trump has a problem he's got to fix or he'll never be the nominee and certainly won't be elected president. >> david, john kasich. up in most polls we've seen. tied in one particular poll. does he pull it out tomorrow night? >> impossible to predict but looks like things are going in the right direction. politics is really about momentum. kasich over the last couple of weeks has been rising steadily in the polls. i would expect a victory. not a huge gap. but i would expect him to come out on top. but that's really important for the never-trump folks to get their wish, which is to hopefully stop trump and not give him the majority before the convention. >> keith, let's talk a little bit about the democratic side. excuse me, jeff. a hillary clinton supporter. she is expected to have a big night here in ohio. she was expected to have a big night last week in michigan as
10:46 am
well. what are you seeing on the ground and hearing on the ground? >> i think whatever happens in michigan, we learn from it. i found that we've had a lot more people come in right after michigan. we do a lot more phone bank and street work. i think we're going to without a doubt win ohio. clintons have never lost ohio. bill lowon it and then hillary d in 2008. we really do believe we've got this. >> jeff, but let's say she does get the nomination and move ahead to the general election. some of the same struggles that she has has wishes lid with issb creation, that resonates. how does she beat a donald trump on issues like immigration as well? trade, job creation. >> i think, first of all, far ahead with immigration on donald trump. he's talking about building a wall and she's talking about ability not to deport only those
10:47 am
who are criminals. and also dealing with jobs. donald trump and the whole job issue, we believe we have a beat on that. nafta is something people keep pointing out but she's made it clear she's not going to support companies going outside the country. they're going to be everything that will be paid back. this is not a case that hillary clinton should be be hit with the nafta issue but listen to what she's saying now. donald trump cannot beat her on the issue of jobs or issues of the other issues. and we believe we can beat them. >> senator favor, let's assume that governor kasich is victorious tomorrow. moving forward, walk me through the path to the nomination. most political experts say it's pretty difficult if not impossible for him to amass the requisite delegates ahead of the convention here in cleveland. if he doesn't do that, how does he become the nominee? >> great point. john kasich has a strong history
10:48 am
of doing what other people thought was impossible. turning ohio around. people said it couldn't be done and balancing the budget. we did those things. the reality is it's not easy and i'll be the first to concede that but look, the game's not over. i think the states that lie ahead are much more favorable to john kasich than most of the other candidates and a strong case to pick up a large number of delegates and get to cleveland and have a convention he's the one candidate to beat hillary clinton on the republican side. look, i'm not convinced any of the other candidates can beat hi hillary clinton as the democratic nominee and i think there's unifying not just the party but our country. >> thank you. jeffrey johnson. a big thanks to you as well. bernie sanders is speaking right now about 40 miles south of where i sit in akron, ohio. let's listen in.
10:49 am
>> i am impressed by somebody who gets $225,000 for a speech. i mean, that's a lot of money. and the way i figure it is that if you get $225,000 for a speech, it must be an incredibly brilliant speech. it must be a mind-blowing speech. it must be a shakespearean speech. and i think if the speech is that great, she might want to release the transcript and let the american people hear it. all the american people are curious, does she say the same thing behind closed doors about wall street as she says to the public? well, releasing the transcript would allow us to know that.
10:50 am
now, what the secretary has said also is that she will, in fact, release the transcripts if other candidates do do the same. so today, here in akron, i am prepared to make a dramatic statement. a dramatic announcement. are you all ready for this dramatic earth shattering announcement? i am prepared at this moment to release all of the transcripts of the speeches that he gave on wall street. all of them. >> there in akron, ohio. a tongue in cheek comment there. a familiar speech there we've been hearing. let's get down to tampa,
10:51 am
florida. donald trump expected to take the stage for the second rally of the day for him. he is going to be greeted by this. >> are you ready to put the death knell in marco rubio's campaign? thank you so much for coming. i am the vice chairman -- calipery is outside that event in tampa, florida, talking on some protesters. what are you seeing and hearing? >> we're in the million of a fanatic argument. these the anti-trump. the people protesting trump. a lot of them are bernie sanders supporters. if i bring you around, you can see them. these are the people waiting to see donald trump. the two sides have been screaming at each other the better part of 15 minutes. a lot of these people have
10:52 am
waited three or four hours to get into the rally. it was supposed to start at 2:00 p.m. i don't know if there is a delay or an issue. there is a great deal of security on the other side. you can see they've created a barrier of security to try to control the situation. to keep the two sides separated so. far peaceful. i do need to make sure, there's a lot of media here as well. probably equal to the protesters. you heard the scream that's been going on all morning. >> cal, at this moment, any indication as to when donald trump will take stage in tampa? are they letting folks in yet? >> no. they've let folks in and they've actually stopped now. so these folks are not going to get in. all the people who are going to get in have gotten in. the thing that's really interesting about the way he handles this, he keeps everybody in the dark. like his tv genius. you don't know what's going to happen until it happens.
10:53 am
he is the keep tuning in thing. people seem really excite. and there is like frenzy of an argument that has broken out. i think some of is it frustration from the many, many people. and hundreds of people stretching back who are not going on get into this rally. >> all right. outside a trump campaign event in tampa, florida. of course, we are keeping a very close eye on that. meanwhile, ted cruz set to hold a rally in illinois. his second stop of the day in a blitz across the state. 69 delegates are at stake in illinois. tomorrow's contest might be the most important day of the presidential race. maybe the last chance to blunt donald trump's momentum. rubio and kasich staying in their home states. >> if you are sitting here thinking about tomorrow, maybe voting for a marco rubio or a john kasich, let me say to you,
10:54 am
our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten donald not once, not twice, not three times but nine different times all over this country. >> politico a short time ago outlined cruz' state by state strategy to beat trump which not only hinges on the dmis of the others but a very quick consolidate of support. ted cruz has taken the stage at that event in illinois. his national spokesman joins me now. the national spokesman for the ted cruz campaign. thank you for being with me, sir. your candidate today, rather tongue in cheek said if trump is the nominee, he would only lose his support if he shot someone. echoing that comment that trump made about the strength of his campaign a few weeks ago. given the rhetoric, the violence that we have seen play out on our screens over the past few
10:55 am
days, how is it that ted cruz can still stand behind donald trump? >> well, ted cruz is not standing behind donald trump. donald trump won't be the nominee of the republican party. we're engaged in a state by state competition here. we're active. we have five different events going on in illinois. we're competitive in all the states, which are coming up. and we intend to be the republican nominee so that will solve that problem when donald trump is no longer in that position. the sooner we get to this one-on-one contest which will be even more evident after tomorrow night's results, the sooner that will get accomplished. one thing is clear. clearly there's a difference in the standards that the candidates set. ted cruz has been setting a high standard for himself and the republican party and that's what you will see from him as the republican nominee. >> i want to play a him? ett of what ted cruz said yesterday on "meet the press" to chuck. take a listen.
10:56 am
>> barack obama is a world class demagogue. you're unwilling to be commander in chief and keep us safe so don't engage in attacking the people like the president did. that language is the kind of self-righteous moralizing from the president makes people angry. >> do you think that's worse than what donald trump has been doing? >> to be honest, i think it is vex the same. >> ron, ted cruz seems angrier about president obama than he does about donald trump's rhetoric and the violence that we've seen play out at his rallies. doesn't the party, doesn't donald trump bear the lion's share of the responsibility of what we've seen? >> look, i think if you look at these events, it is clear these left wing protesters will show up where there are a bunk of cameras. when ted cruz is the nominee, they'll show up and protest him as well. what will be zifs when ted cruz is the nominee, he will set that higher standard and he's set
10:57 am
that over and over again. he's challenged donald trump and he's kept to it policy and substance and the like. and worked on having the focus there. as for the white house, i saw the, comments a couple minutes ago from josh earnest. from the podium and the press office, he is engaging in politicking. those comments should be saved for someone from the democratic national committee or the sanders campaign or the clinton campaign. not campaigning from the white house. that was inappropriate. >> i think a lot of folks would say it is inappropriate that we have not seen some of the so-called establishment republicans in this country. or even some of the candidates themselves, not forcefully denounced what have a lot of folks really worried about what we've seen in some of these rallies. i wish we had more time and i do hope you'll come back. >> ron, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> that's going to wrap up our hour of coverage from cleveland,
10:58 am
ohio. just a few hours from now, folks here and four other states heading to the ballot box, what we're calling super tuesday two. now the coverage picks up from miami, florida. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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most new wealth flows it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions.
11:01 am
people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. hi, everybody. good day from florida. i'm thomas roberts broadcasting live from the bay side marketplace in downtown miami. we are less than a day away from super tuesday. this could help donald trump and hillary clinton further solidify their campaigns from the competition. the stakes couldn't be higher. at this hour we have four republican candidates, all of them holding campaign events where talk on the trail has
11:02 am
focused on the other weekend clashes at donald trump's rallies. >> the press is calling saying, oh, but there is such violence. do you know how many people have been hurt at our rallies? i think basically none other than i guess maybe somebody got hit once or something. there is no violence. >> at what point do we say enough is enough? if donald trump is the nominee. he is a disaster. >> this country is about us coming together. this country is not about us tearing one another down or having fist fitz at a campaign rally. >> we cannot have a country where everybody hates each other. where everyone is at each other's throat. where we can't have an honest and serious debate about policy without it resorting to name calling or worse. devolving into violence. >> in the key battle ground state, the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll has donald trump leading marco rubio by 21.
11:03 am
quinnipiac has him up by 24 and a new poll by 17 points. in the another winner take all state of ohio, our poll has him leading. now on the democratic side, hillary clinton leading in the poll in the three delegate rich states of florida, ohio and illinois. we have our correspondents fanned out in the key states that are voting in tomorrow's super tuesday contests. we had more protests today in advance of two scheduled trump events. at the north carolina event, trump sat down with chris christie and he explained that his events are not particularly violent. >> so we want to start with kerry sanders. i know people are getting ready to go.
11:04 am
talk about what you've with protests? >> a big difference between protesters and violence. first of all we're inside the tampa convention center. about 800 people. they're listening to other speakers. of course, trump is running late. outside the convention center there have been protesters and they have been mixing it up verbally with others who are here to support donald trump. let's just listen for a moment. [ yelling ] >> clear lay lot of emotion. inside those filed in without any problems and you can see there's a large group awaiting donald trump. >> we met a young man who is here. 25-year-old mike reed. he said he was curious to see what donald trump would say. he is not that politically active but he want to know what
11:05 am
it was all about. he said the secret service let him in, no problem, then he said he felt he was not want by the trump supporters. take a look at his picture. a young black man here in florida. he hoped to hear donald trump. he said people started saying, what are you doing here in a rather aggressive own? two women to the side. one said to the other, he could overhear it saying he looks like he belongs to the black panthers. he said he was offended but he also didn't feel safe. as i scan the room, i've seen about three black faces. the rest in this room are white or something else. you can their chanting in the back ground. trump, trump, trump. those going to the polls so far, a moment ago they asked how many have voted? 1.1 million floridians. they do mail-voting or go to the polls early. when you look at the poll, you can see 45% are breaking early
11:06 am
for donald trump. this is a winner take all. >> in kerry sanders there at the trump event. while trump faces some back lash for fostering the back lash, the one person who has towed the line on the gop front is the other candidate, the senate candidate, ted cruz. he said it would take an extreme act for donald trump to lose his support should he become the nominee. with the cruz camp, i've heard you talking. asking what would it take for him to backtrack on that support of donald trump. so talk about that and also the campaign trat for cruz in illinois. >> even after we saw what happened in chicago on friday night, some of ted cruz, donald
11:07 am
trump's rivals, marco rubio and john kasich said supporting him as the nominee would be extremely difficult. ted cruz said, i said that i would support the republican nominee. if it is donald trump, i will still support the nominee. he reiterated with a joke and i want to you listen to what em. >> at what point do events on the ground force you or at least have you reconsider and maybe look at your position, given your rivals said it would be extremely difficult to support him? >> could give you one example where i would no longer support donald trump. if he were to go on fifth avenue and shoot somebody. >> so cruz being tongue in cheek there, obviously referencing a come from donald trump a couple months ago. you said he said something like the only way i would support is if i went to fifth avenue and shot somebody, even then i
11:08 am
wouldn't lose support. so cruz being a little funny. we're at this event in glen ellyn. it is a packed room. there was an animal rights protester who held up a sign, it was something that we have seen at trump rallies. this particular person who is engaged by ted cruz to talk about this animal rights, the woman was escorted out with no incident. it is a contrast to what we've seen with trump. >> reporting there for us. thank you. a live look in jacksonville. let's look. >> the traditional values that strengthen our communities and our families. if we return to those principles and backed them up with real ideas, there is no reason why the 21 century can't be the greatest era in our history.
11:09 am
that's what we have the chance to do together with this generation at this time in our history. we have to do it now. we have to do it now in 2016. the price of failure is too high. if we lose this election, that means hillary clinton will be president. that would be a disaster for america. ? or bernie sanders to be president. dwp if you have a bernie sanders, you won't get beat up in my rally. that would be a disaster for america. we cannot afford another four years like the last eight years. and that is why we must win in november. to win in november, we must first win now. if we allow the republican party and the conservative movement to
11:10 am
be defined as anger and frustration, we will not win. while we do have the right to be angry at our political class and frustrated at the direct of our country, we cannot allow ourselves to be defined by that anger and frustration. we must use to it motivate us but do not use to it define us. we know we can do anything. this is a nation that put a man on the moon. these are the people that invent the internet. not al gore, the american people. this is the country that has cured diseases and liberated nations. and that for over two centuries, the nation where each generation has left the next better off. americans are a blessed people. for over two centuries, this has been the land where parents have fulfilled dreams and left their parents better off than themselves. this is who we still are.
11:11 am
we must remember who we are in this election cycle. this is the time to remember the journey that has brought us to this point as a nation and as a people. to embrace our heritage as an optimistic people who know and understand and believe that our tomorrows are always better than our yesterdays. while we face great challenges, we are reminded that each generation before us did as well. there has never been a time in american history where we ever have it easy. there has never been a generation in our history that did not face great challenges. and each one of them overcame them. and because they did, you and i inherited the single greatest nation in the history of man kind. now the moment has arrived for us to do the same. now moment to take up the challenge now. the moment has arrived for this generation to solve our problems
11:12 am
and embrace our opportunities. we have a chance to do this now. if we apply the principles of the conservative movement, limited government and free enterprise, a return to our constitutional principles that limit the size and skoem of the federal government. if we reembrace the right to speak freely and to live out the teachings of your faith. if we embrace the second amendment right to protect yourself and your family. if we reembrace the tenth amendment that returns powers to the state, if bereembrace free enterprise which allows everyone to climb up without tearing anyone down. if we rebuild the united states military and the u.s. space program -- -- [ cheers and applause ] if we do these things. >> we're looking at marco rubio. he is on his campaign bus. he is traveling today along the eastern seaboard in florida. that's in melbourne where he has stopped to speak to people roughly about three hours to our
11:13 am
north here in miami. you can see on the right-hand side, the donald trump rally taking place in tampa and the john kasich events. we're monitoring those all. the came event happening in his home state of ohio. joining us, the senior adviser to the ant-trump super pac. and michael steele joins our conversation. msnbc political analyst and former head of the rnc. let me start with you as you were listening to marco rubio talk about the best days lying ahead. we know that he is down in double digits here in florida and the latest three polls are out. his home state. your pac, our principles. you spent $3.5 million in advertising here to try and help marco rubio. what's the plan for your pac if that doesn't work? is it to look forward to the
11:14 am
convention? >> we have a closed primary in florida. i would not expect him getting the high 40s like you're seeing in those polls that you just showed. we've also spent over a million in illinois, ohio, in missouri whereas poll show very tight races with john kasich and ted cruz. >> but 99 delegates are at stake here. and you feel, you probably know this. that donald trump is most likely going on carry this state. and that is only going to help his delegate map as he ramps his way to the convention. so what's the plan about money? are you going to throw good money after bad? >> the people of florida have an opportunity to vote tomorrow. we'll let that happen. even if rubio doesn't win in florida, there is a very clear path to stopping donald trump either through john kasich or ted cruz getting into a one-on-one where they still have an opportunity to pass him and get a plurality of delegates, more than trump, or through an open convention in cleveland. so multiple paths there.
11:15 am
i speck donald trump will not have as good of a night as the polls indicate tomorrow night. >> we've seen the weekend action of violence. he's calling them shows, referring to them as his shows. on the stump, i was surprised. i know he's conthis before but he was the saying the lyric, when he talks about the snake analogy, the pleasure that he has with america letting in syrian refugees. that last line being you knew i was a snake before you took me in. do you think the gop regrets an early embrace of the trump campaign? >> there's so much they regret. it's not even funny. i think there was a lot of regretting. there is no way donald trump would connect with anybody. it's new york republicanism. he's a business guy.
11:16 am
he is brash, bold, he talks out of both sides of his mouth, and the reality is, people have passed all of that because the core resonated at some level with them. so from the very beginning there has been an over and under estimation of what donald trump is or is not. by those who have tried, who didn't try to stop him early on and are now trying to stop him at the moment. and so when he's got the momentum which he has, the number work in his favor. i appreciate the idea that he hand performed well in the close primaries but we haven't had a lot. it doesn't matter if there are three people in the race or four people in the race and he is getting 35 to 40% of the vote. >> so your former boss, governor bush, met with the three candidates, cruz, kasich, rubio, did not endorse yet. have you spoken to him? >> i haven't spoken to him since
11:17 am
before the meetings. i think governor bush made really clear his view on donald trump. and that is, thattalgoer that you just read, that donald trump is the snake. he is not somebody telling the truth about his back ground. he's not telling the truth to voters. he os tensebly says he's the guy that looks out for regular joes. tune far from here he opened an apartment complex. the apartment complex went under. >> trump says that he gave his name to that but he was not really a part of that. that he licensed his name. >> that's the con. that's part of the con. the people didn't know that who were investing in their personal money in that apartment complex them thought donald trump who sells himself as the greatest, huge, they thought he was building this fancy apartment complex for them. he wasn't. this is the thing, in time and time again, trump university or outsourcing his goods. this is something he's done.
11:18 am
and i think that's why he's stuck. michael steele pointed out if he gets 35% of the vote, that's good for him. but at this time last year, mitt romney was getting 55, 60%. and if this is a two-man race, trump will have a hearted time. >> brokered convention? yes or no? >> i think donald trump will go into the convention with a plurality of anywhere to 150 to 200 delegates down. and there in lies the danger for the party. that comes a real mess. and quick to something tim said. >> real fast. when jeb bush was out there, no one joined him in the fight against trump and that's why we are where we are now. >> thanks so much. be. college up next, hillary clinton and bernie sanders union night denouncing trump. which one is better positioned to defeat trump in november?
11:19 am
they make their case to the voters. hillary clinton and bernie sanders with separate town halls right here on msnbc. we've got more live from miami. first, don't forget to weigh in on the question. you can go to , what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most.
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11:22 am
we want to get you to that event taking place in north canton, ohio. mitt romney is on the stump today for the home state of the governor. and romney has not endorsed but he is traveling with the governor, trying to ramp up his hopes.
11:23 am
the most reason polling shows a tie for john kasich. in our poll it shows him ahead by 6 points. >> sometime they're uncomfortable. and you sweat a little bit and you're nervous. in this case, this guy will go on the grill. you're the one who's will decide if he becomes the next president of the united states. and up this chance about six years ago. you were for someone to come to this state. did you some interviews and you concluded this was the man you want as governor. the reason is, not just did he say the right things but he had a record. you can look at his resume. you can see what he had done. he had been in washington where he helped balance the budget and getting that done, the economy began to comeback and create jobs for people across the country. so you know this guy has kind of been there. let's try him as governor. when he got in, he made a lot of changes. a lot of people said this is
11:24 am
uncomfortable. those changes made a difference. and now he's come back again to you. and he said, look. i would like to help take reins of the country. so the people once again tomorrow are going to be able to decide who is it that should lead our nation? and this time you have a track record you can look at. the track record is, this is a guy who came into ohio when things were tough. when there was an $8 billion, $8 billion budget gap. and he turned that around and turned it into a surplus. when you're losing employers, losing jobs every month, he turned that around. 400,000 jobs have been created. and he also has a little part of the resume that says he was in washington for a while. worked the armed services committee. you look at this guy. unlike the other people running, he has a real track record. he has the kind of record that you want in washington. that's why i'm convinced that you will do the right thing
11:25 am
tomorrow. agreed? and so if you want to actually see a balanced budget in washington, if you want to see a balanced budget and end obamacare, if you want to see employers come back instead of fleeing america, and jobs come again, if you want to get wages up. the only way you get wages up, the only way you get real wages up is if you're creating more jobs and more employers come here. and they start competing and then they have to raise wages to get good employees. this is the guy that ohio needs to vote for. america is counting on you. let's welcome a great governor of a great state. john kasich.
11:26 am
>> wow! how thing would have been different if the election results had been different four years ago. if mitt romney would have been president. what do you think? huh? it's so nice of mitt to come out and support me in this effort to win this state. i want to say a couple things about mitt. first, he was the governor of massachusetts. that's not an easy state to win in when you're a conservative republican. and did he a fantastic job and he was a leader when he was there. but do you know what always has stood out, by the way, incredible family. his wife, incredible lady. what always stood out for me more than anything else, one of the things that the world
11:27 am
watches are the olympics. we had the olympics in salt lake city. and they were falling apart. and they didn't know what they were going to do. can you imagine having that kind of an embarrassment? it would always be as bad as people slugging it out at a campaign rally with images. seriously. you think about this. we kind of chuckle about this. think of the images that have been broadcast across this world of the way we're picking the president here. my kids are watching this. your kids, your grand kids are watching what's happening here. and they're looking at a scene of people pounding each other. you think they're not using that for propaganda to send a message to people that america is broken? that america is lost? we have that other opportunity back with the olympics. and we could have looked really, really bad. and mitt romney went in and saved the day and ran one of the greatest olympic games in modern history because of his
11:28 am
leadership and because of what he was able to do. and he is a great job creator. you think i'm going to let hillary clinton disparage job creators in this country? you have another thing coming. it is not going to happen. because we need the job creators to help our families. when i grew up, my dad carried mail on his back. do you know that? 29 years, my dad carried mail on his back. what you don't know is that my father's father, my grandfather, was a coal miner. he would go down in the mine. he would dig all day long. and he would think he had a good haul and go up top. they would go to my grand faerk you dug too much peat.
11:29 am
not enough coal. so we're going to cut in it half. he had nobody to talk to. and he died of black lung, losing his eyesight along the way. my mother's mother -- or my mother, let me tell you a little about her. i just found out the other day. we didn't talk about these things. it is sort of funny myself uncle george who has now turned 90. my father's brother, he and his brothers used to go to school in remade flour sacks. they didn't have anything. my uncle was really mad at me. if he is watching today, uncle george, if we're on television, i'm not saying that to embarrass you. i'm saying that because i want people to know how proud that i am, your nephew, of the fact that you graduated from high school, went to college and became a guidance counsellor for 39 years, helping kids get their lives. and you but the yourself up.
11:30 am
how proud i am that you're my uncle and it happened in america. so we didn't talk about this. my mother is one of four. two brothers and a sister. my cousin told me that my mother was the only one to have graduated from high school and the other three, she didn't think even got beyond the eighth grade. you see, folks, all of my career, those folks, my family, the place where i grew up, all blue collar, all democrat. when the wind blew the wrong way, peel found themselves out of work. and i can see it as a kid on the ball field. my buddies would come up and you can see when they were down. i didn't figure it out until you a few years ago why they were
11:31 am
down, it was because dad or mom lost a job. i learned the value of work. let me tell you another thing that i feel strongly about. you know, the lord has made each and everyone of us special. do you know that? there's nobody ever been born like you. there will never be another person that will come after you that will be like you. you were made special, sir. you were made special to accomplish something significant. to change the world. you don't have to change the world by running for president. frankly, i don't think the lord cares whether you're running for president or you're sweeping a floor. i think all he cares is what are you doing with what i gave you? to live a life bigger than yourself. to make a difference. so in that little home town of mckeys rocks, my dad knew
11:32 am
everybody's business. what he knew is when a kid scored a touchdown on friday night, he celebrated. when the daughter sang a solo, he celebrated. when there was a loss in the family. i have learned -- >> looking at john kasich in ohio at a rally in north candlon where he was introduced by mitt romney. the all important state of ohio. 66 delegates at stake tomorrow on super tuesday. back here in florida, 99 delegates at stake tomorrow. and all important for that man right there, senator marco rubio taking questions. >> let's listen in. >> he's now saying he'll faye legal fees for the guy who punched a guy at the rally. it is irresponsible and over the top.
11:33 am
again i ask america, do you really want to live in a country where everybody hates each other? people at each other's throats? we can have a passionate debate but if we become a country where everybody hates each other, we're in trouble. i said i was, that was one day. >> i don't think in the history of american politics, anything compares. in the history of american politics. >> i think that's always important. elections are a process.
11:34 am
you have a job to do, a plan. you execute on the plan. and then the outcome is up to voters and god's will. the voters decide it. that's the way it works. >> if you look at your campaign -- do you have any regrets about not striking this contest? >> when you said mccain msnbc was not a hero because he was taken captive? there comes a point when we won't allow -- you won't allow your campaign. if all you do is react to donald trump every day, you would do nothing all day but react to donald trump. you have 11 or 12 people running at the time. if all do you is react to every
11:35 am
outrageous he makes, my campaign would have been nothing but reaction to donald trump's outrageous statements. we have to tell people who we are. it has not worked to this point but as the race narrows, i think it will. let's not forget work the thirds of american voters have rejected donald trump. >> i don't know. i have no idea. chicago has a professional class of protesters. this is not about chicago. this is about the broader scope of his campaign.
11:36 am
now he's going to pay the legal fees when they assault someone. bits a campaign that has offended women and minorities, the disabled reporter. his pro fastball repeatedly. the discourse of our elections has become a comic section. you have to be a country where you're capable of having passionate debate about issues. what are the limits of what you are allowed to say before it goes too far? i don't know if they exist anymore. i hope we'll take a step back and realize this is not good for our process, for the republicans forks our people. >> what do you think that means? >> well, other than the fact again, this just came over the wire. so i wouldn't plan on it too
11:37 am
deep. as we've seen the syrian army, they've been able to make significant advances. it just came over the wire so i would need more details. suffice to say i believe we will keep a permanent presence in the naval base and the assets in the region. we have in quarrel with the chinese people. [ inaudible ] i guess everything is okay but i don't, i have big problems with the chinese government. it is an important powerful economy, second largest country in the world. i hope our relationship will get
11:38 am
better over time but not if they continue. >> yeah. going to utah. >> so marco rubio talking to reporters in melbourne, florida, as he continues to crisscross the state prior to super tuesday. it came up about the conflict that the presentation of donald trump at certain rallies encouraging people and using a little violent language. and then offering to pay for legal fees for these people. one of the cases happened in fayetteville at a rally last week in north carolina. we know donald trump was at a rally earlier today in hickory. wral is reporting that they are looking at the linden, man, the man who was later charged in that incident. and the cumberland county sheriff's office investigating
11:39 am
whether or not they will consider filing a charge against trump for inciting a riot. so coming up in a few minutes, we have the interior shot on the right hand side of the screen. if you can hear me, what's taking place there with folks that have shown up to protest the rally? >> hey, we've had the protesters which you can see behind me. not now met supporters. pretty much right here. and it has turned into a real screaming match. we've heard a debate here over the kkk. i'll keep moving around here. you can see that there are all these spore attic arguments. people have broenl into one-on-one groups and are having these really heated discussions. everybody is filming including the police, by the way.
11:40 am
the police have stayed on the outside. and they're filming. these are the conversations taking place. i do want to make it clear, this is a small gathering but a very fiery gathering. veteran on both sides of the argument, trump and the ant-trump. the ant-trump protesters. i want to make sure they keep moving. i don't want in. any explicit language going on and that's always a danger that we take. the trump rally hasn't just started yet. this has been going on for about five hours outside the tampa convention center. >> and the people, the supporters there, are these overflow folks that have not been allowed into the rally? is that why they're outside? >> exactly that. so people stayed in line about four hours. they took in the capacity that they could take.
11:41 am
that's when it got frustrated. >> how much of that is more ginned up because they see your camera? or other cameras there? or is this happening when the cameras aren't on? >> this is happening when the camera isn't on. there is an equal number of protesters. in every director you see local media here everywhere. and i think that's playing a part in this. i don't know if people would be here if there was not so much media here. >> reporting in tampa for us outside the trump rally taking place there. we see supporters and protesters that are having, we'll keep an eye on the screen. that's john kasich's event on
11:42 am
the lower right-hand side. we want to turn our attention to the democrats and hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the campaign trail and ramping up their efforts to have successes on super tuesday. clinton's first stop was in chicago before traveling to north carolina before the get out the vote event. five primaries being head. 793 delegates up for grabs according to the new poll. clinton leads sanders by 27 points in florida. in ohio, clinton is ahead by 20 points. sanders has closed the gap to 6 points in illinois. in the wake of violent clashes, sanders and trump traded barbs. >> i call them disruptors. a the love them come from bernie sanders. whether he says it or not, if he says no, he's lying. >> donald trump is a pathological liar. he is got go pay the legal fees
11:43 am
of somebody who committed a terrible act of violence. what that means is that trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. >> so joining me from orlando, florida. congressman, good to have you with me. >> i can hear you fine. thank you. >> as a super delegate, you've asked people to vote on grayson that was to help you to final out who you wanted to endorse a. bernie sanders has great support via social media. we heard donald trump blaming
11:44 am
bernie sanders. >> we heard of this as an election over issues. bernie sanders has a unique platform. he supports a $15 an hour minimum wage. he supports free public college, financing students loans. these issues that neither secretary clinton or anyone else has. i think they would like to see people concentrate on what america looks like and what we can accomplish through public policy. to make america great. both once again and for all time. so i think bernie sanders wants this election to be about the greatest good for the greatest number. and not dissolve itself into some sort of violent else. >> as we look at your home state of florida, we have hillary clinton holding the commanding lead. 61-40%. if hillary clinton wins tomorrow and secures the nomination, will you be willing to support her? >> yes, of course.
11:45 am
there's been a heavy regional effect. in the southern states, she has won by an average of 42 points. jous, she's lost by an average of 20 points. north carolina and florida the last two left. after that, if sanders continues to win across the country by 20 points, the nomination will be his. >> i want to ask you about the running of the seat left open by marco rubio. you are throwing your efforts behind trying to grab that seat coming up. we have this open or the issue of the house ethics investigation about managing a hedge fund in the kaman islands. do you feel the democrats have your back? or is it something else? >> look. one of the real growth elements to our economy in florida is people filing serious ethics complaints. in the last gubernatorial
11:46 am
explain, there were 12 filed against him. the public had nine filed against him. out of those 21 ethics complaints, not a single one resulted in any action. this is just a card being played by my opponents to smear me. that's the beginning, the middle and the end of the story. >> congressman, thank you for making time for me. we hope you make your flight. i know you had to move some things around for us. >> thank you very much. >> we want to encourage you fortunate msnbc double-header. we have the two candidates talking to us and the voters. there you see it. and then hillary clinton will be with chris matthews at 7:00 p.m. we want to get back to this breaking news. i mention that had a sheriff's office investigators in couple betterland say they're considering charging donald trump for potentially inciting a
11:47 am
riot. gilbert, explain the back ground on this. is that accurate to say they're considering filing against trump or against the man that threw the punch? >> you're right on both charges. they've already filed charges against the man who threw the punch. he faces a couple charges for assault and battery. the next time he told another reporter that, next time he might have to kill him. so based on that, the sheriff's office has charged him with communicating a threat. he is out on $5,000 bond. about 30 minutes ago, i interviewed the sheriff's attorney here in cumberland county. he told me while the sheriff's office is investigating into mr. mcgraw, went over the speech that donald trump gave last
11:48 am
wednesday at the crown coliseum with a fine tooth comb. during their analysis of that speech, there were several instances where trump made comments that incited the folks to continue violent acts in, during that rally in fayetteville. so they are considering whether to charge donald trump for the violence that happened here in fayetteville. they had not decided that they will but they are considering that right now. the sheriff was on the black radio talk show complaining all the circumstances surrounding the investigation. not only mr. mcgraw and trump but also into their deputies as well. there may be some charges filed. >> gilbert, thanks so much. we want to go to the trump rally. we had earlier reports that governor sarah palin would be traveling back to alaska because her husband todd has been involved in an accident that
11:49 am
left him in intensive care. an accident with a snow mobile. she is there in tampa. let's listen in. >> donald trump elected president. and what we don't have time for is all that petty punk ass thug ri stuff going on with these quote/unquote protesters who are doing nothing but wasting your time. and trying to take away your first aemtd rights, your rights to assemble peacefully, and the media being on the thug side. what the heck are you thinking, media? it doesn't make sense. well, you all get it. i think the media and too many other candidates are underestimating the wisdom of the peel. you're smart, energized, optimistic, you're positive and that's why you're here today.
11:50 am
and i thank you for spending your time here today. because it is time. we have all recognized the majority of americans have recognized. republicans, independents, those good old blue dog reagan democrats out there. we've all recognized. we need a revolution. it is time to get rid of the status quo. the status quo has got to go. we need a revolution. and we found our revolutionary. donald j. trump is that revolutionary. so thank you for recognizing that and what it will take to get him in there to be in that position to let us make america great again. that's what it is all. about it is all about you. and someone else who is as excited as i am to see this great change coming in america in such a positive way.
11:51 am
a great governor who knows what it takes to write people together. donald trump is the unifier. this next governor coming up on stage, that he and i are together on the stage, you will see the manifestation of donald trump's ability to unify. i want to introduce to you, governor chris christie. and he will tell you why he is supporting donald trump donald trump for the president of the united states of america. >> we had after lunch time, information about todd palin being involve in a snow mobile accident in alaska and sarah palin was not going to be able to attend a trump event and she would go back to alaska. we see her on the stage shelf referred to the accident as a little wreck and she proceeded to keep the schedule for the tampa event. chris christie on the stage now.
11:52 am
i want to bring into the conversation, we have miami beach mayor, phillip levine, thank you, so much. we have a pirate ship pulling in behind us. >> trump. >> no. we know trump is in tampa. not too far away. what do you make of the reaction that some people are having to the rally taking place. we saw the report from cal. we have those coming out to protest. is this an example of the worst? we make sure that we assure the tranquility and the safety of all the citizens. and anything that would disrupt that. it is most important to all americans but safety as a mayor is crucial. putting my political hat on.
11:53 am
you see a lot of anger. clearly the republican party has a lot of anger and i guess they created it themselves. i say dr. frankenstein, you created frankenstein. why are you complaining about the monster you created? >> we know that bernie sanders and hillary clinton and the other candidates have come out to condemn it. >> as you look at the poll in a general election between the trump and clinton, or a trump and sanders, who does it best help? >> you look at the head to head match-up. either one soundly defeated. feet donald trump. these images we've seen. amazing to hear the word sarah palin use the word thuggery?
11:54 am
the candidates themselves who are involved and the participant have a right to not incite this violence. the poll show this will help the democrats unless they can contain this and turn it back to a discussion. >> what do you think it means to look at the number? the three different polls out today. the fact florida voters like what he is presenting. at least in the primary. and they're going to send him through. it is the end of the sweep stakes of rubio rhone on the presidential level. that poll asked, should he suspend his candidacy. >> all the polls show that's what will trags pier tomorrow. >> absolutely, we're very disappointed with marco rubio. it is surprising that he won washington, d.c. i know he hasn't spent a lot of time there. it is quite unique.
11:55 am
>> we have breaking news to deal with. >> this has to do with the russian president vladimir putin ordering the start of russian troops to pull out from syria. >> this seems to be a surprise announcement. today russian president vladimir putin holding a meeting with senior members of defendants ministry, announcing that the military objectives in syria were nearly accomplished following the six-month campaign inside the country. they stay russian president phoned the syrian president, informed him that main components of the russian armed forces, particularly the air force will be withdrawing from syria starting tuesday afternoon. it would be a decisive blow, giving that russia has been supporting the assad government for some time. keep in mine that the russian announcement was saying that russia had achieved its military objective think. s, fighting terrorism in that country. they said that the syrian govern
11:56 am
against that fight of terrorism as well as on the ground. >> thank you. vladimir putin ordering russian troops out of years. i can't it has been a wild hour. and we have much more coming up. we are watching that rally taking place in tampa. we'll take you back there. and our coverage from the bay side marketplace in miami continues. i'm thomas roberts. stay tuned. my colleague kate snow picks up our coverage next. at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot. (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most... how'd ya do? we won! nice!
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talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. yeah, i was just talking uhabout yourico?... emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. live in bayside marketplace in florida. that's donald trump in tampa, florida. >> so incredible.
12:00 pm
so incredible. i want to thank sarah. her husband is a tough cookie but when you are too tough, you break ribs every once in a while. he's a great guy. sarah, thank you so much. and pam, i think the most pop radar person in florida. and a really capable woman and somebody who loves the people of florida so much. and i want to thank pam for introducing me ask endorsing me. a great honor. and most importantly to your mother. we've been all over. and the biggest story in all of politics worldwide today, is what's happening with the republican party. what's going on has been, they call it a phenomena. what's happening is millions and millions of


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