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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> so incredible. so incredible. i want to thank sarah. her husband is a tough cookie but when you are too tough, you break ribs every once in a while. he's a great guy. sarah, thank you so much. and pam, i think the most pop radar person in florida. and a really capable woman and somebody who loves the people of florida so much. and i want to thank pam for introducing me ask endorsing me. a great honor. and most importantly to your mother. we've been all over. and the biggest story in all of politics worldwide today, is what's happening with the republican party. what's going on has been, they call it a phenomena. what's happening is millions and millions of people are going out and they're voting.
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but they're not voting for democrats. they're down 35%. they're voting for republicans. and believe it or not, it is the biggest story today in politics worldwide. it is a phenomenon. and sim over proud to be a part of it. we went to south carolina, over the place. virtually every place. not virtually. every single place, record attendance, record votes. and it started with new hampshire and it actually started with iowa and then new hampshire and then right after that, it just kept going. a person came up to me and said i've been at the voting booths for appeared of 30 years. i've never seen crowds like this. ten blocks long. thank you, thank you.
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she was telling me, i used to have two people, three people walk in and out. then we go to south carolina. where frankly the pope, bunk the pope. right before i was, we were scheduled to have the big vote, the pope said some things about me and my people. the pope made a statement about you, mr. trump. tell me it was a good one flox. it was a bad one. it had to do with illegal immigration. he thought we should open the border. that's because the mexicans spoke to him. once he found out that the crime and all the problem that's are being caused, he was great the next day. i said will this affect my vote? he was really great. it worked out to be great. we have to have a border. we have to have strong borders. we have to have the wall. we have to stop poisoning our
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swoet drugs. we will do it we will do it. new hampshire was my first big vote. it was tremendous lop-sided victory. don't hurt her, don't hurt her. you know, every wums in a while, we'll have a disruptor. i don't call them protesters. they never turn unless there's a protester, right? they never turn unless there's a protester. i go and sarah and pam, i go to the different places. and sometimes we fill up stadiums like in dallas. and i'll go back and call my wife. how was it? she said was it a big crowd? let me tell you, it was massive. unless there is a protester, they never turn. i thought they physically couldn't turn. it's true. until we had a protester in the
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back upper corner. and they looked like pretzels, those cameras. they could turn. i've never seen anything like it. the crowds we're getting are enormous. enormous. we just got back from north carolina. we have property there. boy, do i employ a lot of people there and boy do i employ a lot of people in florida. with all the clubs and the buildings, great company related. with the desert family, all along the shore. miami beach. it has been a great place. thank you. i love you too. i love you too. but i employ thousands and thousands of people. just at doral. they take a poll in nevada.
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big hispanic population. who come out number one? trump. we love it. we're going to turn things around. the country has a tremendous problem. we are $19 trill, going to $21 trillion, very, very soon. it has to be changed. we make bad trade deals. our military is being decimated. we don't have the funds for it. we don't have the funds. we're way off. just so you understand. we're going to bull our military, bigger, better, stronger than anyone else. nobody will mess with us. nobody is going to mess with us. nobody. we're going to take care of our vets. our vets. our vets, right? our vets are being treated terribly. so we're going to take care of our vets. education. common core. a disaster. that's education run by
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washington, d.c. they can't run anything. soon they will be able to. believe me. we terminate common core and bring education locally. you're going to be very happy. we'll have education through love. believe me. obamacare is a disaster. it will be repealed and replaced as sure as you're sitting there. repeal and replaced. and we will have alternative that's are so much less expensive. so better. you will be able to keep your doctor and to have your plan. that was the big lie. of all of them, sarah? would you say? 28 times. you can keep your keep your do. it was all a big lie. premiums are going up 45, 55% and we're going to do something. we'll have great, great health care. trust me. i know a lot about health care. we're going to have great that
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health care. for by the way, for a fraction of the price. do you see what's going on with deductibles? if you don't get hit by a tractor, you're near death and you might have to go all the way to collect. you're near death for a long period of time. you'll never make your deductible. so forget it. we'll have great, great health care. on the border, we'll have a strong, strong powerful border. we'll have strong borders and we're going to build a wall. it will be built. and who will pay for the wall? 100%. by the way, i'm not kidding. you understand that. so these guys, rubio, look.
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here's what you have to do. when you get elected senator or any place else, you have to vote. you have to recommend the people. he defrauded the people. you have to vote in the senate. it is called beautiful hall, beautiful building. you raise your hand. right vote. wrong vote. he is never there. he is never there. i don't know where he is but he is never there. he is weak a immigration and very strong on amnesty. i don't know how he got elected. i don't know how he got elected. how did he get elected? can anyone tell me? i think it will end. it all began up on the stage, the debates. i've had such fun with those debates. it's amazing. i've had such fun. i hike the debates.
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but i think it is now enough with the debates. we've had enough. how many times can you be asked the same question by the same people, right? but the debates have been great. but chris christie went after marc dlox i'm going to say with great almost. i won't say little marco. i refuse to say it! right? i refuse to say little marco. so chris christie went after marco. and i was standing right on my podium right here. and marco is over here. and i noticed, it was unbelievable. sweat was pouring. and i know chris is tough but i didn't know he was that tough. where the hell is chris? it was a very impressive situation. i'm standing here. chris is over there. and he look like perry mason. he has his elbow. he is grilling marco. and marco gave the same answer
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once, twice. this is weird. he keeps giving the same exacto over like he's a robot. he kept giving that. after the fifth time, i say what's going on? i had this big powerful hand. big, powerful. i can't want him to go down. we can really change things. and he won't do it. and lion ted. lyin with an apostrophy. i can only call him a liar after another one call him a liar. he looked at ted and said you're
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lying. how about ben carson who two days ago endorsed me. a great guy. dr. ben. the jerry falwell jr. endorsement. jerry falwell from liberty college endorsed me. and so much to do between sarah and jerry. don't forget. when i went to south carolina, that was supposed to be ted cruz. i won in a land slide. everyone said what's going on? they all said what's going on? >> donald trump in the middle of a campaign event in tampa, florida. you heard him criticizing his rivals. particularly marco rubio. no surprise. polls do show trump way out in front in florida but it is marco rubio's home state.
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let's to go kerry sanders. he is inside that rally. that was a pretty tim cal speech from donald trump and not a lot of reaction in terms of protesters or disruptions from the crowd at this point. >> exactly. but they just started channelling trump, trump, trump. clearly a protester is being taken out of the room by the heavy security here. here we are again. just listen. so we'll hand the camera over here. it is hard to see. go ahead. >> we'll show you all the crowd of cameras here. this is sort of typical of what happens at a donald trump rally. the difference is that this is somebody standing up. there is no violence. about three minutes into the speech. we hear the chanting.
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you hear them channting, usa! donald trump said don't hurt her. he was very specific and security escorted her out. we see a somewhat rambunctious crowd here. a few people holding up some signs. by and large, this is a typical donald trump sort of speech. hitting at the normal plateaus. wait a second. let me step out of the way. so this would be the fourth interruption now in his speech. he is here. you see donald trump saying get him out of here. get him out of here. >> kerry? >> yes. >> i would like to point out the reason that we see someone's back is because you're penned in. you're inside an area that is very confined that the trump campaign will only allow press to be in this one area. that's why we see all cameras in the shot. >> exactly. the reason we're here, we are penned in the back of the room.
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we weren't even allowed to leave to get some water, go to the restroom, get some food. we've been here since early this morning. here we see donald trump as he does at these gatherings. he complains that the media doesn't show what happens until there's a protester. now he says the cameras swing. of course we show what's going on in the crowds. so there's about 1,200 people in here. most of the people have seating but they've been standing since the moment donald trump came in. prior to him coming in here, sarah palin who we thought went to alaska. she is here. herp husband was involved in a snow mobile accident she. she called it a little wreck so i guess it isn't as bad as we thought. >> this will continue on. we've heard donald trump asking, have you voted yet? in florida, 1.1 million people
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have already voted in this state. on the republican side. through the mail or through early voting. here we have another person being ejected. he says he calls them disruptors. we see people walking. okay. being escorted out. he is standing in the round. and they have sort of a fence around where he is. and there are, i count six secret service agents positioned around where he is i know what the tampa police department. there is an increased level. not only in the building but around donald trump because of the fear of what happened two days ago. where somebody tried to lunge. they on to the stage. so there is a fair am of concern for those who were trying to make a point of protesting and causing a problem during a trump rally.
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>> we are sort of half hearing what's going on behind him. i heard him mention bernie sanders's name again. s which what he's been doing all weekend. >> let's listen. >> a big strong guy. they sat -- they hit back. the next day it was trump's people are rough. it's terrible. we're going to take back our country. >> so we hear him referring to what he's done before, we're going to take it back. i spoke to people earlier today including a 25-year-old young african-american man. he said he came out to find out what this was about. when he entered the room, even though he got in through security. he said he felt a little threatened. people came up to him asking, what are you doing here? why are you here?
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as i scan the room, i count at most four african-americans in this room. this is a pre dominantly white crowd. the fear michael reed has going into a room like this is not because of what could happen here. he is concerned about that. what he saw happen in chicago. and depending on who you look at. who started the violence he walked in fearing for his safety and left. >> we'll take a quick break. we have a the love political activity going on today. we'll be right back with more analysis after a quick break. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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bayside marketplace in miami, florida. at this time tomorrow we'll be in the latter inches at a of a day that could dramatically reshape the election. depending on how things shake out, donald trump and hillary clinton could both separate themselves from their competition. but if certain states nag different direct, could it set up a dragout of fights in both parties. we're in florida. one of the key battle ground states. plus, the northern mariana islands hold delicate elections. it happens to be marco rubio's home state in florida and he needs the 99 winner take all delegates to keep his campaign going. the latest polls show him with half the support of donald trump. in ohio, another big prize tomorrow night. home down governor john kasich is holding on to the top spot in polls but trump, not far behind. still unclear how this weekend's campaign rally violence and what we'll see play out. how this might affect the number
12:22 pm
if at all. take a listen to the white house from just a short time ago. you have an aspiring political leader fueling tensions. and trying to capitalize on their anxieties to provide energy to his campaign. whatever happen tomorrow fundamentally changes the game. hillary clinton has twice as many as bernie sanders. donald trump looks to close in potentially on the 1237 delegates that he needs to win the gop nomination. but ted cruz does not want that to happen. he is storming across the state of illinois today. making five stops there ahead of tomorrow's primary. as he hopes to win a chunk of the 69 delegates at stake in illinois. earlier today, cruz tweeted,
12:23 pm
happy to be in illinois today to offer a bold contrast from beneficiaries of donald trump contributions, rob. that was an illinois reference in that tweet. it's no accident that he is in five cities in illinois. in campaign that campaign knows metrics. they're focused in. they think they have a shot there. >> that's exactly right. they're ill doctor, they're drilling down. it is down to the district level. the cruz campaign is looking to pick off delegates in very specifying areas like for example, here in glen ellyn. we've been driving around, he's been barn storming similar to what we saw in iowa when would do three, four, five rallies. he has five in illinois. he is on his way to stop number three. the one here was well received
12:24 pm
by his supporters. we spoke with some of them. specificbly the protests that have been happening over the last three or four days at trump rallies. and the protest that's popped up here today at a ted cruz rally. it was a woman protesting on animal rights. she was escorted out. we were told by police, she was not arrested. but cruz is reiterating his support for donald trump. if we to become the republican nominee. here's an exchange from earlier today. i understand that you will say that you made a promise to support the nominee. at what point do events on the ground force you or at least have you reconsider and maybe look at your position, given that your rivals say it would be extremely difficult to support. >> i would give you one example where i would no longer support donald trump. if for example he were to go out on fifth avenue and shoot somebody, i would not be willing
12:25 pm
to support donald trump. so tongue in cheek comments about him not losing support if even if he went on fifth avenue and shot somebody. it is indicative of ted cruz alone in this republican field, not having the second thoughts that we've seen from marco rubio and kasich came about supporting trump. even though cruz says he would be a disaster if he were in fact nominee. he is back by 9 points in our nbc "wall street journal" poll. the bottom line, he doesn't necessarily have to win but he is hoping to beat donald trump in enough places that they can stay close and open up the pretty wide gap if it turns out that marco rubio and kasich came end up staying in the race beyond tuesday. >> thank you. tomorrow's winner take all in florida is a must-win for the senator, marco rubio.
12:26 pm
new polls show him trailing by double digits. despite that, he says his confidence remains high. joining me now, gabe gutierrez who is following the rubio campaign. he joins me there melbourne. the senator just racked up a meet and greet. you're making your way toward us. you're going south on i-95. >> that's right. that's right. heading 350 miles to jacksonville. rubio with four events throughout the state. his crucial home state. not just the "wall street journal" poll but also, montday mouth. the rubio campaign is trying to put a brave face on this. they keep saying it is a much tighter race than the poll would indicate. and he told supporters as much. he just wrapped up speaking with reporter. i asked him whether he had more time to think about this wavering.
12:27 pm
two days ago, where he was asked back then whether he would support donald trump degree the nominee. here's what he had to say? >> it's getting harder every day. we want to focus on tomorrow. i think the republican party, the rhett ris he continues to use. >> and marco rubio went on to say that never in american politics had we seen the vulgarity coming from the candidacy. and i asked him, whether he had time to think. if he were not to win florida. he keeps insisting he hand thought that far ahead. he smile as he walked out of the room and said we're going to utah. we'll see. back to you. >> okay. we'll see. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
12:28 pm
gabe gutierrez. let's break down florida politics with politico writer mark, let's talk about marco rubio. all weekend long it felt like he was being really honest. he was laying it all out there. i know where you're going with this. it seemed like his attitude had shifted. is he like, this is it. if it is done, it's done? >> right. remember, there were a number of false reports earlier in the week. that rubio was considering dropping out. you wrote in. quinnipiac has trump up 24 points. monmouth has trump up 17 points.
12:29 pm
what was telling to help is that you noted, trump has not trailed in a florida poll since august. >> we're doing early absentee ballots. if you look at where rubio needs to do well, he is. but where trump is doing excellent in, those counties are really turning out the vote. it is difficult to see how the math works. i don't want to say it is impossible. we're at maybe a 2 million turnout. that means 2 million might wind up not voting. it is just getting really late in the game. >> we have hours. >> let me mention about early voting. some folks at nbc news, we're looking at the numbers. 43% of the more than a million gop voters who have already cast early ballots are new voters. you would think might be trump voters. >> a lot have been on the rolls.
12:30 pm
all of a sudden they appear toward cast a ballot. they didn't vote for mitt romney or rick scott, our governor. now they're here on the rolls. and there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that a good proportion of them are donald trump voters. there's a the love ant-trump voters. but it is divided between marco rubio and cruz and kasich. >> can i play a new ad? this is yet another ant-trump ad. not clear where they're buying time or where it will play in florida. >> i like kids. i mean, i won't do anything to kae care of them. i'll supply funds and she'll take care of the kids. it really doesn't matter what they write. as long as you have a young and beautiful piece of -- >> that must be a pretty picture. you dropping to your knees. >> there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her, wherever. >> women. you have to treat them like
12:31 pm
[ bleep ]. >> wow! women reading quotes from trump. it is an our principles pac. led by a former romney aide. there have been a lot of ant-trump ads in the state and it doesn't seem to be stopping him in florida. >> it doesn't. and notice what happened today. pam bondi, the top elected official. she decided to endorse donald trump. i think he is seeing a little of that and he is guarding himself. political science dictates, if you have so many million of negative ads against you, they will start to work. it just doesn't look like it will work soon enough for rubio. coming up, we'll check in with the democrats on the trail. right now, hillary clinton gearing up for an event in charlotte. bernie sanders has his next event in missouri. both holding town halls tonight. the only place you can watch those town halls, by the way, is
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it is time for to us unite as a country. >> that was hillary clinton today in chicago. she and bernie sanders making a final push on the campaign trail today. ahead of the high stakes contest. over 790 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats. hillary clinton is holding events in illinois, missouri and north carolina today. meanwhile, bernie sanders in north carolina, missouri, and later in chicago as well. meantime, comments about bernie sanders' faith at a trump event getting a lot of attention. mark burns opened up for trump. sanders is jewish and this is what pastor burns said. >> and bernie sanders who doesn't believe in god, how in the world are we going to let bernie -- really?
12:37 pm
bernie has to meet jesus. he has got to have a come to jesus meeting. >> let's bring in nbc correspondent joy reed. i think i said it wrong. the state of the democratic race. >> so the democrats obviously, they're out there. and they're competing. not as much in florida but really, those midwestern states where bernie sanders sees that he might maybe have a chance. >> you start to understand when you listen to local radio which i've been doing all day. hearing lots of hillary clinton ads. not too many bernie sanders ads. i think for both the race is in the rough spell. you see where the race is. you hear about hillary clinton, she is trying to keep ohio from becoming the next michigan. about 12% african-american versus 14% in michigan. the same rust belt issues. i think that she's really trying to do that. >> and people remember, it was a surprise.
12:38 pm
just last week when michigan went for bernie sanders. you were getting a pulse on talk radioful? so hit three radio stations in three and a half hours. a very interesting spectrum of opinions. on the democratic side, this is hillary clinton country. reinforced what we believe going. in the african-americans very frightened by the donald trump phenomen phenomenon. very see it as race based. there is a small number of african-american conservative that's are he sort of singing the trump song based on thing like jobs. for the most part what i'm hearing is voters here are democrats. >> what about on the republican side? did you go to conservative -- >> absolutely. that was interesting. it was like leaving one country and going into another. on the democratic side, the concerns are we going off a racial cliff. the republican side, the same thing.
12:39 pm
both white and hispanic saying barack obama abandoned the constitution. those were more cruz voters. then the trump voters saying black lives matter is attacking white people. that the rally interrupters are there to demonize white americans. they have to fight back and trump is their guy. pretty extreme stuff that i was hearing on the radio. the trump supporters are die hards. one interesting flip. a caller called in. he was hispanic. he is flipping to trump. >> always great to have you with us. are you sticking around? >> i think i'm heading to ohio. >> i think i'm heading -- i should not say it out loud. >> i think illinois bundle for sure. msnbc is trying to figure out where the story is moving constantly so we can be in the right place.
12:40 pm
>> i think throws good choices. the rust belt is the battle ground for both. >> don't worry, we're staying in miami with the sunshine. >> we'll speak with the clinton supporter in florida. a mayor right after this. ugh ca to take their act to the next level... before earning 1cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. 80% but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. [engines revving] you can't have a hero,
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you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ according to the polls, hillary clinton is leading by a wide margin in florida. a new wall street marist poll shows this. nice to see you, mr. mayor. >> thank you for having me. >> we've just been talking about. this we were talking about the strength of hillary clinton. you hear a lot of talk about her here. i want to go ahead and play a new ad from the sanders campaign that's getting a lot of
12:44 pm
attention. it has gone viral. it features a chicago school principal who grew up and says his life was changed. let's watch it and talk about it. >> i saw that photograph of bernie sanders, chained to a black woman, protesting segregation in the 1960s. that photograph tells me more about hess willingness to fight for the rights of all the people than anything, any politician has ever said. being able to have a college education, transformed my view of what i could be in this world. it should not just be a small group of people who give access to that kind of experience. every american, regardless of their income, should have access to a college education. >> mayor, it is a nicely produced ad. it is getting a lot of attention. what do you say to that notion that people should have free college and they should support bernie sanders? >> well, to the first part of.
12:45 pm
free access to college, i could not agree more. myself, i have to say, i'm born to my mother who was a school bus driver growing up, and my father who was a construction worker. they made sure that we had a roof over our head, food on the table. that we had access to everything we could achieve. i'm if first of my family in seven kids to go to college. it is one of the reasons i'm so supportive of secretary clinton and the very aggressive agenda that she has been advocating around the country, making college more affordable. not to mention the ten of millions that she has committed to investing in historically black colleges, like the hsbu that i attended. the difference between her and senator sanders is that with regard to her commitment, she's had a strong record of hoping the deliver on those commitments. >> mr. mayor, we've been talking
12:46 pm
about the midwest and the sort of rust belt states. the states where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning today. sanders has pulled off a big upset as you know in michigan. and he's been really talking a lot about trade and jobs. are you concerned that clinton won't be able to pull out wins because people are being convinced by the message on trade? what i am convinced about is that secretary clinton is prepared to compete. all 50 states across this country. she has by far more votes. more votes than anyone on the republican side of the aisle. what i am convinced by regard to her economic agenda for the future of america, is that it is an agenda that includes helping to prepare the next generation of americans for the future economy. helping to equip young peel across this country with the knowledge and the skills and the fools they need to step up to the job that's are available to
12:47 pm
them. that they need to be well trained on. those jobs that will be created through the green economy. helping to train more people on what it means to put solar panels on roof tops. the amazing technological advances we've seen in this country. young people are well primed to take advantage of. the second has spoken very passionately and aggressively about creating that kind of a future. thank you for joining us. appreciate your time. remember the chads in florida? marco rubio is trying to get tens of thousands of undecided voters to support him. you've ventured out into the florida everglades to talk to undecided voters. >> you just mentioned this new poll. when you look at the numbers.
12:48 pm
up tens of thousands of made up their mine. only about 4% to 5% of the people but it could be huge for marco rubio. his political survival is on the line. we went to the everglades. we thought it might be a little calmer. >> we're about 30 minutes from miami which is supposed to be marco rubio country. we came to the everglades. this is jesse. we'll find out if it is a different story this way. >> jesse! where are we right now? >> we're right out in the everglades in south florida. >> i can't hear anything you're saying but i love it. >> i'm glad you're enjoying it. have fun. >> so jesse, about a ten foot gator there? >> maybe a little bigger. a big male. he is probably with 25, 30 years old. >> what's the one thing people -- >> the biggest thing is the
12:49 pm
environment. environment is a very major major part of this. the environment, our ecosystem here as far as the everglades itself is a pretty fragile system. >> who have you had out here? >> i've had rubio. >> is he afraid of the gators? >>. no he's used to the gators. it's a little different depending on who you talk to. the opinion on what they have. >> you have a big election coming up on tuesday. where do you fall? >> i have to have him give me more information. >> you only have a couple days left. >> i know. they haven't come up with an answer. >> so donald trump is winning a lot of support out here. in the nbc poll, he is blowing right by marco rubio. >> not in my poll. >> how come? >> i personally don't like him. >> what happens in trump wins on tuesday? >> then we'll see what he does as president.
12:50 pm
what can i tell you? >> so let's be honest. i went out there because i wanted to check out the everglades. >> you get the best assignments. >> easly class, lack of class that trump has, in his opinion, is what's turning him off. and marco rubio hopes there are more people like that out there tomorrow that will show up tomorrow. >> contrast that with some people we're about to meet, some trump volunteers that are totally gung ho for donald trump here in this state. we're live from the bayside market place in miami. live back after a quick break. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world?
12:51 pm
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what's attractive to flor a floridi floridians? to florida voters about donald trump? >> his background in business. his experience get things done. you've heard a lot of talk in politics over the last few years and a lot of people are dissatisfied with the
12:54 pm
establishment on both sides. the campaign with all these promises, and once they get in office, they don't deliver. >> that was richard denoply, the former gop chairman for broward county here in florida, explaining how donald trump continues to drum up support here. denoply himself was a former jeb bush supporter who switched allegiances top donald trump after bush suspended his campaign. i recently spoke to some other trump supporters here at an early voting location in hollywood over the weekend. they call themselves the silent majority, and they're part of the trump ground game that few people ever get to see. linda. how long have you been sitting out here? >> since last saturday, every day, 8:30 to 6:00. >> what do you hear from people? do they avoid you or embrace you? >> no, they have embraced me. i have people that are coming up, voters going into the polling, they're giving me a thumbs up. trump is the man. we feed to make america great then, we need to change our country for the better and their
12:55 pm
going in to vote for trump. >> you saw the video friday night, chicago. >> yes, i did. >> people think that trump supporters are angry and some of his own republican competitors say he's instigating. he's getting people riled up. >> you're asking, are persons angry? yes, i am angry. i'm very angry. our current government has failed the american people and donald trump has brought that to the froorefront. >> get 'em out of here. >> so if he says things like, punch that guy in the face, you say what? >> i would say the same thing. that's just a human reaction. >> i'm sure if i were to have a conversation with donald j. trump, i would say, "how do we
12:56 pm
deal with these thugs?" and that's all they are, thugs. >> are you meeting new voters? >> all the time. we met a cuban man who voted for the first time. i said, did you vote for donald trump? and he said, absolutely. >> you don't see large call centers for donald trump in this part of florida. instead, it's people being trained to make phone calls right out of their own home. >> are you planning to vote for mr. trump in the republican primary? >> rachel, how many phone calls have you made for donald trump. >> so far, 10,352. over the past several weeks. >> 10,000? have you been calling all day? >> sometimes i would call all day for almost 11 to 12 hours. >> why are you so passionate about donald trump? >> heist a brilliant businessman, he's the epitome of the american dream, he's totally in it for the country. he's taking a break from building his empire to rebuild the american empire. >> rachel works out of her own home. she's an entrepreneur, she told me, so she has plenty of time to sit and make those calls.
12:57 pm
by the way, they use an automated system, so she can multitask and be checking e-mails or doing other work while the phone is dialing and dialing and dialing until it gets an answer, that's when you hear her say, what she said about supporting donald trump. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm kate snow. we're live at the bayside market place in miami, florida. i did get word, i'm off to springfield, illinois, for tomorrow's races there. i have a feeling it's not going to be quite as warm and beautiful as it is in miami. our live coverage picks up next from cleveland, ohio, and chris jansing. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneurs of the week. these are all small business owners in daytona beach, florida. they're listening closely when the presidential candidates talk. what they want to know is who's going to to have their backs when times get tough. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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most new wealth flows it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. good afternoon. i'm chris jansing, coming to you live from the urban farmer's steakhouse in downtown cleveland, ohio. a state that's ground zero for a presidential campaign at a crossroa


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