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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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circled on our calendars for weeks now. it is the day that could put donald trump on the verge of the republican nomination or it could put us on the path to a floor fight in cleveland this summer. something we have never seen in the modern era. if marco rubio and john kasich can't win their home states it could effectively end their campaigns on the spot tonight. as we speak the polls are open in all five states now, in florida, ohio, illinois, missouri and north carolina. in total nearly 400 he will gats up for grabs. that is almost one-third of the magic number needed to win the nomination and that is just at stake today. with most of the voters just beginning to cast their ballots right now we also have our first result of the day already. it comes from way out in the pacific ocean in the northern mariana islands. according to the executive director of the islands republican party they have just
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completed their republican caucuses there and the run away winner is donald trump taking 73% of the vote. again, this according to the republican party out there and that would mean that trump will take all nine of that commonwealth delegates and so we can add that to his running delegate total new york nael now, that brings him up from 462 to 471. creeping ever so snietly toward that magic number of 1,237. but of course the northern mariana islands just a small, small taste of what is to come tonight, the day barrel beginning. donald trump with that first win, that is a good start for him. is it a sign of things to come or is he in for a rude awakening later tonight? there is a lot of uncertainty heading into all of those contests today. it is possible that donald trump could run the table, that he could win all five states tonight. it is also possible that he could lose most of them, too. trump looking particularly vulnerable in the winner take all state of ohio.
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the last three polls there put governor john kasich either tied or in front of trump. kasich of course facing what is essentially a make or break test in his home state. a much bleaker picture for marco rubio in his home state of florida. the polls find him no closer than 17 points there. he is going to need a flat out political miracle if he is going to win that one. our latest weekly online national tracking poll shows trump now up by 20 points across the country. at the same time rubio has slipped all the way to last place in that poll. he is now running one point behind john kasich. of course, today is the kind of day that could change everything and that is why none of the candidates are taking anything for granted. >> you've got to vote. if you have a headache, if you're dying -- >> tomorrow is a choice between optimism and fear. >> you know, the beauty would be if we win florida and we win
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ohio, we can go and attack hillary. >> we are tied in donald trump. >> frankly, folks, i don't care about politics. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty punk ass little thuggery stuff that's been going on. >> one difference between this and a donald trump rally is i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> leadership is not dividing people. leadership is not encouraging a toxic environment. >> there is no balance. these are lovefests. >> the other two candidates have no viable path to 1,237 delegates. the laws of mathematics have foreclosed their path. >> i don't think i can beat honest abe. i don't think i can act more presidential than honest abe. >> i can't wait to stand on that stage in cleveland, ohio, in july and accept the nomination. >> and all of that is only half the drama playing out right now,
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can't forget about the democrats, too. nearly 700 delegates at stake in that race as bernie sanders tries to follow up on his big upset win in michigan last week and to knock hillary clinton off stride, perhaps pulling his own political upset in ohio. that's one of those states to watch tonight. speaking of ohio we are going to be talking to the former mayor of cincinnati just a few minutes ago, you may know him better as the host of the jerry springer show. jerry springer himself is going to join me life to preview his home state's big primary just a few minutes from now. we will get to all of that in a little bit and much more. we will start this morning with the republicans. nbc's jacob rascon is following the donald trump campaign in florida, peter alexander is in ohio following john kasich and gabe gutierrez is with the rubio campaign in miami. jacob, to you first. you are in west palm beach, florida, but the real action today for donald trump may be in ohio, a very narrow race there,
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he seems to be running maybe slightly behind john kasich, but he is going for the win there. >> reporter: yeah, donald trump is framing this that he's betting that he can win as the jobs candidate, that he can stand up for the american worker. he said as much in an op ed today in "usa today," going after the governor on the trade agreement that has been such a staple in his campaign messaging. he spoke in ohio last night, switching out a florida event for an ohio event, knowing that he's neck and neck there. because of this and he railed on the governor making jobs and trade the core message there, calling john kasich an absentee governor, he has perfected the art of death by nickname some call t he's trying to label the governor as much. he knows that the governor is extremely popular, he has incredible favorability ratings and he knows that he has never lost an election in the state but he likes to point out that
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he also, the governor, kasich, has not -- has not won, period, in this presidential cycle. he said as much this morning on the "today" show. take a listen. >> i think the man is just not very popular. i really don't. look, he has not won one race in terms of presidential. i guess he is 0 for 22 and, matt, i really don't see it happening. i've been with the people of ohio, they hate the fact that their coal industry and steel industry is gone and i think we're going to do very well in ohio. >> reporter: now, if he takes florida and if he takes ohio as he wants he only needs to get 53% of the delegates that are remaining, but if he loses ohio it becomes a much more uphill battle as you know, he needs to take 60%. steve. >> all right. jacob rascon on the donald trump beat. thanks for that. going to turn now to nbc's peter alexander, he is at john kasich's campaign headquarters in columbus. peter, i know you've been
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following governor kasich around on the one hand couldn't get more friendly turf for a make or break test, his home state, on the other hand, those polls show he could lose this thing tonight. >> reporter: well, that's what striking is just how donald trump is coming to john kasich in a state where kasich has all the advantages. his popularity, his approval rating among republicans in the state who was at or near 80%. 80% like this guy and nonetheless in the polls he is up only a matter of points above donald trump at this time. kasich has never lost an election in this state and i spoke to him yesterday one-on-one about ohio and about his prospects today. take a listen. >> ain't it great? i mean, i'm running for president of the united states. i'm in my home state and it's fantastic. >> and if you lose? >> i'm not going to lose. we're going to win and, you know, the voters will decide. i'm very, very relaxed. i'm running for president, i'm having a great time and i'm home. the one thing we know about this
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race, what's true on monday is not true on tuesday, which is not true on wednesday and next monday you've got to forget about it. that's like predicting the weather. we'll see what happens, we'll take it a day at a time. >> reporter: remarkably john kasich has yet to win a single state, but the campaign privately believes that if they are able to win, secure a victory in ohio tonight that punches their ticket to ohio at the convention later this summer where they believe that they will be a real player in that contested convention that's likely to take place. this would obviously slow donald trump's trajectory toward the nomination. one other thing to keep an eye on, if kasich wins here and rubio loses in florida tonight, already there are indications i'm hearing that many people that are considered establishment or mainstream republicans will now float over to the kasich side as their last ditch effort to try to stop donald trump. steve. >> yeah, peter, i think we're already starting to see some of that maneuvering in anticipation
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of exactly what you're talking about there. thanks for that. we're going to bring in now nbc's gabe gutierrez, he is from miami. marco rubio is going to have his big election watch party down there tonight. we will see what the mood is when those polls close. gabe, interesting you're picking up on maybe a change in message here from marco rubio. he had been talking about florida as a do or die test for him. now changing his tune a little bit maybe? >> good morning. yeah, when i asked him yesterday what happens on wednesday if you do not win florida? all he would say is, well, we're heading to utah. last night he was asked on fox news what would happen if he doesn't win and here is what he had to say. >> i realize it's winner take all in florida, but what i meant was, you know, are you going to drop out or are you -- if you don't take first place are you going to, you know, tie your horse to john kasich's cart or to senator ted cruz? what's your plan? >> our plan is to be in utah on wednesday and to continue to
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campaign hard. i've never said that my campaign is built on the outcome of any specific state, especially the way it's going now. our plan is to continue to move forward. >> reporter: he technically didn't say that word-for-word, but he had said that he believes that the winner of florida would go on to win the republican nomination. look, steve, what else is he going to say at this point? this is a very difficult position for the rubio campaign to be in. just think that a year ago he was thought of as one of three top contenders for the republican presidential nomination, along with jeb bush and scott walker. now he's coming into his home state down 17 points according to one poll, other polls have him down by more than 20 points against donald trump. now, what the rubio campaign is betting on is that perhaps there might be what would have to be historic turn out here in miami dade county that could give them a last minute boost. this morning they're doing all these local media stops, trying to push the message that he is
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not done yet. last night he had a ruckus rally in miami at a basketball court. the question will be will the rest of the state, the panhandle, central florida, will it back donald trump? there have been more than 2 million early voters and absentee voters here in florida. the question and many of those, however, according to one poll suggests that many of them have already gone for donald trump. the question will be can rubio pull it out? he is fighting for his political survival at this point. steve. >> all right. gabe gutierrez in the magic city, miami, florida. thanks for that. we're going to turn now to hugh hewitt, he's the host of the hui hui wit radio show. let's pick up on that question about where marco rubio would go from here if the polls are right, if he does lose his home state of florida, he is still sitting right now on 160 or so delegates, i imagine if there is this open convention, i know you've been talking about that possibility, he would want to be
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a broker there, but what can he realistically do if he doesn't win florida tonight? >> well, he comes to california on june 7th for one thing where three delegates are awarded per congressional district on june 7th. i think senator rubio will look at ohio and if john kasich wins ohio as i expect he will and i note you have your gray sweater on, steve, we need a scarlet tie to make you ohio state university perfect. if he sees governor kasich win ohio he will say we're going to an open convention, my delegates are my delegates, i'm going to go to places like california and wait to see what happens because this is a race of constant evolutions, constant iterations where rubio might find a path forward to pick up enough delegates to be in the mix in cleveland, but i think the bottom line take away this morning is if john kasich wins and i think he's going to win there is not only great polling data, there's also lots of anecdotal evidence, endorsements like rob portman the senator, mitt romney in the state for him yesterday, rubio supporters are voting for kasich in ohio, some
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cruz supporters are voting for kasich in ohio. if that happens if the governor wins his home state it's an open convention, there's no way for anyone to get to 1,237 delegates on -- before the ballot second in cleveland. so going to be a fascinating night tonight but i also would say you did have an reporter in illinois where ted cruz is creeping up on donald trump. i would look for a big upset there. north carolina and missouri very hard to tell where those states are, no polling at all out of missouri, long aged polling out of north carolina. i think ted cruz will do well in both of those states. so the not trump number of delegates is ahead of trump right now and i expect that margin to grow tonight even though i think donald trump is going to win florida, i still think that that disparate between not trump and trump is what you have to keep your eye on. >> you know ohio really well. let me ask you the difference between how kasich is faring in his home state right now -- because we were out there last week, too, for this show and i was picking up on that, there seemed to be sort of a rally around the hometown guy that i
6:14 am
was picking up on talking to republicans out there. it doesn't seem to be the case in florida with marco rubio, though. what do you think the difference there is? >> in ohio governor kasich has won two terms of the state senate, nine terms in congress, two terms assel california. i'm from ohio, warren, i'm wearing my cleveland browns tie and my youngest son's middle name is ohio. i know ohio. last night donald trump was in my backyard and he made a stop there, he's popular in the mahoning valley with cross over democrats and the vind cater had a great story or more than 12,000 early votes from democrats picking up a reel ballot, which is legal in ohio, saying that they wanted to vote for donald trump. it's jim traf began country. he embodies the donald trump tractor beam on those who are disappointed with president obama, with the republican party, with their lives, whatever, he's very strong up there, but down south and in columbus you see just -- i cannot imagine anyone climbing
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the kasich wall, he's going to win and john weaver will sit down and make the appeal to the party that here is a conservative guy, john kasich, and he ought to be on any regular year the nominee of the party and you will see him go forward to places like california, again, pick up some delegates and then ted cruz dealing with the traditional conservative insurgency, he's the goldwater candidate this time around. we're going to go along longer than we are and the more hillary looks weak, last night she said we didn't lose one person in libya. she said we're going to kill coal jobs and coal companies, she blew the nancy reagan funeral when she talked about the reagans were on aids. she is such a dreadful candidate that all the republicans think they can beat her, there's not much incentive to go home before cleveland. >> i love that you got the jim traf kant reference in there. a little news from this morning. on sunday donald trump appearing with chuck todd on "meet the press" had talked about potentially paying the legal bills, looking into paying the
6:16 am
legal bills for that trump rally attendee who had punched the protester in the face. this morning on "good morning, america" trump seemed to walk that back a little. let me play that and ask you about that. >> i don't condone violence and i didn't say i was going to pay for -- >> you are sea not going to? >> no, i didn't say that. i haven't looked at it yet and nobody has asked me to pay for fees. >> if you are open to that wouldn't by paying those fees wouldn't that be rewarding violence? >> well, maybe so and maybe that's why i won't do it. i don't condone violence at all. >> hugh, i just want to ask you looking at the battle ground today do you think that happened over the weekend, that has happened in the last few days, the headlines, pictures, images coming out of their trump events, the way donald trump has handled it, do you think that has given pause to republican voters in any way or do you think it strengthened him? >> i was sitting on the panel on sunday when he had that conversation with chuck todd and ann garn from "the washington post" and we all looked at each
6:17 am
other and said he did not say he would pay he said he had his people looking into it. i remember it quite specifically. if he did pay legal fees for anyone like that that would be a poker tell of trouble ahead. he walked that back this morning which was very important for him to do. what i think we have to pay attention to is the our values package out there hammering him with the new anti-women ad which runs all of his old quotes. there is a big hit on him in tampa, which will drive down his numbers. i think what you see are people not the d.c. establishment but like the rick et cetera family in chicago don't want donald trump to lead their party and that's going to grow in momentum. if kasich wins ohio and rubio loses florida kasich becomes the placeholder for all of that traditional reagan republicanism to go and congregate where as ted cruz gets out there can conservative insurgency. it's a long way to go and i think donald trump is trying to
6:18 am
get ahead but yesterday the republican party announced another debate in salt lake city. there will be more i think after that, whether on this network on cnn or somewhere else and it's got too much longer to go, it's like the democratic race, it isn't wrapping up. >> hugh hewitt. by the way, you mentioned the gray sweater i'm wearing a minute ago. i should point out we were out in ohio last week, i did have the ohio state win breaker on for one of those shows, i have the angry michigan e-mails to prove it. i did put your ohio state gear on for part of our tour there. thanks for joining us. appreciate it j. after the break, hillary clinton hoping for big wins in florida and ohio tonight, but could bernie sanders deliver another michigan-style upset in one of today's big democratic races? plus our next guest says today's political climate is looking like a circus and he should know. talk show host and former ohio politician jerry springer is going to be here live next. >> you can always get people to
6:19 am
be afraid. that's the human nature. it's not hard to get people afraid. oh, you better be careful. lock the doors. don't go down that street. be careful. you know? that's not hard to do, but that's not leadership. leadership is to appeal to our greatest instincts not the baseless ones. you know, my show is crazy. that's television. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ (vo) what'scorn? dog food's first ingredient? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1.
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today could be a turning point in the democratic presidential race. five states, five big states, up for grabs with hillary clinton hoping to all but seal the nomination. bernie sanders, though, he's hoping for another surprise win or two, just like that come from
6:23 am
behind victory he engineered in michigan last week. so let's go to the battle ground state of florida, that's the biggest one on the board tonight and that is where we find nbc's kristen welker, she's in miami. kristen, a lot of responsibilities here on the democratic side. i was saying on the republican side i could see trump winning all five of them, i could see trump losing most of them, i could see hillary clinton running the table and winning all of them tonight or i could see her losing a couple of them as well. >> she certainly could and there is a lot at stake, steve. let's break down these various different states. secretary clinton feeling very confident here in florida, this is a delegate-rich state, this is where she's going to hold her rally tonight, that tells you how confident she's feeling. also feeling good about north carolina, but here is where senator sanders likes his chances, in missouri and we're learning today, by the way, that the mother of michael brown is going to endorse secretary clinton, so that could help her in a state like missouri, he's also feeling confident, though, in illinois. that's secretary clinton's home state. the state to watch might be
6:24 am
ohio, though. a lot of delegates up for grabs there as well. polls show secretary clinton has a comfortable lead there, but if you talk to both campaigns they think that the race is much closer, particularly in the wake of michigan, very clear that senator sanders' message on the economy and trade resonating throughout the midwest. so that could really help him in that region. so counter we've seen secretary clinton really ramp up her efforts and her proposals to bolster the manufacturing sector. both candidates appearing at a pair of town hall events for msnbc last night. instead of training their sights on each other they saved their sharpest attacks for the gop front runner. take a listen. >> to see that someone who is vying to be president of the united states is using divisiveness, a stoking fear, is pointing fingers, scapegoating against all kinds of people, i think is so dangerous. >> we have a major candidate for president of the united states, donald trump, who is literally
6:25 am
inciting violence among his supporters. when he says that he is prepared to pay the legal fees for somebody who sucker punches somebody, what he is really essentially saying is go do it, supporters, go beat up people. >> bottom line is secretary clinton has a strong night if she wins a state like ohio, she could all but put this race out of reach. if senator sanders has a strong night it would only increase his momentum heading into april. steve. >> kristen welker down in miami. a lot of suspense on the democratic side, we will see what happens tonight. thanks for that. joining me now, how about this, jerry springer who is of course the host of the jerry springer show, it's been on tv for more than 25 years now, also, though, jerry springer is a former mayor of cincinnati, also a city councilman there and he's supporting hillary clinton for president. good morning. >> thanks for having me. good to be with you. >> i have to tell you when i told people you were going to be on the program today more than a
6:26 am
few of them said they were watching these donald trump rallies over the weekend, these events over the weekend that got so much coverage and they said it looked like jerry springer show. what do you say to that? >> they're absolutely right. when i first started watching the republican debates i said that, you know, if they're going to do my show they should start paying me. you know, it's one thing to have a television show like that, but that's not how you run a country. it's disgraceful. it's interesting, though, that i think the concern with actually having someone like donald trump as president could affect the ohio on the democratic side because normally there should clearly be a hillary state and i still think in the end she pulls it out, but one of the things that has the clinton -- has the clinton campaign worried is that people in the middle that normally might go for hillary are -- they figure she's going to get the nomination anyway, they want to stop trump so
6:27 am
they're showing up at the polls voting in the republican primaries to stop trump. that is the immediate danger. they are not worried that hillary won't get the democratic nomination, there are a lot of independents or whatever that are worried that trump might get the republican nomination and that could affect hillary's vote. it will make the race closer than the polls seem to indicate. >> that crossover factor always something to watch for when you have two races going on there. let me ask you about you are a democrat, you were a democratic politician for a while there so you are for hillary clinton, you're not feeling the bern in this one? >> well, i love what bernie sanders says. i have nothing negative to say about him, but if you're asking me honestly is america in a general election going to vote for him, i could be wrong, but i don't think so. i think once the republicans start really attacking him and saying, oh, we can't have this socialist, it's going to lead to communism, you know the kind of ads they're going to run against him. anything they run against hillary we already know. we've lived with her for the
6:28 am
last 30 years. so that's not going -- that's not going to move the needle. but i think with bernie it could really result in the democrats not winning the presidency. the single most important thing for people that don't want a right wing government is to make sure there is a democratic president because at least with a democratic president, even if you are not crazy about that person, that president can veto this right wing congress. the only thing that has protected us from the agenda of the very right wing congress we have is the fact that president obama is there and sri toes the more extreme things that they want to do. with a republican president even someone you think is reasonably responsible, let's say, like a kasich, no republican president is going to veto this republican congress because then that president would be challenged four years from now in the primaries and no president has been elected in the 20th century, sitting president, who has been challenged in a primary by their own party, by a serious
6:29 am
candidate. that's why a republican president would have to go along with this right wing congress. that's dangerous. we have to have a democratic president if for no other reason than to stop them. >> let me ask you finally this, you know the world of politics in television and donald trump more than any other candidate we've seen in modern times straddles those two world, politics and television. thinking ahead if we get to the general election and this is donald trump versus hillary clinton, it's all going to come down to those televised debates, we always have three of them in the fall. >> yes. >> what do you think that looks like? donald trump versus hillary clinton on that stage with 100 million americans watching? >> look, you're going to run this tape, you know, after the election if i'm wrong, but i'm telling you there is no conceivable way that america in a general election when you're not just having republicans voting but you're having the whole electorate vote with the demographics that we now have in america there is absolutely no
6:30 am
way that donald trump becomes president of the united states. i know pundits are saying we've always been wrong. i'm not a pundit. i'm just telling you that america is not going to vote for that man to have his finger on the button. i mean, the television show is over. when you're talking about president of the united states, leader of the free world, having to deal with all these other countries, having to get the support of a lot of islam i can nations in fighting terrorism we cannot have donald trump. this is our country. the symbol of america is the statue of liberty not a wall. >> jerry springer, mr. mayor, thank you for the time. >> thanks for having me, steve. all right. we have got a lot more ahead in this super tuesday show. ted cruz says that he is the candidate who can beat donald trump one-on-one, but can he pull off a win in any of today's big primary tests? we will check in with his campaign. that is next. plus, a big day for marco rubio. can he stay alive in in race or
6:31 am
does his road to the white house end in his home state of florida? msnbc's jacob soboroff live at rubio's miami headquarters, that is ahead. our special coverage begins tonight starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern, that's with chucked to and that will be followed at 6:00 and i will be there as well working the big board. , it's tht secret in football since... and that will be followed at 6:00 and i will be there as well working the big board. to and that will be followed at 6:00 and i will be there as well working the big board. d and that will be followed at 6:00 and i will be there as well working the big board. d and that will be followed at 6:00 and i will be there as well working the big board. now that's prime time. most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. you ready to fight it? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most.
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♪and i'm the world's forgotten boy...♪ ♪ ♪the one who's searchin'... ♪searchin' to destroy... ♪ ♪and honey i'm the world's forgotten boy...♪ ♪ this race right now is effectively a two-candidate race. the other two candidates have no viable path to 1,237 delegates. the laws of mathematics have foreclosed their path. >> well, so much of the political world the tension is on those winner take all races tonight in florida and ohio. ted cruz has been focusing on states like illinois and missouri, two other big states voting today. he's hoping to peel off as many delegates as he can. cruz currently in second place
6:35 am
in our delegate count, he's hoping to make up ground tonight. let's bring in ron nearing, he is a national spokesman for ted cruz. ron, we heard that clip there of your candidate talking about, look, kasich, rubio, they won't have the math, they don't have the path to get to 1,237, to get that that magic number. if john kasich wins his home state of ohio tonight, he is going forward, he gets the win. does that complicate your path if john kasich stays in this race past tonight? >> well, john kasich is going to have to do what he decides to do but he doesn't have any type of plan after the state of ohio. we've seen this in cases in the past where in past election cycles a candidate, for example, were to focus entirely on iowa, they win iowa and go no place there after. our campaign is built in a different way, we have organization that we're going across all 50 states, five territories and the district of columbia from the very beginning. regardless of what the outcome is in ohio today we have a national campaign, we're well
6:36 am
prepared for the next contest, john kasich very honorable man has no pathway thereafter, marco rubio has to path after today, either. so the sooner that this is a true two-person race and we are -- and the conservative movement continues to consolidate behind ted cruz on in a one on one contest we will beat donald trump hands down. >> i want to ask you following up on that this is something else senator cruz said, he was talking about this scenario that we talk about so much, this open convention scenario, nobody has the majority, is a deal made to propel one of the other candidates past donald trump. ted cruz basically poured cold water on that notion, that's how i heard about it. let me play you this. >> the answer is not to cry in your beer about the support donald has received and the answer is not to do what the washington establishment hopes to do in their fevered dreams is they envision a brokered convention. that is not going to happen and
6:37 am
it would spark an absolute revolt, quite rightly, from the voters. the way to beat donald trump is beat him at the ballot box. >> so, ron, tell me, i mean, if i'm hearing that right it sounds like what he's saying there is, look, if donald trump goes to the convention and he has the most delegates from this primary season he should get the nomination. am i hearing that right? >> sure. i mean, the rules of the republican party are very, very clear. whoever gets to 1,237 delegates or more is going to be the republican nominee. >> if he comes in short, if he comes in with the most but short, say it's 1,150 and you guys are at 750, it sounded to me in that scenario that ted cruz was saying you can't go to the convention in that situation and take the nomination from him. >> well, ultimately -- first if you have haven't gotten to 1,237 then you haven't he wished the nomination, that's clear. secondly, we have this process for a reason. we have delegates for a reason so they can exercise judgment as well and this is important because the republican national convention is the most
6:38 am
democratic small d constitution we have in the republican party, everything is elected from the 50 states, five territories and the district of columbia. so if no candidate gets to 1,237 then we're going to work really, really hard to earn the support of that requisite number of delegates and become the republican nominee because if ted cruz is not the nominee and donald trump is, we're going to lose to hillary clinton in november, we're going to lose the senate and we're going to lods the supreme court for a generation. we cannot allow that to happen. >> so the kind of revolt that ted cruz is talking about there when he says if there is a brokered convention there is a revolt, the kind of revolt he's talking about you're saying would not happen if a candidate who came to that convention with fewer delegates than trump dee merged from the convention with the nomination. >> this is going to be ultimately up to the delegates in that case because most of the delegates if not all of them are bound on the first ballot but thereafter they are free to use their judgment. i think if the judgment of the delegates who are the grass roots representatives of this
6:39 am
party will not be to nominate a candidate who cannot win the general election, who has the highest negatives of any candidacy in the modern time. >> all right. ron nearing with the cruz campaign thanks for the time. to the biggest prize on the board today, florida, 99 delegates up for grabs on the republican side, a winner take all race. you win that state by one vote, you get all 99 delegates. marco rubio the native son he is hoping to pull off a victory in his home state despite trailing big in the polls there. msnbc's jacob soboroff is live at rubio's campaign headquarters in miami. jacob, again, we've been saying it would take an absolute miracle for marco rubio to pull this thing out tonight, then again we've seen crazy thing happen where the poll has been wrong before. what's the mood around the rubio campaign? >> and that's exactly what they're hoping for. he grew up not too far away from
6:40 am
here, west miami, two, three, four minutes away and this is his campaign headquarters. if you look inside right now people are just getting gathered. most of the volunteers have been out in the precincts. this is ground zero for the marco rubio campaign. anybody that's running into any trouble they will dispatch people from here, they're also running a shuttle bus operation. one thing i will show you this is the crude version of the big television screen that you will be looking at tonight. these are precincts that marco rubio is targeting. i'm sure tonight you will be talking about south miami, westchester, sweet water, coral gables, city of miami, upper westchester, pine crest, south dale and west miami where we are right now. people will come back to this location after being out in the polling places, they will head into this room to make sure every last vote gets out. they will walk up to one of these computers, put on one of these head sets and start calling volunteers throughout the city of miami to make sure they get out to their polling places. the early vote was not enough.
6:41 am
we saw 2 million people vote early in the great state of florida, 200,000 in this country. they will need more than that if they're going to win tonight. >> all right. jacob soboroff at rubio headquarters in miami. they're hoping to pull off a big surprise tonight. thank for that report. still ahead in this super tuesday, it is the question many republicans are asking, is there anything, anything left that they can do to stop donald trump? violent incidents at rallies, fiery rhetoric from the candidate don't seem to be slowing his momentum at least so far. up next we will talk to a congressman who says it's time for his party to unite behind trump. the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪
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6:45 am
>> donald trump there showing he's not afraid to throw jabs even at his supporters. the republican front runner hoping that tonight will put him on a clear path to the republican nomination, but will his party's establishment coalesce around him? congressman chris collins is a republican who represents western new york, he was the first sitting congressman to endorse donald trump. he joins us now. good afternoon. >> good morning. >> let me ask you what would it take tonight? let me put it this way, if john kasich wins ohio tonight, we have had a couple guests on today talk being that scenario, if john kasich wins ohio do you think the republican party will get behind donald trump or does that buy them more time to fight him? >> well, unfortunately, steve -- well, let's start with it's going to be a great night for donald trump, no question he wins florida and no question it's the end of marco rubio. but i would agree it's a little touchy when it comes to ohio. certainly if donald trump wins ohio this is done, kasich will get out and then it is absolutely time for the
6:46 am
republicans to coalesce around donald trump and i'd call on ted cruz to get out as well so we can beat hillary clinton. but in the event john kasich wins ohio, he's not going to get out of the race, he's going to be -- he will have no path to 1,237 delegates, ted cruz will have no path to 1,237 delegates. they're trying to put you will the road blocks and as said earlier, they're going to try to steal this nomination from donald trump were this to happen and there will be backlash from the republican party in states like michigan and new york that are in play where donald trump is our nominee, where he will solidly defeat hillary clinton all of a sudden we've got a totally different scenario come november if the nominee is not donald trump and if the power brokers and the establishment do steal the nomination from donald trump, the republican party has got a serious problem. so let's hope it doesn't get there and i'm hoping tonight donald trump does win ohio and then it's a fait accompli.
6:47 am
>> you're talking about that convention scenario and some of the events of the last few days, the rallies, the comments from donald trump afterwards, they've caused particular i would say concern from some prominent republicans, at least some i want to read one of them here, this is a conservative columnist from "the new york times," he's basically looking at what's happening right now, saying in cleveland this summer the republican party may face a straightforward choice, betray the large minority of republicans who cast their votes for trump or betray their obligations to their country. for a party proud of its patriotism the choice should not be hard. he basically seems to be saying there it is okay, republicans, if donald trump gets to that convention with the most delegates but not a majority, it is okay to deny him the nomination because the republican party with him as its nominee isn't worth his name. >> i couldn't disagree more. donald trump is standing up as the only executive left in the
6:48 am
race. he's talking about putting america first whether it's standing up to putin and the ayatollah, whether it's securing our borders and getting the jobs back that were stolen. donald trump is speaking to america, both republicans and democrats. it's time that we stand up to the rest of the world and the very fact that there's european leaders e pressing concern, certainly those leaders and the countries, whether it's mexico and china who have been stealing our jobs without any recourse, are very concerned about donald trump because he's going to do what he says he's going to do and that's why his campaign is resonating not only with a lot of republicans but up in my district in person new york he is resonating with the working class democrats whose jobs disappeared under nafta. so donald trump is hillary clinton's worst nightmare when michigan and new york are in play and i've just got to hope our party does come together with enough sense to realize it's donald trump who can absolutely defeat hillary clinton. the other candidates will not be able to make that same
6:49 am
statement. >> just very quickly, congressman, the newspaper in syracuse, new york, reported just a couple days ago you had reached out to your fellow republican members of the house from new york about supporting donald trump, about pressure being applied by carl paladino, a republican leader in new york. what was your response from your fellow republican members to that? >> first of all, i did not pressure or even ask any other member of our delegation to support donald trump. they have come to me so ask what my rational was jumping from jeb bush to donald trump. easy, he is the chief executive, the only one left in the race not a chief politician. i'm good friends with carl paladino and yes carl has been after the other members to do so-and-so i certainly shared with them some conversation i had with carl but i never once asked them for them to support. it's their decision to make, they all have their own district, but truly since i am supporting donald they wanted my input as to the thought process i went through and they all know i've been very close to carl
6:50 am
paladino ever since he ran for governor back in 2010. >> all right. chris collins, congressman from western new york. thanks for the time. >> thanks, steve. we will be right back. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain
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much more to come on this super tuesday. up next, we're going to head to the buckeye state, ohio. voters there have been casting their ballots since 6:30 this morning. we'll check in with tony dokoupil at one of the polling stations in that key state. that's next. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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ohio is playing a starring role this souper tuesday. let's go to the buck eye state, to the muhoning valley, the blue collar heart of eastern ohio, near youngstown. tony dokoupil is at a polling station there. good morning to you. what are you seeing on the ground there? >> good morning, steve. in ohio, subset of youngstown,
6:57 am
hard hit by industrial decline. four campaigns all came here looking for working class votes. we have voters behind us making their decision, determining who's going to get the vote. we won't know until the end of the day where the numbers add up, but we have seen a fascinating trend. this is an overwhelmingly democratic area. there are only about 200 registered democrats in this town, and yet they have selected a republican ballot. they're crossover voters, democrats voting in a republican primary. have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, i'm surprised how menopy people are switching over. >> what do you think is behind it? >> they're either voting for trump or against trump. >> thank you very much. one of the interesting things here is if you're crossing over from democrat to republican to vote against trump, that's called raiding, and election experts tell us it's technically speaking illegal. i don't think they'll be pr prosecut prosecuted, though. >> interesting news there from the polling station. tony dokoupil, i think i said
6:58 am
that wrong earlier. but thank you for that report. appreciate it. that's going to wrap up this hour here on msnbc. jose diaz-balart is up next from bayside marketplace in miami. ♪ the roles you play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. from the #1 doctr recommended bran. ensure. always stay you. go, go, touchdown!, go... ♪ choir and harp music. this place, it's the best-kept secret in football since... hey, how did he get in here?! and with toe nail fungus! fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor.
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