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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and closer to winning this election in november. you know, because of all of you and our supporters across the country, our campaign has won more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican. and i want to congratulate senator sanders for the vigorous campaign he's waging. now today, all of you in the states where contests were held voted to break down the barriers that hold us all back, so every one of us can share in the promise of america. you voted.
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you voted, you voted for our tomorrow to be better than our yesterday. tomorrow where all of us do our part and everyone has a chance to live up to his or her god given potential. because that's how america can live up to its potential too. now we need you to keep working, keep volunteering. keep contributing at hillary please, please join the 950,000 supporters who already have contributed, most less than $100 because our campaign depends on small donations for the majority of our support. we can't do this without you. so if you have been waiting for
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the right moment, now is the time to come join us. tonight it's clearer than ever that this may be one of the most consequential campaigns of our lifetimes, the next president will walk into the oval office in january and sit down in at that desk and start making decisions that will affect the lives and the livelihoods of everyone in this country, indeed, everyone on this planet. now i know that easy decisions don't make it to the president's desk. only the hardest choices and the thorniest problems, i saw president obama wrestle with the
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navy s.e.a.l.s after osama bin laden, to fight for the affordable care act and so many more. and so our next president needs to be ready to face three big tasks. first can you make positive differences in people's lives, second, can you keep us safe? third can you bring our country together again? now making differences in people's lives comes first because americans everywhere are hungry for solutions. they want to break down the barriers holding them back. so we can all rise together. ask any parent, you'll hear
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nothing is more important than making sure their kids have a good school and a good teacher, no matter what zip code they live in. they deserve a president who understands that when we invest in our children's education, we're investing in all of our futures. and young people across america struggling under the weight of student debt, find it difficult to imagine the futures they want. and they deserve a president who will help relieve them of that burden and help future generations go to college without borrowing a dime for tuition. and grandparents who worry about retirement, deserve a president who will protect and then expand
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social security for those who need it most, not cut or private advertise it. families deserve a president who will fight for the things that our priorities at home but too often aren't priorities in washington, affordable child care, paid family leave and something we have waited for long enough, equal pay for equal work for women. and above all, above all, hard working americans across our country deserve a president with both the ideas and the know how to create good jobs with rising incomes right here in our country. and i am absolutely convinced that we have the tools to do that. that's why i have laid out a
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program to do what can be done, more good jobs in infrastructure, more good jobs in manufacturing. more good jobs in small businesses. more good jobs and clean renewable energy. good paying jobs are the ticket to the middle class and we're going to stand up for the american middle class again. we're going to stand up for american workers, and make sure no one takes advantage of us, not china, not wall street and not overpaid corporate executives.
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now look, every can dadidate -- that's the difference between running for president and being president. and i'll tell you -- [ chanting ] >> let me tell you the second big test for our next president is keeping us safe. we live in a complex and, yes, a dangerous world. protecting america's national security can never be an after thought. our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it.
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engage our allies, not -- when we care, a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. and, yes, our next president has to bring our country together. so we can all share in the promise of america. we should be breaking down barriers, not building walls. we're not going to succeed by dividing this country between us and them. you know, to be great, we can't
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be small. we can't lose what made america great in the first place. and this isn't just about trump, all of us have to do our part. we can't just talk about economic inequality, we have to take on all forms of inequality and addition christmas nation. -- discrimination, together we have to defend all of our rights, civil rights and voting rights, workers rights and women's rights, lgbt rights and rights for people with disabilities. and that starts by standing with president obama when he nominates a justice to the supreme court. our next president will face all these challenges and more. you know, running for president is hard, but being president is
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harder. it is the hardest, most important job in the world. and no one person can succeed at the job without seeking and finding common ground to solve the problems we face. if we work together, we can make a real difference in people's lives. if we reach out to treat each other with respect, kindness and even love, instead of bluster and bigotry, if we lift each other up, instead of tearing each other down, there's nothing we can't accomplish together. so please, join me in this campaign, every vote counts, every volunteer hour counts, every contribution counts. eight years ago, eight years ago on the night of the ohio primary, i said i was running for everyone who's ever been counted out but refused to be
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knocked out. for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up. for everyone who works hard and never gives up. well, that is still true. our campaign is for the steelworker i met in ohio on sunday night, whose laid off but hoping to get back to work, it's for the mother i met in miami whose five children haven't seen their father since he was deported. she dreams of a day when deportations end and families are reunited on a path to citizenship? america. and it is for the mothers i stood with in chicago yesterday, who have lost children to gun violence. they're turning their sorrow into a strategy and their mourning into a movement. let's standing with people who have courage, who have resilience, let's stand with
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everyone who believes america's best days are ahead of us. for all of our challenges, i have never had more faith in our future and if we work together, if we go forward in this campaign, if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter, tomorrow than yesterday. thank you all so very much. >> a very big night for hillary clinton. and the reasons we have described, she's up on the board in a big way. and again, what we said earlier about victorious candidate speeches, sometimes stacked up like incoming planes over o'hare, because we think we're right about that, let's fit in a break and we will in all likelihood hear from john kasich on the other side. we'll be right back. the gillette mach 3 turbo
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we are back. the reason why you might have seen a buoyant hillary clinton before the break. here's what we're waiting for, missouri and illinois. and all of this brings questions as to the reaction in the sanders campaign, for that casey hunt is traveling with the sanders campaign. and tonight, casey, tell our good viewers why that means you are in arizona of all places? >> arizona of all places, brian. well it's a tough night for the sanders campaign. they acknowledge that. and his advisers are tells us that they know it's a, quote, tough road, although they feel like it could get better by tend of the month. there's these notes of resignation, where they were defiant before, where they feel
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they had been written before. we're in arizona, one of the future voting states, and they wanted to send a message that they're going to continue on, they're also scheduled to go to idaho later this week. but at this point, a much tougher night than they had expected. we'll see what happens in illinois. >> let's go to the suburbs of cleveland. this is the first this election season, we haven't seen a john kasich victory speech yet. but tonight, the governor of ohio has won ohio, his wife and twin 16-year-old daughters, we're about to hear from them. >> john kasich gives a fun speech. he's not a guy who uses teleprompters, he's not a guy who uses formal written text, he doesn't use notes. this is going to be fun to watch.
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[ chanting ] >> you better believe it's about america, about pulling us together, not pulling us apart. it is about usa, exactly. first of all, i want to -- [ chanting ] >> hey, listen, listen, everybody, let me -- hey.
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>> now you know, when you went to colleges in the 1970s, you appreciate a good peaceful protest every once in a while. we do. first of all, you know, when you're in the arena, and you are struggling and you leave your family to go out on the cam pain trail and deliver a message to america because you believe that you, you believe that you are the best qualified person to be president of the united states and you put it all on the line, and your family puts it all on the line and i want this crowd here tonight to give a great, a
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great response to a very, very great talented and fine united states senator marco rubio for the effort that he has done. tonight, tonight we arrived in cleveland, and we went to a restaurant. we thought we could kind of sneak in and grab a quick meal, and when we talked through the restaurant, people started to cheer. my reaction, please don't do that because you're going to make me cry. but to have people believe in
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you, and to believe that you can bring people together and strengthen our country, i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio, i love you. i love you. [ chanting [ chanting ] >> you know, when i became governor of ohio, i went to new york, and i met with some of the rating agencies. things were bad, we had lost 350,000 jobs, we were $8 billion in the hole and our credit was hanging in the balance and they told me, we're about to cut up your credit card and give me a new one where you can't buy as much. i said you don't understand ohio, you don't understand ohioans.
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so i can't wait to go back again we're now up 400,000 plus jobs. we're running a $2 billion surplus, our pensions are secure, we have cut taxes by more than any governor in this country, and we are leaving no one behind. not the mentally ill, the destrudrug addicted, working poor. and i don't know whether you can actually serve a meal of words, but i would like to go back to those credit rating agencies where they can learn to eat their words about doubting ohio, huh? and you know, ladies and gentlemen, you know, look, my whole life has been about trying to create a climate of opportunity for people.
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you know, as my father carried that mail on his back and his father was a coal miner and i just was told by my cousin, i can't realize this, that my mother, one of four, was the only one to graduate from high school, the other three, barely ma made it out of the eighth grade because they were poor. as i have traveled the country and i look into your eyes, you want to believe, you want to believe again that we can have job security, you want to believe again that wages can rise, you want to believe that your children are going to have ultimately a better america than we got from your mothers and fathers, that's the great american legacy that our kids will be better than we are. and i want people in ohio to know as i think you do, i want people around the country to
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know that i understand these tough issues. i grew up in these situations in that little blue collar town in mckee's rocks, and in my mind's eye is the need to forget the politics, forget the pollsters, forget all the focus groups, because, you see, i represent you, and it's my job to look at these situations and these problems and to listen to you and that it's my job to go and fix them. and if that means at times i have to take some heat, then that's just the price of leadership in america. okay? now i want you to know the campaign goes on. and i also want you to know that it's been my intention to make you proud.
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it's been my intention to have young people all across this country watch somebody enter into politics, even though i labored in obscurity for so long, people counting me out, people in ohio saying, why don't they ever call on him? okay? we get all that. but we put one foot in front of the other. and i want to remind you again tonight, that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. thank you. you know, the challenges that we have, we can go to washington in the first 100 days, fix these
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problems with a shock and awe agenda that can pass. i think we can rally the people in washington, because i'm going to remind them that before we're republicans and democrats, we're americans and we have an obligation to our children. but i really, really, really believe this and want you to know this. and maybe in many respects, this is why i have been given a chance to stand here tonight and have earned a victory. you know, the lord's made everybody here special. i have been telling people this all across the country. nobody, sir, has ever been made like you before, and no one will ever be like you again. and young lady, you're here in a moment in time and your job is to find that purpose that you have.
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your job is to live life a little bit bigger than yourself. your job is to be a center of healing, and justice, and hope in whatever way we can. if we're a schoolteacher, we give up money to change lives. if we're a nurse, we work 15 extra minutes when we're dead on our feet because we want to assure a family that things are going to be okay. and if we -- [ applause ] and if we are a neighbor, that means that widow, who was married for 50 years who know one calls anymore, you want to change the world, you take her to dinner on saturday night, she'll wear that dress she hasn't worn in six months, i trust you to do it.
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see, what i learned as a boy, what i learned from my mother and father, is that the spirit -- it doesn't rest in a big time politician and a big wig, you hired us to do the job. to create an environment of economic growth and opportunity. but that's not where our spirit is. our spirit is in us. believing that through our efforts, that in whatever part of the world that we live, that we can change the world, that we can skarve out a better future. that those special giftses that were given to each and every juan of us in here. we were all part of a giant mosaic, a snapshot in time. our job as americans, our job as people who want to live good
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lives is to dig deep down and understand that purpose and never underestimate that purpose and to change the world in which we live. many of you have traveled around this country troying do help me. you know what? this is all i got, okay? this is all i got, and all i can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart, but i want you to know something. we're going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination.
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you know, i also want to thank, you know any father was a democrat all his life. he was. we had a lot of democrats that said they didn't like the socialist agenda or a left wing agenda or a big government. i want to thank them for coming over in this election and putting their confidence in me. because, you know, i think we all know the conservative principles can work, that common sense can work, that shifts power and money and influence from that big place in
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washington and moving it to where we live, it empowers us, that's the direction for our country, that is the direction for our country. and finally, finally, i want you coming out on the road, i want you continuing to do what we have been doing all over this country. i'm getting ready to rent a covered wagon, we're going to have the wind blow us over the rocky mountains to california. but here's what i want you to know. thank you very much and god bless. >> when have you heard a politician at the professional
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level say this is all i've got. but john kasich's delivery has it tonight, where he worked at wall street, where he worked at lehman brothers, there's something about him that seems like a very human level candidate, but in terms of resume, in terms of connections, in terms of who he represents on paper, he should be a formidable contender, right now he is one of three men left standing in the republican primary. i don't know that there's any
6:33 pm
confetti left in the united states. it's interesting, i'm watching him work the rope line, and we were just having a conversation at the tail end of a speech. over which candidate has secret service protection and which of them has private security. >> the trooper, the detail i saw around him last time was not this big and not this professional looking, so you never know. so john kasich tonight was vowing, this goes on. nicole wallace, in effect will see you back here in cleveland, in his home state at the convention. >> it's a huge state, he's the governor of the state, he's a very tough, if not impossible path to the republican nomination.
6:34 pm
>> which is the most likely way that the republican nomination process ends? >> only when they reach 237. it's too early to characterize the night for donald trump. trump's had a good night and may end up having a better night than john kasich. >> trump has been projected to be the winner in florida. john kasich has been projected in ohio. lawrence o'donnell, as ohio goes, so does the nation. does he have a case? >> so he hopes. >> he as the other speakers, hillary clinton, marco rubio made an implicit reference to
6:35 pm
donald trump, saying i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. i cannot understand why someone is not stopping him, he says he's going to have a shock and awe agenda when he gets to the white house. why isn't there someone in the kasich campaign saying that brings back some bad memories. he should have given a few minutes.
6:36 pm
the candidates not on top of the ticket, we have been trying to show his speeches, we really have. we're on for hours, and it's been very difficult. steve is doing the latest numbers crunch. >> is there going to be enough of that stop trump -- factoring in what we know for tonight, that donald trump has won florida, the winner take all state, 9 9 delegates there. john kasich has taken ohio, this is now what the delegate picture looks like on the republican side. two things we can tell you, we still have active contests in north carolina, in illinois and in missouri. those are all not winner take all states so there's going to be more delegates going to trump, going to be more going to
6:37 pm
cruz, not many, there will be a few, but not many going to kasich. we don't know who's going to win those states. we can tell you very roughly here for the purposes of trying to see for those who want to stop trump can stop trump. he's probably going to end up somewhere around 640 tonight, give or take, ted cruz is probably going to end up somewhere around 450 tonight, give or take. and kasich is going to add probably a few to that, but not many. 640, 450, 1237 is your target to win. here's the thing, this is where the republican race is going to go after tonight. the next wave of contests, you're talking about states like next week we're in arizona, we haven't had a single poll in arizona since last october. but arizona is 58 delegates, it's winner take all. you think of donald trump, you think of his signature issue, it's immigration, we has joe arpaio's endorsement down there. donald trump could be the favorite going in there and then you get to this part of the
6:38 pm
country, donald trump's area. >> there you were talking about donald trump, and we hear that sound, another projection, we are projecting that when all the votes are counted in illinois, we have 24% of the vote in, a 46% win over ted cruz, but the latest state on the board, interesting especially since mara lago is one of the places we're about to go, when we see the whites of his eyes and donald trump is going to appear in maybe the most lavish circumstances possible in a privately owned dwelling in the united states. more on that after this. a quick break, we're right back. man 1: i came as fast as i could. what's up?
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we're back and let's take a look at the board, this was just called before the last break. the projected winner gop primary winner in illinois. this is the four-way race. and by the way, the race as of tonight is now a three-way affair, marco rubio is officially out, it looks like he'll get about 9% of the result in illinois. for the democrats, one of the story lines we continue to follow, we are still officially at too close to call, we have passed the halfway mark in raw
6:43 pm
vote in, you see they're separated by a little over 6,000 votes. illinois getting appropriately a lot of the attention tonight. and if you are a journalist and live or work in washington, it is impossible not to know or admire our next journalistic contributor, an old friend of a lot of ours, at the "chicago tribune." i'm wondering what you make of tonight, what you make of the message your beloved home state is sending? >> after hillary clinton has clinched florida, she has clinched ohio, she has not clinched illinois, her home state, she grew up in the chicago area, and bernie sanders went to the university of chicago and was an active student -- student activist there. but we weren't expecting hillary clinton to have a tough time winning her home state and
6:44 pm
bernie sanders wasn't expecting this either. we were talking about around town, especially on the south sud and west side, you could spot bernie sanders yard signs, but you couldn't see hillary clinton's yard signs. a big reason seems to be hillary clinton's link to rahm emanuel, who worked in the clinton administration, was barack obama's chief of staff, but the latest shooting scandal, juwan mcdonald, sanders supporters have made an issue out of this. a lot of hard feelings about rahm emanuel. and this is apparently been a
6:45 pm
drag on hillary clinton, we're going to find that when the exit polling comes out. >> in terms of that point of to see bernie sanders making it an absolute foreground image in terms of what he stands for in illinois, compared to secretary clinton. is that something that plays only in chicago, or is that something that is going to have resonance for people throughout illinois? >> it's going to be resonance in cook on which is where the most of the democratic votes are in the state. in chicago, people have long memories, it's like political alzheimer's, where you forget everything but the grudges, a
6:46 pm
lot of hard feelings arrange this mcdonald case, the horrendous homicide race that we have had in chicago in recent years, all of this has been bearing badly on clinton's campaign, i think. i can't help but wonder if that's the reason why she made her announcement earlier before illinois's votes came in. because there's still a question over who's going to win that state. >> clarence page, again, we sure appreciate being able to talk to you on a night like tonight. thank you very much for being patient with us, for all these speeches we take live, it also means that our friends are waiting to have a conversation with us. clarence page, for a long time with the chicago tribune. here's to set the scene, what we're waiting for, our cameras are trained on the podium at
6:47 pm
mara lago in florida, where donald trump is apparently trying to put together one of these victory rallies/news conference so members of the media feel free to ask questions. they're lucky they didn't need any confetti, because the kasichs have all of that. we're back with more right after this.
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republican primary north carolina too close to call. you see the differences there. gop primary, missouri, too close to call. let's pan down. democrats missouri, note the difference, too early to call. 11% in. and democrats, illinois, too close to call. is that emerging as a prize from tonight. but we have heard now from the governor of ohio, john kasich, who told his supporters tonight it's on all the way circling back to his state to the convention in cleveland this summer. chris matthews is in cleveland, ohio tonight, and chris i'd love your reaction to that. >> well, there's so much to talk about tonight. this is a pretty crowded room here and noisy.
6:52 pm
i thought hillary clinton would have a tougher night than trump, it looks like she's going to have a better night that trump. she may have a big victory tonight if she pulls it out of illinois. it's an amazing night for her. trump faced a probable defeat in ohio and he may lose elsewhere. he still has to deal with north carolina and missouri. i did think kasich made a pretty good presentation of his success as governor of ohio, something you don't hear from other candidates very often in terms of the deficit, job creation. very sound data to present to the voter around the country. >> let me slip something in here. we have to play that music again. here is a projection, north carolina, republic primary
6:53 pm
donald trump. chris as you were saying let's talk about the night that donald trump is having. 4 point margin over ted cruz. >> most still awaits both candidates. hillary clinton and donald trump have a pretty good night for both of them. i think hillary's probably going to win the nomination at this point probably. i think it's going to be tough for sanders from predicting victory in ohio and not making it. he can strike anywhere and do well. arizona next week, i don't think he will, but we'll see. i think trump is amazing. he's had a terrible week, a terrible set of nighttime stories night after night of racial division and conflict and people punching each other in the face, a horrible week of publicity and look what's happened here. this country is so angry right now that people take sides and
6:54 pm
they stay on those sides and we're watching the advantage in the primaries. we're talking about a republican primary in these cases where republican primary vote and they represent a minority and what they did in ohio tonight was vote against trump. i still think there's a huge majority of the country against trump, but yet that may not stop him from winning the nomination. he looks like the favorite to get the nomination. >> thanks. steve has resumed his place at the big board. steve. >> let's look. we have a couple of outstanding races right now that haven't been called yet. just got the news on north carolina and let's look at missouri on the republican side. donald trump and ted cruz, one thing to keep in mind, unfortunately this doesn't show
6:55 pm
the congressional district boundaries, but this is going to be key to finding out who wins missouri tonight. if you win the congressional district you get five delegates for that. so there's a chance there to get a lot of delegates by winning congressional districts. so we have to see how that fills in. there's a hot race right now on the democratic side in missouri and in illinois, hillary clinton's home state, right now it's very close, but there's a reason why this could get closer. right now cook county, that's right around chicago, most of that is in. hillary clinton is lead not guilty cook counin cook county. that's 75% of the game. so bernie sanders to win illinois is to keep this thing
6:56 pm
close, to keep within striking distance in this part of the state where 75% of the vote is and then to clean up down state particularly in champagne. barely any of that is in right now. so this thing is going to tighten as the rest of cook county comes in and you get to the rest of the state where sanders could be stronger. >> chuck todd did one of these. we're going to get to him as soon as we come back from a break. we're back with live coverage. we're not going anywhere. we're going live to the grand ball room in florida as donald trump who has had a very big night so far heads in and goes up to the podium.
6:57 pm
>> this will be third night that mr. trump has chosen to do one of these press conferences instead of a speech. >> thank you very much everybody. that was an amazing evening. they just announced north carolina. i don't know if they've announced illinois yet, but we're leading by a lot so i think they're going to announce it. florida was so amazing. i want to thank our friends, they have been so incredible and we picked up nine delegates this morning. i heard very early in the morning nine delegates. that's a lot. i just wanted to thank the governor, the chairman and that was a very nice start to the
6:58 pm
day. many things have been happening over the last short period of time. cnn was very nice. they came up with a poll, it said 49% to 14% and 15%. we had one from the economists just came out, 53%. i was muwatching the news a lite while ago and one of the commentators said donald trump doesn't get over 50% because i'm at 43%, 45% and i have to explain to these people they don't understand basic fmath. when i don't get over 50%, we have four people. do you understand that? so when i get 53 approximate respect in this one, that's an amazing
6:59 pm
achievement when you can get over 50%. someday they're going to understand some day when we take it all they'll understand, but it is ridiculous. i want to thank my family, my boys, they've been working so hard. my daughter has been amazing. she's home right now and she's about ready to have a baby so i don't know. we've been thinking about that now for a little while but she's been to helpfully and it's been great. i want to think baron for putting up with the fact that i never see him anymore and i want to think -- i never see him and it's his birthday on sunday. it's tough when you're going away and he goes when are you going to come home, when are you coming home, i said in about
7:00 pm
2 1/2 weeks. yesterday i went to up ohio, i went up to youngstown, we had an incredible town and amazing people in this country. we have so many great people. we will some day in the not too distant future, but apple and all of these great companies will be making their product in the united states, not in china, vietnam. and we're not going be losing our companies. our companies are leaving our country rapidly. whether it's air conditioning, whether it's ford. i was in cleveland and they're leaving. frankly i'm disgusted with it and i'm tired of seeing it and there's no reason for it. it's gross


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