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  Kasich Town Hall  MSNBC  March 19, 2016 12:03pm-12:29pm PDT

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temperatures, the turnout has not been nearly as great. in fact down in many states compared to the republican plim are primaries and caucuses. donald trump is coming to the stage. so stand by, we will listen to what donald trump has to say for a bit and get back to you. >> thank you all very much. what a great honor. sheriff joe, i want to thank you. you have some their arrisheriff. you have no games with your sheriff. and we have such great support. tuesday is so important. we have a movement going on and we have to make the movement going forward. you have the establishment, they have no clue. they don't know how to win. they haven't won in a long time. they pick the people that they absolutely will never win with the people they talk about. g go out on tuesday and vote, i will never let you down. remember.
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and i want to tell you, you know, it's so much about illegal immigration. so much has been mentioned about it and talked about it. and these politicians are all talk, no action, they're never going to do anything. they only picked it up because when i went and when i announced that i'm running for president, i said you know will country has a big, big problem with illegal immigration and all of a sudden we started talking about it and then you had lots of bad things happening. crime all over the place and for the first time people saw what was going on. you had the killing of kate, you had the killing of gentlem ling
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much crime. people are now seeing it and we will build the wall and we will stop it. it's going to end. i only wish these cameras, what you there is nothing as dishonest as the media, that i can tell you. i only wish these cameras would spin around and show the kind of people that we have, the numbers of people that we have here. i just wish they would for once do it because you know what, we have a silent majority that is no longer so silent. it's now the loud noisy majority. and we're going to be heard. we're going to be heard.
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so today on drudge, one of the very big stories were the border agents, they say they support trump, that trump is the only one running that has their backs, okay? and they can do the job, but they don't get support from the poll tesiticians p why? i'm self funding my campaign, i'm putting up my own money. these guys are all -- i look at them all up and down, we started off with 17. we're down now to three. don't we love that? don't we love it? we lost the future of the republican party last tuesday in party. you know that. he was the future. he was the future of the republican party except i won florida in a landslide because people are tired of what the politicians are doing to our country. remember that. they're tired of it. they're sick and tired of it. so we're going to make change.
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but eait's not going to be obam change. remember obama? change. this is going to be real change. and we're going to have a border and unless you have a border, you don't have a country, folks. you don't have a country. remember that. now, in addition, and we'll go through a list of things very quickly because frankly, doesn't take a long time. we're going to end common core. we're going to bring education local. everybody wants it. we don't want our children educated by bureaucrats from washington, d.c. so we end common core. education local. we're going to terminate obama care, we'll repeal it and replace it with great health care for far less money. that is going to happen. we are going to protect our
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second amendment. our second amendment. remember, it's underseeiege ande will protect it. pairs are has the toughest gun laws in withe world. the world. no tougher gun laws. guess what? 130 people dead, no bullets were going in the opposite direction. it was just boom, boom, boom. same i think happened in california, 14 people. radicalized people. she probably radicalized him. they went in and killed 14 people that they worked with supposedly that they liked. it's not going to happen anymore, folks. it's not going to happen. we're going to be smart, we're going to be vigilant, we'll be the smart people, we'll know what we're doing. we'll be proud of our country again.
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our military is depleted. our military is exhausted. we don't replenish. we take, we don't replenish. we send the best equipment in the world over to wherever we're sending it, we don't even know. i don't even think we know where we're sending it. and a bullet gets fired in the air and the people we send the equipment to, they flee. and the enemy takes over this great equipment and they have better equipment than we do and they're using our equipment. those days are done. those days are done. we are going to rebuild our military. it's going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever. and hopefully nobody, nobody, and hopefully we're not going to have to use it, but i guarantee you this, nobody and i mean nobody is going to mess with us anymore. all right? nobody.
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[ crowd chanting "usa" ] >> i love you too. i love you. you know, i love this country. i feel so -- itch su have such in my heart for this country that people are so amazing. we have crowds like this, i mean is th this is a pretty big would be. in alabama, 35,000 people. no matter where we go, we have massive crowds. . and are we winning or what? look at the numbers. man.and are we winning or what? look at the numbers. man. it's really amazing. to he me it's really amazing. we've won now i think 21 states. 21. and we've won in massive land slades.
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started with new hampshire. ted cruz, can you believe it, he wasn't born in our country, folks. he was born in canada. he's weak on immigration. he's in favor of amnesty. he shouldn't even be in the same category with the people that we're talking about. but ted cruz was supposed to win but definitely was going to win in south carolina. so i go to new hampshire, we win in a massive landslide. we go to south carolina where you have the evangelicals. now, 68%. but you know lying ted, we call him lying ted, so like ted comes up with the bible high and he's going with the bible and he puts it down and he starts lying. and you know what, the evangelicals don't like liars. so we go into south carolina. that was his stronghold, halves going to be an easy victory an trump wins it in a land slide,
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right? in a landslide.victory an trump land slide, right? in a trump wins it slide, right? in a landslide. and we had a great day on tuesday. we won five. and crux says the other day i'm the only one that can stop trump cruz says i beat him five times. and i said wait a minute, i beat him 20 times. he's lying ted. i'll tell you, kasich is a nice guy, but very weak on illegal immigration. that's the end of him. certainly as far as phoenix is concerned. kasich is very weak. and there is another thing that i don't like. he approved nafta when you approve nafta, a lot of your
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businesses lift and he's in favor of tpp about and so by the way is ted cruz. tpp is a disaster. transpacific partnership. it's a disaster. it will take your businesses away. it will decimate the automobile industry. you don't want it, you don't need it. we will make great deals. once i get into office, we will make great deals. but into the with massive amounts of countries. you do them one at a time, folks. one at a time. one at a time. and if they misbehavior and if they don't treat us properly, we terminate and we put them in the shed. and then maybe they come back. so crazy. you know, i built a great company, a massive company, fantastic company. and i filed, i did my filings. oh, they were so unhappy when they saw it. they thought maybe it's not so good. it's a phenomenal company. some of the great assets of the
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world. some of the great assets of the world. very little debt. very, very tremendous cash flow. all of these things. and i say it not in a bragging -- look, i say it, you know what, folks, bottom line, this is the kind of mentality we need in this country at the least for a while. at tleast for a while. we have $19 trillion in debt. $19 trillion. who knows even what a trillion is? five, six bei, seven years ago, never even heard the debt. we have $19 trillion in debt, going to 2 is. they just approved the omnibus budget. it is a total they just approved the omnibus budget. it is a total disaster.1is. they just approved the omnibus budget. it is a total disaster.s. they just approved the omnibus budget. it is a total disaster.. they just approved the omnibus budget. it is a total disaster. it funds obamacare, it funds syrians coming into the united states. we have no idea who they are. it funds illegal immigrants coming in and through your border right through phoenix and right through -- it comes right
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through arizona. all of these things are funded with a budget that they approved. and i think it took them like 12 minutes to approve the budget. not going to happen anymore, folks. not going to happen anymore. so here is the story bottom line. the bottom line. first of all, it's great to be with you. this is incredible. we expected -- and this is just set up recently. we expected -- and we had by the way last night, i don't know if you saw, we had an unbelievable evening in salt lake city, utah. and i hope they go with us. i hope they foe wigo with us. we stopped and had an amazing evening there. but the way i finish is very simple. our country is not winning anymore. our trade is a disaster. china is one of the great robberies in the history of the world. what china has done to our country. china has been rebuilt because
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of the money and the jobs we've lost and the money that we've given them. we have rebuilt china. and they know it. i have many friends from china. i don't have any objection to china. i think it's wonderful. i'm angry at our people, not their people. if you can get away with it. so look, we've rebuilt china. and it's not free trade. it's not anything. this is horrible stupid trade. when you have an imbalance of $500 billion a year, folks, we got to get smart. i have carl icahn, the greatest negotiators in the world, the greatest business people in the world. they have all endorsed me. they say trump is the only one that knows what corporate inversion is. you look at the corporate inverses, companies -- pfizer, great company. pfizer just announced they're leaving, the great drug company. thousands of jobs. they're going to ireland. many companies as you know are going to mexico.
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carrier air conditioner, nabisco, ford, they're going to mexico. mexico, mark my words, mexico is a small version of china. and we better get smart and we better get smart quickly. so you know i tell this story and i tell this story and it's sort of obvious, but it relates to a lot of things. now, my wife and my daughter ivanka said to me act presidential. act presidential. like in the last debate i acted presidential. okay? i acted -- i didn't hit little marco and i didn't hit lying, lying, lying ted. i didn't want to hit them. i wanted to really impress my daughter and my wife and i said, all right, and i won the debate. i have won every single debate according to the online polls. i don't know. because i know that cruz is a good debater, but he can't talk. he talks, hey, wah, hey -- not the right guy.
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he won't be the right guy and he's not going anywhere. so it won't happen. the only one that can go, and i say we make it before the convention, by the way. a lot of nonsense. you have these stiffs like a mitt romney, the guy is a total stiff. did he let us down? this guy is a loser. did he let us down? i mean, here is a guy, goes up, he's on devastated, he forgot to campaign in the final month. he gave it to obama. believe me, that election -- i'm going to beat hillary so badly. but let me just tell you, beating obama four years ago was easier than beating hillary clinton now, believe me. and mitt romney choked. pure and simple. he choked, he choked like a dog. and that's not going to happen. that doesn't happen with me. so here is the sorry. here's the story. we're going to tell our companies, come on back, folks.
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come on back. you 4re69, left, we had incompe leadership. and they will say year not coming back, why should we. we're in mexico, we're all over the place. jeb bush would say he is not a conservative. i'm conservative, folks, but i'm also like smart. you know, smart. look, jeb spent $48 million in new hampshire. i spent 2. i won in a landslide, he was number six. give me a break. he is not a conservative. i am a conservative, but they get me on trade. they say he's not a free trader. i'm a free trader, but it has to be smart trade. it has to be good for us, not bad for us. and if our incompetent politicians use political hacks to negotiate trade deals, people that have no clue about money or deals that have not read the art of the deal in all fairness, and don't intend to, it's not of interest to them. look at john kerry. look at the deal he made with
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iran. one of the worst deals ever negotiated. one of the worst deals ever negotiated. it's a disgrace, an embarrassment. by the way on that deal, we should have never ever even started until they give our prisoners back. you know that p we should have had them back years ago and once they get back, we should have gone in and told them by the way the $150 billion, sorry, folks, we're a debtor nation. we owe $19 trillion. we don't have it, sorry. you're not gettings money. and you know what, after about would da two days of turmoil, we would have saved $150 billion. that deal is such an embarrass chlt. our trade deals are just like that. sergeant bergdahl, five for one, right? we get bergdahl, they get five who is a traitor, we getburg
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bergdahl, we get five of the biggest killers in the world. and those guys are now back on the battlefield trying to kill us all and we got a traitor. and by the way a traitor that supposedly five or six young beautiful soldiers were killed trying to find him and get him back. okay? that's our deals. that's the way we negotiate. not going to happen anymore. okay? not going to happen anymore. so what we're going to do is we're going to tell our wonderful businesses that deserted us, not even blaming t had no reason not to. do you think anybody went to carrier and said, listen, you're getting all of these people go, you're moving to mexico, please don't do it, here's the deal. they don't do that. so they move into mexico and i would say whether it's -- i want to do it myself. i know it's not presidential,
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it's not presidential for the president of the united states to call up the head of carrier, hello, this is the president, but i don't care. it's so much done ffun for me. please don't take that away in me. i love deals. so whether it's me or one of my killers because do i know -- i know the great ones. i know the bad ones. i know the overrated ones. i know the ones you've never heard of that are better than all of them. but whether it's one of these killers or whether it's me, but let me do it, okay? at least with carrier, please. so i call up, they say the president of the united states calling for the head of carrier. get him on the phone. i say listen, here's the story. good luck in mexico. enjoy your stay. but here is the story. you let go of 1400 great people that helped build your company and i really love -- by the way,
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i love the pictures of your new facility. here's the story. every single air conditioning unit that you make, every single one, as it crosses the border and we're going to have a real border because we're going to have a wall, we'll have a real bor border, okay? a big beautiful wall that nobody is crossing and nobody is going underneath either by the way. just in case you had any questions. don't worry about the tunnel stuff. nobody is going over it or under it and we'll have by the way a big beautiful door and people will come into our country blu they will come into our country legally. legally. legally! so i tell the head of carrier every single unit that you make in mexico and you sell in the united states, we're going to put a 35% tax on that unit and i hope it works out well for you folks. and here's what's going to happen. they're going to have lobbyists call me, but i didn't take any of their money.
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they're going to have special interests call me, but i didn't take any of their money. they will have donors, donors, donors, but i didn't take any of their money. i don't give a damn for them, folks. i care for you. and here is what is going to happen. within 24 hours of that phone call, the head of carrier and ford and so many other companies, i mean, you just take a look, i could read them out all day, nabisco, leaving chicago with their big plant, moving to mexico. no more oreos for us. i'm not eating oreos anymore, i guarantee you. so i will get a call within 24 hours and he will say to me head of carrier, mr. president, we've decided to stay in the united states. i say thank you very much. build your plant miles per hour. i don't even care if you don't build it in gphoenix or arizona
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we want it in the united states. and it will happen a lot. and here's the story. we are going to start winning again. we're not winning anymore. we don't win at anything. we don't win with our military. we can't beat isis. how about our great general george patton? i love george patton. he's too tough. he could never be a general now. he's too tough. he's not politically correct. we got to stop with this political correct. and by the way, by the way, chipping away just like i said, they're chipping away at the second amendment, they're chipping away at christianity, they're chipping away at our religions. we're not going to have it anymore. it comes christmastime, we're going to see signs up that say merry christmas. remember it. remember it. so we have become so politically correct that we're totally
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impoi impoi impotent as a country. so we'll rebuild the military, we'll knock the hell out of isis and we'll come back and rebuild our country. we will rebuild our country. our military is going to be so strong and so respected and we're going to buy the right equipment. we're in the going to buy equipment that was gotten because somebody at that company that sold the equipment had political connections to our characters that i run against. we're going to there a great military. and we are going to finally, finally take care of our greatt military. and we are going to finally, finally take care of our great veter veterans. we'll take care of them. so we're going to win with the military. we're going to win with the -- thank you very much. look at you. thank you. usa is right.
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usa, usa! thank you. so folks, we'll start winning again. we'll win with our omilitary. we'll win for our vets, right? we'll win for our vets. we're going to win with education. we're going to win by knocking the hell out of obama care, terminating it, coming up with something much less expensive, much better. we are going to win in every aspect of our lives. we're going to win so much, we're going to win with our second amendment. we're going to win big league with our second amendment. we will keep winning at every level. we will win so much that you're going to say, mr. president, we're winning too much. i can't stand it anymore. and i'm going to say i don't care. and you know where we're really going to win? the for the people of phoenix, for the people of arizona, we're
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really going to win at our border. and we're going to build a wall really going to win at our border. and we're going to build a wall. ladies and gentlemen, you have to go out, you have to vote on tuesday. you will never be disappointed with me. i'm not going to disappoint you. we are going to bring our country back, we are going to take our country back. we are going to have victories again. you will be so proud of your family, yourself, your president and your country. we are going to win again all the time. thank you very much. i love you. i love you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. ♪ >> donald trump in fountain hills, arizona speaking for about 25 minutes amongst a crowd that was larger than he had estimated, but as he said in his speech, he's used to that. and he was introduced