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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  March 19, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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daring rescues in frigid waters. >> i can't see anything! i need help! massive floods. >> oh, my god. >> it was unbelievable just how quickly the water was moving. >> and danger at sea. >> absolutely life threatening situation. >> get ready to get wet. catching air, and crashing hard. falling in -- >> it was a real, quick, violent crash. >> and flying out. >> oh, my god! when it comes to the power of water, expect the unexpected.
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>> oh, my god. >> jesus! hello. i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." water is a force to be reckoned with. we learn as children to never turn our backse on a wave, but there are countless other ways to be caught unprepared. in our first story, a bursting water main wreaks havoc on a cold winter morning. motorists are trapped in their vehicles when a river turns roadways into rivers. >> the waters rise so quickly that drivers are unable to escape. among those stranded in the fast-moving current are a mother with her 9-year-old son. >> i can't see anything! i need help! >> ma'am, we're on our way.
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december 23rd, 2008. an aging water main ruptures in bethesda, maryland, sending a rushing wall of water rushing down a busy road and turning the morning commute into a nightmare for drivers. firefighters at station 10 are just pulling out, unaware a critical situation is developing nearby. they immediately get stuck in traffic backed up from the flood. >> we thought we might have had a trash truck or something on fire. and that's when we were met with about a 4-foot-high wall of water hit the front of the fire truck. it hit the fire struck so hard, we thought it was going to blow the window right out of the fire truck. >> accustomed to the role of rescuers, the firefighters now find themselves in a precarious position. >> for the first three or four minutes, we weren't the rescuers, we almost needed rescued ourself.
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>> from the base of the hill, we see several cars trapped in the raging waters. >> i made the initial radio transmission to our emergency communications and said, we're going to need water rescue, some manpower. we knew time was not on our side at that point. >> the 66-inch water main break is pouring thousands of gallons of water down the hill. the firefighters need to act fast. >> our plan of attack was to use the fire truck as sort of a barrier between us and any debris that was coming down the road and try to make a little bit of a safe area for us. >> the rescuers fight their way upstream to reach the first car. >> got to the lady. and she was pretty panicked. when i got to the car and opened her door up, she had water in her car. i remember her looking at me and she was screaming. she said, "i can't swim." i joked and said, "i can't swim either. but we're not planning on swimming." >> he manages to get the woman to safety. meanwhile, another response team has arrived on the scene and is attempting a rescue from the top
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of the hill. >> the water was moving extremely fast, faster than i've seen it move on a roadway before. we guesstimated at 30 knots, which is probably 40 miles an hour. >> they decide to try a tricky rescue maneuver by boat. >> when we do this type of operation, we have what we call a high line. we tie a large rope between a telephone pole and a large tree. then we use a pulley system to lower the boat down. >> the rescue efforts are tense and they nearly capsize in the frigid water. >> water was really moving. we were swept off our feet two or three times as we tried to get down close enough to get in the boat. >> they're eventually successful. but the firefighters are struggling to reach the mother and her young son still trapped in their vehicle. >> it's moving backwards. the water is washing away us. >> are you out of the water now, ma'am? >> no. it's still coming. >> the firefighters battle the currents for several agonizing minutes.
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>> the force of the water is tremendous. at 18 inches or so, it was taking your feet out from underneath of you. the amount of debris that was coming down the street was probably the biggest hazard at that point. i mean, you had 200- to 300-pound chunks of rocks and stuff coming at you. you had to kind of dodge them. make sure they didn't take you out. >> with the water levels rising and without further resources, they're forced to retreat. >> that's when we saw the maryland state police helicopter coming in to do part of the rescue. >> sergeant nathan wilock is in the hangar when he receives the call for an emergency hoist rescue. >> a hoist rescue is by far the most dangerous portion of what we do, of our operations and it is a last resort when you cannot access somebody by ground or by any other means. >> as they approach, news choppers capture footage of the landscape. it's barely recognizable. >> when my pilot turned that
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corner, he turned right to go up what used to be river road and was now a rushing river itself. there were nine cars trapped in the middle of this water that had absorbed the roadway. >> it's an extremely dangerous situation for a helicopter rescue, but it's the best chance of saving the stranded victims. >> we were five to ten feet away from trees on one side, a cable dangling between power lines, getting really close to an overhang of trees. either of them were extremely dangerous, electricity or a cable getting fouled. one or the other, we were in a very tight location. >> there's no time to lose. it's a bitter 20 degrees out and the icy waters are taking a toll. even worse, the wind from the helicopter and force of the water make it too dangerous to lower anyone down for a rescue assist. so it's up to the mother to get herself and her young son into the basket. >> we need help! >> ma'am, just try to stay calm. they're coming to you.
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okay? >> every time the basket touched the water, it was throwing it out away from the car. she was trying to climb through the window and still maintain to get into the basket. so we were very concerned that if she didn't make it into the basket that she was going to get washed away. >> the basket is now covered in ice and slips from the woman's hands every time she tries to grab hold of it. >> frustration was starting to set in. not just frustration, but even a little bit of mild hypothermia. i wanted her to grab that basket more than anything and i wanted her to hold onto it and climb into it. >> after several desperate attempts, the mother manages to get herself and her son inside. >> it was an incredible sigh of relief to know i got them. they're mine. we get to up to the side of the aircraft. >> but as they're hoisted to the helicopter, the sergeant realizes the basket is frozen solid. >> the mother and son, they come up and get next to the aircraft.
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the basket, the hook, the cable everything is locked with ice. so they're not coming in. i'm not going to try and pull them out of an icy basket and potentially let them slip. so i clip them to the side of the aircraft. they're covered in ice from their waist down, cold, shivering. >> it's a terrifying ride. but the ordeal ends as the helicopter team touches down and rushes the pair to an ambulance. of the dozen or so people trapped in their vehicles, everyone survives the disaster. for responders, it's cause for celebration. >> when the helicopters got there, it was a pretty big relief knowing they had a chance, because at that point when we couldn't get to them, i just didn't have any idea how we were going to make that rescue. coming up, another mother and son duo gets a harsh lesson from a wild wave. >> oh, jesus. >> they went over. >> i knew it was not going to be a pretty ending.
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and some sailors ride too close to the edge. >> everything happened so quickly. from that moment, your first thought is every man for himself. hold on. >> when you see somebody, a teammate of yours, fall through a wing like that, you just never know what's going to happen. >> when "caught on camera: wet and wild" continues. ♪ (vo) you can check on them.
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onlookers in hawaii are horrified as a tremendous wave slams two unsuspecting tourists into jagged rocks. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, jesus. >> they went over. >> it was pretty obviously to everyone that watched it there was going to be a significant injury from this. >> i knew it was not going to be a pretty ending. >> in his years as an underwater videographer and conservationist, drew wheeler has had many opportunities to witness the power of the ocean
3:13 pm
firsthand. >> i have seen some very close calls here on the rocks at sharks cove. the thing is about this area on the north shore is when the waves come in, you don't know they're coming until they're there. >> february 5th, 2011. drew and a group of conservation volunteers are on the shoreline, keeping watch over the waves. >> we're part of a makai watch and we're here every saturday to help provide information to the public and help protect the marine life area. we watch the fish and watch the people. >> in the wintertime, there are a lot of visitors that come here to see the spectacular waves hitting the rocks with this beautiful explosion of white water. it's a common sight to have people taking photos here along the shoreline. >> on this particular day, a pair of tourists mother and son will get more than a view of the waves. >> when i first saw the couple walk out on the rocks, i initially tried to warn them, as did several other people on the shoreline. >> our first instinct was to yell at them and warn them, because the waves were obviously
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crashing over the rocks but they, of course, couldn't hear us. >> the tourists are unaware that the waves in this area can be extremely unpredictable. waves are generated miles away and travel over the open ocean to hawaiian shores. they are large, powerful and spread far apart. for people on the beach, the water is calm one minute, but it can be a very different story the next. >> people come here, they watch the waves. they'll see a few smaller waves, thinking that it's okay to get into the cove or the tide pools. and they don't understand that every few waves or so, two or three very large waves, larger than normal that they're watching, will come in. then they're in trouble. and this is a very rocky area. >> it's referred to as the cheese grater by the lifeguards, 'cause the lava rock is extremely sharp and very, very dangerous. >> we've watched many people get hurt here. >> as the wave hits the base of the rocks, mother and son still don't realize what's about to
3:15 pm
happen. >> when the wave initially hit and he took the picture, he turns around, almost happy that he got this great shot. but at that moment, i think the woman realized that they were about to get wet, and she kind of crouches down, but the gentleman just turned around and had no idea of the water that was about to come over the rocks. i informed one of the people near me to get ready to call 911. >> and just a few seconds after that, the waves came up over the rocks and took them right off the rocks. >> the wave comes up over the rocks with incredible force, throwing the pair down a 12-foot drop. >> oh, jesus. >> they went over. >> when the wave hit him, it took him out basically from behind and knocked him across the sharp lava rocks and actually sent him over the ledge headfirst, backwards. the woman, being a little bit more prepared, ended up in a seating position and sort of skipping across the rocks and down the ledge in a seating
3:16 pm
position the whole time. >> the conservation group watches helplessly. >> my initial concern was that the guy who went over headfirst and backwards was probably going to have suffered a serious neck injury and possibly broken bones, spinal injury. >> seconds pass as the man disappears into the tide pool. when he emerges, it's clear he's in tremendous pain. >> when he came up out of the water, he was screaming. and i knew at that point he was conscious and alive, which was good, but the best thing for him would be not to move. >> several people in the tide pools rushed over to assist them. it was just minutes after that that the paramedics were here. >> the gentleman was removed from the lagoon area on a backboard. and while he was being carried past, i could see that he had significant cuts and scrapes down his sides and legs and arms and hand and elbow. the woman walked out on her own accord, but had what appeared to be some lacerations on the back of her legs. >> the victims are loaded into an ambulance and taken to the an
3:17 pm
ambulance and taken to the hospital, where they're treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. >> all in all, i think they were very lucky. people have died on these rocks before. >> oh, jesus. >> they fell over. a high-tech racing catamaran wipes out during an exhibition run and sends crew members overboard. >> it was a real quick, violent crash. when you see somebody, a teammate of yours, fall through a wing like that, you just never know what's going to happen. >> june 13th, 2011. oracle racing teams, defending america's cup champions, debut a high-speed catamaran to promote the 2013 americas cup in san francisco bay.
3:18 pm
the bay is known for some of the world's most stunning scenery, but unpredictable currents and a powerful wind tunnel through the golden gate can make for wild rides on the water. >> san francisco bay is probably one of the most exciting waters in the world. there's huge currents here. a lot of different wind types. so it's very challenging to sail. >> the multi-hull 45-foot catamaran features the newest design in extremely lightweight, versatile racing boats. >> the unique thing about the 45 is the wing style. it's just a more efficient, aerodynamic shape. >> the cat's aerodynamic design allows it to race at unprecedented speeds. >> the regular boat we'll see on the bay will do probably around eight miles an hour, maybe ten. we're out there doing about 30 to 40 miles an hour. >> it's a thrilling ride, but at speeds this fast, things can change drastically in an instant. >> the boats are the fastest boats in the world. you really have to push them on to the edge to sail them fast.
3:19 pm
but if you go too far, you can crash them hard. >> you get into this no-man zone where it becomes quite dangerous. they got into that zone. >> as one of the oracle boats skims the water at breakneck speed, the bow gets buried in a wave. >> it's like a surfboard. if the wake goes forward and the nose starts going under, it's very difficult to recover. >> the catamaran makes a sudden pitch and crew members are sent flying. >> everything happened so quickly because we had such big speed on us, as well. from that moment, the first thing you think is every man for himself. hold on. i heard a big crash through the wing. and that was kind of scary because the carbon fiber is really sharp. >> fortunately, they're all wearing helmets. beyond some minor injuries and bruised egos, no one is seriously hurt. >> we were sailing at a very, very difficult angle.
3:20 pm
and our teammates just pushed just a bit hard and ended up going for a swim. >> the coast guard pulls them in so they can take stock. luckily, this time, the damage is minimal. >> shore team did an amazing job of fixing the wing in a short period of time and we were racing the next day. >> with the future promising bigger and faster catamarans, the stakes will be even higher. coming up, an unusual rescue mission. >> we were in the middle of the ocean. how did this dog get here? >> when "caught on camera: wet and wild" continues. for a limit, you can get a great deal on this passat. wow, it looks really good... volkswagen believes safety is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now! get a $1,250 volkswagen reward card
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♪ a pleds pleasant boat trip turns terrifying for a new zealand couple and their dog. >> turned very ugly. >> january 1997. experienced seaman paul dickinson and his girlfriend, tina keegan, are cruising their new boat, "the tormenter" off new zealand's north island, with their 8-year-old bull territoer priscilla. >> it was the end of the holiday, it was a sunday.
3:24 pm
we were probably half an hour into our trip. >> miles from land, a powerful rogue wave shatters one of the vessel's big windows. >> at that stage, the wave came over and actually hit the front of the boat which, in turn, caused the window to break and the water is coming in. priscilla was sitting there looking at me. and i'm looking at the waves and it was just like, hmm, this is quite scary. >> the couple sends an urgent call for help. it's picked up by the rescue team in new zealand. >> the hotline rang. so, i thought here we go. what we got now? we were told it was a boat in distress and if we could go out and try to find it. >> the mayday calls gives only a vague position. the pilot knows finding the boat will be tough. >> the rescue helicopter actually went over us. it didn't see us because of the squalls in the water. >> it's now a nerve-racking 25 minutes since the rescue call was made. and at any moment, "the tormenter" may sink. finally, the rescue crew spots the troubled boat.
3:25 pm
>> they were in big trouble. the boat was actually beginning to sink rather rapidly. >> alex stewart, an experienced rescue diver, is lowered down from the chopper. >> when they placed me on the boat, i had about two seconds and then, whoosh, i was off it. >> alex knows there's very little time. >> i shouted to tina to get into the water and for her husband to go in the dinghy and to get away from the sinking boat. >> tina doesn't want to get in the water for fear she'll lose hold of priscilla. but then a wave hits the cockpit and the dog falls in to the ocean. she sees alex and paddles toward him. >> we were out in the middle of the ocean. how did this dog get here? and i thought, oh, yeah, here's an added problem to the situation. >> alex's first priority is rescuing tina and paul. he swims with priscilla back to the boat and focuses on tina. meanwhile, priscilla is fighting her own battle with the waves.
3:26 pm
on his third attempt, alex gets the harness around tina and they hoist her up. >> once i started to be lifted, i thought, well, this is great. this is my rescue. >> by now, the boat is nearly under water entirely and the dog is nowhere in sight. paul is bleeding badly from a cut on his arm as alex secures his hoist up. the couple watches as "the tormenter" sinks, presumably with priscilla. >> the paramedics couldn't see priscilla anywhere around the boat. it appeared that all had been lost. >> but as the chopper turns to leave, the tenacious bull terrify suddenly appears, clinging to the last visible piece of "the tormenter." >> i couldn't believe the dog was still there. i thought the dog unfortunately drowned. >> all eyes turned to alex. does he have the energy to go back down? >> i said to crewman, give me 60 seconds in the water.
3:27 pm
if the dog doesn't come, we'll just have to leave her. i started calling the dog's name. she turned around, saw me and she swam straight for me. >> the desperate priscilla wastes no time. >> she swam into my arms. thumbs up. get me out of here. i was in mid-air with the dog in my arms thinking, you're a lucky little girl. >> finally, the exhausted dog makes it into the arms of her happy owners. >> it was just perfect, yeah. just couldn't have been any better. coming up, a family's dream home is buried at the bottom of a river. >> i saw the first two houses go through the gorge. >> oh, man. this is unbelievable, that water going. oh, my god. >> i mean, it was absolutely unbelievable. >> when "caught on camera: wet and wild" continues. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely
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hour's top stories. prosecutors say terror suspect salah abdelslam has planned to set off a suicide bomb during last year's terror attacks in paris, but backed out. he was believed to be the last suspect at large, linked to those attacks. abdelslam was captured in a raid on friday and was discharged from the hospital before being taken into custody earlier today. anti-donald trump protesters were arrested today after dozens blocked traffic leading to rally in arizona. now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. going with the flow is usually a good thing, but not when it sends your dreams down river. when disaster strikes a lakeside resort, no one is prepared for the tragedy that unfolds. june 9th, 2008. a massive flood destroys a community and washes homes down the wisconsin river. >> i thought there's just no
3:32 pm
way. that can't happen here. i remember when the rooftops went through, i was like -- it was surreal. i couldn't believe it. >> almost like it was a nightmare that we were pinching ourselves, hoping we'd wake up. we were in a state of shock. we could not believe it was happening. >> it's the height of summer tourist season in the wisconsin dells, a midwestern resort area. famous for its water parks and boating. >> since i was a kid, we went to the dells, big chief, all those water parks and stuff. >> the dells also attract people in search of a quieter pace of life year round. >> we wanted to find the perfect setting for a home which we did. >> tim and liz fram built their family's dream home on picturesque lake delton and raised their three young children on its shores. >> the entire family just absolutely loved boating, resonated well with what we wanted to do and very relaxing,
3:33 pm
peaceful. to me and my family, it was the ultimate spot to live. >> but their peaceful sanctuary is disrupted on sunday, june 8. the frams notice the lake levels are rising in front of their house. >> we've never seen the lake level really rise more than 3 or 4 inches. but it's not a complete surprise. for a week, the entire region has been inundated with rain. normally, lake delton's water level is regulated through nearby dams. but so much continuous rain catches everyone off guard and the lake water is rising so quickly that the frams decide to take action by sandbagging their waterfront. >> we started getting sand delivered because we were concerned obviously for our home because it kept getting higher. the kids were having a blast. they were playing in the water as it was coming up and stuff. >> it's fun and game for the kids, but liz and tim fear the lake water will flood their home. >> the worst that we thought would happen is that maybe the
3:34 pm
lower level would flood, but just had a sick feeling all day long. >> about midnight, i remember the sand kind of came over that wall and it reached our patio, like, within minutes. >> the time that we decided to evacuate was i think some time around 1:30 a.m. on monday morning. >> when the frams returned by daylight, it's an alarming scene. the lake water has found its own exit route. it's flowing over the lake shores and downhill across the county highway. it's a serious turn of events, but could be good news for the frams. >> tim said i think we might be okay, because it might take the water away from our home. >> but so much fast-flowing water has the force of a raging locomotive, and the highway starts to crumble beneath its momentum. >> 5,000 pound pieces were falling into a creek that was
3:35 pm
newly created between the river and the lake. >> the lake water cuts a giant gorge through the earth, joining lake delton to the nearby wisconsin river. phillip white is watching from the shore and begins documenting the catastrophe from a safe distance across the lake. >> there goes that big one. wow. >> just when it looks like things can't get much worse, the unthinkable happens. >> there was a house i was watching from across the river. the water went around that house, took out this big, huge pine tree that was in front of it, then took out the house. >> this is unbelievable. there it goes. holy cow. unbelievable. oh, my god. >> once it tipped in, it would hold together for a little bit, but then caught up in the chasm of water rushing down there and then bust apart. >> onlookers watched helplessly as the unforgiving waters eat
3:36 pm
away at the land beneath neighboring homes, exposing their foundations and leaving the houses with nothing to stand on, suspended above the swirling waters. >> it turned into like a level five rapids. it was unbelievable, with just a whirlpooling effect. just how quickly the water was moving and you had large land masses falling in. you had trees falling in. you had homes falling in. i mean, it was absolutely unbelievable. >> i was extremely upset because now i saw the first two houses go through the gorge and ours was, like, the next house in line. >> it's a wrenching scene with their beloved house teetering on the edge of the shore. the frams leave to spare themselves from seeing what happens.
3:37 pm
soon after, the cherished family home, built with care from the ground up, slips into the water intact and floats down river as if weightless, before disappearing into the churning mud and rapids. the frams are not alone. their neighbors, the kubinicks, are away when they get news their vacation home is in danger. >> my neighbors called me and told me the house might go down. >> the house breaks in half. hours later, the kubinicks arrive to an unimaginable scene. >> everything was gone. house was gone. everything. >> in a mere four hours, lake delton is completely drained dry. the entire body of water coursing into the lower lying wisconsin river. the event upends the billion dollar industry that's based on the lake, shutting down resort
3:38 pm
areas and other businesses. for people whose hopes and retirement plans are tied to the area, the devastation couldn't be worse. >> not only did we lose the home, our land and all of our possessions, we really had to start over, from every perspective possible. >> rebuilding efforts begin soon after the massive flood, and within a year, the lake is full and businesses reopen. the area where the frams and others lost their homes is once again a lovely water front. >> this whole area is a new bay. it's now become the deepest part of the lake. that's where everyone's homes were. >> fortunately, no one was in any of the homes that sank and no lives were lost. but for the homeowners, sustaining such a painful personal and financial blow, it will take a long time to recover. >> when you lose it, you've lost it forever. and you'll never get it back.
3:39 pm
>> there it goes. holy cow. unbelievable. coming up, thrillseekers get burned by water and ice. >> i was very scared. i thought something could really be wrong. >> when "caught on camera: wet and wild" continues. if you misplace your discover card, you can use freeze it
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3:43 pm
>> december 31st, 2005. 16-year-old shanna rasmussen is hoping to enjoy the winter wonderland outside with some friends. >> we were getting ready for a new year's eve party that night when a friend of mine called me and invited me to go sledding. it was my first time to go out sledding that season and i was very excited. >> shanna and her pals think they found the perfect spot for snow tubing, but their excitement will soon turn to trauma. >> the hill where we were at was actually pretty small but very steep. a couple of my friends had been to the hill the day before and they had built a jump there. the jump was built at the very bottom of it, so right when you got maximum speed, you could get as much air as possible. >> she landed it. >> the first time that i saw one of my friends go down the hill, it looked awesome. he hit the jump and got about 20 feet of air before landing. >> next, it's shanna's turn. >> go, shanna, go.
3:44 pm
>> when i started going down the hill, i really wanted to stay on top of the tube. i thought as long as i would have it underneath me, i would have cushion and i would be okay. as soon as i hit the jump, i started leaning back too far. as soon as that happened and the tube came out from underneath me, i knew that i was going to have a problem. >> shanna loses control of her position and falls on her neck with the rest of her body following right behind. >> when i hit the ground, my upper thighs actually connected with my shoulders when i felt this big smack of just my entire body collapsing in on itself. and it was really painful. >> the impact is tremendous. shanna lies motionless on the ground, terrified that she may be seriously injured. >> i was fairly immobile. i could move my limbs but couldn't sit up. the pain only got worse. i knew i wasn't getting better. i realized i'm going to need some help. >> shanna's friends call an ambulance and she's immediately
3:45 pm
taken to the hospital. >> i was concerned that if anybody were to move me or pick me up, that i could have a spinal cord injury. >> at the hospital, shanna learns that she's broken five vertebrae in her back. >> i was devastated. of the five vertebrae that i had broken, i had crushed two of them and they had to be fused together with surgery the next day, where they put in two rods and four screws to help strengthen by back and to support my spinal cord. >> after months of painful rehabilitation, shanna makes a full recovery, but she's put her sledding days behind her. >> ever since the accident, i have never been sledding again. i wouldn't tell other people not to sled. it's really fun and can definitely be a very safe activity. however, for me, i think that that was probably my last time. august 2010.
3:46 pm
a parasailing group heads out for the thrill of their lives. but before they even leave the harbor, their boat comes under attack. >> it looked like the guy was literally trying to run over the other vessel. >> absolutely life-threatening situation. everybody on board was fearing for their life. >> on the southern shore of oahu, tourists flock to enjoy some of honolulu's most beautiful coastline. >> south shore of oahu here is a great spot for parasailing and water activities because it's on the leeward side of the island and the water is generally calm and the weather is consistent. >> for 16 years, captain jamal nichols has worked on the water, taking tourists out to experience the thrill of parasailing. >> this job is very rewarding. and to fulfill people's
3:47 pm
excitement on an hourly basis is awesome. >> captain nichols and his crew are trained to deal with just about any problem that arises on the water. >> as the captain, my number one job is to make sure everybody knows about the safety briefings so that nobody gets injured. i basically treat all of my customers like my own children. >> but on this afternoon, captain nichols finds himself in a situation he never anticipated. >> as i was leaving the harbor, almost to the surf break, i looked to my right, and i seen a high-speed boat coming at us. >> the boat appears to be one of the local patrols which sometimes travel at high speed when responding to calls. >> last minute, within 50 yards of the boat, i realize that that was not a patrol boat, that was a civilian boat and had to take action at that point. >> captain nichols swerves to avoid a collision, but the group is not out of danger yet. greg longnecker is the owner of the parasailing company and
3:48 pm
recognizes his boat from the shoreline. >> as i was driving out, i saw a boat at a high rate of speed cross the stern of the "man o war," which is the boat that jamal was operating. it didn't dawn on me at first. then i stopped, got out of my truck, and looked and was pretty amazed at what i saw. >> nearby, a local cameraman is filming surfers in the area and sees the commotion. >> what is going on? are they, like, trying to run over someone? >> within moments, it becomes clear that the parasailing group is under attack. >> after he made his first pass by us, after i avoided a collision, he whipped his boat around, did a 180 in the surf break and charged right back at us again. i realized that this man was deliberately trying to hit us. >> with no apparent provocation, captain nichols is shocked that
3:49 pm
they've become a target. but he isn't left with much time to think. >> little bit of panic. i had to keep a clear head to protect my passengers, but it was definitely obvious he was after us. >> with 11 other people on board and folks in the water nearby, the aggressive boat is a serious threat. >> on any given day, you could have 30 to 50 surfers in the water. so to see a guy shooting across there at 30 to 40 knots, it's unusual and unsafe. >> my passengers were terrified. literally crying, freaking out on board. it was a situation. >> stunned by the attack, captain nichols struggles to keep his clients out of harm's way. >> this man would come after us, turn around, come back after us again, aiming for the belly of the hull. this happened eight to ten times. >> there's no end in sight to the ordeal and their attacker makes hostile gestures with each new pass. captain nichols isn't sure how long he will be able to sustain this defensive action. >> at the speed he was traveling, if he had hit the
3:50 pm
boat, basically, we would have sank. >> suddenly, the menacing boat turns and moves in another direction. everyone on board breathes a sigh of relief. the attack is over and the passengers are unscathed, thanks to captain nichols' quick thinking. >> the whole event lasted maybe five to seven minutes. after numerous attempts of trying to create a collision with us, he skirted up the coast. he basically gave up. >> but the reason for the attack remains a mystery. the aggressive boater goes on to harass others in the area before being intercepted. he's indicted on charges of terroristic threatening, but the charges are eventually dropped, a fact that troubles some in the local boating community. >> it shouldn't be allowed to happen. it gives you a very uneasy feeling in the boating industry. we need safe boating practices so people don't get hurt. coming up, who says
3:51 pm
everything that's wet has to stay in the water? >> it's like popcorn. they're popping everywhere. they're coming straight up. they're behind us. they're on the side of us. >> and -- >> what is that? >> when "caught on camera: wet and wild" continues. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy.
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talk about wet and wild. two fishermen in southern indiana are having the laugh of their lives as fish soar through the air and crash land into their boat. >> i remember counting. we're at 18, man. we killed it. out of nowhere, boom. we go 19. you know? >> right in the head! >> troy mccormick and mac spainhour are hosts of a adventure and recreation show. >> welcome to "indiana outdoor adventures." >> if you haven't caught it on
3:55 pm
air, it's a weekly regional tv series about two local guys having a blast doing what they love to do. the show is filmed all over indiana, and during one particularly lively episode, troy and mac discover that they don't need any rods or tackle to attract fish. >> oh! >> they duck for cover as fish come to them, diving into the boat one after the other. >> here we go! >> it's like popcorn. they're popping everywhere. they're coming straight up. they're behind us on side of us. >> this fish story begins on a september morning in 2010. mac gets a call something unusual is happening on the river. >> some of my buddies that patrol on the wabash river in vincennes, indiana, were on the river said you got to come over here. >> mac calls troy and they set out on a fishing expedition they will never forget. >> all of a sudden, that first
3:56 pm
fish comes flying out of nowhere, passes between us, bouncing off parts of the boat. >> there's one! >> a single jumping fish is unusual, but it's not enough to shock troy or mac. but within seconds, dozens of fish start leaping out of the water in all directions. >> left side, right side, front, back, all the way across the river. they were just jumping everywhere around the boat. >> oh! there's one! up on my shoulder! >> the fish are so active that the guys have to protect their heads. and it's no picnic for the cameraman either. >> boom! >> hit the cameraman. nailed me right in the back. >> some of the fish weigh more than 20 pounds and they're propelled by powerful tails that can launch them up to six feet in the air. the fish are asian silver carp, also known as flying carp.
3:57 pm
and while their behavior looks bizarre, the jumping carp are actually responding to the boat's motor. >> it gets startled by this sound and reacts by leaping out of the water. >> look at this. >> the fish frenzy is an entertaining spectacle, but there's a serious downside, too. >> this species really is invasive species. it is not native to these waters. it doesn't belong here. and it does compete with the native species for food sources. >> the voracious carp feed on phytoplankton and feed aggressively prey on native and sport fish, making them an angler's nightmare. they're not just in these waters. the exploding population is infiltrating tributaries through the midwest and heading north towards the great lakes. within an hour, 21 fish have jumped on board the boat. mac and troy aren't planning on eating them. the guys say these carp are extremely hard to prepare correctly. and since state law forbids throwing them back in the water,
3:58 pm
troy and mac will have to dispose of them. >> that was a torpedo, man! >> the whole floor of the bottom of the boat was covered in fish. everything was covered in slime from where they were flopping around. we were covered in it. >> it's a small dent, given the vast numbers of asian silver carp spawning in u.s. waters. troy and mac say they got 300 pounds of carp in all. and we know that's no fish tale. >> all my years of being in the outdoors hunting and fishing and boating, i've never seen anything like this. >> whoa! look at this! finally, fish aren't the only thing to come flying out of the water. one morning news program in san diego hopes to kick off its broadcast with a splash. >> we're at the san diego yacht and boat show.
3:59 pm
good morning, everybody. i'm hanging out with my friend, john. >> it starts right now. >> but the plan goes awry when the stuntman's waterpower jet pack launches him straight down instead of up. the man plunges into the water and the station cuts back to the news desk. seconds later, the smiling stuntman gets it right, shooting up like a rocket out of the sea and soaring through the sky. >> what is that? >> it could be the coolest new thing in water sports or a great escape device for the next james bond. but there are still a few kinks to work out. >> and it starts right now. >> never a dull moment when it comes to getting wet. here's hoping you stay dry. and if by chance you don't, get yourself a waterproof camera and keep those videos coming. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera."
4:00 pm
a motorcyclist drags a deputy across a highway. >> i thought i was going to die that day. >> a suspect attacks an officer behind a desk. >> he reaches for my gun holster. he was going to take my gun and kill me. an ex-con plows a hole through a maximum-security prison wall. >> nobody's ever seen anything like that before. >> "caught on camera," audacious jailbreaks. >> i can't imagine what they were thinking. >> savage beatings. >> they were going to be administering their own form of jail justice. >> and one of the most notorious prison riots in history. >> the thing that was so extraordinary about that day is the rifles didn't stop them. "caught on camera: inmates and outlaws."


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