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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ joined by andrea mitchell, our chief foreign affairs kraubt. you and i were there not long ago, but still given the history between the two countries, every
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new picture, every new venue just remains breathtaking. >> it is. and this is the most important, and there are so many issues. it's a difficult relationship, complicated. we were there january 21st, 2015, for the first normalization talks, right after diplomatic relations were restored. the month earlier, brian, and so much has happened since, but so little. that's going to be part of the discussion today. i'm told the president will press very hard when he meets with raul castro that time is running out. this is his legacy, and time is running out for the obama white house and all the executive actions that have now been taken. you saw that -- that greeting right now with him shaking hands. you saw the secretary of agriculture, commerce, not just the secretary of state. now they're coming up on bruno rodriguez, the foreign minister, and the cuban officials. the fact he has brought with him this economic delegation, he wants deals to be done. he wants hundreds of thousands
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of people to start coming, americans to start coming here. so that it is permanent, part of a legacy. it can't be reversed by an incoming republican administration. and certainly by the congress that has refused to lift the embargo. that said, raul castro will say, what about the embargo, what they call the blockade? whey can't you do something about that? each side wants smnts from the other, and the president will argue about human rights. only yesterday, there was a very difficult demonstration here. it's a weekly demonstration by the ladies in white who silently protest after church, and instead of there are protests and some detentions and arrests, but yesterday was particularly bad. there were the american media there from around the world recording it. that was a deliberate signal that cuba is not going to be pushed on free speech. so how much can be accomplished? president obama has already let the cubans know when he gives an
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unprecedented speech to the cuban people tomorrow, he will speak about human rights, and they have said that's okay. that is a big step in one direction. the dissidents say that it's too much too fast, that the regime should not be rewarded with economic help right now until they relax on free speech and on political reforms, brian. >> andrea, for americans watching who intend to be one of the hundreds of thousands of people to stream down there and take advantage of new tourism opportunities, tell the folks how your smartphone works when you get off the plane and the age of the cab that took you to the hotel. >> well, i gotta tell you, things are changing. my iphone worked, no problem. on data as well as on phone calls. and i didn't have to do anything to it. i didn't have to make any changes. there was a cuba cell picked it up right away. others -- i believe verizon
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right now is ahead of at&t, each company making changes at its own pace. this is already a big improvement from when i was last here for the raising of the flag at the embassy in august. we have -- we see certainly some of the old taxis and cars but there are also some very good cars around on the island. it's spotty, and certainly, the improvements are all directed toward the tourist dollar. the hotels need a lot of upgrading. the hotels built here by spain in the '90s and in the last decade, are certainly a lot better than some of the older hotels. the iconic nationale has not been upgraded and that's a shame because it really needs investment. there's a fact that cuba doesn't have the dollars to make some of these deals. that their economy has been hammered by this trade embargo, which goes all the way back. and this is a big issue in our election. so you can see the cubans from their perspective, they're watching the rhetoric, they're watching donald trump. and they don't know what to
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think. they're watching ted cruz. is there going do be a very anti-havana, anti-castro regime, of course, havana, ted cruz in the white house. they are hedging their bets. and they want more reassurances, just as the president wants some real commitments from them. that said, i have to tell you, on a people-to-people level, it's remarkable. they painted, primped, cleaned up. you see american flags everywhere. cubans i talked to are so excited. i talked to a really smart young blogger yesterday. and he said, you know, we're scared. we're frightened. we don't know what this historic change means for us. we want our country, our culture to be preserved. we don't want to be overwhelmed by the economic power of the united states. that said, we need the change. we can't keep living in the grudges of the past. our generation has to move forward. and there's no turning back. so the people who are really
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directly involved, the cuban people, see both sides of this. they see the risks and they see the rewards. and they're trying to figure out whether their own government can handle what is about to hit them as these big contracts are negotiated. they have ceos here from marriott and starwood, which just announced its first hotel deal, and you know, from tractor companies and cell service companies, airbnb, which is already engaged here with some successes and some failures. but they are here. and they're not going back. and that's -- that is the perm nnls that the president and his top advisers want to see. >> andrea, in television parlance, we're seeing the pool spray at the top of the bilap, meaning cameras are taking kind of the wide view of the two men sitting down with their aides and translators. prior to the bilateral meeting, some of the real substantive
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talks that will take place in this meeting, give us based on your experience, a kind of preview, a prediction of what happens when the cameras are ushered out and it's just both men there and national security aides and their translators. what happens? >> they get down to business pretty quickly. i think president obama is certainly going to thank raul castro for the warm welcome and talk about going around old havana last night and seeing the sights. it was a terrible rainstorm, but they had dinner in a well-known restaurant, went to the cathedral to thank the cardinal for his recession and the pope's as well in getting the secret negotiations together and getting castro and obama to start making calls and writing letters. but then they'll get down to business. they will say, you know, you need to move faster. the president is going to say it's too slow. our business people are saying there are too many obstacles. you have to try to cut through the red tape, the bureaucracy
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that is part of essentially a planned government, and castro is going to say, we can only take it at a certain pace. you're overwhelming us. we don't have the cash. we have just last week let us, you know, trade in dollars and not in our cuban currency. that helps us. the president is also going to thank castro for removing a $10 tax on dollar transactions which was a big impediment to businesses who were having difficulty working in from euros, for instance, to dollars and having to figure out a $10 tax on dollar transactions. that was hurting american investors. they have a lot of real business to do and then they'll talk about human rights. we know that the president will be making his argument about free speech. that's going to be the most difficult argument. but they have said they're not going to secensor his speech on cuban television tomorrow. that's remarkable. if that takes place unkenlserred, it's going to be quite the moment. then they're going to talk about whether or not they're going to take questions from us, the
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press conference. brian, we have to line up rather quickly within the hour and get taken over and get prepared for what they call press statements. typically, when the president travels anywhere in the world, you know this better than anyone, there will be a press conference with the foreign leader, with the host. and raul castro doesn't do that. so president obama is telling him, i'm told, we have to have questions with the press. maybe it will only be one or two, but it has to be done or it will become a big storm in the american media. i can promise you it will be. so whether or not castro agrees on that, we have been told not to expect it, but that we can expect the president will push hard for it. and i think you can be sure if they don't agree to it, there will be some shouted questions. i guess i could say that i'm 100% sure of that since i'll be there. >> i was going to add that, if you didn't -- >> that's exactly. that's exactly what's going to
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happen. we don't know. that's why this is so dynamic. we don't know what's going to happen in this meeting. we do know from our reporting from the cuban side and the american side what they're going to raise, but we don't know how it's going to come out. and this is still a new relationship, a young relationship, after many years of suspicion. by the way, if i can clear something up on the record with you. for our viewers. there was never an issue about whether raul castro would come to the airport. contrary to some bloggers or tweeters or whatever back home. the white house did not want him to come because if he came, it would have been a full, excuse the expression, soviet style military cuban airport welcome for a visiting head of state. he usually doesn't come, by the way. it's usually done by the foreign minister or even the deputy foreign minister. this was supposed to be the formal beginning of a state visit. as a state visit in the united states begins at the white house on the south grounds, this is
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the equivalent of that, not the airport arrival. you don't seed president obama going to andrews air force base other than to greet the pope, as he did, a special case, as everyone would understand. that was not a snub. and it wasn't an issue. people here in the white house were mystified by it. then tried to quickly correct it, but it did blow up a bit online. >> yeah, we noticed that yesterday. i was going to remind our vie r viewers as well, the canadian prime minister was the last foreign leader to have a state visit in washington. when he and his family, mr. trudeau arrived at andrews air force base, the president was not there, as part of that welcoming ceremony. that's not usually the protocol. i want to bring our friend and colleague jose diaz-balart in here, who had been anchoring our coverage all morning, and jose, i'm merely curious as to how it feels to watch this from miami this morning, in 2016. >> it is an amazing sight to
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see. the president of the united states of america in havana, being received by the leader of that country. a family that has been in power since january 1st, 1959. receiving the president of the united states of america. and andrea was talking about how there are so many firsts, and one of them is this press conference or this joint communication that they're going to have. i will probably guess that they will permit the traditional one or two questions from each side to be asked. because we have to remember that in cuba, 100% of the media is owned and controlled by the cuban government. so we can expect the typical hard-hitting questions by the american delegation of press, if they're allowed to ask questions. but you can be sure that the questions that the cuban press will be asking will not be equivalent for cuba. and brian, this is a very interesting conversation we're having because the fact is i
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think the cuban government is very comfortable if the conversation is about economic freedom. and about what can or should be happening to increase american investment, american tourist dollars, american corporate support of the different aspects of the cuban economy, all controlled by the cuban government, because when we're talking about that, we're not talking about the other aspect, which is the political freedoms and the political human rights situation that exists in cuba. remembering that just in the past 48 hours as andrea mitchell so brilliantly points out, there have been hundreds of detentions in havana and throughout today, the university of havana is closed. no classes in havana today. and those people that were detained include artists, gorki, activists, people that are part
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of cuban society that don't agree with a 57-year-old dictatorship, and they have been detained. while the conversation is on economics, the cuban government, i think, is going to be very comfortable in holding those conversations because, quite frankly, they need economic stimulus to continue that country's economy. but they're not willing, and they have made it very clear, they are not willing to change one iota as far as political freedoms are concerned. >> jose diaz-balart watching along with us from miami. chris jansing is in havana, part of our team there. chris, i keep wondering what eisenhower, kennedy, and the like would make of this day, as we're watching these pictures over and over. and i keep wondering how the government and society of cuba is going to manage the waves of change that start coming at
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them, and in fact, already have. >> well, that's part of the challenge, isn't it, brian? the white house has been very clear about this. they see this as a new beginning, a significant step forward. there's no doubt that this is a pivotal moment for this country in addition to obviously being a key moment in u.s./cuba relations. but we're talking about millions of americans who could potentially come over here, and we have seen this start. andrea mentioned some of this. not only sheraton hotels which is now merging with marriott, going to revitalize three iconic buildings here, 4,000 places listed with airbnb, other foreigners have been able to go now, now americans will be able to use it. credit card companies, although most of the people don't have the infrastructure here, so if you go to a hotel or a restaurant, you still have to carry wads of cash. but the potential is so huge with direct flights now going to start very soon from a number of
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major american cities, particularly those that have large cuban-american populations. this is what the white house wants. they want this to be irreversible. they want to set the stage for whoever the next president is that it's going to be moving in this direction. i was just talking as you were having a conversation with jose diaz-balart, with amy klobuchar, who has a bill in congress right now to lift the embargo, and she was telling me how in addition to sponsors, she has a couple of dozen other people who have promised to sign on. this is something they think will get pushed by the reality on the ground, as more americans want to come here, as american businesses want to come here. and one more thing i'll tell you, brian, as you know because you have been to so many of these. we have this sort of encampment we have schett et up in the sha the museum of revolution. people are coming over here. a lot of folks who are coming are lobbyists. lobbyists, for example, from the
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agriculture sector, who are talking about the fact that even though they have been excluded from much of the embargo, they're very concerned because they have always to deal in this cash economy. they want a credit economy to be able to come in here. and so the movement is happening. the question is, how do you balance that? first of all, with sort of the logistical part of it, making sure that it can be handled, and secondly, balance that against what continues to be a repressive regime and what we have seen over the last couple of days with the arrests of the dissidents that frankly people thought might not happen, as a nod to president obama's visit here, but clearly, as andrea said, the signal was being sent from the castro regime, you're not going to tell us what to do about free speech. >> chris jansing, part of our team on the ground. a lot of change washing up
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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc world headquarters in new york. we continue to follow the breaking news out of cuba where president obama was just officially welcomed by cuban president raul castro. the two leaders are now holding what is scheduled to be about two hours of talks. nbc news chief foreign affaired correspondent andrea mitchell joins us live from havana. we have been so used to so many
8:25 am
years saying fidel castro, it almost slipped out of my mouth. he's absent from these talks today, but we know he's kept up on what's happening there. you have two special guests who were instrumental in playing a big part in what we are all watching play out today. >> thank you so much, tamron. indeed, i'm here with senators amy klobuchar and jeff flake who have been very engaged in this diplomacy for some time. one a democrat from minnesota, amy cklobuchar, jeff flake a republican from arizona. they're typical of the bipartisan delegation that came here to support this. first, this is raul castro and still part of the same regime, disgnts who were arrested, detained, then released, moe of them we're told, were released after eight hours. they're complaining that too much is done by the administration too soon. amy, because they haven't seen
8:26 am
any change in the human rights part. >> we know that changes have to be made. that's why the president is here. you have had 50-some years of a failed policy. he's going to devote a significant part of his speech to talking about human rights. he's meeting with the leaders of the dissident gripes tomorrow. i think that the only way you're going to see that change that they want is by bringing more democracy here, exposing them to americans, exposing them to american goods. because all of the past policy hasn't changed things. this is our hope. >> now, senator flake, you have been sort of a lonely republican, a couple more, senator heller and a few other congress members, congressman sanford came on this delegation, but the republican party and republican candidates are dead set against this, and their prr pledging to reverse this normalization. >> some are. >> some are. >> noting one of the republicans running to replace marco rubio in the senate, not running for re-election, is actually running on a platform of lifting the
8:27 am
travel ban. >> from florida. >> from florida. so there has been a sea change there in politics. i should mention, with the human rights situation here, yes, the government is going to continue to do what the government does. but nearly a quarter of the population here, a quarter of the workforce, is now in the private sector in cuba. if you can believe that. just after about five years, and those who don't have to rely on the cuban government for their livelihood, for their jobs or their rational card, foodsubicidies are far more independent and have a far better human rights condition than those who are dependent. our policies are expanding the private sector. that's a good thing. >> speaking of the private sector and agriculture. you're here, commerce secretary vilsack was in the receiving line. big agriculture state, minnesota. you're going to be talking about farm deals. >> we are, because not only is this visit about empowering the private sector in cuba. it's also about talking to our own people at home. and pushing representatives to change this because of the fact
8:28 am
american jobs are at stake. my state alone already does $20 million in agriculture under the humanitarian exemption to cuba every year. we could double, triple that. cuba has to set up its own agriculture distribution, of course. that will be going on simultaneously, but there's a lot of interest from america. there's curiosity, people who want to travel, but there are also people who see an economic opportunity, not just in cuba, but in all of latin america. because many countries say, hey, why have you been closing the doors to cuba? we would rather do business with other countries. so a lot of american businesses, big and small, farmers and others, see this as an economic opportunity. and if we just let in 5 million tourists a year out of our country, which it looks like it's going to be, other companies and other countries are going to see this and pretty soon the americans will be sleeping in spanish hotels and eating chinese food if we don't lift the embargo. >> senator flake, in terms of
8:29 am
the embargo, that is what raul castro is going to say back to the president. the president is saying you have to move faster. you have to get this done. this has to become permanent or else it could be reversed down the road. and raul castro is going to say there's this trade embargo going on for 50, 60 years. and why can't you get congress to move? do you see any prospect that a future congress, the next congress, could take action on this? >> i do. first, let me say the problems in cuba are not because of the u.s. embargo. the problems are because of a failed socialist system. >> but we have given them the excuse of pointing to the embargo. >> we're a convenient scapegoat. the travel ban is all but moot now because you have a people-to-people individual license. >> as of last week. >> right, so i think the travel ban can go quickly. we have 46 cosponsors on the bill that we're on to end the travel ban. we would have 60-plus votes in the senate for that if it gets
8:30 am
to the floor. so that element of the embargo, i think, will go quickly. the rest of it may take a little longer, but the president can license activity under the embargo like the trade deals that are going on now, hotels, starwood just inked a big deal. so i think we ought to continue on the path that we're on, and cuban people will be the better for it. >> senator flake, amy klobuchar, thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> and on with your trip. you have a busy schedule, as do we. and we'll be going to tamron, to that press statements that will come after the bilateral, and still up in the air is whether the president can talk raul castro into taking questions from the press. we're all hoping he does, but i think the likelihood is the u.s. side is going to try to push that pretty hard. >> unpredictable day but an incredible one. we'll watch it play out. >> it is. >> stunning to watch. we were all glued to the televisions here in our headquarters just watching this
8:31 am
momentous occasion. andrea will be back in the next hour. coming up, back to the campaign trail. donald trump is set to hold off the record meetings with nearly two dozen republicans. the question is, why are some of the republicans not coming out publicly to confirm they are meeting with their party's front-runner? a lot of mystery on capitol hill today. we'll find out more up next in a live report. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at go, go, touchdown!, go... ♪ choir and harp music. this place, it's the best-kept secret in football since...
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know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. welcome back now to major developments in the race for the white house. right now, all but one of the presidential candidates are attending the aipac conference, that's the the new ngsal american israeli public affairs committee. hillary clinton wrapped up her speech, during which she went after the republican front-runner donald trump, specifically about his comments last month claiming he would try to remain neutral in
8:35 am
israeli/palestinial negotiations. here's what she said. >> tonight, you'll hear from candidates with very different visions of american leadership in the region and around the world. you'll get a glimpse of a potential u.s. foreign policy that would insult our allies, not engage them. and embolden our adversaries, not defeat them. yes, we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday, because everything's negotiable. some things aren't negotiable. and anyone who doesn't understand that has no business being our president. >> and by the way, bernie sanders is not in attendance. he is campaigning. meanwhile, donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich are all slated to address the conference this afternoon. but what's grabbing most of the
8:36 am
attention today, surrounds trump and a cloud of secrecy in some ways, surrounding these closed-door meetings he's having with prominent republicans near the capitol this afternoon. none of the people trump is meeting with have publicly confirmed they will be there. but nbc news has learned some members of congress and perhaps even newt gingrich will be in attendance. all of this amid another tumultuous weekend on the campaign trail with more protests and more clashes at trump's rallies. this morning, his campaign is denying that his campaign manager, corey lewandowski, grabbed a protester, despite images appearing to show him touching the man's collar. and in a separate incident, perhaps the ugliest clash of the weekend, officials now confirm at least caught on camera, that this man has been charged with assaulting a protester. he has been identified as an active duty navy airman. we'll bring you the latest on all that in a moment. first, we're learning more about
8:37 am
donald trump's meeting with republicans today. luke russert joins us now with more. and luke, it is intriguing, again. here you have donald trump courting some of the so-called establishment, but very few of these people willing to confirm that they are meeting with their republican front-runner. >> yeah, how about that, tamron? you and i have covered politics for quite some time. and usually when someone is so far out ahead in the delegate race and they look like the presumptive nominee of the party, members of congress as well as other members in the party trip over themselves to have a lunch meeting such as it is in this case with donald trump, but gnaw so much. the reason why. so much secrecy that surrounds his campaign and also a lot of his supporters, possibly those in congress, want to remain coy because of how controversial he is. what i have behind me is the jones day law firm, a very important law firm in washington, d.c., known for extensive republican ties. we believe that senator jeff
8:38 am
sessions of alabama, who is a trump supporter, has orchestrated a meeting for donald trump to have with some of his congressional supporters. we could see duncan hunter of california, perhaps representative collins of new york and reed of new york, and also we learned from a source close to the situation that newt gingrich is expected to attend. now, there is a whole swarm of media out here. we have been here since about 8:30 a.m. this morning trying to get a glimpsh of whether or not donald trump comes in. there are multiple entries into the building. we'll see. it also remains to be seen whether any of these members come out and talk to the media after the meeting. so a lot of, we think we know, but we're not necessarily sure because these things are very much clouded in secrecy at this point. but certainly interesting that donald trump taking this time that he is in washington to try and improve his standing with some of the very members of congress that he would need to work with if he so became president. >> obviously, luke, it's beneficial for him if he's going to go on and be the nominee, but i mean it's almost as if you need the paparazzi for tmz to be
8:39 am
out there if they're going to slip in side doors and not just walk through the front door of the building and acknowledge that they are meeting, to your point, with someone in a normal world they would be falling over themselves in some cases to meet as the potential nominee for their party. >> it's also interesting that there were reports yesterday that anti-trump pacs were going to send trackers to the event to monitor which republicans went to meet with mr. trump. we have reports those trackers are not here and those groups have backed off. i can tell you from internal memos i have seen at conservative media outlets, there is an all-out movement to try to shame any republican who were to meet with trump today, whether they be an operative, a lobbyist, a member, whatever. so that shows you the degree to which he's controversial within the party and here's the
8:40 am
presumptive nominee that can't even have a meeting with allies without igniting controversy. the nominee meeting at jones day with influential republicans is pretty normal on the republican side. it really does go to show you how different trump has made all this, tamron. >> let's go to nbc's katy tur. she joins us now from washington. what are we hearing from the trump campaign? we know a lot is at stake with this speech later this evening before aipac, but trump does not like to do things quietly, and here this meeting has all of this secrecy around it down to who he could meet with. >> we're hearing radio silence from the trump campaign on this meeting. it's not really unusual for them to go silent on these matters. we didn't hear from them about the endorsement of sarah palin. when they do want to close ranks and keep things under wraps, they have been pretty successful with it because frankly they have a very small campaign staff of three, four, five people. so if something does leak, they generally know who is leaking it. when it comes to this meeting,
8:41 am
though, what i find to be extraordinarily interesting, as luke mentioned, is that people are not jumping to be associated with donald trump. having jeff sessions be involved is a relatively normal thing. he has endorsed him. even his office won't go on the record as being part of the meeting. i have spoken to a number of people on and off the campaign trail in dpop circles that have told me that anybody working for the donald trump campaign, anybody associating with the campaign, anybody seen working with the campaign, is going to be facing a black list in the capitol. unclear if that will carry through, if he does get the nomination, if he does eventually get the white house, certainly. but so far, being associated with the donald trump campaign has not been an easy thing for staffers, members of congress, and those even when it comes to the lower level staffers at donald trump's campaign.
8:42 am
>> you have covered the campaign since the beginning when he made the announcement. he's fighting for legitimacy. he comes out and has these huge crowds and still feels compelled to exaggerate the number even though it's a huge crowd. so here he is now, radio silent, as you pointed out, even on his favorite place to communicate, twitter, as he tries to court these people, which has to be an interesting situation for him, because a lot of these candidates have come to his home in the past and asked for donations. >> well, what's interesting is the past few weeks we have seen trump and the campaign itself trying to push this message of party unity, they need to rally behind him, they need to coalesce behind him, that he thinks that the house races and the congressional races are very important. he thinks all the republicans should maintain their seats. he's saying that in one breath. in the other breath, he's threatening riots, potential riots, if he does not get the nomination. so he's playing good cop/bad cop, and starring in both roles.
8:43 am
what we're seeing, though, on capitol hill, is that he's not getting embraced the way that he is hoping to get embraced. that is partially because his rhetoric is so back and forth on the trail. there's not just one version of donald trump. it's not just the donald trump that is trying to unite the party. it's the donald trump that is trying to unite the party on one end and also threatening violence on the other if they try to take this nomination away from him. >> absolutely. we have seen it and what this critics have pointed out, he'll have a few minutes of quote/unquote presidential behavior and then go on social media and attack megyn kelly and say other things in this contrast which makes it difficult for even his republican colleagues to associate themselves with him. we'll see what happens today as well as with the aipac speech he's giving. >> as we said earlier, hillary clinton was the first candidate to address the expected crowd of about 18,000 at aipac. she did not just hammer trump for his comments about remaining neutral.
8:44 am
she also took him to task for violence at his rallies and his rhetoric on the campaign trail. kelly o'donnell joins us now from the conference in washington, d.c. and a lot, of course, of focus will be on hillary clinton. but she's experienced. she's a former secretary of state. this speech for donald trump and that crowd including the threat of some rabbis walking out, that could be the headline today, kelly. >> well, one of the interesting things will be how visible that will be, because of the setting here at the verizon center. an arena where basketball and other sports are normally pl played. so the crowd is in mostly darkness. so if people do choose to walk out with donald trump, it may be a little harder to detect. we'll certainly keep an eye out for that. and for hillary clinton, her really stinging criticism of donald trump, it's important to know, never saying his name, but she could speak in code that this audience definitely understood. they have broken up now and are going off to various meetings on their schedule. so there really isn't a huge
8:45 am
crowd behind us now, but she took donald trump to task for a number of things. he has used the word neutral with respect to how the u.s. would negotiate or help to bring together israel and palestine on a two-state solution. she hammered that again and again, using that word in a kind of derisive way. she also talked about the heated rhetoric and someone who would call for deporting those who are in the country without papers or muslims or dealing with some of the harsher rhetoric, that was a clear message this audience understood. and so without really having to ever mention donald trump's name, although she referenced other candidates, and certainly this audience could understand where she was going. as a former secretary of state, former senator of new york, she has dealt with these groups and the policy implications for a meeting like this. this is very comfortable turf for hillary clinton. >> all right, kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. coming up, nearly 100
8:46 am
republican delegates are up for grabs in two western states tomorrow. our first read team says donald trump needs to win 55% of the remaining delegates to secure his nomination. the latest polling from arizona, a winner-take-all state, and the location of the protests we saw over the weekend. we'll be right back. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one.
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back to the campaign trail. the presidential primary calendar shifts west tomorrow with contests for both parties in arizona and utah. while democrats hold caucuses in idaho. on the republican side, there will be about 100 delegates up for grabs and more than half of those will be awarded in the winner-take-all state of arizona. you well know that's the state where we saw major controversy over the weekend, as we mentioned. the violence breaking out at a trump rally, and dozens of anti-trump protesters briefly shutting down a highway leading to another trump rally near phoenix. on the democratic side, hillary
8:50 am
clinton leads bernie sanders by 26 points, but sanders is hoping to make inroads among key democratic voting block in the state native state native americans. nbc's tony de culpo at the san javier indian reservation. what are you hearing from folks who are from the reservation and are near the reservation? >> reporter: hey, tamron. you mentioned a really dramatic weekend, particularly in republican politics. i was at the trump rally where the protesters block over the highway and prevented donald trump from getting on time to his own rally. and protesters actually beaten up. at both of those events, the protester had a key contingent. that's the native american population. they're definitely opposed to donald trump. and we hadn't heard much from them, but the candidates turn their attention to them because they're the second largest minority population here, bigger
8:51 am
than the african-american population. i'm here. 1797 and smack dab in the indian reservation. it's the indian land and religion that activists have been fighting for centuries. bernie sanders in navajo country addressed this issue saying they owe a debt of apology. talking about broken treaties, lasting inequality and touched on the washington redskins naming controversy. but hillary clinton is not giving up this herself. in phoenix, she plans to meet with tribal leaders and decades of relationship-building under her belt as first lady moving through these tribal areas. one person who will certainly not get a large proportion of the native american vote, donald trump. he's got two decades of conflicts with native american people. mostly over gaming. which he sees as a threat to his
8:52 am
own casino empire. i looked at the records. way back in 1993, donald was trying to fight off and testified before congress and questioned the faith and heritage of the indians he was up against. they don't look like indians to me. and the indians, they don't think they're indians. turns out they were. with the mohawks. we've seen a lot of that kind of strategy here in 2016. >> yes. just said over the weekend, also questioning whether or not mitt romney was really mormon and we know the list goes on and on. thank you very much, tony. we'll be right back. this is sheldon
8:53 am
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minutes ago, donald trump said to meet with lawmakers near capitol hill. this is trump's arrival.
8:56 am
very secretive meetings. you see very rare showing for donald trump not to go before the cameras. his vehicle going inside that parking garage, blocking amy's shot from the camera men standing by, the camera women as well. we continue to see if the lawmakers who plan to meet with trump actually go through the front door of that building or confirm that they are even meeting with him. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." up next, "andrea mitchell reports." the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. one totally focused on what's next for your business. accelerating innovation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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9:00 am
"the star spangled banner" is playing. the first sitting president to come in almost 90 years. with an official welcome by cuban president, raul castro, the two leaders trying to resolve differences over economic opportunities and human rights. >> the time is right. obviously, our intention has always been to get a ball rolling knowing that change wasn't going to happen overnight. >> pen pals. the cuban woman who got a letter back from the president tells me her island nation is ready for change. >> i needed to hear an american president. and meet publicly. that's been a punishment and a dark page in american history for cuba and cubans all over


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