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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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states the others can never even imagine. we'll get michigan. it's not like ohio, like, ohio is a state we have to win. you have to win florida, you have to win virginia, you have to win pennsylvania. they don't ever talk about michigan, because they say, you can't even think about it. new york. remember new york valles. do you think ted cruz is going to win new york? i don't think so. if you win new york, it's over, because it has so many delegates. i think we have a chance at winning new york, and various other states. we're going to win that nobody else can win. that makes a whole different contest. think in terms of michigan. i won michigan really big. kasich was out in michigan and stayed there and slept there. he made the statement, if he doesn't win michigan, he'll leave the race. and he lost michigan in a landslide to me. so i'm going to win michigan and i'm going to win other states that no other republican candidate can win. that, from the electoral college standpoint throws this thing much -- it makes it a much
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different deal. one or two more. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm very respectful. i want them to pay us some money. i think israel will do that also, yeah. there are many countries that can pay and pay big league. we're supporting south korea. i order thousands of television sets a year from south korea. they're a behemoth, economically. every time north korea raises its head, they do anything. they sneeze, we start sending the ships, the planes, everything else. we don't get proper reimbursement for that. now, i like south korea. i have property in south korea. i like it. i have a lot of friends there, they can't believe they get away with it, to be honest. we have audit raib, the richest country, no matter how you cut
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it, they were making, until recently, but now they're making half, which is still. they were making $1 billion a day and we subsidized their military, which is ridiculous. it's ridiculous. and they wouldn't be there except for us. this is how we're going to get our wealth back. this and other things, trade deals. one more question, one more. who's got a good question? who's got a good question? who's my favorite reporter? go ahead. >> -- open to a better relationship with russia as president -- >> sure, i want a better relationship with everybody, but yeah. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> no, i don't think so. putin says very nice things about me, i think that's very nice. it has no effect on me, other than i think it's very nice. if we can get along with russia, that's very good. if russia wants to spend millions of dollars a day dropping bombs on isis, i'm okay with that.
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you know, i'm okay with that. some people don't like it. they say, no, that's our job. it's not our job. it's -- let russia -- if they want to do that, i'm all for it. i want to get along with all countries. and we will, we'll get much better -- you look at what china is doing in the south china sea. that is so disrespectful to obama and to our country. you just take a look. look what they're doing in the south -- they are building a massive military complex. and yet, they're draining us for money. they're taking money of our country. we're rebuilding -- we are rebuilding china. so, no, i want to get along with all countries and you know, the interesting thing? we'll do much better with all countries, and yet we'll get along with them better, too. okay? okay. go ahead. real fast. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> many of the people you see that say they're not supporting
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trump, they want to support me. you'll find out soon, because a lot of them will join the team, or as they say, the trump train. but a lot of them are -- i just don't want to do it now. but you'll be seeing over the next short period of time. many of the people that i watch on television, that are supporting somebody else, are really supporting me, or they want to support -- and they will, as soon as we say yes. but you're going to see a lot of people, okay? [ inaudible question ] yeah, we're going to look at that. it's going to be pro-life. we're going to look at intellect. very important. wept very, very smart people. wept conservatives ton supreme court. but we'll be making up a list from seven to ten people. i will be distributing that list in the very near future, okay? thank you very much, everybody. thank you, thank you, very much. >> that is donald trump now.
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donald trump, the republican front-runner on the site of the old post office in washington, d.c., which he is turning into a major hotel, took some questions from reporters there after, of course, that meeting with republican congressmen. that is going to do it for this hour of msnbc live here in arizona. we'll be back here tomorrow. thomas roberts picks things up now from new york. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc headquarters in new york. you've been watching donald trump, who held a news conference earlier this afternoon. next hour, he delivers a major foreign policy speech before the pro-israel group, aipac. now, trump not only unveiled advisers of his foreign policy team today, but also said that in a news conference the u.s. should significantly decrease its involvement with nato. and this comes on the day that trump met with current and former members of congress
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behind closed doors in washington. now, there you see just certain members of that group that attended, and here is a larger picture of those that met with donald trump, and how the day unfolded. >> we just had a really good meeting. just a meeting, and they can't believe how far we've come. because, you know, i think a lot of people maybe wouldn't have predicted that. i think people that know that did predict that. but some people would not have -- and it was really just a meeting, it's a beginning meeting, but it was a very good one. >> a beginning meeting that was shrouded in secrecy for who was going to be in attendance. nbc's luke russert has been stationed outside the jones day law firm in washington. where former gop and current establishment members met with donald trump. luke, what can you tell us about who was there and what was discussed at this meeting. >> reporter: hey, there, thomas. interesting course of events that really started happening over the weekend when we found out this meeting would be taking place. and what we can report, as to
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who was attending, senators cotton and sessions. of course, sessions has endorsed donald trump. tom cotton, who's really occupied this space as a fervent hawk in foreign policy matters, he just showed up for the meeting. did not give an endorsement. on the house side, interesting. some members who had already endorsed trump, duncan hunter of california, reid of new york, collins of new york, day jar lay of tennessee attended this, as well as renee ellmers of north carolina. what's interesting that desjarlais said that a theme of gop unity is what has to go moving forward. also at this meeting, former house speaker, newt gingrich, who is very well known in conservative circles and respected in a lot of them, as well as bob livingston, the joke is, speaker for a day. he had to resign his seat in disgrace when he almost took over the speakership in the '90s. all this being said, what is very interesting about this
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meeting, the degree to which outside conservative forces really publicly let it be known that if anybody showed up, that they were going to not only push that into the public sphere, they were going to shame them. outside, they were handing out these stickers, #nevertrump. a lot of conservative media outlets were outside this meeting and they wanted it to be known that any lobbyists or official or operative that was there should be publicly named. . as what this will do for relations between donald trump and capitol hill, those are still very much frayed. no speaker mcconnell here, no leader mcconnell. the real heavy hitters have not offered trump their endorsement nor are they in a rush to get behind him, which is usually what you see for a nominee a at this point in the process. so to call donald trump's this big open tent all members of capitol hill on the republican side, it's going to be far fetched. this was a small, closed meeting. it's very secretive about what else was discussed. >> have you heard from folks from the hill, from staffers,
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who explained how party members were vetted to attend this meeting? who was invited? did callista gingrich actually attend, or just escort newt gingrich inside for the cameras? >> reporter: i think she went. . pretty sure she went in. she walked in with him. and we asked her and former speaker gingrich if they had anything to say and mr. gingrich always said that they had shrimp sandwiches. as for the vetting, i think trump has tried to make serious overtures and open these meetings up to whatever members they want to go. because he'll ostensibly say, they're behind me or aware of me or endorsing me. but there's not a lot here. the ones that already endorsed him a few others. cotton is significant, but probably just doing his due diligence, probably someone who wants the to run in 2020 in trump goes down. >> all right, luke, appreciate it. we want to check in with jacob rascon, covering the trump campaign, including this
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weekend's clashes with trump protesters and supporters. this is where protesters have already gathered in advance of trump's speech. what are you seeing? >> reporter: thomas, behind me what you're see rg a dozen protesters or so and they are chanting against trump. but they're also chanting against aipac itself, against the lobby, against netanyahu, and they're protesting a lot of things. but among them, of course, as you can see, trump is a racei. we expected trump people to show up to protest trump, but actually inside the actual event, many hundreds of people will be, we expect several hundred rabbis and others to have a peaceful protest. they say they will stand up and turn their backs and others will walk into the hallway, where they will hold a prayer. of course, this is a very big night for trump. what will he say? will he go off of a prompter? which is unlikely. will he be more disciplined?
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we haven't heard from him very much on the middle east. he doesn't have, for example, on his website, his official positions. anything about the middle east. the very little we've heard him say about the middle east, is that he wants to be, quote, a sort of neutral guy, which has gotten him some heat against him. though he has said in response, afterward, that he will be the most pro-israel guy ever. it will be interesting to see what he will say on the topic inside. thomas? >> jacob rascon reporting outside of aipac for us in washington, d.c. jacob, thanks so much. i want to bring into our conversation now from austin, texas, former texas governor, rick perry. governor perry has endorsed ted cruz. sir, good to have you with me. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> first, i need to ask you, your name has been floated by people inside the party as someone who could run as an independent candidate. it was back on september the 11th of 2015 you suspended your campaign. you said you had no regrets. but could you definitively say
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you would not be interested as being a draft nominee or running as a third party independent for president? >> i can say twdefinitively tha i've endorsed ted cruz and that's who i'm going to be working for as we go through this process. i think to be looking past the convention for anybody other than who's going to get to 1,237. and i don't think anybody's going to get to 1,237, unless it is ted cruz. these are closed primaries we're coming upon and i thought it was really interesting in your earlier segment when donald trump himself said that up to 20% of the people that had come and voted for him were democrats. i will suggest to you, that puts a little bit of a chill through the blood of a lot of republicans in these closed primaries that are coming that donald trump is basing where he is today on a lot of democrats coming to the, these open states and voting for donald trump. that is not what the consistent
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conservative is looking for in america today. >> i know just anecdotally, sir, from my coverage of being out in these early primary states, i did run into several voters who were democrats, who said they were willing to switch to a republican in these closed primary states, so that they could vote for donald trump, hoping to give hillary clinton a leg up, in a general contest. but i want to get back to the suspension of your campaign, because in political circles, most presidential candidates go ahead to use the word "suspension of a campaign," and an open convention would really give new life to so many with a suspended campaign. so you can say that you would not be interested in being drafted at the convention in cleveland? >> i can say definitively that i'm going to serve my country the best way that i can. and at this particular point in time, that happens to be helping ted cruz, because he is the only consistent conservative. i mean, he, intellectually, nobody that's still in the field even touches him when it comes to his knowledge of the
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constitution. he works off a two checklist every day, the bible and the united states constitution. and i will suggest to you, in republican closed primary processes, that's a pretty good checklist to have. >> so i'm just going to say one more time, twdefinitively, you not want to be drafted at the convention? >> definitively,time going to serve my country the best way i can, and at this particular point in time, ted cruz is the individual who i think would best serve the process. so i'm going to stay focused on my work at hand. you know, i was an old pilot in the united states air force. i work off a checklist too. and the checklist says, let's stay focused on this process we're in, these closed primaries. we've got a lot of game to play before we get into the runoffs. >> yeah, we certainly have a long way to go, and i know the endorsement you gave to senator cruz came at the end of january, you've been working with his team, campaigning with him, but as we look at the other governor in this race, john kasich, what
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is your advice to him, because effecti effectively, some would say he's acting as a spoiler to what ted cruz's game is, to get the delegate math at the convention, make that benchmark potentially of 1,237. >> yeah, you know, the advice i would give is to go ahead and suspend your campaign, because you're just wasting your time. i know that, you know, john kasich understands that he has no way to be the nominee. so, maybe that's what he wants to go spend his time doing rather than being in ohio, governing, but i would suggest for him, he's wasting his time now. go ahead and drop out, because it's clear he's not going to be our nominee. >> so, words that you had for donald trump, early on, you called him a celebrity billionaire, a cancer on conservatism, and his campaign, a barking carnival act. if he is the ultimate gop nominee, can you support him? >> we're a long way from picking our nominee at this particular point in time.
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but at the end of this process, whoever that individual is, i'm going to be supporting them for the presidency of united states. >> former texas governor rick perry, sir, nice to have you on. so rabbi senator passkin is leading an effort for a walkout at donald trump's speech tonight and he'll be joining us later this hour. we saw jacob rascon's shot earlier with certain protesters that gathered outside of aipac. coming up in the 5:00 hour, governor john kasich will be delivering an address to the crowd there and donald trump later in that hour. and we'll have that for you on "mtp daily." coming up next, what does the cuban american community think about president obama's historic trip to cuba? we take you live to havana and outside the famous versailles restaurant in miami for much more on that. stay with us. >> this is a new day. es un nueva dia. between our two countries. levens come standard
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welcome back, everybody. we've been following the developments out of washington, d.c. and the aipac conference. we have donald trump set to make his address at that conference coming up in the next hour. and outside, there is a small coordination of protesters, including this man. it's rabbi david passkin and he's leading an effort for a backout during donald trump's speech tonight and he joins me now from washington. rabbi, thank you for being here. you said in an interview last week, there are more than 900 leaders in this protest movement and you said there could be upwards of a thousand who walk out of that auditorium. so, in the next hour, when mr. trump takes that stage, is that what you anticipate, about a
1:21 pm
thousand people walking out? >> i think it's going to be very difficult to say, thomas. it's -- many of our people are going to be walking out. others are simply not going to be showing up. so it's very difficult to point people who don't show up. so i think what you're going to see is hundreds of people today and for the rest of this campaign, saying no to hatred. and not accepting the premise that in order to succeed and thrive, that we have to push other people down, which is what mr. trump has been espousing throughout this campaign season. >> and rabbi, we see folks behind you. i assume this is a mixture of certain protesters we here and also certain folks who are lining up to go inside. how many protesters would you say are on-site right now? >> it's very hard for me to see the protesters past all those people who are lining up to go inside. i came outside for this interview. i was already comfortably in my seat. i am never getting back in, because there are 18,000 people here at the aipac conference. all of us standing for a strong israel american relationship.
1:22 pm
and i would say, also, all of us say that there's no place for hatred and bigotry and xenophobia in politics and certainly not in the holy work th aipac does. >> what is the message you would hope to hear from a candidate trump about the u.s. relationship with israel? >> reporter: well, i would love for mr. trump to say he supports a strong relationship. i would love for him to say that he believes that we benefit from being close with israel and that israel benefits from being close with us. but i hate to tell you that that's not my primary goal tonight. because there trump has had nine months to make his messages clear. he's had nine months to tell us what he believes on different issues. and he has not done that. all he's done is spew hatred and ignorance and it's time for us to stand up and say, this isn't about politics, this isn't about policies, this is about values that we as joews and we as americans, we have to stand for values.
1:23 pm
he can have his positions and believe what he wants to believe, but he has to do so with dignity and respect. that's what we should respect from him, no matter what his message on israel tonight. >> in respect soft valof the va what this conference is all about, are you not even interested to hear what donald trump has to say with reference to how he will address this group. are you going to be walking out as soon as he takes the stage or wait a little bit? >> yes, sir, i'm going to walk out as soon as he takes the stage. we learn that silence means consent. and i don't want to sit there silently and consent to this ugliness that has swept over our nation. this is the time for us to stand up and say, not only do we believe in a strong american/israel relationship, but we believe that relationship has to be built on the foundation of values, of love, of respect and dignity. so i'm not going to stay inside. if mr. trump wants to tone down his rhetoric, if he wants to begin embracing people as
1:24 pm
partners in his goals of making this country great again, then i would be open to that. but right now, all he's doing is creating an us and a them. i don't want to celebrate that division. >> rabbi david paskin, we'll let you get back inside. we hope you make it back to your seat. >> thank you so much. thank you, thomas. did you ask if we had political prisoners? i wanted to know if you have cuban political prisoners. and why you don't release them. well, give me a list of the political prisoners and i will release them immediately. just mention the list. what political prisoners? give me a name or names. >> there was just one of the few tense moments we had during a q&a portion of this joint news conference with president obama and cuba's president, raul castro. now, castro surprisingly took several questions from
1:25 pm
reporters, but was noticeably defensive on the issue of human rights. my colleague, andrea mitchell, asked president obama about how the different approaches to human rights could impede progress between two nations. >> the approach that i've taken has been that if i engage frankly, clearly, stating what our beliefs are, but also being clear that we can't force change on any particular country, ultimately, it has to come from within, then that is going to be a more useful strategy than the same kinds of rigid disengagement that for 50 years did nothing. >> so right now president obama is participating in an event, focused on entrepreneurs for opportunity for the cuban people. and just one of the several avenues of the cooperation, the administration is focused on opening up, though not without controversy. from miami to havana, we have our correspondents this place for this, and we want to start
1:26 pm
with nbc's chris jansing, who is in havana, witnessing the history of this trip. so we saw nothing short of a really stunni inning moment the with the president taking those questions with raul castro, focusing on the economics of commerce, but there remains the trade embargo. and this is a real balancing act of reestablishing diplomacy as well as the economic issues of not going too fast. so explain what the hopes of president obama is. >> that's exactly as you said it. the fine line that the president is walking here. but one that they're determined to walk forward on. and what an extraordinary hour we saw with president obama, raul castro, standing side by side, both making statements, and then completely unexpected, we saw raul castro answering questions, including being pressed very hard on human rights abuses, which he totally pushed back on.
1:27 pm
as we heard him, he claimed if there were any names, they should be put forward and they'll be released immediately. my inbox on my e-mail started filling up as human rights group had those lists ready to go. the claim here is those are people being held on other charges. having said that, you watch these two leaders and you saw the differences, but you also saw where there is unanimity of opinion. and that is on ending the embargo. and we heard in an answer to andrea mitchell, that the president is confident that the embargo will end. and you have heard over the last 24 to 48 hours or so the way that that is moving forward. the hotels that are going to open, the direct flights that are going to start from the united states. the credit card use that is going to expand. even just before the president and raul castro started speaking, a confirmation that google was going to come in and have an internet cafe here with
1:28 pm
internet speeds far faster than anything they have ever seen on this island. and it's something that has been denied in many ways to most of the 11 million people who have lived here, easy internet access. so you are seeing this opening up. and the central statement by the president is, he believes the more businesses that exchange, the more people-to-people exchanges there are, the more that this is going to move forward with inevitably. they know that all of these changes are not going to happen while he is still in office. it's extraordinarily unlikely that this congress will lift the embargo, and it will take congressional action, as you pointed out, thomas, but they want to be an irreversible movement. and one last way they're pushing this forward, you'll see later this year, two ambassadors from the united states in sports, shaquille o'neal, of course, the nba player who was both an mvp and won a championship, and misty copeland, the most famous ballerina in the united states, for sure, two african-americans who will come here, again, the
1:29 pm
opening up between these two countries, thomas. >> nbc's chris jansing reporting from havana for us. great to see you, thank you. and president obama continues this historic trip to the islands, some anti-castro cuban americans in miami has gathered out the historic versailles restaurant. gabe gutierrez is there with reaction. you saw crowds earlier today. what have you seen through the afternoon? >> reporter: hi, there, thomas, it's actually interesting. the crowds have pretty much gone away, or at least the protesters have. we saw several dozen protesters earlier this morning. yesterday, there were several hundred protesters. but an event like this, an historic event like this, 10, 20, 30 years ago here in the heart of little havana would have drawn hundreds of political protesters. i'm joined by esteban vogel. and sir, you say you were a pile in the bay of pigs invasion, so you're obviously very passionate about what's going on here. tell us about -- what are your thoughts --
1:30 pm
>> first of all, i want to correct your remark. there aren't too many people here, because we have to work. and in cuba, they don't have to work. >> reporter: so what are your overall thoughts on the president's visit to havana? >> i think it's a waste of time, because nothing's going to get to cuba. payment will be to the cuban government and pay salary to the people that work. and the $20 salary isn't going to change. >> reporter: sir, you weren't able to see the joint news conference that just happened with president obama and president raul castro, but in that news conference, president castro actually asked, what political prisoners, when he was asked about human rights abuses over there? what's your reaction to that? that he would question that there are any political prisoners in the country? >> it's actually a comic show, like in the old times. there are political prisoners in cuba. they don't call them political prisoners, they call them prisoners, for whatever reason, but some of them, there are
1:31 pm
people who are working. they are not in prison, but they cannot get out of the house. so that's fantastic, you know. you know, mickey mouse or minnie mouse talking doesn't make any difference to me. thank you very much. >> i want to speak with someone else. another cuban american who thinks the president should have gone to havana, but you have mixed feelings about it. >> i feel that in order for there to be a change, someone has to do something about it. and the people in cuba have suffered so much and the people here in miami and myself, we've all suffered so much because of the government in cuba and the way our government and our government officials have handled the situation. i think our new president that comes out, i'm hoping and praying the that he can make an impact in the cuban community and the cuban government to make a change for a positive way. >> reporter: okay, thank you so much. i appreciate your time.
1:32 pm
thomas, i'll send it back to you. definitely differing opinions here. discussion with the younger generation, some of them do feel that the president should have gone over there. we're here in the heart of little havana, where all of this, the opinions over this are changing by the day. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez in miami. gabe, thank you. we have breaking news we need to get to right now and it concerns the impact of something for hillary clinton's campaign. a change on a lawsuit from a former staffer on the benghazi committee. nbc's chief legal correspondent, ari melber, joins me with more. >> you might remember, last october, when the benghazi committee investigator claimed that he was terminated in part for not targeting hillary clinton. he was a former staffer and he was alleging that he was, quote, singled out because of his military service and because he was unable to go along with what was called a hyperfocus on secretary clinton. we want to bring an update that's important in this story. he has now dropped, dropped that claim from his filing that is against the lawsuit.
1:33 pm
in fact, his new filing here that amends that original suit does not mention hillary clinton at all anymore. i wanted to reach out about this, because it's an interesting development. benghazi committee chairman trey gowdy gave me a new statement in response to this development. this is first on msnbc and i want to read it to our viewers. it says, "our thorough fact-centered investigation into benghazi is not about the former secretary of state and our report will not be about her either. this is about the four brave americans we lost in libya and getting their families and all americans the truth." he tells me," i'm confident the value and fairness of our investigation will be abund dantly clear to everybody when they see the investigation for themselves." so this is big news, a former staffer who had accused them of political bias, dropping that explosive charge which many had used against the benghazi committee. sources familiar with the former staffer say that just because he removed the claim from the lawsuit, which they may say is
1:34 pm
for strategic reasons, doesn't mean he doesn't actually stand by his story of what happened with political bias on the committee. as for 2016, thomas, democratic defenders of hillary clinton may have lost one of their talking points against the benghazi committee, but her campaign has long maintained he stands by her record on this issue, regardless of how that inquiry has been proceeding. so interesting little wrinkle there on a busy news day and a new statement from the chairman. >> how does the amendment of this language calculate when a settlement could happen? >> one of the things this ex-staffer says he wants is to get back on the committee. that's one of the things he said he would like. that is a sticking point that keeps you from a settlement, because the people we spoke to on the committee don't see that ever happening. what would you see in the come months is, if you can narrow down the interests here and get to a pox where they can maybe both say some nice things about each other or give some restitution. his other claim stands, he believes he was retaliated
1:35 pm
against for mihis military service. >> thank you, ari melber. meantime, hillary clinton had strong words for donald trump, going right after this morning at the aipac conference. and without the naming the gop front-runner, clinton criticized his foreign policy and particularly his stance to remain neutral on israeli peace forces. >> yes, we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday, because everything's negotiable! >> senator elizabeth warren is adding her voice against trump, unleashing a twitter storm this morning, calling him a loser, and another tweet storm within the last few hours. trump responded when he was asked about warren at his news conference in washington. take a look at this. >> who's that, the indian?
1:36 pm
you mean the indian? people like elizabeth warren have to get their act together, because it's going to stay divided. and that includes hillary and probably includes me. it includes everybody. this country has to get together, because we're in serious trouble. >> so all this comes as hillary clinton tries to increase her delegate lead against bernie sanders. our political team is covering every step of the democratic race. and we want to start with nbc's kristen welker, who has, following the clinton campaign every step statement of fact way this primary season. today she's in phoenix, arizona. kristen, is this the beginning of the clinton campaign opening its playbook against donald trump? there's been word that they're trying to figure out how to best go against him in a general. >> reporter: absolutely. we are getting a preview of what we can expect to see if she does face off against trump in a general election. today, we saw secretary clinton unleash her sharpest attacks yet against donald trump, really over this critical policy issue, israel. and i'm told by clinton campaign officials that is going to be
1:37 pm
our strategy. she's going to draw sharp distinctions with donald trump on policy-substantiative issues. take a listen to a little bit more of what she had to say today. >> what americans are hearing on the campaign trail this year is something else entirely. encouraging violence, playing coy with white supremacists, calling for 12 million immigrants to be rounded up and deported. if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> thomas, you mentioned elizabeth warren. the fact that she weighed in today is significant, because he's essentially sending a signal to the democratic party, it's time to focus on donald trump. take a look at what she posted on her facebook page. she posted, quote, just because trump is a loser everywhere else doesn't mean he'll lose this election. people have been underestimating his campaign for nearly a year and it's time to wake up.
1:38 pm
that echoes what i'm hearing from within the clinton campaign, that they are not going to underestimate donald trump. they think republicans did that. first, though, secretary clinton still in a fierce battle for the nomination. and arizona is the next big battleground states, one of several big states to vote tomorrow. >> closed primary, 85 delegates on the line for the m ds. we want to head to our colleague in boise, idaho, kasie hunt, who's been following the sanders campaign. bernie sanders is scheduled to deliver this foreign policy speech at the top of the hour. he skipped going to aipac to stay on the campaign trail, so what's expected? >> reporter: that's right, thomas. a little bit of a controversial decision from bernie sanders to do that. they tried to give a video address to aipac, but that was declined. so instead he'll be delivering this speech coming up in an hour or so. i'm told they're still putting the final touches on that speech. so now detailed preview quite yet of what we're going to hear
1:39 pm
from him. but we did hear him campaigning on the stump here in idaho, where they vote on tuesday. he also focusing on donald trump. take a look. >> the american people will not elect donald trump president because he insults m.e..en s because he insults m.e..s mexic insults muslims. he insults women. he insults veterans. he insults the african-american community. >> reporter: so bernie sanders there, going after donald trump. he's continuing to wage this nomination fight against hillary clinton, even as the pressure on him to unite this party ratchets up a little bit. we're still hearing him discuss hillary clinton on the campaign trail, even as her surrogates say it's time for him to start
1:40 pm
winding that down. one strategist to the bernie sanders campaign tells me, they're just winding up at this point, thomas. >> msnbc's kasie hunt reporting from idaho, thank you. still ahead, mystery no more. behind the scenes, the details on donald trump's closed-door meeting with republican matter members in washington today. keep it right here, msnbc, the place for politics. >> it was a great meeting and there will be more and that's all can i say. >> but did he talk about foreign policy? he released his foreign policy -- >> all right, folks, you're on property. keep walking. weep caught.
1:41 pm
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1:44 pm
behind his candidacy. at least eight congressional republicans were involved in the meeting, including former house speaker, newt gingrich, who has not endorsed trump. >> mr. speaker, did you give him any advice? >> no. >> when will you endorse? >> you should know me better than that. >> joining he now from washington, d.c., msnbc political analyst, ben ginsburg, a partner at jones day law firm. and jones day leapts trump for president and these meetings were being held in their offices. ben, first off, your reaction to what took place today and the visuals for these folks showing up for trump? >> well, it was a good move by donald trump to watch out to people everywhere. that was all positive. >> so when it comes to what we're looking at down the line in cleveland and talking about the convention rules, a lot of people are talking about rule 40. the ron paul rule that you were involved, working for mitt romney, making threshold, having at least eight states to get there. do you regret tinkering with the rules at all, to make that
1:45 pm
threshold now for 2016, and make it so easy for donald trump? >> well, that's a misperception. it is not a threshold for 2016. each convention needs to pass that rule and a number of other procedural rules for itself. there's no precedent that's set. truth is, in 2000 and 2004, it was five states, we moved it to eight states in 2012, for the reasons of that convention. it does not carry over. the delegates in cleveland will decide how many states it takes to put a name in nomination. >> so from what you're hearing, do you think the rules will be reversed to lower the threshold? >> look, the delegates who will serve on the rules committee haven't even been selected yet, except in a small number of states. i think it's way premature to say what the delegates will want to do or even the individual candidates who may be in cleveland will ask the delegates to do. >> do you think what you've seen from the stop-trump forces that
1:46 pm
they can be proactive in trying to help a different nominee, say, a ted cruz? >> well, look, what's important now for all three campaigns is to go out to the individual state conventions and state executive committee meetings to get delegates elected, who are sympathetic to them. and that's what anyone who wants to impact the convention needs to do. that's really difficult on the ground, detailed work in 44 different states and territories. >> do you think that donald trump can unify the party prior to cleveland or that we could witness a delegate revolt when it comes to time after that first ballot welcome if he doesn't have 1,237? >> well, i understand delegate revolts are in many a person's dreams right now, but i think you have to look at history. and the history of the republican party, with just a couple of exceptions, are that the party does unify around a candidate. and i think if you're a student of history, you need to assume
1:47 pm
that that's what's going to happen this time as well. >> have you ever seen this much republican-on-republican infighting? >> well, there is an unusual amount. i think that the infighti ining takes place in any party or in any organization is enhanced by the new media environment. so the last time this happened in 1976, we did not have the benefit of twitter or e-mails or those internet tubes. >> no, but it was another former celebrity, ronald reagan, taking on gerald ford. ben ginsburg, appreciate it. we're watching aipac where donald trump and john kasich will take the stage in the next hour. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
1:48 pm
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. we turn our attention to arizona, becoming a key political battlefield ahead of tuesday's primaries with all the presidential candidates campaigning intensely across the state, ahead of the contests. and for the front-runners, securing a win in arizona puts them one step closer to winning their party's nomination. for bernie sanders and john kasich, arizona could keep their hopes alive. and for ted cruz, a win in arizona would make him the clear alternative to donald trump. with 58 republican delegates and 75 delegates for the republican s up for grabs. nbc's tony dokoupil is live from san xavier mission, an indian reservation near tucson. explain why you're there and the
1:52 pm
all-importance of why this spot is important to the nominees. >> reporter: hey, thomas. yeah, there's less than 20 hours left before the polls open, and we're seeing a last-ditch effort by the candidates, particularly democratic candidates, to win a key voting demographic we haven't heard much about, until thousand. that's the native american population. it's the second biggest minority group in this state, bigger than the african-american population. and it's not only in arizona, where they matter in the primaries ahead, in north dakota and montana, we have a similarly large number of native american voters. i'm at the san xavier mission, which is smack dab in the middle of the tahono otum tribe. its leaders are meeting with hillary clinton in phoenix. and bernie sanders again addressing native issues, making a point he wants to stand up for some of the more downtrodden people in centuries past. what are the voters thinking, though? who's connecting with the voters? we caught up with two of them, a woman from the apache tribe about a hundred miles away and
1:53 pm
another woman in this tribe. take a listen to what they have to say. >> i know we've had all these treaties before. with everything that's going on is, are they going to break it again? is this land -- are we going to have a reservation for our future generation? >> you don't see how trump can win? can you expand on that a bit. >> he's just making everybody mad, you know? and you know, with all of his -- the protesters like coming out, and, yeah, he has the right to, you know, say what he needs to say and try to get the voters to come to him, but he's making himself look kind of dumb by putting down all these nationalities. >> reporter: thomas, donald trump is the one person who i can confidently say will not get much from the native american population here. way back in 1993, he was fighting native american casinos, and he said to congress, they don't look like indians to me. of course, they were indians. back to you, thomas.
1:54 pm
>> tony dokoupil, thank you so much. msnbc's jacob soboroff is in phoenix where he just wrapped an interview with the maricopa county sheriff, joe arpaio. i understand the sheriff had some choice words for the democratic candidate and bernie sanders? >> he sure did, thomas. and it is incredible to hear the conversation going on in cuba today, between president obama and president castro, about human rights violations inside a prison. come with me. i want to show you something really quickly. inside this prison, there's a conversation about a different kind of human rights violation, going on in our very own country here at the maricopa county jail. tent city, as it's also known. james sanders, the wife of bernie sanders, was here late last week. he had an interaction with mrs. sanders and that led to an interesting confrontation, which we talked about with him exclusively behind these walls. take a look. >> you said to me in the car, bernie sanders should be a man and come out here? >> yeah. yeah. why rely on what the wife said. why doesn't he come out? i've had four presidential
1:55 pm
candidates visit me in the tents. why doesn't he come down, instead of talking all the time, and talking about how i treated. >> how's it like in here. >> it's hot. it's hot. the food is not good. it's not home. >> how long have you been here? >> the first, since the first of this month. >> ever met the sheriff before. >> how are you? >> i'm so happy at what you said. i have the fellow running for president's wife here. >> oh, yeah. >> you guys here? >> yeah, we were here. >> did you talk to her? >> yeah, yeah -- >> wait a minute, you talked to jane when she was here? >> yeah. >> why did you say you liked the place? now you tell -- you ruined my reputation. >> no -- >> i'm happy that you just said you don't like it. i got worried. >> it's hot, it's hot. >> it's hotter than iraq. >> the food is benefit, but there are some benefits. there's good and bad. >> how did she treat you, jane? >> she treated me good.
1:56 pm
she treated med fine. >> nice lady? >> when some people say the conditions are inhumane, is that true? >> what do you mean, inhumane? >> not fit for human beings? >> well, we survive. >> donald trump, some people say, follows in the foot steps of joe arpaio, who may be the original donald trump. that's because of the way he runs this prison. he doesn't listen to what anybody else says and donald trump does it with his policies for the wall and deporting 11 million immigrants. sheriff joe arpaio does it with keeping inmates out here in 130-degree heat in the summer. the temperature out here right now, thomas, is 90 degrees. >> you can see there the sheriff takes pride in keeping the prison conditions uncomfortable. thank you, sir. we'll be right back with more after this. accelerating innovation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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2:00 pm
that's going to do it for this hour. i'm thomas roberts. brian williams and chris matthews pick up our coverage right now. thomas roberts, thank you. brian williams here in new york and you are looking live at the d.c. convention center, which tonight is going to be the focus of a very interesting night in american politics, certainly in the gop race for president, as the gathering is enjoying their version of kiss cam right now, and people settle into their seats. the american israeli public affairs committee is going to he


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