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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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darling, darling, it's donald, donald. that is a thing that happened. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." so welcome to this special two-hour edition of the "last word," which will include live coverage of a bernie sanders campaign speech in arizona, a state he's hoping to pick up a win tomorrow. but first, mr. trump goes to washington. >> donald trump convening a secret meeting of top republicans in washington. >> if people want to be smart, they should embrace this movement. >> mr. speaker, did you give him any advice? >> no, i wouldn't dream of it. >> if they don't want to be smart, the republicans are going to go down to a massive loss. >> i don't believe anybody is going to have the delegates. i think we're going to go to a convention. >> every vote for kasich is a
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vote for donald trump. >> senator elizabeth warren is adding her voice against trump. >> branding trump as a loser. >> she's essentially sending a signal to the democratic party, it's time to focus on donald trump. >> people like elizabeth warren really have to get their act together. >> if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> she's talking about you. >> i know. >> yes, we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday. >> she says you don't have steady hands. >> i have the steadiest hands -- look at those hands. i have the steadiest hands. far steadier than her. >> if there's anything scarier than the fact that donald trump thinks he's the most important person in the world, it's that in eight months, he could be. >> jones day is a giant international law firm with offices in 43 cities worldwide, including new york, london, beijing. in beijing, they are one of many
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american law firms who offer legal assistance to american businesses in china, including the kinds of businesses who donald trump think are sending hour american jobs to china. donald trump went to their washington office today, not to protest the loss of american jobs to china, but to have a meeting with washington republicans, many of whom were afraid to show their faces going into that meeting. the meeting was held at this temple to special interest representation in washington, because donald trump's campaign lawyer is a partner of that law firm, and he provided the conference room for that meeting. the reason many people didn't want to be seen attending is that the stop-trump movement had put out the word in washington that if you attend this meeting, you are dead to us. and so many lobbyists who would
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normally pour into a meeting like that held back, for fear that they might not be able to get another meeting with mitch mcconnell or paul ryan or any of the other republican power brokers in congress, who have not yet given up hope that donald trump can be stopped. only two senators attended the. jeff sessions, who has publicly endorsed donald trump, and junior republican senator, tom cotton, who has not endorsed anyone. and there were a few members of the house who attended because they knew it could only help them back home. >> i mean, he's clearly the front-runner in my district in tennessee, he won almost 50% of the vote. i think he has the clearest path to a nomination, and it only makes sense to unify the party and get people behind him. >> after the meeting, donald trump held a long press conference in which he tried to sound reasonable to all the republicans in washington who are worried about him. >> if people want to be smart, they should embrace this movement. if they don't want to be smart, they should do what they're
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doing now and the republicans are going to go down to a massive loss. they better be careful. and i certainly should be careful with third party stuff. if trump gets it, we're going to start a third party. well, a third party means the democrats are going to win. >> donald trump signaled clearly to senate republican leader mitch mcconnell that he knows who's really in charge of who goes on the supreme court. donald trump promised to publicly release a list of who he would nominate to the supreme court, something no presidential candidate has ever felt compelled to do. >> i'm going to submit a list of justices, potential justices, of the united states supreme court, that i will appoint from the list. i won't go beyond that list. probably between seven and ten judges that i think will be -- meet the highest standards, the highest standards. and from that list, we'll pick supreme court judges. >> a "new york times"/cbs poll released tonight shows bernie sanders beating donald trump in a general election by 15 points and hillary clinton beating
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donald trump in the general election by 10 points. that poll also shows john kasich as the only republican who beats hillary clinton. >> no one, no one is going to that convention with enough delegates. i will have more delegates moving in there that will give me momentum, and then the delegates are going to decide who can win in the fall, because the other guys can't win in the fall. hillary will be president. >> joining us now is a member of the republican national committee's standing committee on rules and an unbound gop delegate from north dakota. mr. hagland, tell us what the rules are going into this convention. or better still, i guess, how the rules for this convention will be written. >> well, the rules for every convention are temporary rules, based on the rules for the previous convention. so that's about the best
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guidance we have right thousand, are the temporary rules. but the temporary rules are pretty simple. if you get to be the candidate of the republican party, the candidate, or the contender, i should say, first has to be nominated for consideration by the convention and then, once nominated, the contenders will be placed up for consideration by the full convention delegates. and all of the delegates each gets one vote and they vote. the question is, what's there threshold to get nominated. and i'm not going to speculate on where that might be, but i can guarantee you it will be between one and eight candidates, depending on what happens between now and the first day of the convention. >> depending on the rules of the convention, could you -- members who write those rules, could you actually change it to a different target number that is necessary to win the nomination? could you somehow raise it from the 1,237? >> no, no. 1,237 is a simple majority. the number of delegates is known. it's going to be 2,472 delegates and half plus one is 1,237. that's a fixed number.
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that's not negotiable. >> okay, so that's the one thing that you can't change. so do you expect to be lobbied by the candidates in terms of what rules they want to see? >> well, there will be a tremendous amount of pressure exerted by the candidates, depending on the strength of their efforts. the makeup of the convention rules committee can't be known yet, because it's made up of many delegates who haven't even been selected yet. there's a lot of work going behind the scenes right now to help to identify favorable members of the convention rules committee for each campaign, i'm sure. >> we're joined now by katie packer, part of the stop trump movement, the founder of our principles, an anti-trump pac. she was the deputy campaign manager of mitt romney's 2012 presidential campaign, and also a political consultant and gop
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strategist. also with us, jonathan alter, a columnist for the daily beast. katie, is time running out for the stop-trump movement? >> time's running oubecause time's running out to get to the convention. there's only a limited number of primaries where delegates will be selected. and those are, you know, as we move down the timeline, they become fewer in front of us than there are behind us. that said, i still think that donald trump is in a very, very precarious position in terms of getting to the convention with 1,237 delegates. as curly said, that is an immovable number. you know, there's been a lot of speculation about, you know, would people try to wrestle, you know, the nomination away from trump? it's not his until he has 1,237 delegates. and if he goes in with 1,100, you know, they can't pressure the convention into handing the nomination to him. i don't believe if he doesn't go to the convention with 1,237 delegates, he will not be the nominee. >> katie, will you be lobbying curly and the rules committee for sop stop-trump rules. >> i would always be happy to spend some time with curly, but i don't have any plans to adapt the rules.
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there's temporary rules that have to be adopted by the 2016 convention. that will be up to the rules committee. we don't have any intention of trying to pressure trulies committee. we think it should be a fair process, but that fair process, i do believe requires donald trump to get 1,237 delegates and i don't think he's going to get there. >> let's listen to what donald trump said tonight about his delegate lead. >> it's mathematically unfair. if i have millions of votes more and if i have 1,100 and somebody else is down at 400 or 500, i think it's awfully tough to take owl of these people out of the system. >> jonathan alter, katie's pretty confident if he doesn't get the magic number, he's not going to get the nomination. >> i think that underestimates his abilities as closer, you know? that's what you have to do in real estate is close the deal. if he depose in 30 to 50 delegates short, which a lot of
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the pundits like 538, for instance, are saying, that, you know, he might be 30 to 50 delegates short, there are a number of delegations that have uncommitted delegates right now, pennsylvania, for instance, has quite a number. and he can cut all kinds of deals for what might happen after the election if those delegates come his way. remember, we saw in washington today, even the fact this meeting took place, he's pretty good at changing his tune, bringing people in, and right there on "k" street. he went right to "k" street. and a lot of the folks there and a lot of the delegates at the republican convention, they like power and they're willing to look the other way at a lot of the things donald trump has said. so, i think right now, it's obviously far from a done deal, but the odds strongly favor him being the republican nominee. >> katie, what's your response to that? >> well, first of all, if you
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look at the people that showed up at that meeting today, all but one of the people that showed up have already endorsed him. and so it wasn't a big surprise that those were the people that showed up to this meeting. i agree that a lot of people on "k" street are attached to the idea of power. but most of them don't believe donald trump will be the next president, even if he is the nominee. all of the data indicates that he is the one candidate that can't take on hillary clinton in meaningful way. in fact, we're very likely to lose the senate and he puts the house in jeopardy. that's something that concerns a lot of people. i think if it gets to the convention floor, most of the people that are there are that haven't already committed to trump are going to be looking for a candidate that can actually take on hillary clinton, because they're very, very worried about, you know, four more years of what we've had for the last eight years. that's a huge, huge concern to people. and so, you know, i think that i would agree that donald trump is certainly the front-runner at the moment, but i'll stand by my premise if he's not at 1,237 delegates, he can't bribe
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people, he can't pay for their vote on the convention floor. so he'll have to, you know, have some pretty fancy footwork and i just don't think that those delegates are going to be moved by that. >> curly, if they do as katie says and look for the person who can beat hillary clinton, the polls will tell them as of tonight and possibly as of the convention, that that person is john kasich. can you tell us a way that those delegates could reach all the way down to the distant third place finisher with delegates and evaluate that person to the nomination? >> that calls for a high degree of speculation. but i want to caution everybody to kind of look through the fog a little bit and get to understand the concept of what -- how does 1,237 -- how do we get to that number? that's not an accumulation of number put up by the associated press or the rnc or anybody else based on the primaries. the first time we're ever going
10:13 pm
to know how close you are to 1,237 is when the first round of voting takes place at the convention. >> curly, quickly, what's wrong with the numbers we're seeing publicly now. how might they be wrong? >> they might be wrong for a lot of different rules. winner-take-all convention rules don't allow winner take all convention rules give every delegate a vote. that kind of blows a hole in the winner take all. i've been saying that for years, before anyone suggests i'm part of any giant conspiracy here. that's just the way it is. and the other thing is, some of the delegates might be challenged. because they come from states that have open primaries. there are way too many open primaries. that's a violation of our party rules, could be challenged. some of the delegates are hand-picked by the contenders. that's a concern. there's a lot of different things that can erode that 1,237. >> i was just taking notes during that answer. everything you said is something i just learned right now. curly haugland, katie parker and jonathan alter, thank you all. coming up, donald trump speaks to aipac, pandering every way he
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i didn't come here tonight to pander to you about israel. that's wt politicians do. all talk, no action. believe me. >> donald trump dropped his neutrality about israel tonight when he read a speech to the american israeli public affairs committee's annual conference in washington, d.c. donald trump read the speech from teleprompters, since he was, for once, speaking to an audience that knows much more than he does about the subject at hand. donald trump showed just how bad he can be on the subject of israel just hours earlier at a press conference, when he was
10:19 pm
speaking without a script. he was asked about his frequent complaint that we give foreign aid to countries who can actually afford to take care of themselves. >> i don't denounce the country. i have great respect for those countries. i want them to pay us some money. >> the questioner, who's not audible on our video of that interaction, then asked, if that "pay us some money" idea applies to israel. and here is donald trump's answer. >> i think israel will do that also, yeah. i think israel will do -- there are many countries that can pay and pay big league. >> donald trump's speechwriters did not include that demand in his speech to aipac. donald trump said two totally different things in the speech about president obama's nuclear deal with iran. first he said that he would, quote, dismantle the disastrous deal with iran. six minutes later he said he would enforce that deal very strictly. and his biggest applause line was this.
10:20 pm
>> we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem. and we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between america and as our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> joining us now, former senator george mitchell, former majority leader of the senate, who was also a special envoy to the middle east. thank you very much for joining us tonight, senator. really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, lawrence. >> i want to get your reaction to this annual tradition at aipac, and this time the unusual spectacle of seeing donald trump address that audience.
10:21 pm
and his biggest applause line, moving the american embassy to jerusalem. what was your reaction to that? >> to be fair, in presidential campaigns, there's a lot of pandering. democratic candidates going to african-american or latin groups, they try to say what they think the audiences want to hear. when republicans go to christian and evangelical or conservative pacs, they try to say what they think the audience wants to hear. and that's what you hear at the aipac convention as well. so in that respect, it's a part of the american tradition. simplification is the rule in campaigns. complexity is for governance. he is not the first and i suspect won't be the last candidate to promise to move the capital to jerusalem. hopefully that day will come some time, but unlikely, immediately, no matter who's elected president. >> and he also talked about nato
10:22 pm
earlier today, saying that we are wasting a tremendous amount of money on nato and why isn't germany taking care of the ukraine, leading the way on ukraine, instead of the united states. it sounded very much like the so-called leading from behind posture. >> well, i think it's important that americans understand that the north atlantic treaty organization was organized in large part at request of the united states and is a very important part of our own security this is not charity by the united states. this is amassing allies around the world toy a cyst us in dealing with problems areas, just as we did during the second world war when we were part of a large group of allies, dedefeated nazi germany and its allies. so, i think, first, that's the point that is made.
10:23 pm
secondly, it is correct that america is paying its disproportionate share of nato. the answer isn't for the united states to withdraw or reduce its contribution, it's for the other countries to increase their contribution to the common defense, because it's in their interests, as well. you also have to think of nato as not in isolation. this was created to secure the peace in europe, which it has done in a very spectacular and positive fashion. it was part of the creation of the european union, not just nato, but the world bank and other institutions, all of which have resulted in the last 75 years, there not being a major land war in europe, when in the proceeding 75 years, there were
10:24 pm
three major land wars, which devastated the continent, in which the united states became involved in twice. so i think his approach is unwise. there clearly are constant issues, but we need to extend our alliances around the world, not to reduce or withdraw from them. >> former senator george mitchell, thank you for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, which senator did an online audition today for the vice presidential nomination? the answer to that is coming up. also, bernie sanders did not speak at the aipac meeting in washington today. he stayed on the campaign trail out west. we will join him live at his speech in arizona later. when you talk about somebody like donald trump, what you have to recognize is much of what he says is simply not true. soup and sandwich and cannonballs and clean and real and looking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group.
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introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. when you talk about somebody like donald trump, what you have to recognize is much of what he says is simply not true. he lies is a lot. donald trump is a pathological liar and the american people understand that. >> that was bernie sanders today in boise, idaho. we are awaiting his last event of the night in arizona. we will bring you that live, as soon as bernie sanders starts speaking. but first, msnbc political correspondent, kasie hunt joins us now from boise. kasie, you've been on the road with bernie sanders. how much of these speeches, we just saw him going after donald trump, how much of the speeches are directed at donald trump, how much of his speeches are directed at hillary clinton, his immediate opponent?
10:29 pm
>> reporter: honestly, lawrence, it's evolved a little bit. there was a period where he was focused entirely on the primary and he would hit donald trump a little bit, and as it became clearer he had a chance to beat hillary clinton, he would talk more about her, in recent days. his stump speech has involved more of donald trump. he started to fact check donald trump from the stump. saying, essentially, let me list for you all the things that donald trump says that aren't true. but that said, he hasn't backed away from his criticisms of hillary clinton, quite yet. and those revolve around a series of mostly policy-related issues. he definitely steers clear of many of the more personal attacks that republicans have leveled at hillary clinton over the years. but he does talk about her positions on trade in particular, nafta, that was something that really resonated in michigan, for example, where he won. and he talks a lot about how she funds her campaigns. and those attacks, of course, were his criticisms of her are what hillary clinton supporters
10:30 pm
are suddenly out there saying, hey, we're ready for you to tone those down. it's time to wind this race down. it doesn't seem like sanders is on that path. at this point, he just told cnn that, quote, i am not a quitter, lawrence? >> and the clinton campaign had previously downplayed their expectations for tomorrow night in the voting out west. did the sanders' campaign, did they have predictions about wins tomorrow night? >> reporter: lawrence, i think that the sanders' campaign views idaho and utah as not quite sure bets, but the closest that you would come if you are the sanders' campaign, caucus states out west, a place where if there is, you know, bernie country, if you think kind of culturally what fits bernie sanders, the west coast of the u.s. is pretty much where that is centered. arizona is a little bit trickier.
10:31 pm
they had high hopes for arizona, because there is a lot of -- if you think about the political culture of arizona, on the republican side, very volatile. some of that volatility bleeds over into the populism on the democratic side. and that could benefit bernie sanders, but the clinton feel are feeling pretty strong about it. the bernie sanders people look for them to appeal to young latinos. if they're going for bernie sanders in those exit polls, that will tell you he might have a better night than we expect. >> kasie hunt, thanks for joining us tonight. up next, chris hayes' interview with bernie sanders, including what bernie sanders thinks about the protesters disrupting donald trump's rallies. and elizabeth warren called donald trump a loser today. that's not elizabeth warren-style language, but it is donald trump-style language and it really bothered him. we have the proof of how much it bothered him, coming up.
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10:35 pm
bernie sanders beats donald trump by even more, by 15 points, in that poll. bernie sanders gets 53 to donald trump's 38. bernie sanders stressed his electability in an interview with chris hayes tonight. >> all right, senator sanders, let me start with this. there was another example this weekend of some really upsetting violence at a trump rally. a trump supporter beating up a protester. he was arrested. and this comes in the wake of a lot of protests, the road block to an event. there are some commentators who are saying, as responsible as donald trump is for what is happening at his rallies, that the protest efforts at those rallies, the blockages, are essentially playing into his hand. what do you think of that? >> well, look, i think, you know, that trump has been incredibly divisive. i think he has insulted almost every group in america. i think his policies are outrageous. but in america, people have a right to hold rallies. i think my own feeling is, is it
10:36 pm
absolutely appropriate for thousands of people to protest at a trump rally, but i am not a great fan of disrupting rallies. people want to be outside, they want to talk about his attacks on mexicans, his outrageous attacks on muslims, on women, on african-americans, that is absolutely appropriate. but i think in some ways, you're right. i think plays into trump's hands, it's counterproductive. protests, yes, disruptions, no. >> that is not the answer i would have expected from you. >> why not? i don't believe -- you know, people have a right to give a speech. and people have a right to protest. but i'm not a great fan of disrupting people's speeches. >> there was an article, i believe it was in politico about democratic senators, talking about you and hillary clinton and your respective campaigns. and basically, i think, urging you to enter a phase of your campaign, not to stop campaigning, but essentially to target donald trump as opposed
10:37 pm
to hillary clinton, because they believe or claim that you don't have a clear path to the nomination and you were damaging or potentially damaging hillary clinton. i wanted to get your response to that. >> let me respond in a couple of ways. we do have a path to victory. you know, secretary clinton has done very, very well in the deep south, in the states that have had elections there. we're now out of the deep south and heading west. we think we have an excellent chance to win in washington state. in the state of california, in oregon. we think we're going to do well this week in utah. we think we're going to do well in arizona, where right now here in boise, idaho. we've got 6,000 people next door. we had 14,000 people out a few days ago in salt lake city. most importantly for me, chris, is in almost all of the exit polls, we are winning the people 45 and 50 and younger. the future of the democratic party is with us. people are tired of establishment politics and
10:38 pm
establishment economics. people want the united states to join the rest of the industrialized world with the national health program, medicare for all, people believe fervently that in the year 2016, we should make public colleges and universities tuition free. we've got to impose a tax on wall street speculation. these are the ideas that are generating enthusiasm. so, of course, i am taking on donald trump. and in fact, by the way, i am very proud that in almost every national poll, we are running much stronger against trump than clinton is. last nbc poll, i think, had us 18 points up. clinton was 13 points up. if you can believe it, in the state of utah, which has not elected -- voted for a democrat in 50 years, we were beating trump by 11 points, hillary clinton by 2 points. and i think one of the points that many people are seeing, all over this country, is bernie sanders is, in fact, the strongest candidate against donald trump. >> you are nothing if not consistent. you've been remarkably consistent on a whole set of
10:39 pm
principles since you really entered public life, really since you entered congress. i think that consistency is a large part of your appeal. people don't think you are making up this position about banks or money in politics, just because you think it will work. you really believe it. are there things that you've changed your mind on about politics since you got into congress? or even since you started campaigning? are there things where you've had a conversion, or thought to yourself, you know, i was wrong about that, in your time as a politician? >> well, let me just say this. to be honest with you, i almost -- what i fervently wish is we had more time. right now i am speaking to you and i can hear in the background a crowd of about 5,000 or 6,000 people in boise, idaho. we have 14,000 people out in salt lake city. but i think i underestimated is the degree to which we can, in fact, bring people together around a strong economic message. people will disagree. i am pro-choice.
10:40 pm
i am pro-gay marriage. i have, you know, feel fervently about climate change. but i think there is even more opportunity than i had previously believed to bring people together around basic economic issues, ending this disastrous trade policies that have cost us millions of jobs, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. i do believe a majority of the american people want health care for all, et cetera. i think if i had to do it over again, i would have put more emphasis on bringing working class people together to fight for a government that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. >> that's fascinating. so when you said you want more time, i thought for a second you were talking about you and i or before you had to go to the rally. what you're actually saying is the runway for the bernie sanders plane that you wish that runway was longer. that you think that you found something hering with that if it were longer, you would be in a
10:41 pm
better position to take advantage of? >> look, i think two thix. number one, obviously, the democrats need a 50-state strategy. i think with intelligent planning, cultivating good leadership in the south, and there is some right there bringing blax and whites together, democrats can make huge advances in the south. i think in other parts of this country, whether it's kansas or utah or idaho, i think it is insane for the democrats to abdicate those states in that entire region. and i think when elected president and leader of the democratic party, we'll put resources in there and we can put people in there. you may disagree with me on gay marriage, but you do feed to see your kid go to college. you need to have a decent minimum wage. i think we can bring a whole lot of people together on those issues. coming up, more from bernie sanders on president obama's historic trip to cuba.
10:42 pm
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earlier tonight, chris hayes asked senator bernie sanders about what hillary clinton said at aipac today, and about president obama's historic trip to cuba. >> hillary clinton today, when she was speaking to aipac, mocked donald trump, seemed to mock donald trump, who talked about being neutral between israel and palestinian negotiators in achieving some kind of two-state solution and peace deal. who's right about that. should the u.s. be neutral or not? >> it's not a question of being neural. it's not a question of donald trump. i mean, donald trump is an embarrassment, even to the republican party. what i mean is that when you look at somebody like a netanyahu, to simply not understand that this is a right-wing politician, a guy who kind of crashed the united states congress to give his speech there, ignoring president obama, not even consulting with
10:46 pm
him, using it for political purposes back home, a guy who has supported the use -- the growth of settlements, i think the overreaction and the destruction of gaza went too, too far. israel should not be bombing schools or homes, just terrible damage there. so point being, israel has an absolute right to exist, not only to exist, but to exist in a way that they're not under threat of terrorism. and i support that 100%. but you have also got to reach out to the palestinian people and to the arab communities. that is the only hope, i think, for the lasting peace in the middle east. is this going to be easy? of course it's not. wonderful people have tried for decades without success. but we keep doing it. but we just cannot be 100% supportive of people like netanyahu and ignore the rest of the region. >> today, the president is in cuba. and it's a pretty remarkable thing for a lot of people to witness, given the decades of american policy there, something that you have opposed. you've opposed the embargo for a long time.
10:47 pm
do you have a message today, if there are cuban dissidents, some of which who protested today, some of whom were arrested. or those who feel very negatively about the castro regime? >> well, there's a lot to feel negatively about, but i think in terms of the nature of the continuation of the cold war, which has gone on so long between cuba and the united states, i applaud the president were aggressively trying to end it and i hope we'll have not only full diplomatic relations, but that the trade embargo will end. i think that will be good for the people of cuba. and i think it's a little bit absurd here in the united states, we can get on a plane, we can go to china, we can go to saudi arabia, anyplace we want, countries that are not democratic, but we can't do go to cuba, americans can't do business in cuba, i think that is stupid. so i applaud the president for
10:48 pm
his actions in that direction. and i hope that if i have anything to say about it as president, we will work aggressively to develop normal relations in every respect with the people of cuba. >> final question hoar, you've been very critical of the media's role in this campaign and some of those critiques i find pretty compelling, if i have to say. is there a question you wished you got asked more that you don't get asked? >> it's not just a question. for the media, 90% coverage is soap opera, is polls, is raising money. go to the rallies i have and listen to the people coming up to me. yesterday, a woman came up to me with tears in her eyes. bernie, i'm working 60 hours a week, i'm not making any medicine.
10:49 pm
i don't have time to spend with my daughter. listen to the kids who leave school $50,000 or $60,000 in debt. talk to the people who have no health insurance and what that means to them. i'm running for president of the united states, because we have a disappearing middle class. we have 47 million people living in poverty. the amount of time that the media pays to those issues is minimal. and i think that is my critique, chris, that the media has got to look at the pain in american today and then look at how the candidates are responding to that pain. campaigns and elections are not a game. they're not a game. they are about trying to change america, the wealthiest country in the history of the world. we should not be having flint, michigans, or african-american communities all over this country where schools are failing. those are the issues we've got to pay attention to, and not look at this as some kind of
10:50 pm
silly game. and that is the critique that bothers me. that's what bothers me about media coverage. >> senator bernie sanders, senator from vermont, thanks for all your time. really appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. coming up, in a special live second hour of "the last word," we will go live to a bernie sanders speech in flagstaff, arizona. he is the only candidate out there tonight in the west still campaigning. and what is going on in the feud -- the new feud now between donald trump and elizabeth warren? elizabeth warren went after donald trump on twitter today. and i think i might know why. that's coming up next. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't.
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which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. little marco. lyin' ted. we all know who they are. opponents of donald trump. donald trump likes to give his opponents demeaning nicknames. here's one he tried out today. >> who's that, the indian? you mean the indian? >> that's the nickname that donald trump used for senator elizabeth warren today because a small fraction of her ancestry is cherokee. the reason donald trump was asked about senator warren is because senator warren
10:55 pm
deliberately stepped into the presidential campaign today for the first time. now, like all politicians, senator warren has answered questions about the campaign in interviews, but this is the very first time that she jumped in with direct advocacy about a candidate, in this case, opposition to donald trump. in a facebook post, she deliberately chose language designed to infuriate donald trump. she wrote, let's be honest. donald trump is a loser. count all his failed businesses. see how he kept his father's empire afloat by cheating people with scams like trump university and by using strategic corporate bankruptcy. excuse me, bankruptcies, to skip out on debt. senator warren hammered home that concept of donald trump as a loser repeatedly. and donald trump knows -- here's what she said. she said, trump knows that he's a loser. his embarrassing insecurities are on parade, petty bullying, attacks on women, cheap racism,
10:56 pm
and flagrant narcissism. but just because trump is a loser everywhere else doesn't mean he'll lose this election. people have been underestimating his campaign for nearly a year and it's time to wake up. donald trump stands ready to tear apart an america that was built on values like decency, community, and concern for our neighbors. the way i see it, it's our job to make sure he ends this campaign every bit the loser that he started it. senator warren then repeated several of those loser lines in a barrage of tweets and added a couple more lines like this on twitter. donald trump is cool with being called an authoritarian, isn't upset at hitler comparisons, and thinks we won't fight back. wrong. and she tweeted this. we cannot elect wannabe tyrants to the white house. not now, not ever. it's up to all of us to stop donald trump. those tweets went out at mid-day today, after this morning's
10:57 pm
"washington post" wrote this about the clinton campaign's, quote, plans to counter trump with high-road substance, policy, and issues, according to one senior campaign aide. the idea is to showcase what clinton's backers see as her readiness for the job, without lowering her to what they describe as trump's gutter. now, what that means is hillary clinton's running mate will have to do the daily hand-to-hand combat with donald trump. if bernie sanders is the nominee, he might make that same choice. today, in what might be an online audition for the vp slot, elizabeth warren showed she knows exactly how to go after donald trump and push the theme that he is a loser, a word that he loves to use himself, but can't stand hearing used against him. mention his business failures, their scams like trump university, or the corporate bankruptcies that she referred to, and remind people that trump's values are not shared by most americans.
10:58 pm
senator warren tweeted some of the key lines of her facebook posts directly at donald trump, knowing that the man lives on twitter and he would see them and it would drive him nuts. and the proof that it worked, the proof that it got under his skin, the proof that elizabeth warren hit donald trump hard is that he gave her a nickname today. >> the indian, you mean? the indian? >> it will take news media a while to realize that using an element of a person's ancestry as an epithet against them is indecent, no matter what it is. the trump had said, you mean, the jew? or you mean, the muslim, the media probably would have understood what was wrong right away. elizabeth warren needs no international introduction as a vice president candidate. people already line up to see her wherever she goes in the country. there is no one on the potential vp list for democrats who has more star power than elizabeth warren or more brain power. she would crush whoever donald trump sent into a vice presidential debate with her. and anyone who thinks that the democrats can't have two women
10:59 pm
on the presidential ticket is thinking in distant 20th century terms. giving up a senate seat these days for the vice presidency would be irresistible, since the senate has become a dysfunctional chamber committed to doing absolutely nothing. far more senior and more powerful senators like joe biden, hubert humphrey, all eagerly accepted the promotion to vice president from the senate. if elizabeth warren didn't want to be on the short list for the democratic nomination for vice president, then she could have quietly gone about the depressing busy of getting absolutely nothing done in the u.s. senate today and not bothered with a full-on attack against donald trump. donald trump will not come up with a nickname that will stick to elizabeth warren, but it looks like she is . >> we want you! >> i want you to want me! >> bernie sanders, nice guy, combs his hair really well.
11:00 pm
but he cannot win a general election. [ audience booing ] >> the stakes in this election just keep getting higher and higher. >> not only are we beating trump badly in state polls, we're doing much better against trump than is hillary clinton. >> come out and vote! and let's have the future we deserve in america! >> we are part of the political revolution! here's a live look at bernie sanders' event in flagstaff, arizona. >> i want you to want me! >> bernie sanders, nice guy, combs his hair really well. but he cannot win a general election. [ audience booing ] >> the stakes in this election just keep getting higher and higher. >> not only are we beating trump badly in state polls, we're doing much better against trump than is hillary clinton. >> come out and vote! and let's have the future we deserve in america! >> we are part of the political revolution! here's a live look at bernie sanders' event in flagstaff,


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