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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. at this hour, the battle for the white house turns to democrats with three caucuses today, wash state, alaska, and hawaii will gather. hillary clinton enters the day with a delegate lead of more than 700 over bernie sanders. and the escalating feud between donald trump and ted cruz is getting nastier and looking more like a story out of the tabloids. coming up, how this political fight has become so personal. also this hour we're following the latest developments on the investigation into the brussel terror attacks and new word from president obama this morning about those attacks. he spoke about it in today's weekly address. >> it's also counter productive.
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>> so for all of the coverage from brussels throughout the hour i'm joined by my colleague ayman mohyeldin. let's talk about the headlines from there this morning. what are you hearing? >> good morning to you, alex. brussels struggles to get back to normal as the police manhunt for remaining suspect in tuesday's bombings intensifies. brussels airport officials says the airport will not reopen for passenger flights before tuesday. 11 people died in two blasts at the airport. 20 died in the members tro blast in the other part of town. and new this morning, president obama promised global cooperation to defeat isis. >> secretary kerry is leading in international effort to bring the syrian war to an end. critical piece of restoring stability to that war torn part of the world. and next week dozens of world leaders will come here to washington for a summit focused on nuclear supreme court by. we'll use that opportunity to review or joint effort against
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isil. >> i want to bring in nbc's beall neely here in brussels. part of our team covering this tragic terror attack. bill, i know the investigation has intensified. where does the search stand for these suspects that remain at large? >> it's intensifying, ayman, even in the last hour. there is, as i speak, a counter terrorism operation going on in the brussels suburb of shaerbeck. a man threw a tram carriage and then ran off. the bomb squad has been called in. the police are searching for that man. it may be nothing. it may be something. but it's proof at least of a city on edge. police are still questioning those people they arrested over the last few days including three yesterday. one of whom you may remember was shot in the leg in the district
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of shaerbeck. no idea where they are directly connect we'd the brussels bombings or more likely connected with what the french president francois hollande said was an entirely new plot. a man was arrested in paris and it was after his arrest that police here swooped and arrested three people yesterday. what we do know is that one man arrested last week salah abdeslam who is directly implicated in the paris attacks is now apparently no longer cooperating. he's saying nothing to police. he had been questioned for about two hours by detectives. but as soon as the brussels attacks happened, according to police, he stopped cooperating. now, the other thing is here staggeringly 61 people are still in a critical condition in intensive care units in hospitals in brussels. another 100 people were injured. for the families of those waiting for news it really is agony because there hasn't been
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an official list of the dead publish published. so the names of the dead coming out very slowly indeed and that is partly because the victim identification units which is well-known here in belgium and has traveled abroad to plane crashes and does normally a great job with seven people, there are now 30 people in that unit. but they are finding it very, very difficult to identify some of the bodies, especially in the metro station where deep underground -- there was really, well, terrible, as you can imagine, terrible mutilation of no those bodies. the families know their loved ones are missing but haven't gotten confirmation at the minute that they are dead. as you can see behind me there is a carpet of flowers and candles. it's easter saturday. this was meant to be a day of celebration. there certainly is no sense of celebration here but there is a sense of commemoration. people here laying flowers.
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flags from all over the world people from peru, the czech republic, kosovo. the december toll remains at 31 but 61 people still in a critical condition in 48 hospitals right across belgium. ayman? >> all right, bill neely live for us here in brussels. let's bring in robin, a fellow at her taj foundation specializing in terrorism and national security. always good to have you with us. let's talk about brussels itself and why brussels may have been targeted by this particular network. >> well, isis had a network already in the country obviously, seemed to be based in the district of maalbeek. this is a group which had seen its momentum stall somewhat in
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iraq and syria, although it should be remembered it still has a large amount of territory. belgium doesn't have a counter terrorism, it was seen as soft target. when the arrest happened of salah abdeslam i think it expedited the plans. lots of regain momentum, try and recruit new people to its cause. and the results were clear. >> so, robin, i'm curious to get your thoughts about when you look back over the past four months in terms of what happened in paris in november, what we saw in brussels on tuesday, have we been able to learn anything about isis' capabilities from both of these attacks in terms of what they are now capable of doing in europe? >> i think isis' capacity has been underestimated really. this is a group which is clearly managed to infiltrate europe.
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it's moved between country to country, france and belgium, carrying out attacks, killing people in extremely large amounts. european government seem to be somewhat unsure as to how to respond to this in terms of the fact the border patrols in europe obviously have been raised essentially as part of the agreement and it's ready made for a trans national terror network like isis to take v advantage of it. it's still managing to recruit people. that's clear. it's managing to get them to syria to be trained. that's also clear. and it's now managing to return to europe undetected and plan these kind of attacks against civilian targets. it's not they're not targeting just the military and the police anymore. this is soft targets. i think we're going see more of it to come, unfortunately. >> so, obviously a lot of people back in the u.s. are watching which is unfolding here in europe over the past several
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months, particularly law enforcement intelligence officials. how vulnerable is the u.s. to an isis-sponsored attack similar to what we saw here on european soil or perhaps something different but still coming from isis being directed by isis as opposed to simply being inspired by isis like a lone wolf type of attack? >> i think there's good and bad news on this front. obviously the american counter terrorism apparatus is extremely formidable. huge amount of resources have gone into it since nen and geographically america is somewhat more -- than this from europe. but at the same time, there's certainly the threat of isis inspired attacks in the u.s. something we've seen that already. but also america is the absolute number one target isis would like to hit above all else. if it sees attacking paris or brussels as giving it momentum and being able to inspire others to its cause just imagine if it was able to do so in new york or washington. so while it may have the ability
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to do so is somewhat hampered by a variety of factors, there's absolutely no doubt that america is high on isis' hit list. >> when we look at the targets that took place both in paris and in brussels, they are considered soft targets. the departure hall at the airport similar to the united states. does not have a lot of security. certainly not back checks people are allowed to come in and out without being searched. what can american security official or the american public learn from the brussels attacks? should they be changing some of the things we take for granted in the united states like airport security, metro security, or subway security across the country? >> this is the big question, i think. i think isis has exposed brutally a flaw in airport security in terms of the baggage area and where it's able to hit. i think this is something to look at but at the same time, we have made so many changes to the way we do security with regards
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to aviation and groups like isis keep trying to target it. i think we can make all the changes we want ultimately the only way we stop attacks like this happening in the future is by dismantling the network in the middle east, dismantling the network across europe and africa and wherever it may be, and trying to tackle the ideology that underpins this kind of movement until we do that i'm afraid more attacks will happen regardless of what we do. >> all right. robin simcox, appreciate your insights live for us from the united states. i'll be back in a few minutes from brussels with the military's fight on isis and who is winning on that front after a very significant week for u.s. operations in syria. for now, it's back to alex witt in new york. >> ayman, thanks so much. let's get right to presidential politics as the feud between donald trump and ted cruz intensifies. just days after fighting over personal attack on their wives,
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ted cruz is accusing trump of working with the national "enquirer" on a story alleged the texas senator had extramarital affairs with five women. here's what cruz said in a news conference in wisconsin yesterday. >> this "national "enquirer"" story is garbage. it is complete and it per lies. it is a tabloid smear, and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. donald is fond of giving people nick names. with this pattern he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald because that is his first and last resort, is to go to sleaze and ignore the truth. >> two of the women named in the report have also come forward to say the story is completely false. donald trump said, i have no idea whether or not the cover story about ted cruz in this week's issue is true or not.
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but i had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it, and have not, as yet, read it. in other political news, democrats are caucusing with alas karks hawaii, and washington today. 1. delegates are up for grabs. sanders did heavy campaigning in washington and heading to wisconsin where he will hold a rally tonight ahead of wisconsin's primaries less than two weeks from now. 96 delegates at stake for democrats. 42 for republicans. an emerson college poll shows wisconsin in play for both parties. clinton leads sanders by six points. ted cruz and donald trump are in a virtual tie. let's go to milwaukee where hallie jackson has the latest on the increasingly ugly war of words between ted cruz and donald trump. hallie, ood good moanother good you. let's talk about what they're saying today. >> a couple days, a week ahead of the wisconsin primary, but as we hacklook ahead to that contea big battleground, we're also hearing from ted cruz now. as you know, coming out with some of his harshest language
5:13 am
yet against donald trump. cruz slamming his rival for what he calls trump's resorting to sleaze and slime. cruz also distancing himself now of trump were to become the republican nominee. >> donald has real problem. >> reporter: arguing its tabloid trash, a furious ted cruz is firing back at the "national equirer" sclaming the story he had extra affairs. >> this story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies, it is a tabloid smear and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> reporter: trump who has been endorsed by "enquirer" and wrote an op-ed in pages said in a statement, quote, i had absolutely nothing to do with the story, adding, he also has nothing to do with the paper. again, again calling cruz, lying ted. cruz, creating his own make name for his rival. >> with this pattern he should not be surprised to see people
5:14 am
calling him sleazy donald. >> reporter: all of it spilling over into a tense exchange on live tv between a trump supporter and cruz backer. >> where we should move to is the "enquirer" story that has reported that ted cruz has allegedly had affairs with at least five mistresses including you've been named, amanda. >> what's out there is tabloid trash. if someone wants to comment on it, they can talk to my lawyer. it is categorically false. >> reporter: another woman who has been the subject of speculation, a former cruz ally and current trump spokesperson, tweeting, of course the "enquirer" story is 100% false. the latest developments part of a republican raise that's getting down right personal after trump this week retweeted this photo of heidi cruz next to melania trump. the caption, the images are worth a thousand words. >> so yes or no, will you vote for him? >> i don't make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family.
5:15 am
and donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. >> reporter: and as we talk about this race, this republican race, alex, here in wisconsin, we're looking at polling showing cruz now within striking distance of donald trump. trump has been off the campaign trail recently. he's set to head back out here to the badger state to janesville next week. janesville, speaker paul ryan's hometown. >> thank you very much, hallie ya jackson in milwaukee. the u.s. says the air strike that killed a top u.s. commander proved to decimate the islamic state. what impact has russia's military action had in the fight against isis. back to ayman in brussels after a break. this is sheldon
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what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. resorting to actions outside of the middle east is that its
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fantasy of a caliphate is collapsing before their eyes. it's territory is shrinking every day. its leaders are being decimated. its revenue sources are dwindling and fighters are fleeing. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry there on isis yesterday speaking at the belgian prime minister's residence here in brussels. the latest operation against the group took down another big name on the u.s. terror hit list, finance minister known as aji im imam. kournl jacobs, always good to have you on, sir. you just heard john kerry talk about how isis' lashing out or perhaps acting out in other countries like here in belgium as a result of what's happening on the ground inside syria and iraq. do you think that is accurate? is that a true assessment? >> no, not really. they're going to go after countries in europe no matter what happens on the battlefield.
5:20 am
one of the good results of having some success on the battlefield against isis is that it reduces the possibility of large numbers of people to go to places like syria getting the kind of training they need in order to make a set of explosives and returning to the original countries to conduct attacks. all that notwithstanding battlefield losses of isis in places like syria are not necessarily going to have any affect on what happens elsewhere. and i think the attacks that are taking place in europe are not a direct result of what happens on the battlefield. they're not in retaliation. isis does not need my motivation to conduct attacks in europe. and they will continue to do so as long as those cells remain active. >> we constantly hear from the obama administration and u.s. officials, no more combat troops
5:21 am
inside syria or iraq that's not part of the game plan right now to defeat isis but special operations forces are being deployed on active missions inside syria at least. what is the u.s. separation against isis actually entail right now? we know american soldiers are at risk. >> yeah, there are two things taking place. the first is targeting individuals and groups of individuals who belong to isis on the ground with precision-guided munitions. in addition to the training areas and any ammunition dumps they might find. secondly, as you are suggesting conducting operations on the ground, raids in order to kill or capture isis leaders. those have all been successful. it's interesting to note that it's not only syria where we're chasing isis, we've increased the footprint in afghanistan where we were supposed to be out last december, plussing up with special operations forces to do
5:22 am
what? to chase after isis who is spreading to other countries in the middle east. >> yeah, as well as libya and now we know the u.s. is increasingly get involved in that country. let's talk a little bill about russia. russia was involved for several months in ire straks. they said to deliver a blow and damage to isis forces in iraq. do you think that russia, in fact, leveled any kind of decisive blow against isis in syria as a result of its own military campaign? >> no. no, i don't think so. they were focused almost entirely on anybody who was against assad, spent about six months doing relatively indiscriminate bombing and then pulled out. they succeeded in doing one thing and that is suring up the assad regime. but though they said that they were going to target isis they never did. and any isis targets that they hit were just ancillary to
5:23 am
hitting targets -- rebels who were against assad. so they did not make a major impact, did not make a major impact on isis inside syria. >> medal of honor recipient colonel jack jacobs. thank you for joining us. >> any time. in a moment, trump versus cruz. will the intensely personal feud cost either of them votes in the electorate? why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you?
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(pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you. . donald trump and ted cruz are taking a break from the campaign trail today as the latest feud between them intensifies. trump will campaign in wisconsin next week as will john kasich. and the question dominating the news psyche is what kind of impact the fight between trump and kroousz will have on their campaigns. let's bring in our journalist panel, francesca chambers, white house correspondent for "the daily mail" and reporter for the
5:27 am
new york. francesca, cruz calls this story garbage. trump denies the story. how damaging might this back and forth be for both and who do you think it's damaged the most? >> well, certainly the story this week is something that underscores the point that john kasich has been trying to make this entire time, the third republican still in the race, which is that he is the adult in the room and hopefully republican voters will see that. and they will turn around and they will stop supporting donald trump and ted cruz. so from that perspective it could end up hurting both candidates as this race barrels forward, possibly towards an open convention. >> so i'm curious how long of a life does this particular story line have, because voters may have little appetite for this for too long, right? >> i think voters are going to have very little appetite for a story like this. kind of like what your other guest said. she talked about this idea it could help john kasich and i think that's true. i think the voters, we just did
5:28 am
a poll at "the new york times" talking to the republican voters and they said they were really embarrassed by their party in some ways and think felt like some of these topics at the time they were talking about the debate where we were talking about the size of people's hands and other areas, and people were really kind of disgusted by that. i covered bernie sanders for the "times" and spent time at his ents. i've run into quite a few republicans who tell me i'm just checking out mr. sanders because for all i know i could have to vote for a democrat because i'm just so disgusted by my party. so i think that this actually hurts both of them. >> i tell you, that sentiment i hear over and over and over again. it's really interesting. francesca, donald trump has been saying that he's beating hillary clinton when a number of the polls show the opposite. and that includes the bloomberg poll where she's up by 18 points. now on the other hand, poll after poll has shown john kasich beating hillary clinton in any general election match-ups. so, francesca, why do you think there is not more of a coordinated effort to back john
5:29 am
kasich? >> well, john kasich has had more difficult time snagging headlines in this race because donald trump is so bombastic. every time the news starts to shift to something else he has done an excellent job of putting a new policy proposal out there that shifts the attention back to him. and so john kasich, i think, is struggled because his message is, again, he's a adult in the room, he is the one who has the temperament to be president. because of that he just simply isn't making as much news as donald trump. to speak to those polls, the other side of it because i also cover hillary clinton and bernie sanders, is that bernie sanders also would beat donald trump by a very large amounts. there was a new poll that came out recently that showed that both him and hillary clinton would beat donald trump by the same amount in this race. and john kasich and ted cruz, ted cruz would also do quite well against hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> okay. donald trump is the only one who wouldn't do so well against hillary clinton and those polls. let's talk about the democrats. how do you think bernie sanders will do in today's contests?
5:30 am
even if he sweeps te s them all three of them, will it make a difference? >> it will make a difference in the delegate count. it's 170 delegates. upward of 170 delegates. he's behind by about 300 pledged delegates right now. it could make a difference. it's definitely going to make a difference in optic it is he can say i swept hillary clinton this weekend. let me tell you about the things i'm doing now. it goes to the idea of electability because he struggled with the idea of people thinking he can't beat hillary clinton and certainly can't beat donald trump in the election. senator sanders has put in a lot of time. he held six rallies in washington. last night he had 15,000 people come out to see him in seattle. and these caucuses are really kind of where bernie sanders does the best. people are really motivated for him. they love to pack rallies. also like to go to caucuses. he did lose the nevada caucus. he still could lose washington. i think his campaign has been saying that we've been putting in the work and also sent his
5:31 am
wife to hawaii and alaska so jane sanders was there careryin the message of her husband and bill clinton did record some robo calls in alaska for hillary clinton so she's been putting time in at washington state herself. i think bernie sanders if you talk to them really feeling good about washington state. >> okay. ladies, thank you so much. have a good one. in a moment, armed police in brussels appear to help a girl as they apprehend a suspected terrorist and it's caught on dramatic cellphone video. we go back to ayman mohyeldin.u , mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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when your symptoms start... distracting you? doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. welcome back to msnbc live. i'm ayman mohyeldin in brussels. we have breaking news involving a police operation under way here in brussels. nbc's keir simmons is joining us with the latest on that. keir, you've been hearing about some of these on going operations. what do you know about what is unfolding right now?
5:35 am
>> yeah, there is a police operation not far from here. we are simply hearing from witnesses that police have sealed off streets. there are helicopters in the air. we don't know how important that operation is. breaking news, too, ayman, we are hearing of the nine people who were arrested in recent days, three have been charged. those charges in connection with terrorism. we are getting more details. meanwhi meanwhile, the everything from president hollande saying they are in the process of annihilating terrorist cells but the threats still weigh on us. look at the dramatic pictures of one of the arrests. le armed officers pull away a little girl from a suspect. then they send in a bomb disposal robot, clearly fear that he may be a suicide bomber. finally when they convince that it's safe, they take the suspect away. so a picture of the kind of dramatic scenes that we have
5:36 am
seen just in recent days. you can just see there now that picture of the little girl being taken away by the officers as they slowly carefully go in to arrest that particular suspect, ayman. >> keir, we know there were some conflicting reports about that dramatic video a that you were just referencing there, that girl caught on video during another police operation. have we learned anything more about what that exactly entailed? >> yeah, it's difficult to know. one witness described the man taking a hostage and saying that he had lain on top of this woman and there was a little girl there, too. other accounts say there was just one hostage. it is little confusing who this child is. but clearly very, very anxious. police trying to coax her away and then going in very slowly to see the suspect.
5:37 am
first as i mentioned using a police bomb disposal robot. this suspect had been shot in the leg. and he is one of those who was arrested. one of the nine arrested in recent days. >> all right, keir simmons live for news brussels. thanks for that update, keir. i want to bring in a former state department senior adviser. i know you and i have talked about this in the past. there is obviously a lot of questions that both european officials and certainly american officials to some extent are concerned about and that is the efforts to try and quell radicalization taking place in european communities. let's talk about the different efforts on how government, community, organizations can help young people and stop them from adochting radical views and joining militant groups like isis. >> well, i think what we need to understand is that a lot of these young people who are running off to isis or whatever are seeking places outside their homeommunities to re-enforce
5:38 am
their personal identity. if they're going to go ahead and do that we have to realize there's a global muslim identity that the rest of us can participate to help to cultivate that's a positive one. there are plenty of role models in belgium and aaround the world that we need to elevate and use as role models so that people understand there's an identity they can latch on to and give their lives meaning but that is also constructive and embraces the world. >> one of the things that has kind of surprised me and i've speblt some time in a lot of different communities here afted by some of the issues that you've raised is they were surprised to know that one of the suspects, salah abdeslam, managed to say in maalbeek and that raised questions whether or not the community or at least his own network of people that helped him evade capture, he was being essentially hidden within the community. authorities rely on the community to help track down suspected terrorists.
5:39 am
in belgium there are large numbers of muslims who feel disenfranchised. how does the government walk that fine line between tapping into the community for support but at the same time addresses some of their grievances? >> i think if community members really felt that belgian authorities had their back and were interested in helping cultivate them they would be more willing to come out when they see something. unfortunately what's happening now the is there's a lot of fear, people worried if they come forward they will put themselves in danger, get themselves in something messy. and i think they prefer to keep their head down and move forward. how do we create an environment in thisses areas that are inhospitable to extremist, sour the milk or get them to not be feeling so comfortable in these neighborhoods. that's a question that all offous have to answer not just been belgium but for the rest of us around the world. >> obviously there's a lot of questions and always comparisons between what unfolds in europe and what takes place in the united states. give us your sense because i know you're also in touch with
5:40 am
folks who work here on the ground and communities here. does europe generally have a bigger problem with radicalization than what we see back in the united states? >> for various structural reasons muslim communities in america are much better integrated because they're more diverse, higher social economic standing and of course the legal structure in america allows for them to feel american. but the trouble is if you take a look at belgium, for example, we're asking to try to -- asking muslim youth to fail belgium, belgian identity itself is problematic as we know. there are complex conversations that need to happen as to how muslim youth and muslim communities fit within the european landscape. i think we've only begun to have those conversations. >> all right, former state department adviser, always good to talk to you. thanks for join uging us this morning. >> thank you for having me. that's it for now here from brussels. let's send it back to alex witt in new york with more on the day's political headlines.
5:41 am
>> see you in another few min unchts let's go to politics and the big headline today, ted cruz's new accusation against donald trump. cruz says trump worked with the "national enquirer" on a story alleging the texas senator had extramarital affairs with five women. cruz has called this story garbage. two of the women named in the report has come forward to say it's completely false. trump says he has no idea whether the story is true or not and adds that he had nothing to do with the report. msnbc political analyst, former cruz campaign communications director, rick tyler. always good to see you, rick. a month ago you were working on that campaign. what do you make of the latest attacks? >> i think it's just bologna. really amazing. there is a curious relationship between david bigger, the ceo of the "national enquirer" and donald trump. also other candidates including jeb bush, ben carson, have all had negative stories in the "national enquirer." the "national enquirer" endorsed donald trump.
5:42 am
so it looks -- and the only person quoted is roger stone who makes a big point of being a former adviser to donald trump. but seems to always be carrying his water. so it's a very strange circumstance. but i can tell you this just on a personal level, alex. i traveled to more than 25 states with ted cruz. spent an enormous amount of time with him and he is a man of integrity and decency. i don't believe any of it. >> he certainly has said it's completely false. let's talk about politic, rick. ugly psyche of infighting. will it hurt the republican brand long term? >> yes. you know, what's interesting is what's going on is the establishment of the republican party which the base has been very angry for a long time doesn't have a candidate that can win mathematically. so john kasich of course will fit that best but he really has no path to the nomination. and then you have ted cruz who represents the conservative ring of the party and donald trump
5:43 am
which really represents a third party. in fact, i believe that donald trump wasn't in the race bernie sanders would be beating hillary clinton handily because they sort of appeal to be same an anti-trade, you know, nationalistic tendencies of protectionism. so it's a very fascinating race. here's the problem. look, nbc news and msnbc has been doing a terrific job of covering the brussels terrorist attacks and look, that's the backdrop. the whole world is looking at the united states to see how the united states will take a leadership role and they have to if we're going to beat terrorism. and what do they see from the republican campaign is, you know, arguing over people's wives and accusations, scandal. it's really discouraging. it will hurt the republican it is they don't get their act together. >> it's embarrassing. but let's talk about wisconsin governor scott walker. he floated a pretty controversial idea this week suggesting if the gop finds itself with an open convention the party may nominate a wild
5:44 am
card pick. not ted cruz, donald trump, john kasich. an outsider to the race. do you think that's far fetched or do you think it's plausible? >> look, it's pretty far fetched. it's possible because the rules would allow for it. if nobody arrives to the convention with the majority of delegates, 1,237, and if anybody gets that they will be the nominee. if nobody gets that the rules say the majority of the sides, they go to a second and sometimes third, fourth, fifth ballot. abraham lincoln was elected on subsequent ballots. i think it was the seventh ballot. but stewart arrived with the most ballots back in the 1860s. so it's possible. but i just don't think it's going to happen. i really do believe with the nominee is either going to be donald trump or ted cruz. they're leading this race. cruz's objective is to keep donald trump from getting the majority because he would need to win less than 60% of the
5:45 am
delegates left. cruz would have to win almost 90% of the delegates left. that's the best path they have. but it's going to be one of those two. i don't believe it will be a third -- someone who has not run. >> rick tyler, good to talk to you. >> thanks. a family's pain in the wake of the attack on the brussels airport. ayman has their story next. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance.
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attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at welcome back. we have breaking news out of brussels. just in the past hour two men charged with terrorism. nbc's bill neely has the details for us. bill, what have we learned about these charges? >> yes, ayman, within the last hour the federal prosecutors' office here in brussels has announced they've charged two men with terrorist incidents. they are named as abu bakar, a, the first name and first better of the surname, and fisil c. on thursday, three men were
5:49 am
arrested outside the prosecutor's office in a car. we think these two men are part of that group. now, the interesting thing is this man fasil c because a few days ago belgium media including police sources said the third man involved in the airport bombing, the man in the white jacket and the hat, who escaped, they named him as fisil shefru, fairly unusual name in belgium so it could be that the third man who bombed the airport is the same fisil c who has just been charged with terrorist offenses here in brussels. nbc news cannot independently confirm this. we are checking this story out. but that name certainly seems to link up with the fisil that was named in belgian media. police are also questioning some other suspects that they've arrested over recent days
5:50 am
including three who they took in yesterday. one of them of course who was shot in the leg. those men are believed to be involved in an entirely separate plot and linked to a man who was arrested in paris. this is a very complex story but it does appear that many of these people are part of the same broad network of jihadis that spans paris and brussels. but the breaking news within the last hour that two men have been charged here with terrorist offenses. one of them, it's possible, that we can't confirm it, may be the third airport bomber. ayman? >> all right, nbc's bill neely with that breaking news update. we'll have more on those developments throughout the course of the day. alex is back in a moment. on the surge in voting on the primaries has one candidate really made a difference? stay with us. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications.
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democrats in three states are heading to the caucuses today. the latest chapter in a primary season that is approaching record voter turnout almost a third of eligible voters have showed up for this year's early contests. and about half of the states have yet to vote. let's bring in michael mcdonald, associate professor of political science at the university of florida and director of the united states elections project, with a welcome and good morning to you, michael. with this year's comparatively high turnout, what does that mean for the general election? do you think it tips the scales for any particular candidate? >> well, i think for sure that we're going to have high turnout in the general election unless something just catastrophic happens and one candidate look like they're going to win by an overwhelming margin. right now it looks healthy we will be on the high end of voter turnout for the last century of american politics and it could go higher. whether or not one candidate benefits from that really depends on who the candidates are going to be when we get to the general election. and a lot of people are looking over at the republican side and they're saying, well, that
5:55 am
differential turnout, that higher turnout on republicans must mean that republicans are going to win in november. all we have to do, there's comparison being made to 2008 when we had record turnout on the democratic side. so it's bit of an unfair comparison for the democrats. go back one previous election where we had contested elections on boat sideth sides, 2000, the republican turnout was higher than it was, the differential between republicans and democrat, was larger than it was in the current contest. and of course al gore did win the national popular vote. he didn't win the electoral college. weak correlation between the energy and xichexcitement that see in primaries and how that translates into the general election. look at turnout rates twice of what we're seeing right now. >> in terms of voter turnout fact checking here. donald trump keeps saying he's drawn millions of democrats and independents to the polls to vote republican. true or false? >> yeah, that's probably true,
5:56 am
except they're probably not voting for him necessarily. so some of them are probably supporting the other candidates. what's happening here is that -- well, voters will vote in election if they find the elections interesting. there are two things that are going for the republicans right now. run is that the elections -- their elections are competitive, where in some states not all of the states, the democratic elections have been very uncompetitive. so people -- they know who is going to win, more likely going to stay home because their is not going to be so meaningful. people will vote when the election is interesting. and if you look at the democratic side you see that of course there's policy differences between clinton and sanders but by and large democrats are satisfied with their candidates. if you look at over on the republican side, i don't think it's too controversial to say that trump is a polarizing figure. interesting and excitement about t the candidates on the republican
5:57 am
side. >> thank you for time. that's a wrap of this hour of "msnbc live." i'm alex witt. chris jansing will take over from here live from brussels. one of her interests will be a muslim community leader who went undercover inside a terrorist cell. i'm alex witt. i'll see you right back here at noon eastern on msnbc.ery im por. so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now! get a ,250 volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on new 2016 passat models.
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good morning. i'm chris jansing live in brussels, belgium, where people are bringing flower, cards, and other items to the memorial this morning as victims of tuesday's attacks continue to be identified. there is breaking news this our. belgian prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for faisal cheffou. they expect him to be the so-called man in white who is pictured here next to the two other airport suicide bombers. nbc news has not been able to confirm that identification. belgian fede


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