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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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faycal c. is charged with involvement in a terrorist group and other charges and the others are charged with terrorism crimes. brussels' airport will be closed at least until tuesday. 11 people died at two blasts at that airport. 20 died at a metro blast. more than 270 people were wounded. belgium's interior minister this afternoon appealed to residents not to rally tomorrow in support of the victims of tuesday's attacks. the rally's not been banned, but officials say police are stretched too thin and hope residents do not gather for safety's sake. nbc's keir simmons is joining us now from brussels. and keir, with another welcome. what do we know about the identities of those arrested and charged today? >> reporter: well, we know a limited amount, and it's been pretty confusing, because a long statement from the belgium prosecutor's office and because of, you know, some things lost in translation, so let me straighten it out for you. there have been three people
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charged. the statement says arrested and charged. that's because they were taken into custody. they were not officially arrested until the announcement made today by the belgium prosecutor. the three people they say have been charge read a man they just called faycal c. now, here they give out the first name of the person, not the surname. that person has been charged with participation in activities of a terrorist group, terrorist assassinations and attempted terrorist assassinations. now, we're not clear what specific attack those charges relate to, but you read into terrorist assassinations and assume that that effectively means terrorist murder, if you like, and it may be that that charge means that they do believe that he was directly involved in one of the attacks here. two others charged as well, a man they're called raba n., and abu bakr a. those two charges suggest they believe those two men were
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somehow involved in the fringes, helping the others, if you like, rather than directly involved in an attack. by the way, too, alex, they are saying they are extending the detention of one man who is seen in dramatic video, one of the arrests. in that video, he is seen lying on the ground. he has been shot in the leg. then armed belgian officers approach him. what appears to be a child is coaxed away from him, taken to safety. then a bomb disposal robot approaches him. clearly, they are frightened that he has been -- he may be a suicide bomber. and finally, when they believe it is safe, belgian authorities move in and literally drag him away. he is one of those now who is in custody. alex? >> extraordinary video you're providing for us. thank you so much, keir simmons from brussels. let's bring in christopher dickey, foreign editor for "the daily beast" and msnbc contributor. chris, with a welcome to you from paris today, how much of an impact is this investigation having, beyond the borders of
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belgium? >> reporter: it's having a major impact through europe, but especially here in france because the belgium cell and the french cell, they overlap completely. every day that goes by, we learn more -- there are more connections between the november attacks here that slaughtered 130 people and the group that carried out the bombings in brussels on tuesday. >> belgium's interior minister, as you know, has appealed to residents to not rally tomorrow in support, saying police are stretched too thin to best ensure safety. how difficult a decision is it for belgian government authorities as well as french government authorities, considering what's gone down in france recently, to assure citizens that they're safe to with go about their business in their daily lives? >> reporter: well, i don't think they really can assure the citizens of that. i think the belgian police and security forces are stretched very, very thin. i don't think that they want to see a situation where a huge
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crowd gathers, even if it has a lot of positive emotions. it only takes a couple of cra crazies to make things very ugly, indeed. here in france, the police are better organized, but president hollande himself, while he said that the core cell here, the one that you identify with molenbeek in brussels but that has spread over here into france, that's being annihilated, he said. but then, he added, there are probably other cells as well. so, i don't think anybody can or should feel completely safe at the moment. >> i'm curatiious, since you're based in paris there, christopher, how have residents adjusted since the terror attacks, which we have to remind people, left 130 people dead? >> reporter: well, you know, it took some of the spirit out of the city, i have to say. a friend of mine, an arab friend, as a matter of fact who used to live here and was visiting, says it was a little
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bit like dealing with somebody who had had a stroke. they were functioning, but there was something missing in the way people reacted to things. clearly, there's a lot of security. you go to the eiffel tower, there are soldiers all around. you go to any -- you go walking in front of a jewish school, there are soldiers in full battle dress. so, there's a lot of precautions being taken, but people are lookg over their shoulders. as always happens, they try to get on with their daily lives, but nobody feels completely safe here in paris, and frankly, i think in a lot of europe at this point. >> and do you think parisians since tuesday and the attacks in belgium have felt an uptick in the need to look over their shoulder and not feel completely safe? has it made it worse? >> reporter: well, sure. i mean, because it's not just the attacks in brussels. i mean, two nights ago we had a man arrested in a suburb very close to paris who had weapons -- he had a weapons
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cache, bombmaking materials. and after the arrest, the french interior minister said that he was in the advanced stages of plotting a major attack. well, that major attack probably was going to be somewhere here in france. so, yeah, people feel it. >> okay. christopher dickey from paris. thank you so much, chris. good to see you. to politics now. back here in the u.s., moments ago in washington state, caucus groups began meeting to decide between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. coming up shortly at the top of the hour in alaska, a bit later in hawaii, voters will join washington as all three states weigh in on the democratic race. in all, 173 delegates are up for grabs. washington state holds the biggest prize of the day, though, 118 delegates to be won there. msnbc's cal perry's in seattle with the very latest. and cal, we saw you an hour ago in an empty room. you promised it would be full. there you go. you're the man. >> reporter: yeah. yeah, i delivered on my promise. standing room only here. and charlie, the caucus
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coordinator, is welcoming everybody. the doors have officially been opened here in the washington state caucus. it should take about 90 minutes. they're going to do an initial ballot first, and then they'll go to a second ballot about 30 minutes after that. this location was supposed to have around 500 people in it, alex, and we're looking at around 1,000, and people are still registering. probably good news for bernie sanders. he was here last night in seattle holding a huge rally at safeco field. 15,000 people showing up for that rally. so, his main message was get people out, bring your family, and at least so far this morning, at least in this location -- i mean, i know that's anecdotal -- that seems to be what's playing out. >> yeah. cal, i'm curious, because a lot of bernie sanders' message has been about economic equality throughout this country. and yet, you have these terror attacks. do you find people focusing on one subject more than the other or anything different this week? >> reporter: alex, i am having a difficult time hearing you, but we were talking earlier about momentum. this is something that bernie sanders has done. let me show you really quick,
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this is the home, the home of the minimum wage fight here in washington state. $15 for minimum wage. so, this is his backyard. these are the people he needs to get out and vote for him. he's playing that sort of delegate defense to try to keep hillary from getting those 1,000 more that she needs to lock it down. he needs to have a big day here in washington. he needs to clear 60 or 70 delegates out of the 111 that are up for stake so he can slow her down. certainly, that's his hope as he moves on and looks forward to places like wisconsin, alex. >> all right. for a guy who couldn't hear the question, you answered it pretty well. thank you very much, cal perry. well, both parties are looking forward the primaries in wisconsin less than two weeks from now. 96 delegates at stake for democrats, 42 for republicans. and an emerson college poll shows wisconsin in play for both parties. clinton leads sanders by just six points. look at ted cruz and donald trump, in a virtual tie. bernie sanders is in wisconsin today. hillary clinton will travel there on monday. donald trump and john kasich also campaigning there earlier next week. and the fight for washington
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comes in the midst of trump and cruz's latest feud, which began this week over personal attacks on their wives and ended with cruz accusing trump of somehow being involved with "the national enquirer" on its story alleging that the senator had extramarital affairs with five women. here's what cruz said during a news conference in wisconsin yesterday. >> this "national enquirer" story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. the donald is fond of giving people nicknames. with this pattern, he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald, because that is his first and last resort, is to go to sleaze and ignore the truth. >> two of the women named in the report have also come forward to say the story is completely false. donald trump responded to cruz on facebook, saying, "i have no
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idea whether or not the cover story about ted cruz in this week's issue of "the national enquirer" is true or not, but i had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it, and have not, as yet, read it." meanwhile, a unique encounter during bernie sanders' rally in portland, oregon, last night, bringing a little levity to the campaign cycle. >> now, you see, this little bird doesn't know it. >> and that bird didn't move! look at that. the crowd going wild. also, twitter with this -- a meme endorsing birdie sanders for president. wisconsin is the next battleground in the 2016 race. it could be another turning point for republicans and democrats. we return now our attention to the brussels terrorist attacks. in a moment, we'll explore what police are doing to hunt down suspects. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪
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belgian authorities today announced they have made three arrests in connection with tuesday's bombings. let's bring in former fbi assistant director for new york, bill gavin. bill, with a welcome to you, let's talk about these arrests made in recent days, but they were announced just today. so, why withhold news of an arrest? >> well, their system is a little different there. our definition of an arrest is you take them into custody, they're under arrest. holding them, holding that information out, i would suspect they were probably a little afraid that it might trigger some other event, it might act as a trigger mechanism for another event similar to what the arrest last week did. so, they have their reasons, i guess. but they really need to drill down into the whole subject matter there because they've been underaddressed or unaddressed for far too long in looking at this problem of the
10:18 am
establishment of almost mini caliphates, really, within the country where people don't assimilate into society, the police don't go into those neighborhoods. it's a very difficult set of circumstances, a lot different than our own country. >> and bill, is that what went through your mind? i'm curious what you thought when you first heard about these terror attacks, given your experience in security. >> yes, alex, it absolutely did, you know. up until maybe two weeks ago, they couldn't conduct a search warrant after 9:00 at night. what is -- that doesn't make a lot of sense. and the bottom line is, it's very easy to sit and criticize after the fact, but they really have to step it up, you know. william shakespeare said, you know, cry havoc and set loose the dogs of war. that's what had has to be done. they have to address this in the most aggressive fashion they possibly can, alex, at this particular point in time. they can't just ease into it
10:19 am
anymore and hope that politically acceptance is there. it's not going to be there. they've got to address the situation in both france, in belgium. it's just an ugly set of circumstances now, and they've got to rely on -- the united states has to be a leader, too, and i'm not too sure how that's going. >> bill, regards specifically to belgium, why haven't they been more aggress sgliv i mean, the connection between the paris attacks in november and brussels, specifically the molenbeek community there, that neighborhood it was out there from the very beginning. >> alex, that's anybody's answer. they just haven't done it. it's not within their dna to be that aggressive and do those kinds of things. but now i think they finally realize they have to do those kinds of things and they have to do them with some expediency and getting over that hump, that bump in the road is very difficult for them at this particular point in time, but
10:20 am
they had just got to go and do it. the reason they haven't done it in the past, you know, everybody wants to be socially acceptable, and it's a dangerous neighborhood, so let's, you know, if there's nothing going on, why go in there? they don't know if there's anything going on. the intelligence reports, both from police and from counterintelligence things just aren't there for them at this particular point in time, or weren't. they are now, because i think the united states and all the european communities are serving them all the intelligence they can possibly get. no country in the world wants to see this happen to any other country, so we have to totally cooperate to give them the intelligence and to maybe step in and show them how to do these kinds of things. that's important. >> bill, do you think we're at all more at risk in this country as a result of the belgian attacks? >> there's no doubt, alex, that they're picking up some additional intelligence. but in this country, it's so much different. we are on edge about this all the time. you take a city like new york,
10:21 am
where you have the joint terrorism task forces, not just in new york, but all throughout the united states. but you take a city like new york, who always has this turned up, who is on the high antenna to look at what is going on. like, right now i know for sure, you're going to see a few more people on the street, the obvious physical things you see, but the most important thing is the way that everything's going 24/7 now, you know, what might have gone 16 hours before are now 24/7. and you will see constant work, but you won't see it. it's behind-the-scenes work, where they're analyzing intelligence data, meshing with other countries, meshing with the information from our own companies, from security forces and law enforcement, to make sure that they have all the intelligence. they do a super job, and they don't really put up with a lot of nonsense to let people do what they want to do and when they want to do it. >> all right. former fbi assistant director for new york, bill gavin. bill, thank you so much. >> thanks, alex, my pleasure.
10:22 am
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wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. 25 minutes past the hour with a live look inside some democratic caucuses in washington state, specifically seattle there. they are under way. they reportedly can last for a couple of hours. two more democratic caucuses are also being held today. alaska's gatherings begin at the top of the hour. hawaii's caucuses begin in about 6 1/2 hours at 1:00 p.m. local time. and of course, we're going to bring you all of the results later on it did. we're going to bring in now tim miller, adviser to the our principles pac and former communications director for jeb bush's campaign. nice to welcome you back, tim. >> hey, alex. >> let's talk about what happened last hour when i spoke with omarosa manigault, who is a trump supporter, and she had
10:26 am
this to say about the feud between mr. trump and ted cruz. >> the thing that really triggered this really goes back to the fact that there is this anti-trump movement. $65 million, alex, has been spent to date to stop donald trump from becoming the republican nominee, and these folks will stop at nothing, including bringing in donald trump's wife, melania, and posting ugly, ugly ads towards her. they're in these back rooms, in these secret meetings, trying to figure out how to stop him. and so, i believe that anything that you see, these stories are just meant to slow down his momentum. >> tim, what's your reaction, as one of these anti-trump forces? >> well, look, i'd say for starters, the one ad she's referring to is by kind of a small anti-trump group, and look, we didn't appreciate that ad, either. but here's the thing, there's the false equivalence here in the news and from the trump supporters, it's absolutely disgusting. let's take a look at what happened this week. first, donald trump threatened ted cruz's wife, heidi cruz.
10:27 am
then the next day, he put out a tweet about how his wife, melania, is good looking, and how ted cruz's wife, heidi, is ugly. "a," that's wrong. and "b," that's absolutely disgusting. it's like what a fourth-grade child would do. and then the next day, donald trump's spokesperson went on tv and accused a ted cruz supporter, a mother with small children, of having an affair with no evidence from it based on a "national enquirer" report. the same people who talked about hillary clinton having an alien baby. i mean, this is just absolutely repulsive. and that the trump people would go on tv and that news anchors, not yourself, but on other felt works, would say this is a food fight back and forth. this isn't a food fight. this is donald trump acting like a despicable child, a misogynist, which he has a long history of, while ted cruz and john kasich are trying to run reputable campaigns. >> i complain to my friends how
10:28 am
embarrassing it is all the time. let's move on to ted cruz, your anti-trump contender. are you concerned about whether this feud is heading -- where it's heading, really, how cruz is handling himself? >> look, i don't think so. i think for starters, it's great. the one thing, even though his behavior's just absolutely gross, the one thing that's been good, the one silver lining to come out of this is we got to see more of heidi cruz, and i think she's just done a fantastic job on the campaign trail for ted the last few days. and look, i expect that ted will do well in wisconsin, which is the next contest coming up. and then what we will have, if ted wins wisconsin, will have been a month-long period where donald trump will only have won one primary, the one in arizona from basically march 22nd through april 19th. and then we go into the northeastern states. so, you know, that is a negative momentum that donald trump has right now. if you look historically at other nominees -- john mccain, george w. bush, mitt romney, they were coalescing support by now.
10:29 am
donald trump has not gotten 50%, the magic number in one state. ted cruz has got it in three. so, that's not a good sign for him at this stage in the campaign. >> i'm curious, tim, because you were with the jeb bush campaign. >> yeah. >> a much different candidate than ted cruz. are you comfortable supporting ted cruz? >> look, i'd absolutely be comfortable supporting john kasich or ted cruz. you know, in a big, diverse party like ours, you're not going to agree with every candidate on everything. i think what you've seen from ted cruz is a coalescing of support across the party with my old boss, jeb, endorsing him this past week, as well as conservative folks like glenn beck and mike lee. so, you've seen support for ted across the party. and look, the difference between him and donald trump is night and day. i mean, donald trump has no respect for the constitution, no respect for decency, and we could not trust him with sitting behind the big desk in the white house at all. so, you know, as far as i'm concerned, ted cruz would be a million times better than donald
10:30 am
trump as nominee and as president. >> what about john kasich, though, you bring him up. do you think he's got a shot at the convention or is he an obstacle for cruz? >> john kasich cannot get the 1,237 delegates right now, so he would have to get in on an open convention fight. cruz and trump still could. so you know, if you get to a convention, anything can happen. i'll tell you this, we're going to fight until the last delegate is counted. donald trump has to get a majority of the delegates. that's going to be very hard for him. he has not, as i said, gotten a majority in any state so far. so, i think in an open convention, anything could happen. >> look, rules aside, donald trump has said, even if he goes into the convention with ten delegates short than the magic number there of 1,237 that in essence, taking the nomination away from him would be putting the choice of doing so in the hands of a very few people. does he have a point? >> well, unfortunately for him, that would not be taking it away from him, because you would have to get 1,237 to get the
10:31 am
nomination. those are the rules of the game. they're pretty clear, pretty straightforward. every nominee in modern times has been able to get a majority of delegates going in. if this is the first time that it wouldn't have happened since 1976. in that time it was ronald reagan who actually challenged sitting president gerald ford, went to a convention fight and lost. and so, if donald trump goes in short of the amount of delegates, like gerald ford did, and he's able to fend off cruz and kasich, well, then he'll be the nominee. but you have to get a majority of delegates to win, and he's just trying to kind of play a game and work the refs there by making the argument that he should be the winner, even if he hasn't gotten enough delegates to win. >> tim miller, i'm sure we'll be talking again. thanks so much. >> thanks, alex. well, investigators in europe pursue leads in the hunt for terror suspects and families of those caught in the attacks in brussels are coping with what happened. (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here...
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc world headquarters in new york.
10:35 am
we need to bring you up to speed on the latest on the investigation into the brussels terror attacks. belgian prosecutors say three men have been charged with terrorist defenses linked to the attacks on brussels, at the airport and the subway. one of them identified as faycal c. he was arrested outside of the prosecutor's office on thursday. we have just learned that organizers have postponed today's march in solidarity for the victims of the attacks. belgium's interior minister appealed to locals to hold off the rally, saying police are needed elsewhere. also today, belgian authorities wrapped up the investigation into the crime scene at the airport, but officials still have to assess the damage and determine if it can be quickly repaired. in the meantime, flights are suspended until at least tuesday. msnbc's gabe gutierrez is in brussels for us. and gabe, i know you had a very emotional interview with some of the families of the american victims injured in the attacks. what all did they tell you? >> reporter: hi there, alex. well, this in many ways is still a city on edge. we have seen heavily armed security here throughout the capital throughout the day, but
10:36 am
that hasn't stopped many people from coming here to this makeshift memorial to pay their respects. and as you mentioned, we're learning more about the survivors of these brutal attacks. we spoke with the family of richard norby, 66 years old. he was a mormon missionary in brussels, and a group of three missionaries was dropping off another one of their colleagues at the airport when the blast happened. we spoke with the wife of richard norby, pam. she was actually supposed to be on that trip and decided not to go to the airport because the car was simply too full, there was too much luggage, so she decided to stay home. and then she heard the terrible news. here's what she had to say. >> i could tell by his voice when i first said hi, you know, and he said, pam, that something was wrong. so, i listened. i agreed, i'll listen carefully, and he repeated that he had a broken leg and burns on his face. and so, i said, are the
10:37 am
missionaries with you? because i knew that they would all be together because they were taking this sister, and what's been reported, so they were all together. but they weren't at that time. and so, my heart just had another stop. >> reporter: pam norby says that doctors plan to start bringing her husband out of a medically induced coma starting today by removing his breathing tube, and she hopes to spend easter sunday with him. now, we also spoke with the family members of joe empey, another one of the missionaries who were injured. they just arrived yesterday and were able to see their son, and they are so thankful that he, apparently, will make a full recovery. alex? >> okay. well, we're certainly holding them all in our thoughts and prayers. thank you so much, gabe. let's turn now to presidential politics as we are getting new pictures of polling sites, like this one in seattle, washington, where democrats began caucusing about a half an hour or so ago. democrats will also caucus in alaska and then hawaii later on
10:38 am
today. today's democratic contests come at a time of renewed tensions between donald trump and ted cruz after allegations in a "national enquirer" story about senator cruz. cruz calls the "enquirer" report "garbage." two of the women named in the report have also come forward to say that the story about them is completely false. nbc's vaughn hilliard is covering the cruz campaign from wisconsin. with a welcome, what is the cruz campaign strategy to try to move on from this controversy? >> reporter: hi, alex. i think the frustrating part for cruz and the campaign is the fact that now the conversation is around these allegations, around his wife, heidi, and the fact that there's no honest substance being discussed, nothing about north carolina's lgbt law, nothing about his proposal earlier this week about patrolling muslim neighborhoods with the threat of isis. clearly, it's about women. salt lake city avoid ee eed deb
10:39 am
trump avoided this. so what ted cruz is doing, a week from tuesday on april 5th is when wisconsin will be vet i voting. he's kind playing the strategy of going to oshkosh, green bay, paul ryan's hometown of janesville. he'll be in milwaukee here. it's really kind of narrowing and hitting these communities and playing old-school, grassroots campaign tactics of substance. because ultimately what this is is it's a game of delegates. in wisconsin, it's important for him to win several of these congressional delegates and at least pull in a significant chunk, and hopefully for his case, win the state of wisconsin. because really, the idea was to win the south. but when that did not go as well as planned, he's now had to move up north. he needs to also do well in places like new jersey. we were in new york earlier this week. suddenly, this is when it comes to getting to 1,237 or at least the open convention is key. john kasich's campaign sent out a flurry of tweets saying we want to work with the cruz campaign in keeping trump from
10:40 am
getting to that number, but the cruz campaign doesn't believe they need john kasich to do that. if they don't win outright, which will be extremely tough -- they've got to get almost 90% of the delegates -- but to the least they can get it to open convention themselves, and they want to get as many delegates as they can going into july. >> pretty fluid strategy. thank you, vaughn hilliard. josh barro is with "business insider" and "daily beast's" olivia nutzi. in this political story of the day, the trump/cruz showdown it feels unprecedented at this level, so how are we to judge the potential outcome? what is your sense of the winners and losers here? >> yeah, well, this certainly seems unprecedented. someone was asking, can this campaign get any stupider? and i'm sure the answer to that is yes. we've got like 32 weeks left. >> yeah. >> i don't know. i mean, this seems like it ought to be really embarrassing for donald trump. he's out there fanning completely unsubstantiated rumors. the state he put out where he
10:41 am
said i don't know if the "national enquirer" story is true, but they were right about john edwards. that said, i think his strategy in part is to just get these ideas floating out there around ted cruz, regardless of whether they have any truth to them. i mean, this is a guy who spent years going around asking questions about the president's birth certificate and was he born in kenya. and i think as ted cruz tries to consolidate the republican establishment, donald trump wants people whispering, gee, could that story really be true and cod that blow him up in the general election? i think he's trying to sew doubt. it's not really a reasonable doubt for people to have. there's no evidence in the "enquirer" story, but even if people are asking the questions, that could hurt cruz. >> yeah. olivia, interestingly, you wrote a piece on thursday titled "heidi cruz is more qualified to be president than donald trump." and here's what you wrote, in part -- "in the real world, by any reasonable measure, heidi cruz has a more compelling resume than the former reality tv star and her relative decorum is just the beginning." but when it comes to trump,
10:42 am
olivia, it seems a lot of voters don't really care about experience or about manners. i mean, do you think this latest showdown involving heidi cruz will have any impact on trump's campaign? >> no, not at all. i don't think it will take any support away from him, and josh is completely right that trump is just floating these ideas to get people thinking about it, to plant the seed in their head. and i think also, he's sort of doing a very expert job of just distracting the conversation. we're not talking about terror right now, where ted cruz probably has a better set of policies than donald trump does. we're not talking about anything of substance. we're talking about things that are very distracting, and frankly, a little bit embarrassing for all parties, but donald trump really can't look silly in this election. he can't look any sillier than, you know, he does himself every day on twitter. i think ted cruz here is ultimately hurt in the end because donald trump, i mean, he can get away with saying anything he wants, and ted cruz really cannot come back and attack him in a similar fashion. he just can't get away with it. >> josh what about wisconsin governor scott walker, who suggested that if there's an open convention this summer,
10:43 am
republicans could pick door number four, ditching cruz, kasich, trump, all of them from an outside nominee. do you think that is a possibility? >> yeah, sure. i mean, the delegates at the convention, most of them won't there be there. if you're a trump delegate, it's not necessarily because you're a big fan of trump. in many states, these are picked through using policy insiders. those insiders were not loyal to trump or cruz coming into this election. in fact, they kind of hated both of them. so, i think there would be a lot of people on that convention floor who would like an opportunity to nominate somebody other than ted cruz or donald trump. cruz and trump are also very weak general election candidates, so i think they would have a strong case that no, ma'am na nominating either of them would be sending the party towards a loss in november. so, yeah, i think there will be temptation to try to nominate paul ryan or mitt romney if there's an open convention where they can do that. >> okay, but would the elect rate stand for that? >> i think all of the options coming out of a contested
10:44 am
convention are disastrous for the republican party. i think a lot of people will be very upset if they pick trump, a lot of people will be very upset if they don't pick trump. people will be upset if they pick somebody who wasn't on the ballot, but i think they'll be going in with no good options. they'll have to figure out, which is the least bad option. >> olivia, republicans find themselves in this most unusual position. they are forced to back a guy the establishment previously loved to hate, ted cruz. do you think they're still strategizing over other possibilities behind the scenes? do we think washington decisionmakers are going to keep climbing aboard the cruz train? >> well, it looks like they're still strategizing, but people like lindsey graham are throwing their weight behind ted cruz, somebody who he previously said he hated. ted cruz, obviously, does not have a lot of support in washington or elsewhere among the establishment, but at the end of the day, he's the best that it looks like they're going to do right now realistically. so, i think a lot of people are just sort of biting their tongue and saying that they'll support him, but i am interested to see how many of the people who right now are very much against trump if he were to become the nominee would then support him and say,
10:45 am
well, he's what the party has decided on, and i guess we have to throw our weight behind him. i think we might see a lot of people who right now are never trump people, hashtag, and in the end, i think may change course and may support donald trump. >> and this question to both of you. first to you, josh. in charlie cook's political report yesterday, he suggested a trump nomination could have a huge impact on down-ballot congressional races. do you agree or disagree? >> absolutely. republicans have an advantage in the way the map is drown draun and voters are distributed across the country. they can lose the popular vote for the house of representatives and still win a majority, but they can't lose it by just any amount. if they lost it by seven or eight points, they would lose the house of representatives. and that is definitely conceivable with a landslide election. it's especially conceivable in an election where a lot of people are motivated just to stay home. and i think olivia's right that a lot of the people who are saying never trump will come around in november and decide they really, really hate hillary clinton and have to vote for the republican. but i don't think all of them
10:46 am
are going to do that. i think that a trump nomination could actually be quite bad for republican turnout, especially among affluent voters. and so, in that sort of circumstance, i think the senate is very much in trouble for republicans and a bad enough loss puts the house in danger as well. >> and where do you stand on this question, olivia? >> i think it could be disastrous for the party and i don't know how long it would take for the republican party to recover its brand if donald trump were to become the nominee, and certainly, that looks like it's going to happen. i think it would take a number of cycles for the republicans to sort of regain their standings with the general public. >> okay. olivia and josh, good to see you both. thanks xqu sti still ahead, the delegate puzzle. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished.
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10:50 am
spoiler, and the cruz spokesperson says kasich is living in a fantasy. he would need 122% of the delegates to win. is he of stopping trump from getting the required number of delegates? >> there's a hot debate about this right now, alex, among republican circles. there's one argument that kasich staying in actually hurts trump. because there's a lot of northeastern states coming up. states like new york, pennsylvania, states where kasich may be more appealing to the types of voters that live there than ted cruz would be. so if he zaps delegates from trump in those states, it seems him more likely in a contested convention. the other side is he's hurting cruz from getting in and preventing the one-on-one trump showdown where perhaps cruz can finally rally a majority to his side. >> i'm curious as you do your
10:51 am
math, where do you see ted cruz could pick up support? >> for cruz? i mean, he's been doing best right now in sort of midwestern and caucus states and has to make strides elsewhere. wisconsin is a promising state for him. the next state to vote for republicans coming up on april 5th. if he manages to beat trump there, that could really help him, you know, maybe expand his appeal, establish himself as the main alternative to trump and maybe he can catch on to the northeast, too, after that. >> u.v.a.'s larry sab sabato believes trump can get to 239, two more than he needs to clench the nomination. do you see that path and how it happens? >> i can see how that happens. if trump essentially does the same as he's doing so far, he will get to around there. the question is whether he does manage to keep that up.
10:52 am
it seems to me that he's going to have more delegates than cruz unless something really big happens in the race, unless he collapses in april. but the question of whether he hits the 1237, he doesn't have much room for error. it will be close. >> andrew prokof, thank you very much. co ected. right now at at&t, buy the new samsung galaxy s7 and get one free. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. buy one water resistant samsung galaxy s7 and get one free. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont.
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the brussels attacks raise questions on security here in the u.s. we'll bring in the former homeland security director for california state. how would you expect law enforcement to react to what happened in belgium? >> each time these incidents occur, it's a refresh for the apparatus in this country. but it's all about resourcing the local assets. making sure people can change
10:56 am
the dynamics of the security apparatus itself. and also as new threats emerge you try to think about new threats so you are not always reactive but proactive. >> are you satisfied with adequate resources to do what needs to be done to fight isis? >> what san bernardino showed us, soft targets are part of the base now. so we need to branch out more to the private sectors, malls, shopping centers. we have to work with them and partner with them. we can use more resources but right now it's hard to sustain this level of spending, though. and that's going to be part of the challenge going forward. >> brussels police asked people not to hold the rallies. they are afraid they cannot provide proper security for that. is it right for the authorities to ask for the public's help this way? >> it is in the sense that be aware, try to have situational awareness. look at the boston marathon attack. you know, if you're in it and in an area like that, make sure you know what is going on, pay attention to that.
10:57 am
that is great assistance to law enforcement personnel. >> unfortunately this was way too short. we'll make it up. thank you so much. that's a wrap up of "msnbc live" here in new york. up next, chris jansing live from brussels talking to james halsey about the global threat of isis and what we should be doing to destroy the islamic state. see you here at noon eastern tomorrow. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business.
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good afternoon, i'm chris jansing live from brussels, belgium. and today people are bringing flowers and cards to the memorial here, gathering in solidarity after tuesday's attacks. this is the first weekend day since then and the crowds have been enormous. but tomorrow's demonstration of solidarity called march against fear has now been canceled. organizers made that decision after belgium's interior minist a


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