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  With All Due Respect  MSNBC  March 29, 2016 3:09pm-3:20pm PDT

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wisconsin, first campaign event in the state, and it comes hours after the news that his campaign manager, corey lewandowski was charged with simple battery in florida, stemming from an incident with a reporter with we're going to listen in. >> look, he certainly can't endorse me after what i did to him in the race, right. but look at this. by the summer of 2015, wisconsin was facing a $2.2 billion, two year budget deficit. that's terrible of the by the way, this isn't trump. this is out of books. total state debt is $45 billion. maybe somebody is going tell me that's wrong, but again, $45 billion, very high. one of the higher ones. 20,000 fewer people in labor force in wisconsin than seven years ago. even though population has grown by 100,000. so your population is higher,
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and now i wouldn't have done this, but when he endorsed cruz, am i going to say he is doing a great job? he is not doing a great job. he comes in his his motorcycle jacket, i love harleys, right, but the motorcycle guys like trump. they really like trump. he doesn't look like a motorcycle guy to me. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. unemployment rate, well, they say, that can't be possible. they have down 20%. that can't be possible. what? is it 20%? effective or regular? i mean, just -- >> effective. >> effective unemployment rate, 20%, out of the big book. 800,000 food stamp recipients. middle class, hit very, very hard due to loss of manufacturing jobs. these are the stats, right. you know about this, right?
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it goes on and on. wisconsin has lost 15,000 net jobs to mexico, since nafta. now just so you understand, kasich is running also. he voted for nafta. both of them want tpp. tpp, transpacific partnership, both of them, want trans pacific. that will make nafta look like a baby. and wisconsin will be hit so hard. are you a motorcycle guy, i get, right? do they love trump? i don't know why, i'm not big with the motorcycles. they love trump. i love the disabled veterans and veterans. we're going to take care of our veterans, you know that, right? we're going to take care of our veterans. what is it about trump that they like? seriously, we went to hilton head, we went to different places. there were hundreds, hundreds of bikers out there. beautiful bikes.
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lots of harleys, right. lots of harleys. but made in america. but beautiful, beautiful bikes. what is it with the -- why do they like me, tell me? >> they don't take any shit? >> who said that? >> i love it. i don't know what it is. but they like me. i feel good with them. i feel safe. i got out, a took a picture, secret service went crazy. i said these are great people. don't worry about it. but i appreciate it, fellas. we're going to keep you free. i'm going to keep you free. we're getting rid of isis. we're going to have good borders, we're going to have borders again. so here we have something that's pretty interesting. i love you too. you lost 70,000 jobs to china. 70,000 jobs. 100,000 illegal immigrants living in wisconsin, taxpayers
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are paying tens of millions of dollars. look, i don't know. look, i don't know. so what happened with walker, and i just, we'll finish off with this. he is a nice man. he came up to my office like about a year ago, before i was -- i've been a politician for about what, eight months. i never thought i would be a politician. the last thing i wanted to be was a politician. but i built a great company. i filed papers, every is -- the company is incredible. very little debt. tremendous cash flow. i say that not in a bragging way. i say that because that's the kind of thinking we need, folks. we can't have china ripping us off and mexico and japan, vietnam. we can't have it. we can't have it. they are rips us like they've never ripped anybody before. we've rebuilt china. i mean, we're rebuilding mexico. you look, the other day, you saw a carrier moving down. carrier air-conditioning, i'm not buying them any more. they're moving to mexico. ford moving to mexico.
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nabisco, home of the wonderful, formerly wonderful oreo, we don't need it, number one, a good -- it's called enforced diet. but you know what, look, we're losing our jobs. look at your jobs. when i see that statistic, you're losing your job. when i went after your governor when he decided to run, i said i'm going to be nice to him, he is a nice guy. came to my office. he handed me a plaque, because i supported him, what do i know. i gave him 50 or $100,000. that's a lot of money for a guy you never met before. i liked the way he was fighting, always fighting, to a certain extent. i would rather see somebody make a deal without having to go through the mess. i gave him a lot of money. he came up, you know, a year ago or so, he gave me a plaque. i never read it to be honest
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with you. i put it aside. that was it. i just had my girl find it. she called, she said mr. trump, i just found it. a wonderful woman comes up and i said where is it. she said i think know. she found it under a pile of other plaques. i'm going to try to get it tomorrow. i'm going to be here the whole week. i'm going to be in wisconsin the whole week. because if we win wisconsin, it's like going to be over pretty much over. because we're going to do great. emerson, because emerson poll, emerson poll came out i think i have 67, 68% in new york compared to 10%, and cruz is talking about new york values, new yorkers are no good. i watched new yorkers rebuild the world trade he center. i watched them dying. new yorkers are very good. cruz said they're no good. we're going to do great in new
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york, new jersey, chris christie endorsed me. ben carson, sarah palin. sarah palin endorsed me. sheriff joe, from arizona. we love sheriff joe. and you know, with evangelicals, i've had so many ministers, pastors endorse me, and jerry falwell,, jr. endorsed me, it was incredible and we've done so well with the evangelicals, i mean, christians, evangelicals, 've do so well. in fact, in south carolina, when we went to south carolina, that was going to be cruz's territory. hes with going to take it. except we won in a landslide. you know that. he follows me around. i'll tell you. but you were there, right. remember, he was going to win that in a landslide. and then i started speaking. i started talking to people. i started saying, you know, the good and bad and the ugly and we won in a landslide.
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we won the ooevangelicals. it's been an amazing time. i'm here to talk to the people of wisconsin. i have friends in wisconsin. i've been here before. it's an incredible place. but it's a place that has problems. but you have governor that has you convinced that it doesn't have problems. now, i remember when he was on the campaign trail, i was so nice to him. i said how can i hit him, i'm not going to hit him, i'm not going to hit him. i hit jeb instead, right. i hit rand. rand, rand. and i hit a lot of people. they all went down. wouldn't it be nice to have a president that could with his mouth, make things happen that are positive. you know, but it's not with the mouth. it's really with the mouth, the heart, and the brain. remember the brain. i have a lot of friends that they're good with the mouth but not good with the brain, and it
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all doesn't work, okay. we had an interesting thing today. a poll came out, a nationwide poll, a great poll. it was trump 48, it was an nbc poll, trump 48, i think cruz was second in the 20s, mid something, and kasich was way down. so what happened is they show the poll. it was an nbc poll. they call it nbc monkey poll. it was on the "today" show. morning joe said that's great. that's a good poll. i've been at 42, 44, 45. how do you get 45 when you have seven people. he hasn't cracked 50. how do you crack 50 when you have all these people running. i'm at 48, way ahead of anybody else nationwide. an they showed hillary clinton, her's is close. she has a little probably. bigger problem with e-mails than she does with bernie to be honest with you. she should have.
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her bigger problems will be with e-mails. we'll find out how honest our country is, right. but she has a close race. they put her poll up, big letters, and then they said, and donald trump is winning. that was it. they didn't say -- they didn't put numbers up. they didn't say -- >> you have been watching our news coverage, rally, first in wisconsin, key state there with the primary. just a week away, we ducked in to see if donald trump was going to make any remarks about the big news of the day, the arrest of his campaign manager on battery charges. he is not speaking about that. we're going to return to our regularly scheduled program, "with all due respect." i'm ari melber. we'll talk more about the corey lewandowski in just a moment, but the primary next tuesday, republicans and democrats were in wisconsin today, fanning out across the state ahead of tuesday's big showdown for both parties.