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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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morning, defending his campaign manager who has now been charged with battery. surveillance tape appearing to show corey lewandowski grabbing the arm of a reporter after a news conference earlier this month. here's donald trump a few hours ago. >> he brushes her, and he brushed her to get probably, probably to get her hand off my arm. so it was so minor, he might not have even realized it took place. >> meantime, a "washington post" headline this morning, was triggered by trump's response when asked yesterday whether he considers some of the remarks he's made as presidential. >> nothing is presidential except victory. victory is presidential. >> also this morning, all three republican candidates are now backing off those pledges to support their party's eventual nominee. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is? >> no, i don't anymore. >> i am not in the habit of
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supporting someone who attacks my wife and my family. >> if the nominee is someone i think is really hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. >> we have all of this covered for you this morning. let's begin with nbc's kelly o'donnell in the green bay suburb of de pere, wisconsin, where donald trump is about to hold a town hall. kelly, obviously, yesterday was trump's first day on the campaign trail after taking off a week. his first day in wisconsin. he spent the past 24 hours talking about and defending his campaign manager. >> he has been pushing back hard on the allegations, the p perceptions around the allegations against corey lewandowski and the incident that happened with a female reporter. trump is using this as a way to in many instances draw a larger issue. in talking about defending his campaign manager, in saying he sticks with people, he's loyal to people. he's also expanded that to say, that would be the kind of style
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that he would bring into the white house, and sticking up for america. doing the things that loyalty shows. that's an interesting take on how he is defending what many people look at as behavior that is worthy of criticism and of course there's a judicial process to unfold. when i talk to other candidates like john kasich, for example, he said while giving corey lewandowski his due process, this looks like an incident, a suspension, a firing might be appropriate. we're in the heat of a campaign. can corey lewandowski be an effective manager with all this happening? trump is taking the hard line of sticking up for his man, saying this snenincident has been misperceived, critical of those on the other side, and trump is trying to make this larger point. it also gives him a way to go at the loyalty pledge, that important thing for the republican party, that in any other year, tamron, would simply help to bring rivals together
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once a nominee is selected to help bring the voters together in the republican party who have worked hard or fiercely supported one candidate or another. and for the general election, you need them to be on the same page. but this gives trump an excuse to say he's backing away. we have seen that cruz and kasich find what trump has been doing distasteful, so it gives them a reason to back away from the pledge. that spells trouble. we expect the republican party will have some kind of a comment about this today, been in touch with them, and we're waiting to hear how they want to address this. normally, they try to stay out of the primary squabbles, but the loyalty pledge matters to the party for fund-raiser, for turnout, for unity. >> based on what we heard from the candidates last night, the loyalty pledge does not mean as much to them as it does to the party. thank you very much, kelly. we'll keep following this event. meanwhile, let me bring in national affairs kraur s corres for the nation, john nichols in madison, wisconsin. here with me, political analyst
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and former senior adviser to rand paul's campaign, elise jordan. thank you for joining us. john, are you there? >> i sure am. >> wasn't sure if we had our connection with you or not. we have these two events coming up. the headline after last night's town hall, you have your three candidates in the republican party, now backing away from this pledge. i go back to that debate stage moment when marco rubio was still in the race. they all slammed trump and then the very last question said, we would still support him as the nominee, and here we are now with proof that this pledge doesn't mean anything. it's not worth the piece of paper, if it was ever written out, to any of these candidates in real life. >> it was never worth the piece of paper. anyone who believed it, including rnc chairman reince priebus, who is from wisconsin, was really diluded themselves. you can't have watched donald trump's politics and approach and have thought he was serious about it.
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and nor should the other republicans have said such a thing. you know, these candidates, or donald trump will appear today in northeast wisconsin, in a district represented by congressman reed ribbal. last year, the congressman made it clear that he would not support donald trump as the republican nominee. that's a republican congressman saying months ago that if trump was the nominee, he could not and would not support him. now, the fact of the matter is he actually just took a serious look at the situation and said this can't be the republican party. and it is always seemed absurd to me that so many republicans would have press conferences and object to donald trump and say, oh, we don't like what he said here, we don't like what he did here, and at the end say of course, i would back him for president if he's the nominee. >> especially, john, when they were saying -- >> we're getting to serious politics. >> especially when you had, and elise, come in on this, when
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these candidates were saying donald trump would be dangerous for the country. and i asked that question at the time, what's more important, the country or party? i do want to play a little bit of donald trump's rally yesterday in janesville, since john brought up the fact wisconsin is the home of rienre priebus. it's the home of speaker paul ryan. this is what was mentioned. >> new speaker, how do you like paul ryan? how do you like him? you like it? all right. wow. i was told be nice to paul ryan, because really? all right. >> how embarrassing is that for paul ryan, and now again, as john pointed out, reince priebus this morning may have to come out with a statement on where the rnc stands on the pledge. >> trump's behavior is par for the course, his nastiness, being on paul ryan's home turf and behaving that way. trump's wisconsin strategy is going to backfire.
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governor scott walker is extremely popular with republican primary voters going into the wisconsin primary, and paul ryan is also an incredibly popular politician, too. >> not with that crowd. >> not with that crowd. >> that was his home town. that was his home town, elise. >> let me offer -- >> go ahead. >> let me offer a notion. paul ryan rarely carries his home town. janesville is a working class blue-collar town. it tends to be democratic. surrounding rock county tends to vote democratic. and paul ryan wins his district, not because of his home town, but because it was gerrymandered to include very, very conservative parts of county said to the east of rock county. that was not a surprising development, except perhaps for donald trump. what is significant, though, is that those who think that past republican patterns in wisconsin will tell you what's going to happen in this race, i think are misreading badly. scott walker has endorsed ted
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cruz. but there's a tremendous number of wisconsin republicans who see ted cruz and donald trump as unacceptable candidates. and so in the western and northern part of the state, you see tommy thompson, the former governor, out drawing big crowds with john kasich. and john kasich was just endorsed by the milwaukee journal sentinel. the fact is, it's a three-way race. and i think this thing is very wild, very contentious. my sense is that trump is going hard to try and attract working class votes. i think he's even trying to attract some democrats to come over in an open primary situation. >> that's an interesting point. i want to play, elise, what donald trump said yesterday on the role of the federal government. joe scarborough noting this morning, completely opposite of any conservative candidate, and here's what he said. >> in your opinion, what are the top three functions of the united states government? >> well, the greatest function of all by far is security for our nation. i would also say health care.
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i would also say education. >> in terms of federal government role, you say security, but you also say health care and education should be provided by the federal government. >> those are two of the things. there are obviously many things housing, providing great neighborhoods. >> aren't you against the federal government's involvement in education. >> i want it to go to the state, absolutely. >> so that's not part of what the federal government's role should be. >> the concept of the country is we need to have education in the country and have to get rid of common core and it should be brought to the state level. >> and health care? >> we need health care for our people. obamacare is a disaster. >> is that what the federal government should be doing? >> the government can lead it. it should be privately done. >> elise, millions of people who support donald trump in the different primaries, is it time for them to admit he's a democrat? >> well, he's definitely not a conservative. i think donald trump has been winning so far based on his bravado, and people think he's challenging the system.
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and that can only take him so far. he has no actual policy. when push comes to shove, i wonder how he would fare against hillary clinton in a general election. >> in this conversation with anderson, his policy would be to increase health care. he's talked about that before. education, i think it's fair to say no one knows where he stands. he wants to abolish the department of education and then put more money in. he's looking at a larger federal government. >> well, i think that's just his authoritarian tendencies. what i fear most about donald trump is he feels he alone can handle everything. and that would be a very dangerous trait to have in a commander in chief, who would not be accountable to the people. >> that's what his people like hearing from him, somehow he's tapped into the solution. john, this press conference yesterday on his plane, donald trump's philosophy on what is being presidential, we played it earlier. he said victory is presidential. and victory alone.
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nothing else is presidential other than victory. >> yes, that sounds like stwrat out of some authoritarian playbook. it's a terrible, terrible statement. i don't even think richard nixon at his worst would have gone that far. and i really -- i think elise's comments are very important here. you know, when i go around wisconsin, and i have been all over the state in the last few days, but i live here as well. what i hear is a desperate frustration with this race. among republicans. there's not a lot of love for ted cruz. there is some real concern about donald trump. some people are looking at kasich with interest. but elise worked for rand paul. the truth of the matter is if rand paul was still in this race and running, i think he would be doing quite well in wisconsin. what i will tell you is this. no one yet has done a good job on the republican side, except rand paul, and he's out of the race now, of drawing a stark
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contrast between an authoritarian overly powerful president, or presidency, and that's what donald trump seems to be talking about, and a presidency that is in check, that respects the historic system of checks and balances. this race could use a very serious discussion of that system of checks and balances and the basic premises of how a president ought to fit into a federal government. >> speaking of the serious conversation, i want to play another moment from the town hall where donald trump is discussing nuclear proliferation during the town hall with anderson cooper. let's play what he said. >> it's been a u.s. policy for decades to prevent japan from getting nuclear weapons glrb can i be honest with you? maybe it's time to change because so many people -- you have pakistan has it, china has it. >> you have no problem with japan having nuclear weapons? >> at some point, we have to
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say, you know what, we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea. we're better off if south korea is going to protect itself. >> saudi arabia, nuclear weapons? >> absolutely. >> if you say to japan, it's fine, south korea, it's you as well. saudi arabia says we want them as well. >> it's going to happen anyway. you have so many countries already, so many countries, russia, so many right now that have them. >> he's making the case for other countries to develop nuclear weapons at a time where the world is focused on nuclear proliferation. it's as if he's having a nukes giveaway. as if it's a casino for nuclear weapons here. that's a serious question. how do you describe that answer? >> it's absolutely petrifying. donald trump does not know anything about anything going on in the world. i believe that andrea mitchell said the other day, he knows nothing about anything foreign policy. and i couldn't agree more. it just is absolutely astonishing that someone who is so flagrant in his lack of
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knowledge just, he doesn't even care to learn up and to hone up on some basics -- >> why is he nearly at 50% nationally? we have seen a number of well versed republicans like yourself, not to use a term hair on fire, but certainly sounding what you see as the alarm here. he's almost at 50%? >> i think it's the disgust with the washington establishment. that's what he's been so far. he's represented this anger and frustration with nothing getting done in washington, with republican leaders who are out of touch with their base, that have been -- they have been accountable to the donor class and not to their voters. now trump has been able to successfully come in and essentially do a hostile takeover of the republican party. >> elise, thank you so much. john, thank you. a great insight into wisconsin, shedding light on why things like the booing moment of speaker ryan happen in his home town. thank you so much. coming up, we'll take a deeper look at the case involving donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski, that of course, is the man charged with battery. will it ultimately force trump to fire him? and we're also learning more
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about lewandowski's background. when he worked with the koch brothers. and developing now, donald trump and ted cruz holding dual events in wisconsin. less than a week before the primary there. hillary clinton also set to hold a rally in harlem this hour. we're monitoring her comments, and we'll bring you any developments from senator sanders' campaign as well as the clinton camp after a quick break. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artist wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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welcome back. a live look at the campaign events happening right now around the country. donald trump, ted cruz, both in wisconsin this hour. hillary clinton is set to start a rally in new york city. we'll have more on that. this morning on the "today" show, donald trump remains defiant in his defense of his campaign manager, corey lewandowski, after lewandowski
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was charged with battery over the now infamous incident with the reporter, michelle fields. police say a tape released yesterday appears to show lewandowski grabbing fields by her arm. >> you look at this tape, and i have to tell you, i have watched a lot of attorneys on television over the last short period of time, and they're all, most of them are laughing at the charge. >> mr. trump -- >> matt, you're going to destroy a man's life over what happened? >> let me jump in. >> matt, she changed her tune a lot after she saw that she was on tape. >> it's going to sound, mr. trump, like -- >> lewandowski's attorney also maintains he is absolutely innocent. michelle fields maintains her story has not changed. i want to bring in "washington post" opinion writer, msnbc contributor jonathan capehart, senior correspondent for vox, liz plank is with us as well. jonathan, you had a few weeks ago a column about lewandowski. you said what corey lewandowski
8:20 am
says about what a potential trump presidency would look like. you pointed out when you were in new hampshire in 2011, you said the director of the koch brothers was unlike anyone i had seen on the political stage. he was a belligerent presence with a burn this mother down eethos that struck me as dangerous. what are your thoughts? >> i'm not surprised by what i'm seeing. and what it says about who could come into a trump administration is actually quite disturbing. i mean, here we are, tamron. we're talking about the front-runner for the republican presidential nomination whose campaign manager assaulted a member of the press. and we're listening to the candidate defend his campaign manager, when we all know under normal circumstances during a presidential run, with a normal candidate running for president,
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that campaign manager would have been fired or suspended at the least, until this legal action finished. >> it's interesting as well that you noted, jonathan, that lewandowski worked for the koch brothers. they have been on the sidelines. it was reported they made a decision not to be part of any one or never trump campaign. and here you have donald trump's campaign manager once a part of the koch brothers' team. what's your take there? >> well, notice he was once a member of the koch brothers team. he is not there anymore. and as you noted, the koch brothers clearly don't want to have anything to do with donald trump. and given what i saw back in 2011, the fact that he is on donald trump's campaign says a lot about both men. the two men are very similar. >> liz, let me bring you in, this morning on the "today" show as well as at his rally yesterday, donald trump said i don't want to ruin this man's
8:22 am
life. he's a father, and this is a part of who i am. i'm loyal, and i'm loyal to america. and tying in somehow his loyalty to the country despite it's been pointed out he made a number of products outside of this country. and tying it into this cory lewandowski situation. what are your thoughts? >> the most classic victim trainingtrope. saying we don't want to ruin this man's reputation. this man has a family. when to jonathan's point, corey lewandowski, there's footage of him attacking a protester from a couple weeks ago. there is a lot of evidence out there showing he doesn't have this perfect reputation. this is not michelle fields' fault. she's not to blame for this. and for trump to go on television and spout -- i mean, this is one of the manitroy tro he put out, saying she came on to him because she had a pen that looked like it could be a knife or a bomb. these are the words he used at
8:23 am
the cnn town hall last night. that's a very dangerous thing to say. and again, women don't benefit from coming forward with alligations, they're punished for it. michelle fields had to leave her job. she no longer appears on fox at the moment because it is seen as a problem for her to be on fox talking -- look. >> has she said that? >> it's been publicized, it's adition, they came to an agreement she wouldn't appear because it would appear there's a conflict there. and she's being harassed online. if you go in her mentions, she's called the b-word, the c-word, all of the words. >> i have seen some of the things said about her online, and it's absolutely chilling to read from this anonymous people online. but i do want to play what corey lewandowski's attorney, bradford cohen, what he said last night with chris hayes about this video we all watched. let's play it. >> when i look at the videotape,
8:24 am
is that it occurred over a half a second. if you're at a baseball game and you brush against someone, and someone the next day says i was thrown to the ground or i was almost thrown to the ground, you're going to say that person is delusional. >> jest to be clear, i never touched you is not true? we're looking at the tape of his touching her. >> it certainly looks like he brushes by her. like i said before -- >> no. >> he didn't know who she was at the time. >> denying these basic things make you guys seem crazy, it makes you guys seem delusional if you won't concede the thing we're all looking at. we're looking at the video. >> let me explain something to you. if he knew who she was, it would be a different situation. he brushes up against someone and keeps walking. >> the attorney also made an assertion that michelle had a microphone on, where is the audio. ? the audio had been played on msnbc and a number of places as well. >> and again, why would she do this? what is the benefit of her
8:25 am
coming forward with this? she didn't even go to the police until three days later when they attacked her and called her delusional, called her attention seeking. and to me, it's just -- we often say it's a classic he said she said. in this case, it's a he said she said, video said, transcript said, there's a witness. there's so many pieces of evidence. >> we both know, and i don't want to conflate stories here, but jonathan, we have seen snenlts of violence caught on video before that have gone through the legal system where prosecutors have said, well, that's only one part of what you're seeing. what happened before the video started running? what happened after? and this does work its way through the legal system. what is intriguing, though, is as donald trump yesterday said he would not honor the pledge because he's not being treated fairly by the rnc, you know, michelle fields may have had a pen bomb or actually grabbed his arm. it's for a person who portrays himself as the ultimate iron man, as the ultimate force, he
8:26 am
often claims to be the victim of being treated unfairly or worse. >> yeah. this is the worst of donald trump's insecurities. i mean, the idea that a reporter would have a knife or a bomb, and he thinks that, you know, we reporters don't know that because he has secret service protection, that the reporters and the folks around him are swept. i mean, what he's playing on is basically in my opinion, the willful ignorance of his supporters who will stand by him no matter what he says. no matter what he says. he could say at 9:00 a.m. that the sky is blue and at 3:00 that the sky is red, and they'll stand by him because, gosh darn it, he doesn't change his mind. he stands his ground. and all of his decisions. no matter how bad they are for his candidacy, for his party, and for the country.
8:27 am
>> all right, jonathan and liz, thank you both. >> i do want to bring in some breaking news to you right now. this out of minnesota. the hennepin county attorney, mike freeman, is scheduled to anoubls he's made an decision in an officer-involved shooting det of a 24-year-old african-american man, some of the witnesses at the time said clark was handcuffed when he was shot after a scuffle with two police officers. but the police union claims that clark was not handcuffed. nbc's blake mccoy joins us live from minneapolis on the phone. blake, what can you tell us about this breaking news? >> well, tamron, this is a case that has gripped the community. let's walk you through what happened. it was november 15th when police were called to a domestic dispute between clark and his girlfriend. she was put in an ambulance when police arrived. that's when he tried to approach the ambulance. this is where the accounts difference. some witnesses say clark was slammed to the ground,
8:28 am
handcuffed and shot in the head after he was handcuffed. the police chief and police union have said, though, clark was not handcuffed and was actually reaching for an officer's gun when he was shot. there have been protests for months here in minneapolis about what actually happened, pushing for a thorough investigation, and today, the county attorney will reveal the results of that investigation at any moment. and whether the two officers who opened fire will be facing criminal charges. we're told that he will show several video clips to back up whatever his decision is. one is from a cell phone video and two are from ambulances at the scene that night. clark's parents were told have been reserved a seat in the room where the press conference is taking place. tamron, if these officers are not charged, we can certainly expect more protests in the streets here in minneapolis today. we have seen a lot of protests leading up to this moment, and people will be very upset if these officers are not charged in the african-american community. >> we have you on the phone, so i'm not sure if you can see our screen. we're showing protest video. let me be clear, this was early
8:29 am
on in the investigation. this is what our audience is looking at right now. some of the early protests related to this investigation and the allegations from last november. this is when this video was taken. today, i'm told there are about 100 protesters that are camped out right now or were camped out in anticipation of what we may hear play out in this press conference. >> and tamron, you know, a lot of people may say, why haven't we heard the name jumar clark more? this happened around november 15th, the time of the paris terror attacks, and the protests went at the time of the san bernardino attacks. this is a case that has been very serious for minneapolis and minnesota as a whole and one they have been watching closely and could result in a lot of systemic changes in the criminal justice system in minnesota. >> we'll continue to follow this. this was the location of where
8:30 am
that huge maull, the mall of america, the protests that impacted the airport as well. we'll follow the latest on both sides from the voices of the protests and the authorities investigating this. thank you. coming up, we're going to return to politics. hillary clinton's campaign unveiled a new ad, the target of the ad is donald trump, and they plan to play it in new york. it includes footage showing a man getting punched at a trump rally. we'll show you more of this. this comes as hillary clinton celt to hold a big campaign event in new york at the famed apollo theater. >> bernie sanders meanwhile set to hold a rally in wisconsin. he remains in that state, focused on perhaps closing clinton's lead. we'll monitor both of their remarks and bring you the latest developments. trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works.
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live pictures for you. this is the apollo theater in
8:34 am
new york city, where moment from now, hillary clinton will take the stage there. three weeks ahead of the new york democratic primary. secretary clinton is making a big play, of course, in her home state. today, unveiling her first tv ad. this in new york, this is also the first clinton tv ad directly targeting donald trump. it features footage of violence at some of trump's rallies. >> when we pull together, we do the biggest things in the world. so when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion, and turning against each other, well, this is new york. and we know better. >> the clinton ad makes no mention of her democratic challenger, bernie sanders, who today continues his swing through wisconsin. right now, senator sanders is holding a town hall at a college south of milwaukee, at a rally yesterday, the senator accused hillary clinton of raising money for billionaires on wall street while not being in the state.
8:35 am
>> one of the reasons that we can speak to hundreds of thousands of people around this country is i'm not wasting my time going to rich people's homes, begging them for their campaign contributions. i would rather be here with you in appleton. than begging billionaires for their money. >> meanwhile, after days of back and forth between the two campaigns, clinton now says she's open to debating sanders in brooklyn. kristen welker is with the clinton campaign at the apollo theater in harlem. we know a lot of talk focused on, kristen, this new ad we just played. when you hear bernie sanders yesterday saying i'm not out begging billionaires. i'm able to be here with you. it is quite clear while the clinton campaign may be focused on a general election, he is
8:36 am
still focused on defeating her. >> he absolutely is, tamron. and look, a couple points about that. she still cleary is fighting this race on two fronts. she does have an eye on the general election, but that ad you played also took a very subtle swipe at sanders, essentially trying to make the point that she would be tougher if matched up against donald trump. the clinton campaign acknowledge said senator sanders has been showing new signs of strength. he won the three states over the weekend and he's looking very strong in wisconsin. that's a state where a number of polls have shown secretary clinton with a small lead, but it's a state where senator sanders could do well. it has a long history of labor unions. also has a strong progressive streak. he's got a lot of support there. and his argument is, if he does win wisconsin, he's going to look very strong heading into new york. this is where he was born. it's also where secretary clinton served two terms as senator. so battleground new york, get ready for it. >> thank you. let's go to kasie hunt in madison, wisconsin, covering the
8:37 am
sanders campaign. kasie, what's the back story here with this desire to have another debate in brooklyn? when you look at previous debates, and scorecards, it certainly appears many favored the debate performance of secretary clinton, especially when it came to foreign policy. what does bernie sanders believe he gains out of another debate in brooklyn? >> hi, tamron. this has been a sticking point kind of all the way along, since democrats started talking about having more debates as we were going into the new hampshire primary. a new york debate in particular is something that sanders has always been focused on. they do like the idea of putting him on a stage with hillary clinton in a place that's voting ahead of that primary. this was also an issue in michigan. they wanted that michigan debate to come before the michigan primary. you saw what happened there. they do believe that they have a shot to change the trajectory of this race in new york. they know that it's going to be an uphill battle, but they feel like the optics of it, beating
8:38 am
or potentially challenging significantly hillary clinton in the state she represented in the senate, could potentially set them up well for the contest that come up after that. but of course, it is still a long shot for senator sanders at this point. they know that that path he has to narrowing or to winning the battle with hillary clinton in pledged delegates is still a very narrow one. and it is predicated on first winning here in wisconsin. the expectations game is pretty nuanced at this point. you remember that hillary clinton played that very well going into nevada. it's clear the expectations for sanders are building here in wisconsin. tamron. >> kasie hunt, thank you very much. coming up, former presidential candidate marco rubio is making an unprecedented bid to hang on to his 172 delegates that he won. so how is his effort, if successful, how would it hurt donald trump's journey to win or secure the gop nomination? we'll take a look at rubio's
8:39 am
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as we mentioned, a lot of activity on the campaign trail. right now, you have donald trump, ted cruz, bernie sanders in wisconsin. hillary clinton is in harlem. let's first listen in to the latest from trump. >> sell you the company back where you have interest? yes, i would. i would love to buy it back. bought this big company back, bigger than he sold. he had all this land that was unzoned. he worked like crazy, 24 hours a day, work, work, work, work, and he went bankrupt, out of business. totally bankrupt. the biggest. he went bankrupt. and by this time, he was an old guy. and i was at a party, and i was the new hot guy in new york. i was doing great with real estate, and i was on the covers of "business week" magazine and "fortune" magazine. i was doing really well. there was a man named steve
8:43 am
rossen, a lot of you folks would know from warner communications. he built time warner, a great guy. passed away from cancer, unfortunately, but an amazing guy. one of the great people in the history of the entertainment business. he was giving a cocktail party. he had 50 people on his fifth avenue apartment. i walk into the apartment. i was invited. and i see gi50 people. most are in the entertainment business. i saw one person, pretty old guy, and he was sitting in the corner. and his name was william leaven. and i went over to him. >> we're listening to donald trump. he's in wisconsin. let's go to ted cruz with carly fiorina, heidi cruz as well with him onstage. let's listen in. >> he won it for you and he won it for me. so tell us a little bit about the young man that was ted cruz when he was studying the
8:44 am
constitution and how this fits into it. if you could just put the mike -- >> hold it close. >> right up to your mouth. >> is that close enough? >> yep, you might even point it a little bit. there you go. >> all right. not used to this. we'll have to try. >> well, when he was studying the constitution, he would spend hours in front of myself and his father, reciting it. and learning the gestures that went with it. he was with a group called the constitutional corroborators. it was a wonderful group. >> we're going to pivot now to bernie sanders. he is speaking, as mentioned, he's in kenosha, wisconsin. let's take a listen. >> -- than the bottom half of america. 150 million people. today in america, and i want to give you an example of what a rigged economy is about. i can give you a million
8:45 am
examples. but here's an interesting one. who owns walmart? anyone know? the walton family. walton family is the wealthiest family in america. and walmart is the largest private sector employer. it's a big deal. and yet, many of the employees at walmart, because their wages are so low, are forced to go on medicaid, food stamps, and subsidized housing. who pays for the food stamps, medicaid, and subsidized housing? middle class in this country, in higher taxes. what a rigged economy is about is when working people who are struggling to keep their heads above water are subsidizing the company owned by the wealthiest family in america. >> as you hear senator sanders really hitting, again, major parts of his campaign speech, we just gave you a whip around for
8:46 am
lack of a better description, of just what's happening in real time on the campaign trail. we did not get around to hillary clinton. she's not taken to the stage as of yet in harlem. but we will certainly bring you her comments from the rally there. but what you see on the screen is what's happening right now along the campaign trail. wisconsin is a big focus. and also, for hillary clinton, new york, where she just unveiled her first ad in the state going after donald trump. her rally is set to start very soon in harlem. meanwhile, voters are getting very familiar with the magic numbers of delegates it takes to clinch the republican nomination, 1,237. the stop trump movement has a new push to keep the gop front-runner from reaching that number. comes from senator marco rubio. he is now pushing states to let him keep the delegates he won before suspending his campaign. in a letter sent out yesterday to the chairman of the rnc, senator rubio said it is my desire at this time that the delegates allocated to me by
8:47 am
your rules remain bound to vote for me. and joining me now, msnbc chief legal correspondent ari bemelbe to walk us through. the rubio strategy here, ari. >> i think you nailed it. you read from that unusual letter that msnbc has obtained. normally, when candidates suspend their campaign, they're out of the game, and their delegates depending on the state rules are reapportioned. this is marco rubio doing something different. i spoke to his aide here by e-mail. they confirm, basically, while the senator is no longer a candidate, he wants to give voters a chance to stop trump. in other words, this is a way to reduce the number of delegates up for grabs that trump would otherwise maybe have to help, of course, get to that magic number you talked ub. now, in the state of alaska, which is what basically triggered this in the news this week, we also spoke directly to the alaska state party chair, and this is what he told us. pretty straightforward. rubio said i want my delegates. and i said okay.
8:48 am
now, not every state, tamron, may be that lax about it. it's a combination of the thicket of both state rules and who would be on the ballot at this convention if it's an open convention, that will determine it. again, in this very unusual year, in a time where donald trump and others are walking back pledges to support the nominee, here you have what is essentially a suspended candidate saying, hey, he wants to bring as many delegates as he can to cleveland. >> and he makes the point, those are bound to vote for him on at least the first nominating ballot at the national convention. big letter from marco rubio, who obviously absent from the campaign trail, but wants his presence felt through cleveland. thank you very much, ari. one note to our cod ynls, coming up, bank of america becomes the largest company to criticize north carolina's governor and legislature over a new law blocking lgbt protections. this comes as georgia's governor vetoed a similar bill. how two republican governors have two different calculations on this issue, and how it's
8:49 am
impacting their state and potential business for the state.
8:50 am
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♪ welcome back. north carolina governor pat mccory is facing criticism from a growing number of politicians, including the governors of new york, washington and vermont. major corporations after he signed a law that eliminated anti-discrimination protections for lgbt people. he defended his decision in a video message. >> i signed that bill because if i didn't on april 1st of this year the expectation of privacy of north carolina citizens would be violated. this is not about demonizing one group of people. >> meanwhile, georgia governor nathan deal vetoed a similar bill after mounting pressures
8:53 am
from the nfl, disney and co coca-co coca-cola. >> i don't think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-base in georgia. it's about the character of our state and the character of our people. >> dana millbank of the washington post joining us now. we hear the comments about this is about character, but in reality, dana, we know that this is about business and the pressure and it's interesting to see the two different lanes these governors have chosen here. >> yeah. it's about business and raw politics. and i think what accounts for the differencinedifferences, loa this has been a drawn out dispute. businesses had time to put pressure on the governor, weigh in, get involved and he reached this decision. you had in north carolina seeing what had happened in georgia, seeing what had happened earlier with mike penns in indiana saying let's do this very quickly. they called a special session of the legislature a week ago monday. introduced it wednesday morning and by wednesday night the
8:54 am
governor had signed it. he will face a backlash now. he is up for re-election this year. he wants to rally his conservative base but probably did a huge amount of damage to his state. >> you point out he is up for re-election. he is facing a tough battle and now you have for example governors and mayors from different states banning travel to north carolina. you rightfully bring up what happened in indiana. what do we see, as you pointed out, as the raw politics of what could happen in north carolina, dana? >> well, the thinking is at least from the governor's point of view is this will ingratiate him with his conservative supporters, help his election prospects. he made a choice about his own election as opposed to what's going to happen in the state. and we've seen earlier with the immigration in arizona these sorts of boycotts can have a very serious ramification. one thing that helps the governor in this respect is that a lot of these companies that
8:55 am
are unhappy with this are reluctant to pull their business out of charlotte because charlotte is the city that passed the ordinance protecting lgbt people in the first place. it remains to be seen how much financial consequence there is. >> how does that factor into what happened the attorney general will not defend the law? >> it will certainly make it difficult because not only did they invalidate the charlotte statute, they invalidate all kinds of equal protection statutes across the state involving a whole range of area and this could produce a huge legal headache. >> thank you for your time. >> thanks, tamron. >> it's incredible to see how both of these states are dealing with the fallout. thank you for joining us for this a hour. a lot going on as the candidates have fanned out across wisconsin. hillary clinton here in new york. up next, senator al franken is live with andrea mitchell after meeting with supreme court nominee, merrick garland.
8:56 am
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♪ right now on "hardball" -- public defender, donald trump stands by his man campaign manager cory le win dou ski charged with battery of accusations he grabbed a reporter. would you acknowledge that cory did not tell the truth initially about this incident? >> well, let me go a step further, she touched me. she grabbed me by the arm at least twice. >> we can talk about that in a moment. >> excuse me -- >> let's get the basics first. he said he didn't touch her and the video showed he touched her. >> savannah -- get the story, savannah, she said she was yanked down. no labels, trump renigs on his loyalty to the republican party. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee
9:00 am
is? >> no, i don't anymore. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. >> if the nominee is somebody that i think is really hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. and backyard brawl, in a new ad set to air in new york city, hillary clinton takes a swing at donald trump on his home turf. >> so when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion and turning against each other -- well, this is new york. and we know better. ♪ and good day i'm andrea mitchell in new york. donald trump is speaking about the lewendowski situation right now in wisconsin. leapt's go to m.


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