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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm steve kornacki. we come to you this hour, following breaking news out of washington, d.c. donald trump, republican presidential front-runner, a short time ago, leaving a surprise meeting with the republican national committee. trump took to twitter just a few minutes ago, had this to say -- quote, just had a very nice meeting with rance priebus and the gop, looking forward to bringing the party together, and it will happen. let's get right to washington, where that meeting took place. nbc's luke russert right there. you can see a bunch of reporters behind him, too. what do we know? donald trump, rnc chairman, what do we know about what took place in this meeting? >> reporter: let me correct you. there's some abortion rights protesters behind me.
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if you hear screaming and yelling, that's what it is. they're fired up about donald trump's comments to chris matthews about the issue. reporters are should wear white coats. this was a surprise meeting at rnc between donald trump and rance priebus, but i spoke to a source at rnc that said this was planned last week but trump was in new york, ran into an rnc official said i'm going to be in d.c. thursday, talk foreign policy, let me stop by. originally it was supposed to be ten minutes. it went to 45 minutes. john harwood, cnbc, rance priebus talked to donald trump about party unity. he also talked to donald trump about the delegate process, the allocation of delegates how the process would run within a contested convention and what that would mean for the future of the trump campaign and other campaigns. this united states something they're coming to a head now on, steve, because of the likelihood that a certainly a possibility. also today, the rnc started a
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website that talked about how a contested convention would run. convention facts, delegate facts and whatnot. so, certainly an interesting meeting. it went for about 45 minutes to an hour. donald trump giving a big wave to the crowd of people that had swarmed both entrance and exit to get a look at him, went on his way. but i can tell you, on good authority, steve, politically, donald trump is very worrisome for people in the building behind me of what effect it could have on down ballot races in the senate and the house but most of the conversation but was delegate process and what would happen if donald trump went on to the general election and use the rnc mechanications, they have funding and operatives. >> protesters behind luke, not reporters. i thought they were notebooks but i guess i was wrong about that. luke russert outside rnc
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headquarters in washington. thank you. the bigger context for the meeting between donald trump and the republican national committee comes at a volatile time for donald trump. yesterday, firestorm following his comments which he later took back that if abortion were to be made illegal, a woman should be punished under the law for seeking one. his rivals a on the attack today. hillary clinton wasted no time firing up the fund-raising machine trying to take advantage of trump's comment. she sent out an e-mail appeal to potential donors saying, in part, this was one of the most outrageous and dangerous statements i've heard anybody running for president say. we cannot risk letting someone with those extreme views win the white house. trump's republican foes are also after him today. >> donald's notion of pun ushing women was just -- it was just bizarre, and something i strongly disagree. >> it shows he's not prepared to be president of the united
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states. >> with that controversy boiling, there is news out of wisconsin, as well. wisconsin, where that next republican primary will be held five days from now on tuesday. new poll from that state from perhaps the gold standard pollster in that state, marquette law school, generally the most accurate in wisconsin shows ted cruz with huge gains in the past month. in the past month since the last poll taken he's moved into first place in wisconsin with 40%, that's a double-digit lead over donald trump. that's also double where ted cruz was a month ago in wisconsin. you see trump at 30%. john kasich very much a factor but still running a distant third. and with that in mind, let's bring in nbc's hallie jackson, covering the cruz campaign. in terms of the meeting we're talking about the news this afternoon, donald trump with the rnc. obviously, ted cruz is hoping for as much discord as possible between donald trump and rnc and republican leaders because he wants them to rally behind him.
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how does he play into this? >> reporter: it's been his strategy since january to bring together part of the republican party that does not support donald trump. you hear people talk about a ceiling when it comes to trump support. cruz has been wanting to coalesce everybody else. if donald trump has 40% support, cruz wants the other 60%. it's basic math. the challenge for cruz is getting 60% behind him in a fractured field with john kasich in the race. look at what's happening now, look at rnc meeting, when you look at donald trump and step back and take a bigger look at sort of unity within the party, what this does when you put it into context is really highlight, as we've been seeing the deep divisions within the gop when it comes to voters, when it comes to conservatives, when it comes to party leaders and the establishment. i want to highlight the new pew poll. talking about 38% of gop voters think that the party could solidly unite behind donald trump. this is something that is going to have an impact as we move
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into potentially a contested convention in july. that's the big picture. drill down now. wisconsin the next primary contest coming up. delegates at stake but also momentum at stake. that is the cue when it comes to momentum and messaging. it's a delegate play but important. as it becomes more and more clear we may be headed to contested convention, it's who can pick up steam. you have ted cruz with the backing of scott walker in a new ad out today for cruz, airing in wisconsin. we can play a bit of that here. walker talks about what ted cruz has been talking about on the campaign trail, echoing his messaging, his talking points on jobs, freedom, security, emphasizing he believes ted cruz is the only one who can beat hillary clinton in the general election. left unsaid is scott walker's beef that ted cruz is the only one who can beat donald trump for the republican nomination. wisconsin is going to be a battleground tuesday. it's one of the best chances the stop trump movement has to prove
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they can stop trump. do what they say and slow him down. new york, primary next month, is kind of seen as the last best shot for that movement. after you move on, you've got wisconsin, new york and the race turns to june 7th, right, pivotal day, california, a lot of delegates at stake, where ted cruz's campaign is playing hard. they expect to pick up 55% of delegates, possibly two-thirds. they are looking at places like new mexico, montana. that said, do not expect donald trump to concede california. this is a place where he can use his connections, as a celebrity, new politician, to try and show some strength, steve. all of this, against the backdrop of what we've been talking about for months the split in the republican party and how this plays out for conservatives, movement, grassroots as well as leadership. >> thanks for that. for more on the state of the republican race, as wisconsin
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turns into our focus here, i want to bring in david frum. the big news right now, donald trump, this surprise meeting at least unpublicized, i guess it ran longer than expected, donald trump, rance priebus, what do you make of it. >> i don't know how to deliver the message, a nice political party, it would be a shame if somebody burned it to the ground. donald trump withdrew his pledge to support the nominee. after weeks of discussion by party leaders how they would like to organize a contested convention, at which even though donald trump would almost certainly be the at least the plurality winner the nomination would be snatched away from him. i assume what trump was doing was reminding party leaders of what some of the consequences to them of such a project would be because donald trump doesn't go away. he's got a message for the country that says i came in first, maybe i didn't get majority but i had the most delegates, i should have had the
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nomination, it was snatched from me, so these insiders could do amnesty and bad trade deals and i'm not going away. there are other ballot lines that i can buy and i'm going to run on one of those ballot lines. if i do, i may outpoll the official republican nominee and then keep me off the debate stage. >> you mentioned trump reneging on the pledge to support the republican nominee. more news on that front. from the republican chairman in south carolina, donald trump won the south carolina primary, the republican chairman down there floated the possibility that donald trump, because he's going back on the pledge to support the republican nominee, that because of that, maybe the chairman was saying he could be in danger of having the delegates in that primary become unbound. matt morris' name tried to walk that back. regarding delegates, no one is seeking to unbind any of south carolina's national delegates. he floated the possibility,
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david, mentioning potential consequences for republicans. is there's a road the republican straeb establishments going down, trying to steal back door ways to steal delegates. >> we've walked a couple of mimes down the road. the question is which is more dangerous? they've got two horrible possibilities here. horrible possibility number one is donald trump becomes the nominee and leaves the party to a staggering defeat. possibility number two is that donald trump is somehow denied the nomination, then finds a way to run anyway, splits the republican vote, and inflicts a super staggering defeat, at this time one that rips apart the party all the way down the ballot. >> also, i wanted to get you in on this controversy that we came in today talking about. donald trump on abortion yesterday. obviously his opponents, both potential pope franctential opp this, ted cruz talking to charlie sykes, making the case a
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revealing moment about donald trump because it showed he was unprepa unprepared. listen to this. >> donald has not thought seriously about the issues facing the country and he's willing to say just about anything to try to get elected. being pro-life, and i am unequivocally pro-life, means fighting to defend the lives of every person, of every unborn child but it also means fighting to defend the mother and fight to defend the precious gift that women have to give life and to give birth. donald's notion of punishing women was just it was bizarre and something with which i strongly disagree. >> i wonder if there's any damage within the republican party to donald trump here. i ask because the formula for trump he outrages the media, the left, they start yelling at him, republicans rally around him. here, he's managed to anger the
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pro-life community. >> a scene in which a group from england working to protect animals from cruelty visit an african kingdom and no one knows what they're talking about. finally a local leader says we understand your message, you're telling us we must be more modern and more refined in cruelty to animals. donald trump doesn't speak pro-life, he doesn't understand the language. they're an elaborately worked out set of conventions developed over 40 years and he took a wild guess. it turned out to be radically wrong. that's part of the damage. he not only delivered the wrong message. he did it in a way that made it clear he couldn't be bothered to read the pro-life briefing notes, that's how little respect he had for pro-life veoters. >> a guy who overall is winging it as a candidate. >> he -- even when his staff -- i'm give tonight understand, even on those occasions when his staff do prepare thingser to him to raid, he doesn't read them and he's got a weak staff,
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anyway. whenever he gets good people on his staff, he takes them away from policy development and puts them to communications, which is the only thing he cares about. none of the structure of a proper presidential campaign has been there. and there's a question of how long can you wing it with ever more people paying attention to you? and this was a little taste of what's going to happen in a general election when every day it's revealed you know nothing about nuclear weapons, you know nothing about economic policy and nothing about the most important constituencies of your own party. >> they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. see if this is a wake-up call to trump to be prepared going forward. david frum, thanks for taking the time. breaking news. this coming out of virginia where a local nbc affiliate is reporting a shooting with multiple victims at a greyhound bus station. this, in the capital city of virginia, richmond. police telling nbc news that two troopers and a woman at station
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were shot and taken to local hospitals. but local reports, including from our nbc affiliate, say as many as six people were wounded. police say the shooter is in custody. still learning more about this. we'll keep you posted as we get more details. next, we are going to talk about the democrats, close race in wisconsin, bernie sanders now enjoying a slim lead over hillary clinton just five days before voters head to the polls there. what is hillary clinton's plan what is hillary clinton's plan for a badger state comeback? to ? so you can get a good job and you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors, you'll harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (cheering)
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>> i have opposed from day one
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in congress every one of these disastrous trade agreements. secretary clinton has supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements. >> bernie sanders in the keystone state, pennsylvania, earlier today, playing offense against hillary clinton on the issue of free trade deal. this is an issue that could play big with voters in wisconsin in tuesday's primary, the next contest up on the democratic side. how is that race looking? a new marquette law school poll in wisconsin shows that sanders has polled into the lead in the state, 49-45 edge over hillary clinton. both democratic candidates not in wisconsin today. they are heading to the east coast. sanders will have a rally in the bronx in new york, later tonight, earlier today hillary clinton an event in purchase new york, where she launched her first senate campaign in 2000.
1:19 pm
both candidates fighting hard for more than the 200 delegates up for grabs in new york three weeks from now. wisconsin tuesday, new york after that. a new poll here, quinnipiac poll in new york, shows clinton leading sanders by 12 points, that is down significantly from earlier polls in new york. the race tightening in the state. for more, let me bring in nbc's christian welker, from purchase, with hillary clinton. so, interesting, obviously both candidates in new york but the clinton campaign may be downplaying wisconsin a bit with the polling getting discouraging for them out there. >> reporter: they absolutely are. in fact, steve, they've been downplaying wisconsin for weeks now, saying it's going to be close. now that you have a new poll, bracing for potenti loss. secretary clinton will be campaigning over the weekend. even if senator sanders wins wisconsin he will likely only chip into secretary clinton's delegate lead a little bit. that is why new york a
1:20 pm
battleground. this is ander senator sanders born and secretary clinton served two terms as senator. a fierce fight going on. secretary clinton wrapped up her remashes here in purchase. she took aim at senator sanders on a whole host of issues, tried to paint him unrealistic on his policies. but she also linked him indirectly to controversial comments donald trump made on abortion, saying women should be punished if they have illegal abortions. he walked those comments back. take a listen to what she had to say about senator sanders. >> last night, senator sanders agreed that donald trump's comments were shameful but then he said they were a distraction from, and i quote, a serious discussion about the serious issues facing america. to me, this is a serious issue.
1:21 pm
and it is a very serious discussion. >> reporter: secretary clinton trying to galvanize women voters there. this, we should point out, something similar to what she told rachel maddow last night when she responded to the issue. but it's significant she brought it up at a campaign rally on her on. the sanders campaign responding not directly to secretary clinton but released the statement, quote, donald trump's statements about punishing women who have abortions is an outrage, unbelievable a candidate for president would make such an absurd statement. senator sanders has a 100% lifetime voting record defending a woim's right choose and will do allhat he can to protect and expand that right if elected. battling it out on the tougher candidate to take on donald trump in a general election. one thing is certain, if you look at polls, donald trump has a lot of ground to make up right now. according to our latest poll,
1:22 pm
unfavorability rating with 70% of women nationwide. that's going to be uphill battle for him if he is the nominee. right now both democratic candidates locked in a fierce fight for their own primary. steve? >> donald trump has reinvented his image before. he'll have to do that again in a big way if he becomes the republican candidate. kristen welker in purchase, new york. >> more on that democratic race to tell you about, first, new information coming in to us on the shooting in richmond, virginia. pete williams, he has the latest. what are you hearing? >> steve, this was a shooting at a bus station in richmond, virginia, it happened after 2:30 this afternoon. the latest information we have is, one policeman, one virginia state trooper was killed, and another injured. and that the person who fired the shot that killed the trooper is also dead. there are conflicting reports about whether other people were wounded. the best information we have
1:23 pm
from a couple of sources, again, the caveats about this is the early word, this happened at bus station while the state police were conducting a counterdrug training mission. they did their mission and then part of the training was to -- for officers to talk to people in the bus station the way they would do if they were doing an investigation. go around and talk to people, interviewed them, see what their situation is. according to a couple of sources, when a trooper approached one man who was in the bus station, this man pulled out a gun and shot the trooper at close range. and word is that the trooper did not survive that wound, that gunshot. as for the motive, the best indication is this was someone mentally disturbed. this is not an act of terrorism, not someone coming into the bus station to target law
1:24 pm
enforcement. this encounter, this shooting didn't happen until the trooper reached out to this person in the bus station. that seems to be the best indication. there are conflicting reports about whether other people were wounded and if so seriously. others were taken to the hospital, we know. but we don't know if that's because they had gunshot wounds or in shock or other related injuries people running out of the bus station. we're waiting to get a more definitive word. but that seems to be the best indication of what happened here. >> pete williams in washington with that information. thanks for that. obviously, still a developing story. we are keeping an eye on it. as we learn more, we will let you know. going turn back to the democratic race in wisconsin, the next big primary five days away. in that state's second largest city, capital, madison, home of the university of wisconsin that could play a big role in
1:25 pm
tuesday's democratic vote. it's known for being a progressive city. youth vote in that city has been fired up for bernie sanders, at least based on the rallies he's been having there. if you break down the polls by region in wisconsin, sanders has been doing very well in madison. he had 8,000 people, bernie sanders did, at a rally in madison over the weekend. jake cop so jacob sober rof has been talking to voters. enthusiasm we see in that rally we showed clips of bernie sanders, is that translating into early votes. >> reporter: it sure is. think about wisconsin is a state with progressive voting laws, it has been until recently since the '70s. they've had same-day voter registration which accounts for the high voter turnout here. but some of those rules and regulations rolled back which some may think may contribute to lower voter turnout. it's not the case as i found out
1:26 pm
a couple of minutes ago. i'm at the nearly back of the line at the city county bill in madison, wisconsin, only early voting location in the city. >> nick. >> tiffany. >> you are -- you have a daunting line ahead of you. why did you decide to vote early and wait on the long line? >> we were prompted to. >> people encouraging you to get out. >> get out and vote. this will alleviate long lines hopefully at the polling locations on tuesday. >> reporter: and so who are you going to go for? >> voting for bernie. >> yourself? >> the same. >> reporter: was that a hard decision to make? you go to wisconsin. what do you do? >> both students here at wisconsin. it wasn't a hard decision because i feel like he's the one that's looking out for our future. >> reporter: you feel the same way. >> one of the candidates who speaks to the younger generation, comes on campus almost three times now. given the chance to talk to us. >> reporter: sounds like you feel the connection like a lot
1:27 pm
of young people. i want to show everybody at home how long the line is here now. that's the back of the line. what i've heard is around 3,000 people have already voted early at this location. statewide, 150,000 people just about have voted early out of the 3 million people eligible to vote. still walking down the line. the only early voting location in madison. pass the city assessor's office. we'll continue on through here in madison, again, bernie sanders does hold a sizable lead going into tuesday. but as he always says he needs a high turnout in order to do well and in order for him to succeed. it looks like from the look of things here at only early voting location in mat disson, so far so good. >> steve, they may still be in line for all i know. it's a very, very long line in there. i hope they've made it in to vote. i want to talk about rollbacks
1:28 pm
in the voting rolls. a shorter early voting period in wisconsin this time around. no early voting on weekends. it ends tomorrow, part of the reason we see a long line. most importantly, new voter i.d. law, everybody's getting i.d. checked to vote at only early voting location in all of mat disson, wisconsin. >> i had to make a list of cities in america most likely to be feeling the bern, madison, wisconsin, would be at the top. maybe number two at burlington, vermont. really good report. as we have been saying, just five days until that critical wisconsin primary. when we come back, take a trip over to the big board. take a deep dive into the latest polls and try to read tea leaves next. ess, what ds it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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just in, more on the meeting donald trump had at rnc earlier
1:32 pm
today. a statement coming in from the republican national committee. the rnc saying, quote, the chairman and mr. trump had a productive conversation about the state of the race. the chairman is in constant communication with all of the candidates and their campaigns about the primaries, general election, and the convention. meeting and phone conversations with their candidates and their campaigns are common and will increase as we get closer to november. again, a statement from the republican flat committee. donald trump tweeting, quote, just had a very nice meeting with rance priebus and the gop. looking forward to bringing the party together. and it will happen! with that happening this afternoon, donald trump also looking to make nice with the party in case of an open or contested convention. but to make sure it doesn't get there at all, trump is hoping he can do well in wisconsin, he can win wisconsin tuesday, if he can win there, insome other states, maybe he could meet the minimum number of delegates to meet the
1:33 pm
nomination without the convention. why the latest polling in wisconsin may not bode well for trump. take a look at big board. here it is. this is the newest poll from wisconsin. this is the gold standard poll out there. there it is, ted cruz pulling ahead by ten points over donald trump in the state. psychologically that would be bad for donald trump to lose wisconsin, lose it by double digits to cruz. the delegates, magic number, trying to not have the open convention. wisconsin, 42 delegates are going to be up for grabs next tuesday. if you win the state, you're going to get 18 automatically. the other 24 delegates are given out by congressional district. that's what you see on the map. every different color here is a different congressional district. if you win the congressional district you get three delegates. there is is where things get interesting. that poll broke down the result business region in wisconsin. what it showed were interesting divides. in milwaukee, around milwaukee, you see that basically touches
1:34 pm
four districts here in that milwaukee area. ted cruz is cleaning up, according to that poll. if you look around madison, talking about it, the state capital, more liberal socially, more college educated republicans there. kasich leading in that area. if you get up by green bay, it's a cruz lead but it's competitive. trump has a shot. if you get into the western part of the state, northern part of the state, dead even between cruz and trump. if you ad all of that together, look at that poll, there's a potential for ted cruz to win the state, get 18 delegates there to win the congressional districts around milwaukee, maybe win up here, maybe win out here, to really get the lion's share of delegates. if you're donald trump looking at this map you're saying, maybe i can't win around milwaukee. maybe i could pick off two districts, maybe i could get six delegates, then trump gets through. maybe, maybe, trump gets shut out in all districts and walks away from wisconsin with zero delegates. that happens, start to have
1:35 pm
serious repercussions for the open convention scenario we've been talking about. to one who knows the lay of the land in that state better than anyone, bring in craig gilbert. he's the author of the wisconsin voter blog. thanks for joining us. let me ask you about the polling we're seeing out of wisconsin. it seems to show potentially ted cruz opening up a sizable lead. that your sense of how things are going? >> yeah, not just opening up a sizable lead but donald trump hitting a ceiling. he was right at his vote share, 30%, at a month ago. he hasn't moved and all of the voters supporting people like marco rubio and ben carson went to either kasich or cruz and principally to cruz. so this may be the place where that shrinking are field is finally starting to hurt donald trump and the anti-trump vote is consolidating. you can't say that trump is cratering here. he's been weak here for a very long time.
1:36 pm
we have been writing stories for months about his weakness in wisconsin, he's been lagging in numbers, negatives have been higher than most other states for a variety of reasons we can talk about. but this is a soft state for him for a long time. >> one of the things i hear, we showed on the map, particularly in the milwaukee area, trump struggling against cruz. i hear about talk radio hosts, conservative talk radio hosts around milwaukee having outside influence in republican politics there in being particularly -- i would say unusually -- around the country we've seen a lot of talk radio hosts fueling donald trump, it seems like a very different story in wisconsin. >> yeah. when we looked at six months of polling in wisconsin, just looked at republicans in the same state, the regional differences were just breathtaking. i mean trump, 10, 15 points positive in northern wisconsin, 40 points negative in the kind of heart of that talk radio audience.
1:37 pm
and talk radio is part of the story. it's not the only story. there's demographic reasons why trump is weak there, higher levels of education and income. talk radio is part of it. but it just isn't happening for him there. the loss for him is not just limited to congressional districts. statewide the winners of republican primaries in wisconsin, in some cases, have been candidates who lost most of the counties in the state but cleaned up in southeastern wisconsin. that's how scott walker won his primary before elected governor in 2010. >> the democratic side, looking at polls, too, expectations shifted. bernie sanders probably goes into this as the favorite on the democratic side. he's running behind nationally in the delegate race. the question isn't just can he win wisconsin, is there a possibility bernie sanders could win wisconsin big? >> yeah. here's the problem for bernie sanders, because the delegates are awarded proportionally, both at statewide level and by
1:38 pm
congressional district, it's really hard to gain a lot in delegates even if you have a pretty good win statewide. to take one example, hillary clinton lost wisconsin by 17 points to barack obama in 2008. and it only netted obama ten delegate advantage in the pledge delegates. she got more than 40% of the bound delegates despite a huge statewide loss. so she's not going to lose wisconsin by 17 points on tuesday. so i think her delegate losses are going to be minimal. >> something very important to keep in mind nationally the pledge delegate lead for hillary clinton is about 230 now. keep in mine when you watch wisconsin results tuesday. thanks for the time. we are going to stay in wisconsin. we're going to take the temperature of women voters in the banler sta e badger state i donald trump's comments yesterday. next here on the place for politics.
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>> sure, i get grief when voting for donald trump. i want to protect my family. paris, san bernardino, brussels. we need to control our borders and stop letting in dangerous people. trump will do that. >> that's a pro-trump super pac ad set to air in wisconsin this week. the ad pushing a national security message, aimed at suburban women. nbc's chris jansing on the ground in wisconsin, speaking to women voters out there. this, in the wake of the controversial trump comments on abortion yesterday. she joins me live from milwaukee. so chris, what are you hearing. >> reporter: two days in a row, trump made comments that women here tell me, and i just got off the phone with a major gop operative in the state, he reinforced it, and that is that first corey lewandowski goes to the police station, as one woman put it to me, you don't grab
1:43 pm
someone and don't have any consequences. trump needed to say something. that was for her a turning point. and the next day, you have these comments about abortion and every single woman i talk to today, and i've been here, i don't know, six or seven hours, everyone knew all of the details of this. it's all over talk raid yoep it's headlines in all of the paper. a number of women told me, it was a subject of conversation among them and their friends, just in the less than 24 hours since it happened. all of the reaction to it negative. here's what one woman told me. >> are you going to vote tuesday? >> i'm going to vote but i'm still undecided because the candidates aren't telling me what i want to hear. they're just telling -- these are mudslinging one another or they're just going off on their tantrums like trump. i want to know what they're going to do for the country and
1:44 pm
how they're going to solve the problems that we have. >> reporter: did his abortion comments rule him out for you? >> i -- boy, you know, when i heard that, it -- you know, it just shouldn't have been said. >> reporter: right now, the numbers for donald trump are devastating with women. nbc poll showed 70% unfavorability rating. support among wisconsin women for donald trump has dropped to 24%. that same gop operative i talked to said that when you add this into everything else that's happened for him this week, going back, steve, to what you were looking at on the big board, he thinks that it's possible donald trump could walk away with no more than three, four delegates come tuesday. >> wow. given what the expectations were a couple of weeks ago, that would be a dramatic fall. >> reporter: complete turnaround. >> thanks for the time. i want to bring in "the
1:45 pm
washington post" columnist dana milbank "the dangerous donald." dana, trying to say that donald trump has crossed the line somewhere and finally going to actually do some political damage to himself in the republican party, something that's been said a number of times over the last nine months hasn't actually happened. do you think, though, this could be listening to that report from chris, this could be that instant? >> you know, steve, it is perilous to make these predictions and i have thought it would happen and it still hasn't. the difference is we're getting a clear shot at donald trump because there's three candidates in the race. before he could get away with it there were so many other candidates to deflect. so i think things have thank changes here. it may be entirely too late. but you see, republican voters have never -- majority have never been for trump. he does seem to be hitting the ceiling in wisconsin and nationwide. it doesn't mean he can't win the nomination outright but it does
1:46 pm
seem clear republican voters, women in particular, but republican voters generally, are just saying, this isn't working for me. >> thinking ahead, again, the stop trump movement is going 0-to-be emboldened, if we get to the point that donald trump wins the republican nomination, gets to general election, when we look at general election problems he has, one is this poor standing with women, but doing terribly with independents and outside his core base in the republican party. the wild card with trump seems to be a guy who has reinvented himself so many times in the past. he will say something today completely the opposite of what he said yesterday, act as if there's no contradiction. the trump who almost ran for president in 2000 was radically different than the trump running in 2016. could you see him reinventing himself with voters who would never vote for him. >> the question is, can he
1:47 pm
actually get away with it. and again, with the caveat that predictions are perilous here. democrats are now getting ready for that possibility facing trump. so they're testing out various attack lines. they're sort of embarrassment of riches. do you go after him being an ego maniac, a zeno phobe, sectionist, or unstable dangerous guy who you don't want to have his finger on the nuclear trigger. the sexist argument polls the best and the events in the last couple of days play into that very well. the better argument over a long period of time is to say that donald trump is dangerous. you don't want him with a nuclear code. and just because you never know what's going to come out of his mouth. whether that's on foreign policy or saying for a moment that women who have an abortion should be punished. you never know what he's going to do. and that seems to be the most damning thing and that's very hard for him to get away from.
1:48 pm
>> dana milbank with "the washington post." next, head back to the badger state to wisconsin, that's where donald trump is hoping to get a boost from frustrated union democrats on tuesday. crossover voting he's looking for there hoping to lift him back into contention and maybe ahead of ted cruz in the republican race. man: dear mr. danoff, my wife and i are now participating in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our s so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪
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donald trump is down if the polls. wisconsin is what they call open primary state, republicans can vote for democrats, democrats vote for republicans. this is something we've seen before with donald trump. blue collar democrats and some other states have crosses over voted for him in the republican primary. tony is at united steel workers union in south milwaukee. if what i stribed going to happen, going to happen with voters talking to now. what are they telling you? >> reporter: that's right. i'm outside united steel workers local, working class neighborhood hit very hard by economic change. the caterpillar plant lost two-thirds of workforce. one of the fascinating fphenom a phenomena, the crossover, democrats going for trump in neighborhood like this one. phil steel and scott strike. steel worker named steel and
1:53 pm
union worker named strike. you've been talking to friends, you've got your own opinions. do you think you'll see democratic union members crossing over for the donald? >> i think. some of the pro-second amendment members will vote for donald in the election versus hillary. >> i do see that. >> you think that could happen? >> i don't foresee it as much. people that are democrats going to stay for hillary or bernie and that's my opinion. >> bernie sanders has a four-point lead over hillary clinton. how much has to do with the labor vote? >> a lot has to do with the labor vote. i think this part of the state, the strong labor area, and i think that's the reason bernie has a 4% lead now. i think it will stay there. >> really? can bernie hold on in a few more days until tuesday. hillary clinton pulled out,
1:54 pm
she's come back. going to campaign through the weekend. can bernie hold on? >> yeah. >> there you have it. if bernie can hold on, that's a big one. heading into pennsylvania. he can win here, he might be able to win there as well. back to you. >> thanks for that. from south milwaukee, here's mary thompson. >> we had a mixed close to the month of march on wall street today with the dow jones industrial average dropping 32 points. the s&p falling two. the nasdaq, though, finishing withed a fractional wonderment of nature. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this on the screen directly with the image, it just gives me a different relationship to it and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me.
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a guy running for president of the united states talking of maybe using nuclear weapons. nobody wants to hear that about an american president. >> why dou we make them. i would be last one to use the nuclear weapon. it's like the end of the ball game. >> can you tell the middle east we're not using the nuclear weapon. >> i would never say that i i won't take it off the table. >> how about europe? you won't use it in europe? >> i am not taking cards off the table. >> it wasn't just the issue of abortion that donald trump made headlines on last night in that town hall with chris matthews. he also told chris that the use of nuclear weapons is still on the table, refusing to rule them out, even in europe or the middle east. now this comes as president obama is hosting 56 world leaders for a two-day summit aimed at stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. nbc's ron allen live at white house where international motorcades are lining up.
1:59 pm
tell us about this meeting. what are they trying to accomplish here? >> well, mr. trump also said that he would be okay if american allies like south korea, japan, saudi arabia, used nuclear weapons, had nuclear weapons in their arsenal as well. the reaction has been to call his comments catastrophic potentially. they say that defies 70 years of bipartisan security policies that have been espoused by both republicans and democrats here at the white house. the summit is all about reducing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. it all about trying to control and secure nuclear material and keep it out of the hands of terrorists. the attack in brussels recently hangs over the summit, of course, because there's some information provided by investigators saying a couple of the suspects were monitoring movements of a nuclear scientist in brussels, but never a plot associated with the attacks are, nuclear weapons. but again, concern about the material being loose and available, trying to secure it. so that's what the summit is all
2:00 pm
about, for the most part, as well as a number of other things. back to you. >> ron allen outside the white house. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki. mtp daily starts right now. if it's thursday, is it the straw that broke the elephant's back? we could be looking at the turning point for the anti-trump movement. it all depends on what happens in wisconsin. this is mtp daily and it starts right now. good evening, i'm chuck todd here in washington. welcome to thursday's "mtp daily." circle today's date on the calendar, folks. is this the tipping point for trump and his relationship with the republican establishment and the republican party? is this the moment that the


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