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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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back at 9:00 a.m. now, just for today. good morning and good friday morning from washington, happy april fools day. we are not fooling around here with politics. donald trump is trying to start up april on his own terms looking to get back on track after what has been easily the worst week for him on the campaign trail. can he do it before the crucial wisconsin primaries. the candidate has a meeting on thursday with the rnc. he said it was all about unifying the party. the only unity he's creating is unity against him going back to those controversial comments he made right here on msnbc on abortions. trump telling chris mathew that there should be some form of punishments for women. about an hour later, he released a statement saying that decision
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should be left to the state and about two hours of that, he said it is the doctors who should be punished and not the women. if you answer one question incorrectly in some form or you misunderstood, it ends up being a big story. okay, adding that does not happen to other candidates. well, it does. the republican front runner suggested that the comments made to chris mathew were taken out of context. >> you have to hear the whole thing, this was a long question, a long discussion and they just cut it out and frankly, it was extreme extremely, it in fact, if abortion was out lawed, the person performing abortions of the doctor or whoever maybe, the doctor is responsible and not the women is responsible. that's the way i have always felt. i have had the same stance
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exactly as ronald reagan. i mean, i had it and i had it from the beginning. >> for what is worth, when he said "they" in case he was trying to pin it on msnbc and not some clips that somebody else played. we responded to trump that somehow it was edited. the interview with donald trump was taped in advance and aired in its entirety. no part of the interview between trump and chris mathew was edited out. >> pew is out with a national poll this morning. the poll was taken entirely before the remark. the far pressing and immediate concern is in wisconsin. he still trails there. the new fox business poll has
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the double digit results which matches what markquettemarquett. more importantly calm down the anti-trump win of the party. if they get a win and stop trump in wallacisconsiwisconsin, they. we'll start with katy tur, katy t tur, we know that trump folks know it is getting down to the wire. >> as you notice, four days until the wisconsin event. he's not here right now. he was in dc yesterday having a private meeting the rnc. the campaign insisting that meeting was a smooth meeting talking about unity. new york times suggests it was an airing of grievances.
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i cannot confirm that the rnc has not been happy with the way donald trump has been treating the party. they felt like they need to work together more especially as we come closer to the nomination. they feel that the donald trump campaign will need them and trump campaign needs to acknowledge that. >> democrats can register the same day to vote for donald trump but there is an organized and conservative movement here and that's why we are seeing ted cruz up ten points right now. it is an uphill battle for donald trump to win this primary and what is considered a wild card state. chuck. >> that's true. >> it has some historical context to it. let's go over to kris jensen,
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she's joining me now, you have been on the ground a couple of days. wisconsin seems to be a lot different than some of the other states watching trump going up or down. >> that's how engaged and deep the knowledge is of the voters here. >> this is a state that went quickly from blue to red. they had elections constantly and the recall of scott walker and literally every six week there seems to be something else on the ballot for wisconsin and you have paul ryan running for r vp and paul ryan becomes the speaker of the house. these are people first of all, remaining popular with the base. scott walker, tremendously is popular with the core.
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paul ryan 20 or 30 points more popular than that. then you have, of course, ryan pribus who's not been outstanding friend of donald trump. you add all of these together. you see the establishments of people coming together that i have not seen in this cycle. to some success, look at the number of women in the latest polls of wisconsin, 77% who has an unfavorable view of donald trump. he put out a new ad trying to say he's the one that protects families. let me play a little clip of that. >> paris, certated cruz, he wano let in more refugees and give amnesty to illegal immigrants.
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that won't protect my family, donald trump will. >> i spend 10 or 12 hours yesterday talking to a lot of women at popular restaurants in milwaukee. every single one knew about the conversation on abortion with chris mathew and a number of them independently without being prompted brought up the corey lewandowski incident. this is an uphill battle for him. i have not been able to find anybody on the inside of republican politics who thinks he has a chance to win. the question is what will the margin be and what will it mean the next two weeks when there are no other contests. >> absolutely, chris jansing is on the ground for us here snooch, thank you. >> that's a superpac ad. it is the most successful republican party in the country and the most successful state for the conservative movement. they are in a good move.
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trump has taken advantage of fractured conservative movement in the states. kelley o' donnel is at kasich campaign. it is hershey, the smell of chocolate. that's the best part being in hershey is the aroma, right there, kelley? >> actually, a little boychu ch todd, would go crazy in this place. >> this is one of those settings in museums that honors all things on four wheels and some on two wheels. you mix that kind of americana. as you know he's from new york. on the way back west is a good opportunity for him to maximize his time and campaign space. it is also important to
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remember, pennsylvania is a neighboring state to the state he governs ohio. he got some roots and proximity and today he's going to be holding a town hall here. we have seen john kasich has sharpened some of his rhetoric against donald trump and ted cruz. >> the trump part is easy to get, we know he has caught a lot of stir. doing it again the one term senator idea. it is sort of polite hammering because he does not get quite as heated in the rhetoric. there is an outside group new day for america pack that works on behalf of john kasich a. they adopted one of the phrases of donald trump in order to go after ted cruz. >> many just called him "lying
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ted." lied about being the best gop from polls, he cannot even beat hillary clinton. >> stations had to be pulled off the air. if ted cruz's mouth is moving, he's lying. >> so the "l" word is taking center stage. the pack is able to just compress that message in a tv spot trying to sharpen the message against cruz. part of that strategy is of course, if you diminish cruz in any way as the alternative to trump, it keeps a little bit of a lane opened for john kasich who's further behind, of course, but is hoping to stay in the game and making a case to go all the way to the gop. >> maybe quietly happy that kasich is trailing fire on cruz and not on trump.
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>> kelley o' donnel, thanks so much. >> with me now is ben carson, now, a donald trump's supporter, nice to talk to you, happy april fools day. >> same to you chuck. >> yeah, that would be an april fools trick. >> let me ask you this, is donald trump working hard enough? you are an academic as much as you were a practitioner, you could not have become a great practitioner without studying your craft. there are many trump supporters who tell me that drtrump does n study enough, let's say you. >> i don't know if you can ever study enough to be honest with you. no matter who you are, there are so much to know and so many new things to learn and so many things to consider.
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so many complicated relationships so absolutely, everybody should be working much harder to learn much more. it is a complex world. >> ahow do you convince him to o it because he has not done it so far? >> i believe he's working on it. i think, actually objectively if you go back and look, he's starting to talk a little bit more about policy. i think you are going to continue to see that in the future, but i think it is not just donald trump. it is been my beef the whole time when i was running. nobody wants to talk about policies. including you guys in the media, you just want to automatic about this person said this about you or this person said this about your mama. when are we going to mature to the point where we actually focus on those issues? >> wait a minute, doctor carson,
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you are on here as a circuit for donald trump and you are complaining about the fact that your mom said this. a lot of people are going to hear you said that, it is your candidate that has taken this conversation to the slow road that you are complaining about. >> yeah, you know, he cannot do that by himself and other people have to join in. my point being, we as a nation, all of us need to move to a different level. the problem that we face and the future generation face are very significant, much beyond the kind of chatter that we get into here. let me ask you about this issue with women in wisconsin right now. the unfavorable rating for donald trump in wisconsin and i think one poll had him at 76%. this was not a good week for
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donald trump in communicating with women, and the arrest of his campaign manager for assaulting a woman and a misdemeanor charge on that and a comment on abortion saying women should be punished, i know he walked it back. what would he do to fix this or what would you recommend? >> i would recommend talking frankly about it in terms . in terms of the abortion issue, he needs to go back and talk about some of the things that he said before that demonstrates, you know, his real opinion is what he said it was. i know from an experience that sometimes in the heat of a conversation you say things that you wish you had not said and you walk them back. he did do that. that should be comfortable to some people who say that donald trump is a wild man and you know he will never listen to anybody.
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obviously, he did listen to other people. he did realize that he had made a mistake and he corrected it. i think that's better than somebody who makes a mistake and doubles down and triple down on it. >> what type of jobs has donald trump talked to you about in the administration. has he talked about other positions? >> we have not talked about any specific positions. what we have talked about is the fact that we both have a strong desire to heal this country and to preserve it for the next generation and we'll work together to help it happen. you know -- it is a false narrative that i am seeking some type of position. i don't need a position. you know i already have a platform, i have had a platform for many years, long before i got into this and working in ways to get kids educated. i am going to continue to do
6:16 am
that. >> do you have a desire to work in a trump administration? >> i do not have such desire. >> if he asked you, you would serve for him? >> it depends on the situation. >> again, i must emphasize, it is not what i am looking for. after what i have been through the last couple of years, are you kidding me? >> you want a little rest given the campaign trouble. >> i want to ask you one final question of the meeting yesterday with the trump campaign. do you believe the rnc has been fair in this process, both when you were a candidate or now you are a supporter of trump, do you think it is fair about the process? >> i think they think they are fair. i think they pick and choose who the candidates should be and focus ascensittention and help
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people they try to ignore. the people and rnc and everybody, the dnc and everybody needs to recognize that this country is built around the will of the people. all of this big time political people need to stop for a moment and say, do we really care about what the people want? >> are you concerned that if donald trump does not get in the first ballot that the rnc will do whatever it takes to stop him? >> i think they'll be thinking that way but hopefully between now and then, they'll come to understand that if they try to und undermind the way of the people, they'll destroy the party but they'll change the mind of america. >> doctor ben carson joining us from palm beach, florida. >> thank you, sir, appreciate it. >> up next, hillary clinton is
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feeling burn. she's not just feeling "the bern." >> i know, the bernie people came and say that, we are sorry you are leaving. >> the democratic front runner fires back. >> i have earned 9 million votes in this election already. [ cheers ] i have one million more votes than donald trump and i have 2.5 million votes than bernie sanders. >> we'll talk about the clinton/sanders campaign about the latest back and forth, both of that is coming up next. we'll be right back.
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hillary clinton a bit hot under the collar. she got in the face of an environmental activist in new york. >> take a look. >> i have money from people working from fossil fuel. i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. i am sick of it. >> clinton starts her day this morning in syracuse, spending both their men and women into the finals of the basketball team. >> bernie sanders starts his day in harlem before heading back to wisconsin for two more events. we'll check in our jeff weaver
6:23 am
for bernie sanders and gentlemen, welcome to you both, joel, we'll start with you. let me ask you this, it seems as if when the week began, the campaigns wanted to focus on donald trump and when the we week ends, it says we are not done with bernie sanders. >> as you talked about on the schedule of wisconsin comes up on tuesday and the new york primary. what we said earlier in the week is it is never going to stop denouncing and the bullying and the bigotry device that comes from donald trump. in a state like new york where new yorkers take pride in diversity of this state that reflects diversity in america. we are going to denounce those who speak out and repeatedly with bigotry and demonizing
6:24 am
people based on who they look like and where they come from. >> i want to ask you about what senator clinton was saying of she's sick and tired of the campaign lying about her record. what does the sanders campaign lying about? >> neither did senator sanders. >> neither one of them takes money from the fossil fuel industry. both of them had individuals who work in that industry and have given that money. the fact is on climate change and one candidate in this race led the effort to get countries like china and brazil to agree limits on carbon pollution which pave the way for climate change in november in paris. an agreement by the way in fairness, senator sanders have
6:25 am
kr criticized. that's a record on climate change that's admirable and produced results and that's what we should be debating here. who could produce results that would really get things done on climate change. >> you guys are going back. you added events to the schedule in wisconsin. it seems like you will take the weekend to focus more on new york, do you guys think you have a chance in wisconsin? >> we think wisconsin as we said it, it is been competitive. it is been competitive all the way through. as you heard me say it over and over again, it is about the lead. we have one more 2.5 million votes than senator sanders. we are going to go in wisconsin campaign to win and play hard there and try to win. we are certainly going to focus on maintaining our net delegate league which is the currency of winning the nomination in the
6:26 am
democratic party. >> joe bennett with the clinton's campaign, thank you very much. >> now, we turn to the sanders campaign. let me start with this fossil fuel charge. it was a green peace activist that said it but hillary clinton does not believe this is something coming from you guys. >> it was a green peace for port. the clinton campaign does not want to talk about it. and it is the lobbyists, the fact that they have lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry. now, we find out that gun lobby who are giving them money, who are bundling this money giving it to them. that's the way it works in washington dc. >> well, it does seem as so both
6:27 am
candidates are getting cranky with each other. is that healthy? the republican parties are fracturing before our eyes. the criticisms you two are exchanging are not healthy. it seems like you guys have gone to having disagreements to now saying things like so and so e lied. >> we did not say so and so is lying. the secretary did. she obviously did not like it. we are not being cranky. bernie sanders is out there talking about the issues. >> i want to play a clip something senator clinton said to rachel maddo in response to
6:28 am
senator sanders here. >> they were a distraction from a serious discussion about the serious issues facing america. >> to me, this is a serious issue. >> and it is a very serious discussion. >> look, i know senator sanders support a woman's right to choose. i have led on this issue and i have fought on this issue. >> her criticism seems to be, jeff, because he viewed the abortion dispute with donald trump was sort of a distraction. he did not prioritize it. >> it was not the substance of it. it was the media. >> always the media. >> always the media spends a tremendous amount of time covering outrageous things that
6:29 am
donald trump said. >> that's right. >> you guys put him on end dead. hillary clinton is not getting an hour long of her speech put on the air or bernie sanders or kasich. >> what you are saying that bernie sanders does prioritize. >> he has 100% pro-choice record and he chooses women his entire life. >> do you think it is fair for the democratic to award the domination to a candidate who do not have the most votes during the primary season. >> the most votes? >> right now she has a lot more votes than bernie sanders does. >> a lot of things are going in figuring out who the nominee will be. bring other democrats in. i think the polling shows now that it is clearly bernie sanders. >> all right, jeff weaver, i
6:30 am
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umm, maybe keep your hands on thlook out!!er. ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. there are a lot of people who wish that election insurance is as real thing with everything happening before the race, four days before the wisconsin primary. >> i will give you a little bit more. you got to go see this ad with this esurance ad.
6:34 am
they don't say the name and now you figure that you have to move to canada. >> susan paige, this has been the worst of trump. >> we have been here before and trump recovered before. this one seems a little harder. there is a point where there is a breaking point, did we hit it? >> this is a bigger test that he has faced in his whole campaign so far. we'll see if he can come back. >> what if he wins in wisconsin? >> it is done. >> if he loses big, he then goes to places that are going to be good for him like new york. >> are they? >> well, the polling indicates it is. it is good enough and there is now a little bit more of a feeling that the stop trump movement maybe has a possible path to keep him from getting to the majority.
6:35 am
>> and yet, molly, we have got, -- i mean, every time you think the stop trump movement finding out that you have to target donald trump then you have this ridiculous decision by candidates chasing trump. later in the week, cruz went africa si after kasich. >> the same thing for ted cruz and you know, the reason i think that we have not seen -- there is been quite a bit of co coalescing around ted cruz. >> no doubt. >> you are seeing the stop trump movement is sort of hardening results and you see cruz supporters hardening and growing.
6:36 am
there is sort of stasis where all of these blocks are not moving at all. >> it is interesting amy, there is something about wisconsin that it may serve the way of new hampshire at the beginning of the process where everything changes in the polls once we find out what happens in this one event here. wisconsin is just like new hampshire. it is in it by itself. it could have an over sized impact on the rest of the calendar. >> when we talk about the states that's coming up next, they are say favorable to trump. he will win. >> wisconsin are favorable to him when you look at the rules. >> the upper part of this. >> let's see where he does well. i think we'll answer two questions. is this going to be the place
6:37 am
that it stops? it is important having those conversations. we have known that there is a sealing for donald trump in a lot of these states, he's not at 50% anywhere. >> no. >> that is still a harden base and as long as there is no coalesing landowner anybo coalesing around anybody else. >> he does not win wisconsin getting 37. >> i am from kansas and i work in new york, my experience is people in new york does not care about anybody else thinks. >> new yorkers and california may not be swayed by people in wisconsin. >> he's been able to explore in other states. >> republicans are winning. >> the conservative movements are winning. they have nothing to worry
6:38 am
about. >> let's go to democratic side, molly a little bit here. it does seem clinton, they want to turn to trump of her campaign. they make the turn and they're like, oh geez, sanders won a bunch of contests and we cannot let him get extra moments. >> stop lying about my record. >> why do we keep on talking? >> i remember it was going to be over in march and it is april. >> you saw the numbers for bernie sanders today, $44 million. that's a lot of money. >> once again probably more than clinton. >> that means kind of like the republicans. the resistance for her does not go away. she continues to win states and primaries. these people who love bernie sanders are not going away and
6:39 am
they're not falling in line and getting on the hillary clinton's bandwagon. >> you got to embrace it or try to fight it. it is easier to embrace it which is to say let me use this as an opportunity. s making economy work for everybody instead of making it a push back on oh, i cannot believe all these people are not lining up behind me. >> all right, i will leave it there. it is nice in wisconsin. >> on sunday, i am going to have a fun little trip down memory lane on the wisconsin event. >> maybe there will be cheese curd. >> oh. >> thank you all. appreciate it there keeping world cup the april fools theme. >> rand paul who loves him some tricks on the internet.
6:40 am
enforceme enfor endorsement is out. he said he endorsed in trumpy. am i supposed to know this term? >> he's embracing chaos. >> we are embracing science. >> thank you, rand paul. >> the american icon known ass the wiener mobile. the cross-country oscar mayer cheese product. >> it threatens the jobs of hundreds of union workers. up next, we'll talk to some of those workers how the factoriy s closing and how it could impact next week's primary. stay with us. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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brands, oscar mayer, is about to close its factory and a lot of people are losing their jobs. tony, this is sort of example a that particularly the bernie sanders and donald trump campaigns talk about. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, chuck, you hear that elections are really bad for the economy. you had what seems like a good job report of 200,000 jobs added. this is one of the locations where those losses occurring. by the end of this year, hundreds of factory jobs here in madison across the oscar mayer based in america, that's significant. i want to bring in dougt doug, can you help us understand the union and what jobs are they
6:45 am
going to take up next. >> right now, we don't have in manufacturing jobs lined up for 520 workers that are in the plant right now. >> reporter: you need more jobs. when you look tat the primaries and the candidates, which of them offers the best plant to bring jobs back? >> within a two week periods, i have lost a thousand jobs in my local. the republicans don't have a plan for it but the democrats want to raise wages and paying fami family leave. we support the democratic candidates. >> reporter: bernie or hillary clinton? >> we love both. >> reporter: there is an important note here on the union. under governor scott walker, the
6:46 am
union base here has been cut in half. we'll have to see how that plays on tuesday as well. back to you. > all right, tony, thank you very much. coming up at this point, you will know all about the super delegat delegates. what do americans know about the unbound delegates? oh, they are the super delegates of the republican party. >> we'll go on the hunt to find out what people know about the mysterious of the delegates who could tip on the floor of the elections. stay with us. ng a m adventurs student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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6:50 am
>> up next, he will explain how they work. stay with us. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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you know, calling primaries and caucuse eses are hard enoug. wait until we get into the delegate issue. things are going to get more cub fusing as the days go on. delegates and super delegates bring a whole new element to the mix of unbound delegates. you have to bow what this is, too. our glossary of terms with jacob soeb rauf joining me now. he has hd lot of fun breaking i down, going unbound sxun chained. >> unbound, chuck. if you thought that american democracy could not get any more complicated, inside this building, about 4,000 of the 1 million people in wisconsin that are going to vote have already voted. you think we're one person, one vote. every vote makes a difference. it turns out there are these 200
6:54 am
or so unbound delegates on the republican side that have a lot more power than all of us do. here's what it's all about. >> it turns out after months of primaries and caucuses and record turnout with millions of people picking their choice for the next president, a group of less than 200 americans known as unbound delegates could tip the scales at the republican party's cleveland convention this july, and that makes them some of the most powerful people in all of american politics. so, what are unbound delegates? >> you know what an unbound delegate is? >> no. >> no idea. >> none? >> nope. >> none at all? >> no. >> not even a little? >> no. >> not bound to any -- starts with a c, ends with an date. >> candidate. >> someone who doesn't have to vote for the district. >> each state and u.s. territory has its own mini version of the republican part and and they each make their own rules delegating the delegates.
6:55 am
in ahandful of them, including north dakota, colorado, pennsylvania, and wyoming don't require some of even all of their delegates to support the winner of the popular vote. bottom line, they're unbound from what voters say and can make up their own minds. i know what you're thinking. why should we care? >> i can't do anything about it for this election, can i? >> no. >> so no, i don't care. >> all right, schooled. i got schooled. >> democracy works when the mass people, like, decide what they choose and what they want. if we've got people representing us who aren't voting the same way we are, it causes a couple problems. >> here's why. if you define democracy as winnwin voters picking a winner, this is pretty undemocratic. the presidential pick of this small group of people becomes as important as the popular vote. who are these people? >> i don't know any off hand.
6:56 am
for -- with full certainty. >> that's what i'm saying. hard to figure out who they are. >> i'm sure there's a list somewhere, but i don't -- >> there isn't. >> we already know who a few are, like curly haugla, nd, but there are lots more who are going to come in play in the next few weeks as state party hold conventions to elect the rest of the folks. >> i'm going to find them for you. >> you do your best. >> that's my new mission. i'm becoming a delegate hunter, hitting the road to track down these americans whose vote could matter a lot more than yours does, whether you like it or not. chuck, so donald trump is hunting down all of these unbound delegates so that he can win the republican nomination on the first ballot in cleveland this july. i'm now going to hunt them as well. we can find out who they are. i'm off to north dakota, going to wyoming, to colorado, and philadelphia after that. super delegates, too, they better watch out.
6:57 am
>> that's for sure. you're going to some interesting places. so enjoy that trip. north dakota's convention may matter more than wisconsin's primary on tuesday, once we get to cleveland. nice work. >> well, that wraps up this hour here on msnbc. i'm chuck todd. i'll see you at 5:00 p.m., but jose diaz-balart is up next from the great city of miami. he'll take things over. i'll see you in a few hours. but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the world's largest animals like never before. so we too must change. that's why the orcas in our care will be the
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