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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 2, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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you have not seen what they have been doing selling themselves internationally. it's serious stuff. it's riveting. it's news worthy. it's a huge story. msnbc's continual coverage is up next. good morning, i'm alex witt if fork. it is the race for the white house. battleground wisconsin, every single candidate from beau sides is in the badger state today, with the gop warming up the clouds, including sarah palin at a fish fry. >> the entire country, its eyes are on the great state of wisconsin. >> i am so happy to be here. thank youch it is always so good to be in wisconsin. >> you have a megaphone, where you are not speaking just for this state, but the entire
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economy. >> reagan saved the hog here, your harley-davidson. >> i ran for congress at 30 years of age. i ran on the reagan agenda. i knew and worked with ronald reagan. >> i thank god that donald trump gets it. because he lives it. >> reporter: nominating donald trump is a train wreck. that's actually not fair to train wrecks. >> there is a reason big money and open borders and radical special interests are so madly anti-trump. >> nominating donald trump elects hillary clinton. >> meanwhile, is donald trump prepared to go rogue? we'll bring you his latest comment on a potential 3rd party run. for the democrats, bernie sanderss wants an apology from the clinton campaign. he is not getting one t. battle turns bitter, days before the primary that involves a must win for two candidates. the latest right here on msnbc
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the place for politics. more on wisconsin in just a moment. first, republicans in north dakota will reconvene for the second day of the party's convention in fargo, at some point this weekend, they will vote on 28 unbound delegates. ted cruz delivers the key address. cruise returns to miss miss less than 24 hours after he and john kasich attended the fish fry fight along with cruz endorser governor scott walker. governor trump returns to the campaign trail for three events in the badger state. on the democrat side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will attend the dinner there among other campaign stops. the event comes days after clinton had an exchange with a greenpeace active it. she accused the campaign accepting donations from the
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fossil fuel industry. sanders called on clinton to apologize in a rally in wisconsin last fight. >> 57, oil, gas and coal lobbyists have directly tributed to her campaign, with 43 contributing the maximum allowed for the maimary. these are fought just workers in the fossil fuel industry. these are paid registered lobbyists. secretary clinton, you owe our campaign an apology. we were telling the truth. >> clinton made no mention of the rift yesterday. her communications director released this statement. we will not apologize for calling out these kind of schemes for what they are. a desperate move from a campaign that has clearly decided the only hope for a path to victory is through misleading attacks. on the republican side, donald trump is once again clarifying his comments on abortion after a town u town hall with chris mathews this
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week, that he would punish women that have apportions. here's what he said on cbs "face the nation" tomorrow. >> i was asked as a hypothetical, hypothetically. the laws are set now on abortion and that's the way they're going to remain until they're changed. >> meanwhile, just days after meeting with rnc official, trump appears to be re-visiting the idea of a third party run. he played the comments during an interview that will air on fox news sunday tomorrow. >> are you ruling out running as an independent third party candidate? are you ruling that out? >> it's not that simple. i by far am the front runner as a republican. i want to run as a republican. i will beat hillary clinton. >> if you don't get the nomination? >> we'll have to see how i was treated. we will see how i was treated. very simple. >> trump did not attend that
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fish fry where ted cruz and kasich spoke to republicans. sarah palin was a stand in, afterwards, talked about how the crowd received her. >> i felt a lot of seriousness, with i is really good, you know, in a presidential race at this stage. >> that seriousness for me is appreciated. i always respect that. >> inaudible question ] >> i think. so i didn't get booed, you know. >> msnbc is in racine ahead of a trump rally there. good morning to you. let's talk about what the candidates said. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, here in wisconsin, the crucial state, 42 delegates up for grabs on the gop side, donald trump and other candidates are criss-crossing the state. he will have 60 minutes. last night, he did not attend, sarah palin touted his business acumen. john kasich talked about restoring the spirit of families in america.
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ted cruz talked about kind of unifying the party. let's take a listen from last night. >> i'm proud to tell that you i'm endorsing ted cruz to be the next president of the united states. >> wisconsin is a battlegrounds. the entire country its eyes are on the great state of wisconsin. >> you want to fix your schools. you want to make sure that your kids are getting the skills they need. then go do it. don't wait for somebody out at madison or somebody down in washington. you do it. >> our trade treatiess are either not even enforced. they're kind of a joke around the globe. trump is the only one hot on this because he's the only one who understands the art of the deal.
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>> reporter: that's right. we are in racine, donald trump will be speaking right behind me at around none local time t. week has been a rough one that began with protests if janeville and milwaukee and have been in appleton, there has been so much interest around this race, obviously, also some concern about protest. now it's still early and cold and dark out hire. no sign of protesters yet. that's what we will see, city by city, there has been some pushback. we will see if racine follows course. >> thank you so much. let's check in now with nbc's danny freeman in green bay with the democrats following an overnight feud from the donations from the fossil fuel industry. good morning to we expect sanders to challenge again on the topic today? >> reporter: well, good morning, alex. obviously, it's unclear at this point if senator sanners is going to bring up this controversy over fossil fuel donations. this feud that's been going back and forth between him and
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secretary clinton. i want to walk back through what happened yesterday, as you said before, i was at a town hall in sheboygan. he said secretary clinton owed him an apology for characterizing him and his campaign as liars on whether or not clinton receives campaign contributions. now as you showed in that particular statement the clinton campaign immediately sends back, the clinton campaign has no intention of apologizing and characterized his campaign as a desperate move, the only way to a path for victory is there misleading attacks. so i want to give context to on at least senator sanders side on this war of words happening recently. senator sanders is known meticulously, notoriously, never straying from his stump speech. i have been following him and whether we'd be in the bronx or last night in green bay, wisconsin, he doesn't stray very
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much from his stump speech. so the fact that he decided to go after secretary clinton, demanding an apology at this town hall shows how much, a, it's gotten unhis skin and, b, how seriously this campaign is taking these allegations of them being called liars by the:t campaign. now, of course, we'll sigh if this comes up later today at an event in auclaire. i would wager he may stay away from this as his campaign has done so far. joining me now, bob kuzak, editor of the hill and jane kim from fargo, north dakota. good morning to you both, bob, i will reach out to you first. let's start with trump, reconsidering a third party run despite being way ahead in the lead of delegates. what do you make of trump once again floating this idea out there? >> it's amaze, he has been talking about this since judgment. he brings it up as he is being
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treated unfairly by the party. i think he knows if he gets to the republican convention in cleveland this summer, in all likelihood, he's not going to get the nomination, unless he reaches that 1237 delegate threshold. so he's holding it out as a threat. however, if you look at what anyone who wants to get on the ballots has to do they've already missed filing deadlines, unless they want to be a write-in candidate. it's such an uphill battle. but, even though he signed the pledge, others did, too, that pledge is basically worthless now. >> katy tur who has been following the trump campaign spoke with one of his allies, he said, lay low, be patient this will pass in a week. trump's comments on "face the napgs," it is the fourth time he clarified, how do you think this back and forth is playing to his base of reporters that love him because he refuses to ever back
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down? >> you know, they will give him a path on this issue. they will find a way that it doesn't bother them. i was sitting in on a state meeting listening to delegates. this issue came up. he said, maybe he hasn't thought about it very much. he will grow into the position. it will not sway anyone on the fence, i think his support has shown us time and time again, things we call gaffes don't bother them. >> let's talk about the nuclear weapons. he made discussion on that front. they have been advising foreign gots on how to deal with some of donald trump's comments, particularly on foreign policy. so talk about the concerns overseas on that. >> well, they are a little bit baffled. if you look at the last two presidents here. george w. bush and barack obama. very different presidents. so, lobbyists and are trying to have to explain no their clients, what is going on? to them, that itself not an easy question to deal with. just like a lot of people in
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this country, there are people overseas who thought that trump would eventually implode and he would not be the nominee. now, of course, hoo es the front runner and could become president. so there is some concern about his rhetoric and especially what he said about nuclear weapons that got him into trouble this week. a very rough week for drumplt i'd say his roughest woke yet. there is a lot of concern of what is going on in u.s. politics right now. >> oh, do you think? let's talk, jean, about the convention. politico reporting on how this process of choosing the unbound delegates there is freezing out trump. so what is it about the party's rules that puts trump at a disadvantage? >> the party primary chooses their delegates from people who have worked for the party. they have a formula that prioritizes time donated to the party. offices held, whether or not you have been to a convention before. they have a committee that
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selects people from a pool. more than usual. a lot of interest going to the convention this year as you can quite imagine. this does reward people there long before donald trump was even a part of the party that at times these people have been doing this for decades, they have been to many, many conventions here. and it does, it does seem on paper to reward the establishment. but i think it's important to say there are still going to be trump supporters here, no matter how much you are established if republican politics. you still say, you don't like the establishment. >> the big picture, i imagine ted cruz will deliver the key note speech, who has the strongest ground game in north dakota? an these 28 delegates in terms of swinging the nom naition in favor of trump or cruz, how quickal is it? >> ted cruz has a strong game here. people who are likely delegates working with the party a lot, have been getting phone calls from ted cruz and his supporters
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saying we think we should talk to you. we'd love to bring over to our side. there is going to be a lot of wooing here. ted cruz coming in person, a big deal. north dakota is not a big player in a primary. i think everyone is surprised that they're a big player here and a candidate wants their votes so badly that he's going to come all the way here for 28 unbound delegates. >> that will impress for sure. i think both the front runner campaigns, ted cruz an donald trump's campaign thinks these unbound delegates are unusual for ted cruz. donald trump's people say essentially they're playing defense. they want to make sure he doesn't get as many as he could. getting the candidate out is showing it's do you or die for him. >> we should say, he is the singular candidate that will be there. others have surrogates. quickly on the democrats side, bob, how much between this new fight about the donations from the fossil fuel industry. is that going to sway voters? >> i don't think it will sway
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many voters, but it's certainly ground that bernie sanders likes to have the debate on. the fact that hillary clinton got frustrated at the sanders' campaign. there is this whole thing, whether or not there is an apology, sanders, himself, say, there will not be an apology. those are issues bernie sanders likes to talk about. barack obama did not take money from lobbyists. hillary clinton does not have that same policy. overall, if you look at the whole race, hillary clinton is looking pretty good. bernie sanders will be in this race for quitesome time. so i think she's got to play the long game and at some point, she has to unite this party. i think it will be easier on the democratic side than the republican side. >> tanks, guys, weighing in, appreciate it. >> thank you. president obama warns about isis getting his hands on nuclear weapons. how big of a terror threat does this group pose? that discussion next. show me movies with explosions.
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president obama spoke ability the danger of nuclear weapons pro live rakes and the threat of nuclear terrorism at last night's conclusion of a two-day nuclear security summit in washington. >> we know that al qaeda has long sought nuclear materials. individuals involved in the attacks in paris and brussels videotaped a senior manager who works at a belgian nuclear facility. isil has already used chemical weapons, including muster gas in syria and iraq. there is no doubt that if these mad men ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material, they most certainly will use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> let's bring in joe from the global security. did anything concrete come out
4:20 am
of this summit? >> yes, it did. thank you for covering this national security issue. there is nothing more important to the safety of this country than 50 world leaders were discussing if washington yesterday. we had a series of concrete measures where countries adproed to reduce teefrl that terrorists could get their hands on, that could be used to build bombs or dirty bombs. coin in particular, let me give you one example. we have substantial difference with chain t. president was there. president obama xi and president obama spoke. they are looking at the reactors it has for civilian purposes that use highly enriched uranium. as everybody knows, terrorists can use it for bombs. they will convert their reactors. they will explore to use a less deadly fuel. more importantly, they'll look at the reactors they gave to nigeria, a country racked with turmoil, terrorist groups operating in nigeria, convert
4:21 am
those. so boka haram cannot get their hands on it. you have dozens coming out of the summit. >> very important, clearly. i want to look at a report on nuclear terrorism. quote, in the two years since the last nuclear security summit. security has improved modestly, but the capabilities of some terrorist groups, particularly the islamic state have grown dramatic ally. so what this report indicates is that security improvements may not be keeping up with terrorist communication. where do you think security efforts are lagging on that front? >> unfortunately, that's exactly right, alex. i gave you the good news t. bad news is this is the fourth and final summit. it's winding down. as the "new york times" editorial board opines today, it's a job half done. the original campaign, i was on the national security team with some of the authors of that harvard report. we wanted to get this job done if four yearsch that's what the
4:22 am
president promised if prague in 2009, get it done if four years, seven years later, we haven't gotten it done. isis is rising as a threat t. president is absolutely right. if isis can get their hands on this tear, they would use it. it was chilly, chilling to see a video of news last week that isis was videotaping a belgian official who had access to some of this material. >> that sent chills down the spines to nuclear experts all over the world. >> what's the most plausible scenario, they create a nuclear device or a dirty bomb? what would happen? >> the most dangerous, they get the highly enriched uranium and conduct an explosive device, that's hard to do. things that are used in hospitals and industries. they get 10 grams of that, about the size of a thumb name. put it in a satch emof dynamite, they can contaminate tense
4:23 am
square blocks. they can shut down wall street, shut down london, shut down walk and spread panic and terror. many of us are surprised that hasn't happened already. >> that is sobering. unfortunately, we will leave it there, no doubt, we will have it back. thank you. in past years, civil rights issues drove voters to the polls. will the same hold true this year? we will take closer look next. the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attractinghe talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment.
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before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. april parks 24 hour years since the rodney king verdict and the protests that followed. if 1992, people reacted by going to the polls in increased numbers. with recent flash points of trayvon martin and eric gardner, the big question, is 2014 forgotten or will those incidents drive voters to the polls in 2016? msnbc's richard lui has more. >> reporter: in the leadup to 1964, birpimingham, new york.
4:27 am
>> bottles and bricks were sent fro rooftops. >> reporter: 94% of non-white voters giving lyndon johnson four more years. in 1992 the reginald denny beating. 55 died in the los angeles riots. voter turnout rose 5 percentage points. >> we must not let this country dip further. >> 75% of fawn white voters, choosing bill clinton for the white house. the big question today, might the same forces be at work in 2016? with recent crises including the trayvon martin shooting, ferguson falling. >> we're getting less traction is in the presidential conversation. and that's where we like to see
4:28 am
it more intensified. >> luiz gutierrez hears about the topic. he works six days a week to get out the group. today at a puerto rican restaurant in orlando. >> i think that things happen to people are going to affect the righteous. >> black people, latinos, all of that stuff. that's always a conversation subject. >> if another swing state, nevada, she registers voters for the aipa vote. police brutality concerns fought a common topic she hears about. >> a new republican registered after skipping 2012. >> i will get into ferguson, the stuff that happened in the past with racism. everything is fair. >> people need to open up their eye and see the big picture here. >> this is very much at the top of their agenda. we have done a number of research and polls, it ranks
4:29 am
always in the top three. >> the top three voters, they are registering, 14 each day. the one she counts hourly, each registration strip like gold to her a. smile when she reaches 20 each day. regardless of party, she and luis know it's these new voters, they're the ones who will decide if places like ferguson will be remembered on election day. richard lui, msnbc, las vegas, nevada. next up, the new science delegates are ready to dump trump at the convention in cleveland. chris christy on the "tonight" show talking about that awkward moment after he endorsed trump. >> when i saw you standing behind trump on super tuesday. you looked like you were having a plast. >> if you are used to talking, it's awkward not to talk. so if you are standing there, i'm listening. >> you just talk, have a good time. act like, i'm saying, it's just
4:30 am
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and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, now you're getting somewhere. thcost. what's in your wallet? >> welcome back, everyone, i'm alex witt in the world headquarters in new york t. place for politics. with just three days until the wisconsin primaries. republicans are looking ahead to pennsylvania, which will hold primaries at the end of the month. ted cruz attended the leadership conferencech at one point, ted cruz outright dismissed kasich's candidacy. >> i understand that sometimes people get it in their mind that something is a certain way. i got that today. that's why we have some trump supporters who no matter what he does or what he says, they stick with him. they say, i don't care. >> there are two candidates and only two candidates who have any
4:34 am
plausible path whatsoever to winning the republican tom nation. either me or donald trump. nominating donald elects hillary clinton. >> let's go now to the democrats and bernie sanders demanding an apology from hillary clinton after she accused him of lying. nbc's kristen welker. good morning to you. the fight far from over, isn't it? >> oh, it certainly is, what secretary clinton was hoping to be pivoting to the general i lex, taking on donald trump, instead, she's back here in wisconsin. she's added extra events to fend off a surging bernie sanders, who is showing no signs of backing down. >> thank you, green bay. >> bernie sanders hoping a win on tuesday here in wisconsin will make it four straight victories after trounceing clinton in three western caucuses last weekend. and then he slammed clinton for accusing him of lying about her record in this exchange with a
4:35 am
protester earlier this week. >> i am so stick of the sanders campaign lying about this. >> secretary clinton owes us an apology. >> reporter: the clinton campaign refusing to apologize. with three days to go until election day, sanders holds on to a four-point lead in this state clinton's team had hoped to win. beating clinton here would give him greater momentum, headed back to her home state, new york, where sanders is closing in on clinton's lead. >> it's what i love about new york. you can knock us down. you can't keep us down. >> reporter: greeting students at syracuse the day before the school's basketball team plays in the final four t. democratic front runner identifying with the underdogs. >> i said earlier today i am rooting for the home team. >> and taking it to sanders. >> myopoint talks about free college, but you bought the to read the fine print. any time anybody tells you
4:36 am
something is free, ask for the details. >> but money is still pouring into the sander's campaign. $44 million in march alonesh even as many are still making up their minds. why are you still undecided? >> because so far, all i've heard is a lot of rhetoric between the candidates. >> reporter: what does one of these candidates have to do to win your vote? >> talk about the issues. that's it. >> reporter: now, in sanders wins here in wisconsin, he will pick up more delegates, mostly, he will pick up major momentum headed into delegate rich new york. tonight, alex, both of these candidates will face off right here in milwaukee. >> the one thing we know for sure, all those people are voting for orange against north carolina tonight. that's about the onlying this we got for sure. thank you. let's go from this to the republicans. donald trump in yet another
4:37 am
interview is making comments about abortion, kerry sanders is in racine, kerry, good morning to you, what all is trump saying now? >> reporter: well, good morning. you know, donald trump the candidate, is used to being on the offensive. but this morning, he's on the defense, after stumble after stumble. each time talking about the abortion issue that then requires clarification. with only 17 states left, momentum matters going into wisconsin. trump picks up campaigning today with three events across wisconsin and he has a new instagram video attacking ted cruz. >> could you support ted cruz? >> enough to seize momentum t. latest marquette-wisconsin poll shows cruz with a ten-point lead over trump. this week, he scored the endorsement of governor walker. walker has a high approval among
4:38 am
gop voters and spoke of a water shed moment friday on the trail. >> when ted cruz is able to win. i think it sends a clear message the momentum has shifted. >> reporter: trump has had a rare week of relentless bad pr, highlighted by abortion comments on msnbc's town hall with chris mathews. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> reporter: and a misdemeanor charge against his manager cory lewandou wski, since wednesday, trump has been quiet, holding only closed meetings in d.c. and skipped the milwaukee fish fry, a major political gathering in wisconsin on friday, instead, dispatching sarah palin who may have failed to impress. >> i think so i didn't get booed. >> reporter: the gop establishment hopes an embarrassing loss in wisconsin can finally be their chance to
4:39 am
derail trump's momentum into the post-state primary, new york. >> they should see the republican establishment was pushing back at donald trump. and this is where they decided to do it and to do it most effectively. >> how's donald trump's shifting statements on the abortion issue plays with women voters here, could have a significant impact when folks go to the polls here on tuesday. as we know, from other campaigns over the years since the roe v wade decision in 1973, positions on abortion can sometimes win or lose a candidate an election. >> absolutely right, kerry sanders, thank you so much from racine. let's bring in rick tyler, a former national spokeman and msnbc analyst. good morning to you, thanks for joining me. so critics say ted cruz could be in some trouble in the remaining primaries after wisconsin, because they're mostly in states without any sort of a strong evangelical vote. what do you say to that?
4:40 am
>> well the cruz campaign believes that the cruz message has shifted and it has shifted over the last couple of weeks. ears what's happening, donald trump has really lived out his announcement speech. >> that is, all those who want to build a wall, all those who oppose trade policies with china, et cetera, he's got all those people. he's kept all those people. you look at the ma ket poll in wisconsin. cruz advanced 21 points since the last marquette poll, which i think was several weeks or months ago, donald trump remained absolutely flat, in other words, he has all he is going to get. they leave that is going to be the case going forward. the second part is what cruz and you all mentioned about john kasich. john kasich has no mathematical possibility of getting to the convention with the most delegates. trump has the most possibility, cruz has a slim possibility. but at the convention, it is more than likely the rules will
4:41 am
be written so john kasich probably will not be on the first or second or even third ballots. we don't know. we'll see how that goes. what the cruz campaign has been doing is they have been courting dem gather and that's the whole game. for instance upcoming in pennsylvania, dem gather, all the delegates go into, they're elected by the voters. they all go to the convention unbounds. there are 54, if you look at trump's latest argument. he has been saying if i get there with 30 delegates short or 40 short or 100 short i should win. those aren't the rules t. rules are you have to have 50%. he wants to win that argument now. he knows if he gets there just short the rules are, that no party, no candidate who doesn't have a majority cannot win and cruz has the advantage of delegates, which is why trump just hired paul manaford. >> no this point, politico has
4:42 am
reported that more than 100 delegates, they're already thinking about abandoning donald trump. if there would be a second ballot at some sort of a contested convention. so trump's support, what does that say to you? do you get a sense it is waning? >> reporter: i think the tide may be turning. we will see in wisconsin. cruz continues to widen his lead in wisconsin. but take virginia, for instance, an interesting exam. because trump overwhelmingly won virginia. yet, in the 13 at-large delegates, which were presented at the virginia convention as a slate. there are 13 of them. all of them are going to vote for cruz on the second ballot. so if donald trump does not get to the convention with a majority, you are going to see virginia is already going to give him, cruz, 13 additional. that's already happened in louisiana. that's happened in georgia, which is why paul manafort, who is, guess what, close to roger
4:43 am
stone, he was hired by donald trump. he worked in the 1976 ford convention for ford and these, this is the establishment, actually, they have very close ties to the establishment. but donald trump is in a panic and he's way behind on getting these delegates who can be uncommitted on the second ballot to be in line. he's trying to catch up there. >> okay. marco rubio, he's got these 172 delegates. he's trying to hang on to them. >> yes. >> for what measure? >> well, so, if states like alabama, he can continue to control them. and in alaska, they've just ruled in alaska that rubio will be able to keep his delegates. i believe the reason for that is, he doesn't want them to be. he wants to direct where they go. now, in alabama, he can tell them where they go. he has to go where they says until the release or the delegation votes two-thirds to release them. if he gets to control these delegates. that's another way that donald
4:44 am
trump won't be able to make the first ballot. we will get to a second ballot. which that would advantage cruz. >> i have to tell you, with all my reading. i need a calculator. it's incredibly complicated. thanks for helping straighten it out. >> thanks, alice. next up, can john kasich change the gop by quitting the race? i will talk to someone from his camp next.
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
>> 42 republican delegates are at stake in tuesday's winner take all in wisconsin. ted cruz follows that three-man race followed by donald trump and john kasich. both cruz and kasich are trying to seifen votes from trump. scott, a welcome to you. let's talk about these polls. they show your candidate coming if third behind trump and cruz. what is your candidate's goal in wisconsin if it's winner take all? >> well, it's not winner take all. it's proportional in wisconsin as in most states around the country.
4:48 am
let pe make a clear point here, i think what's going on in wisconsin is the cruz surge is largely in the southeast corner of the state, driven by the establishment in the state, driven by talk show hosts in milwaukee. i don't think this is a surge for ted cruz, this is wisconsin's leadership slowing down donald trump, so there is a brokered convention and so paul ryan can be the tom fee. that's what's driving in here. this is not a cruz lovefest in any form of fashion t. key for john is to finish a good third, maybe come in second. the dem gather are given by congressional districts. so john can win two or three districts in the state, it will be a success for him. as the map goes forward, people forget, thing now shift to new england and the east coast and the pacific northwest in california. that's not ted cruz country. i suspect what you will see is john running a strong second in most of the remaining states. i think he will be the one with in a moment umm, with idea that
4:49 am
they will right the rules to cut him out, that will never happen 1234r i have to ask you, do you have anything fact cule to back up your supposition that this is all about getting paul ryan? >> reporter: yep, i know the people surging for ted cruz i know what their ultimate goal is. it's led by scott walker. scott is close to paul ryan. fought only is he close to paul ryan, he is close to prevus, the wisconsin native that runs the rnc. i know some of the folks intimately involved in this. i don't think it's a great conspiracy. i think this is somehow the beginning of a race that turns and ted cruz's march to cleveland and as cruz' own guy says he has a very thin window to capture enough delegates. i don't think he will be able do it. so i think we will end up in cleveland in a brokered convention t. one thing you have to look at is how much strength does cruz have from folks who serve with him in the u.s. senate. the answer is, he has one guy
4:50 am
that will tell you about ted cruz and his likability. i think he fades rather than searches. >> let's put away the paul ryan scenario endorsed ted cruz. the milwaukee sentinel journal endorsed your candidate. the cruz camp wants john kasich to just get out, to give cruz a better chance to pile up the delegates. mathematically, john kasich can't get there. look at the stats. look, it's impossible. silly to say he's got to get 122% of the delegates. why not face the reality? >> well, because i think the reality in john's mind and in my mind is we're going the end up with a brokered convention and once you get to cleveland it's anybody's game. when you look at who supports john around the country, he's got a strong support from folks who serve with him in the house and the senate. he delivered the last balanced budget and tareariferrific tracd as governor of ohio. there's no reason for him to get out of the race at all. now, in terms of scott walker, nobody is more popular with
4:51 am
republicans in the state of wisconsin for scott walker -- than scott walker. i think that's a huge feather in cruz's cap and it's been a huge boost. again, i don't think you can take what's happening in wisconsin with trump falling and cruz surging as a road map for what's going to happen the next two months. >> former wisconsin congressman. good to see you and come back and see us again. >> thanks much. what's behind the traumatic change in the polls this week? when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a me adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. put under a microscope,
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. who at the poll shows donald trump trailing hillary clinton nationally as well as in key states? "the washington post" jennifer ruben writes gop wakes up, polls are no longer trump's friend. she suggests the party is facing the fact trump could cost the gop the white house and impact local and state elections. joining me now spencer kimbe kimbell. spencer, with a welcome, what do you make of jennifer ruben's
4:55 am
assessment and do you think these last few weeks have been a wake-up call for the party? will we see a change in tone from donald trump? >> well, that's a good question, alex. and good morning. i think what we've seen with trump primarily is a scorched earth type of strategy in his campaign where he's pretty aggressive against former republican leadership, current republican leadership. and that's helped him build a strong base of support. but in order to win a general election he's going to have to expand beyond that. and he's going to have to change his basically communication and try to come up with more positive message to bring people into his group as opposed to just limiting himself to about a 30%, 35% we've been seeing. >> i want to look at a new post, "washington post," abc news poll shows trump with the unfavorable numbers they've seen in a long time. 67% overall. 64% among independents. 68% among white women. 74% among white college grads there. all key groups that could suede the election. how concerned should the trump
4:56 am
campaign mean despite the delegate lead? is there room for cruz or kasich to pick up support among these groups? >> in the general election there's certainly room for kasich and cruz to pick up votes. trump's problem is he's just focusing on the primaries. in the primary strategy has worked out well as you mentioned, he's winning the delegate vote right now. but in order to win the general election he's going to have to expand beyond just this base of support. when you have negatives in the high 60s and 70s, typically we don't vote for the people we don't like. and so he's going to have a lot of difficulty trying to swing states like wisconsin or new york. >> let's check out the democrats. new poll that shows sanders is maintaining a pretty narrow lead consistent with the poll you did a few weeks ago. why do you think they're so divided? >> so we're looking at wisconsin and really what you're seeing is a difference between an open primary and a closed primary. and wisconsin we have an open primary. bernie is doing well amongst
4:57 am
independents. he's winning about 25 to 30 points above clinton. he's losing among democrats by ten points. in wisconsin it's going to be about turnout. if clinton gets out the democratic vote she will have a better chance but it looks like bernie has the momentum at this point. >> do you want to give me a prediction about the headlines? >> we're polling it right now. we will be releasing our final poll results on monday morning. a sneak peak shows that bernie is probably going to take wisconsin by five or more. and then if we take a look at the republican side, cruz is definitely expanded his lead. we had him up a point about a week and a half ago and now we see him up about double digits like the other polls are showing as well. >> spencer kimbell, see you again. thanks so much. despite months of primaries and caucuses, a group of less than 200 americans could decide the gop nomination. coming up, we'll explain a complicated process. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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