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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 4, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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it's monday, april 4th. right now on "first look," it was a weekend of dangerous, even deadly weather. 45 million faced huge wind gusts, snow, and anything but springlike temperatures. the presidential race in wisconsin is shaping up to be a pivotal moment from both parties. exposed. late documents show how the rich and famous use offshore accounts and tax havens to avoid paying the irs. plus a huge night at the academy of country music awards. these kids form a human arrow to help police in hot pursuit. and important new details for anyone with heart trouble. "first look" starts right now. good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us today, i'm betty nguyen. we do want to begin with breaking news that newark international airport, an
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electrical fire in terminal b. caused about 200 passengers to be evacuated as smoke filled the building at 1:00 avlt m. the elizabeth fire department extinguished the flames only to have a second flare-up hours later. a passenger said authorities used airport shuttles to keep passengers warm. if you're flying in to or out of newark, best to call your carrier ahead of time. well we are now more than two weeks into spring, but it sure doesn't feel like it across a wide swath of the midwest and east coast. over the weekend devastating winds and blinding snow toppled trees, tore down homes and ripped through power lines. it left thousands of homes without electricity. as the first in a series of fast-moving low pressure systems known as clippers move across the midwest and into the northeast, bringing winds of up to 66 miles per hour. in massachusetts, two people were killed after a tree fell on their car, trapping them inside. and strong winds caused a tree to come crashing down on this maryland home. a man was knocked unconscious but his family was otherwise okay.
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amtrak says service on its busy northeast corridor should be back to normal this morning. a train derailment near philadelphia sunday killing two amtrak workers and injuring 35 passengers. it happened when the train rammed into a back hoe on the tracks. nbc's sarah dallof has more. >> reporter: passengers on board amtrak's palmetto train 89 describe a fireball. >> there was some people, they were pretty bloody because it was an explosion. we got off track and it was like a big explosion. then it was a fire. >> reporter: the 15-year-old was traveling to north carolina to visit his father. >> then the windows bursted out, and some people were cut up. >> reporter: officials say the train, traveling from new york to savannah, hit a back hoe on the tracks outside philadelphia. two people were killed. >> we now have our second doa. located at the impact site of the back hoe. >> reporter: stephanie burrows snapped these photos after
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getting off the train. she says passengers went up into the air on impact. >> it was such a harsh thud. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: the 341 passengers, 7 employees, were evacuated to a nearby church. nearly three dozen were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. amtrak service between new york and philadelphia was suspended along the northeast corridor. one of the nation's busiest stretches of track. >> most of our team has arrived on scene, and we will be looking at mechanical, operations, % signal, track, human performance, and survival factors. >> reporter: this isn't the first deadly amtrak accident in the last year. last may, a train traveling through philadelphia derailed, killing eight people, injuring more than 200. that crash is still being investigated. as passengers and their families wait to find out what happened this time, many tried to make sense of this latest tragedy. >> my heart just dropped. i pray for the other families who suffered the loss.
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i can't imagine it. >> reporter: sarah dallof, nbc news. meanwhile, in a separate incident, one person was killed when an amtrak train bound for california hit a car in northern illinois sunday. officials say the vehicle drove around the crossing gates. that driver was pronounced dead at the scene. amtrak officials say no one on the train was hurt. documents showing how a global industry of law firms and banks sell financial security, including 40 years of suspected tax havens, money laundering, arms and drug dealers, have now been exposed. more than 11.5 million documents from a panamanian law firm were leaked as part of an investigation by a german newspaper working with the international consortium of journalists. the so-called panama papers are considered the largest leak of its kind of inside information in history. among the findings, details of 12 current and former world leaders, offshore holdings. and although his name does not directly appear, the papers show associated of russia's vladimir
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putin secretly moved around up to $2 billion through banks and shadow companies. in a statement the panama law firm said it had operated beyond reproach for 40 years and had never been accused or charged with criminal wrongdoing. now to the presidential race. hillary clinton is refocusing her campaign. they've offered dates for a potential debate ahead of new york's primary on april 19th. but say the sanders campaign rejected them. sanders' people say one date offered was the day of the ncaa finals. it is just the latest dustup in an increasingly contentious democratic primary preparing to swing back east. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: feeling the heat on her home turf of new york, hillary clinton spent the morning visiting churches in brooklyn. >> want to just underscore how honored i was to serve as your senator for eight years. to work with you. >> reporter: clinton had started to pivot to the general election
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and donald trump. but now, praying sanders' newfound momentum slows. on "meet the press" clinton acknowledged she still has a fight on her hands. >> i know that i still have work to do to win the nomination. and i'm going to keep reaching out to every voter everywhere in these remaining contests. >> reporter: polls show clinton has a double digit lead in new york. but sanders is catching up. sanders, who was born in brooklyn, is making a strong play for new york. courting independents and minority voters. still, sanders' path to the nomination is narrow. and winning wisconsin on tuesday is crucial. >> if people begin to come out, if young people who've never voted, start coming out, we will win on tuesday. >> reporter: and sanders repeated his claim, he would do better against donald trump. >> i think the secretary's getting very nervous that poll after poll shows us doing much better against trump than she is. >> reporter: clinton has pushed back on that, arguing she would be the stronger candidate. >> as i've said before about
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donald trump's appearances, his rhetoric, his demagoguery, when you incite violence, you are acting like a political arsonist. >> reporter: clinton's campaign dogged by the ongoing controversy over her e-mails. the fbi expected to interview her soon. although she said she hasn't been contacted yet. and isn't concerned. >> no, i'm not, because i don't think anything inappropriate was done. but i'm not at all worried about it. >> reporter: clinton's focus for now, staying on top, with sanders surging. kristen welker, nbc news, new york. on the other side, republicans are focused on tuesday. that's when wisconsin voters head to the polls. donald trump is joining ted cruz calling for ohio governor john kasich to get out of the race. >> if i didn't have kasich i automatically win. all i have to do is what because i get 50% lots of good things happen, right? so i'm way over 50%. but with kasich it's harder. >> in a campaign e-mail, kasich
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hit back saying a vote for trump or cruz is a vote for hillary clinton. trump is also trying to address what many consider to be his problem with women. in an interview with "new york times" columnist maureen dowd, trump expressed regret over his retweet of an unflattering picture of heidi cruz, saying, yeah, it was a mistake. if i had to do it again, i wouldn't have sent it. cruz, meanwhile, is pushing hard for the badger state. a campaign aide saying the texas senator's ability to win in wisconsin shows he can compete anywhere. former u.s. soccer store amy wambach was arrested and charged with driving under the influence this weekend in portland, oregon. police pulled over wambach's vehicle just after 11:00 p.m. saturday night when they say she ran a red light. now according to officials the retired soccer star failed sobriety tests and later failed a breath test. wambach was booked and released sunday morning. a soccer legend, the 35-year-old is a two-time olympic gold medalist and fifa world cup champion. wambach holds the world record for the most international goals
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scored. wambach apologized on facebook saying, quote, i have let myself and others down. i take full responsibility for my actions. this is all on me. i promise that i will do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. all right straight ahead, more important news for anyone with heart concerns. plus, amazon continues to look for market share outside of this universe. you're watching "first look." listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs.
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that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back. snow is falling once again for the second time in three days in areas of new england. moderate snow being reported now in the hudson valley, and that is quickly filling in in massachusetts and connecticut. this is totally different than the storm that brought us that amazing wind storm. all the damage we showed you at the top of the show. the good news about this snow today is that so far it's underachieved out by the buffalo area. you were under winter storm warks. you're done. don't think you're going to get any additional snow. maybe one to two inches in most areas. a few spots could get a little
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heavier. hartford, higher terrain of northern connecticut and towards the boston area. here's noon today, by noon, still moderate snow from albany back through the mass pike. notice the green, plain old rain today. all of southern new england, and areas that look like around new york city. no snow accumulations are expected for you. by 5:00 p.m. the only snow really left by the boston area, by 10:00 p.m., everybody is pretty much done. the forecast for today, very warm and beautiful. the southern half of the country. but it's a struggle right now. the great lakes and the northeast, still feels more like maybe late february, early march, than the beginning of spring. and tomorrow, betty, it's dry, but still chilly. so chilly is the rule for at least another couple days. >> all right. get this out of here. move on to those springlike warm temperatures. in the meantime, the brussels airport reopened on sunday nearly two weeks after 16 people were killed in a terrorist attack there. passengers on three flights were subjected to new security screenings and a temporary check-in area. the first flight took off just after 1:40 p.m. local time bound
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for portugal. a groundbreaking new study shows that using cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins lowered the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by about 25%. astrazeneca which helped fund the study manufactures the drug used in the research. amazon founder jeff bezos' space travel company blue origin is another step closer to being operational. the company successfully launched and landed an autonomous suborbital capsule for the third time. the team even got a shout-out from the boss as bezos tweeted congratulations. a bull that escaped from a slaughterhouse friday already has a celebrity friend. that would be comedian jon stewart. he arranged for the black and white angus to be spared and transported to his upstate animal sanctuary. freedom, though, has a price. the bull will be cast rated so it can live safely with the other livestock. guess that's better than the alternative. and the academy of country music awards aired last night with a big musical duet
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featuring dolly parton and katy perry. perry went on to present parton with the tex ritter award for her movie "coat of many colors." and jason aldean took home the big prize winning entertainer of the year. congratulations to them. the iheartradio music awards took place last night opening with a performance by none other than justin bieber. and that new hairdo. but it was taylor swift who was the biggest winner of the night, best female artist of the year, best tour and best album of the year for 1989. 15 minutes past the hour, in sports the top four college basketball teams are set for the finals. for the women, no surprise, the number one overall seed uconn steamrolled oregon state 80-51. and in the other semifinal it was syracuse, who easily handled washington ol-59. uconn plays the orange tuesday night as the huskies seek their fourth straight ncaa championship. tonight the men will battle for
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the national championship. the tar heels favored by two points. do a little shootaround along with the underdog villanova wildcats. and nova coach jay wright is 0-3 against roy will yaps' teams. ahead of tonight's big games, villanova's jay wright was named the naismith coach of the year. his second on top of his third straight big east coach of the year award. congrats to him. tonight's national championship game wildcats/tar heels tip-off is just after 9:00 p.m. eastern. to opening day in major league baseball. the world champion kansas city royals raised their championship banners on the field. the royals managed an early 4-0 lead against their world series rival mets. new york battled back, but fell short. skc took the opener 4-3. oh, and racing fans you got to check this out. >> what's up? >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> how are you? >> oh, i love you all!
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oh, my god! oh, my god! >> kyle busch put this encounter on instagram. the reigning sprint cup champ sure made that lady's day. way to go, kyle. that was epic. she is not going to forget that for a long time. all right, 17 minutes past the hour. "scrambled politics" is next. i love to take pictures that engage people and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this on the screen directly with the image, it just gives me a different relationship to it and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severetomach pain that will not go away and may move to your back, with or without vomiting; or if you have symptoms of thyroid cancer, which may include a lump or swelling in your neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath. medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. commonide effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. hello, everybody. here is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." john kasich is not feeling the love. rivals donald trump and ted cruz have both called for the ohio
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governor to drop out of the race. but it doesn't look like he's going anywhere soon. in fact he seems pretty psyched for an open convention. >> it's going to be so much fun. kids will spend less time focusing on bieber and kardashian and more time focusing on how we elect presidents. it will be so cool. >> i thought you liked justin bieber. >> you bet he does. >> you know the biebs, and justin bieber for your old folks, and by the way, i love his new song. we putting it in the play list? okay. we're going to play the biebs. i will be the only republican candidate in the history of the republican party to play justin bieber. okay? >> ironically that new song is called "love yourself." on to the democrats side, while discussing criticism of that, he hasn't released his tax returns. bernie sanders revealed his tax preparer on cnn. >> i'll be very honest with you. you know who does our tax
2:21 am
returns? my wife does our tax returns. we've been a little bit busy lately. >> hopefully jane sanders finds some time. the deadline to file taxes is fast approaching. monday, april 18th. no word on if think use turbo tax. and to cap off donald trump's rough week, the weekend update anchors of "snl" finally pinned down his abortion stance. >> during an msnbc town hall on wednesday, trump said women should be punished for getting abortions. then, an hour later, he said doctors should be punished. then an hour after that, he said we should just let the states decide. then the next day he said, you know what? let's just leave the laws alone. before finally saying yesterday, when i'm president, i'm going to change those laws. so at this point donald trump has to be pro-choice, because he's made all of the choices. and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all right, 21 minutes past the hour. let's bring in ellis henican, political analyst and best-selling author. >> i did not know you were such
2:22 am
a justin fan. >> hey, i listen to him while a work out which hasn't been in a long time. >> oh. >> clearly after the baby. but let's talk about this race, because it is getting good. >> it is. >> this is a pivotal moment. wisconsin. if ted cruz doesn't win this, what does it mean? >> well, he needs to win. but it's looking pretty good for him. >> you think so? >> i mean, listen, who can predict. but it feels like it's heading in his direction. and it's -- i got to tell you, questions, real questions being raised by smart people about whether donald's troubles may go beyond wisconsin. >> oh, really? >> it's a scary moment for him. >> is this pivotal? if cruz wins this his people are saying it shows he's got mass appeal. >> that's what they're saying. now let's be a little cautious on that. donald is still way ahead. there's almost no chance ted cruz is going to get the number of delegates that he would need in order for him to win on the first ballot. so, donald still is in a commanding position. but this is the kind of state he
2:23 am
ought to win, right? that midwestern, rust bait -- rust belt, not to many evangelicals. this should be donald territory. what's wrong with donald? >> we found something that both trump and cruz agree on and that is getting kasich out of this. >> get that bum away. go, go. >> -- the republican convention on the ballot there. so, you know, what are the chances of that really happening? zero? all right. on to the next question. we're done with that. here's another question for you that i think is fascinating. donald trump says that he can eliminate what the 19 billion dollar national debt -- trillion dollars. $19 trillion national debt in eight years. do the math on this. is that possible? >> look, the federal budget is about $4 trillion give or take a few billions, right? >> okay. so say we cut it in half every year for eight years, right? that would only be $16 trillion. so even that wouldn't be enough. oh, by the way, plus he wants to give a whole bunch of big tax
2:24 am
cuts which would mean the federal government would get less money in good luck finding an economist who isn't smirking. >> but this is a businessman. maybe he knows something the rest of us don't? >> yeah, maybe he'll make a deal with who? god? i don't know. >> i don't know. we'll see how this plays out. ellis, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> just ahead we'll show you the coolest kid crime stoppers. plus taylor swift goes for a spin for apple. it's viral. next. (avo) i've always been a dog person. my name is barba and i make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. now that i work there and see all of the care and the ingredients that go into it. i value the food even more. i feed yoshi dog chow natural because there's no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. he's got so much energy. his coat is so shiny. and he just seems over all happier. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. wearing depend underwear has lowed me
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leading the news in "the washington post," u.s. special operations units are using faulty rifle sites. special ops forces continue to face life threatening scenarios
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from faulty rifle sites. military officials say no equipment has been recalled or replaced since the u.s. government sued the manufacturer last november. a major issue soldiers face is thermal drift where extreme temperatures cause shooters to be off target by six to twelve inches. and this can be disastrous for soldiers in combat. nine children in southern england, they are being hailed local heroes for turning their easter egg hunt into a hunt for burglars. look at this. video from a police helicopter shows the dramatic pursuit for two fleeing suspects. well, these quick-thinking kids went into action, forming a human arrow. >> genius. >> for the chopper overhead. eventually leading to the suspects' capture. yay for them. and taylor swift is getting a whole lot of attention for her new apple music ad. it reflects a change of heart for the artist who briefly removed her music from the service in 2015 after saying the company was not adequately compensating artists. i love that. it looks so real. i was looking really close --
2:29 am
>> no way she would do that in a million years. >> it's hilarious. i could watch that over and over again. and apparently people have, because it's gone viral. >> a really quick edit. >> fall for us. we missed it a second time. i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on msnbc. the problem is i got both of them. right? now if i didn't have kasich i automatically win. all i have to do is what, because if i get 50% lots of good things happen, right? so i'm way over 50% but with kasich it's harder. and he shouldn't be in. and let me tell you, if he wants to get to the convention, that's okay. go to the convention, and announce you want to be president. but you shouldn't be littering up the process. because that's what he's doing. it's really a disgrace. >> there are two candidates and only two candidates who have any plausible path to winning the republican nomination. me, and domd trump. >> so, where does that leave john kasich? this morning, new information on what the trump and cruz campaigns are doing to keep
2:30 am
ohio's governor from taking the nomination at a contested convention. plus, the latest poll positions ahead of tomorrow's battle for wisconsin. and will they meet face to face before the new york primary or not? hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue to spar over debate dates. >> look, she has proposed three dates. we have proposed four dates. she has a difficult schedule. i've got a difficult schedule. >> all right he's proposed sunday evening, april 17th. are you in? >> i'm not negotiating, chuck. that's not -- you know, we've proposed thursday the 14th, which gives people more time to digest what happens in the debates. is he in? >> and delays on amtrak this morning after a deadly crash near philadelphia killed two people and left dozens of passengers injured. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, and this is "way too early."


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