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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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turnout on a primary day in wisconsin history. thank you all very much. >> i'm also a democrat. and have been a proud democrat all my adult life. and i think that's kind of important if we're selecting somebody to be the democratic nominee of the democratic party. and opening day. how do brewers fans feel about tomorrow's line-up? >> i can't vote for hillary. >> i've long thought trump was a side show. i'm amazed he's lasted this long. >> i don't like all the candidates but it's what we have to pick from so we'll see who i pick. >> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in new york. where at this hour, hillary clinton is campaigning with governor andrew cuomo.
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why not wisconsin? because clinton expects to lose in wisconsin. we'll get to the democrats in a moment, but first, wisconsin battle on the republican side which will test whether all of donald trump's missteps last week have had any impact on the voters. here's how things stand. the cbs news ugov online poll shows ted cruz with a slim lead over donald trump and john kasich carrying nearly 20% of the vote as the pressure from the cruz and trump campaigns to push the ohio governor out intensifies. trump gave his take on the race in wisconsin moments ago. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. if we don't win here, it was not over. but wouldn't you like to take the credit in wisconsin? give wisconsin the credit for ending it. and then we can focus on hillary instead of these two guys.
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>> joining me, ari melber has got some exclusive reporting on the republican race. isabel, peter. first of all. let's talk about trump and cruz campaigning in wisconsin and trying to push kasich out and trump just out, first of all, claiming that he's got the answer against hillary, but cruz just now, hallie, maybe we should go to you because you've been covering cruz non-stop. denying what he said are leaks from donald trump and his former henchmen, roger stone, and claiming that there's no bills, no beans to spill on his wife, heidi cruz, that she could stand up against donald trump, and also saying definitively, he's been unfaithful to his wife as was suggested by the "national
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donald has endorsed >> the campaign trail in wisconsin just 24 hours out from that really crucial primary for ted cruz and for the stop trump movement. you mentioned some of the newest comments in that fox news town hall that's being tape right now here in madison. cruz also saying in response to a question, donald trump over the weekend acknowledged that retweeting that photo of ted cruz's wife, heidi, a rather unflattering version of heidi was a mistake and not saying donald trump admits often. ted cruz said something like, miracles can happen and overall, he could not care less what donald trump. his line now against trump is essentially, who cares? and you talked about he and trump trying to make sure that john kasich does not get on the convention ballot come july and that's something a couple moments ago. explicitly saying come
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convention, there will be just two people on that ballot. him and donald trump. now, as you mention, cruz dismissed any talk of that. rules are rules. he believes that if he and trump go in with about 80% of the delegates, then the rules won't be changed. kasich will be off the ballot and what cruz has wanted for months now. a head to head match-up with him and donald trump and talk about a paul ryan coming in for weeks. >> on the talk is about paul ryan. paul ryan, clearly someone who would be an alternative to both cruz and donald trump from the establishment. he said he's not interested, but he said that before he became speaker. what do you think, peter? >> reporter: you make a good point. all i can say is that donald trump has been communicating that this is paul ryan's home state. a lot of people i spoke to about the paul ryan presidency or him showing up at the contested
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convention and said, paul ryan? we're here for donald trump. what is important is what trump said, the point that he's, quote, stubborn. why does he stay in this race? other people like marco rubio, they got the message. they got out. however, what's notable here is that this is a state that donald trump with blue collar demographics and an open primary. both elements benefitted trump in the past and obviously, a lot of independent voters could come and support donald trump here as they have in other places. that's what they're relying on. having spoke to mmny people here. one person saying they're deciding between a democrat and donald trump tomorrow. so donald trump touting new poll numbers. you noted some of the introduction here. ten points down late last week. and they believe confidently he'll win here. he's predicting it here today.
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>> peter alexander and hallie jackson. speaking of wisconsin and the battle as we go forward, ari melber now. your reporting is that they are both trying to squeeze john kasich out. but john kasich, if he had delegates, are standing to be in contenti contention, at least, at that convention. >> reporter: if we do see a cruz victory in wisconsin, that means donald trump would then win 61% of the remaining delegates to clinch this outright. not impossible, but difficult, especially after the week donald trump has had. what i learned talking to aides from both trump and cruz, rarely agree on anything is that they work to block kasich from the ballot. said moments ago under the rules, there's only going to be two candidates there. he's saying it as we know, each convention writes its own rules. >> meeting with rnc people and they will write the rules the week before the convention in
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cleveland. each convention gets its own set of rules. >> the question is, who are they? the delegates are ssill being selected. they are organized this eekend in north dakota is that they will have, together, a super majority between cruz and trump to say, look, we had a full national election, there's two people left in a photo finish and they should be in the ballot. john weaver, as you know, the kasich chief strategist and saying, look, trump/cruz teaming up to bully kasich and basically organizing that this is unfair. this is undemocratic. the problem for that argument, i think, ultimately, what do those republican delegates think is fair? is it a precedent or say we have done it this way before so not only anti-kasich or if no one won, does everyone in the race
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get a shot? >> which is why we all go to cleveland early. ari melber, thank you so much. >> thank you. right now in jansville, wisconsin, bernie sanders is dra addressing a crowd. financial reform and health care. >> and i am deeply disturbed that we are the only major country on earth. you don't hear much about this in the media. but we are the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all people. did you all know that? germany does it. france does it. the united kingdom does it. canada does it. all people in those countries have health care as a right. now, i'm a member of the committee that helped to write the affordable care act.
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affordable care act has done a number of very important things. we did away with the so-called preexisting conditions. we made it possible for young people to stay on their parents' insurance plans. we did away with discrimination against women in terms of the cost of their health insurance premiums. and we have also added 17 million americans to the ranks of the insured. all of that is good. all of that is good. >> bernie sanders in wisconsin while hillary clinton is in new york. joel is a senior strategist and joins me now. good to see you. why new york when wisconsin votes tomorrow? are you conceding already? >> no, not at all. she spent time in wisconsin last week.
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she gave a speech there on the supreme court and did an education town hall. campaigned with the mothers of the movement. i'm talking about gun violence. she's been going back and forth. we've got a lot of states this month, as everybody knows between now and april 26th. and we're trying to campaign in all of them as much as we can. and compete in wisconsin, as we've said, all the way through. >> what is the impact, should he win in wisconsin? he's favored in wisconsin. he's certainly dug in a whole lot more. will that give him the momentum? could he narrow the gap and take new york away? or narrow it so much that it's an apparent victory for someone twice elected as a senator? >> i don't think he can narrow the gap materially. wisconsin is a state that favors him. it is much less diverse than most of the states we compete in, in democratic primaries. it's got a lower population of african-americans and very small
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population oof l!$f latinos. we've won far more primary elections than senator sanders has and a bigger net delegate lead by a lot more than he has. the key heee in wisconsin is to compete hard and try to win the state. and either way, the state comes out. i don't think there's going to be a big shift in the 230 or plus advantage that hillary clinton has right now. >> anything to report on the debate over debates? >> i'm always amazed aa a former journalist, i appreciate that more reporting on the debate about the debate some days than what's going on in the campaign. >> partly because the campaigns are putting out the statements. he says, she says there's going to be one on "good morning america" on friday and he said there's one on nbc on the 10th. why can't there agree? there's enough time between now and april 19th. >> i'm not sitting at the negotiating table. what i know about our side is that we've agreed to debates
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that at some point, we think he's suddenly wanting to change those debates to other places. i suspect they will work out having another debate in april as the candidate said they would. hillary clinton loves debates. she does very well in them. you go back to 2008, she and senator obama dbltebated more t any other in history. she does very well in them. it's a great opportunity to draw senator sanders and show people she's not only the toughest candidate to take on donald trump, but that she's the candidate in the democratic field to produce results to make a real difference in people's lives. >> she does seem to be increasingly annoyed. the green peace activists. she is increasingly frustrated and obviously tension between the two of them at his ability to keep coming after her. he's going after her on issue
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after issue. and it is getting more personal, the way they're targeting her. >> i've been saying that for more than a month, if you recall. a huge pushback from the sanders campaign. they have differences on issues. and the attack, by the way, that he's been making on her taking money from the fossil fuel industry, he got three pi noek o, pinocchios from "the washington post" on that. that's not the kind of campaign he said he was going to run. if he wants a debate about climate change, there's one candidate who got something done. but that's hillary clinton. >> i know. but she was in copenhagen with barack obama. but with it this nasty, how is the party going to come together? >> we came together in 2008. we had a hard-fought primary. democrats know that what we have
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to do, the party that's really the party against the people in this country that are republicans, because the democratic party and our nominee, who i think are hillary clinton, will make the case that we will improve people's lives economically, giving their kids the education they deserve, taking on climate change, and we'll be making that case forcefully against republicans and we will unite democrats around that. >> she's in new york? >> yes, home state. >> joel benenson. thank you very much for being with us. breaking news to report from the supreme court. in unanimous decision, rejected the challenge by conservative republicans in texas. the republicans wanted the state to draw its legislative boundaries using voting population numbers, not total population. using the total population dilutes the strength because it overcounts people not registered to vote which tend to be minorities. there's no basis in the u.s.
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and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest, and hit purchase. so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. we have the machine against us. one of these guys, such a dope. some guy named sykes. he doesn't have a clue. i always thought you're supposed to be like a little bit impartial. >> conservative talk radio host in wisconsin are playing a big role in the outcome tomorrow. milwaukee's wtmj am radio host charlie sykes made headlines for
9:19 am
trade among other issues. an msnbc contributor and joining me now from milwaukee. i was thrown by him calling you a dope just now. >> i think he called me a low life. >> are you a dope or a low life, which is it, charlie? >> great moment. tear down this wall. donald j. trump. charlie sykes. kind of a badge of honor. you make a list of the people he's insulted. >> are you sure you're a conservative radio show host? >> i am a conservative radio show host. which has why i've been critical of him. i think he's a fraud and i think he basically haa become a caricature of what people who aren't conservatives said conservatives are. and i think he poses a real existential threat to the conservative movement and i tried to call him out on that. >> why are milwaukee radio hosts calling out donald trump? in other states, he has owned those markets.
9:20 am
what is it about wisconsin radio that is got sort of a real heartbeat for real conservatives? spot a phony when they see a phony, at least in your light. >> we've been through the wars. we're kind of battle tested. i think the monnrchy has been used to principled who gets things done. this is paul ryan country. not donald trump country. this is a market where we're used to hear people who make coherent arguments, which is something not associated with donald trump's presidential campaign, is it? >> well, what do you think are the biggest problems when you say he's not a real ponservative. what's your evidence of that? >> well, his support for single payer health care. his support for the stimulus package. his support for tax increases. his donation to democratic candidates. being pro abortion.
9:21 am
being pro abortion. why is the sanders campaign
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so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. i am very proud to be a senator from the great state of vermont and today we're not arguing about whose cheddar cheese is better. i fully concede. >> in wisconsin. it's about the cheese. i have to ask you about today's "new york times" story, which appears to be a mea culpa.
9:26 am
he should have gone after hillary clinton earlier. not just e-mails but on the goldman sachs speech, on financiil services. he should have been more personal. there's a quote, in fact, from james sanders. we didn't run all over the nation last year. we spent every week in the senate and every weekend, three or four days a week, he would be running around the country. is it that you blew up? not you personally, but the campaign blew the big chance to take this nomination away from her? >> o, it's not. i spoke to "new york times" a couple of weeks ago after we lost five states saying we were winding down the campaign and it was over. and i told them, and i believe this that after nevada, we decided on a different strategic course. it's a tough road. it's a long road. but i think it's a road that leads to victory. we had on super tuesday try to beat her and statewide contests. we targeted five.
9:27 am
won four of them and almost won massachusetts as well and had a big showdown in michigan and now we've won six of the last seven events and i hthink we have a good shot of wisconsin. it's a lookback for me. and you really have to focus on the next event. i think we have a shot of winning this nomination because bernie sanders has the best. >> it seems so dissonant. you had phenomenal fund raising in march and all of your supporters with the big rallies and all the rest of the momentum from your campaign. why would that come out now? >> well, andrea, as i said, i first talked to them about this a few weeks ago. i think they were determined to write a story that bernie sanders had run a personal tough negative campaign, he was never going to run that campaign.
9:28 am
>> she says he's running that campaign now. >> i guess the facts, you have to confront the facts on that. the truth is that as that story i think articulates that, there's a broad range of issues that bernie sanders said and he said it in the first debate, he wasn't going to talk about the e-mails or the investigations going on. we should let them take their course. the clinton foundation is another example of issues. we're not going to talk about these things because they're not the debate. there are real differences. on campaign finance, like fracking. there are real differences. and he will talk about those issues. but not going to attack her personally. we've never put her image or name in an ad. and i'm sure we never will. >> he's been going after her with tough rhetoric on their disagreements over policies, but it's been much more personal. much tougher.
9:29 am
should he have been tougher early on? >> i'm proud of the campaign bernie has run. we could have spent more days in iowa. the way he impacts a vote, we see it in michigan and hopefully wisconsin as well. hindsight is always 20/20 but if you consider where we started 60 points behind in national polls, 50 points behind in iowa and 40 points behind in new hampshire. what's happen since then, i think it's remarkable and a testament to bernie sanders, his character, candidacy and his message. >> is there going to be a debate?
9:30 am
>> when they want a debate, it's a massive crowd event. we agreed with telemundo and nbc. they expect an audience of more than 10 million people for that debate. and we've also said he's available the 0th, the 11th, the 12th or the 13th. that's four nights that we could have a primetime debate. they don't want debates about debates but issues. bernie's prepared to do that. >> tad devine. we showed bernie sanders and now go to hillary clinton. she's at the javits convention. some people get bored by that
9:31 am
kind of talk. don't bother me with the details. let's make it sound good. let's make it feel good. well, think we'd still be sounding and feeling good if it hadn't been for the hard work and the incredible commitment that the governor made to this issue. and he had a great partner in the speaker who has in his very first year demonstrated incredible leadership. speaker carl hasty has laid the groundwork for even more accomplishments. and here we have two leaders from the senate. i'm going to thank both andrea and jeff and join in the governor in thanking senator
9:32 am
flanagan. because i know this may not sound as big as it is to some ears. passing the assembly was great. getting it through the senate unanimously, unanimous ly is a modern day miracle. again, because of the hard work. and i look out at this crowd. i see representatives from the legislature and from the congress and from the city council. and i see representatives from the coalition of unions that backed this incredible accomplishment. now, i know that doing this was hard. but now that it is accomplished. we all have a right to be proud of new york, and i have to say
9:33 am
that we owe the governor a huge debt of gratitude. but i also really appreciate that what the governor did shows the way to getting an increased minimum wage at the federal level. >> and hillary clintoo aftcalli out the elected officials who she helps will help put her over on vaa victory she needs in new york hoping he thinks he'll have enough momentum coming out of wisconsin to do damage to her in new york. that primary is april 19th. meanwhile, this is donald trump just moments earlier today in wisconsin. >> i said, we're going.
9:34 am
we're in a bubble. a big bubble. could be a really ugly bubble. bubbles aren't pretty. we've had bubbles. when they burst, it's not a good thing. and what i said is we'll go into a massive recession, but i also say if i'm president, that's not going to happen. >> this comes two days after telling bob woodward and acosta that the u.s. is headed for a massive recession and prescriptions for getting rid of the national debt that fly in the face of almost all economic theory. joining me for the daily fix, abbey phillip, robert acosta and chris cillizza, a trifecta of washington post correspondents. you were meeting with donald trump for lunch with his soon to be hotel. tell us about that meeting and about a lot of the issues that have been raised with what he said about the economy.
9:35 am
>> it was striking. as we sat down at a conference table at the old post office, sandwiches on the side. but no one touched them during the meeting but trump was trying to explain how his presidency would be. and trying to address concerns about his campaign that he's not doing enough to reach out to members of the republican party. it was a candid conversation. 96 minutes. and the big takeaway beyond his comments about the economy which were startling to hear predicting a recession is thaa trump remains a singular figure in american politics. a loner within his own party. >>loner within his own party, how does donald trump broaden his appeal? you saw the analysis that was in the new york times, i think, yesterday, as to what his general election outlook would be in terms of the electoral college vote given how many
9:36 am
individual groups, women, hispanics, veterans to a certain extent with the john mccain insult, how many groups he has alienated during this primary campaign? >> you know, n the interview with the two bobs, he repeatedly says it's not the time right now. we still have time to do that. i'm still trying to win the nomination. i would dismiss that out of hand except for one thing which is, when he started running, andrea in june, his favorable/unfavorable ratings was about 32 favorable, 67 unfavorable. three months later, it had transformed into 68 favorable, and 32 unfavorable. now, i've never seen anything like that before ever. not in the republican primary or the democratic primary, not in the general election. i do not think he could possibly pull the same thing off if he were the democratic nominee, rather. and having done it flies in the face of everything i knew about
9:37 am
politics so i'm not ready to 100% rule it out, but that's what it would take. a significant reversal and the kind of reversal we've in the seen historically in politics. >> i want to ask you about all of this in a second. but costa, you have this indicating trump is furious with the media critics. what have we learned about this? >> i was calling about this. i said, what's actually going on within the campaign? in the back channels privately? because it's been a tumultuous week for trump. controversy about his comments and his operation and they said instead of having a shake-up internally, they're really trying to have solidarity and this idea that they're right and the media in the republican establishment is wrong. not a lot of soul searching within the trump campaign. in the bennet memo, senior
9:38 am
advisor. he really takes it to trump's critics using curse words and polling to say everything's fine. >> abbey, you've been kovrg bcoh parties. are they just assuming that he would be the easiest republican nominee to defeat? >> i think they're assuming that he's likely to be the nominee and i think they're planning for the worst. the reality about donald trump is that there's a certn level of unpredictability that makes a general election campaign against him challenging. on the other hand, i think that democrats, and andrea, you probably know this, they view ted cruz in very much the same frame as donald trump. the problems with women voters and minority voters are similar. on the other hand, donald trump has like a 51% unfavorable rating among white men. there's a whole universe of problems that he has that i
9:39 am
think makes his demographic challenges potentially insurmountable in a general election. i think that planning for a trump general is a sort of worst case scenario. it seems like the most likely scenario, but they're watching carefully to see what happens today and tomorrow in wisconsin and a few months at the convention. >> you've set up perfectly the question of whether they could be running against someone who would be much more broadly acceptable in a general election. in other words, paul ryan. he, once again, dismissed this in a radio interview in israel where he's traveling today. >> i do believe people put my name in this thing. and i said, get my name out of that. if you want to be president, you should go run for president. >> you're not the fresh face? >> no, i'm not the fresh face. i'm not that person. i'd like to think my face is somewhat fresh, but i'm not foo this conversation. i think you need to run for
9:40 am
president if you're going to be president. i'm not running for president. period. end of story. >> end of story, chris cillizza? >> you know, i tend to think the answer to that is yes barring what would be a somewhat catastrophic thing for republicans which is we look at 12, 10, 14, 16 ballots and they don't have a nominee at the republican national convention in cleveland in mid july. i believe strongly, andrea, if it's not donald trump, it will almost certainly be ted cruz. i am just not sure how a party cannot give it to the top delegate getter which will be trump and bypass cruz and give it to someone not even john kasich, but someone who's not in the race at all. i think paul ryan's right. you've got to run for it. it's a hard argument to make. these two guys with all the delegates, millions of votes. we're not going to give it to either of them. sw someone who didn't do any of those things. i don't think that would go down
9:41 am
well with trump supporters certainly but cruz supporters, his either. >> unless you get the fourth ballot and everyone is so muddied up. >> that's the possible scenario. multiple, multiple ballots becomes clear that cruz cannot win. >> chris cillizza, abbey phillip and robert costa. trump said the u.s. should trump said the u.s. should get out of nato.
9:42 am
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president obama has been ho hosting a nato meeting. nato was found 67 years ago today. with the rise of isis attacking europe and russian aggression and recent rhetoric in the 2016 political race, the race for the white house, it has never been
9:45 am
more on the spotlight. nato secretary general joining me now from the white house. thank you so much. general, first of all, tell me about the white house meeting and the conversations about isis and about how to better defend europe from isis attacks. >> we agree we should step up when it comes to the fight against isil and all nato allies support the u.s.-led efforts to degrade isil. nato is now focusing on how we can able government forces in the region. we do training, capacity building. we think in the long run, the more we can enable the region to stabilize their own countries, the better. so we have just started training officers and we will also do all the things to support the efforts in defeating isil.
9:46 am
>> headquartered in brussels must have been shocking to you not only to experience the attacks in your neighborhood, but also the lack of intelligence sharing that preceded those attacks. >> i think what happened in brussels just reminds us of that affects us all from brussels to san bernardino. we are stepping up intelligence and address the youth causes in the region in syria in iraq. i think it's also important to remember that our biggest military operation ever is in afghanistan and, that was a direct response to terrorist attack in the united states, 9/11. hundreds of thousands of canadiens have ser canadians served alongside for years and a thousand european, canadians paid the ultimate price. so i think this is just where we
9:47 am
stand together, north america, united states, in the fight against terrorism. >> i know the president most recently expressed, publicly, expressed his gratitude for nato for the sacrifices for the war and elsewhere. which has why it has been so shocking that the republican front runner in our presidential race had this to say about nato only recently. >> i will not comment on that. >> absolutely, it was 67 years or over 60 years old. many countries, doesn't cover terrorism. okay. it covers the soviet union, which is no longer in existence and nato has changed for the better. >> he's also, of course, said in that interview and in others that the u.s. should get out of nato. i know you're not going to comment on our politics and that
9:48 am
would not be appropriate for you to. but does the alliance need to be updated? it was created to go up against the soviet union. is there a mission issue here for nato? >> as you said, i will not comment on the u.s. election campaigg. it's up to the people of america to decide who's going to be the next president of united states. but what i can do is to tell what nato is doing and we are addressing both russia and isil and both things are important. when it comes to russia, we implement the biggest reinforcement of the collective defense since the end of the cold war. that's important for europe and the united states and because of safe and secure, it's important for the security of the u.s. when it comes to isil, all of them contribute in different ways. and to fight against isil, nato
9:49 am
is also doing a lot when it comes to training, building capacity over forces in the region, all the way from afghanistan. and iraq, tunisia, to enable them. to protect themselves and to fight isil. and as i said, afghanistan is our biggest mission ever. we'll continue to be in afghanistan and that is a direct response to an attack on the united states. and actually, that should be the only time in our history we have invoked our collective defense clause after 9/11 when all nato allies stood together with the united states in the fight against terror. >> nato secretary general. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. and just ahead, take me out to the ball game. a day ahead. who are brewers fans rooting for? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party.
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if you were a campaign consultant for donald trump's campaign, how would you tell him to win? >> drop out of the race. he's too hard wired to be the type of person he is. he doesn't fit politics. >> i like hillary clinton. why? because she's got the experience. she's been around. she knows the united states. she knows the world, other countries, and i think at this point, she has the best record. >> it's a double header in wisconsin ahead of the primary contest. it's opening day for the milwaukee brewers with an hour to go until the first pitch. tony dokoupil is talking to the brew crew about who they're rooting for this political season. hey, tony. what are you hearing? >> reporter: hey, andrea. we've been talking all week all last week how wisconsinites are
9:54 am
passionate about baseball and politics and all colliding here on top of the fan's bar about two blocks from the miller stadium. seven stops in three days. he's trying to make up for a deficit about three points behind ted cruz. and he's struggling. it's going to be difficult. i'll show you why. you're a trump fan. what would you say to people who doubt the donald right now? >> donald trump is a very honest man. he speaks what's on his mind. he doesn't sugar coat things. so i think he's one great person. and i like him. my mother passed away a month ago. she was going to vote for him too. >> you're voting for mom. and donald trump fans set in their position. on the other hand, we've got sharon. steve's sister. you're the mother of three. what do you think about donald trump when it comes to women? >> i do not like the remarks he made. we're hard working. i raised my sons. and i don't feel we should be
9:55 am
called pigs and other names that have come up. i just don't feel that's right. >> there you go, andrea. two different perspectives. i think that crystallizes donald trump's challenge here. he's got hard charging dead set supporters and try to win over people iffy on him. high negative opinions of him and doesn't look like he can chop through. one interesting baseball connection. the founding family of our principles pac, one of the largest trying to stop them, the money came from the chicago cubs family. the arizona diamondbacks family is helping support the effort. baseball fans, not friendly to donald. >> at least so far. as far as we know. the voters will have their say tomorrow. tony, thank you so much. another big game tonight. good luck to the villanova wildcats. v for victory. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports."
9:56 am
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on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? this is in the heart of milwaukee. the cheese curds just as good as the beer. we'll talk about that later. 18 hours from now, voters head to the polls here in milwaukee and what's shaping up to be a pivotal primary. front runners in both parties are polling second. opening a door to the primary challengers. for the republicans, it's ted cruz with the momentum. but donald trump still acting and speaking very much like a front-runner here in the badger state. >> i really believe tomorrow
10:00 am
we're going to have a very, very big victory. very big victory. >> the recent republican polls, however, mirror this one from anderson college showing ted cruz ahead primed for a win that could keep trump from 1237. of course, the magic number of delegates to prevent a chaotic contested convention in cleveland. meanwhile, bernie sanders appears to have a much more difficult task ahead of him. he leads in nearly all the recent major polls here but hillary clinton's delegate lead appears to make her nomination more a question of win than if. we continue to have reporters covering all the campaigns today. they are fanned out. we start with gabe gutierrez in the far northwestern corner of the state in superior, wisconsin, about six hours from where we sit in the minnesota border where donald trump will be holding his second of three wisconsin rallies today alone. gabe, first of


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