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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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are his campaign advisors fighting among themselves? >> i have not heard anything about in-fighting. >> it's being reported and there are people within your campaign who are suggesting. >> i doubt that. i doubt that. >> you feel confident your campaign is all working together? none of the people who have been brought in? >> are we number one? we have millions more votes than anybody else? we're going to have a great turnout and i think we're going to do very well. >> the big apple and the big cheese. hillary clinton is all about new york. as bernie sanders' momentum coming out of wisconsin tonight. >> i've had the great privilege of representing this state for eight years, as you know. and we live here. we've lived here ever since we left the white house. nothing beats it for me. i love being here. >> coming up, hillary clinton's challenger for the democratic nomination. ba bernie sanders joining us live.
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>> we are hoping that here in wisconsin, there will be a record-breaking turnout. people come out to vote in large numbers. i think we'll do very, very well. and that's it. >> and super nova. one of the greatest endings in sports history. the wildcats, first national championship in 30 years. >> length of the floor. three seconds at midcourt. for the ten. happy wisconsin election day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in new york. is donald trump revamping his campaign? despite reports that some in his own family are not happy with the kind of advice he's getting from his tight knit inner circle. the candidate told chris jansing
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exclusively today this is a media creation. from the race, hallie jackson and right here covering the democrats, nbc's kristen welker and kelly o'donnell. well, first topic up. trump and cruz and chris jansing's exclusive interview with donald trump. you just had that remarkable exchange with him. why don't you take it away and talk about what he had to say about corey lewandowski and the whole issue? >> reporter: in many ways, andrea, all of these different current weather conditions i ask him fit together with the narrative we know about donald trump and that is that he often denies what seems to be the perception that is out there. so these reports, katy tur has done an extensive job of this. it's the cover story in "new york magazine" and the new guard, the people who have been brought on to be part of this campaign, there's this
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infighting. especially after what's been a very bad week. he said he didn't know anything about these reports, he hadn't heard about them and deny anything going on badly in his campaign. it seemed like this was part of another problem for him. he had gone on to talk radio here and facing people who had been behind the stop trump movement and said while on the radio, he didn't know anything about it. i asked him if he had been badly prepared by his staff and denied that was the case and also sort of just brushed off what are these polls that show anywhere from 70%, 77% of women view him unfavorably. i asked him. here's what he told me. one of the toughest mountains is women. 70% negatives with women. can you turn it around? what's behind it? there are people concerned about your questions on abortion and concerned about the fact that you continue to support corey
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lewandowski. >> if you look at the tape, what did corey lewandowski do? be loyal or because somebody filed something, because if you look at the complaint, i mean, people have, we don't have to get into it now and people are trying to say, what did he do wrong? i have to be loyal to people just like i'll be loyal to the people of this country. but when you analyze it, it's called give me a break. as far as women are concerned, nobody sporespects women more t i do. they get a very unfair press. i get a very unfair press. >> reporter: in fact, we've seen ted cruz trying to take advantage of this with the women's group for ted cruz and in the end, he denies expectations, surprise people. but if you look over here and this is a steady stream of people, you know it well, this is the place in wisconsin you
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look to when it's three suburban counties that are just reliably republican and in fact, they're expecting record turnout from this primary about 40 a couple of party insiders told me they thought in this area, it could be 60% to 70% if indeed it turns out to be that it's not good news for donald trump because this is heavily not good news for donald trump. it's ted cruz area, an area where governor scott walker organized, he still has a lot of strength on the ground and he's been in favor of ted cruz, endorsed ted cruz and with nine hours of voting yet to go, andrea, they've already got 17% of voters who have come through here as of about 10 minutes ago. >> chris jansing on top of all of it. head gear in wisconsin. especially cheese heads. what if the cheese head is offered by your own daughter? >> my girls will.
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there is an ironclad rule of politics, no funny hats and any hat is defined as a funny hat. michael decaucus had that. >> will you wear that? >> i'm seeing too much with michael dukakis. you understand that? that was one of the great mistakes in history. pufti . >> lessons learned from the 1988 campaign. >> please don't ask me to put on a cheese head because that would put me in a tough position. it was a cute moment at this cheese shop and his daughter had on the hat. it's like a child's size hat. but he's out here today again. his family is with him and his wife with him. we don't expect to see him out and about. he hopes to head to a victory party tonight in milwaukee and new polling, looks as though ted cruz is headed for a win.
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his campaign believes that it is and possibly looking at a double digit win over donald trump and they're framing as the second sort of phase of his strategy. first, wooing the evangelicals in places like iowa and utah and expand to try to bring in more people under the tent, essentially, including the somewhat conservatives group, the moderate group as well. if cruz can do that in wisconsin, they believe they can point to new york, indiana, places they can continue to do that and pennsylvania, of course, hershey, p.a., home of chocolate. i'm told cruz is a cheese fan. there you have it. >> i'm for cheese and chocolate. and hold on, everyone. joining me by phone from wisconsin is senator bernie sanders, democratic candidate
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calling from the blues egg restaurant in milwaukee. senator, thank you so much. happy election day. thanks very much and what are your expectations today? >> well, we think that if there is a large voter turnout, and the weather here in milwaukee looks really nice, i think we're going to do just fine. if the turnout is not high, we will probably not do so well. but i think, andrea, our message that there's something wrong in this country when the middle class continues to decline and all the wealth goes to the top 1% that we continue to have a corrupt campaign finance system, that's a message i see resonating all over wisconsin. and in fact, much of america. >> hillary clinton was just appearing here in new york on the set of "the view." there's evidence that there's been a lot of nastiness back and forth over the debates and over other issues including campaign fund raising. let me play a little bit for
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you. i know you can't see it, but hope you can get the drift from what you can hear. >> he's attracted so many people, particularly young people, into this contest. and again, you have to look at the broader perspective. he's won some. but i have two and a half million more votes than he does. and i have a very significant lead in delegates. >> now, her campaign manager, robbie, put out a note saying that you have to struggle to explain your path to the nomination. can you explain to them? >> here's our path to the nomination. first of all, we have extraordinary momentum. we have won six out of the last seven caucuses and primaries. we'll see what happens today in
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wisconsin. we'll see what happens shortly in wyoming. and we have won all of those elections up to now by landslide victories. i think out west in oregon and california. i think we're going to do very well. i think we can win the delegate, the pledge delegates. and i'll tell you something else. as i think democrats and super delegates look at the political landscape, what they are seeing is in poll after poll, bernie sanders does a lot better against donald trump than does hillary clinton. hillary and i absolutely agree that the worst thing would be a donald trump republican in the white house. and i think that when super delegates look at the reality of
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which candidate is the strongest against republicans, i think you can see a lot of the super delegates coming up with us. last cnn poll has us 20 points ahead of donald trump here in wisconsin, a battleground state. we were 19 points ahead of him in both cases, the margin was significantly greater than secretary clinton's. >> do you have to defeat her in wisconsin by a big margin to have enough momentum going forward to new york? >> andrea, with all due respect to the media, i've been asked that question. in iowa, in new hampshire. there are 50 states in this country and we want to win as many of them as we can. wisconsin is very important, actually. there are a good number of delegates here and our hope is that we can do well and we're going to new york state and that's where there are a whole lot more delegates. and we feel good. we have a rally just a few days
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ago in the south. we had 18,000 people coming out. and we're going to be doing the best throughout the city of new york, throughout upstate new york and we're feeling pretty good. so i think, given the fact that when we began this campaign, my candidacy was considered a fringe candidacy with 60 points behind. polls have us 1 point behind and we've come a long way. and i think that the momentum for us continues, we have a real shot to win the democratic prima primary. >> in fact, senator, we were already playing pictures of that huge rally in the south bronx which we covered extensively you were playing video of that big crowd there to make that point as well. a legitimate point, as well. what about money and fund raising? she says repeatedly in her speeches that the majority of her donors are small donors. you've been unprecedented in your ability to tap in to
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unloaned donations, your numbers in march were extraordinary. what about her claim a majority is coming from small donors? >> if a majority, just being hypothetical, if you have 10 people who contribute a buck. that's 10 people and one person contributes $500. the majority come from small donors. but the reality is that the majority, of her total money, comes from wealthier people and she has superpacs and her major super pac received a $15 billion from wall street. what we've done is different. we have in an unprecedented way received 6 million individual campaign contributions averaging $27 a piece. and 2 million people have made those contributions. this is unprecedented in american history. i think that kind of shows the support that we have and the energy that we have and the fact that what we are doing is
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running a revolutionary campaign, not dependent on wall street or big money interest at all. >> can you win new york? >> i think we can. we're going to work very hard to make that happen. >> senator bernie sanders, i know you have to continue with your campaigning. it's a busy election day, but thank you for taking the time. >> thank you very much. take care, bye-bye. >> thank you. with thanks to hallie jackson and chris jansing but here with me to talk about senator sanders and hillary clinton, kristen welker and kelly o'donnell who have been all over this campaign. kristen, from what we just heard, it outlines the contrast he's drawing and she is not in wisconsin tea, kristen. expectations? >> well, they have been, the clinton campaign has been lowering expectations for weeks now and the fact that she's not in wisconsin tells you everything you need to know about how the clinton campaign thinks they're going to do in wisconsin. they are bracing for a loss.
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they were hoping to lower the level by which he wins. she added some extra events over the weekend and now hoping to turn the page, not just on wisconsin but the wins that senator sanders had. the focus is on new york. secretary clinton feels as though she has to hold her ground. this is her adopted home turf in order to make the case that she's a strong front-runner. mathematically, does she need to win new york? she could weather a loss, but it would be devastating. >> if she were to lose her, kelly o'donnell, it would be a lot of teeth gnashing on the democratic party circles. kelly, hold that thought because another interruption. >> no problem. >> back at the white house, the president talking about tax inversions an a new announcement to crack down on businesses who create their headquarters overseas just to avoid u.s. taxes. >> 73 straight months, 14.4
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million new jobs. unemployment about half of what it was six years ago. this progress is due directly to the grit and determination and hard work and the fundamental optimism of the american people. as i travel around the country, what always stands out is the fact that the overwhelming majority work hard and play by the rules. they deserve to see their hard work rewarded. they also deserve to note that big corporations are playing by a different set of rules. the wealthiest among us aren't able to game the system. i've been pushing for years to eliminate some of the injustices in our tax system. so i am very pleased that the treasury department has taken new action to prevent more corporationls from one of the most insidious tax loop homes
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just to get out of paying their taxes. this got some attention in the business press yesterday but i wanted to make sure we highlighted the importance of treasury's action and why it did what it did. this directly goes out what's called corporate inversions. they are not new, simply put in laymen's terms, they acquire small companies. and change their address to another country on paper in order to get out of paying their fair share of taxes here at home. as a practical matter, they keep most of the business in the united states because they benefit from american infrastructure and technology and they benefit from the research and ourpatents. they benefit from american workers but effectively renounce their citizenship and declare they're based somewhere else,
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thereby getting the rewards of being an american company without fulfilling the responsibilities to pay their taxes the way everybody else is supposed to pay them. when companies exploit loopholes like this, it makes it harder to invest in the things that are going to keep america's economy going strong for future generations. it sticks the rest of us with the tab. and it makes hard working americans feel like the deck is stacked against them. so this is something that i've been pushing for a long time. since i became president, we made our tax code fair and took steps to make sure our tax laws are actually enforced including efforts to tax down on offshore evasion. it gets tougher sometimes when the irs is starved for resources and squeezed by the congressional appropriation process so there's not enough people to pay attention to what the lawyers an account taleants all the time. we continue to emphasize the
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importance of basic tax enforcement. in the news over the last couple of days, we've had another reminder in this big dump of data coming out of panama that tax avoidance is a big global problem. it's not unique to other countries because, frankly, there are folks here who are taking advantage of the same stuff. a lot of it is legal, but that's exactly the problem. it's not that they're breaking the laws, but the laws are so poorly designed they've got enough accountants to wiggle out of responsibilities that ordinary citizens are having to abide by. here in the united states, there are loopholes only wealthy individuals and powerful corporations have access to. they have access to offshore accounts and they're gaming the system. middle class families are not in the same position to do this. in fact, a lot of these loopholes come at the expense of
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middle class families because that lost revenue has to be made up somewhere. alternatively, it means that we're not investing as much as we should in schools and making college more affordable and putting people back to work, rebuilding our roads, our bridges, creating more opportunities for our children. so this is important stuff. and these new actions by the treasury department bill on steps that we've already taken to make the system fair but i want to be clear, while the treasury department actions will make it more difficult and less lucrative for companies to exploit this particular corporate inversions loophole, only congress can close it for good. and only congress can make sure that the other loopholes being taken advantage of are closed. i've often said the best way to end this kind of irresponsible behavior is with tax reform that lowers thetax rate and
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simplifies the tax code for everybody. in recent years, i put forward plans repeatedly that would make our tax system more competitive for all businesses, including small businesses. so far, republicans in congress have yet to act. my hope is that they start getting serious about it. when politicians perpetuate a system that favors the wealthy at expense of the middle class, it's not surprising people feel like they can't get ahead. it's not surprising that oftentimes, it may produce the politics that is directed at that frustration. rather than doubling down on policies that let a few big corporations or the wealthiest among us play by their own rules, we should keep building an economy where everybody has a fair shot and everybody plays by the same rules. rather than protect wasteful tax loopholes, we should be
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investing more in things like education and job creation and job training that we know grow the economy for everybody and rather than lock in tax breaks for millionaires or make it harder to actually enforce existing laws, let's give tax breaks to help working families pay for child care or for college and let's stop rewarding companies shipping jobs overseas and profit overseas and start rewarding companies that create jobs right here at home and are good corporate citizens. that's how we're going to build america together. that's how we battled back from this great recession. that's the story of the past seven years. that can be the story for the next several decades if we make the right zegs decisio decision. i hope this is in the broader political debate leading up to election season. with that, i turn it over to mr. josh ernest.
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>> given the release of the millions of pages of financial information, are you concerned that reflects on the ability of the treasury department to sort of be able to see all the financial transactions across the globe and whether that suggests that the sanctions that you put in places around the world might not be as strong as you think it is? >> we know the sanctions regime is strong because iran wouldn't have, for example, cut a deal to end their nuclear program in the absence of strong sanctions enforcement. but there is no doubt that the problem of global tax avoidance generally is a huge problem. it's been brought up in g-7 meetings and g-20 meetings. there's some progress made in coordinating between tax authorities of different countries so that we can make sure that we're catching some of the most egregious examples.
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but as i said before, one of the big problems we have, michael, is that a lot of this stuff is legal, not illegal. and unless the united states and other countries lead by example in closing some of these loopholes and provisions, then in many cases, you can trace what's taking place but you can't stop it. and there's always going to be some elicit movement of funds around the world but we shouldn't make it easy or legal to engage in transactions just to avoid taxes. that's why i think it's important that the treasury acted on something that's different of what happened in panama. the corporate inversions issue is a financial transaction that is brokered among major fortune
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500 companies to avoid paying taxes but the basic principle of us making sure everybody is paying their fair share and don't just have a few people to take advantage of tax provisions, that's something that we really have to pay attention to. as i said, this is all net outflows of money that could be spent on the pressing needs here in the united states. and the volume that you start seeing when you combined legal tax avoidance with elicit tax avoidance or some of the activities we're seeing. this is not just billions of dollars, it's not just hundreds of billions. this may be trillions of dollars worldwide and it could make a big difference in terms of what we can do here. i'm going to take one more question and then turn over to josh. >> the republican front-runner
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outlined his plan. >> oh no. >> undocumented immigrants in the u.s. from sending money back home. what would be the real implication of this plan and are the foreign policy proposals already doing damage? >> the answer to the question of the latter question is yes. i've been clear earlier that i'm getting questions constantly about some of the whackier suggestions that are being made. i have to emphasize it's not just mr. trump's proposals. you're hearing concerns about mr. cruz's proposals. in some ways, just as draconian when it comes to immigration, for example. the implications with respect to ending remittances, from legal immigrants and from individuals sending money back home to their
9:27 am
families, are enormous. first of all, they're impractical. we just talked about the difficulties of trying to enforce huge outflows of capital. the notion we're going to track every western union bit of money sent to mexico, good luck with that. then we've got the issue of the implications for the mexican economy. which in turn, if it's collapsing, sends more immigrants north because they can't find jobs back in mexico but this is one more example of something that is not thought through and primarily put forward for political consumption. and as i try to emphasize throughout, we got serious problems here. we got big issues an tround the world. people expect the president of the united states and the elected officials to treat these
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problems seriously and put forward policies that have been examined, analyzed, are effective, where unintended kons kwenl kwenss taken into out and not half baked notions out of the white house. we can't afford that. turn it over to josh. thank you guys. >> well, there's a message from the president taking two questions after talking about the new tax regulation from the treasury announced by the secretary yesterday. kelly o'donnell is still here. kelly, you've covered this white house as well as everything else that you do. and took a shot not just at donald trump but ted cruz. that's part of the message, i'm sure, we're not just laying the groundwork but against ted cruz. >> and the president is reminding us all, he's not going to be a spectator on big news days like this that might not
9:29 am
involve him directly showing us he can come to the briefing room and not just talk about important policy but must have known if any questions, there would be a question ready to go that would deal with politics and able to help shape part of the debate today. >> kristen welker and kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. we've had the president and bernie sanders and why not go to the press spokesman for hillary clinton. hillary clinton in new york today, not in wisconsin. she was on abc's "the view" and the perception of not being trustworthy and not being authentic. >> what is inauthentic? >> i don't understand that. i don't understand that. because i've been pretty much the same person my entire life for better or worse. my attitude is if you're going to be in public life, you have to have a thick skin. i have developed a thick skin. anybody interested, i have great creams for it. >> meanwhile, the bernie sanders campaign is targeting the new york crowd.
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the daughter of eric garner. >> this is everything i ever have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protester. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. >> joining me here is brian fallon, press secretary of the hillary clinton campaign. a lot to unpack here. first of all, why is she in new york and not in wisconsin? what are your expectations? from the wisconsin vote. >> well, she spent three days of the last week in wisconsin. we have contested that state right up through the finish. i think that -- >> can you win it? >> i think it's a state somewhat favors senator sanders and some polling reflected that. it's an open primary.
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he's consistent over the formats. it's a state that's very progressive with a large number of college age voters. i think that senator sanders has the wind at his back in wisconsin today but we'll see how the results go. i do think that the new york primary is going to loom very large for both candidates and that's why both candidates campaign in my state for the better part of the week and have essentially a three week campaign focused on new york state. and the republic fason for that york is foremost of the four remaining delegate rich states. if sanders will turn this around, new york is a must-win for senator bernie sanders. >> it's also a must-win for hillary clinton that represented the state in the senate and is an adopted new yorker. it would be a real psychological blow. she's mathematically so far good and numerically, it's hard to
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catch up with pledge delegates. it opens a pathway for the other mid-atlantic states. >> we think it's going to be a competitive contest. senator sanders are from here and part of the working families party and it's an important player here in new york politics. the work she did representing this state and we started to tell that story last week with the visit to syracuse. that's the type of power she wants to rebuild the manufacturing. we view the next two weeks as a
9:33 am
great opportunity to tell the story of how she can bring people together. >> this is a campaign where she is talking about how the democrats have been with the republicans and here's what the sanders campaign put out after you finally agreed the two campaigns, the two campaigns, not you personally. we hope the debate will be worth the inconvenience for thousands of new yorkers who were planning to attend our rally on thursday but will have to change their schedules to accommodate secretary clinton's jam packed high dollar coast to coast schedule of fundraisers all over the country. your comment on that? >> we were taken aback by that. i thought it was unnecessary by the sanders campaign. i think that in these remaining weeks of this contest, it will be the obligation of both campaigns to conduct themselves in an issue-oirnriented to come together and recognize the true
9:34 am
stakes before us in this election. if we were staring down the possibility of a donald trump nominee coming out of the republican party with everything he wants to do in terms of turning back the president's policy on immigration, on health care, ideas to lift wages for working class americans, he's against the minimum wage increase, for instance, the stakes are so high. democrats have to be united. i think they will be. i think senator sanders will do everything in his power to ensure that the democrat wins the white house in 2016. so i don't think yesterday's comment as surprising as it was is telling in terms of how senator sanders will comport himself in a general election. >> we continue to raise the funds we need to compete and make our campaign successful. this is an extended primary and make sure we have the resources to compete. that said, the time she's interacting with voters and doing an event today.
9:35 am
she just says sending the money and gets millions online. we're confident of the resources we need and the small donors. we have a million contribute fors fors. we have the resources that we need to wage this contested primary all the way through the end of the convention. i do think though that by the end of this month based on the results in new york and in pennsylvania that those will be decisive and it will be clear that bernie sanders doesn't have a path any longer after the end of may, after the end of april, i should say. >> thank you very much. game changer. the expectation for ted cruz and bernie sanders wisconsin. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. gomery and abigail higgins had...
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introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. donald trump's week of controversy may be having some impact on his support. our new nbc news survey poll shows a slight dip for trump down three points to 45%. trump still holds a strong lead over ted cruz at 28%. and john kasich at 18%. one measure of trump's support may be tonight's result in wisconsin where cruz supporters are predicting a double digit lead. michael steele, political analyst and former republican chairman. contributor to the "wall street journal." and john, make up the host with all due respect airing 6:00 p.m.
9:40 am
weekdays on msnbc. first to you, mark halperin. what is your expectation on donald trump in wisconsin? is there any that matter for what happens given what we've seen? >> dstit's a bit of a confusing electorate given that it's an open primary. given the polling i've seen, showing cruz with a big lead and possib the possibility when you go district by district he could get six delegates and maybe fewer and being close to shut out in delegates, symbolically and psychologically, he would be the favor for the nomination. he would be on track, potentially, for majority but it would give cruz and kasich and a stop trump movement some boost going into new york and the northeastern states in the next few days. >> conversely, if he does well in wisconsin by any measure, is that the end of the stop trump
9:41 am
movement? >> i'm sorry, my audio is horrible. i apologize. >> i can repeat it. if donald trump does very well in wisconsin, is that the end of the stop trump movement? >> i'm sorry. i can't hear you. i'm sorry about that. >> i heard. i'll answer briefly. yes. if trump somehow wins this primary, i think it will be virtually impossible to stop him because it would take the ability to head him off in the northeast. >> mark, you want to let john weigh in on that, if you could. >> if trump wins, what happens? >> well, if trump wins? if trump wins, he's going to be tough to stop. he only needs to win about 51% of the remaining delegates and a lot of states that are good states for him, not just new york for a lot of states in the northeast. it would probably be strong in
9:42 am
new jersey and strong in california. trump could get to 1237 if he wins in wisconsin. if he doesn't win in wisconsin, makes it very hard and especially as mark said, if he gets few delegates, he's got to get closer to the remaining dell galts a gats and that's a high hill to climb. >> my apologies to john for the audio problems between here and there. but michael steele and doug high, as former republican national committee officials and spokesman, what does the party do now? let's say he doesn't get to 1237 but says that the person who's ahead should not be robbed. he's setting up a scenario where the rules, even depending whatever the rules are for this convention but convention rules according to ryan prixvis from the party, whatever the convention rules are, the process is that whoever is ahead in delegates does not
9:43 am
necessarily have the nomination until someone gets to that magic number. >> andrea, that's the bottom line. i mean, the rules are the rules. they are in many respects clearly stated. there are certain aspects of the rules that can be adjusted and the party needs to be very careful about how that plays out. the reality is this. normally you'd have a nominee going into this period who would be the one put in the rnc. they take over the building an a co-chairman with the current chairman and likely not to be the case. the question boils down to how does donald trump and ted cruz specifically get their people working with the rnc organization and so that structurally, they can move into this convention as smoothly as possible. one thing the party does not want is recriminations going into the door that the process is rigged against one candidate over another and the process is somehow undermined by the rnc and the leadership because it
9:44 am
prefers someone other than the two candidates coming into the convention. that's a very delicate dance between now and june as we wind down the primary process in early june and get ready for the convention in july. >> but dough high, from all reports on the meeting that donald trump had with the rnc on friday in washington, they are nowhere near the kind of relationship, working relationship that would make it easy to slide into a convention or a contested convention. and with everyone having the same goal. >> normally, this is a time for coalescing but we see the divisions of the party playing themselves out in wisconsin right now, new york and the northeast after that. this highlights exactly why republicans are where we are. we are divided. if trump were to win, the never trump movement is not going to go away as long as he's short of
9:45 am
the 1273 goal of delegates and if he is, it's incumbent on donald trump to prove he's the greatest deal maker and go out and get those delegates. if he's able to do that, he'll be our nominee for sure. doug heye. thank you. you could see them, with all respect, later today on msnbc. and just ahead here, buzzer beater. the 2016 candidates are also shooting for some of that last second magic. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. can't get enough of that. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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9:49 am
>> bernie sanders joining me for the fix, ruth. bernie sanders is clearly way ahead in wisconsin. all of the acknowledgments are that they're not going to win tonight. she's in new york tonight. does it matter unless he does something really big like win new york three weeks from now and start really changing the dynamic? >> so winning wisconsin really matters for senator sanders. it's a must-win state for him. will that carve out a path to the nomination for him? probably not. but without winning wisconsin, he just doesn't have a credible one ahead. wisconsin would, as the sanders campaign sees it, sort of continue the momentum of the last spade of contests and get him some more energy going into
9:50 am
new york which will be another, as he said to you, really important state for him. but he's still got a very uphill battle and you can contrast it really with donald trump's situation in wisconsin where it would be terrific from trump's point of view if he were to surprise us all and win wisconsin, but it's not as fatal to his campaign as it would be if bernie sanders were to win wisconsin. nonetheless, i think we all know kind of where this is heading. on the democratic side. >> on the democratic side. and who knows on the republican side, you've been writing about donald trump this morning. the secretary of state being a diplomat now and former presidential candidate but not a politician as we speak. trying to avoid questions about donald trump and his foreign policy pronouncements. let's watch. >> what about what donald trump said, this is the worst deal in history? you are the worst negotiator, that he would do it differently.
9:51 am
donald trump on nukes in general. >> i think, andrea, i'm going to resist the temptation. i'm going to resist. >> what? so of course, on "morning joe," he did have a lot to say about the iran deal. trump had this awful week on foreign policy. also on abortion, of course, and other issues. are we going to see tonight, whether or not any of that matters? >> yes, we are. and we'll see it going ahead. what was really interesting, the distinction between the secretary of state who was very restrained and disappointingly diplomatic. come on, secretary kerry. and the president who took pains today when he took a question, he was going to guess about politics not just to criticize donald trump which he has in the past but also to suggest that
9:52 am
some of what senator cruz is saying is not so smart or diplomatic either. i guess if you're the boss, you get more plflexibility than if you're the secretary. >> that's always been the case, ruth, in my experience as well. and i suspect yours. thank you so much for being with us on election day in wisconsin. we'll have all the results tomorrow, of course. voters are lining up to vote in wisconsin right now. we'll get our first snapshot. our first exit poll results at 5:00 eastern here on msnbc. the place for politics. and so my new packing robot will make jet warehouses even more efficient and save shoppers money. genius! oh charlene? charlene. no. charle. why is she wearing earrings? why is it a she?
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this is why they call it march madness. in a championship game for the ages. the villanova wildcats and tar heels fought hard for 40 minutes but it was the final 4.5 to 5 seconds you just have to see to
9:56 am
believe. >> they have to do something from the outside now. it's page off balance. puts it in. oh! impossible. how did he do that? ties the game with 4.7 seconds to go. villanova trying to go right to the court. three seconds at midcourt. gives it to jenkins for the championship, yeah! >> phenomenal, the national champions! >> every day. junior forward said he knew he would sink that shot. classes have been cancelled today. they're keeping the victory party going on in filphilly. go on facebook and twitter at @mitchellreports. special coverage starting at 5:00. craig melvin joining us next live from milwaukee. let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom.
9:57 am
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i'm craig melvin today on "msnbc live." it is super tuesday in wisconsin. we're coming to you live from the lake front brewery in downtown milwaukee. tourists and locals here for tours and tastings. politics aside, a special day here. the new grist pilsner, bottled today. primary day. turnout expected to be very high. perhaps record breaking high. nearly 80% in at least one county alone and reporting longer lines than usual. we are heading into our sixth hour of voting. we've got eight more to go. polls at 8:00. local, 9:00 eastern time. wisconsin polls had ted cruz and bernie sanders in the lead but tonight's badger state battle could be a buzzer


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